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Bringing our characters to life The Weather in Port Kar

Anniversary Celebration

Bringing our characters to life

SabreWolf~~~ Anybody Got any good(or not so good) topics for tonight?,,smile

Mandi~~~ Should We state them openly or in a private message to You, Captain?

SabreWolf~~~ You can whisper them I suppose,,smiles,,

SabreWolf~~~ ok Mandi,,i only know one way to do this,,grins,,so,,here's the first topic
My topic was a request for some of the Men to come in with more War and Sea stories, as those always lend an ambience in here.

Markos~~~ sitting back listening for the topic, My eyes on topaz

Mandi~~~ **chuckles softly** That works well, Captain. Efficient, too.

Emerald Forest~~~ *stories are good Sabre,but there has to be people in here to tell them too and sometimes there is no one around LOL*

SabreWolf~~~ any scribes here?..chuckles,,,

Mandi~~~ **looks to paz** a girl can read and write, can she not?

topaz{AA}p~~~ Aye Mistress...she has scribed before...*smiles softly*

Lemuel~~~ ~coughing and sniffling~
Aye Captain. I've got it covered.

Mandi~~~ Sabrewolf, topaz will scribe

Mandi~~~ **looking to Lem. Oh. It's already covered, then.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles wondering where My girl is~

Phen~~~ Sabre but isnt that what R/P is? *Confused look* Telling bullshit and pretending to be someone else*wink*

SabreWolf~~~ so I suppose the lil story of the baby tarn wasn't worth a courage scar?,,grins

Mandi~~~ Phen, Some of these characters, though would be talling wild and true tales in the Tavern. The story would be part of the character.

Mandi~~~ For example, EF told Us earlier how He acquired syture, and the tale was riveting and added to the story about the girl and helped introduce her to U/us here.

Phen~~~ Mandi I still don't get it I have seen say Kyoto for instance tell a story about a journey and raiding and it is part of His character to do that aren't what we are really saying is ppl have more extensions of their characters by weaving stories about them?

Emerald Forest~~~ *but Phen,how could someone be someone else when I am a warrior and I tell stories of what a warrior would do when He travels*

Molly~~~ ~listens~

Mandi~~~ Yes, Phen, exactly. And since Many of the Adventures happen outside the walls of the Tavern, it is appropriate to hear of them at the end of the day, during R&R time, as it were.
These stories do weave more texture into the characters over time.

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** You all really don't want to hear about the mundane stuff about the shop, but the real Adventurers have great tales to share.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Tal, and greetings all... sorry I am late... Is the forum already going ?? and if so, what is the topic ???

SabreWolf~~~ personally I don't feel all of Us are guilty,,I can bosk shit with the best of them,,laughs

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Mandi's words~
Aye, some of the stories I could tell would bore people to tears. ~G~

Kayla~~~ I would say it is a way of passing the time when things are slow in the Tavern. I wish there were more sparring Myself... business has been down

Mandi~~~ **chuckling at Kayla** If there were more closely contested spars, there might be more stories about them generated as well.

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling as Kayla solicits injuries~

SabreWolf~~~ I agree with Kayla,,,grins,,lets start now,,,

Deirdre~~~ *grinning at Kayla's comment....and nodding*
Seems to be that way all over Gor, Dear Lady.........Warriors aren't sparring as They used to....

Emerald Forest~~~ *sparring would be great Kayla but when there is only free woman and kajirae in here stories are the best way to relieve the boredom*

Mandi~~~ *smile lines appear above veils** Gornt, I never would hope for injuries, just a little wear and tear on tunics.

Phen~~~ Yes but I think these stories come with experience, knowledge and self confidence also to make it realistic ppl would need to understand and know what they are talking about...So it is a personal thing then...I am sure if ppl know who can be lets say coerced into telling a story well then they should ask them*S*

topaz{AA}p~~~ *nods, smiling at Master Forest, having just heard His tale, delighted as always hearing His stories*

Molly~~~ ~listens~ waiting for shiri to come

Gornt~~~ see blood sport is a growth industry

*~pearly teeth sinking into supple lips,as calia thinks of kajira antics in the kennels~* ...hand sliding over smiling lips,winking to lissa...

