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This is the list of the forums from January 14, 2002 through December 16, 2002

January 14, 2002 January 21, 2002 January 28, 2002
slaves - the usage of third person speech
You can't punish me - attitudes
punishment & speech
slaves ignoring their sister slaves
FM Forums
The FM Forums have begun
Being respectful when posting on the board
February 4, 2002 February 11, 2002 February 18, 2002
GS Board, deletions
Uncollared slaves
Master Gornt takes a slave
Uncollared slaves, their place
An appropriate time for slaves to dance?
February 25, 2002 March 4, 2002 March 11, 2002
displeasing slaves.. what to do
Ways to make GS better/plan a festival
The evaluation of new slaves collared to GS
Festival Updates
Odin VS Priest-Kings
Traveling to the Cities of Dust
Earth origins
Paga/Sul-Paga/Hangover Remedies
Festival Updates
Penalty Brands
March 18, 2002 March 25, 2002 April 1, 2002
Festival, Festival, Festival
Topic for next week--slaves having honor
How can we make the next festival better
Slaves do they have honor?
Continuing to learn and grow/the books
A ranking system?
Book Forums
respect for those with Capped names
April 08, 2002 April 15, 2002 April 22, 2002
Assassins of Gor
Progressing in silk colors
How *we'd* change the books
How to make GS better/continuing to grow
Players of Gor & a topic for another week
Players of Gor
April 29, 2002 May 6, 2002 May 13, 2002
New Captains and an Advisor named
What motivates a v/t Gorean?
Following the books/realism
The Piazza?
Attracting more slaves to the Tavern
Not Pledged?/Remaining respectful
Tavern Tattler/Bios/Future Forums
Pop Quiz
How Free are Free Women?
Wars Online/The spoils of War
how *mere* is a slave?
May 20, 2002 June 3, 2002 June 10, 2002
Technology rules/Ship Building
The eleven kisses of a slave
Free Women and male slaves
From slavery to Freedom.. protocol vs the books
The Princess Principle
Does a slave have a soul?
The books.. Intelligent slaves
Tavern Tattler and GS Homepage updates
Caste Codes
Subtopic: More roleplay.. More Gorean
June 17, 2002 June 24, 2002 July 1, 2002
Ghosting/Being in two chat venues at once
A slave's self-pleasuring/Gorean or?
About Port Kar
Paga Taverns and Free Women
slave trading among sites
online Gor becoming stagnant
Regular sparring nights
Observation Collars----Reminder
FW and Obedience
Slave Capture
Creating a story line (Roleplay) using the Auxilliary Board
July 8, 2002 July 15, 2002 July 22, 2002
Titles, Ranks, and Greeting Order
Punishment and Correction: slaves and FW
The Fear Factor
Unacceptable behavior in a FW
Gor.. Ideals.. Right.. Wrong
The Order of Greetings.. GS Protocol
Begging to enter
Begging to leave
Bad behavior payoff
July 29, 2002 August 5, 2002 August 12, 2002
Cliques.. the good and bad
The Kailla
The begging to enter?
Issues concerning the slaves
To be decided by the Council...A left over topic
Two circles in the sand
Bringing new slaves into GS
Gorean VS BDSM
Books by John Norman
Changing & Choosing a Caste
The birth of a baby, Free/slave?
Dominating females/male slaves.. an opinion
Being in Poolside, but not in GS
Can a Free order a slave from another room?
The mark of the dagger
Free Women serving
August 19, 2002 August 26, 2002 September 9, 2002
Online "Gor".. dwindling?
A council decision
Online Ettiquette
Gnats, mosquitos?
Do slaves have honor?
Value-what is it?
Free Women
September 16, 2002 September 23, 2002 September 30, 2002
FW's place on the Council
Whining slaves
Force collaring?
slaves visiting.. time limit to force collar? & help
Online Masters.. strength
If a Free Woman submits
The VT interaction
Reasons why FW submit.. online
More Realistic Roleplay
To force a slave's submission
Real Time Information
The costs of things
October 7, 2002 October 14, 2002 October 21, 2002
A place for restrictions to be posted
Acting in a Gorean Manner.. newbies
Knowledge gained by reading
The various learning aspects
A crossover between BDSM and Gor
Becoming a Captain?
Free Women's clothing?
The Tavern Tattler
Personal Grudges
Posting chores on the GS board
Accountable for posts on the GS board
Gorean Shores.. various
October 28, 2002 November 4, 2002 November 18, 2002
PM's, Whispers, and RT info
Gorean Festivals/Holidays in Port Kar
Council of GS, questions
of slaves and subs
Conduct at and during Forums
Tavern Tattler
No Forum Next Monday
Ways to show a slave she's done well
Dealing with uncollared slaves
Security for the GS Board
Meat Toss and Kaissa
November 25, 2002 December 2, 2002 December 9, 2002
Bringing our characters to life
The Weather in Port Kar
Anniversary Celebration
Protocol for Assassins in the Tavern
New Dates for Festival
Don't everyone talk at once
What Makes a Good Online Slave
Builder's secrets of keeping air breathable
Anniversary Celebration/Planning
December 16, 2002
The Gorean Shores Pledge
Festival and Tavern Tattler