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Dealing with uncollared slaves
Security for the GS Board
Meat Toss and Kaissa

Dealing with uncollared slaves

Gornt~~~ well what happened last night would be a good place to start

SabreWolf~~~ ok..My phone went out for the past few days,,so You might have to inform Me

shirin{SholGar}~~~ last night? what happened? ~*~looks around, lost~*~

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *hugs her friend softly and looks puzzled, wondering what happened last night*

Mandi~~~ I could try to give a recap of last night and this morning, though I was only present for last night.

Gornt~~~ a girl was here last calling herself snowflower
not the first One has seen her
She claimed to be yellow silk, but could not perform the most rudimentary serve, paz tried to she her how it should be done and while she was serving Phen, the girl poofed

Mandi~~~ I dashed off a c&p to the Council, but it had a gap which I have since mended if such would be necessary I could send the more complete one now.

Gornt~~~ about ahn and a half later she was back as SuzyQ
Mandi caught that the IP addy was the same

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *thinks that snowflower is a pretty name*

SabreWolf~~~ she makin some kinda habit outta this ?
I'd like to hear your story as well Mandi,,,

Gornt~~~ I tied her to the post and as she was most shall we say disrespect ful of Mandi and her questions, I encouraged her a bit with a whip

Gornt~~~ Mandi stayed longer than I as I had to catch the change of watch, so she can pick up from here

Mandi~~~ to the girl's credit she did post that she was snowflower returning, and the girl has several names about Gor, apparently, including sunflower and sunshine. **confused by this** I only got isp addies after becoming suspicious, though.

Gornt~~~ she had more names than the phone book

Mandi~~~ Gornt posted and whipped the girl. I asked numerous questions to determine if she was a gamer or a runaway and where she came from. And saw to it the girl would be fed and watered by the slaves until her status and fate were determined.
An Ubar came in this morning when Markos had untied the girl from the post and vanished without settling the issue in here. Though the girl was informed that she would suffer death by her Masters from her Home if she ventured in here again.

Marius~~~ Thinking back about three years ago I slit the throat of a slave called sunshine...LOL...damm that kajira was one pain in the ass..LOL..

SabreWolf~~~ she's owned somewhere?

Gornt~~~ she said something about coming from GC the Tuchuk's Camp and the FG was named electra
I have been to GC although not recently and there was no FG named electra

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ an Ubar? was a site mentioned?

SabreWolf~~~ she will suffer death here if she persist,,,

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ nor has there ever been a fg named electra in GC.

Mandi~~~ It brought up a couple of issues for Me.
Can We place on the homepage or somewhere handy some guidelines as to what Free should do in dealing with questionable uncollared slaves who may be gamers or runaways? And W/who should write up such guidelines?

Mandi~~~ yes, ariel, it was a mIrc addy and I could go to the c&p to get it if that would be helpful.

Molly~~~ I spoke with her earlier~ she had told Me that she had served incorrectly hre bur her serving style was from another Tavern?

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *nods* a mirc address.. that explains lots.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening quietly.. ~

Gornt~~~ incorrectly is putting it mildy Molly, she would have been out of place serving in a zoo the she was in here

Mandi~~~ She claimed to be under the Protectorship though not in the collar (she "did not want to wear His collar") of One named Celtic Knight in a mIrc site.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ there are two serving styles according to the books ariel thinks.. a northern serve, and a southern serve. *looks at jaz for comfirmation*

Mandi~~~ Molly, it was utter lack of knowledge, not just abbreviated mIrc'isms that might appear as a dialect or style.

Gornt~~~ well her style ari was the "i don;t know my ass from elbow " serve

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~nodding as ariel speaks~.. aye valve..

SabreWolf~~~ well,,seems to Me 2 choices in such a situation,,either give them back to their owner,,let them deal with them,,and if or when they come back,,kill them,,,that's My opinion of course,,

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *laughs* yeah, there's that serve as well. doesn't that tavern have rules in place for dealing the runaways and those that enter uncollared?

