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HNG's and some common courtesy

These Discussions and their times

The Tavern Tattler

Sparring Nights


Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. Okay, in an attempt to be different then the other forums, WE will start on time.......LOL...LOL.... So I here by call this forum open.... Any questions or topic ideas, whisper them to Me, I'll put them to the group... EVERYBODYs speak their mind....respectfully, of course... NO serves, NO cross talk in the open.....LOL... So Lets begin....

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL... Okay, I'll bring these up in the order I got them.... 1. What can we do about those that are * multi tasking * ??? specifically, alcoving in one room, while also being in GS ?????? any ideas ????

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Master Rollo...a girl really doesn't know what to do about free people doing this...since a slave cannot order them around...but it must be made very clear to the slaves that this is *not* acceptable behaviour. Although...ja'dain does not think that many slaves do it.

jasma{Tk}~~~ if it's a slave that's doing this.. on the rules' page it says no multitasking.. if it's a Free doing it.. this one's not sure Master.

arianna{HK}~~~ there is quite clear rules for slaves saying no multi-tasking, however for free ari isn't sure Master Rollo....they are Free to do what They want. A mere slave has no right to advise a Free of what to do and what is correct.

Truxton~~~ If One is in the alcoves, shouldn't One be too busy to multitask?

SabreWolf~~~ is icq mulittasking?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ In essence...it would be, Master Sabre. But...for instance...if a girl is serving...she does not answer ICQ.

jasma{Tk}~~~ with much respect Master Truxton.. a girl believes that Master Rollo means when one is here in GS and alcoving with one that's not in the room at the same time..

Emerald Forest~~~ *in RT it is hard to be in two places at once but here in VT You can be in as many places as You wish as long as You can type fast but stopping a Free from multitasking would be a hard job to do and I don't think there is a way to control it*

SabreWolf~~~ What a Free Does,,seems to be their business in private,,slaves shouldn't serve and be in the alcoves at the same time,,it's disrepctful to both parties and she can't give her full attention to either,,

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ But, Master Sabre....isn't it disrespectful of a free as well? To his/her fellow frees?

Asellus~~~ I think....if either the Free or slave are caught multitasking (by being in the alcoves and in the tavern) then they should be flat out called on it.

SabreWolf~~~ I've never been fast enough to do both personally,,laughs

reseka{GS}~~~ can't type fast enough for one room never mind two lol

Emerald Forest~~~ *but the only person's that know You are multitasking would be the slave You're with and Yourself so it would be hard to catch someone at it*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ With all due respect...if you log into GS...shouldn't you pay attention to *this* room? A girl means...not get involved into heavy conversation or furring with others in other rooms. Or leave if you cannot stay and devote your attention to the room.
Please don't take this the wrong way ~**sighs softly**~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, as has been said, there are rules that make it wrong for a slave to do this, but no such rule for a Free to do so..... Do * I * think it wrong, YES.... For Myself, I think that for anybody to be having cyber sex with one person, and talking to another some place else, makes the act of the cybering a joke and shows just how little they think of the partner......

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~whispering in respect~.. a girl don't think it was to mean in the literal sense of being in this room and in the alcoves at the same time.. but being in GS and also in pm's furring someone that's not in GS.
yet she knows as a slave that is still considered multitasking.
~biting tongue~

arianna{HK}~~~ ari tends to agree with ja there, there should be some kind of etiquette when you are on Gor, You are either in the Tavern or in the alcoves, that should go for either slave or Free. personally ari finds it rude when talking to a person who is quite obviously multi-tasking. am sure that Free also find this rude.

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ PM's are frequently dropped, Master Emerald Forest.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL. Yes, there is that too...LOL.. Hell, I KNOW how slow I am..... LOL...At typing, that is.....LOL.. I have trouble handling ONE room...let alone two or more....... Oh, and before, I saw a question about ICQ... To My thinking, ICQ is NOT Gorean, so it does NOT count.... but if it becomes a problem, the Council can talk it over, and have a vote

SabreWolf~~~ so,,Y'all are tellin Me,,when I'm in the tavern,,and some of Y'all are not(not callin no names),,I shouldn't reply to your hello cause you're not in the tavern?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ That's not what ja'dain tried to say, Master Sabre. But furring involves more attention than just exchanging greetings and how are you's? NO?

arianna{HK}~~~ no Master SabreWolf there is a difference between a general hello and what we are talking about here. here we are talking about furring and serving at the same time. it is done and is rude to both parties the one you are talking to and the one you are furring.

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Or furring and being served at the same time, ari...it amounts to the same thing.

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~looking up as Master SabreWolf speaks.. whispering~.. aye Master SabreWolf.. this one knows she pm's You to say hi when she's in another room and can't be in GS.. as she does Master Rollo as well.
but.. she thought greeting would be considered one thing and *cybering.. furring* would be another.. ~lowering eyes~.. she won't pm again though Master.. and she apologizes.

arianna{HK}~~~ ari is often at work and is too busy with rt to come into the Tavern however she may PM a Master and give a small greeting however, she is not in the Tavern nor is she furring Another when she says hello to You.

arianna{HK}~~~ *nods in agreement with ja*

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,but We as the Council only have control over this one room,,it's up to each person to decide for themselves what's considered honorable,or respectful,especially outside this tavern,,

Rollo the Ax~~~ jadain, ari..... I agree with both of you.... It SHOULD be a matter of common couresty or manners for ANYONE.... but the problem is that the Council can try to enforce rules, but we can't MAKE ppl have morals, good taste, or a conscience....

SabreWolf~~~ I don't mind the pm's y'all,smile,,I enjoy them,,just making a point,,

Asellus~~~ *stopping mid-type and laughing*
You beat Me to it, Rollo! It depends on the Person's morals and good taste...as You say. *nodding* The involved p/Persons have to have that mutual level of attention devoted to the task at hand...(be it in the alcoves Or in the tavern)...or else the respect is lost for b/Both.

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ This is sad, but true, Master Rollo. A girl just wishes that some would stop and think. We slaves generally bust our asses to serve pleasingly...or dance pleasingly. It's not very rewarding when that person's attention (the one being served) is somewhere completely different.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. My Brother and I say the same thing at the same time.....LOL.... Okay... As I see it, GS is under the Council's control..... and if a slave is taken FROM GS to an alcove, she could be seen as still under GS rules to a degree ....okay so far ????? Perhaps the Council could talk and see about making some rule that could TRY and cover this multi tasking issue with a GS slave ??? but ONLY if she was * taken * from GS to start with and not just * messing around * with some Master..... That sound like a start ???????


