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Table of Contents

The Work on Poolside

Changes, The Piazza

Old *Gorean* Language

The use of Y/you.. A/all.. etc

Length of serves, bazi tea *ceremony* and location of Port Kar

The Work on Poolside

Rollo the Ax~~~ ** Slapping My huge hands together, and rubbing them back and forth......** So, lets keep on track, and start our forum on time, and not 30 ehn late like the other forum....LOL... Welcome to the weekly GS forum everybody....slaves need not beg to enter or leave during it, and lets keep private talk to whispers...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Looking to jasma, who as always, I rely on to keep track of the records.... " any past business to clear up, jasma ??? any carry over topics ?????

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~hearing Master Rollo speak to slave.. lifting eyes.. softly~ nay, Master Rollo.. no carry over topics..

Kyoto~~~ *Winking at vika as I sit quietly, waiting for the first topic*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well....... first off, let Me tell everybody that Gary M has been doing a lot of work on Poolside lately, much of it to counteract hacking attempts and sabatage....So our message board has been wiped out a couple of times..... Nothing to be done about it, sorry, so if anybody posts a message, if it is IMPORTANT, keep a copy handy in case it gets wiped again for a while......


Changes, The Piazza

Rollo the Ax~~~ Now..... the next topic I would like to bring out for EVERYBODY to consider and discuss..... The Council has been thinking about expanding GS... I have bought the building next door, and some of the area outside the front door... The idea is to make in effect, two rooms for GS, but still BOTH GS.... the other room, or outside piazza, will be the * beginner * room, or the * easier * room.....and then the existing Tavern will become even MORE strict or * hard core *......

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding in approval*
I like the sound of that... but how would it be controlled?

Rollo the Ax~~~ I have drawn a rough map of the proposed expansion for everybody to see and comment on.....* galah, post the addy where the maps can be seen....*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ Piazza
you will have to copy and paste this addy into a browser window

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~smiles as she listens to the Captain, loving the idea of a bigger GS~*~

Shadowglade~~~ What all would be involved with the tavern becoming more "hard core" Captain?

Marius~~~ Laughing..thinking I will spend most of my time indoors....less tarn droppings...LOL

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kyoto..... the WHOLE thing will still be under the control of the Council...... And any Captain, even if in the tavern instead of the piazza, will be ready to come out and help in case of trouble.... but I had thought that most of the running of the piazza would be left to the Advisors.... a sort of training excercise for them to learn from.... but the ultimate control still remains in the hands of the Captains....

Kyoto~~~ *Listening and liking what I hear*
You said that the piazza would be a beginners area and the tavern a "Hard Core" room, what I was wondering, is how will we keep those not serious (read "HNGs") from entering the tavern?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Quite frankly, Shadowglade, that is still open for debate and discussion.. but the idea is that * inside * the tavern will be for those that are EXPERIENCED Goreans..... and not for those still learning what it is all about..... perhaps more open scening, a bit rougher, slaves may be subject to reasonable punishment from ANY Master if they are found displeasing... punishment restrictions be damned....

Kyoto~~~ ...Can't take the heat, stay out of the tavern, eh? *grinning*

Shadowglade~~~ I see problems with that already Rollo....Who defines "reasonable" punishment of slaves they do not own? Punishment restrictions be damned? I don't think We will be having too many slaves in the tavern without their owners...and the GS chain will shrink I believe...and that worries Me...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kyoto.... We may well still have a bit of trouble with HNGs, but the idea will be that they will to told to march right back out the door of the tavern, they are NOT welcome * inside * the tavern until they have learned what it is to be GOREAN....

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~soft voice lifting upwards.. offering respectfully~
if the Tavern itself is to be more hard core Gorean.. in this one's way of thinking, it will be more in accordance to the books as it can be.. and an errant slave in the books could be punished by any free that deemed it fit to do so..

Phen~~~ Well It's funny You should mention that Rollo I was thinking the same thing for My slave, only would add, no killing or severe damage, marks....Use Your judgement punish how You would Your own property....

