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On Mentorship and Information for the Free Persons of GS Organizing a Time and Date for a Free Menís Forum
GS Forum breaks till after the New Year

On Mentorship and Information for the Free Persons of GS

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Well, folks...it is time to begin....same rules as always, so saying, does anyone have a topic they wish to bring up ?????

Gornt~~~ well I have topic

Shadowglade~~~ *Steel blues turning to Gornt*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, Gornt, we will start with Yours, and then go to the other topic from another...so go ahead with your topic...

Gornt~~~ Shadowglade has generously offered to Mentor Me, and I am very grateful to Him, but as We all know RT can be a cruel Master/Mistress (must be PC) is there any plans for Free classes?

Shadowglade~~~ Gornt, it has been discussed many times between Myself, and Captain Bolt, but it has also been stated, and I must agree that there is credence to the statement, that a class could be counterproductive if there aren't enough interested parties.....

Rollo the Ax~~~ Gornt??? is that a side bar item, or is the question about classes for Free Person??

Shadowglade~~~ besides that, you also have the question of, "just whose version of Gor is right?"

SholGar: I wish to speak up then on this topic. I would like to have it known that I would participate in such a class.

Gornt~~~ Well I would think it would be the Gorean Shores version

arianna{HoV}~~~ ari has heard a Few mention classes for Free however the general concensus was that who are we to tell a Free how He/She is to act....after all they are free and can do what they like. Although personally ari thinks itís a wonderful idea, we have a lot of interesting things brought up at slave classes.

kisa{K_FG}~~~ *listens intently*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Gornt, another point or two about classes for the Free to be taught or learn in.....Often, there are many who NEED such, but they are most often the ones that are unwilling to take the time for them....and as You said, finding a time that many can all be here is also very hard to arrange...

SholGar~~~ Is there an active Mentor program in GS? How might One seek a Mentor here?

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckling at Gornt's statement, and agreeing with ari* This is also true Gornt, besides, there are differing opinions even within GS itself...*chuckle* I Myself have had various discussions with various patrons, and Captains about what is and is not correctly Gorean...so, Gornt, I would say...for Me to tell anyone how to be Gorean, I would precursor it by telling them it is only My interpretation that I share....*shrugs*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Captain's words~ Perhaps what we need then is designated Individuals that may assist in training Those that desire it?

arianna{HoV}~~~ we have slave trainers so why not Free Mentors?

arianna{HoV}~~~ *giggling as she hears Master Shadowglade talk about His interpretation of being Gorean and remembering a song I'm too Gorean by Master Rollo*

calia{GS}~~~ agreeing with her sister ari's words...yessss ~* thinking it would be very helpful for Those that seek it...

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL....LOL...and THAT is also a major point, arianna....LOL... very often, many Free think that they are above such, or have no need of training....LOL..We expect our slaves to always work to improve themselves, yet some think that they, as Free, are at the end of their learning......LOL...LOL.... So??? Who is the fool?? He who can't see the forest for the trees, or he who can't see the trees for the forest????? LOL...LOL.. To stop learning is to go backwards.....LIFE is change and growth...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with the Advisor~ Aye, it is each One's own view.

Asellus~~~ I'm all for it. *Smiling* I would volunteer. *Nodding* I don't mind helping those with a genuine interest in Gor.

Shadowglade~~~ one that I know of Gornt, The Captains must Mentor someone before that person can be eligible for Captaincy, but beyond that, I know of no other Mentoring program in GS....

arianna{HoV}~~~ ~smiles at Mistress Asellus knowing She would do a great job at helping the Free~

SholGar~~~ One wouldn't have to impose One's interpretation on another in order to be an effective Mentor. Simply pointing One in the right direction and providing a wide path that permits individual interpretation is all that is required.

Asellus~~~ *chuckling along with arianna as She, too, remembers the song*

Rollo the Ax~~~ But Shadowglade.... any teacher worth their salt, gives not only THEIR opinions or ideas, but also expose their student to the other sides or ideas.... thus letting the student decide or choose which path THEY walk....