Mandi~~~ Aye, Phen, yet how will We know Who has Adventures unless They come forth with some? After All, in Port Kar, We do not get into Others' ........ er.......business to know Who is doing what.

Markos~~~ listening to the banter, feeling out of habit for My sword, but knowing it is there

Deirdre~~~ *grinning at Gornt* Aye.....but that also depends on whose blood is spilled.....

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay... * in MY opinion *.... adding " color " to your character by coming up with stories is just one more way to expand the whole role play experience... The trouble come in when the person telling such tales makes them so much more * LARGER THAN LIFE * that it make him, or her, come off as a real drop kick... or somebody just trying TOO HARD to be the centre of attention...

Gornt~~~ aye M'Lady but in a spar it is One of Us

Deirdre~~~ *nodding to Gornt* That is true.......

Gornt~~~ maybe we should go capture warriors and use them to spar against

topaz{AA}p~~~ *looks to her sexy sis calia and winks, thinking handsome sweaty Masters sparring is a good thing....chuckles*

Deirdre~~~ *smiling at Gornt* I wasn't suggesting that.....truly....

Kayla~~~ Capture Warriors???

SabreWolf~~~ Gornt,,I always liked taking their Women,,laughs,,makes them madder,,laughs,,

Emerald Forest~~~ *if You capture warriors Gornt,They won't be sparring,They will be fighting for death*

Gornt~~~ ~shifting on the furs wondering what kennel stories there might be~

Errand Knight~~~ don't know of too many Warriors willing to be catured *chuckles* perhaps some potion may be of use

Markos~~~ thinking the casket makers and grave diggers need work too *LOL* My hand rubbing the hilt of My sword

Gornt~~~ hmmmmmmmmmm
potion like when Bosk went after Talena?

Lemuel~~~ Tassa powder would work well if they are drinking ka-la-na...

Mandi Odin's_Free_Companion 19:33:03 CST

Mandi~~~ I have yet to hear an adventure story in here that did not have a lesson or great entertainment value, and Those Who are generous enough to share them are appreciated.

SabreWolf~~~ yall know the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story??,,fairy tale starts out "once upon a time",,a sea story starts out "this is no shit'..laugh

Emerald Forest~~~ *well I say it is up to the people that are in whether they want to hear a story from someone or not and if it is bullshit then they can leave or stay and listen to it,then that person might get to be a better story teller LOL*

topaz{AA}p~~~ *chuckles hearing Master Sabrewolf*

Molly~~~ ~laughing under veils~

Errand Knight~~~ aye..there is need of some good story telling whilst the ales are drunk here in the tavern

SabreWolf~~~ ok..Anyone else got anything to say on this subject?

SabreWolf~~~ Rollo,,any words of Wisdom?/..grins,,or a good topic??,,Anyone got anything more they wanna contribute?

Rollo the Ax~~~ * Looking around...* has it only My puter that had a brain fart just now ???? LOL.. it couldn't get ANY posting to go through for a few minutes..... anyway... Words of Wisdom ???? LOL..LOL.. okay how about for all You Yanks at this time or year..... " Don't eat yellow snow "... ??? Y'all mean like that ???? LOL...LOL.. LMAO....

deka{Jake}~~~ ~laughing hard at the Tasty One and His yellow snow remark~

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs then coughs, pounding My chest~


The Weather in Port Kar

SabreWolf~~~ lets talks about the weather for a few,,smiles,,I know We're all in different climates,,but perhaps We should consider where Port Kar is in relation to gor,,smile

Mandi~~~ **chuckles** Yeah, at some times of the day, Sabre, S/some want to throw logs on the fire and O/others want to prop the doors open for air or go hang in the chillery.