Marius~~~ Like anything new Shadowglade there will be some bugs to work out...I had my reservations at first when I heard of the new "room"..but after thinking it thru I think its something we can make work...The Council has ways of keeping "reign" over patrons and HNG...LOL..as for the chain shrinking...think about it...most become kajira for the control...the strength of a strong Master...you may find more kajira trying harder to get in...LOL

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ a slave going into the tavern will know well to behave....after all, how many misbehaving slaves do we have now that need punishment often?

Kyoto~~~ I've noticed that at another "hard core" site, where you must petition to be allowed entry, the highest number of petitioners is slaves...

Marius~~~ LOL..I can think of one galah...LOL...and maybe a few others...LOL..LOL..LOL

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Shadowglade....this is GS... the Council, as with everything else, will decide what is and is not * reasonable * punishment.... a cuffing, a boot to the side, a grabbing of a hand fullof hair..... things that DID happen in the books, but have become acts that have caused some to take offense at here on-line..... NO permanent damage, no cutting, and most likely no whipping, but like I said, this is all still open for debate and decision....THAT is why I wanted to bring it up, and get input from EVERYBODY before just * dropping it * on the GS family.....

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ galah can't see any of our pledged Patrons getting out of hand on punishing a slave, especially one that is not His, He most likely might cuff her or post her to wait for her own Master's punishment anyway....but it's to give rights back to the Masters that they don't have now, to make a more gorean atmosphere for those that wish for that

Shadowglade~~~ I don't know that I can agree with that Marius...The problem I'm seeing is that first, GS as long as I've been coming here has been a welcoming place, both for those that know their stuff, and those that don't...it seems now that We would be closing Our doors until one met Our criteria for who is welcome...and that seems rather elitist to Me....I will of course, support the Council in whatever decision it makes, but this makes Me uneasy....

Asellus~~~ I know the plan is still in its beginning stages, Rollo, but I am all for it already. It becomes tiring feeling like a Gorean "police".....and giving the newer Goreans a room to learn and whatnot in is an excellent idea.

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding at Kyoto's comparison*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Lets make this more simple.... All can see the maps if they choose, and you have all been given the basic idea of how things may be changed..... lets have any with ideas or suggestions put them down in a list or letter, and send them to the Council addy.....We can then sift through these ideas, and take those we like, and discard those we don't.... a MUCH more detailed description of the Piazza and other new areas is still coming.... this will not happen overnight.....

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ the Piazza would still be the open arms and welcoming place that GS has always been, basically the rules of GS will go for the Piazza, and the tavern will be the one that gets a new set of rules this one thinks?

Marius~~~ That's a valid point SG...but like I said..all new things have bugs in them...time will tell the wisdom of our Decision...we can always go back to just the tavern this don't work out..but it's something to give thought to many that need an extra push to learn what it is to be truely "Gorean"

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~looking up from the scrolls~.. with respect.. but there would be the Piazza to go to in order to learn more about Gor.. as it stands right now.. yes.. the Tavern does welcome all into here.. yet on the homepage.. the first paragraph on the protocols say:
What is Gor?
If you are new or unfamiliar with the concept of Gor, Gorean Shores Tavern is not recommended as the best place to learn. There are a myriad of other sites which claim to be Gorean which will welcome newcomers with open arms. If you desire nevertheless to visit Gorean Shores, which is located in the city of Port Kar, read these protocols and the other rules before venturing into the tavern. The Free Persons and slaves you encounter here take Gor very seriously, and do not tolerate those who come to play games. You will be expected to be Gorean while in the tavern. Failure to respect the Gorean ways and traditions will be considered a breach of these protocols.

Kyoto~~~ Well, I am pleased to see that in a day that sees many sites suffering from lack of interest, GS is not only thriving, but expanding. I applaud this..

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ garym is trying to work it out so when one pushes the button to Gorean Shores, they will find themselves at a page, with a short description of the two rooms and what each represents....then there will be three buttons, one for the Gorean Shores Piazza, one for the Gorean Shores Tavern and one to go back out again

Shadowglade~~~ Lady, I think We can do that, be as close to the books as We can, without becoming oppressive to anyone...GS has never been oppressive, but this has those overatures, and that worries Me...but as I said, I will support the Council

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ yes jaz, that would be changed to read that the tavern is not the place to learn but the Piazza is, instead of sending them off to some other site as it states there

Rollo the Ax~~~ Shadowglade, GS will still be open and welcome all that come in peace..... but in this way, those that are newbies or just learning, will have a place that they can * screw up * in with less chance of getting killed or such.....The basic idea was that if one enters the tavern, proper, and is an HNG or dip stick, they could be * directed * to the Piazza to try and learn before trying to run with the BIG DOGS .....

