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Table of Contents


Free Women vs. slaves
FW being in a paga tavern

Begging Entrance

slaves using the term, "their home"

The forum notes


Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. Okay folks..... It is time for our forum to begin, so lets get it rolling.... During the forum slaves need not beg to enter or leave, let's keep any cross talk, or personal speaking in whispers...no greetings those that enter late, except in whispers, and everybody is welcome to speak their minds or opinions...slaves must stay respectful, ......so saying, let's get this show on the road...LOL.

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~her attentions turned to the Captain, listening intently~*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ anybody with a topic they wish discussed, whisper it to Me, and I'll give you a turn in line.....

Rollo the Ax~~~ galah, you were first, so post your topic....

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ galah would like to speak of ppl "ghosting"....for those not sure what that is, is when one leaves 'poofs' and then suddenly appears later on without entering for they have used there back button and come back in....they then show on the bottom of the list and sometimes don't even speak, this makes it very hard for slaves that are expected to greet ppl and then find they have forgotten One cause they didn't even realize the person was in GS

reseka{GS}~~~ wow that's how they do that! galah your so smart res wondered if she was losing her mind at times !

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ galah thinks this be a tavern and all should enter using the front door...galah knows of many Free that are doing this and thinks it terribly unfair to the slaves present...this one knows of no slaves that do this as the slaves KNOW this is not allowed

penny{Kyo}~~~ nodding quietly... this slave is seeing it happen more and more, rather than less... what is ending up happening is that she is then failing to greet the One who appears in such a way... not deliberately, but just out of failure to recognize an arrival...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ in all fairness, a girl would like to say that she was once given permission to "ghost" to check on sisters, to make sure that they were offering to serve, this was back some time ago when there was some complaints about slaves not offering...and even then, galah did so very very rarely cause she just thinks it's not right

reseka{GS}~~~ yes pen and then feeling awful for not seeing them and greeting *sighs* cancels her shrinks appointment now

Kayla~~~ I can't see Why any would hold it against the slaves if they fail to greet if They choose to use the back door... It is rather harmless is it not? ~smiles~

SabreWolf~~~ would this be any particular group of folks?,,grins,,Women?Men?New?old?,,or just in general?

penny{Kyo}~~~ she isn't sure why it is done... it delays a Free from getting adequate service, because slaves might continue about their chores or an extended serve and never beg to greet and be released to serve...

Phen~~~ Well I don't know what can be done except that you have made ppl aware of the fact and that a certain amount of respect should be used...As Sabre has stated more that once Patrons do not go to sleep in the tavern all the time and if they do then they should post their awakening. Now if it continues the only thing I feel is that a slave cannot be held responsible for not acknowledging the Person...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ yes penny, it is happening more and more for when One sees One do it, then they think its alright to do toooo...perhaps the Council could make an official ruling about this?

reseka{GS}~~~ is it when people go to the boards threw here maybe?

Shadowglade~~~ *Looking to Phen* I agree Lady..It should be stated atleast that if One does decides to enter through the back door they should at least greet upon their arrival....

penny{Kyo}~~~ no, reseka... it is people deliberately allowing themselves to ghost out, then reappearing to watch tavern activity unnoticed....

reseka{GS}~~~ Mistress Kayla to the best of res's knowledge no Free has ever held it against her for not noticing them come in that way

SabreWolf~~~ it boils down to good role play,basic's of movement,,and a person' imigination,,I take notice of how folks enter the taven,,

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ no res, galah sees most come in the front door and state that they are going stright to the boards....and these are Ones that don't greet, they seem to be spying since we have not a seeing eye or looking glass like some sites have

Shadowglade~~~ My question is this.. Why is this even an issue? As Free is not Our right to come and go as We please *chuckle*

Mandi~~~ Sometines when the urt traffic is heavy, it is the only way to get back in. And some sort of acknowledgement should be made in this case announcing One's presence and the computer problem.

