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The pages that will be kept here will be used for the weekly discussions that are to be held in Gorean Shores on Monday evenings at 19:00 poolside chat time.
These discussions will be for information to help increase one's knowledge of Gor as well as the Tavern of Gorean Shores. All will be able to voice their opinions and bring topics to discuss. Slaves, this as well, includes you, however, there will be respect maintained at all times.
The moderator of these meetings will be Senior Captain Rollo. There may also be others that moderate at some future time.
The rules of these discussions will basically be the same as those on the Sunday Night forums.
1. PM the moderator with the topic you wish to bring forth.
2. Once the topic has been placed *on the floor*.. any may respond to the topic at hand without pm'ng the moderator.
3. Slaves don't need permission to beg entry or to beg to depart.
4. Please keep all greetings and items not related to the discussion limited to PM's.
5. Free.. if you are wishing to fur or alcove, please keep it in pm's or go to another room.
6. There will be no serving, no dancing, no sparring, etc. during the discussions.
7. This is a time to bring forth issues that any may have about Gor and/or Gorean Shores. It's not to be used to slander or harass another.

The following two links are to the GS homepage and to the GS library page.
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GS Library

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