HNG's and some common courtesy

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ this one thinks this leads to many other problems the tavern has...one of the biggest complaints of the slaves is to be ask to serve and then to not even be looked at, this one thinks the reason for this is that the One that wanted to be served is whispering with a half a dozen other ppl

reseka{GS}~~~ Master Rollo this one thinks one of the biggest problems that happens in this room are the spectators from the pool and other rooms in here coming in for a little cyber with the slaves we look like a fun time to them so they come in pretend they are Masters and then play head games, it gets very hard to deal with at times and causes a lot of problems

arianna{HK}~~~ yes galah, that is the feeling we get when we serve

reseka{GS}~~~ applauding galah's statment! this is so true ! nothing like serving a Master then He walks out with someone that He was chatting with all that time leaving you holding the goblet so to speek lol

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Yeppers...ja seconds that, galah.

arianna{HK}~~~ it's hard to respect people that don't earn respect, although as slaves we have to - we can't say anything, we just go on.

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ now this one knows, in the books, slaves was at times totally ignored....but this is online gor and behind each slave is a real person with real feelings, and nothing hurts more than to serve and not even be acknowledged at least in some small way

Phen~~~ The point reseka has brought up must indeed be difficult for the slaves not only vt but rt as well....could the Council bring in a law or premise that only pledged patrons can fur?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Very true, galah.
And even though we may be just slaves...we come here to serve and please. We take time and effort to type up the best serve we can. But when no one pays attention...or comments...we loose heart...and belly.

reseka{GS}~~~ that would work Mistress Phen *smiles* they gamers take away from the attention girls should be giving the real Free

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ Master Rollo seldom asks to be served for He knows that He is usually busy dealing with tavern problems and couldn't give the slave the attention she should get....many of the Masters here don't have the responsibility that He does and yet they still don't pay any attention, then why ask to be served?

kaci{D}~~~ kaci feels that, in an r/t setting, it is perfectly normal for a girl to serve and not be watched and admired the whole time she moves about . . . in r/t, the point of asking a slave to serve is the end result--the product being asked for, be it food or drink. In v/t, however, kaci would assume that the Free command a slave to serve because They wish to watch the girl respond to Their desires and show the level of her submission in her actions. So, if the Free person ignores the serve completely, in essence, They have received nothing from it, for They aren't actually drinking the paga, blackwine, etc.

arianna{HK}~~~ and Master's wonder why we don't want to be in the Tavern - why should we when, like both ja and galah say, bust our asses to serve those who don't pay attention.

Asellus~~~ What I cannot stand...and I'm sure the girls agree...is when one comes in for a serve and never fully appreciates it. It seems as if they just ask for a random beverage....and when the person gets the drink they just sling the girl over their shoulder or drag her to the alcoves....the girl's serve seems like a waste to Me at that point.

SabreWolf~~~ but this very act you're speaking of hng's and furring,,brings in the few new Folks that actually wanna stay and learn,,yea,,80% don't fit,but the 20% that stays,,grows learns,,

Dark Dragon~~~ the problem there, reseka is what about guests from other Gor sites ?

arianna{HK}~~~ Exactly kaci!

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Thanks, kaci...ja'dain was just thinking on how to word those thoughts exactly ~**giggles**~

Claire~~~ Phen I think that tis a good point

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ that is a most wonderful idea Mistress Phen, but the problem being is that then even a HNG will pledge just so that he gets the priviledges, not because he is truly into Gor, there would have to be some guidelines before pledging tooo, more than One simply saying they wish to pledge

arianna{HK}~~~ You are correct Master SabreWolf, unfortunately that rule wouldn't really work, also there are other Masters from other sites, well known ones, who also visit GS, why shouldn't they be able to use a slave if they wish?

kaci{D}~~~ *chuckles and winks at ari and ja*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ And some HNGs will learn how to say Tal...some more phrases...and then think they are Gorean...and there's nothing you can do to convince them otherwise.

Claire~~~ galah then what about permission from one of the Captains?

Asellus~~~ It's sad when the good must suffer with the bad....*nodding at arianna*....and that may not encourage visitors from other sites if they only allow GS patrons to fur. And when I say good, I mean well-meaning Goreans with the desire to pay attention in the alcoves. *stifling a laugh*

Phen~~~ Yes I agree with You Sabre but I as a Free Woman being in the tavern and now a pledged patron I have no authority so to speak if a HNG comes in and takes out a GS tavern slave to fur this too has occured to Me in the past when there has only been Myself and one girl in here....

Phen~~~ Sorry I didn't frame My thoughts properly a pledged patron of any home or the sites that interact within the weekly forums....

arianna{HK}~~~ exactly ari's point Mistress Asellus *smiles warmly*

reseka{GS}~~~ as Free You have no idea what some of the slaves put up with in alcoves when the pool people come in to toy with the girls there must be a way that a slave can say no to somethings in alcove?

Asellus~~~ *Sharing a smile with arianna* I may be a Free Woman, but I see a lot despite the veils affecting My peripheral vision and all....I can tell when a Person enters and are only after cyber sex. It sickens Me, to be quite honest.

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Small question...isn't it so that if a slave is told to do something that clearly goes against all her beliefs...like same sex...or anything for that matter...she can just say no?

Rollo the Ax~~~ kaci... you hit the nail right on the head..... as did many of you... Folks, GS is an * open * room in and open site.....ANY drop kick can just walk in ...... and if an HNG thinks He is gonna get a cyber screw with NO effort, he thinks he is in hog heaven.....The ONLY way to get around this HNG matter would be to have some sort of * LIMIT * or such on how long before a NEW Guy can alcove ...... But this in itself takes away from the control of the Master ( if he is in fact one ) .........

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ this one thinks the Free don't understand what just a simple pat on the head, or allowed to stay and chat alil after a serve means to a slave....see all the time that the Free takes a drink and then releases the girl immediately with a simple "yes slave, the drink is good and so was your serve, you are released to serve others" but then there are no others requiring service at the time....if one slave and many free needing served then such a thing could be seen as acceptable, but most the time that is not the case

arianna{HK}~~~ ari would think so ja...ari woull say no and then c&p the response to her Master for His viewing, if He felt ari was wrong well then He would punish her

SabreWolf~~~ rules for furring
1.property must not be damanged in any way
2.respect the GS kolar always
3.ya can't keep her

arianna{HK}~~~ *listening to galah* a slave is like an animal, we like praise and a pat on the head every now and again.....makes us strive harder and harder each time to please and be found pleasing.