Uncollared slaves are subject to neither the protections nor the privileges of a Gorean Shores collar, and may take whatever abuse a Master chooses to inflict upon them, including death. Collared slaves may not be killed without the permission of their Master, but may be temporarily banned if necessary. Nothing herein should be deemed, however, as acceptance of the practice of putative Assassins who leap into and out of taverns in attempts to practice their trade. The killing of a Gorean slave is an extreme measure, and should not be done in haste. The Council will review all killings of uncollared slaves.
(Taken from the Kill/Capture Page
"You should not have run away, little white slave," he said.
"No, no!" she said in English.
He went behind her and, gently, that he not cut her, laid the blade upon her ankles.
"No, no!" she cried. "Please, don't! Please, don't! I will be good! I will be good!"
She tried to turn her head, to look behind her. "I will not run away again!" she cried. "Please, please," she whimpered, "do not cut off my feet."
Ulafi handed the scimitar to one of the guardsmen. He then went to the girl's head, taking the dagger from his sash.
She was trembling in misery.
Ulafi pointed to the high desk of the praetor. The he looked at her. "Kajira?" he asked.
The girl had lied before the desk of the praetor. She had denied being a Kajira, a slave girl.
She twisted her head upward, towards the praetor's desk. "Forgive me! Forgive me!" she begged. "Kajira?" asked Ulafi.
"Yes, yes," she sobbed. The she cried out, "La Kajira! La Kajira!" This was a bit of Gorean known to her. 'I am a slave girl.'
Ulafi, with his dagger, but not cutting her, put it first to her right ear, and then to the side of her small nose, and then to the left ear.
"Don't hurt me," she begged. "I'm sorry I lied! Forgive me, forgive me! La Kajira! La Kajira!"
Ulafi stood up, replacing the dagger in his sash. The girl had now learned that her feet might be cut off for running away, that her ears and nose might be cut from her for lying. She was still an ignorant girl, of course, but she now knew a little more of what it might be to be a slave on Gor.
Explores of Gor, page 69

kanda{Kane}~~~ *kanda chuckles dryly to herself at hearing Master Gornt's words..thinking that style is not very impressive*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~listens closely, finger touch the ko~lar about her neck, glad it's still there~*~

Mandi~~~ The action was the girl was tied to the post to allow Us to verify her story and she did follow through with giving information as to her home and email addies and web address.

Molly~~~ Mandi~ I pretty much told her she must have done something wrong to get tied~ but she said no more after that~ not sure if she poofed or ignored~

Mandi~~~ My questions were how to deal with players who are caught lying and dualing in here and what is the procedure to keep them out.

Gornt~~~ how posting posting ISPs on Boards

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~blowing an errant strand of sable away from the bridge of nose.. listening to the conversation.. a look of confusion on face as she tries to scribe the notes~

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,honestly,,We,re never gonna keep them totally out unless they do something really,,really bad,,disrupt the flow of the room,,,more than once,,or something,,but,,,,if We stick together and use the built in ignore feature as a group,,,,,well,,nobody likes talkin to themselves,,

Raka~~~ I would suggest that We should have some code known to all GS members and then it will be easier to find out if there is a new visitor here..

SabreWolf~~~ of course that's after We kill them,,grins,,,

Gornt~~~ ~nodding~

Gornt~~~ hehehehehehe
I vote for Sabre's plan

Mandi~~~ Sounds like a plan, but unanimous use of the ignore button will never happen. I generally ignore and leave the first time I see too much interaction with the ignored person.

kanda{Kane}~~~ *nods at Master Sabre's idea of putting troublesome ones on ignore..thinking it's correct..talking to oneself is not fun and is a deterrent*

SabreWolf~~~ I honestly feel bad service(now that's from igornance what ever,,not outright disrespect) quafilys,,grins,,and I don't even wanna know how Ya found out,,laugh

Raka~~~ We must ensure that the visitor is genuinely a traveller and not the one who is spying

Odin~~~ or at least an honered guest

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ it should happen if a Master or Mistress orders it to happen. from a slave point of view.

Gornt~~~ killing is a deterrent too

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ spying on what?

SabreWolf~~~ I dunno Mandi,,smiles,,it's worked well in the past,,I can think of several that didn't hang round for too long,,

Odin~~~ very true Gornt

calia{GS}~~~ ~*mouthing softly*~ spying? ~*puzzled look to shirin~*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~softly offering as the talk of killing is mentioned~
yet.. killing a person.. slave or Free.. don't mean shit if the person is still going to come back under assumed identities.. ~shrugs~..