Phen~~~ Well I think it is a great idea

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ Piazza
here's the addy again for those that have come late

Asellus~~~ *Smiling beneath Her veils with appreciation to Rollo*

Asellus~~~ *Raising Her voice with a question* Just an inquiry....Will Free Women still be welcome in the "new" tavern? I mean, if half of the purpose of the new place is to be more like the books, well, We all know FW did not frequent taverns....

Marius~~~ Rollo..does GaryM have a time frame for the new room?..

Rollo the Ax~~~ I assure EVERYBODY...... this idea is not meant to drive away anybody or make GS look like a bunch of * eletists *.... Hell, Rollo is and always has been just a plain old guy.... no delusions of grandeur here..... the overall idea was to have a blending.....one room a bit * easier * and one a bit * harder *, but BOTH still GS, and everything that GS stands for......

Marius~~~ Laughing...they will be welcome Asellus.....they just better be more careful if they want to remain free..WEG

Jondalar~~~ Rollo...do You not think some will act like traffic cops and spend their time directing ppl to the correct room based on where they believe they should be?

Asellus~~~ *Chuckling at Marius and winking* Of course, Marius...always!

Kayla~~~ ~shivering at Marius's words~ It is hard enough some days as it is ~smiling~

Marius~~~ Laughing..there is an old saying on Gor, Jondalar..."The swords of others, set a man's limits"...you want to be a "traffic cop", you better know what you speak of..LOL

Asellus~~~ *She offers a reassuring smile over to Kayla*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ galah sees this as just a change sometimes....one time you may come to poolside and it seems that everyone has grouped together in the Piazza, so of course you will go there instead of an empty tavern...and vice versa....it's not that our family is going to split up now and go to different rooms than each other

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well, Lady Asellus... GS has always said it allows FW into the tavern, and I will not change basic GS policy...... but as Marius says, there will be more * book * like activity in the tavern under this idea..... open scening, and such, so some may feel less comfortable...... and some FW may have to keep a tigher reign on their comments or way they speak out, or they may well find themselves much more worried about new jewelery around their pretty necks.....LOL.

Jondalar~~~ nodding..Aye Marius..just asking! Seems there has been to many bad feelings in My Home when every I come in!

Kyoto~~~ *grinning to myself as I think of some of the FW I have seen in the past that would benefit from new jewelry*

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckle* SOMEtimes even if You do know Your stuff Your called to task by Outsiders.. *winking at Kayla*

Rollo the Ax~~~ And Marius, it may well take Gary M a couple of weeks to get this done and worked out.... so like I said, time to talk it over and hammer out any problems..

Asellus~~~ *She nods at the Captain's words* Noted, Rollo. *smiles* Anyway, that is what a Free Woman should do regardless if She witnesses something She doesn't agree with in the tavern...such as a scene....just leave. *Shrugging* I'm fine with that.

Phen~~~ OK then what about One Free Woman collaring another in the Tavern or even the Piazza if She feels it is warranted?

Rollo the Ax~~~ And Jondalar, We of GS.....Free and slave alike, have always been willing to help those new or still learning about Gor.... nothing will change that..... as galah said, sometimes, you may want hard core Gor, and other times, more easy Gor.... this way, EVERYBODY gets what they want from our home, with less chance of hurt feelings or tempers flairing.....

Marius~~~ Laughing..you should have been born a Man Phen...LOL..LOL...Bolt certainly has his hands full...LMAO

Kayla~~~ ~Looking at Phen shock registered on My face... jaw dropped open....~

Kyoto~~~ Well Phen, the FW doing the collaring would have to be able to overcome the "objections" of the one being collared...

Jondalar~~~ nodding...Aye Captain..Then I am made to think it would be a good idea...