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Thanks, galah for voicing that. ja'dain for instance...being restricted....just about always get released after a serve. And it hurts. Like you said...even a pat on the head...or just to talk for a moment or two...would fill a girl's soul with such joy.

arianna{HK}~~~ what about a privately owned slave's ko'lar Master SabreWolf, shouldn't her Master's ko'lar be respected also?

Phen~~~ 4. Furring to be in a Gorean context...

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Yes, ari...slaves are animals...but if your dog fetches well...don't you pat him? Stroke his fur for a moment or two? Slaves essentially work the same way.

reseka{GS}~~~ LOL yes no perversions ?

Asellus~~~ *Hearing galah, nodding, and speaking* Yes, but oftentimes I do not think a slave would want to stick around at the feet of a FW. I know that you were speaking of Free Men, probably preferrably, but I cannot help but offer the alternate perspective. A slave and a FW would not have much to speak to one another about, I think...

SabreWolf~~~ well i suppose that's what i meant ari,,if a girls' not restricted,,then their kolar should be respected in the furs as well

arianna{HK}~~~ hell when ari was restricted she was told by one Master not to even bother with her serve! do You have any idea how hurtful and bad it made a girl, ari just asked to leave, she was quite upset. that is not the first time it has happened and ari is not the only slave it has happend to either nor will she be the last.

reseka{GS}~~~ very well put Mistress Phen

SabreWolf~~~ I like that Phen

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ But Mistress...this one, at least, enjoys speaking to Gorean Free Women as well as Gorean Free Men. She's not here to cyber...but to serve...please...and be with those of like mind. And yes, ari...has happened to ja'dain as well...countless times

Asellus~~~ *smiling at Phen* I like that wording....but then some would argue over what "Gorean context" means....The definition needs, well, specific defining.

reseka{GS}~~~ Master SabreWolf there are a few that want things that are to this girls way of thinking perverse such as same sex , children, animals what of these in alcove? can't she say no?

kaci{D}~~~ *nods in agreement with ja's statement about being looked over because the girl is restricted* kaci gets the other side of it, since she isn't restricted. she loves to serve most of the time (when she's not in the mood, she just doesn't come in--hehe) but she hates it when a Free Man asks each slave what their restrictions are and then picks kaci (or any other slave, for that matter) because she's the only one in the room that has no restrictions. Perhaps she is wrong to feel this way, but it sets her on edge and makes her feel like the Person is there for nothing but getting laid.

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **agreeing with reseka** ooooooohh sis, this one agrees, the Ones that are not gorean, do not alcove as a Master would, they ask for some very strange stuff at times, had Masters wishing to call the slave "mommy" and things like that...and yet as a slave we are to keep serving this One and be found pleasing doing so?

arianna{HK}~~~ Yes ja that is what ari was saying *S*

Rollo the Ax~~~ jadain..... The answer to that question is plainly, * where * does the against the beliefs of the slave STOP .... The Council made the * no same sex * rule..because it is Gorean..... but how Gorean is it to let a slave * pick and choose * who she will serve ???? I KNOW there are some REAL problems in this matter, but just which answer is best is up for grabs......

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~reseka...if all else fails...there's always that little X in the upper righthand corner of your browser. Slave or not...this is online..and no one can actually *force* you to do something you don't want to do.

SabreWolf~~~ that's what We're discussing now girl,,your limits,,it seems to Me anyway,,it's a paga tavern,,the girl's come with a drink,,that's not gonna change,,but in some casees,,the drink is being ignored,,as it were

Asellus~~~ And the few times I have spoken with a girl at My side, a Free Man almost immediately entered and claimed that He needed service and did not have time for the so-called drivel....when I would have released the girl to serve Him anyway...*adding thoughts to ja'dain's point of view*

Phen~~~ *L* I suppose the slave could then tell the Master what are acceptable positions and that same sex was out with out...

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ But, Master Rollo...some things can surely be defined as non-Gorean. Like same sex...animal sex...or like galah said...wanting to call a slave mommy...don't think that's very Gorean..
It's not really letting anyone pick and choose who to serve...just...protecting the slaves against abnormalities.

reseka{GS}~~~ *giggles * oh yes galah think this one had that one too! and though she giggles she gets a bit ill when it a case of being a child or animals eewwwwwww not gorean is it?

Asellus~~~ I see it ignored plenty of times, Sabre. *nodding in agreement*

arianna{HK}~~~ like ari said, if a Free wanted ari to do that, she would leave and c&p the info to her Master and He would decide her punishment if any.....moreover ari thinks that is what should be done by GS slaves or other ko'lared slaves....if it's not normal C&P it to either your Master/Mistress or in the case of Tavern slaves to mistress galah where she will advise Master Rollo or whoever it is that is meant to be advised.

reseka{GS}~~~ ja res has done this too but the same *Master* keeps coming back for the same thing each night and now threatens her

SabreWolf~~~ We can't set the rules for who's an hng,,gorean or not,,that's not for Us to decide,,and I've seen folks change,but We can set limits for our property, and suggest that the sworn patrons use these limits as well,,

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ that is a rather two sided coin Mistress Asellus, for in the books, it was generally well known that FW did not care much for slaves, but again, this is online and slaves enjoy speaking to even the FW, especially if there are no others requiring serve, then why should the girl be sent back to sit by herself on the furs? would your pet dog rather sit across the room while your there or by your side? even animals require love and attention and without it they make terrible pets

reseka{GS}~~~ yes slaves from other sites coming in while we serve and leaving with the Masters we are serving

arianna{HK}~~~ *smiles brightly* we actualy enjoy talking with the FW Mistress Asellus

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Think that covers it quite well, Master Rollo.
Just one more thing....a please to all the free...if you don't really want a serve...and will not pay attention...pleaseeee....don't ask for one.

Phen~~~ Can a slave be ordered from a pledged patron mainly a FW out to cyber with a HNG?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**nods in agreement with ari**~ Mistress Moonglow is one of a girl's best friends...and she's a FW.

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Then c&p the incident and the threats, reseka...and send it to the Council...asap.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay.. lets try to get some sort of * list * of points that need to be covered in some new rule about alcoving and serving ....in GS at least..... short thoughts, or one word items to keep track of.... * 1. Must be done in Gorean manner (or the slave can leave ) 2. NO perverse stuff ( kids, animals, same sex, call me mommy or daddy ) 3. If it can be shown that the Master is multi tasking, the slave can stop and leave ....... any more ?????

