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Table of Contents

rules of usage of the slaves of GS

Guest Speakers/Gorean Info

The right of Pledged Patrons to collar uncollared slaves

rules of usage of the slaves of GS

Rollo the Ax ~~~ It looks like We will be starting our forum NOW....LOL.. and not the 1/2 to 3/4 ahn late like the other forums......LOL.. * In GS, the trains run on time......* LOL...LOL..

Rollo the Ax~~~ Now, lets call the weekly GS forum to order..... If anybody has topics they wish covered, PM me and I'll call out the order they will be addressed in, lets keep the cross talk to whispers, and no serves during the forum, plus slaves need not beg to enter or leave DURING the forum..... so saying lets begin......

Shadowglade~~~ *listening to the senior Captain with interest*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL..Okay, before I start with the couple of topics that have been sent me already, let Me show everyone here what has been started as a result of last weeks meeting..... I'll post a draft of a set of new * rules of usage * for GS.... some of the wording may be changed, but it will be basiclly the same ideas...
Rules for Usage of slaves in Gorean Shores Tavern
Preamble: Gorean Shores is a GOREAN paga tavern and not just some place for those looking for an easy or quick cyber sex encounter, or an RT bar where a * waitress * can be ignored until she brings the drinks, and then not get payed for them. It has come to the attention of the Council that in this virtual on-line environment a few specific rules of conduct need to be spelled out, not only to protect the slaves from such actions, but also to endeavour to make the experience more Gorean in it’s entirety

1.Who may use a slave: Gorean Shores is a Gorean site, so the use of slaves is reserved for those that prove themselves to be Gorean. To avoid the slaves from having to deal with HNG’s it has been decided that new Masters to GS may be served food and drink by the kajira, but until such time as these new Masters prove that they have a true interest in the Gorean experience and not just the alcoving ( cyber sex ) part of Gor, they need not be served by the slaves in this manner. This rule is not meant to keep new Masters away from GS, but is in a way meant to be used more as a * right of passage * from the plain cyber world to that of the Gorean on-line world.. Any new master to GS, after visiting the tavern a few times, and coming to believe that He would like to further the on-line Gorean experience, may approach any Council member and petition for this * Right of Passage * or * ROP * , in this way each new master will only be given full use of the slaves once He has become known to one of the Council willing to vouch for his good intent. This new ROP does not affect or limit any pledged patrons or known Gorean Masters from other sites. It should also be stated that while this rule is being installed to help protect the slaves of GS, it is NOT being done so that they may * pick and choose * who and when they will alcove with Masters. Any kajira found guilty of attempting to abuse this new rule of usage may look forward to swift and severe punishment. Privately owned slaves are subject to the will of their Masters as always, but it is urged that Pledged Patrons have their slaves follow the same rules in GS to keep a continuity of service within Our Home.
2. Use of slaves in a Gorean manner: In a Gorean setting slaves would be used as servants, beasts of burden, sexually, and perhaps in other ways, but it should be noted that the in the sexual context, Goreans were never perverse or cruel for enjoyment. So it should be here on-line also. To this end there are certain limits that slaves will not be required to participate in when alcoving. In the world of Gor, whips are used to punish and NOT to titillate or excite, so there use in this form before or during any alcoving is not in line with the Gorean experience. * Same sex * acts are NOT Gorean and so no slave is required to do them. Masters are masters, and slaves are slaves, so for any master to want or request that the slave call them * daddy * or * baby * or want the slave to be his mommy or baby is NOT allowed or accepted. No master would ask a slave to tie or bind them or for the slave to assume the dominant role so again, this type of action is not allowed. The Gorean on-line experience is not the same as a BDSM situation, and it should be noted that at NO time either publicly, or in the privacy of whispers or alcoves, are Gorean slaves required to divulge personal information to any Master. They are VT slaves, and their RT lives and information are theirs alone to give or withhold as they choose, so no slave is required to answer questions about * A/S/L/ * age , sex, location… hair color, measurements, etc. , and are not only not required to, but cautioned about giving out addresses or phone numbers to ANY except those they know and trust.
3. Multi Tasking during service: There are specific rules against slaves * multi tasking * during any Gorean activities. Multi tasking is basically defined as having open more than one browser on their computer in which they are conduction a conversation or interaction. The reason or idea behind this rule is that if a slave is serving they should be giving their FULL attention to their actions and the one they are serving. Slaves found guilty of doing this are subject to sever punishment. It should be noted that systems like ICQ or MSN are not generally included in this ruling due to the non Gorean nature of them and that they are an * on call * or not a constant conversation. Although should a kajira neglect her serving duties or other activities due to excessive use of such systems while already involved, they may well be called to task over such actions. As for the actions of Free persons doing the same thing, ie, Multi tasking, no hard or firm rules have yet been put in place. It should be noted though, that for a Free to do the same thing while expecting a slave to not do so is not only a double standard but in poor taste. It has been found that in the past some Free feel that they are well within their rights to be in more than one site at the same time and to even be receiving service from different slaves at the same time. This not only belittles the hard work of the slave, but makes the Free person appear to not take the whole Gorean experience of being served very seriously. If a Free is not going to watch the whole serve of food, drink, or a dance they request from a slave, why bother asking for it in the first place ??? Even though slaves are just that, slaves, and are owned and here to serve in this VT world, each and every one of them is an RT person with real feelings and real emotions, and NOBODY enjoys being ignored or taken for granted, the work they do and the time and effort involved with each and every serve is not a thing to be requested and then ignored. If a Free is not willing to watch and comment on the serve that any slave does, they do not truly want nor do they deserve the service of a Gorean slave.