Errand Knight~~~ there are spys?
*hiding His formulae in a reliable place*

SabreWolf~~~ spying?..why do i care?,all I want is the best Gorean roleplay experience We can recreate here,,hell,,I hope some sight do use any idea I got,,laughs,,couldn't hurt them none,,

Odin~~~ although I'm not a Member of GS are You able to read the ips number

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~shrugs and tilts her head at calia~*~

Mandi~~~ **strikes shoulder in agreement with Sabre**
Well said.

Gornt~~~ I agree Sabre

Raka~~~ Capt. Sabre, by a spy I meant was someone who comes here with the intention of disturbing the Tavern

Mandi~~~ Odin, You are a member of the site and Your ip number is not visible, but when You were not a member at Poolside with an icon, Your ip was visible.

SabreWolf~~~ that's when We use the ignore feature,,smile,,,now if they persist in interrupting the flow of the room,,,then a few letters to Gary from different folks and he'll look into it,,smile,,

Odin~~~ ahhhhhhhhhh

kanda{Kane}~~~ *listening*

SabreWolf~~~ it's gonna happen from time to time Raka,,those are the time's I'm talking about now,,personally I feel it'd have to be a "room" consesus at the time to place them on ignore or not,,,at least till the Council vote,,,


Security for the GS Board

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ has there been a decision made on security for the GS Board? ariel is not in favor of it.....

SabreWolf~~~ it ain't gonna happen ariel,,smiles,,it stays as is,,

Mandi~~~ I believe Rollo spoke eloquently in retaining the open board, ariel.
And I will state that W/we should claim Our words or not post them...............PERIOD. But enforcing it relies on an Honor System. If an Honor System will not work on Gor, it will not wark anywhere.

The message posted by Master Rollo

Tal, and greetings all……

After watching so many things being not only said openly but implied, either by omission or * reading between the lines * here on OUR message board, I felt it about time to step back up on My soap box and say a few words.

So…. Let Us speak about understanding honor, things coming to an end, and passwords or restricted accesses …..

HONOR ??? For such a small word… a few letters strung together… A concept or idea that means so VERY much to many.. What exactly is it ??? This in and of itself is as much of the problem as the concept itself…. For some folks, Honor means many very clear cut things… for others, it means other things… differing layers or levels of importance or concern… What is a main point or perhaps the very foundation of Honor for one person might very well be of lesser concern or not even have any bearing on it. We here TRY to either show or explain just what Honor is or means to Us, as a whole… The very concept of ANY social grouping is that those that * come together * to form the group accept the same rules, meanings, and/or levels of * accepted behaviour * … To not do so goes against the very idea of being * of the group *… or a member of the society.. So WHY is it that very often there are those that just don’t seem to * GET IT * ??? that no matter how much effort or how many times have the accepted * NORM * of the society explained to them, still continue to ignore the rules ??? To tell the truth, folks, I, Myself, can’t give Y’all any good reasons or explanations…It seems to boil down to the simply fact that * some people will just NEVER learn or care *… To speak with such people about a concept ( Honor ) is useless and a waste of time… It seems that the word or at least its meaning is not within their vocabulary or range of understanding.. They are not on the same page… hell, they ain’t even reading out of the same book, so how can We expect them to understand ???? We might as well be speaking Greek, or Latin.. Or perhaps a closer analogy might well be trying to have those of different species communicate ??? How can we expect lions and tigers to growl explanations to donkeys when all the asses can do is bray and dig in their heels and not be lead along the proper course ???

This coming to an end ??? ALL things come to an end…sooner or later.. some sooner than we want or like… some later than we might hope for… But ONE thing will always be constant!!!!! If there is a way for somebody to screw things up.. either by accident or on purpose, it WILL happen… For some folks, the act of * stirring up the shit * or causing problems seems to be their one true joy in life… For those of us that do NOT act or think the same, we much make choices… to either allow those that take joy in hurting and insulting to * get to us * and thereby much us unhappy also… or to IGNORE them, and there by remove any power they thought they had … Simply put.. except for REAL physical harm, other people have NOTHING that they can do to you, that you don’t LET them have !!! If * YOU * don’t let them bug you or you don’t let them anger you, they have LOST !!!! and sooner or later these same people will tire of their dip shit games and leave…..