Gornt~~~ and others of us want to see kajira dnace and taste kalana

Deirdre~~~ *grinning at Mandi....nodding at My Fellow Lone Star's comment*

topaz{AA}p~~~ *grins at the talk of the weather*

Phen~~~ *Nods at Sabre* Well I always take it on the northen atmospheres seasons...

SabreWolf~~~ well,,,baised on what I seen and understand,,Port Kar is just a lil north of the equator,,smiles,,hawiiya,,or somewhere along those lines,,I think

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, on all the maps I have ever seen about Gor...( maybe 2 or 3 ) that people have come up with, Port Kar is in a temperate zone... NOT north enough to get real cold, and not south enough to be really tropical... and like any Sea side city on a gulf, there would be gulf winds and such to keep it cool in the summer and yet warm in the winter.... Rainy, fog, and moderate weather year round....

Asellus~~~ All descriptions I can think of reading about Port Kar make it sound like where I live now--swampy, muggy, and otherwise uncomfortable. I could be wrong. *shrugs*

Lemuel~~~ I always think of Port Kar as a bit farther north. There was ice in the water bucket during the battle on the 25th of Se'Kara, which would be around October on the earthen calandar.

Phen~~~ Yes but also around the 25th isnt it cold or cooler as in the books ice forms on the ships and the water gourds but would that just occur at sea?

Kayla~~~ So more like the Florida gulf

Deirdre~~~ *thinking.....Gee.....that description sounds SO familiar*

Gornt~~~ aye
I agree Lemuel

SabreWolf~~~ I left that there Lem,,laughs,,it was otta the servery,,laughs,,,

Lemuel~~~ I think it's probably about where Charelston, SC would be in the states.
Maybe as far north as Anapolis, MD.

Errand Knight~~~ aye ..much of Port kar is built on land reclaimed from the swaps..indeed except for the raised roads to the north much is still swampland ..not tropical swamps as I understand but warm ..just as the Port is a filthy place, though the Captains have made some efforts to clean the streets and narrow laneways are a breading ground for urts and vermin

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at Errand Knight*

Deirdre~~~ *grinning at Lem* Well......the ice in October part isn't familiar at all.......so scratch that last comment.....

Gornt~~~ yes like the DelMarVa penisula

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,so We get a lil cold snap ever now and then,,grins,,keeps the bugs down,,

Mandi~~~ Dei, in the Port Kar We know, it happens about every six years, and the trails are covered with black ice, even that far down south.

calia{GS}~~~ ~understanding smile~ then nakid wenches like calia,didn't catch colds in these months? *giggling* hands sliding down her warm belly,back to supple thighs...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Good point, Lemuel, and one I forgot.... Okay, maybe some ice, but not really too much, I think... was that quote from within the harbor or out at sea during the battle ??? Maybe out on the Thassa it gets colder ????
LOL..LOL.. Y'all who live in RT areas that would know will have to answer the question... I was born, raised, and lived land locked for 35 yrs... and now am tropical...

Gornt~~~ ~chuckles at Sabre~

Phen~~~ *Turning to the Captain Rollo* Ok now where would Charelston be on our end of the world?

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Another reason I think of Charleston is those swamps. There are plenty of those in Charlie's town. ~G~

Sabre Wolf 20:00:46 CST

SabreWolf~~~ it'd be on the other side of the world Phen,,grins

Errand Knight~~~ calia: colds and flu are unknown on gor ..most disease other than darkosos and the poks have been eliminated ..though Physicans need to be vigilant in a Port city

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** **wondering which way the water swirls in Port Kar when a basin is drained**

Phen~~~ But then again considering the clothing of the women from the rence marshes it would not be cold for long or they would freeze their um certain parts off*L*

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling and stifling another cough~
Well, Port Kar is in the northern hemisphere of Gor. And Rollo, the part where it mentions the ice in the bucket is when they are out to sea, so it would be a little colder I'd think.

