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Message Board-Posting


The Tattler Tavern-deadline approaching


A backdoor

Message Board-Posting

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well... it is time, so let Me call this edition of the GS forum to order....... so slaves will not need to beg to enter, and we can get things moving right along.......

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~soft smiles and suddenly turns her attentions to His loud voice, ready to listen and learn~*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay...... anybody have any topics they wish discussed ???????

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Well Captain, how about the message board and what, to whom and how to post?

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~listening quietly as the Forum begins.. hearing Master Sarakai's question.. eyes dropping quickly.. making self small as possible~

BladeBane~~~ *Softly Chuckling*...I see No problem or issue with People posting Namesday Wishes...*Wondering if someone's Namesday was forgotten*...

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Okay, by popular demand, lets talk about the message board......LOL.. what should we allow, and what not ???

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**speaking softly...respectfully**~ Quite frankly...a girl does not understand why personal posts would not be allowed. Just about everyone claims that GS is a family...do not familys express their love and caring for one another?
And...if you don't like the mushy stuff...then don't read it.
A lot of Masters and slaves...free and free...slave and slaves...have only this online medium to communicate. Yes, an email, or message can be sent...but one generally wishes to share the love felt for that other party. Is this really wrong?

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~nods in agreement with her sis ja~*~ well said ja, zoya agrees

Bolt Sarakai~~~ I personally have no problem with anyone posting information about the Books upon the message board. I do try to keep as much RT from my postings there as I can, as I like the board for Gorean, in particular, Gorean Shores, interaction and discussion..

BladeBane~~~ *Shrugs*...A board with Nothing Other than quotes and Dry facts is Very one dimensional...

SabreWolf~~~ christmas Yall??give Me a break,,there's no christmas on Gor,,has anyone ever posted happy 25 sekara??

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ this one always thought the message board was for slaves to post things as long as it remained respectful....but in this ones experience, 9 times out of ten, she cops trouble from someone for something she post that is taken out of context or taken differently than she intended....so she just hardly post anything anymore

zoe{DD}~~~ zoe cannot see why wishing O/one a happy nameday should be a problem, leaving out urthen holidays is one thing...but A/all have a name day and tis nice to be remembered by F/friends here

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ No, Master Sabre...there is no Christmas on Gor...and if this one could find the exact date here on Earth...she *would* post Happy 25th Se'Kara...or something else...but we are still human beings on Earth...behind computers...wether we like it or not..

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Aye it is and would be Blade. But there is plenty of exploring to do in a gorean context without having it boring. I would like to see RT kept to a mininum and if it has to be included then, perhaps put it in a gorean context. We could also use another message board like the one jasma has created to talk about rt issues, thoughts or ideas eh?

Briggand~~~ Personally I think a message board is for messages.....regarding the need for the attention to a particular item, the immediate action dictated by some need....to fill it with personal thoughts that may be viewed as opinion invites interpretation and reaction by all those that read them and have not the insight behind the meaning of some of the postings...soon there are so many threads one cannot walk thru without being entangled...the question is how to eliminate reaction from simple content......

SabreWolf~~~ ja,,when I'm in this tavern,,mesage board included,,I'm Gorean,,and perfer not to be reminded of earthen things,,,I come here to get away from,,

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL....LOL... It looks like there are as many differing points of view as there are ppl here......LOL... The board does say it is for those of GS and for GS business..... and for Myself, if somebody wants to say happy birthday, well okay I guess.... but use it as an announcment, not have 90 add ons to it.... Say Happy Birthday the next time you see them, not on the board.....LOL

BladeBane~~~ Bolt...While it sounds Very Good...it is Not a viable alternative at this Time...GS only holds one Board..

Dark Dragon~~~ amen Sabrewolf

SabreWolf~~~ I'm sure between the bunch of Us We have several boards We could post anything We want to on,,the GS Board should be offical Gorean in nature,,of course that's just My opnion,,,

BladeBane~~~ *Nods in Agreement with Rollo*...As with All things...if taken to Extremes...You loose the functionality...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ this one has found that even the simpliest thing like a namesday wish on the message board has caused problems in the past, for some slave wished some Master a happy nameday before his own slave did, so the owned slave got her knickers in a knot....then the problem of making sure that if you wish one a happy namesday, that you wish each namedays posted on the board so there are no hurt feelings, unless you do as this one and don't post to any of them, then it seems as if you don't care and that's not the case either

Rollo the Ax~~~ But then, I don't want to have to hear about every time some baby has a bad day, or such........ If it is Gorean, or has a direct bearing on GS or somebody from GS, then it is okay as far as I can see......