Rollo the Ax~~~ These rules, when the wording is worked out, will be added to the home page, and also put in the Tavern Tattler's next edition.......If anybody has a *better* way of saying * right of passage * let Me know.....LOL.. that is one of the questions at hand...

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~Listening to the words of the Senior Captain and nodding my acceptance of them~

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding at the senior Captains words My acceptance of them as well*

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~reads over the new rules and nods in agreement, no real problem at all with this one~*~ sounds good to zoya


Guest Speakers/Gorean Info

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well, on to the forum....... the first topic is, the future of these forums, and how we proceed with them.... it has been suggested that they become nights to pass on Gorean info...with guest speakers to answer questions about specific topics, etc. ...... what do you all think about this idea ???????

Shadowglade~~~ I like that idea Captain, there is much I would like to know about Gor...*chuckling as I remember the conversation Rollo and I had in the Tavern today about the Torvaldslander's pantheon*

SabreWolf~~~ I for one enjoy learning and disscussing areas of Gor,,the northlands and plains as well as learning as much about Port Kar as We can,,smile

penny{BS}~~~ nodding... education is never a bad thing... having speakers would be fun...

Kayla~~~ Rollo? with plenty of time for concerns and questions concerning Our home? ~smiles~

Asellus~~~ *chiming in along with Kayla* I believe topics of concern within Gorean Shores should be allotted for as well, of course.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ I do think that is a good idea, that way gorean information can be passed onto those whom have not read all the books, but I also like the session to cover anything that concerns the Tavern

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding to Bolt* though I can see Bolt's point as well...*chuckle*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...That would be the question, I guess, Lady Kayla ..... Perhaps a format of 1. first, any pressing business to deal with for GS, and then on to the * Guest speaker, or Q+A session * ??????

thyri{BB}~~~ ~nodding softly in agreement with Master Sarakai~

SabreWolf~~~ I like that Rollo,,grins,

Kayla~~~ Sounds good to Me Captain ~warm smiles~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Remember here, folks.... We will be looking for * VOLUNTEERS * to be some of these speakers.....LOL...LOL.

zoya{MKS}~~~ ~*~nodding listening to Master Rollo~*~ yup, zoya likes that idea, deal with GS first and then onto further learning and discussions

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~laughs~ Well Rollo, you can count me in to be a volunteer!

SabreWolf~~~ I'll give up all the infomation i know,,(that should use up about 5 ihn,,laughs)

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. so be it then, as far as I am concerned...... I think we still need to try and have a 2-3 ahn time limit thought.... many Ppl have RT duties to deal with, and any that don't can stay around and keep discussing things.... agreed ????????

SabreWolf~~~ agreed,,grins,,

Kayla~~~ Aye Captain, PLEASE put a time limit...~G~

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~listening.. her voice lifting~.. Master.. if it goes much over a three ahn period.. another may have to help with the note taking..

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL....LOL.... Okie Dokie, folks.....LOL...LOL... next week our forum will deal with tavern business first, and then on to a discussion about ????? What, Bolt ??? seeing as You will be the first speaker.......LOL...LOL...( You DID volunteer .....LOL.. )......but lets also have some feed back....should the forum be 2 hours, or 3 ??????? so we can set a specific time limit .......

Bolt Sarakai~~~ A time limit would be good ~G~

SabreWolf~~~ My vote,,2 ahn,,smiles,

Kayla~~~ I vote for 2...~smiles~

Shadowglade~~~ I agree with Sabre, and Kayla....2

Asellus~~~ 2 ahn.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ 2 hours would be good as a time limit, and as the first speaker ~scratching my head and then grinning~ Well Captain seeing how you don't believe in them, how about the first topic be on the Priest Kings?