SabreWolf~~~ hopefuly urt attacks don't count,,laughs,or I'm in trouble,,

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ yes Slave Master, this is a business establishment and as such, the front door should be used? the Ones doing this are not stating that they are falling asleep, they are saying "be well" and poofing out

Phen~~~ res you can bookmark the boards so one does not have to enter through the Tavern...

reseka{GS}~~~ oh ok now res understands mistress galah thank you humm interesting

Kyoto~~~ I have been guilty of this a few times, but it was because I will chat at work, ghost through inactivity and refresh, but if I think I am going to do this, I will re-log to make it fair.

reseka{GS}~~~ thank you Mistress Phen *s*

penny{Kyo}~~~ *pondering* and isn't there a sleen by the back door anyway? *chuckles* reeeeaaaly close to the door?

Kyoto~~~ Aye Shadowglade, as you stated earlier, it is a Free Person's right to do and think as he pleases, no matter how offensive it is to another Free Person.

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ Master Shadowglade, at least One of the back door spies is not of GS, so should they be able to keep coming in to see what is being said or done?

Phen~~~ galah are those newcommers or Patrons that should know better for if they are new they maybe just trying to learn our ways *SS*

SabreWolf~~~ you suggesting some kinda "wall of shame" first girl?..or what for retribution should a person decide not to follow these rulings?

Rollo the Ax~~~ While there may be reasons that some ppl would do this * ghosting * perhaps coming back after leaving when they suddenly got the time....it is still more times used to * spy * on the tavern..... if somebody comes in the back door and doesn't speak, it looks like they have been knocked off line and Poolside just doesn't know about it yet, but if they have some reason to want to watch what is going on, or what ppl are saying ( perhaps about them or a friend ) ....to My thinking it is a practice that is wrong and should be frowned on........

penny{Kyo}~~~ *chuckling at Master Kyoto's comment* very true... You usually come back in dripping wet from the moat and leave this one with a wet mess to clean up... *grin*

Shadowglade~~~ *Steel blues flashing glancing at Kyoto then turning back to the discussion*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ none of the Ones galah speaks of are newbies Mistress Phen, these are Patrons of GS and some that don't even call GS home...galah is not sure what you mean by a wall of shame Master Sabrewolf, just think it should be a rule so ppl know it's not a right thing to do...the GS slaves never leave the tavern, so should they be allowed to come in the back door in the same way?

Markos~~~ sometimes I come into check the boards, but I still acknowledge A/all present, but feel I am ignoring them while at the boards ?????????

Kyoto~~~ *Laughing*

Mandi~~~ I do not interpret the first girl's comments as a request for any retribution--but as a request for respect from all.

Rollo the Ax~~~ If anybody wants to come in the * back door * that may be okay, I guess....but they should be required to greet or say something as soon as they re-enter......

Asellus~~~ *Looking up from Her notes and pondering to Herself* Then if so, Shadowglade, the argument will and readily be made "I am a Free Person, it is My right to do as I wish." Then the issue becomes one where We have to question how much "courtesy" any (free or slave) within the tavern should be afforded.....Hmmm...but courtesy within a tavern?? This is where I have trouble drawing a fine line....

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ galah isn't speaking of moatie or urt attacks and not even those that come back in and greet the same as if they entered the front door, this one is speaking of those that come and go without a word to any, should someone notice them in the bottom list, they even state they are "ghosting"

SabreWolf~~~ I think folks should have to post their reentrance,,from ghosting,,rti,work,,whatever the reason,with at least "I'm back",,to let folks know,,

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding at Sabrewolf's words*

penny{Kyo}~~~ nodding at Mistress Mandi... this slave just knows how uncomfortable it has made her in the very early morning hours to suddenly find she is not alone... and she will have been practicing dances, and feels very spied upon... she doesn't mind being watched... just appreciates the courtesy of acknowledgement... now this one does not come to the tavern to practice anymore... she feels uncomfortable doing so...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ if nothing more, like Master SabreWolf said, for the sake of RP, you would not go into a bar, store or any public place through there back door unless you was an employee, so shouldn't the Patrons be coming in the front door?

reseka{GS}~~~ hummm res don't want to sound like she doesn't see the importance of this but what's the big deal anyway just don't do any thing to shame anyone or our home *shrugs*

Markos~~~ agreeing that this only happens from a few, perhaps if W/we post it in some way, like I do, are Y/you here, or why so quiet ???????