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Master Sabre...yes, there are several boards...but the thing with the GS board, is that it is conveniently linked to the GS room page. Not many people will go to the trouble of accessing a completely seperate board/page while in GS.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Aye that is true Blade. I would like to see the SUB used more by those who know not of Gor, to see more questions posed to those more knowledgable, that we may share more gorean knowledge...

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**nods in agreement with Master Rollo**~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ awhile back there was complaints about too much GS cooking stuff on the boards and that is when it was worked out so only one per week would be there....seems to this one that cooking in GS has alot more to do with GS than does ppls rt namesdays, sometimes there are several in the same week and the whole board is full of nothing else but namesday wishes

SabreWolf~~~ exactly My point ja,,grins,if I want to read "ooc" post,,I'll go hunt them up,,,

BladeBane~~~ To be of Use, it has to be easily Accessed...and this is actually the Crux of the Matter...if easily Accessed...Everybody posts...if it's Not easy to Access...even if it is Purely Gorean...it will not be used...

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ But how about...if we do like Master Rollo said? A certain person posts a namesday on the boards....and then instead of cluttering up the board...everyone else can wish that person a happy namesday when he/she sees that person?
A compromise?

SabreWolf~~~ or even a person could wish such with a link to another board for folks to reply to,,one post,,replies go to another board??

SabreWolf~~~ ja,,I have a board at the HomeStone We could use,,jas has several boardss,,i'd wager We could find Us one to use,,,

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ But...the question is...would people follow the link, Master Sabre...or just post on the GS board anyway?

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. What is and is not left on the GS board is a simple matter... * I * control what stays and what goes, so I can remove any postings that do not fall within Our set parameters..... the only question is where or what * other * board to use for these non-Gorean messages...and how to let ppl know where it is...to use and to read if they wish.....

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Can a link be put at the top of the GS board, Master Rollo? To direct non-Gorean or continued namesday wishes to?

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Well Rollo, a link could always be placed upon the homepage for another board, and I guess most people here have the message boards bookmarked, so those of GS would know where the second board would be located.

Kayla~~~ Can We put a another link at this page or even from the GS Boards Captain about another board? ~looking at Rollo~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ already tried to get Master Garym to put a link to the homepage from the message board, and he just won't do it....so don't think we would find much luck at linking some other message board to it ja dain, unfortunately...for that would be the easiest thing

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ a link could indeed be put on the homepage though, just below the already link to the GS board perhaps?

BladeBane~~~ *Nods in agreement with Bolt and ja*...

Asellus~~~ *Clearing Her throat* I just entered and was wondering.....are You looking to put up a board strictly for namesdays....or for just r/t matters in general? *brow furrowed in confusion*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**nods thoughtfully to galah**~ Then it would have to be on the homepage.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ More on rt matters in general Lady ~S~

BladeBane~~~ For RT matters in general, Asellus...

Asellus~~~ Hmmm....thank You, Bolt. *s*

SabreWolf~~~ a second board for ooc post,,

Rollo the Ax~~~ Then perhaps THAT will be our best way to handle this problem..... we will put a link and address for a GS related message board on the homepage.....and try to keep the GS message board in place now as the main official, and Gorean board..... and any other RT or non-Gorean stuff can bo on this other board ?????? That sound like a plan, folks ?????

Asellus~~~ So...if this were to come to pass...would there be only one additional board? I kinda like having only 1 message board. It's all we really need. I don't want to see GS become "board-happy" like so many other sites out there....

reseka{GS}~~~ good idea Master Sabre Wolf

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding to Rollo's question*

SabreWolf~~~ I agree Asellus,,,,but We need someplace for folks to wish You a merry damn christmas at,,grins,,and I'd like to see more Gorean discussion on the board

BladeBane~~~ Sounds good to Me, Captain...
*Nods in agreement*...Well said, FW...but 2 Boards...is Not Quite Board happy...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Senior Captain's words~

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Aye Rollo, that seems alright to me.