Asellus~~~ *smiling brightly at galah* Well, I will keep that in mind when next a girl serves Me. *light chuckles* Now that I know (online, not like in the books) a girl won't mind.

arianna{HK}~~~ Ok Master Rollo have another question....what if the Free has 2 handles for example and in Poolside and GS at the same time that counts as Multi-tasking and the slave can leave?

SabreWolf~~~ "respect for the kolar"..I know it messes with a girl's mind for a person to either remove or ask the girl to remove her owner's kolar (it's heppened several time I know of)

reseka{GS}~~~Mistress this one loves her mornings with the Mistresses who come for her treats LOL she loves talking to them and making tasty delights for Them and having fun come some morning for the fun !

arianna{HK}~~~ *nodding* that is a good point ja!

arianna{HK}~~~ *grins at ja* just like Mistress Larl is one of ari closes online friends ja! It's nice to be able to talk openly in the Tavern with her.

Asellus~~~ ....*adding quietly*....although I have seen numerous slaves beg immediately to leave the tavern after serving a FW b/c there are no others present...but I am getting off the subject at hand, I realize. *trying to stuff Her veils into Her mouth to make Herself listen*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**dark eyes wide in shock**~ Master Sabre...do you mean a free person has told a slave to remove her collar?? With what intent? To put his own there??

arianna{HK}~~~ ari's ko'lar cannot be removed Master SabreWolf, it's locked and she don't have the key. only her Master can remove her ko'lar and hopefully *sapphire pools sparkling up at Him* He has lost the key *grinning*

reseka{GS}~~~ giggles with galah was thinking the same thing!

Asellus~~~ *eyes wide at Sabre's bit of information* Really?? That's happened?

SabreWolf~~~ I dunno ja,,honeycake gets it a lot,,I usually handle it,,it's always in whisper,,not in GS,,

Ha~Keel~~~ *looking around for that damn key*
looks lost to Me...*smiles*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Aye, Brother...... We CAN do so in our own home.... The watch word for ALL should still be * Tolerance * though.... Hey folks, new ppl mess up, Free and slave alike.... we need to give ppl a chance, and not hate them for just being new to Gor..... remember, WE were all new here once..... But repeat offenders and trouble makers, and plain HNGs don't deserve our help......

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Shit, Master Sabre...won't *even* voice an opinion on that......

kaci{D}~~~ *gapes in shock at the incidents Master Sabre Wolf speaks of* kaci's understanding is that the girl's collar has been put there by the One that owns her--be it a Person or an establishment--and that the Person asking for it to be removed is, in essence, tampering with owned property (after all, isn't the collar a piece of property--an accessory--attached to yet another piece of property?). And as far as telling a girl to remove her collar . . . her owner put it there and it isn't permissible to take it off . . . in kaci's opinion, at any rate. *chuckles*

SabreWolf~~~ respect for the kolar,,not hurting the property,,leaving it as you found it,,no marking,,

reseka{GS}~~~ agrees with You Master Rollo , she finds that most that really want to learn usually whisper for some help and it is gladly given both slave and Free

Asellus~~~ *smiling at Ha Keel and His girl arianna....then listening to kaci and nodding in agreement*

SabreWolf~~~ LOL

reseka{GS}~~~ gee counting on this ones fingers hummm all those have happened to this one does she get a prize? Master

Rollo the Ax~~~ Phen, I would say NO... if the slave was serving the FW first, then no other has the right to take her away from Her....Except her own Master, that is.....

Phen~~~ Yes but Rollo I will help any new commer that enters and I am sure the girls do as well and I can pick some one who is curious about Gor or is just hear to cyber maybe it's female intuition...*laughs*.....

arianna{HK}~~~ *listening*

Asellus~~~ I'm with You on that one, Phen. But the tricky thing is how to tell the Free Male "no...the girl is at My side right now." That looks discourteous...this is a tavern and I wouldn't want to hoarde any slaves at My feet away from possible customers....in the nature of the tavern being a money-making establishment, of course....*thinking*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **nods in agreement with Mistress Phen** we must all be patient and kind and welcoming to newcomers, for that is what has made us strong, the reason we are still here while other places have closed

SabreWolf~~~ Phen,,this is a paga tavern and folks come here for sex,,grins,,admittedly,,there's a Group of Us who are friends,,but still,,is a paga tavern,,We can set the rules for the use of the girl,,set their limits with a detailed set,,make sure the girls have a copy of the rules,,and if they're ignored,,bam,,lay the rule own them and leave,,repested offenses will be dealt with by the Council,,

reseka{GS}~~~ but Gor is not all about furring so why can't a girl kneel and talk with a FW ? She is paying for her drinks as well as a Master is

SabreWolf~~~ if a girls in service,,to Anyone else,,then she's occupied till released,,

penny{BS}~~~ nodding at mistres sis's words..
one thing that has made this one love GS so much is being able to quietly educate newcomers and introduce them to what Gor is all about... she has spent many evenings just recounting the stories from the books to a new Free who might drift in... a lot of times, They never come back... *laughing* but some return and stay...

arianna{HK}~~~ the more patrons we have, the better, everyone stars out as a newbie, it's nice to make them feel welcome, they will come back and WANT to learn more about our Home - just ari's opinion.

Asellus~~~ Because, reseka, Gor is a Man's world. And if He wants the slave at the feet of the FW, then Who are We (really) to argue over it? It's a tough situation for Me personally. Especially when I know the Person is an HNG....

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ and galah might add, that sometimes a girl must serve in an alcove to One that is new to bring Him back time and time again, to peak his interest and make it interesting enough for Him to give the effort needed to become a gorean Master....this one was well known for a very long time as prime recruiter around here heheheheheee hehehehehee this one would think that most of our well known very gorean Masters here, was must more into alcoving in their early days on Gor, much more then than they are now

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ A girl fails to see where a FW couldn't keep a girl in service just like a free man...for however long she wishes.

arianna{HK}~~~ reseka, ari has found that most FW will set a girl free to serve Master's if they are around and no one is here to serve them *smiles*

Asellus~~~ *smiling over at penny* Me too. I love meeting new p/People....p/People with true interest in Gor. I try to get My enthusiasm to rub off on Them...and of course realize the seriousness of Gor at the same time. *bright smiles*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ja'dain thinks we all go through that in the beginning, galah...having fun furring and so on. But if someone keeps coming back ONLY for the furring...and nothing else...asking to be served out of sheer necessity...isn't that different?

dove{DD}~~~ this slave is probably the newest of only a very few weeks
sister slaves and even some of the Mistresses have been very kind and helpful although this one makes many mistakes

reseka{GS}~~~ understood Mistress Asellus and yes girl knows that Mistrsses can pick the HNG's very quickly lol (it is instinct)

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ it takes alot of time and experience for a Master to realize there is more to Gor than alcoving....but therein lies the problem, the slaves want to be used by GOREAN Masters and all they end up with is the newbies, cause the oldies have gone about with the other aspects of Gor, sparring and such

SabreWolf~~~ a good rule,,"Patrons must order and drink before alcoving, 2 drink minnumium?"..