Phen~~~ No in all seriousness what if there is no Man and only Ladies and One starts to show slave like tendancies..

whispers{EF}~~~ ~speaking up a bit~ whispers is working her way through the books and so far she has never seen a Free Women Kolar a slave or another Free Woman, do they do that or leave it up to the Men?

Asellus~~~ *Finally realizing Phen's words, She gazes wide-eyed over to the Free Woman, wondering what the consensus on this will be* I must admit that I never ever considered such a thing, Phen.

Kayla~~~ But Phen... It is not that certain Women are not capable of doing such but is it a precedent We want to start???
I am not so sure...

Phen~~~ whispers it was done in the books girl....Fighting Slave has a scene though the woman who was made slave owed the other Lady money....

whispers{EF}~~~ oh whispers hasn't gotten that far yet Mistress Phen

Asellus~~~ Of course, Phen, what do You mean by "slave like tendancies"...?

Phen~~~ Maybe I am just being the devils advocate here but these things I feel should be addressed and as for a precedent being a FW I feel would make one less likely to face strip another, but these are just My thoughts....

Rollo the Ax~~~ But the one FW collaring the other was more of a legal matter than one of a forced collaring..... so it is different than a plain collaring

Kayla~~~ There are so few of Us out there I would much rather see the FW counciled and led away from the offensive behavior rather than kollared Phen ~smiling at My Friend~... United We wear no extra jewelry kind of thing ~grin~

Phen~~~ Slave like tendancies......walking around like a slave....Lapping HNGs...Open scening with a male slave?????

Asellus~~~ That's a good point, Kayla, because I personally can't think of Any FW I would do that to....not even a newbie who just wandered in out of curiousity. I would rather instruct them properly on the ways of a FW. I love to meet the new FW.

Asellus~~~ Phen, that must be when I'm not around! *LOL* I have never seen any FW like that! *scratching My head, thinking*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Open scening in GS of a FW and a male slave is grounds for collaring ......

Lady Larl~~~ Unfortunatly, I have seen FW acting in a very slave-like way, the same One more then once

Asellus~~~ But....male slaves? How often do We see those in GS?? *glancing around, shaking My head*

SabreWolf~~~ I'll help Anyone that wants it,and learns from it,,but if they persist then it usually don't take long,,

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Phen~ A suggestion...If a FW exhibits this behavior after being suitably warned, the matter could be brought to the attention of one of the Captains...

whispers{EF}~~~ whispers came in the midst of the new room idea she would like to know when it would take place

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ here is the addy once again for those that didn't see it yet Piazza

Phen~~~ *Nodding and smiling to Lemuel* A cut and paste of the behaviour submitted to the Council for their vote on what the outcome is to be...

SabreWolf~~~ it's just an idea forming whispers,,

whispers{EF}~~~ ~respectful tones~ Yes but Master Lemuel sometimes the Captains are not able to come into the room when this happens, she thinks if a Free Women is displaying herself as a kajira then by the Rights of Any Free they should be kolared because if time elapses it shows that our room is not what it suposed to be but that is just a humble suggestion from a slave

SabreWolf~~~ thanks galah,,grins,

Kyoto~~~ I suppose that if an FW is force collared, a c&p of the events leading up to it should be sent to the council for a ruling if the FW disputes the action...

Rollo the Ax~~~ ANY person.... Free or slave that is in GS and see's misconduct, should C+P the WHOLE matter ( and not just a selected part of it ) and send it to the Council for a ruling.... in that way, the matters can be dealt with....sooner or later........

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at the "sooner or later"~ Of course One person's offense would not be seen maybe in the same light by Others, so an honest ruling from the C&P would benefit all...~smiles~

Phen~~~ *Nods to the Captains words*

whispers{EF}~~~ Yes that is true Mistress Kayla


The use of Y/you.. A/all.. etc

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. well, I dropped the bomb shell about the proposed new room......LOL.. is there any other subjects that or topics that we should address before our time runs out ????

Kyoto~~~ *laffin* I had one earlier this week, but for the life of me, can't remember it.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay.... a topic was sent to Me .... Lets make it clear about a couple of simple matters in GS.... the use of the BIG LETTER/little letter ... talking to show Free/slave.... in GS that is not required and mostly not done anymore in Web based chat rooms... I was told it was a carry over from the old BDSM roots of Gor.....

