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The Gorean Shores Pledge Festival and Tavern Tattler

The Gorean Shores Pledge

Lemuel~~~ ~looks about~
O.K - same rules as always. No serving during the forum, slaves can enter and leave w/o begging, please keep greetings and off topic chat to whispers so it's easier for My girl to take notes, etc.
Send any topics for discussion to Me in a whisper.

Asellus~~~ *Whispering a topic softly to Lemuel.*

Gornt~~~ ~listening for the Topic~

Lemuel~~~ Alright, first topic: "The Gorean Shores Pledge, what does it mean to You?"
As a reminder, the Captains ask the following of Those that pledge:
"Do you pledge your honor, loyalty and steel to the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores, your obedience to the Decisions of the Council, and your support and defense of the tavern to the best of your ability? Do you pledge to make Gorean Shores your Home and to put no other loyalties above this tavern????"

Gornt~~~ It means that One honors this place as if it were their Home

Gornt~~~ It means that One abides the rules and customs of the Tavern

Lemuel~~~ Is that all it means Gornt?

Asellus~~~ Absolutely, Lemuel! We have to be understanding and cognizant of RT. Because, after all, no amount of roleplay is going to replace or reinvent RT for Me. And if the Captains or Patrons or slaves are not visiting the tavern as much as they should and it's because of RT, how can anyone contest that? We can't have a time log for every time we enter and depart this place. It's ludicrous to think such!

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, abiding by the rules, treating This Tavern with respect, anything else?

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Hearing the topic at Hand, He ponders on the question.*

Gornt~~~ nope, it also means We try to be faithful to Our personal Honor although in some cases it seems we have patrons that have none

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Lady's words~
Aye, we all have r/t commitments that keep us away at times. It is a bit much to ask that Captains be here round the clock, it just isn't practical.

Emerald Forest~~~ *it means that if it has to be then You would die defending the tavern*

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Very good point Gornt...and the Others as well...I know that when I took My pledge...I vowed this to forever be My one and only home, and abide by all rules and regulations the Captains set forth...that was LONG before I knew that I would one day be a Captain.*

Gornt~~~ is that what brought this topic up? Stavros hissy fit Friday

Lemuel~~~ How about the words "support and defend" what does that mean to You?

Kredo~~~ may a non-member add a few tarsk bits?

Gornt~~~ ~thinking~

Asellus~~~ After all, We pledge to the Captains and the Home and to roleplay (when We can be here, essentially). We did not pledge our RT to this online interaction. The lines have gotten misconstrued for One, I believe. *shrugs lightly*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Gornt~ Aye, that is *part* of what this topic is about.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Kredo~ Please do.

Lemuel~~~ ~rapping clumsy fingers against the table to wake them up~

Asellus~~~ *wide eyes watching and listening all around as thoughts are provided*

Kredo~~~ *nodding*...a pledge is from the heart, the very core of what we are, it does not speak with softness, nor with guilt, nor shame. it is was it is. One cannot be for another at all times, only as much as each can give is the weight. That alone should be enough, must be enough.

Gornt~~~ I have a Question

Gornt~~~ ~agreeing with Kredo~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Gornt~ Go ahead and ask, Warrior.

Gornt~~~ Do the Captains take some kind of Oath when annointed?

Lemuel~~~ ~nods and looks to CD for confirmation~ As best I recall, They do.

Gornt~~~ and what is it?

Gornt~~~ Did I ask a hard question?

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Aye Lemuel We do...There is a thing that We keep amongst ourselves...but it is pretty much the same as that of when You become a Patron. You swear to Honour, Defend, and Up-hold the Rules and Regulations of the tavern, as well as make decisions that will best benefit the tavern.*

Gornt~~~ and how are those decisions reached?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ I had to check back and find the c&p of when I was made an Advisor and Shadowglade and Ceredigawn were made Captains. After looking at the c&p, no there wasn't any special oath.

Kayla~~~ But there is not a Time pledge along with it ~grinning at the Captain~ A part that says I agree to spend so much time per week in the Tavern...