Kyoto Ri~~~ 2 ahn sounds good to me as well.

zoya{MKS}~~~ zoya would say 2 ahn limit, as her buns need exercising after that and most will be gettin thirsty after all that talking ~*~nodsnodsnods~*~

Ceredigawn_Durst~~~ Yes I am in agreement with 2 ahn as well

Kyoto Ri~~~ Just be careful you don't bring the flame death down on us all, Bolt.

Kyoto Ri~~~ penny is c&ping and has asked that I state her preference is for 2 hours...

Asellus~~~ Priest Kings? I would be very interested in that, Bolt, if that is what You are to do. *nodding and smiling* I've often wished for clarification on the matter of Priest Kings...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Also, folks.... I think that we all need to understand that ANYBODY being one of these * guest speakers * will be doing their best to keep things gorean and the info correct, but if some disagreement about * this or that was said different in this book * comes up, we ALL need to accept that nobody here is beyond making a mistake or two, so lets remember that we are family here, and cut each other some slack, Okay ?????

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~Laughs~

Kyoto Ri~~~ They are a mysterious race of giants inhabiting the Sardar mountains. *nods-nodding and laughing*

Kyoto Ri~~~ Aye father, err, I mean Captain.

Asellus~~~ *Heated blush* Okay, leave those who have minimal access to the books alone, okay....that's why I'm here now. *smiling at Kyoto and Bolt, buttoning Her lip shut*

SabreWolf~~~ cut??,,grins,,sounds fun,,but i'd wager We're all here to learn and improve,,I know i am,,

Shadowglade~~~ Aye Captain...*nodding* As I have only read a few books, I won't be one to start calling Any on their ideas concerning this quote or that....*shrugs*

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Winking at the Free Woman* I promise, I will supply no incorrect information, merely supposition.

penny{BS}~~~ giving Master Kyoto a very strange look at His comment on the PK's... then grinning to Mistress Asellus... the Sardar Mountains part is right, anyway... *grins*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...2 hours it seems to be then..... that will be the total time.....business and speaker together.....so be it..... Next topic ??????

zoya{MKS}~~~ oooooooooooo ~*~covering her lil ears, not wanting the ending ruined, as she's almost done reading Priest Kings, but not wishing any to stop talking~*~

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Grinning at zoya and zipping my lips shut*

Ceredigawn_Durst~~~ I have read only a couple of books myself....So I will just listen for most of the night...It's almost impossible to find the books...

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Aye, Captain

Kayla~~~ e-bay e-bay e-bay....~smiles~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ just a reminder that GS has a wonderful library for any wishing to borrow the gor books

Asellus~~~ *grinning at penny and then Shadowglade*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. I may have been * busy * in My youth, Kyoto.....LOL...LOL.. But I am pretty sure I know where all my off-spring are......LOL...LOL... But I DO think of GS as a home and those here as family.... One protects and helps their family above ALL ELSE.... and that is how GS should be..... Free and slave alike.....

thyri{BB}~~~ ~grinning at sis zoya~

zoya{MKS}~~~ aye, zoya has book 1, Tarnsman, ready to be sent out to any in the USA that wish it, just let her know

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Listening to Rollo and wondering if mom ever visited Australia, then looking at my olive sking and black hair... * Naaaahhhh...

zoe{GS}~~~ zoe has an extra copy of Hunters of Gor if A/any would like she would gladly send it to any.


The right of Pledged Patrons to collar uncollared slaves

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL. okay the next topic.... The question has been raised if Pledged Patrons should have, or be given the right to collar slaves FOR the tavern...... I guess that the idea is, if a passing slave comes in and is not collared, SHOULD those who are patrons, but not Council members have the right to collar them to GS ??????? the floor is open ......

Shadowglade~~~ Captain, I think that in special cases, PPs should be able to at least capture a slave for the tavern...We would have more slaves on Our chain if that were possible..I know that Our Slave Master is sometimes too busy or unavailable to do so, and as Pledges, is it not Our duty to help Our home thrive? I see it as one way in which We can.....

Bolt Sarakai~~~ This topic has its concerns for me. I often see slaves enter the tavern, willing to learn, and then because the Free present are either, not of this home, or of this home but do not wish another slave, then eventually the slave leaves, she might even return at a later date, but if none of the Council are here, then the girl remains un-kolared, and will possibly fall to another site. I would like, as a pledged patron to be able to kolar a girl for the tavern...What protocols would have to be in place for this?