Kyoto~~~ Are you refering to the caps on a slaves name? Or saying A/all or O/our?

Asellus~~~ *Grinning as Rollo "capped" the "Me" in his first sentence* I do it out of habit from when I first came to Gor. Also, when *describing* I use the Big Letter/little letter to distinguish between the people I am addressing, looking at, referring to, etc....

SabreWolf~~~ besides,,I can't type that good and all that just makes it harder,,laugh

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. I meant the A/all...Y/you..... W/we stuff...... I was not clear in My first statement.....

whispers{EF}~~~ can an example be shown Master Rollo? whispers is a lil confused at what you mean?

whispers{EF}~~~ ~laughs softly~ Never mind already done

Phen~~~ So when we are speaking to a group of people then it should be done all in lower case?.....I have started doing this or I speak to the people individually, the only problem I can see is some Free thinking that one is being disrespectful...

Asellus~~~ *Laughing at Myself* I just can't not type "me" without capping the "M"....it's just weird! *LOL*

Kayla~~~ I agree with that Phen... I have been able to drop the W/we.. stuff but the capitalization of pronouns give Me more trouble *S*

Kyoto~~~ My trouble is remembering to capitalize, or at least reminding my fingers to do it, I'm a pretty poor typist. *grinning*

SabreWolf~~~ well,,i screw up all the time,,if any of you are offend,,grins,,lightly touchin his sword,,sorry,,I'm not a typist,,

Kyoto~~~ *winking at Sabre* Never noticed, Blood!

Asellus~~~ It's the fact that when I'm describing, it's all done in 3rd person....so the "She's" can become confusing when I'm speaking with another "she"....*Laughing* Now, am I making any sense here? *LOL*
But, like Kayla says, I try not to do all that a/All stuff...but I forget sometimes. It becomes easier to address each individually.

Rollo the Ax~~~ It really boils down to personal preference and habits... it is not against any * rules * but most ppl just don't do it anymore...... Much like the use of some words....


Old *Gorean* Language

Rollo the Ax~~~ the only thing that gets Me * going or pissed off * is when some ppl use the old * Gorean * language ( or so they call it ).... jashi, vashy, that crap.... It is NOT Gorean but just some * made up * crock of dung from some old site.... but at times some ppl look down their noses at a person that doesn't know this crap.....

Asellus~~~ Rollo, I'm glad You brought that up about the "ancient language". That never occurred in the books, right? I was never clear on that, for there are far too many of the words to have been derived from the books...

SabreWolf~~~ I love roleplay,,and Gor,,the books i've read have basically been in english,,or,,if a Gorean word was used,,it was explained

Kyoto~~~ What about words that were used in the books, such canjellne? (I hope I spelled that right. *grins*)

SabreWolf~~~ tarn,,is a gorean word,,but it's in english,,or earthen tongue I suppose would be closer to the truth

Phen~~~ No Lady they never did I was told they where a made up language from a webmaze site....

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL....LOL.. and then there is the case of other words..... fadu, chaq, rask...... words like that...... some ppl use them and others don't.... in the books, Rask was the name of a man, a Tarnsman.... so it does seem a bit funny to call somebodies ass end or butt a * rask *.... My butt don't fly tarns or steal slaves.....LOL.. but is such a minor thing worth fighting over ?????

Kyoto~~~ Isn't the word kajira from latin or something?

Kayla~~~ But like the work rask... LOL... I used it like Most until I found out it was a proper name... Poor Man to be called ann Ass all the time *S*

Asellus~~~ Those words usually come up in the tavern when a slave or Free Person of that site visits Gorean Shores. I've never heard one of GS use that "language".

jasma{Tk}~~~ there are many words that were *made* up.. and spoke of as the old gorean language.. then you also have the words of the Red Savages as well.. one just needs to not always believe something they hear from another or read on a website..