Mandi~~~ aye, penny, and on the other hand, I have been alone in the tavern and gone over to the boards and startled people on returning to the boards. I will be more careful about this and come back in through the front door.

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ slaves are allowed to play or to speak more freely when there are ONLY slaves in the tavern, it's terribly undaunting to find that there is suddenly a Free listening and watching but not saying a word...then the slave feels bad for not greeting and offering serve to this quiet Free

Kyoto~~~ Mandi, just bookmark the boards, saves time anyway...

Shadowglade~~~ * raising an eyebrow at Kyoto and then turning to Asellus *
I agree Lady it is a very fine line... but it should also be kept in mind that this Gor and Unfortunately... courtesy is not alway necessary where it be the right thing or not *chuckle* My thoughts on this are that in the Gorean sense.. One should be courteous to those that are present...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay then folks, there seems to be many different opinions about this practice and those that do it..... Perhaps we should at this point just agree that to most ppl here, it seems like a thing to be avoided if possible, and should anybody do this * ghosting * they SHOULD at least announce their return so that they can be greeted ...... if for no other reason than to allow the slaves to fulfill their requirement to greet all Free that enter ( or re-enter ) our Home.....

penny{Kyo}~~~ reseka, the way it was happening with regular frequency, this slave was starting to feel creepily stalked... she would notice a name on the list and have to break the rhythm of a dance and spend three posts of prying to actually get someone to fess up to being present... too much hassle to go through when not wishing to be disrespectful, but not knowing whether to continue with practice... *sigh* easier to just not be there..

Markos~~~ looking to galah, I personally like watching the girl's play when no Free needs to be served,they are here for My bemusement *L*

Dark Dragon~~~ I hope you don't mean me pen ?

Shadowglade~~~ *looking to galah* then why not simply make it a point of NOT lurking?....

penny{Kyo}~~~ *grinning to Master Dark Dragon* no, Master Drak Dragon... it wasn't You... You always stated Your presence...

Asellus~~~ Oh, don't get Me wrong, Shadowglade. I do understand from Your perspective, but I also hear what the slaves are saying...

reseka{GS}~~~ understood pen sorry, its just she knows that she herself was a victum of such things and is working her way out of the creepies, also c&ps are not reliable also for that matter becuase people can custom make there p&s to fit themselves she has experienced that too *shrugs* it's the internet can't patrol it all

Kyoto~~~ Aye Rollo, the people that do it are going to continue to do it no matter how annoying they are to the others who follow the rules. *shrugging* Gor is not fair, Gor just is.

Dark Dragon~~~ well, I hope so, I was as surprised as you, but always greet when I come in

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ yes Master Shadowglade, that would work.....it came up in slave discussion also about slaves that beg to leave, are given permission then don't leave, they lurk, that would fall under the same catagory? a NO lurking policy would be good pehaps for all?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Markos, it is okay to just watch the slaves and not require service, but to * sneek up * on them, or anybody else in our Home seems a bit out of character for Goreans...

Kyoto~~~ How can it be enforced galah, at least from the perspective of the Free?

Shadowglade~~~ I think that would resolve the problem galah.... *grin*

Rollo the Ax~~~ In the end folks, all that can be done is for the Council to decide if we think this * lurking * and * ghosting * are acts that require some sort of new or added rule to discourage...... enforcing either may well prove a very different matter.... but it CAN be addressed ........


Begging Entrance

Phen~~~ Ok well then this brings Me to an issue as to why tavern slaves have to beg to enter are they not in the kennals of the tavern. Shouldn't they just do a sensual entrance over to the serving furs greet and then beg to serve?

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **claps for Mistress Phens question** galah has at least tried to get GS slaves to beg entrance from the servery where the trap door is, for it don't make sense that slaves of GS are entering from outside the front door...does this mean the girls dash out the back door and around the building to beg entrance at the front door?