Asellus~~~ Interesting perspective, galah. *thinking and smiling*

Phen~~~ Aye Assellus that is My point exactly if I am here on My own what can I fall back on?...If a Master comes in huffing and puffing ...
Rollo do we dismiss the slave to leave and we leave as well and then let the Council know by placing a message on the boards?

Ha~Keel~~~ *reading galah's words*
what's an alcove??..*L*

arianna{HK}~~~ *giggling at my Master* its that place we never go Master

zoe{GS}~~~ ~laughing softly at the words of Master Sabrewolf~

jasma{Tk}~~~ with much respect.. if the slaves of the Tavern.. those that aren't in white still.. come with the price of the drink.. then isn't it sort of a mute point if a Master comes in to grab a girl and don't pay for her usage?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**giggles softly at Master Sabre**~

arianna{HK}~~~ it's easy to order a drink Master SabreWolf, even a HNG can do that *laffin*

SabreWolf~~~ exactly jas,,and with a drink limit in place,might would help on that"wham bam,thank ya mam'n" attutiude

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...Okay, some plain talk here, folks..... LOL.. GS is as Sabre says, a Gorean paga tavern.... at times( hell most of the time ) the kajira are the * carrots * dangled in front of the new donkeys ( Masters ).....LOL...To get them here and to learn .... With luck, the new ppl will learn what Gor is all about..... there will be Good ones and BAD ones..... just as there are good slaves, and not so good slaves....( but we NEVER get any BAD slaves in GS, RIGHT ??????? LOL... )

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ hehehehe, right, Master Rollo.

Asellus~~~ *laughing out loud at Rollo and listening intently*

jasma{Tk}~~~ but what would a slave do Master.. if One didn't know the drink limit and just wanted to take the slave away?
say... "a girl's sorry but You didn't pay for her usage Master? this tavern has a two drink minimum before the wench may leave with You?

Phen~~~ Well what about if there is only one GS slave in the tavern with a Patron she cannot leave to cyber a new person?

Dark Dragon~~~ oh no, never, *giggling* there all good, just some are a little better than others!

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ no bad slaves my Master, all of them are the cream of the crop most bestest on all of Gor heheheheheheheee

zoe{GS}~~~ would not the protocals also have to be changed, stating that a girl came with the purchase of two pagas

Dark Dragon~~~ as are some Masters *winking*

Asellus~~~ *eyes wide* Ooohhh...I am sure that would go over like a lead balloon.....*imagining jasma's words*

SabreWolf~~~ yes jas,,and the speed of your serve will affect your time in the alcoves,,

Phen~~~ Well Rollo that brings me to another point what if a slave is insolent to a Free and is personally owned but neither the Owner or the slave has a home what can be done to the girl?

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~looking to zoe~
and how many read the protocols zoe? that's just it

arianna{HK}~~~ ~remembers one bad, weird slave~

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ *looking at galah quizically and looking around the room at her sisters and giggling then biting her lip but nodding knowing only half the time are we not the bestest*

zoe{GS}~~~ jas...well zoe did....~giggling~

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ That wasn't a slave, ari...that was an abnormality.

reseka{GS}~~~ well if the Master is not interested in the first serve then what makes anyone think He will be interested in the second serve LOL

penny{BS}~~~ nodding at jasma... this one can direct a new Free, or even some who have been around to read the link to the GS homepage for protocol, and will still find herself having to recite the contents..

dove{DD}~~~ for this slave the problem is not lack of reading the protocols but there is so much to learn it is hard to remember everything and then getting nervous over making mistakes doesn't help

Rollo the Ax~~~ Phen....I don't see why it should become some BIG deal... the rules say that the slave is serving until she is released.....FW or FM.... don't matter.... if the slave WANT's to leave with a new Master, she can let the FW know ..if not, the FW keeps her to protect the slave from the HNG ....

reseka{GS}~~~ jas or ja gave a Patron a menu once and this one does it now when new come in it is a fun idea and perhaps the limit on furring can be placed on the menu?? hehe

SabreWolf~~~ whisper a copy of the rule(s) to them

Asellus~~~ I think that's the point, reseka...to weed out the HNG's. But then if the person simply runs out of time by the time the second serve ends....?? What then? Is He just plain out of luck? Or will He get a "rain check"? *half joking, but half serious*

jasma{Tk}~~~ so did this one zoe.. many times.. and still does..

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**chuckles**~ Not a bad idea, res.

Asellus~~~ I like that idea, reseka. *nodding at the idea of handing out menus* It also provokes the Person to maybe order something different from the norm. *S*

penny{BS}~~~ grinning... what this slave finds is that if a new Free is visiting, He doesn't really yet know that alcoving exists, unless someone tells... *laughing*

arianna{HK}~~~ *hehehe* great idea about the menu, wonder if Gary M could make it so the menu was kinda in the background or as a link at the top of the page sying Tavern Menu or something like that.

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ *looking up and not sure if this hasn't already been addressed but maybe it has* but don't W/we all kind of start off as HNG's elicia means only a few perhaps start off as Gorean or Dom/sub.. but W/we all start out searching for something different on the net and come in here to GS and well it takes time to learn don't W/we have to give T/them a chance.. all new Master, Mistress and slaves?

reseka{GS}~~~ ja it's cute to be able to hand a menu to a Patron and if that menu had some little rules? humm it might work hehe

Asellus~~~ ...Something I think needs to be done. I am sure the slaves tire of the same old serve from time to time.
And going back to My previous thought...when I said a Person runs out of time for the alcove...I meant the "well-meaning Gorean with the desire to alcove correctly"....*giggling*

penny{BS}~~~ nodding agreement to Master Sabrewolf...
with new Free, this one often whispers helpful information... is that considered disrespectful when the Free doesn't yet know much about Gor overall? *concerned look*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**chuckles softly**~ Just c&p the menu...and add to the bottom
Slave girl, cost=2 drinks

reseka{GS}~~~ ari you just say something like this
would You like to see a menu Master ......