Kyoto~~~ Rask was of Treve, right? Weren't they all known for being buttheads? *laffin*

Asellus~~~ Well, it is hard to know what is truth, jasma, seeing as how this is all fiction based. Many of the Gorean words were odd to Me when I first came here. So...it's how to know the difference between a true word of the books and a made-up word by some random site. One would just have to be familiar with the books.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay.... in certain books, John Norman did use earthen words for things.... many books use old Roman words and names... in Ar and such.... the Savage's books use a real American Indian language...Sioux or such, Explorer's uses Zulu and Bantu words, Mauraders uses old Viking and Norweigen ..... so MANY of the books have specific words that are REAL... but not that jahsy vashy stuff.....

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~nodding as she listens~.. aye Mistress Asellus.. tis true..

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ much can be very confusing, galah came across a calendar the other day, had our earthen dates made into gorean dates, thought it was real neat until she found out that only about four months was ever named in the books, so someone made up all the other months names

Asellus~~~ Is that so, galah?? Interesting...*ss*

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~handing Mistress Asellus a copy of a gorean dictionary, soft smiles~*~ it helps a girl sometimes

the link that was provided at this point for a online dictionary.. will not be posted without permission of the one that owns the website.. if any wish to have it.. please get in touch with one of the ones that was at this weeks' discussion

Rollo the Ax~~~ The main point that needs to be made or understood is that SO WHAT ????? If somebody is such an expert on a certain book, fine, let them use the words and speach if that is their thing.... but don't put others down if they are not also experts in the same thing..... we ALL have certain things that we may know BETTER than others.... does that make us better, or just different ????? I may know ALL about swords, and you know ALL about horses..... that makes us BOTH lacking in some way, but good in another.... accept others for what they ARE, not what they are NOT .........

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding* Good point Captain, sometimes we forget that the people we are interacting with here, may not have access to the same references and materials we do... and we may not have the same as they.


Length of serves, bazi tea *ceremony* and location of Port Kar

Kyoto~~~ On a possibly similar note, the whole complex bazi tea ceremony, I don't think it was ever detailed in the books was it?

jasma{Tk}~~~ no Master Kyoto.. the bazi tea ceremony that is practiced in many chat sites is based upon a Japanese Tea Ceremony.. in the books.. it was drunk heavily sugared, in rapid succession.. three cups at a time..
Tea is extremely important to the nomads. It is served hot and heavily sugared. It gives them strength then, in virtue of the sugar, and cools them, by making them sweat, as well as stimulating them. It is drunk three small cups at a time, carefully measured.
Tribesmen of Gor, page 38

Kyoto~~~ That is what I thought jaz, but the serve was never detailed at all, correct?

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ most serves of the books was not the detailed serves we do Master Kyoto, and much of recent has been changed, such as sweetening of the rim, that was never done in the books and was only started as slaves trying to outdo one another, that has stopped in GS unless a Master asks specifically now

Rollo the Ax~~~ jasma... the sugars are also important to the Red hunters.... quick energy and warmth in a frozen land...but Norman took bits and pieces from MANY Earth cultures to made up His * GOR *.....

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~nodding in complete agreement with Master Rollo~*~

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~shaking head negatively~.. nay Master Kyoto.. this one's not found anything on it being served in such a detailed fashion as many sites do..

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ many sites have changed to the northern kindda serves, going around and refilling vessels without all the frills, but at slave discussion, it seems the kajira wish to remain descriptive, others think that Masters get tired of long drawn out serves, would be a good topic for discussion perhaps?

Kyoto~~~ Maybe a slave might ask if the master would prefer a northern/bond or southern/silk serve?

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ if we are to have two rooms, it could be decided how serves are to be done in each place....the kajira have already been given permission to do harta serves to the new Ones, for they definately don't have the patience for a regular serve

jasma{Tk}~~~ aye, Master Rollo..
~nibbling on lips.. nodding as she listens~

Asellus~~~ Thing is, galah, that serves are usually long and descriptive, that when I am given a shorter serve with less "fluff"...I just think "oh, lazy"....you know?
But I also wonder if slaves think the Free don't appreciate their creative efforts. But I wholeheartedly do! *nodding* I would not wish for the descriptiveness to end.

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ well, as we are not in the north, there would not be much sense in going with a northern serve?....but would Masters prefer to have the normal type of serve cut down some?

