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Anniversary Celebration/Planning

Anniversary Celebration/Planning

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the water clock~
Well, let's get started. Same rules as always. PM Me with any topics for discussion.
First topic is the upcoming festival...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening as Master begins the forum~

topaz{AA}~~~ *sits quietly, hearing the forum has begun...eyes dancing, trying to ctach her breath*

Lemuel~~~ As I hope E/everyone knows, We'll be having a festival this weekend to celebrate the Tavern's anniversary. My girl has the details...
~looks to jasma~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~hearing her Owner's words.. dark gems twinkling.. then watching as He looks to her.. she clears her throat.. softly~
Gorean Shores' Fourth Anniversary Celebration is to happen this weekend, but we're still needing someone to lead the Name the slave event, which is where slaves come in without name/collar.. slave 1, slave 2, ect. and they walk around the Free.. the Free try to guess whom the slaves are by just the words spoken.. their mannerisms..
Although the celebration will actually start at noon on Friday, the first event isn't scheduled till 7pm EST that night, and that will be a slave auction. The bidding will go on for one ahn, BUT.. let one stipulate.. this auction isn't for the sale of a slave, but it's for the use of the girl, calia{GS} throughout the festival. The bidding should be done in tarsk bits or whole tarsks, since it's for the usage only.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ A girl still needs some information about the sparring competition, is it all to be held on the boards, or some on the boards, some in the room, if some will take place in GS, then a time should be set for that as well.
Mistress Mandi has wished to do a Fashion Show for the FW, and She also wishes to use some of the slaves for the items without veils. A girl hopes there will be participation in that event, but that's another thing that there's no time or date set for, as of yet.
Master Lemuel will be doing the meat toss event on Saturday evening at 8pm EST.

topaz{AA}~~~ *listening carefully as mistress jaz speaks*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ As in the past, there will be a song competition, poetry competition and limerick competition as well. There will be a Free and slave category on each of them. These will be done in the Tavern and then copied and pasted to the Tavern email, like they have been before, with the Council judging the competitions.
Also a dance competition will be held, free form as well as pre-written. Done in the Tavern then sent to the Council as well.

Gornt~~~ ~listening knowing of My late schedule~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ These last four competitions, please make sure you write what competition it is for.. (on dance, slaves put if it's free form or pre-written) and for song, poetry, limericks, make sure you place your name on the pieces to know if it would go in the Free category or the slave category. And please only submit work that is yours.
Judging will be done on creativity, style and originality.
one hopes many attend and she hopes all have fun.
More about the competitions/events can be found at Anniversary
some of the times/dates that a girl mentioned as to what still needs things, hasn't been placed on the page yet, nor is anything wrote there at all about the sparring till she hears something about how it will be conducted..
~looking to her Owner and smiling softly at Him~

Mandi~~~ **listening to jaz**

Lemuel~~~ ~looking about~ So, are there any questions regarding the festival?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~softly with respect~
one does realize that this is getting to be awfully late notice on everything and for that she apologizes.. a girl was unable to get to the Tavern for a lil over a hand, close to two, due to some unforeseen circumstances.. looking to her Master once again.. glad He found the key to the kennel~

Gornt~~~ are there going to levels of competition in the spar?

How will events be scheduled?

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ Depends Gornt. Right now there is hardly anyone signed up to spar, so We could go back and forth between those that want to spar and end up with an ultimate winner...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ For dancing competition as well as limerick, song, poetry, each of those will be done throughout the entire time of the Celebration, just as long as no other events are taking place during that time..

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~looking to her Owner and nodding~.. aye Master

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,Yall all know how hard it is to get 2 folks in here the same time,,looks round,,unless We hold it on a Monday night,,laughs,,but 2 folks that wanna spar at the same time odds are like ships passing on the Thassa,,smiles,,I figured the board would be a lil easier,,but again,,I'm open for suggestions,,smile

Markos~~~ when will the sparring be, hungry to get in on this *LOL*, and what will weapons be

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ That would work fine for the participants Captain. The only drawback I see is that it doesn't draw any spectators into the Tavern. ~shrugs~

wyld flame{A}~~~ Masters may flame suggest something......