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,smiles,,,Anyone got anything else to say about the weather??,smiles,,I know I learned never to have a bucket of ice left onbaord a ship again,,laugh

topaz{AA}p~~~ perhaps this might help?
Port Cities

Port Kar
"I knew that only those who were free would be permitted to make a city. Doubtless there were many slaves in Ko-ro-ba but they would be allowed only to serve those who raised the walls and towers. Not one stone could be placed in either wall or tower by a man or woman who was not free. The only city I know of on Gor which was built by the labor of slaves, beneath the lash of Masters, is Port Kar which lies in the delta of the Vosk."
Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 60

"It is perhaps a small thing to see on the belt of an artisan a silver buckle of the style worn in mountainous Thentis or to note the delicacy of dried eels from Port Kar in the marketplace, but these things, small though they are, speak to me of a new Tharna."
Book 2, Outlaw of Gor, page 248

"The most important reason for not finding a guide, of course, even among the eastern rence growers, is that the delta is claimed by Port Kar, which lies within it, some hundred pasangs from its northwestern edge, bordering on the shallow Tamber Gulf, beyond which is gleaming Thassa, the Sea. Port Kar, crowded, squalid, malignant, is sometimes referred to as the Tarn of the Sea.
Her name is a synonym in Gorean for cruelty and piracy. The fleets of tarn ships of Port Kar are the scourge of Thassa, beautiful, lateen-rigged galleys that ply the trade of plunder and enslavement from the Ta-Thassa Mountains of the southern hemisphere of Gor to the ice lakes of the North; and westward even beyond the terraced island of Cos and the rocky Tyros, with its labyrinths of vart caves.
I was in the delta of the Vosk, and making my way to the city of Port Kar, which alone of Gorean cities commonly welcomes strangers, though few but exiles, murderers, outlaws, thieves and cutthroats would care to find their way to her canalled darknesses."
Book 6, Raiders of Gor, p 5

"Port Kar, squalid, malignant Port Kar, scourge of gleaming Thassa, Tarn of the Sea, is a vast, disjointed mass of holdings, each almost a fortress, piled almost upon one another, divided and crossed by hundreds of canals.......It is, in effect, walled, though it has few walls as one normally thinks of them. Those buildings which face outwards, say, either at the delta or along the shallow Tamber gulf, have no windows on the outward side, and the outward walls of them are several feet thick, and they are surmounted, on the roofs, with crenellated parapets. The canals which open into the delta of the Tamber were, in the last few years, fitted with heavy, half-submerged gates of bars."
Book 6, Raiders of Gor, page 103

I held up the rock. "Do we have a Home Stone?" I asked the men. "I will accept it as my Home Stone," said the slave boy, Fish. None of the men laughed. The first to accept the Home Stone of Port Kar was only a boy, and a slave. But he had spoken as an Ubar."
Book 6, Raiders of Gor, page 252

Rollo the Ax~~~ Phen ????? Damned if I know or could say .... I know where it is in America, but in Oz ??? we would have to turn the place up-side down to get a true comparison, so * I * can't answer that one......

Phen~~~ *Smiling* Thank you anyway Captain...

SabreWolf~~~ Phen,,about 800 miles from the equator,,smiles,,straight line of course,,in what would be Your fall of the year,,


Anniversary Celebration

SabreWolf~~~ Anyone wanna discuss the Festival??,,grins,,

Kayla~~~ I know jasma needs more help both from the Council and the Patrons

Mandi~~~ I undertand jaz is working up a page on it, as it is an Anniversary. **smile lines appear above veils**

Mandi~~~ I'm trying to put together a style show, and may participate in contests as appropriate for a FW.

Mandi~~~ By the way, GC just had their big festival and Lemuel's property brought in Second Place at the display event. Way to go, Builder.

SabreWolf~~~ We goona sing?,,Yall all know what a fine singing voice i have,,grins,,,

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at mention of My girl's talents~

Errand Knight~~~ Sabre: a tavern Masters choir perhaps?