Kyoto~~~ I wouldn't, I like descriptive serves... *grinning*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ perhaps an upsweep of the vessel along a girls body without all the slaveheart beats, and the kiss etc?

Kayla~~~ I too think the beauty of the serves would be lost if you cut them down too much galah *ss*.. some of the girls do it so well... it is almost a dance ~smiles~

Phen~~~ I don't know galah as Port Kar is full of Masters from all over Gor so too speak ....So maybe it just falls back on what the Master desires....

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~soft smiles, very happy and pleases the Free like our descriptive serves, as at least zoya loves serving this way~*~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ to those that appreciate such serves Mistress Kayla and Mistress Asellus, it's a true joy for girls to serve, but for everyone that appreciates it, is Another that will leave in the middle of the serve, or yell at the girl to hurry

Phen~~~ I don't know I have seen girls do excellent serves in three posts cut out the fluff but have the description down to a lovely art...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ nothing destroys a slave more than a Master that ignores or leaves a girls serve, this is just not from galah, but from nearly all the slave's mouths at one time or another

Kayla~~~ Even a harta serve galah will not be appreciated by some *S*... there will always be THOSE PEOPLE...LOL... but to those who watch the poetry in motion it would be sad... ~smiling at the FG~

Asellus~~~ I suppose it all depends on the One being served, ultimately. Which is the point of it all, actually. Everyone likes something different. And there's nothing wrong with that. Some like the fluff, and some don't. *smiling softly over to galah*

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~nods to her First Girl~*~ hurts alot

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, to try and clear up this a bit... each site chooses what kind of serves THEY want or is right for them... if a room is based on Torvaldsland, then sure, northern serves would be the call...... but if the site is Wagon ppl, they have different ways also.... we can't keep EVERYBODY happy so we choose to do things this way here, and that is that....

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **chews her own bottom lip to keep from rambling, wondering who put the tarsk bit in her ear to start with** heheheheheheheee hehehehehee

Kyoto~~~ I have grown to love the serves, all the details, the stretch for the goblet or bowl (Thank the builders for putting that shelf so high), the fights with the cold room door, all these things make the serves more enjoyable than the actual drink!

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. some ppl still think of the kajira like waitresses or such.....LOL.. and want INSTANT service....LOL.. the trouble is that many of these type want to give the girls a * tip * more than anything else......LOL..and I DON'T mean money.....LOL...

Asellus~~~ Many have wonderful creative writing talents here and I would hate to see that taken away from the tavern.

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at the Captain's words~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ grown to love the serves Master Kyoto? does this mean at first You did not? perhaps another good thing about two rooms? the slaves will know if they go into the tavern, they will have to work hard to be pleasing, perhaps in the easier Piazza room they can be more fun loving and alil lazier? heheheheheheee

Kyoto~~~ Didn't quite mean it that way, galah... my phrasing gets a little off kilter after 10pm now days... *grinning*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ yes Master, that is another big point....the owned slaves that are restricted claim that they are not called on to serve as are the ones not restricted or the tavern slaves

Asellus~~~ Kyoto...I have seen just about the same online map of Gor and wonder where we stand in Port Kar? By that, I mean, are we more traditionally Northern or Southern? It seems like we are somewhere in the middle....could You clarify that for Me, please?

Kyoto~~~ Honestly, I am no longer sure Asellus, I thought I had the location pretty well set, but now? *scratching my head*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. I LIKE that discription of where GS is....LOL... in the middle.....LOL.. On the maps I have seen, Port Kar is about mid latitude from most of the rest of Gorean places..... a warm climate, with cool but not cold nights, Gulf breezes to help keep things warm and such....

Asellus~~~ So we are just the Odd Ones, eh, Rollo? *grinning at both Rollo and Kyoto* But I wouldn't trade it for another...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **looking to the waterclock** it's getting late, does a girl keep rambling on or shall this be held over for next time?

Rollo the Ax~~~ this forum has gone past the time set for it...... perhaps we should save the serve's and map location for next week ?????

Asellus~~~ *Smiling* I'm very grateful for these forums, Rollo. Thanks once again.

Rollo the Ax~~~ aye, jasma... tonights forum is done and over...... Thanks to all for coming and taking part