Kyoto~~~ *Listening to Phen's words*
Even though I agree that slaves should beg to enter, I can see the other side. There have been many times that I have been involved in the goings on and totally missed a girl's request.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Phen, GS requires that slave beg to enter .....some sites have done away with the practice, some have not....but in GS it is still required.....unless the Council decides to vote to change the rule......

reseka{GS}~~~ giggles mistress galah a lot of times this one likes to go pick wild flowers and go look at the shops so she comes in the door when she does these things lol

penny{Kyo}~~~ *giggles at mistress sissie* so true... and it's fun to pop up through the kennel door... makes waaaaay more sense... this slave used to see a lot of kenneling talk... seems to have faded a bit as of late, though...

Asellus~~~ *glancing up with interest* I have wondered that Myself, Phen....what's the deal with that anyway? *L*

penny{Kyo}~~~ GS slaves could pop up and beg permission to enter from beside the kennel trapdoor...

Phen~~~ Rollo I agree with slaves of other sites and that of personally owned slaves but as galah has said it does seem a little odd....So the girls on the tavern chain would have to petition the Council?

Kyoto~~~ Aye, then we could play "Whack a mole" as the little heads pop up...*laughing*
Seriously, it makes sense for the tavern slaves to be to enter from that location...

reseka{GS}~~~ that kennel door does a real number on this one's head after awhile ugh feels like *slave in the box*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ pen, from the trap door would be hard to see them, that is why they creep over to the servery opening to beg entrance...but kindda a silly point when you figure they are already there before asking

Rollo the Ax~~~ slaves begging to enter and leave, this again is a matter that would require the Council to address, if it was shown that the practice needed to be changed.....

AzuraStarr~~~ *eyes grow enormous as Kyoto suggests the game, She tries to hold back the giggles that swell up from the pictures in Her head*

penny{Kyo}~~~ *giggles at the "whack a mole" and "slave in a box" images...* but it's soooo cute.... the trapdoor opens up a whole new range of verbs... peeking, popping, peering, crawling, slithering, slinking... *giggles*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ the only thing galah would like to add is that she has arisen this subject at slave discussion only to be told by the majority of the slaves that they like the practice of begging entrance....personally this one would like to see the begging to enter done away with though, there are only so many ways to change this begging entrance no matter how good your imagination is heheheeee

Kyoto~~~ *Listening to penny enumerate the verbs...*
What was that one you were practicing awhile back, slithering?

Kyoto~~~ Oh, I don't know galah, I love to watch penny skip merrily down the street to the tavern.

reseka{GS}~~~ giggles so true mistress galah !

Phen~~~ Kyoto but your girl is personally owned and has to skip jump walk run down the street from Your holdings...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Phen.... the more complex rules get, the harder they become to enforce... how could we say * Okay GS owned slaves need NOT beg to enter, but any private or non- GS slave DOES ???? Rules, like most things, are better and and fairer when they apply to ALL... GS as not * Animal Farm *.. where all are equal, but some are MORE equal than others....be they Free or slave..... rules and laws need to apply to EVERYBODY to be effective AND fair......

Kyoto~~~ And she has been known to do all of those on her way here, thank the PK's that she doesn't have a jump rope at her disposal...

Dark Dragon~~~ I agree with Rollo, I think this is getting a little to technical!

zoe{GS}~~~ ~scanning all that has been said~
personally, zoe enjoys begging to enter...but then that is just her own opinion

Truxton~~~ ~listening~

penny{Kyo}~~~ the whole entering issue is a case of situational ethics... if you live in the kennel, most likely, you don't enter through the front door.... and if you have a private Master, it is unlikely that you will have been frolicking in the kennels, so you would enter by the front door.. either way, begging to enter must still happen, since that is the current rule.. just make an entrance make logical sense... *sigh*

Phen~~~ Well then Rollo I would even go as far as saying all slaves then need not beg to enter it takes time away from discussions that are happening in the room be tween the Free, it is not in the books and yes I know GS is not run completely by the books but a sensual entrance would catch the eye of the free better than a begging to enter.

Asellus~~~ Makes perfect sense to Me, penny. I wouldn't think any more needs to be said on the issue.

Truxton~~~ I agree with Phen

Rollo the Ax~~~ There comes a time folks, that trying to regulate EVERY single move that ppl make defeats the purpose of doing anything.....( remembering how long it took many years ago to decide what shape a table would be to sit down and hold Peace talks, while men died and ppl suffered....) We are GOREANS here,,,, the Free should hold themselves to a personal code of Honor and act accordingly....