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the girl~
Aye flame, you may. It's a forum night, everyone is welcome and begging to enter and leave aren't necessary during the forum.

I have noticed, though that when something interesting is going on in here, the spectators seem to find it. **chuckling** And everything in virtual time is hit or miss and catch as catch can anyway.
**spoken like an Anarchist**

wyld flame{A}~~~ yes Master Lemuel.... flame was thinking how about posting something on the JAG board as well flame knows that Master Sabre has brothers from there

Sabre~~~ I'll spar anytime,,anywere bro,,chuckles,,ok,,anywhere I'm not banned,,laugh

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to flame~ Aye, we could do that.
~looks to Sabre~ What You think, Bro?

Mandi~~~ Our Festival is open to P/people from other sites as well, is it not, Lemuel, Sabre?

SabreWolf~~~ about soi?laughs,,,if Ya don't already know,,laughs,,Ya don't wanna find out,,laughs,,but some may come from there,,i dunno,,laughs,,,I think We should spam it to every potiental person in every room on the internet,,gorean or not,,smile

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs at the Captain's words and nods to Mandi~
Yes Mandi, the festival is open to anyone wishing to come, not just members of GS.

topaz{AA}~~~ *smiles at Those entering...turns back to listen*

Mandi~~~ I can post it a couple of other places, then. With that link to jaz's page about the festival.

Gornt~~~ If I can be here I would like to spar

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~voice lifting~.. due to a rt issue.. the slave auction will be held at 8pm EST instead of at 7pm.. still on Friday evening.. ~looking to calia.. winking~

SabreWolf~~~ empty rooms are good,,smiles,,post stays for days,,,bdsm sights as well,,and i'll spar with Ya Gornt,,grins,,anytime,,festival or not,,

Emerald Forest~~~ *You can spar anytime Gornt,I want to be here to take calia for the festival LOL*

calia{GS}~~~ ~*lil blush warms her cheeks,head bowing as dark curls slush brillant babyblue eyes*~ ....winking at mistress jazzie

Gornt~~~ chuckling~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ That would be great.
~looks to Gornt~ Well, We can spar here in the Tavern all three days. If there's Someone You'd like to spar against get Them to sign up and meet You in the Tavern. Otherwise we'll have to set it up on the main board.

Markos~~~ well I just want All to know, I am going to kick some gorean ass *LOL*

SabreWolf~~~ could spar here and email to the GS email??...

Emerald Forest~~~ *that might be a bit hard Markos unless We turn Our backs on You LOL*

Lemuel~~~ ~grins and looks to the Captain~
Well, We've got Markos and Gornt and I know You and Ceredigawn want to spar, that's four. I'm willing if You need another body.

wyld flame{A}~~~ Masters flame can post a note one the Jag board if You wish her too

Emerald Forest~~~ *I'll spar if I still have the energy about I finish with calia LOL*

Lemuel<~~~ ~nodding to the Slave Master~ Aye, spar here, if We can meet up, and email it to the Council addy and/or post it to the main board.

SabreWolf~~~ jas,,smiles,,give flame the link to the page you made,,she can post it all over soi far as i'm concerned,,smile

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles at wyld~ Aye girl, that sounds good. My girl, jasma, has the information.

Gornt~~~ ~nodding to Lemuel~ alright Maybe I will work out something

wyld flame{A}~~~ ~giggles as she hears what Maste Sabre has to say~

Markos~~~ *LOL* @ Emerald's remark, use all the tricks One can
looking to Sabre, what will be the weapons

SabreWolf~~~ both sounds good to Me Lem,,chuckles,,let the new folks see what their up against and that it ain't that hard to take an ass whoppin,,laugh

SabreWolf~~~ any weapon Ya want Bro,,chuckles,,in the books that is,,,

calia{GS}~~~ *~twinkling eyes met Master Forest as she giggles*~

Lemuel~~~ ~looks to Markos~ Last time any weapon (except projectile weapons) was allowed and up to the participant to decide and agree upon.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ let one say once again.. the page isn't completely done yet as some things are missing, but she will work on it as soon as she can..
but it is located at GS Anniversary
also.. since calia has a harder time being on during weekends.. her usage will be auctioned off with the highest bidder obtaining her use for a week..