Kyoto Ri~~~ Yes, I agree with that Rollo. If a girl is looking for a home, than any Free Person should be able to kolar for the tavern. At that point, they have the responsibility to post the girl's name, ip address and the time and date of the kollaring.

Kayla~~~ I have seen unkolared slaves in GS lost to other sites because no One was there to kolar...I think any Pledged Patron should be able to at least put a temporary kolar on a slave until a Captain is available...

Asellus~~~ ...But do You think the ko'larrings would get out of hand? I mean, is too much a bad thing? *unsure* I suspect the answer would be no....but I am considering other aspects.....

Ceredigawn_Durst~~~ I think that a temporary kolar would be a great idea....

Shadowglade~~~ I would think that if the kolaring's got out of hand, the Council could simply tell the Pledges that They need no more slaves....*shrugs*

Kyoto Ri~~~ I don't think it would get out of hand Asellus, as a matter of fact, it would lend a sporting air to things. *Looking at Bolt and Sabre* Like a wager on who collars the most girls...

jasma{Tk}~~~ other chat sites as well will have an uncollared slave depart and come back in with an {~o~} observation collar on, ie slave{GS}~o~

Bolt Sarakai~~~ I would not suggest kolaring every slave that comes into the tavern, but only the ones that show a desire to learn and grow in the online world of Gor, especially the ones that keep returning unkolared, take jillian for example, she has been in many times and yet is still unkolared....

Shadowglade~~~ Actually Bolt, I kolared her today for the tavern, though I'm unsure whether it was a legal kolar or not....

Kyoto Ri~~~ Shadowglade put a tavern kolar on jillian today, I believe...

Asellus~~~ I mean, in every aspect of Gorean Shores, We have always been known as a tavern that encourages growth and knowledge. A temporary ko'lar would be better. That way, the Council could decide if the one ko'larred would be a profitable keep...

Rollo the Ax~~~ ???? LOL.. well, lets have some ideas of how this could be done ????? My concerns in this matter are: That if one of the Council are not the one collaring the girl( or boy, I guess ), that it could look bad that the new *owners * don't even know about the slave..... also, the Council has a set procedure for collaring a slave.... a kind of set pattern.... ????

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~Looking to Kyoto and then Shadowglade~ Excellent, I was seeking this clarification first.

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Nodding to Rollo* Like I suggested, an immediate post to the subs with the girls name, ip addie, the time and date of the kolaring and any other pertinent info.

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Shrugging* Bolt, the girl has been asking for the kolar and no council have been about when she was.

reseka{GS}~~~ some places give a week to two weeks observation then a permint ko lar

Asellus~~~ I am always thinking of the tavern in what it is--it is a business establishment and it makes money. I just think that it would be wise to allow the Council to have the final say as the Captains have final word on most matters of the tavern. We would not really pick out merchandise for a store in r/t........maybe make suggestions on what we would like to see sold....do You understand what I am trying to say? *hoping She is not confusing Any*

Shadowglade~~~ I agree Rollo, that is why I told the girl to find a Captain and re-submit.....

Kyoto Ri~~~ That makes sense res, post the date of the issuance of the temp kolar, and if the girl continues to return after that, then it becomes official.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Ok, so what about if a pledged patron places a temporary kolar upon the girl, or boy, and then places the kolaring up upon the message board for the Captains to read. Then when the next time a Captain is present with the said slave, they could officialy put her into a GS kolar?

Kayla~~~ ~nodding at Asellus' words with a smile~

Dark Dragon~~~ why not have the PP present Kolar in their own name, , with a t behind it, denoting she/he was kolared for the tavern, and the, all would know, this slave is to be kolared by the tavern and then when a member of the council is present, they would know, that slave is to be kolared by them for the tavern !

jasma{Tk}~~~ most site's observation collars do not allow the girl to serve while she's observing.. since that's what she's to do.. observe only during that time

Kyoto Ri~~~ Understood Asellus, but very few stores have patrons that are this closely associated with the livelihood of the institution, plus, if the girl does not wish to remain in GS, an auction can be held and the girl gives profit back.

reseka{GS}~~~ seems fair and give the girl a slow feeling of family instead of jumping too fast

Shadowglade~~~ I have to agree with the Lady, a temporary kolar would indeed be a better idea...*shrugs* but then I could see having a slave pen where they could be kept, and perused by the Slave Master, and leave it to Him to decide wether to keep any of them....*shrugging*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ I understand Lady ~S~ the Council are the FINAL voice of the tavern and thus should have the right to accept or reject depending on what they find. So a temporary kolar could work.

Kyoto Ri~~~ Dragon, the t following a kolar denotes she is in training...