Kyoto~~~ Aren't all of our tables round, Rollo? *grinning*

Dark Dragon~~~ I agree Captain, if it ain't broke, don't fix it !

reseka{GS}~~~ res loves to beg anything *smiles* and entrances are so pretty it would feel like a bus stop without them she feels

Kyoto~~~ *Glancing at DD and grinning at this enthusiasm

Truxton~~~ I have seen some sensual begging in some instances, but then that is the style of the slave in question

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ the rule says, that if a girl begs three times to enter, then she may slide in without permission....BUT, galah knows many a slave that feels if they can't even be given permission to enter, then why bother coming in....they most times will just back away from the door and leave

Kyoto~~~ *Chuckling at reseka's words*

zoe{GS}~~~ ~looking at res and nodding~...it shows a girls dedication to the Tavern, her willingness to wait to enter and begging is part of being a kajira

Truxton~~~ At the Koroba Inn where I call Home, We do not require begging on entry, only when the slave wishes to leave

Lady Larl~~~ a slaves personality can certainly be shown with the begging of entrance. Kinna a first impression kind of thing. Some slaves are more sensual.. while others are graceful..yet others are very creative..
It gives a good idea of the slave who is lives within to Those that may not be familiar with a certain slave

Dark Dragon~~~ well, thanks Kyoto, but too many rules make for a lot more problems

reseka{GS}~~~ res agrees Mistress Larl it gives a visual of what the girls will be like in her serve

Truxton~~~ make it more like RT than Vt

Kyoto~~~ Aye, we can 'rule' ourselves to death, DD.

Asellus~~~ I like that answer zoe! *smiling* The willingness to wait....patience...*nodding* Very good.

Dark Dragon~~~ when rules go to far, then ya start making rules for the rules

Truxton~~~ ~chuckling~

reseka{GS}~~~ winks to zoe *s*

Dark Dragon~~~ then the kiss rule applies !!

Truxton~~~ Kiss rule?

Kyoto~~~ KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid... it's an anagram.

Kayla~~~ Keep It Simple Stupid

Rollo the Ax~~~ I good case in point, Truxton ....in Your home the rules say no begging to enter only to leave.... Your home,. Your rules..... and rightly so..... and in GS the rules say YES to begging to enter AND leave......

Dark Dragon~~~ *chuckling !

Truxton~~~ ahhhhhhhhh, there are Engineers on Gor
yes the rule applies to the site and what the site has found to be pleasing to the R/residents

zoe{GS}~~~ ~pouting~..zoe thought maybe there was a new rule for kissing...
~green eyes twinkling with amusement~

reseka{GS}~~~ wiggles with delight hearing Master Rollos words , now have to figure how to not hit her head on the trap door

Dark Dragon~~~ I think for this rule to change would change the character of GS!

Lady Larl~~~ perhaps Sabrewolf has a few extra dung sacks to pad the inside of the trap door for you girls reska *lol*

Lady Tyyne~~~ watching and listening in silence

Phen~~~ I'm not sure on that DD you would still be able to tell the girls attributes would give her more scope in her character, they would still do an entrance post.

Lady Larl~~~ empty of course *g*

Dark Dragon~~~ still believe it's less confusing to leave it alone as is !

Kyoto~~~ *Laffin* Well, Larl, if the girls were not pleasing that particular week, perhaps half full?

reseka{GS}~~~ ooooooooooh Mistress Larl You are so kind hehehe ...... *humm how to get out of this one now, LOL, aaaaah the patrons would not want to smell a icky girl now would they hehe

Markos~~~ reseka, stop whinning girl *LOL* isn't GS good to you

reseka{GS}~~~ eeeeeeeeewww wiggles and humm knows not to pout......but

reseka{GS}~~~ *laffs* yes Master Markos it is girls love *ss*, but she does love to whine also *sighs*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **dark eyes mere slits as she looks to reseka** and res, is whining pleasing to the Free?