Lastly, passwords or restricted access to message boards; Simply put, I feel that that are two points to be made or said.
One; Each message board that is made is put there with the idea of contacting others of a like mind or interest. The overall concept is for an OPEN discourse between people… quite simply, not everybody is going to agree of feel the same way about EVER subject or topic. That is to be expected as far as I am concerned. In a free and open society, there is always the chance that somebody else will try to use misinformation or out right lies against another person… that is the way of the world, folks… The ONLY recourse is usually to be able to refute such lies with the TRUTH. It should also be said that such lies by unknown persons or those that hide their true identity should NEVER be accepted or given ANY consideration… Also, there is the simple fact that each and every such message board is controlled by some person.. usually the one that started it or controls it use … such as the GS message board.. Gary M, Myself, or Marius are the ONLY ones that have the power to remove any postings… the rules are shown at the top, and there is NO debate. Quite simple really… The answer then seems clear enough to Me… if either MOST of those people using the auxiliary board, or the person that controls it, want to have some set of rules for its use, they need to decide what they want, post them CLEARLY, and then simply remove any postings that do NOT fall within the set limits… Two; Censorship is and always has been a tool used by oppressors and dictators. There has always been those that start off with good intentions that allow themselves to be corrupted by the use of such powers. I may not always agree with what other folks have to say or think, but I have never told them that they have no right to think that way. The trouble comes when people can’t accept or see that there is a HUGE difference between the ideas and ideals of * FREE SPEECH * and just plain Cheap talk ….

Well, time to go back to sleep I guess… pull back into My cave and wait until I am once again moved to shoot off My mouth about things…

Be Well, all….


shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles liking Master Sabrewolf's announcement about the boards~*~

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ good.

SabreWolf~~~ Our problem with the board is minimum compared to some boards,,

Gornt~~~ I have always beleived if One is not ready to stand by His ~nodding ot Mandi~ or Her words then I do wish to call Him Brother

Errand Knight~~~ agrees with Mandi
though often gorean honour is not given enough focus in training of those new to gor

desiree{Algernon}~~~ Master Algernon could not be here for this evening's forum...however, He did ask a girl to post something in regards to the use of passwords for the boards...
His concern..and only concern was that "anyone" could come in and say that they were "someone" else....and He felt that for this reason...that He suggested that this be considered...

kanda{Kane}~~~ *smiles at shirin..agreeing with her*

SabreWolf~~~ I think Kid rock said it best"You say i'm cocky?..but I say "what?"..it ain't bragging m/f if Ya back it up",,grin

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *laughs and puts her face in her hands*

SabreWolf~~~ it's been considered des,,smile,,but then,,things like that outta be quickly removed,,,

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *softly smiling* and yes...most of those "posts" have been removed very quickly....

Mandi~~~ Errand Knight. I suppose I have learned much about honor from peer pressure in here. And even some slaves have shown examples.
The idea of spoofing S/someone else is foreign to any system of honor.

Stavros~~~ But I like entertaining those idiot posts on the GS baord.. Gives me a chance to chuckle once and a while... cause I know they are only posted to irritate.. So I irritate back.. *WEG* I mean.. you can't take any of the smart ass comments serious can ya. Especially when they are derogitive between patrons..

SabreWolf~~~ Stavros,,if I felt offended,,I'd take it serious and take someone to the pit,,well,,anyone but an anon,,i don't reply to those,,

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~voice lifting slightly~
the idea of the message board being password protected as far as protecting one's identity is one thing.. yet.. then only those that are members of poolside chat would be able to post on the board.. and that's a downfall this one believes.. there are many from other sites that as well post on our boards, information, questions, etc. and that's a good thing.. there are always those few that will continue to want to cause trouble and mayhem.. yet.. we just have to be *bigger* than they are, and not let it cause a problem.. It would cause more problems if the board was set up like the DM and the pool subs, by almost stating that we're *elite* and we don't want any one else to post on the boards, when we're only hoping those few wouldn't do so..

Mandi~~~ **looking to the Thief** We can always count on You to be lively. I believe One erred one night and left My purse Heavier........
You have added to the ambience in here, Thief.

Stavros~~~ ~looking to Mandi~ well then if you know what honor is and you know the "so called person" who posted the remark. Then we should all know it wasn't posted by that individual. I think most of the patrons know who each and everyone is. So when you see someone taking someone elses identity and tries to ruin their integrity, we would know better.. Right?

Mandi~~~ Perhaps, Stavros, but not all are in often enough and it is confusing enough in here without fake identities and the flaming is bad enough without being magnified by imp handles and hit and run character assaults.