Asellus~~~ *laughing outright* Sabre, *shaking with laughter*...this is Gor and those kind of wishes can be sent in email and that's that! *shrugging* But I know what you mean. *S*

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Nodding in agreement with Asellus.* Although I think 1 additional board could be a good thing. I wouldn't want to see 6 diff. boards like some other sites.

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Sounds great, Master Rollo.
Master Sabre...ja has tried to start a few discussion links...only to realize that no one seems to give a shit...hope this will change then.

Asellus~~~ Sure, Bladebane....but it all starts somewhere. *softly said*

BladeBane~~~ True Asellus...that is why We Need to really keep it to 2 Boards...

Asellus~~~ *nodding agreeably to Bladebane*

SabreWolf~~~ I agree ja,,We all seem to go through our moods,,sometimes it affects Me,,sometimes I wanna post a topic,,sometimes I wanna reply

calia{GS}~~~ ~smiling to ja, leaning close to whisper~ ...calia reads them all ...just timid to submit some perhaps....

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. OH, never fear.... As long as I have any say in the matter, GS will not have a bunch of boards ..... covering every silly topic or such.....LOL.... GS will have ONE main message board, and then this second one for non-Gorean matters..... and each person can decide if they want to read either, both, or neither......LOL..

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**hugs calia**~ But if no one submits any replies...there will never be any discussion, hon.

Asellus~~~ *Hearing calia's quiet whisper* I can relate, calia..

BladeBane~~~ Well said, Captain...*Soft Chuckle*...

SabreWolf~~~ Agreed My Captain,,grins,,100%

Rollo the Ax~~~ Everyone will just have to understand AND accept that if a posting is deemed improper for the main board, it WILL be removed..... if they wish to repost it on this second board ??? Fine...

calia{GS}~~~ ~*a girl's gentle smile towards Mistress Assellus~*

Kayla~~~ ~smiling~ As long as I can speak, I don't care where it is...*LOL*

SabreWolf~~~ yes,,anything can be posted on the second board,,,

Shadowglade~~~ *snorting at the Healer's post, knowing She loves to be heard...*chuckle*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Small, quick question.
Posts like the GS cooking...would it still go to the main board? It pertains to matters of GS and of Gorean nature...but...it's not exactly discussion.

Kayla~~~ Anything Sabre? ~grin~

SabreWolf~~~ yes ja,,cooking is ok by Me,,Gorean cooking that is,,smiles,,

calia{GS}~~~ ~* a heated lil wiggle to calia's hips as she mouths to ja'dain , upon hearing Master Sabrewolf's words....~* anything????

SabreWolf~~~ yea,,even whining about the Captains,,laughs,,,

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Yeppers, Master Sabre...that was what ja was thinking of...the weekly dishes...that are supposed to be turned into Gorean nature for the Tavern.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Cooking is done IN GS and FOR GS and its patrons.... it has been a part of GS and should remain so.... I think...

Kayla~~~ *LOL* As long as it's not the Advisors...*LOL*

SabreWolf~~~ I've seen all kinda stuff on the GS board,,r/t things that should have never been there,,,in here,,We're to be gorean,with Gorean customs and ways,,I admit,,earthlings seen to need more,,so,,,,,,,,,,



Asellus~~~ Kind of on the subject, Rollo, but not....*soft smiles* What is a Patron to do if a visiting slave serves in Gorean Shores...or rather, what is the visiting slave to do with the received payment for the serve? Deposit it in the coin box? That's what I thought...but then again, this girl was from the "north" and payment isn't customary there.....it was kind of an awkward moment of indecision there....

SabreWolf~~~ Asellus,,,I have a lil saying"when in Port Kar,do as the Port Kariens",,laughs,,money goes into the coin box,,

Shadowglade~~~ Lady, As We pay for the food, and the drink, the visiting slave needs to respect Our ways, and deposit the coins...visitors should not dictate their ways to Us, rather We to them...in My opinion....

BladeBane~~~ If it's the Tavern's Booze...should not the Tavern be Paid for it? Visiting slave or no. *Grinning*...

Rollo the Ax 20:14:06 This is a question that was in line to be talked about....** one from another site came here one day and served.. then when payment was made.. the girl didn't take it to the coin box but made mention of taking the coin back to her Master..
is that the common.. or the way it would be?????

Asellus~~~ That's what I've heard, Sabre. *laughing* But I just wanted to be sure. *acknowledging ShadowGlade's advice as well*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Where did she get the drink from? Our servery? Then anything that comes from our servery must be paid for and the coins placed in the box.