Lady Larl~~~ addeed incentive to get out before the door bops you on the head reseka *l*.. leaving you as the nicest smelling kijirae
Ya know Kyoto.. Sabrre might be onto something with those dung sacks of His *l*

Kyoto~~~ Never seen a slave not respond to one Larl... especially after a day or so...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **puts forefinger tips to the sides of her mouth to curl full lips to a smile** smiles are pleasing to the Free res...smile sis!!!!!

reseka{GS}~~~ hehe Mistress Larl

reseka{GS}~~~ giggles, yes mistress galah * soft lips curl in a sweet gentle smiles pearly whites show nicely, she loves to smiles

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ much better res, much more pleasing heheheheheheee hehehehee


slaves using the term, "their home"

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ this brings galah to one more lil bitty question that has arisen....when a slave begs entrance, some say may they enter their Masters home, and others say, may they enter their home, being a GS slave can they say "their home"? or is this to much like a possession for a slave?

penny{Kyo}~~~ hmmmm... *thinking about mistress sissie's words* are there any Free who actually live in the tavern to call it home?

reseka{GS}~~~ it is a GS girl's home she sleeps in its dampness more thant anyone does, this one figures, hummm can we get some heat down there Master Rollo? *pretty Smiles*

Kyoto~~~ A slave owns nothing galah, perhaps it might be best if the called it the tavern... or something similar.

Markos~~~ looking to penny, yes I do, GS is My home

Phen~~~ So Markos You rent one of the rooms upstairs*WEG*
girls why not drop home altogether and just beg to enter...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ home is where the heart is? heheheheheheeee hehehehee the pledged patrons consider it "home" but is it alright for a slave to consider it "home"?

Dark Dragon~~~ it should be the home of their Master

Lady Larl~~~ perhaps slaves could just refer to GS as "this home" when begging entrance galah...if they have not a Master that calls GS Home?

reseka{GS}~~~ sniffles * then res and her sisters are orphans*?

Markos~~~ agreeing with Lady Larl's statement

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay...to sum up what was been discussed so far... * Ghosting *...it is to be watched, and if it continues, it may need to have a rule made about doing it: Lurking .. slaves should endeavor to NOT do this, and so should the Free, but once again, if it continues, it may need a ruling by the Council : GS slaves will still beg to enter and leave, until such time as the GS Council decides to change the rule..( IF it ever does ) :

Rollo the Ax~~~ If so, let's move on to another topic..... who has one ???


Free Women vs. slaves
FW being in a paga tavern

Lady Tyyne~~~ May I ask a question?

Kayla~~~ Lady... That is what these Forums are for... to ask questions *S*

Lady Tyyne~~~ Thank You *S*

Lady Tyyne~~~ There is a slave girl that is very dear to My heart, and she seems to have a problem with one of the FW...or the other way around...and I'm wondering if slaves are open to critism just because someone wouldn't like them, or are the FW allowed to persecute regardless?

Phen~~~ Well Lady Tynne I wouldn't be surprised if You where talking about Me but generally I would rather the girl come to Me in whispers and speak her mind and hopefully something would be resolved

Kyoto~~~ Lady Tyyne, Free Women, if we are following the books, often had it in for slaves, they were usually cruel and would go out of their way to mistreat them. Here... *shrugging* it's a different story, heck, we're in a paga tavern, when in the books did you ever see a FW in a paga tavern?

Lady Tyyne~~~ *Smile* Phen, no I was not speaking of You

Kayla~~~ ~grinning at Phen~ Well We all know it is not Me...LOL... But it happens sometime there is just a dislike for a person and it is worse if it is between a slave and Free *S* Best thing is to try to work it out among themselves... if not maybe a mediator

AzuraStarr~~~ I am wondering what sort of criticism you mean, Lady Tyyne. As I always saw it that slaves were more or less supposed to be open to criticism provided it would make them better at what they do. Is not their sole purpose to serve? Wouldn't critisicm, provided it was constructive, help that theory????