Gornt~~~ ~chuckles~ and we are going to sing GreGOREAN chants

Molly~~~ Laughs~ Yes One loves Hearing you croon while bathing SABRE~

Mandi~~~ Seriously, I heard a Musician singing Gorean songs in another place, and I was startled to hear one verse from the FW, then realized it was a song, and was most entertained by it.

SabreWolf~~~ I've haerd some excellent paridoies,,grins,,,even made one or two up

Kayla~~~ well jasma needs a liason to the Captains seems to make most sense that be You Lem ~smiling~ with Rollo agreement of course

Mandi~~~ I heard kanda sing well the other day, and the acoustics in here are actually very good. I suppose the Captains planned quite well in building the Tavern.

indra{EK}~~~ ~quietly wonders if Master will sing in the choir~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... I have a couple of CDs of those, Gornt...LOL... not bad really... LOL..

Errand Knight~~~ indra: I have sung in a male choir for 5 years now

Rollo the Ax~~~ I see nothing wrong with that idea, Lady Kayla... a good idea in fact... I say go for it, Lemuel... Okay ???

indra{EK}~~~ ~excited smile~ Yours can't wait to hear You then ~*snuggles back in close*~

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling~ thanks Rollo I was beginnign to think i was wasting this material

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Alright Captain. I know that jaz needs to know if the contests and activities she's emailed to the Council are acceptable. Does Any have an objection to the things she's posted?

SabreWolf~~~ We gonna work out the details of the sparring?

Kayla~~~ We need Some one to lead the Sparring Contest and prefeer a Captain... You up to it Homie?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Sabre~
Aye, Someone needs to take charge of that, Captain. You volunteerin'? ~G~

SabreWolf~~~ well,,,smile,,,I try to work something out,,,I'll get with jas and set some simple rules We usually spar by,,and a " time to be online" chart,,something,,smiles

SabreWolf~~~ the Council will have to judge a winner?/..

Lemuel~~~ There was also to be a meat toss, dance, etc. I'll have to check the Council mail to see what all else there was.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, We will have to have three Council members present to judge the sparring.

Molly~~~ Meat toss? is that like meat catch?

Rollo the Ax~~~ No problems from ME, Lemuel... I can't speak for the rest... so maybe an email telling them to speak up NOW, or forever keep their complaints to themselves is in order ??? LOL...LOL. a little poke or prod now and then is in order....LOL.

SabreWolf~~~ can they c&p their spars for a decsion???email to the council??

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, I'll get on it, Rollo. We need to get on the ball if we're going to have this festival before the holidays.

Mandi~~~ Would it be better to have S/someone along to scribe the spars for Them, so all They have to focus on is the actual spar rather than trying to cut and paste, too?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Sabre~
Aye Captain, They could, but the decisions happen faster when it's *live* - also more interesting to watch. ~G~

SabreWolf~~~ good Idea Mandi,,smiles,,

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~
Aye, in the past one of the kajirae will c&p the spar so the contestants don't have to worry about that.

SabreWolf~~~ well em,,if there's only 2 present,,,then We have a lil problem,,smile,,but We can all check email and take a ihn to vote,,grins,,,maybe not a clear "winner",,but the best sparring event??..I dunno,,just an idea...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Captain~
Aye Sabre. Let's try to judge live if We can, but have the email as a backup, o.k.?

SabreWolf~~~ ok By Me Lem,,smiles,,all I wanna do is spar,,laugh

Mandi~~~ **looking to Sabre** Are there places where Men who have not sparred in GS would be able to locate some spars from the past to get an example of the stylistic points and the general idea of how it works here as opposed to some other places?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Those fighting should NOT have to worry about C+Ping a fight... I always just did it as I judged, so I could go back and check details before giving a judgement.... sometimes re-reading a fight right after it is done brings NEW points to concider... So ??? I feel that any spar/fight should be C+Ped.... and made avaliable for judges and fighters alike....