SabreWolf~~~ We should at least get half,,,if he furred the wench,,laughs,,it was our "booze",,grins at SG,,,But if he didn't use her,,then the coins Ours

Rollo the Ax~~~ In GS, the monies paid are for the paga, food, or whatever.... NOT for the efforts of the slave... so YES, the coins SHOULD be put in OUR coin box...... if this happens again, the slave should be told so......But the price of a drink is not worth starti g a war over, either.....LOL...LOL.. especially a VT drink ......LOL.

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **nods her head in agreement with the Slave Master**

BladeBane~~~ In the Books...when Men brought their own slaves to the Various Paga Taverns...did They not pay the Innkepper???? It amounts to the Same, does it Not?...

SabreWolf~~~ besides,,You know how hard it is to get a case of kalana on tarn back?,off a ship?,grins,,with worth something,,

Asellus~~~ Hmmmm. *smiling with the thoughts Rollo provided* Excellent points in both lights, Captain. *nodding*

calia{GS}~~~ listening intently ~ calias eyes sweep around the floor ~...inhaling the conversation

Dark Dragon~~~ *chuckling* at Captain Sabrewolf

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ would not the visiting girl only collect money for her Master if she was used sexually and was wearing a coin box?

BladeBane~~~ That's the way I remember it, galah...*Nods*...

Asellus~~~ I agree, BladeBane, but the girl had not served often here and was simply not familiar with the ways of Gorean Shores. she was merely doing as she thought was customary here as well....though she was wrong....and perhaps could have asked....nevertheless, I set her right and all was well.

Kayla~~~ ~nodding in agreement to the words spoken by all~

SabreWolf~~~ exactly galah,,only if she's a pro,,and better be announcing it loudly,her,"coin girl"status

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. in the books ??? it was like the Old West.. it didn't cost you to have your horse tied up out front, but if you wanted the horse fed and watered you would get charged a nominal fee....LOL.. the same was done to and for slaves.......LOL.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... Folks, we are splitting hairs here.... if this slave did not know how things are done in GS, it has simply a matter of ignorance and not insolence..... if this sort of thing happens again, tell the slave the right way to do things here.. if they STILL screw up, THEN we get our ass kicking boots on.....LOL....LOL.

BladeBane~~~ *Laughs with Rollo*...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ its hard for a slave to visit other places, that is why galah don't do that, to adhere to the different rules of each site is hard....so this one would think alil tolerance is needed to help a visitor, seen them come in and use botas and such tooo, but is it worth making a visitor feel bad on her first time here?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ But how about if the slaves help out and "correct" in whispers, galah?

calia{GS}~~~ ~*caliass gentle gaze finds her sisters eyes with a smile~*
nodding in agreement....and want to express that calia being new,Many of the Free have been exceptionally tolerant of calia's different or unknowing ways upon her arrival to GS...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ ooooohhh yes, by all means ja dain, and in a most friendly way toooo....galah has had many a girl tell her that they visit other places and are not made to feel welcome, this one has always made that a top priority here to the Free and slave toooooo

SabreWolf~~~ I'm tolerant,,grins,,long as things go My way,,laugh

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**nods in agreement with galah**~ ja agrees...and has tried really hard too

calia{GS}~~~ calia's teeth biting into her bottom lip ,conceiling a purrr , smiling at Master Sabrewolfs' words..

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ after all, GS is a place of business, to make the customer happy at all cost, but that includes the visiting or new slaves tooooo....this one knows all to well how it feels to not be made welcome at some strange new place, not a good feeling at all

Rollo the Ax~~~ Aye..... making those that visit feel at ease and welcome should be EVERYBODIES concern...... We can afford to be open and offer a friendly welcome to all..... if THEY don't want to return the same feelings, then fine, they don't have to come back...... but many a visitor has returned because of our willingness to accept new ppl....and become Pledged Patrons......

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**nods in agreement with Master Rollo...knowing she was one of those people a long time ago**~



Rollo the Ax~~~ We still have a few ehns left for the forum time allotted... anybody have another short topic ???????

BladeBane~~~ Well...it's been a While since We talked about This...while I was Here anyway....but is there any set Policy towards the HNG Thing?..