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ No Gornt..not a hard question..slow computer...

Gornt~~~ okay
I just wondered How the Council met to decide things and if like in Orwell Some are more equal than others

Kayla~~~ Gornt that is on the Home Page *ss*... How Captains and Advisors are chosen????

Lemuel~~~ They are voted on by the Captains with input, but no vote, from the Advisors, Gornt.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ What decisions?

Emerald Forest~~~ *there are agreed upon through addys being sent to and fro from each Captain*

Kayla~~~ Precisely, Kayla!! *nodding emphatically*

Lemuel~~~ The Senior Captain's vote has a little more weight in case of a tie, Gornt.

Gornt~~~ anything pertaining to the governing of the Tavern from fees to behaviors of it patrons, CD

Molly~~~ ~listens~

Lemuel~~~ The email addy for the Council is a communal box. We all have access to it and read any questions, concerns, problems sent there. Then we discuss and vote (or advise) what should be done about them if anything.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Not better than others Gornt...Captains must be nominated, then elected by Captains only...and it must be a unanimous vote by the Captains...

Kayla~~~ Well just to say what My pledge meant to Me way back when before most of you were around ~smiling at Asellus~
I don't have steel to offer but I did pledge My life My work and My loyality to GS and to GS above any other Home and when I was made Advisor I pledged to put the betterment of this Home before My own needs and fun...

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ fees? No....Behaviors? what do You mean?

Asellus~~~ *trying to think of a single rule the Captains enforce, yet do not themselves follow* That would be hypocritical, Gornt.

Lemuel~~~ ~shakes head~ No Gornt, Captains don't get any special treatment. If they step over the line the other Captains tell them so.

Kredo~~~ do You not think this is a common problem on Gor? The search for a panacea, when the real problem is the changes that are occuring? There is boredom and a "shrug" attitude perhaps?, that keeps many away? Still head and hoof above the BDSM cat crawl, but still, is that perhaps the bottom line?

Gornt~~~ alright
I have not always been attentive to the rules, but I have always tried to act in an honorable manner and not disrupt the pleasure of others in My RP

Asellus~~~ *Sensing a smile from Kayla, returning a veiled one of Her own*

Gornt~~~ and now we are at the heart of the Matter Asellus

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Kredo~ Aye, I think that is where some of the problem lies. A general apathy that everyone feels at one time or another. Then there are personal issues, holidays, hardware failures, etc. that keep people away too.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Are making an accusation to some of the Captains Gornt?

Asellus~~~ Oh, out with it. *chuckling faintly* Just say what You're thinking, Gornt.

Gornt~~~ Not at all just curious as to how the system works

Gornt~~~ I should have read the home page I guess

Asellus~~~ I don't feel that Any of the Captains are 'hiding' anything from Us.

Gornt~~~ and maybe I will before going any further

Kayla~~~ Gornt... what are You saying? ~looking puzzeled~

Gornt~~~ ~smiling~
Let Me makes sure of My ground before I ask anymore questions.
Is that alright?

SabreWolf~~~ Well Gornt,,this is My take having been hanging round Gor now for over 5 years,,,I've started sights,been to sights,seen queers in sights(and argue it's in the books too,,what ever,,this place is actually run by a council vote,,right down to who gets banned,,it's not the fastest(but then,,Gor is a slower paced anyway) nor perfect,,but it works well,,and We all care

Asellus~~~ Whatever personal qualms One may have with Another's actions or decisions should not influence the way One feels about the Council as a whole...nor should a Council member's personal opinions and even actions reflect poorly on the Council as a whole.

Gornt~~~ ~nodding to Sabre~
understood about the speed ~remembering how long it took to get calia's sale approved~

SabreWolf~~~ Yall don't think We(the council) always agree do Ya??,laughs,,sometimes the GS email is so heated I'm scared to read it,,laugh,,but,,We get over our differences and get own with business,,and after the vote,,whatever it was is done,,thats the end of it,,

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Asellus' words~ Aye, and though We represent the Council, we don't necessarily *speak* for it. We each have our own opinions and sometimes they run contrary to what the Council as a whole feels.