Dark_Dragon~~~ ok, sorry, then te

reseka{GS}~~~ maybe a progressive thing jas say a week of observation and a week serve then a permit ko lar this is GS the council decides not other sites lol

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. Okay, folks..... To do this the proper way, I'll have to run this idea past the whole Council for a vote, but for now I would say that any pledged Patron that collars a new slave for the tavern should collar her themselves, and then just give or sell them to the first Council member they see...... that way would work also.....

Kayla~~~ Dark Dragon, I think You will find that the slave stays in a personal kolar rather than the tavern kolar if it's done that way...~smile~

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Grinning at Kayla*

Asellus~~~ Right, Kyoto. I agree on both sides. I just think that without a temporary ko'lar the transition would be incredibly fast for the girl...especially if She is very raw and new to Gor. It may prove to be overwhelming, in fact.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Rollo, what if the said slave does not wish a personal kolar but wants a tavern one?

Dark_Dragon~~~ maybe , but which is better , to get them by pledged patrons, or lose them?

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~listening to others opinions.. ~

Kyoto Ri~~~ Aye Asellus, giving the girl an adjustment time might be beneficial.

Dark_Dragon~~~ very well, my little one !

zoe{GS}~~~ zoe has worn the ko~lar of an observer and must say that it helped very much with her learning and enhanced her desire to take a ko~lar

Kayla~~~ Dark Dragon, it's a proven fact that most slaves do better starting off as Tavern slaves rather than a personal kolar....~smiles~ it gives them time to learn more about Gor and what kind of Masters are out there for them...

reseka{GS}~~~ totally agree with Mistress Asellus on that one haha been there done that!

Dark_Dragon~~~ ok !!

Asellus~~~ *adding softly to Kayla's words*....Even though the slave ultimately has no say in the matter as to who she will be ko'lared to....if at all personally ko'lared....*softly smiling* But I know what You mean..

jasma{TK}~~~ with much respect.. this one feels that an observation collar works well..
it not only shows a girl that on Gor there wouldn't be any uncollared slaves.. but also it gives them a feel for the room and they don't have to be overwelmed all at once.. then after a certain length of time that would be given.. say a two week period.. either she takes the tavern collar at that time.. or she leaves GS to not return.. seems to work for other places.

penny{BS}~~~ when a slave is newly ko'lared, having the designation that she is in training should allow for patience on the part of the patrons.. .this slave feels that the best way to learn is to jump in and do it... so having a temporary tavern ko'lar (with a training designation) until such time as a Captain could make it official sounds like a reasonable plan...

SabreWolf~~~ an observation kolar or protection kolar means she don't serve,,or post in public,,she observes,,I like Rollo's idea,,kolar them and give them to the tavern,,or leave them tied to the post,,We'll get u'm,,

Shadowglade~~~ jaz, I have to agree to some extant, When I was Ubar of KRB, that was My rule, a temporary kolar for unkolared, good for only so many visits...*shrugs* but the problem here is that in GS We have so many new Master's and Mistresses, they do not always know what the temporary kolar means, and may not heed it.....

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~nodding~.. yes Master SabreWolf..
~going back to doing the notes~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ there are those that are trained and wish to serve though, an observation collar from other places doesn't allow a girl to serve, this one thinks if a girl feels she can serve, then she should serve by all means

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Seeing fancy walk in* We can test this!

SabreWolf~~~ if a girl can serve seems to Me she's subject to be owned,,by submission or capture,,it's the way We keep this great land of Ours Free,,through forced submission,,grins,,

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding at Sabre's words* I still see a problem there Captain, if there is a slave who seeks a tavern kolar, and no Tavern officials to kolar her, to leave her posted seems rather harsh, and may chase her(sigh, or him) away, and to put a personal kolar on him/her might also chase her away...It is almost a full time job keeping an unkolared girl here when she wishes to submit to the Tavern, and is surrounded by hungry Masters while she waits for a tavern official...

zoe{GS}~~~ ~shaking her head but keeping silent~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, to My thinking, collaring a new slave is not a matter to be done lightly, for the tavern OR the slave, so anybody that does so needs to keep in mind that they are representing GS in their actions... and that not all slaves honor quick or sudden collarings......So the watch word of collaring such new un-known slaves is * be sure they know what they are getting into.*

Ceredigawn_Durst~~~ Kyoto reading my mind...*L*

Asellus~~~ Yes, galah....the plan could backfire, as you say. The slave could become lazy and insolent....thinking that the Patrons would not expect as much effort from them....the slave should not be hindered if she gets a grasp on the serves swiftly.