Dak~~~ I think I have a site for a mentoring program

Dak~~~ yes, Gorean Chat has a Mentoring program

Asellus~~~ *Grinning, but not looking up from Her notes, as She hears arianna speak. She softly whispers a thank you...Her writing utensil never leaving the rence paper*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Captain's words~

arianna{HoV}~~~ well, each has their own interpretation about being Free but ......how about this.....Not Everyone Free or slave who comes here knows what paga is.....in the slave pages we have outlined detailed descriptions of all food and drink served in the Tavern. Why not make up a Free Page with information like that? ari is sure there is something in the GS home page but nothing as descriptive as what the slaves worked on. ari is sure that You could cut and paste our work into Your own page and put in other bits of information pertaining to Free Person Issues

Gornt~~~ I think W/we A/all bring our own personalities to Gor and frame them on the Gorean experience

Shadowglade~~~ agree SholGar...and of course Rollo, this is also true, that is why a good mentor not only tells what He thinks, and why He thinks He's right, but also gives other options about where to find different point's of view...

calia{GS}~~~ listening as a smile paints across her lips~...

Dak~~~ why double information, A good Master should know all that a slave knows , and should be reading the slave manual as well !

Asellus~~~ *Again, agreeing with arianna...nodding*

Gornt~~~ ~smiling as I realize ari is very smart in that she agrees with Me~

jaz just wanted to point out.. there is a Free Person's Manual listed on the GS homepage. she's not sure how many may be aware of its existence, but it's there FP Manual

Shadowglade~~~ GC's mentoring program is not just for GC, many of us, including Myself, and Rollo, are signed up for it....

Asellus~~~ *Looking to SholGar and then to Gornt* You were the One questiong if We should have a Mentorship Program. What would You expect to learn from it? *soft, inquisitive gaze, writing utensil poised*

Gornt~~~ I think it has to with details Dak, a Free need only know the highlights, the slave needs to know the details

arianna{HoV}~~~ grinning at at Master Gornt and whispering a soft thank You to Him~~

Dak~~~ How can you corect a slave, if you don't know what is expected of them!

Gornt~~~ Asellus for Me there is much to learn about weapons, ranking among Free, sparring, sailing, tarnsmanship, the list is endless, almost

arianna{HoV}~~~ Master Dak, this is just a suggestion....why should a Free know all the slave stuff, He or She does not have to serve. All ari is suggesting is to have a Free Page that way the Free do not have to go from slave manual to free Manual to GS manual etc. If we all have our own pages it will make life easier

Gornt~~~ I am going to correct a slave if something tastes bad, or done sloppily, not because I know how it was prepared

Gornt~~~ ~stroking her cheek~ My point exactly

arianna{HoV}~~~ ok....what is expected of a slave could be one part of Your manual. What is expected of a slave....absolute obedience, submission, perfection, love, respect....the list goes on. What is expected in her serve, now that is where it gets tricky. Each Master/Mistress has His/Her own quirks....What One may want His/Her slave to do Others may not require the same of Their property. This is just a suggestion of general information to help a beginner.

Shadowglade~~~ Well, *chuckle* as far as some of those questions Gornt, I can, and will help when and where I can...*chuckle*

SholGar~~~ Asellus, after having done much reading and learning on My own, it would be beneficial to be able to ask questions in order to clarify any points that may still be vague after reading and to get a feel for the mood and atmosphere that is often lacking in the stripped down reading material. The materials that I have read are generally useful and contain lots of facts but they are dry and do not set mood or tone and they do not suggest how One might interpret what they have just read. A fact or piece of information is useless if not used properly.

Gornt~~~ ~Nodding to Shadowglade~ Thank You

Asellus~~~ *Liking SholGar's answer, and Gornt's as well, She threads Her letters swiftly together as She writes....nodding as they speak* Very good...

arianna{HoV}~~~ in the slave manual, we have detailed desciptions of food and drink and also of how they should be served Master SholGar, something like that could also be put into play with a Free Page...after all, there is not always someone here to help, sometimes new people come here with only slaves around.....they can then read the Free Page and at least have a small amount of what is going on. Then when a Free comes online He/She can assist with any questions the Free may have.

angeline{SI}~~~ ~quietly walking to the furs.... kneeling upon them as she listens and watches~

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugging~ Well, the FW have a monthly forum, perhap the FM could as well. Then We could discuss training etc.?

Dak~~~ just like the positions of a slave, the only way ya know slave is doing them right, is to read the Slave Manual there is a lot of good info in there, that every Master needs to know, to Coammand a slave

calia{GS}~~~ calia agreeing with Master Sholgar's wording of some readings...however it helps this slave to bring "alive" of what she has read by spending time here ...or in past other Gorean Homes.....~ ..

arianna{HoV}~~~ excellent idea!!! *smiling brightly* and that would not just be a FM forum for GS Males, you could incorporate the other sites, GC, SD etc into it.