Asellus~~~ If it is alright for a Free Person to ghost and spy on those in the tavern because it is "Their right" then I do not see why a Free (be the Person Male of Female) Person could not chastise a slave....*shrugs*

Phen~~~ Kyoto there is a couple of mentiones of FWs in Taverns in the books*WS*

Kyoto~~~ *Thinking* Where Phen? Boabissa wasn't technically free... and did she enter a tavern?

Lady Tyyne~~~ the FW is not Myself...You are right though, it should be left between the two involved

Lady Tyyne~~~ I've only read the first two manuscripts, and granted I don't know an awful lot being new to GS, and I quite possibly need to get a better understanding of how the master slave relationship works...constructive critism is great though, and would help tremendously. My pardon for speaking when I don't understand all there is to understand about slave behavior

Rollo the Ax~~~ Let us make a few things VERY CLEAR about the why and how of things working in GS.... GS is a VT Gorean tavern, and while there may be some debate about FW in taverns, especially one in Port Kar, it was done on rare occasion in the books, but even if not in the books it IS done in GS...end of story....

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding at Rollo's words*
I wasn't saying that they should not be allowed, I value the company of the Free Women, many have become trusted friends. I merely pointed it out to address the statement of Mistress/slave relations.

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at the Captains words

reseka{GS}~~~ agreed Master Rollo

Rollo the Ax~~~ FW are allowed and welcome in GS.... and at times, have even been known to speak their minds.....( LOL...LOL..) if there are those that can't deal with the idea of FW in Port Kar, they need not let the big green door hit them in the ass as they leave..... but also, FW in GS are required to stay within Gorean character and ACT properly.... and yes, there will always be * personality * clashes between ppl....Free, slave, Master, Mistress, everybody... slaves need to be aware of just what and who of the Free had it * out * for them, and watch their set......but also, FW should NOT abuse the VT slaves for no reason..... to do so puts her own neck * on the line * so to speak, if She is seen as abussing the slave for no good reason.....

Markos~~~ agreeing with the Captain and His knowledge

Dark Dragon~~~ here here Captain !

Phen~~~ Aye Captain agreement here on all issues*S*

Lady Larl~~~ Aye Captain, sounds good to Me

Markos~~~ liking FW to be in GS, many fine FW here, Lady Kayla, Larl, Asellus, Tynne, what would GS be without them *BS*

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding* Sounds good to me.

Lady Larl~~~ Thank You Markos.. Your kind words are appreciated

Lady Tyyne~~~ Thank You Markos *nodding*

Phen~~~ MMMMMMM So I will take that as a compliment never thought I was fine...

Kayla~~~ ~nodding to Markos with a smile~

Rollo the Ax~~~ As for relations between FW and slaves...??? yes, in the books FW didn't like slave girls very much...but THIS is VT Gor, and many things are different here than in the books.... we are ALL more often like friends here than Free/slave....MY opinion on this is that never will everybody get along the everybody else... so we all need to handle our differences and dislikes like ADULTS..... being a Free does NOT give a VT FW the right to harrass or abuse a VT slave because they don't get along.... but neither does it give a slave the right to hide behind a Master while harrassing a FW.....

Lady Tyyne~~~ *sitting silently, hands in My lap, watching and learning*
Thank You Captain Rollo, for addressing the FW/slave question *smiling politely

Truxton~~~ ~listening~ having heard only yesterday that Sir Norman was strangely silent on the FW/kajira

Rollo the Ax~~~ Truxton..... in the books, John Norman changed his mind or didn't keep things the same in MANY books.....that is one reason that there is sooo much debate about * what IS gorean and what is NOT * ....in one book he says that FW did one thing, and in a different book he had them doing the opposite....WHICH book is * right * ???????? many things changed from book to book......

Truxton~~~ Wondering if he knew that We would be having these debates, so kept it confused for broader appeal?

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ and not only the change from book to book to make things confusing, but then you have the change from the books to online, again....another thing to confuse us beyond belief

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL. I think it more likely that the man is a writer, and as such, wrote stories...... what worked in one story may not have done so in another.....LOL.. or maybe the guy just got confused ??? now THAT I could understand.....LOL...

Truxton~~~ ~smiling @ galah~

Essyllt ~~~ *Smiling and listening*

Phen~~~ Or He really didn't understand Women....