Stavros~~~ ~laughs at Sabre's comment~ Yeah I'd take them to the pit too.. but I'd rob them first.. LOL.. nothing like jumping into a pit realizing they got their steel stolen from them.. LOL!!!

SabreWolf~~~ I dunno Mandi,,smiles,,if the progression of 100 postiive and good post to 1 negnative or bad post stays,,I'll take 100 bad post(that means 1000 good post,,grin)

Stavros~~~ Well Mandi.. that's what I mean.. we need to read the post and realize if it from a patron then we either check if it's valid from the horses mouth or if we don't know who the poster is we ignore it or entertain it.. LOL!!!

SabreWolf~~~ anymore ideas on this subject??..something We ain't covered?



SabreWolf~~~ ok,,anyone gotta new topic?

Mandi~~~ Aye, what are the proper utensils to be used for eating?

Mandi~~~ Most of U/us drink in here, but it is an interesting topic.

SabreWolf~~~ laughs,,Well,,folks from the wagons use their quiva mostly,,grins,,,what I alway found instering and creative was the slaves cutting meat up with touching a knife,,chuckles,,remembering days of shells and such,,

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening.. ~
with respect Master SabreWolf.. it had been brought up in a past discussion that the slaves could use a knife to cut meat and that now.. even in Priest Kings, the slave, Vika, used a shaving knife to shave Tarl Cabot..

Mandi~~~ When attending a feast at Ar a few hands ago, I had the experience of being served a beautiful platter of meats, vegetables, bread and fruit and was offered two prongs.

SabreWolf~~~ I was just remembering jas,,chuckles,,,I trust yall with a knife,,over there,,laughs again,,

Gornt~~~ yes and I was surprised at that
that she was allowed to shave him

SabreWolf~~~ I don't think I could let Anyone shave Me,,chuckles,,

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening~
aye, Mistress Mandi.. one believes the prongs were mostly mentioned in Turia..
Vika had actually shaved Tarl while he was asleep, Master Gornt.. he was surprised when he awakened and found himself shaved..
~smiling to Master SabreWolf.. ~

Gornt~~~ I can't believe He could sleep through it

Mandi~~~ In serves with sugars and so forth, there are spoons brought with those, a separate spoon for each sugar, correct, jaz?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ in jaz's opinion.. only a foolish slave would dare try to use a knife or something similiar as a weapon against a Free.. the slave wouldn't live too long if she did..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ she was very gentle, Master Gornt, as a slave should be ~smiles softly~

Gornt~~~ aye jas

Mandi~~~ What about the Free being allowed knives to cut meat with
**looking at stained gloves**

Stavros~~~ ~looks to Sabre~ well you never know... Some mistress might give you a date rape drug.. ya know... a couple of kanda leaves in your paga.. LMAO!!!! wake up and be all shaved.. ~Laughing~

Gornt~~~ ~looking at shirin~
a blade on My neck is going to wake My ass up in a hurry

Gornt~~~ that is what teeth were invented for Mandi

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ it used to be in GS, that the girls didn't bring spoons even for the blackwine, Mistress Mandi.. however.. according to the books.. one spoon is brought for each sugar, the white, and yellow.. and that's how this one has been doing it since reading it that way..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~winks~ bet shirin could do it, Master Gornt

Mandi~~~ I had seen mention of the meat carving knife used by the slaves being dulled, which made little sense to Me.
In some sites, knives are completely forbidden for the slaves to touch......period.

SabreWolf~~~ Stavros,,or being captured by panther girls and having Yer head shaved,,that'd be bad,,laughs,,

topaz{AA}p~~~ the only reference topaz has found in the GS Slave manual in reference to a knife allowed is this:

one of the most common food serves in GS, roasted bosk (like beef) is over the fire on a spit and now due to a change of rules in GS, a slave may now use the butcher knife and cut/slice a slab of the bosk from the roast, same thing would apply if it was tarsk (pork) roast, verr (goat) roast, tabuk (venison) roast, vulo (chicken) or any other type of roasted meat.

Stavros~~~ Yes that would be bad.. very bad.. LOL!!!!