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~listening~
when this one was a FW.. she emailed herself a copy of the menu so she'd know what was there

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ But, Mistress...if you're in a hurry...you can always ask for a serve to be har-ta...no? hehehe

Rollo the Ax~~~ Phen, if anybody that is not owned or pledged to GS causes trouble, the way to handle it is to C+P the issue, tell them they are being reported to the Council and send it to the GS addy... the Council will decide and handle it ..... if not pledged to GS they could be banned on ignored ....simple as that.....

reseka{GS}~~~ then They just open it hehe (also reminds then that they must pay hehe)

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ it's a difficult situation cause it takes weeks and weeks of training for a slave and all it requires of the Free is to come in with a capped name....this one has also found that many will not take the time to look at the homepage, they figure they will learn by watching, well that don't work if the Master He is learning from ones that happen to be a HNG also, or One that doesn't know much about gor

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Very valid point, galah.

SabreWolf~~~ penny,,if they're asking you to disregard the rules in public,,it's completly respectful to ask them permission to whisper,,then direct them to the rules page or copy paste the rule in question,to make sure they understand

Asellus~~~ Yes, but We all know how r/t creeps up on Us at the most inconvienent of times...sometimes it cannot be helped. *shrugging and smiling*

Markos~~~ looking about the tavern, seeing A/all present, Master is Master, slave is slave, *Shrugs*

Claire~~~ Aye Asellus that is true.....nods

reseka{GS}~~~ but when is HNG a Master Master Markos and look at the training a slave must go through to be slave?

SabreWolf~~~ Asellus,,the girls can serve quicker,,and if a Person returns 3 or 4 times and still don't get laid,,obviously there's hope for Him,,laughs,

Phen~~~ Ok My Companion suggests Gor classes or meetings whether thay be for a fixed time or just done when there are a couple of new comers in the site.

Stren Braten~~~ *Listening hard....trying to appreciate the points being made.....

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ A girl does not quite understand what you mean by that in this context, Master Markos...would you please explain to this dense one?

penny{BS}~~~ nodding to Master Sabrewolf again... she has more trouble of the sort where a new Free comes in and has no idea what to do as far as ordering... menu items, etc... so she will often make a suggestion, depending on the situation, in either public or through whispers... usually she'll suggest a beverage for the Free to order, then whisper to coach the Free throughout her serve... is that considered disrespectful? for a slave to be surreptitiously teaching a new Free?

Markos~~~ Captain, may I have a word, many sites I have visited. You must be pledged to fur or alcove

Asellus~~~ *chuckling* True, Sabre...just throwing out random thoughts. Fortunately, I don't have to really worry about this.

arianna{HK}~~~ Yes Master Markos, a slave is a slave and a Master a Master, but there needs to be respect of the rules by both parties

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~whispering softly in respect~
just because one comes in with their names in Caps.. it don't necessarily mean they are a Master.. although the respect openly will be there because of that.. at times it makes one cringe inwardly when they show no masterly abilities

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ So true, jasma. Not all males are Masters...even says so in the books.

arianna{HK}~~~ but then Master Markos, Those of other site wo are well known to us, well they may not want to come here anymore if they are not alowed to sample a Tavern slave....or a slave that is unrestricted. Like Mistress Phen suggested earlier, a Pleged Parton of a Known GOR site would be a good idea.

Markos~~~ reseka, you said it in your own words, instinct *LOL*

penny{BS}~~~ nodding in agreement to Mistress Phen...
this slave has suggested in the past some sort of class or coaching for new Free... there seems to be a real need for it, because most who enter would rather have the interaction of getting questions answered than just reading the homepage...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay.. on this subject... the Council will talk and work out something.... Put a limit on the use of slaves by * new * Masters... address use in the alcoves.. Gorean manner, multi tasking, and kinky stuff .....

Claire~~~ penny you have helped Me a few time in the past on ordering the drinks...*s*

Asellus~~~ They have to learn some way or another, penny. And if the Person is stubborn enough to ignore the homepage full of information, then that is an alternate way for Them to learn something. I wouldn't complain if the slave was merely trying to be helpful and no other Free were present to offer assistance....

SabreWolf~~~ not disrespectful penny,,brave,laughs,making Someone aware of the rules and protocal's of the tavern isn't teaching,,more making aware,,a person who disregards the rules,after being shown them will have to deal with the Captains

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ penny, that is why Master decided to have this GS forum....perhaps by opening up a closer understanding between old Masters, new Masters, FW and slaves, will give all an insight and learning to each of our roles here, and how to better play this role

Dark Dragon~~~ I for one am very grateful for the many whispers received from slaves to help me when I screw up

Ha~Keel~~~ *nodding in agreement with arianna and jasma*
it seems to Me that the respect you speak of should be to the gorean philosophy/worldview if a Master wants to call Himself a Master...he must have respect for the gorean view/practice/protocol without it He may be some sort of Master, but He is not gorean.

Asellus~~~ Exactly, Sabre! *nodding vigourously*

reseka{GS}~~~ giggles whispering helpful hints to this one is another form of service if she knows a Master or Mistress is new

SabreWolf~~~ We don't want to change from a Paga tavern Bro,,laughs,,only want to be a Gorean paga tavern,,a lotta Goreans from other sights come to visit as well

Markos~~~ nodding to Ha Keel, why must I pay My gold for others to have for free though, why pull My sword for others to enjoy if the girls are not restricted

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~lifting dark eyes~
there's nothing saying Master Markos that if You wish to share what's Yours and make a profit that You can't charge for her usage

Markos~~~ nodding to jasma, aye girl, but *LOL*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Folks.. the reason I called for this type of forum here in Our home was to try and get these kind of things out in the open and TRY to come up with some answers.... All I can tell you is that the Council will try and come up with some rules or changes to try and help..... But it may not happen over night... and remember that the MORE rules there are, the more chance there is that EVERYBODY answers for them..... rules are made for ALL to follow, not just a few..... I think we have covered this topic enough for now... agreed ??? or does anybody have some final input ????


These Discussions and their times

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ so what's the next topic? ~**smiles eagerly**~

Rollo the Ax~~~ The next topic is some sort of times set for discussions about Gor and the books .... how many want this, and should it be a set meeting weekly, bi-weekly ( fortnightly ) or just a * when the mood strike Ppl * thing ??????