Lemuel~~~ ~looks to Mandi~
I think I have a couple c&p's of some of the spars from Our last festival...

SabreWolf~~~ Ya got Me Mandi,,grins,,but i'd wager They get ahold of Some Of Us and Well teach Um,,,real quick,,laughs

SabreWolf~~~ on the message board Rollo?/..I like that idea,,grins,,,

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I like the idea of posting the spars to the main board. Then E/everyone can enjoy them whether they are there or not.

Errand Knight~~~ agrees with the Builder

Gornt~~~ they should be on the aux Board I think

SabreWolf~~~ might even encourage others to spar as well,,grins,,,

Mandi~~~ **nodding in agreement with Lemuel** And seeing excitement posted would generate more enthusiasm for the rest of the festival events. **kind of a trailer**

Molly~~~ ~listens~

Gornt~~~ there could be a notice on the Main Board that the spars were posted on the Aux Boards

Mandi~~~ **laughing** As much as I love the aux board being there, Tavern spars are Gorean events, and the six people who read the aux board shouldn't have all the fun.

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling at Mandi~

SabreWolf~~~ they are gorean,,and partain to the tavern,,smiles,,certanly better than 'happy damn easter",,laugh

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Mandi~

Gornt~~~ I surrender

Asellus~~~ *chuckling softly*

Molly~~~ laffs at Bunny thought~

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,Anyone esle wanna get involved?,,smiles,,We need volunteers,,

Gornt~~~ I still have to write jaz's story of Me serving

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** Sabre, if there is a list posted needing volunteers, I will gladly see what I am qualified to do and help out. Many will do the same. What volunteers are sought?

SabreWolf~~~ Lem,,you gonna geta list together??

Mandi~~~ Are the contests going to be open to Guests or limited to Pledged Patrons and home girls?

Gornt~~~ watch out for the stampede
~noting Forum must be over as they all rush for the exits~

topaz{AA}p~~~ topaz has already told mistress jaz she would help if needed...*smiling softly*

topaz{AA}p~~~ *looks about, uncertain if Forum is over....looks to Master Sabrewolf*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Sabre~ Aye, will check jasma's emails and list the events we need volunteers for on the main board.
~looks to Mandi~ In the past the contests have been open to anyone, guest or patron.

SabreWolf~~~ Anybody got anything else they wanna add tonight??(I got My orders clear,,laugh)

fyre{S}~~~ Master.. can ~fyre help at all.. please.. the only thing.. the last time, ~fyre voluntered for anything.. she wound up..butcher a bosk.. lololol

Molly~~~ OMG~ lol@ bosk carver

SabreWolf~~~ Lem,,there's Ya one,,winks a fyre,,,

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Aye, Sabre.
~jotting down fyre's name as a volunteer~

Molly~~~ I can do somethng SABRE

SabreWolf~~~ Like????? hmmmmmmmmm?

Lemuel~~~ ~jotting down Molly's name as well, grinning~

SabreWolf~~~ just grins @ Molly,,ohh,,,you mean for the festivale,,then chuckles,,Lem,,points,,,then laughs

fyre{S}~~~ gigglin towards Master Lemuel.. lolol.. that is spelled.. lolololo.. ~wanton slut, Master.. lolol.. aka ~fyre{S}...... nice to meet, You.. notes His lap is empty

Molly~~~ Heeey~ I'm skilled in party giving ~smiles~

Gornt~~~ ummmmmmmmm, Sabre, I am growing mighty thirsty is the Forum over?

Lemuel~~~ ~grinning at fyre (aka wanton slut) as I scribble furiously~
Aye girl, I don't know what happened to My lil' vulo tonight.
~looking about~ So are we about done?

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,it's over,,laughs,,Yall get back to drinkin and sparrin and such,,laughs,,

Lemuel~~~ ~finishing up the notes then rolling the rence paper up and placing it in My pouch with the marking stick~