Truxton~~~ What Man does Lady Phen? I admit I do not, and mostly have given up trying

Markos~~~ Phen, W/we didn't need to understand W/women, *LOL*

Phen~~~ *Laughs* Ohh just couldnt resist....

Truxton~~~ Well said Markos

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ and to add even more confusion, one can take an actual quote from the books and ten ppl might interpret it differently....just like the many interpretations of the Bible, that is why there is soooooo many religions, guess that is why there seems to be soooooo many different versions of what Gor is

Kayla~~~ ~nodding to galah~... Tis true dearest...

Truxton~~~ and smart too, good girl galah ~ws~

reseka{GS}~~~ oh yes mistress galah, we have seen this a lot in slave meetings res's head spins at times but that is what is so wonderful about Gor and why GS is the best place in Gor

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **winks to Master Truxton** brains and a bod.....heheheheheee what more could a Master want? heheheheheheheee

Truxton~~~ a dowry

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ it seems for sure that Gor has a cult following....but then many religions are being investigated as cults also...but as with a religion, on Gor, there seems to be the fanatics and those that take what lil from it suits them....we hope to be on the same wavelength though

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ now it kindda goes without saying, that those that pledge to a gorean home do so cause that place most closely fits the bill of what they themselves think gor is? but what about the slave that belongs to a Master and has no choice in the matter?
heheheheheheeee let's not open another can of worms here? heheheheheheee

Phen~~~ I would say it depends on her feelings for her Master even I as a Free Woman would follow Bolt anywhere He went, which I have done whether I liked the place or not...

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckling and looking to the waterclock* aye galah... Lets not....*S*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ uuuuummmmmmmmmm a girl seems to be rambling? hehehehehehehee maybe she will be quiet now for a few ehns


The Forum Notes

Lady Larl~~~ Rollo, If I may, I would like to suggest something in addition to the notes that are posted on these meetings

Rollo the Ax~~~ And what would that be, Lady Larl ?????

Lady Larl~~~ Maybe when the notice it put up of the readiness of the notes taken of these forums.. a small condensed paragraph be posted on the boards as well. For a quick reference to any changes or items that should be known to Aall at GS. For sometimes, the notes can't be read in detail as fast as One ( Me )*l* wishes due to time restraints or what have You. Kind of like Rollo's Finale Thought ala Jerry Springer *lol*

Asellus~~~ *Laughing aloud at LadyLarl's comment on Rollo's final thoughts...*

reseka{GS}~~~ very good idea Mistress Larl

Rollo the Ax~~~ Lady Larl...... While that may be a good idea, it also would require a great deal more work for those that keep the record of the forums and they are already working their little kajira fingers to the bone just keeping up with the regular forum records....... ANY changes to the GS rules, will be posted on the message board for ALL to see....

Asellus~~~ *speaking up* I have offered My assistances in keeping up with the cut and pasting as well, Rollo. But for right now, I am still learning c + p 101. *Giggling beneath veils*

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~smiling as Mistress Asellus speaks.. mouthing a "Thank You" to Her.. then looking to sis penny and mouthing the same.. ~

Asellus~~~ *Arising and smiling to jasma* you're welcome, jasma.

penny{Kyo}~~~ *giggles to sissie jasma* shhh... happy to do it....

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...Asellus, for Myself, I try to keep things as easy for those C+Ping these meetings....... It is ALL beyond My own ability, so I can only help by trying to make it easier for those that CAN do it.....

Rollo the Ax~~~ There still need to be a few minor * fine tunings * done to the new rule about Patrons being allowed to collar slaves for the Tavern......So look forward to hearing more about this..... one thing that needs to be said though is that collaring a new slave is something that needs to be done with a certain amount of understanding and interaction....... Lets not turn it into a * just slap a collar on ANY un-collared slave and leave * kind of thing.....these new slaves need to be told what to expect and what will be expected of THEM.... or is may well become a waste of time...... but more will come of this matter.....

Phen~~~ So is Bolt up for next week I take it?*L*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well, folks...... Our time seems to be at an end.... Thanks for coming and taking part..... same time, same place next week.... and next week, Bolt will speak about Priest Kings....