Gornt~~~ ~nodding~
very well I am satisfied for now

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles as My words echo the Captains~
Aye, but Our pledge means that no matter Our personal feelings We will abide by the decisions of the Council, just as the other pledged Patrons should.

Gornt~~~ and I do

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Glad that We could help Gornt...*chuckling*

SabreWolf~~~ even more so Lem,,We have to have the taverns best interest in mind,,not just our personal issues,,

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Sabre, and the best interest of the Tavern is for people to go through the proper channels when they've got a problem. It may be slow, but it *does* work.

SabreWolf~~~ umm,,err,,what was the subject?/smile

Gornt~~~ ~chuckles~
what the pledge of the Pledge Patron means

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ The subject was what the GS pledge means to You, but I think we've beat that kaiila to death. Any new topics? PM them to Me please.

SabreWolf~~~ well,,as You know the tavern itself has no Home Stoneand really is set before Port Kar had a home Stone as well(thanks Xern,,grin)so,,the pledge can actually be taken in many ways in My opinion

Asellus~~~ *chuckling*


Festival and Tavern Tattler

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Any more topics?

SabreWolf~~~ only one lil comment,, I enjoyed the festival immensely,,even last night's scrabble game(wich i suck at btw,,laugh),,but We should play it more often,,smile,,Everyone can participate in that

Lemuel~~~ Hmmm...let's see...I already talked about ventilation, what else could I talk about...~grinning~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Aye, it got off to a rocky start, but I think the festival was a success based on the overall picture. ~S~
~smiles at My girl~ Good job jazzie.

Molly~~~ I had great time~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *blushing softly*.. thank You Master and she thanks You for all Your help as well with the planning.

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ That reminds Me, just because we've got a new issue of the Tattler out don't mean we don't want more articles! Keep them coming!

SabreWolf~~~ it would be a good idea for the tattler,,grins,,gorean word scrabble

SabreWolf~~~ I hadda good time,,grins,,even ole Sensei drpped by,,I bout fell out,,laugh

Kayla~~~ It was well done and I can't wait to hear who won what *ss*

SabreWolf~~~ of course We all know if i were illigible i'd have the singing competion(and the spellin compation) sewed up,,laughs

Lemuel~~~ Hmmm...that's a good idea Sabre. Would be kind of like the crosswords, but we could have people see how many Gorean words they could make with a bunch of letters or something. Kinda a cross between scrabble and boggle. Maybe give them a few starting letters?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ send articles in to TavernTattler

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ LOL...Can't argue with you there Sabre..

Asellus~~~ Yeah and that would give those who haven't read all the books a good sporting chance....as opposed to the trivia questions that I don't know. *L*

SabreWolf~~~ We played ,,gave them the words mixed up,,like,,,rtna,,,ofcouse that was wayy to easy for some folks,,laughs

Lemuel~~~ ~looks to My girl~
What do you think sweets? A Scrabble/Boggle puzzle for the next issue?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye, giving them mixed up ones, that we've done. Letting them try to fit their own Gorean words into a board with a couple letters already on it though...that would be different.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening*.. yes, Master.. a girl will be more than happy to work on something like that..

Lemuel~~~ So, send those articles for the Tattler in folks! Poems, limericks, songs, jokes, anything is welcome.

SabreWolf~~~ Lem,,I think I've found Yer calling,You sound like tha merchant at the used tarn lot,,laughs,,buy here!!save!!,,We sell u'm cheap!!laughs

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye, there's a bit of merchant in Me. I've got to sell them gadgets I make somehow. ~G~

Lemuel~~~ ~G~ Get your long glass here, great quality at a reasonable price! Tarn goads, slave goads, chronometers! I've got 'em all!

Lemuel~~~ Speaking of chronometers...
~looks to the water clock~ ...if there's no more topics???

Lemuel~~~ Alright, I hereby call the forum to a close! Let the stampede begin!

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ thank You, Master for allowing Yours to be here and learn from all.