SabreWolf~~~ a week??,,,you'd better bid high TarnsMan,,laughs,,that's one of My best money making girls,,

Emerald Forest~~~ *glad You said,in the books Bro LOL*

Emerald Forest~~~ *do not worry Bro,You will get what she is worth and more LOL*

Markos~~~ well I was thinking of bringing My ex in on a leash and sic her on Everyone *LOL*
shes wicked with her ONE tooth *LOL*

wyld flame{A}~~~ thank you flame will post it now

Advisor 19:52:58 CST

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs at Markos' words~ Sorry, no she-sleens allowed as weapons. ~G~

arianna{Stan}~~~ ~*listening*~

Stavros~~~ Specially no she-sleens with CFM Pumps... Those can kill a person!!! ~Loud Chuckle~

Markos~~~ *LOL* they were used in the books, and this one was big, she had to iron her silks in the driveway *LMAO*

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling at Markos~

wyld flame{A}~~~ Master Sabre it has been posted on the JAG board tho she has to seek out Master Majidah for He has left Jag for now cuz Him and Master Artcuis had a huge fight

Lemuel~~~ O.K. - Any wishing to spar, send Your name and the days/times You'll be available to spar to Captain Sabre or Me. We can try and match You up with Another or if none of the times fit, We'll duke it out on the main board. Alright?

Gornt~~~ well I know I am not in Your league Sabre

Sabre~~~ I can tell My Brother for ya flame,,chuckles,,I'll try to call him tomorrow,,

Stavros~~~ ~laughing to myself.. thinking.. Yeah they can bid for calia.. only after I've had her.. for 12 years!!!~ ~Stifeling a laugh~

wyld flame{A}~~~ thank You Master Sabre then You know of Master Tok...

SabreWolf~~~ I duno Gornt,,chuckles,,just cause I'm a redneck and like to fight,,laughs,,,no reason to be intimidated,,laughs

Gornt~~~ but I will enjoy the spar I think no matter Who is My opponent

Stavros~~~ So... how's the bid for calia giong to take place.. Cause I have deep pockets.. Hell my pockets go so deep the reach into yours.. ~Laughing Loudly~

arianna{Stan}~~~ ~*giggling softy at the comments of the Master Thief*~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~softly~
that still leaves the Fashion Show needing a day and time

Mandi~~~ **looking to Kayla and Deirdre** Will there be medical assistance available during the sparring events?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles at the Thief~
Aye, but it's only going to tarsk-bits and whole tarsks bid. We're auctioning off her use, not her luscious self. ~G~

calia{GS}~~~ *~coyly purrring to the Thief*~ should You bid highest *eg*
calia would be Your personal r/t slave Master Stavros ,for the week *gigglin* (like the past 12years)

Mandi~~~ **chuckles** but can she sew?

Stavros~~~ Yeah.. and I know just how to use that little kajira... ~Grinning wickedly at calia~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ For the slave auction, Master Stavros:
All Free will be able to command various positions of the girl, even those not doing actual bidding.

Gornt~~~ ~checking My pockets~

Markos~~~ listening to the conversation

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling at calia~

Stavros~~~ ~looks at the post from calia..~ I think I'm gonna knock of a Gorean Bank or something.. cause that is an offer I cannot refuse!!! ~Chuckleing~

Kayla~~~ I will be around Saturday night but that will be all

Gornt~~~ ~almost dumping poor paz as I laugh so hard~

Stavros~~~ Ohhh Mandi.. as a matter of fact.. she can sew.. LOL!!!