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Listening to Sabre's words and rolling on the floor laughing*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ So a {GS-temp} kolar? Or under the Pledged Patrons initials {BS-temp} with the temp meaning for a limited time only? and the slave to be kolared to the tavern after a set of indefinite (albeit short) time? Or perhaps as soon as a Captain is around

reseka{GS}~~~ can a GS girl say something?

SabreWolf~~~ I'm for leaving GS kolars on the chains on the wall
Shadowglade,grins,for Yall's use,

penny{BS}~~~ *smothering laughter over Master Sabrewolf's comment*
got to love forced submission... *grins*

reseka{GS}~~~ thinks this is a shame that it is gonna be a game now

Shadowglade~~~ Are you saying then My Friend, that We SHOULD be allowed to kolar the unkolared for the tavern or that we should put them in a temporary kolar, or what? *looking for clarification*

zoe{GS}~~~ ~looking at res and nodding~

Asellus~~~ Right, Rollo. Very true. Just because the one doing the collaring understands the bit about representing Gorean Shores, the one being collared might not. Then You have another problem on Your hands. That is why I was tentatively suggesting that the girls be "weeded through" by the Council members....I'm not saying We should be selective or anything....*biting Her lip, not wanting to catch hell for this*...

reseka{GS}~~~ ~~~shaking her head ~~~

Shadowglade~~~ that would be helpful Sabre, as I had to use that rusty spare I found under your chair...*chuckle*

zoe{GS}~~~ a girl has to have a heart to submit and ba a kajira, this is not a game to some of us

penny{BS}~~~ this one thinks the whole personal temporary ko'lar could get sticky... having a few ko'lars handy, with the intsruction given to seek out a Captain to make it formal, then posting to the board sounds good...
observing, this one thinks, should be very limited... observe from a tavern ko'lar and learn to do rather than just watch...

Bolt Sarakai~~~ What do you mean res?

SabreWolf~~~ i suspose what i'm trying to say is that,,if We allow this ,then We should figure out a way to make the Person doing the kolaring responsible(if she turns out to be a terriable slave,chain her to his leg or something,,laughs),,We only want the best kariji,,or the Council could just kill um off I suspose,,

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ this makes for such a difficult situation....for online there are so many slaves wandering about with NO collar, that was not done in the books...slaves was owned by someone even if it was the state.

Ceredigawn_Durst~~~ Should we put a limit on the number of temp. kolars to be given...Do we really want 10 new kajiras being kolared every hand?

Kyoto Ri~~~ I believe reseka and zoe are taking my words too much to heart. I tend to be a smart ass when among people I consider to be family, most people just ignore my sarcasm in meetings.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Okay .... Perhaps now everybody can see WHY making new rules or changing old ones takes soo much time.... MANY points need to be looked at and discussed to TRY and make them work properly..... We need to find a * happy medium * between slapping a collar on ANYTHING that walks through the door, and perhaps looking like a bunch of HNGs, and letting some possible good slaves be missed because it takes soo much to get them collared.....LOL.. perhaps a rule about ANY new slave collared to the tavern is in a * training * collar and so is not expected to know how to serve until she meets a Council member or the first girl to decide her * level or training * ????????

Asellus~~~ My thoughts exactly, Sabre! I applaud Your wording. *giggling*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ The Tavern needs a Slaver, where we can kolar any girl, and give them to the slaver and he can weed them out. And, what about the first girl, she could help weed them out..

reseka{GS}~~~ it is very easy for the privately ko lared slave and Masters to think bringing in a bunch of girls who really (not all) want to play at furring , this one sees it alot and is taking copies of it, just as there are HNGs there are girl doing the same now we that are not personally ko lared have to sit and watch the new girls come in and take over serves and sit idly by? this one and her sisters of the tavern love to serve

Ceredigawn_Durst~~~ Aye Captain...I think that would be the best way...

Bolt Sarakai~~~ That sounds very reasonable Rollo.

penny{BS}~~~ zoe, about the submission issue...the neat thing in the books was watching how a newly collared slave learned submission by having it taught at the hand of strong Masters... it wasn't just something that most women woke up one day and said, hmmmmmm... i think i'll trot down to my local slaver and submit... it was forced, through a variety of means...

Kayla~~~ Rollo, I think that's a real good idea...gives some room to be sure of the slave...~bright smiles~

Asellus~~~ *She smiles broadly at Rollo* I like that!