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ A girl and her Master...or one of us...will come to that, Master Rollo.

jasma{Tk}~~~ this one thinks it would be a wonderful idea Master Rollo to hold these meetings weekly..

Kyoto Ri~~~ If I may interject Rollo, the meeting to discuss books sounds like an excellant idea, perhaps a forum similar to this on a bi-weekly basis, and if I may suggest, perhaps led by my brother, Bolt... he is quite knowledgable...

Asellus~~~ The meetings and open discussions are an excellent idea, Rollo. I for one would love to see more of these. Once a week, perhaps, would be good?

SabreWolf~~~ is it gonna be like discussing the bible?everybody got their own interpation of a said quote taken outta context?

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ mmm.. *softly speaking* think once a week would be good but perhaps starting bi-weekly would be better.. it makes a lot of meetings is there the Gorean Forum and we have slave class ect?

penny{BS}~~~ happy smiles... weekly sounds great to this one.. she'd love to attend book/Gorean discussions... she's always scrounging for someone to want to discuss the books themselves...

arianna{HK}~~~ also suggest a Private Room for those discussions as some people would probably stll like to come to the Tavern for serving

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ *looking to Master Kyoto Ri and thinking gosh great brains think alike winking playfully and giggling*

Phen~~~ Sabre I don't know how about given things like The Homestone, Cities, Clothing, Transport....Could get someone knowledgable say from Torvaldsland and be a guest speaker on the matter for eg....

Asellus~~~ Tonight nothing was said that became touchy, Sabre....if that is what You are worried about? Why not keep the discussions to relate to things that happen within the tavern? Like We did this eve/morning...as it were...

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Perhaps set a topic...or certain book, ahead of time? To keep it more....organized?

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ Master, is that not what this forum is designed for? granted today got off to the thing about HNG's and slaves serving, but think later it may come to being more book talk and such?

penny{BS}~~~ even if people can't make it on a weekly basis, it is easier to remember a weekly date rather than trying to sort out whether it is the appropriate week for the discussion... bi weekly might get too confusing...

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL....LOL.. Okay, we need to try and keep the greetings and cross talk to a minimum so the the notes can be kept of later...

arianna{HK}~~~ Good idea ja, and a Master who has read that particular book inside and out runs the discussion....

jasma{Tk}~~~ this one disagrees with that though ari.. think it should be held in the Tavern.. if others don't wish to be here.. they don't have to.. but why should the meeting have to go to a private room?

Asellus~~~ *grinning at Phen*...or like She said? I have a few topics in mind that could require thoughts from the books...but really, why not let those issues be handled at the Other Forums?....that is why We of GS are gathered in Our Home....to talk of GS topics....or so I thought...

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,I agree with a speaker and a Topic,,could put the schedule in the tattler?,,

penny{BS}~~~ nodding at jadain's idea...
that would be neat... assign a book the week ahead... or schedule a discussion topic/speaker and list what/who it will be on the boards...

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Excellent idea, Master Sabre! Make it up one month at a time.

Asellus~~~ *pouting softly beneath Her veils* ja'dain....*trying not to whine*...but I haven't read all the books....not nearly! *L*

arianna{HK}~~~ jaz, why should others who don't want to talk about the books, not all have read them, come to the Tavern and not be able to serve or be served? was just a suggestion, the room name could be plced on the boards so everyone knows where it is. ari for one won't be coming to this discussion as she hasn't read many books.

jasma{Tk}~~~ ~looking up from the c&p.. whispering~.. thank You Master Rollo

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ but penny can't it be posted on the board in ample time for many to see.. what book it would be or what topic to perhaps prepare for the bi weekly meeting?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ But that's the glory of it, Mistress...you get to learn all these fun, new things! ~**grins...nodnodnod**

Kyoto Ri~~~ Why would you not come ari? Think of it as an excellent way to get a basic understanding of the underlying theme of a book you have not read...

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ Master thought about having this twice a week, once in usa eve like now and once in the early morn about 8am usa time, that is late night here....a good chance to possibly catch everyone? some thoughts about times and days would be good....and if there is to be a book day too, think it should be in GS just as these discussions, for everyone should learn about the books and can get served on another day...Master thought about having this discussion in private room, but then those that needed to info the most would be in GS wishing to be served instead?

zoe{GS}~~~ zoe just won 9 books on ebay, which means she has a lot of reading to do...and still has to get her lil hands on the rest of them

jasma{Tk}~~~ just thought it would be better in the Tavern itself..
but.. just jaz's opinion..
~sighing and shutting up~

arianna{HK}~~~ because Master Kyoto, ari wouldn't know what You were all really talking about. Having only read a couple of books ari really knows next to nothing about them.

Asellus~~~ *grinning at arianna and whispering* Glad I'm not the only one, girl, with extremely limited access to the books. I just get what I find online in forums and such....but I am not able to fully form My own opinions without the books of My own to read....*ss*

Phen~~~ *Laughs with the Free Woman*...Well Assellus that can be what the speaker can frame His/Her discussion too ppl who are not too knowledgeable but have an idea or whish to learn and the ones that do know can offer suggestions and points at the end maybe open floor..

reseka{GS}~~~ res likes it in the tavern so that no one gets left out to stay and watch the tavern for Patrons coming in

SabreWolf~~~ I say We hold it in the Tavern,set a time limit for it,,2 ahn?

Asellus~~~ I know, ja'dain. I'm not trying to be difficult, of course. I would still try to attend, but I fear that most of it would just go ~whoosh~ *passing Her hand over Her head*

penny{BS}~~~ agreeing firmly about the meetings being in the tavern...
this is a great way to break up what can get to be a monotonous routine... look how many are here for this... how often is the tavern ever this full? *grins*

reseka{GS}~~~ is there a site where one can read the books this one is afraid to mess up her books LOL

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL....LOL.. Folks, I have read all the books, several times, and * I * would NOT call Myself any kind of an * expert * ....LOL.. and I sure can't pull all those quotes out of thin air like many here do....LOL...LOL.. My thoughts are this......* There is the weekly forum that all the Gor sites have that moves from site to site, and now this one that we have just here in GS.... the slaves have training once a week, how many set * nights * can we have meetings without killing off interest ??????

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ How about...before each meeting...give a brief resume of the book? The discuss it at the meeting....quotes and all?