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ I'm sure the Warriors can manage to patch up any that need it. ~G~ Isn't one of the things a Warrior learns basic field dressing of wounds?

calia{GS}~~~ *~nodding,spirited smile toward Mistress Mandi~*
aye calia can actually thread a needle and sew a lil *s*

SabreWolf~~~ nnaaa,,if it hurts,,just cut if off,,laughs,,i'll help,,laughs

Gornt~~~ You are too willing Sabre

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles at Gornt's words~

wyld flame{A}~~~ just was wonding if a slave can enter the song part for flame has her heat song that might be liked

Stavros~~~ well if calia was an R/T slave I wouldn't have that problem... ~shaking my head laughing at Sabre~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~also offering as she thinks of it~
as in past celebrations, all are invited to attend and take part in any of the events/competitions, Free as well as slave, as well as those that may not be allowed to enter GS for various reasons, during celebration as with Forums, amnesty does take place..

Lemuel~~~ ~looks to Mandi~
Mandi, is there a preferred day and time You would like the fashion show to happen?

arianna{Stan}~~~ may ari ask when this is to take place please?

Mandi~~~ The festival goes from Friday through Sunday, right? What times are already taken? I had thought this would be one of the lesser events, since it is not competitive in nature.

Markos~~~ watching the happinings in the tavern, sitting quietly thinking, perhaps calia should be used as a trophy for the winner of the sparring *LOL*

wyld flame{A}~~~ may flame enter the song contest.....

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling as Mandi thinks it won't be competitive~

arianna{Stan}~~~ thank You Mistress Mandi, ari had better get a move on with regard to her song...*grins*

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Aye ari' - the festival will be held this weekend. Dances, poems, songs, limericks, etc. will be performed in the Tavern whenever you want to do them, so long as a scheduled even ain't taking place.

arianna{Stan}~~~ thanks Master Lemuel ~*smile*~ a girl dont think she will dance she is out of practice *laffin*~ perhaps she will just sing....

Mandi~~~ I was thinking the Style Show would be pretty tame compared to sparring, dancing, even the singing. Though I am sure some of the M/models will turn a few Heads.

Rast Dulan~~~ Did i hear there would be a sparring contest?

Lemuel~~~ ~looks to Mandi~
The only hard and fast times we have so far are for calia's auction and the meat catch. Those are Friday night at 8pm EST and Saturday (forgot the time) think it was 8pm EST

Mandi~~~ Lemuel, are We a little freer and breezier in what We can say in the limerick contest than Our characters would normally permit, or are We constrained to remain in character?

SabreWolf~~~ of course Rast,,grins,,,

Markos~~~ thinking calia would not like Me, I keep My slaves a little on the hungry side, they swallow *LMAO*

Mandi~~~ I'm flexible on the time and date, Lemuel. And could even break it up into segments to occur during lag times between othere events.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Rast, there will be sparring, starting Friday night I hope. If you're interested, please email Captain Sabre or Me with the days and times You could spar.

Rast Dulan~~~ Looking to Sabre...and when would the contest be...for the sparring?

topaz{AA}~~~ *listening to the talk of the festivities...thinking*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ Yes, I think it would be alright to relax the rules a bit so a FW could submit a randy limerick. ~G~

Gornt~~~ one should prepare a dance lil one

topaz{AA}~~~ *looks to Master Gornt, smiling softly*
aye, perhaps she should....

Mandi~~~ Thank You, Lemuel, though I did write a good one about underground ventilation of structures for You, Advisor.

SabreWolf~~~ well Rast,,We're discussing the details of this now,,any suggestions??,,grins,,besides this weekend,,laugh,,i already got that part,,

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ And we've got plenty of free time Saturday and Sunday, so how about You pick a day and time You like and we'll stick to it. O.K. Mandi?

Gornt~~~ one is an excellent dancer, I remember the one a girl preformed Me not so long ago

Mandi~~~ BTW, I do not know if it got announced or not, but at the "Thing" at GC, Our own first girl, jasma, placed second in the display event. Well done, Lemuel.

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs~ Oh I can't wait to see that limerick, Mandi. ~G~

Markos~~~ looking about, thinking how Mandi wants Me to model breeches and tunics for Her *LOL*

Gornt~~~ congratulations jaz

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Aye, thanks again, Mandi.

Mandi~~~ Markos, I could use a FM Model, but I am not certain I can arrange a separate dressing room.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~hearing the FW's words.. blushing as she lifts liquid gems and glances to her Owner then to the Mistress~

Lemuel~~~ Does Any wish to volunteer to lead "name that slave"???