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Picturing people walking around with slaves chained to them, like kids sitting on dad's foot for a ride*

SabreWolf~~~ I say they not be allowed to serve till they've been,,kolared,beat and branded by a Council Memebr,,they can be kolared by any Patron,to keep them till such a time this can occur

penny{BS}~~~ nodding to Master Rollo... sounds like a fair plan...

zoe{GS}~~~ Master Kyoto, You have know zoe a long time and know that there are certain things she takes very seriously, slapping a ko~lar around anything that walks thru the door and shows interest does not strike this one as amusing...well...~biting her tongue before she gets her lil ass in trouble~

fancy~~~ speaking but not expecting to be heard. I for one find your rules to cumbersome and being only an observer would find it offending to be forced into something that I did not want/enjoy. To be an OBSERVER is just that observing and deciding if this is right for oneself. When an OBSERVER decides to no longer be an observer she/he will make himself/herself know. And I have always found that one that is forced into whatever...is harder to handle than one that is agreeable....

Asellus~~~ *observing zoe and smiling at the girl...nodding at the girl's words*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ reseka, by doing it this way, hopefully we will weed out those slaves (subs) who are only here to fur and force them out of the tavern, thus leaving it only for the slaves that desire to serve ~S~ like yourself.

Kyoto Ri~~~ It's ok zoe, I know your level of commitment... *smiling*

Shadowglade~~ *nodding to Rollo* Aye, Captain, I have to agree, and that's what I did with jillian, I told her My intention to kolar her for the tavern, that she'd be in a training kolar, and that I'd be personally watching her to see that she was learning, and improving in her ability...and I think that is a good way to do it...I also think it would be good for the council to make it a matter of personal responsibility to Those that are doing the kolaring, to see the slave through it, and in a sense take them under Their wing so to speak...

fancy~~~ the observer climbs back up into the rafters and thinks.

SabreWolf~~~ fancy ,,the rules state slaves beg entrance to be reconigized and to serve,,to observe,,a slave mearly has to enter,

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Listening to fancy and nodding at her/his words*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. Like in anything, we will all have our own ideas of how this may work, and not all points may be agreed on .... nobody is saying that ALL new slaves will be gamers or not true kajira.... nor or we saying that patrons may or will abuse or over do such a collaring power.... all of these points need discussed and a plan of action worked out....... I suggest that for NOW, and until the Council can come up with a tentative plan, any such new girl, be collared for GS in a spare collar from the dais, and told that she needs to contact a Council member or the first girl ASAP to be assessed for training needs ??????

Shadowglade~~~ That works My Friend...*nodding at Rollo again*

Kayla~~~ Aye Captain, that works...~smile~

Kyoto Ri~~~ In the case of jillian, she had actually expressed her wish to be collared to the tavern before hand. She had made the determination. You actually saved her from a possible private forced kolaring Shadowglade. (Not by me as I suggested the tavern kolar to her)

Bolt Sarakai 20:57:42 That sounds like a good idea Rollo, the ones that want to stay and be found pleasing will stay, those that don't will probably leave...Also what would the girl wear after her name, just the same {GS} kolar or an addition to it to signify that she has yet to be assessed?

Kayla~~~ I'd like to see a specific addition to the kolars to show that they haven't been assesed by the Council....~smiles~
any ideas?

SabreWolf~~~ {GS}~o~,,

Rollo the Ax~~~ This * observer * concept is one that causes Me a bit of concern... not every new to GS slave is un-trained, and if a trained girl is told she CAN'T serve she may well just move on.... for Myself, any observer status needs a clear cut ruling by the Council, and for somebody to do so, they would need to be doing ONLY that...watching and NOT taking part in the activities of the tavern..... If agreeable, lets leave it at My last suggestion until a formal ruling can be made by the Council.....Okay ??????

Kyoto Ri~~~ How about {GStmp}

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckle* Actually Kyoto, she had grown tired of looking for a Captain, and was begging kolar from Any that would take her, I practically had to challenge Markos for her...He was very gracious about stepping back though....*chuckle*

SabreWolf~~~ ok, Captain,,

Mistress_AzuraStarr~~~ *Her voice crawling out low from Her spot in the background, Her thoughts being vocalized*
doesn't, however, by sheer quantity, a ko-lar lose its value? Kind of like monitary inflation?? I guess, however, in theory that's appropriate given the whole concept of slavery relationship with those of the Free.
I guess what I'm getting at is that you don't want a GS ko-lar's meaning to be watered down,.....even if it is only a training or observation one.

penny{BS}~~~ hmmmm... {GS}nt... GS new/training... or the "n" could represent "not yet assessed"... whatever value one wants to give it...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ this one still thinks a new girl if she has been trained even elsewhere should be able to serve if she is able too, the observation collar does not give her that...how about something like {GS}p for protection....when she deserves the real collar and the collaring ceremony then a Captain can give the girl the regular {GS} collar? this one has seen her Master go to much time and effort to collar a new one and then have the girl never show her face again

Asellus~~~ Any random uncollared girl in the tavern is vaguely recognized until she really shines through in her submission and slavery....not in all cases, but it is a typical occurrance, I find. *She grins over at AzuraStarr* We were speaking in whispers over this and I do wish She would voice Her opinion outloud. The matter We were discussing is basically...once a girl dons the GS collar she places her own and the tavern's reputation at risk. Unless a clear distinction is made between the 2 collars, then Other Patrons may fail to see the difference...and expect what is yet to be unexpected of a newly collared slave...