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ reseka elicia has a few on zip not sure which ones.. sorry to say elicia's never read them either

reseka{GS}~~~ nice ja this one likes that idea then can study a bit

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ **nods in agreement with Master Kyoto Ri** that is right ari, a great chance to learn more about the books, even if you have not read it, you may not be able to address much, but questions and listening, you could learn much

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ cliff notes ja.. but who's going to do that? is there a sight that has summeries of them?

Kayla~~~ I personally feel that any chance to learn is a great idea *S* ~smiling at Rollo~... Some will come some will not ~shruggs~

Kyoto Ri~~~ Rollo, I think it would kill off interest if there weren't activities, how many cups of paga can one Master drink, truthfully?

reseka{GS}~~~ nice elicia anyway to transfer them? this one can burn them and send to any who want them for themselves on cd

penny{BS}~~~ quick idea... to draw the interest for those who may not have read a particular title, a synopsis could be posted ahead of time... a book report, so to speak... laying out the basic plot line and characters...
then the discussion could more deply delve into the Gorean motivations behind the actions of the characters...

Asellus~~~ I am very interested in the forums, Rollo. I try My damnedest to attend them and this is the one of the few that I actually made it to. *smiling* But I understand what you are saying...just how many forums do We need, really? That is why I was thinking that maybe this would be the Gorean Shores forum...for stuff pertaining to this site.
And I am with you, penny, I see how this one open meeting has drawn numerous p/People here and I appreciate it. It says a lot about Us. That We do care for Our site.

Stren Braten~~~ elicia., and anyone else, I would appreciaate any on file that any could send to Me..

penny{BS}~~~ *laughing and poking sis ja*
whoops... missed your post, sis...

Asellus~~~ A synopsis would be good. *nodding*

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Great minds think alike, penny...hehehe

elicia...ja'dain would gladly do it...but...a) not all our books are currently in the US, let alone in the apartment and b) those we have here are packed down for the move

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ *looking at penny* wow that would be cool sis

penny{BS}~~~ *grinning and wondering if she's going to get volunteered to write book reports*

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckle* I have to agree with Asellus to a certain degree....though I would like to learn all I can about the books. I'm of the mind that I'd like to read them Myself before feeling adequate to discuss them, and wouldn't want to know a particular plot line of a book before I read it....

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. Okay, there is enough call for this that we should try and do it.....LOL.. Sunday is the other forum, Monday is this one, and Wedsnady is slave class... WHAT other night would work the best for the most Ppl ???????

elicia{BlkStr}~~~ *giggling at penny*

Phen~~~ penny Master Bolt would need to discuss this with you first before offering your service on this matter....

reseka{GS}~~~ think so pen hehe

penny{BS}~~~ *gulping and nodding* yes, Mistress Phen...

Phen~~~ Yes but Shadow what about things like descriptions of Cities across Gor, Transport, Knowledge on the Priest Kings and the Kur.....

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Glancing at Phen...*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... Book reports ???? LOL.. Lets see ????? Lots of guys get killed with swords, LOTS of slaves get * furred * and Tarl Cabot/Bosk ALWAYS wins ..... close enough ????? LOL....only kidding folks.....How about this idea... tis forum again next week, and then we will either set a date for a book/Gorean ideal discussion, or kinda * swap * them back and forth on the same night ???????

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ~**giggles softly**~ Sounds great, Master Rollo.

Asellus~~~ *nodding at Phen* I would appreciate those topics. As I said before, I have some inquiries of My own that I would love to hear thoughts about.

SabreWolf~~~ I like that Captain,,different topics,,religions(Oden,Thor,Priest Kings,ect,), lifestyles(Tuchuck Ubar sets on a grey robe)

Shadowglade~~~ *Chuckle* That would be good Lady, as long as story lines aren't given away to Me....but...*shrugs* I speak only for Myself, and that is MY preferance....*shrugging again* discussions of the ideals placed in the books, and how they apply to online Gor is, of course, of interest to Me....


The Tavern Tattler

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ while on the subject of writing....galah would like to remind Everyone that articles are needed for the next edition of the Tattler, that is if those of GS wish to continue having the newspaper?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Mistress Phen....do you know if Master Bolt recieved the request for an interview?

reseka{GS}~~~ still think a search word puzzle with key words of Gor (different subject each edition ) would be a fun way to learn galah

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Oh...and next time you and galah make a word puzzle...plllleeeeasssseeeee list the words to be found...lol

Asellus~~~ By all means, galah, please don't let the Tavern Tattler fade away just yet. The last issue was too wonderful for that to happen. *smiling*

Phen~~~ *Smiling to ja*...Aye He has received it and is having a scribe typing it up for Him as We speak*WEG*

galah{RA}GSFG~~~ sure there will be another word search res, only have one answer in so far to the first one, did anyone else figure out the secret message?

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ Excellent! Thanks, Mistress Phen!

reseka{GS}~~~ no but still looking lol

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ ja knows it...but that's only cause she saw the first entry...lol

BladeBane's ja`dain~~~ A girl has a question....are there any interested in reading the next part of her short story? For if not...she won't waste time writing another section of it.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. jadain, that was all MY fault.... I did it.... maybe next time I'll get it right .....LOL.......Maybe they should be set in each book ??? word search of things in * Raiders * one time, then * Explorers * the next ??????

reseka{GS}~~~ this one wants the next part ja!


Sparring Nights

Rollo the Ax~~~ Something that I would like to say to any here that it may concern.... Many have asked about having * sparring * nights in GS.... I think that anybody that wishes to spar or train should feel free to just get out there and * DO IT * ....LOL.. if You want to take it to a private room and invite others, fine and dandy......but if Ppl wait for the Council to organize these spars, You will be disappointed, because most of Us Captains just get too damned busy doing other * stuff *......LOL.. okay ?????

Kyoto Ri~~~ *Hearing talk of sparring and thinking as I look at Sabre... gauging the distance across the room*

SabreWolf~~~ grins at his Brother of the sword

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding in agreement with Rollo* Aye, I agree....a spar is not what Everyone wants to be doing with His time anyway....*chuckle* I Myself spar from time to time, but see no need to make it a regularly schedualed thing....*shrugs*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. Okay folks.... this has already gone longer than we had planned on, so perhaps we should wind things down now ???? LOL.. I want to thank ALL of you for coming and showing just how much everybody cares about OUR home..... Same time next week, and I'll start to draft some sort of rules thing that the Council can vote on to try and fix some of the problems discussed at the first...... but PLEASE... give us time to get it done right and in a Gorean manner, okay ???? LOL..LOL.. remember how SLOW this old Captain is......LOL...