Rast Dulan~~~ No , I have not sparred in some time Sabre...so am a bit rusty I am sure. But Sunday night would be better for sure...

Mandi~~~ Lemuel, anytime on Saturday should work for the Fashion Show. I am not certain how long it will take, I would guess an hour and a half or so, but I cannot predict what the posting speeds and turnaround time will be.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~quietly listening as dark gems scan the room then move back to the pieces of rence paper in soft hands.. scribbling away~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Mandi~ O.K. - Saturday it is then. Morning, afternon, evening? can We narrow it down a little more?

Mandi~~~ Which works best? I would assume more of the sparring is going on Saturday evening. topaz will be assisting with this as well.
I had figured W/we would retain a cut and paste of the more informative things posted, as well.

Lemuel~~~ I'm not sure yet whether there will even be anyone sparring on Saturday, but afternoon would probably work fine if You and topaz are available then.

topaz{AA}~~~ Master Lemuel...topaz has made sure she is available all Friday evening, and all day Saturday and Saturday Night.....so as to assit in any way....*smiles warmly*
Sunday, only in the morning will she be available

Mandi~~~ **looking to topaz** Assuming no conflict arises with a girl's Master, Saturday afternoon should be fine, right?

topaz{AA}~~~ *laughs*...conflicts Lady Mandi?...a girl is sure there shall be none

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to topaz~ I think Saturday will be fine for the fashion show. Just trying to nail down a time so people will know when to be here. and watch you model the fine clothes Mandi makes.

topaz{AA}~~~ *cheeks pinken slightly*...Aye Master Lemuel...*smiling*

Mandi~~~ About two or three Poolside time, Lemuel? Or is that too early on a big shopping day?

SabreWolf~~~ I'm looking forward for fun..err,,,"skills"..yea,thats the word,,laughs,,I wish You well Friends,,

Lemuel~~~ ~looks to jaz~ What do you think? 2 or 3 poolside time a good time?

Mandi~~~ *smile lines appear above veils* If A/any are interested in modeling, it will be fairly painless, and I can be reached anytime I am on the site, please feel free to PM Me, or My email addy is Mandi_Dressmaker@hotmail.com

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~thinking~.. perhaps 3 may be better Master

Mandi~~~ **looking to Lemuel**

Lemuel~~~ ~G~ Well, I plan on being around as much as possible on Saturday, so if You can't find any other FM to model, I'll do it. Just have to have those tunics extra large, especially around My paga gut. ~G~

Gornt~~~ I will be here on Saturday morning
if any wish to give preview of fashion show

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Alright. 3pm CST (poolside) time then. That o.k. with You Mandi? and you topaz?

Mandi~~~ **looking to Lemuel** It appears You have not gained more than a stone since the last time I made You a tunic, so Your sizes should be reasonably current.

Mandi~~~ That is fine.

Stavros~~~ The Thief is done.. I need to make a lot of money tonight for the auction.. so you better watch your pockets tonight... I'm on a mission!! ~Chuckling as I head towards the door~

topaz{AA}~~~ aye Master Lemuel...*spoken softly*

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the Water clock~
O.K. - anything more about the festival??? Questions, comments, volunteers???

Mandi~~~ Lemuel, let Me know if You will need anything, also topaz indicated she would be around quite a bit Friday and Saturday, though not Sunday morning.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I think we got most everything taken care of. Didn't get a volunteer for name that slave, but I can host that Sunday.

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** I'm submitting that Builder limerick, Lem.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Great! I can't wait to see it. I'll have to see if I can come up with one or two. ~EG~

Lemuel~~~ ~looks about~ Well, if that's all the questions, etc. I'm calling the forum to a close.

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** Well, I wonder if there will be door prizes.

topaz{AA}~~~ LOL...actually Lady Mandi...she said aye to Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning...tis Sunday afternoon she can't

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Just talmits, ribbons and such I believe. That and pride in a job well done. ~G~

Mandi~~~ Need some lavendar ribbons? I'm way overstocked on lavenders, Advisor.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Aye Mandi, that would be great.