SholGar~~~ In addition I do not think it should be the Mentors responsibility to have read the materials and then be expected to impart this knowledge on someone unwilling or unable to motivate themselves to learn on their own. The Mentor should be there to help and answer questions of One who is actively learning on their own. The Mentor should be in a support position. I get irritated RT when I discover that I am helping those who are unwilling to help themselves....give Me some effort and I become most patient.

Shadowglade~~~ chuckling as I think of a bunch of Us Men sitting around talking, thinking it might turn into a raiding party*

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at the compliments~ It would give Us Men a chance to discuss things like sparring and other issues.

arianna{HoV}~~~ all it takes is a little effort.....we want our home to Prosper and have numerous patrons, but if we donít put in the effort to help new people they will leave and go somewhere else.
Like Master SholGar said, if we put in the effort people will be willing to learn

Gornt~~~ Aye SholGar, and I would expect Shadowglade to do the same with Me, if i am just coming to Him without studying on My own, He should kick My . . . .

arianna{HoV}~~~ *hehehehehehehe* and that would be a bad thing Master Rollo?????? *hehehehehehehe*

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckling even more as I think of how much fun it would be to have a group interested in raiding*

arianna{HoV}~~~ just think of all the other things You could bring to the Tavern Master Rollo *hehehehehehe*

Asellus~~~ I would like to see some sparring here, actually. Did any take place during the Festival? *scratching Her head lightly* Anyway, a Free Men Forum, so to speak, could be a practice session for sparring or something. Why not? The slaves had a training session, if any one noticed on their discussion notes.

karynna~~~ kneeling quietly not sure what to say, anxious to learn

SholGar~~~ I for One am new but I am taking it upon Myself to read and learn. At some point, I am going to require answers from One who is more experienced and can give Me one interpretation to Help Me formulate My own.

Dak~~~ aye, I miss raiding with you Shadowglade, that was a fun time!!

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling~ once I learn how to handle a sword or crossbow, or lance, I am with You Shadowglade

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. You have hit the nail on the head there, Sholgar..... very often it seems that the student thinks that they will learn through osmosis or such, if they have a Mentor.....LOL...LOL.. Knowledge does NOT seek out the student, the student must seek it instead....

Asellus~~~ Or why not just name certain People, those interested, and call them the Free Person's Mentors....just have certain people established as assistors for the ones with questions and whatnot. The slaves have slave trainers, after all...

angeline{SI}~~~ ~softly smilin' at Master SholGar's words about learning~

arianna{HoV}~~~ like John Norman said in one of His books......a slave is her own best teacher....the same can be said of Free if they are willing to learn.

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckle* Well, Gornt...*chuckle* stick around tonight if You're able, and We'll talk some more about this subject...*chuckle*

SholGar~~~ Agreed Gornt and He would be correct in doing so...that would be "Mentoring" and not spoon-feeding. Asking One to spoon-feed the lazy will surely result in ill will.

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckle* spoon-feeding the lazy on Gor makes for a weak home, one that soon would fall if all were allowed to be lazy...*chuckle* I am glad that Gor is a harsh place...it keeps Us strong..

arianna{HoV}~~~ Mistress Asellus sparring is great fun to watch also!!! ari loves when Master Sabre and Master Bolt spar *grins* gets very intense.

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Asellus~ Seems I said something like that earlier...Good idea to have officially appointed Mentors.

calia{GS}~~~ seems to calia time and desire is of the essence

Asellus~~~ *grinning at arianna* The entertainment can't all be on the slaves, after all. We want to watch the Men spar.

Mandi~~~ **wondering if spectators are allowed or if it should wait until after a few practice rounds**

Gornt~~~ swords may get slippery, Mandi; I'd wait.


Organizing a Time and Date for a Free Menís Forum

Rollo the Ax~~~ As with any endeavor, there must be a beginning.... a first step... One to lead the way or point the direction..... I would suggest that if ANY person wants such a forum or program to begin, they take the reigns THEMSELVES and not just wait and wish that another would.... In other words, do not ask the trees or rocks how to live, but just go out and do so.....LOL..

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding as the Captain speaks a common Gorean saying, as I think on it Myself*

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the Captain and nodding~ Well, since I suggested it, I guess I should try and organize it if Others are interested.