Kayla~~~ actually Lady, it is keeping the GS kolar pure in My opinion...this way We have a chance to assess the slave before taking her on 100%...but I apreciate your point ~smiles~ and welcome to GS..

Asellus~~~ *She smiles appreciatively over at AzuraStarr*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ the advantage to the {GS} collar as opposed to a personal collar would be that the trainer process would kick in immediately to give the new one the help she would need, be it a lil or alot

Rollo the Ax~~~ I would add that any such newly collared slaves can NOT be held too accountable for not knowing how to serve, and as such should not be serving, but being shown how to by the other kajira ..... And lets NOT just tie them to the post... to do that to somebody totally new to Gor would tend to drive them away, I would think.....

Bolt Sarakai~~~ So is it a matter of addressing what is to go after the {GS} kolar to identify the girl as yet un-assessed?

penny{BS}~~~ nodding in agreement with mistress sis...

Mistress_AzuraStarr~~~ The problem is that there does need to be a clear distinction so that there would be no misunderstanding upon viewing the training/observation kolar, mostly by outside observation.

SabreWolf~~~ so,,You're saying a dung sack would be a lil much Captain??laughs,,for a barbarian I mean,,

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding in complete agreement with both the senior Captain, and the first girl*

penny{BS}~~~ having access to the trainers is invaluable for new slaves... that alone can make a huge difference in how well a new slave does... and a tavern ko'lar assures that training will happen...

Kayla~~~ Aye Bolt...I think that's all We need to decide...~smile~

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ that means the process would go from {GS}p...for the Pledged Patrons can collar for protection....then next would be the {GS}t for training, that would be put on after the p one, after a Captain collared the girl properly, then after assessing the training needs comes the {GS} collar when the Slave Master test the girl

SabreWolf~~~ I like that galah,,smile

Shadowglade~~~ *looking from the Captains, to the first girl, then back* no disagreement here with galah's ideas...*looking around at the assembled *family*.....anyone else?

Kyoto Ri~~~ Nice idea galah.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ I like that galah, it seems like a good process ~nods to Sabre and Shadowglade~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL. Okay then..... collar the new slave, and have them wear a *p* behind the GS collar, until assessed and re-collared by a Captain.........LOL...LOL.. all these letters, and y'all are gonna expect me to remember this.....LOL....LOL.. Only kidding folks....This sounds like a plan that can be fine tuned with a little work.... So Pledged Patrons CAN collar un-collared slaves for the Tavern, and have them wear a * p * behind the GS collar, for the time being, and then contact a Captain or the fg ASAP...... THAT is how for now, and I'll work on the formal rules to add to the GS homepage....... once voted on by the Council .......

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ that protection means she belongs to GS and is protected by GS, but all will know that she is not yet trained to GS standards so could allow for some leaway depending if the girl feels if she is able to serve or not

Asellus~~~ *nodding at galah* Right...

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~Nods at the Captains words~ That is clear to me, and acceptable.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Okay then folks... that looks like a plan, and it also looks like 2 ahn.....LOL.. unless there is some urgent matter that needs addressed, I'll call this GS forum to a close, and we'll meet again next week, same time for the next one...... agreed ???????

Kyoto Ri~~~ Same GS time, Same GS room.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Agreed Rollo!!

Dark_Dragon~~~ aye Captain !

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ to the visiting slaves, this time next week there will be much discussion about the books, next week will be about the Priest Kings...so this will not always be so GS orientated sisters, please be welcome

DLs_mischief~~~ oh slave thanks you galah, mischief would be much intersted in hearing what is said *smiling*...

shadow{BK}~~~ shadow thanks galah, since shadow tends to serve in GS from time to time mahaps shadow could learn much from the GS forums *s*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ shadow, have you looked into the GS slave manual? that would be of invaluable help to you when serving here

shadow{BK}~~~ aye, shadow has looked *s* galah may know shadow better as uhuru *s*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, then.... this edition of the GS forum will now be called to a close.... any slaves that wish to leave now...( within a couple of ehn ) may do so without begging .... but if you stay longer, the usual rules come into play.......