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL... HNGs are and always will be a fact of life here, on-line........ all we can do is to offer to teach them all.. the ones that try to learn and become Gorean, are worth the effort.... the others will tire of being told what dip shits they are sooner or later .......LOL. SOP.....LOL.

BladeBane~~~ *Chuckles Softly at Rollo's reply*...We'll have to keep in Mind the SOP...

Dark Dragon~~~ *laughing* at the Senior Captain's words


A backdoor

reseka{GS}~~~ can we have a back door so we can walk out that way to get things like wood and toss water out and things like that?

reseka{GS}~~~ sounds dumb but when talking about getting wood and things it's strange to say a girl walks to the side of the room to gather wook or toss water from the basin

Rollo the Ax~~~ reseka... there IS a back door to GS.... on the old tavern map, it is behind the captain dais... but the sleen pens are back there also, so be careful.....LOL..

reseka{GS}~~~ oh great Master Rollo LOLOL now You tell tell a girl!

reseka{GS}~~~ she meant near the servery hehe

reseka{GS}~~~ don't want to slop any nasty water on the dais Master Rollo


The Tavern Tattler-deadline approaching

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ since there are sooooooo many here, a girl would like to remind all that submissions for the tattler are due in soon....please!!!!!!

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ galah...kaci should finish up the next part of the short story tomorrow and have it to you any day.

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ ads, articles, anything anyone can come up with heheheheeee **she looks to Mistress Kayla and Master Durst before turning pleading dark eyes to Master Sarakai toooo, knowing time is growing short**

Rollo the Ax~~~ Oh, good thing you reminded Me, galah........... As for the Tavern Tattler..... does everybody enjoy this monthly news paper feature ????? does anybody even bother reading it ??? It seems that for all the work envolved, there is seldom much said about it....... is it something that everybody still wants ??????

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~grins and winks to the first girl~ My scribes are hard at it as we speak galah!

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ja wants it and reads it, Master Rollo! it's fun.

BladeBane~~~ I think it is a Good Feature, Rollo...especially the Word Find *Grins*...

Asellus~~~ I have loved the Tattler, Rollo! *She brightens and laughs* I hand them out frequently to many of the old Patrons I see along the streets of Port Kar....especially when they ask what's new here...*grinning*

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding to the senior Captain* I enjoy reading it much Captain...I find it informative, humorous, and altogether interesting...I think it should continue...

calia{GS}~~~ quietly this girl responses in whisper...
calia really likes it and does want is Master Rollo

serena{B}~~~ *soft brown eyes looking up...* serena enjoys it..

Kayla~~~ ~looking to galah~ Bolt's scribes are going to work on Mine next *LOL*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Aye Captain, I enjoy reading the Tattler, it has some interesting and funny things in it and it gives, I believe a creative outlet for us folk in here!

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Oiii Kayla ~grins~ They don't come cheap Lady! But I am sure I could give you a good price for their hire..

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ perhaps we change the tattler to once every two months instead of monthly then? seems to hard to get articles in monthly?

BladeBane~~~ Yeah...but then the Word Find would only Be every Two Months...and I'd have to wait SO Long for a New One...*Chuckles*...

serena{B}~~~ giggling at Master BladeBane....
serena likes the word find as well..

Kayla~~~ ~winking at Shadowglade~ The price is paid Bolt...no problem...~turning to galah~ We work under the deadlines, if you set them earlier, they'll come in earlier...~smiling softly at the girl~

calia{GS}~~~ giggling too as calia hears the words of Master BladeBane ~ blushing softly because this slave enjoys the wordfind too *l*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ hehehehe...ja might get there first again, girlies ~**grins and winks...then remembers something**~ Damn...nevermind...ja can't do the next one...she and Master made it ~**grumbles**~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ Mistress Kayla, a girl was away this past week so she wasn't here to nag everyone, but she nagged most before she left and still there was nothin upon her return home

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..... Well, we will leave it as it is for now, and review it again at a later date.......

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at galah~ aw dearest, I didn't get My nag...*LOL* I personally always work better under pressure...~smiles~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ well, if those that write monthly keep in mind that we TRY to get the Tattler out the first of each month and are happy to have it out by the fourth...any later than that is not the first of the month any longer and therefore LATE hehehehehehehehehee

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well.... I think that just about wraps up another GS forum..... Thanks to everyone for coming and taking part.... same time next week.....and I hope to see everybody here again...... the forum is now ended....