SholGar~~~ Lemuel..I am interested.

Gornt~~~ I am Lemuel.

calia{GS}~~~ ~bluest eyes twinkling smiling to Master Lemuel~ as calia thinks it's a good idea...

Shadowglade~~~ nodding towards the Builder* perhaps Lemuel, I do not know when the seas will quiet enough for Me to return long enough to be useful in such a way, but I too will attend when and where I can...and help those willing to learn what I can share....

Dak~~~ I would come to them Lem !

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Gornt and SholGar~ Well then, I have Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights that I can make Myself available. Is there a night you would prefer?

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~smiles and nods~*~ zoya likes Your idea Master Lemuel

Gornt~~~ Thursdays work for Me usually

SholGar~~~ Tuesday or Thursday...would be better for Me....

Dak~~~ Tuesday would be My preference!

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I have two Thursdays. Any others?

Shadowglade~~~ Iím usually open Fridays Lem...*chuckle*

Gornt~~~ Fridays are bad for Me usually, cannot promise them

va`lain{A}~~~ listening quietly, thinking it is such a good idea.

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ O.K. now I have it at tie for Tuesday and Thursday.

Asellus~~~ *chuckling as She writes and crosses out and rewrites, waiting for a decision to be made*

SholGar~~~ Perhaps, given the impending holidays, We should pick up the matter of an exact time after the New Year. Until then we could keep a running list of those interested and settle the schedule then rather than taking more time to handle such a detail tonight.

Rollo the Ax~~~ The best course of action that I can see, would be to make a day and time, and post it on the message board...then see what kind of response you get????? Y'all can't do much more than that....

arianna{HoV}~~~ rock, paper, scissors to decide the day? *Laffin softly*

SholGar~~~ We may get more interested in such a class and generate more interest in the mean time. At some time time in the future those interested can vote and haggle the details.

arianna{HoV}~~~ may ari suggested notes be taken at those meetings so that those who cannot attend can read them?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with SholGar~ You are right, we should set a date for the first one sometime after the holidays. O.K. how about mid-January on a Thursday?

Gornt~~~ ahhhh haggling, a big part of Gorean life I think

SholGar~~~ Very well..this is a newborn idea...some thought should be given to how it is executed. Not Everyone can be pleased but the class should be held on a night that will ensure the greatest attendence. Taking notes is an excellent idea. the notes will contain questions and answers and if done right, a FAQ guide could be developed to help others who are new or could not attend. In this way, the meeting will have not gone on for nothing.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ O.K. the 17th of January we will try to hold a Free Man's forum to discuss issue of interest to Us. We'll hold it in a private room here at poolside called FM. This information will be posted to the board. Questions?

Gornt~~~ Time?

SholGar~~~ 7 pm CST....same as this forum...??

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ And I shall talk with Lady Kayla and Karmania for pointers on how they handle Their forum.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to SholGar~ Sounds good to Me. 7 pm CST it will be.

SholGar~~~ Perhaps those with questions may submit them in advance and give the Mentors a chance to formulate a competent answer to maintain the flow of the meeting. Time limits could be set for each question so as to maximize the amount of information passed on. I have lots of ideas and would be willing to speak with You about them Lemuel.

Mandi~~~ ~~comment based on many meetings~~ That is a good way to do it instead of answering questions cold, and a prepared agenda with a slot for additional questions usually works out well.

Rollo the Ax~~~ ~~~ Well, folks... If the details have been worked out about the proposed FM forum, there seems to be not much else to cover tonight....


GS Forum breaks till after the New Year

Rollo the Ax~~~ One qustion ???? Should we continue the GS forums during the up coming Holidays, or close them for a few weeks like the traveling forum???

zoya{GS}~~~ the 24th of Dec and 31st of Dec zoya would imagine will be pretty deserted around all of poolside

SholGar~~~ agreed, if zoya is correct, it will be slim pickings around here on those days...

Rollo: LOL...LOL.. Then, by the power vested in Me, by ME... ( LOL ) I announce that the GS forums will be suspended for the holidays... I will post the notice on the message board... should any wish to still come and have an impromptue discussion, feel free. LOL. Then so be it.... the next GS forum will be held on Jan. 7th, 2002....
Well, folks...RT is tugging at My sleeve, and I must be going.... Be well, all, and may everyone have a great Holiday season, and a happy New Year ...... farewell.....