SabreWolf~~~ just have the girls cut it up for You Mandi,,smiles

Gornt~~~ good girl

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ aye, Mistress Mandi.. if jaz serves meat to a Free, she will place a knife and a fork, with the plate on the tray..
she knows that many sites still don't allow a slave to touch a knife.. but she also feels.. realistically speaking.. using a shell would not cut through a thick slice of bosk, or tarsk, or actually any meat, expect perhaps some fish

topaz{AA}p~~~ if topaz may.....that after hearing a girl being reprimanded for not bringing a knife and fork...this girl checked through the GS manual...and that is how she found that one and only reference to a knife, did not think slaves were to bring knives to the Free, and she did not see any freence to forks either, though spoons for sugars and spoons to eat stews, soups were used she believes

SabreWolf~~~ all I know is Ya lift the bosk to Yer lips,,then Ya take the quiva and cut it off as Ya hold it in Yer mouth,,grin,,

topaz{AA}p~~~ topaz thought that a girl cut the meat into small pieces when slicing it from the roasting bosk mistress jasma.....so then topaz is allowed to bring knives?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ also.. can a girl say.. although the slave manual don't mention anything about bringing utensils when serving food, doesn't mean that it don't happen.. it's a basic guide, but also we must use common sense.. whereas a Man may enjoy having a slave on his lap, ripping bites of meat off with her fingers and feeding Him.. a FW would more than likely wish to cut the piece of meat, herself.. so a knife should be provided..

topaz{AA}p~~~ *nods understanding to mistress jasma, smiling*

Stavros~~~ ~looks to jasma..grinning feverishly~ now that's the way to be served... however with those actions I don't think I be hungry for that type of meat... ~running my hand between calia's legs... grabbing a handful~ *WEG*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ there are certain things, however, a girl don't see a need for a knife or fork.. bread for one thing.. she don't see it needing cut.. and there are times.. when serving fruit, jaz don't bring an eating utensil for it either..
there are many times... a slave really needs to know the Free they're serving.. for there's always that chance that a slave will be found displeasing and not realize she has been.. till it's too late..

Mandi~~~ OK, thanks jaz, I would rather decide how big the bites of meat are, but I have been receiving servings of bread and merely tearing them into smaller pieces, much as I am taught in r/t to do.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~gazing at Master Stavros.. groaning and missing her Owner.. whispering~.. a girl serves meat like that often, Master.. ~nodding~

topaz{AA}p~~~ *listening intently to mistress jaz, eyes bright*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ aye, Mistress.. ~smiling warmly~..
a girl hopes that helps..


Meat Toss and Kaissa

Stavros~~~ next subject.. things moving a bit to slow here.. LOL!!!

SabreWolf~~~ pick a subject Stavros,,chuckles,,

Gornt~~~ here is your big chance Thief

Stavros~~~ Ohhh. lets seee... okay.. how about.. Where the hell did meat toss originate from and has anyone ever played kaissa?

Gornt~~~ kaissa?

SabreWolf~~~ Kaissa
a form of,,smile

Mandi~~~ It is a Gorean board game similar to chess. W/women are not allowed to play the game, though S/some go to the websites with kaissa available and play it in informal matches online.

Mandi~~~ **smile lines appear above veils at the efficiency of the Captain**

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ meat catch was first mentioned in Captive of Gor, Master Stavros.. then it was later mentioned in Magicians.. a girl don't believe it being mentioned in the books in between.

Stavros~~~ Here ya go Gornt....
kaissa ciphers (noun): used by the caste of players for transmission of private messages but can be used by anyone; often extremely difficult to decipher. Book 20: Players of Gor, page 243

SabreWolf~~~ besides,,it's a lotta fun,,laughs,,,

Stavros~~~ Sabre.. does the characters movements in kaissa move like chess characters?


Lana, Ute and I knelt in a line, facing the players. Our hands were bound behind our backs with binding fibre.
The men, wagering, tossed us pieces of meat.
We caught them, in the firelight. A catch was two points. A piece wich was dropped was fair game for any. We fought for the dropped pieces. The retrieval of such a piece was one point. Ute dropped a piece and Landa and I fought, each holding to a part of the fallen prize, rolling and tearing. I struggled back to my knees, tearing my head to one side. "Mine!" I cried, swallowing the meat, almost choking, laughing.
Captive of Gor, page 112

SabreWolf~~~ in that game,,chuckles,,but by the books it's much some different,,,I just made it easy,,

Stavros~~~ meat toss is fun.. I toss quite often.. ~laughing wickedly~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ kaissa.. a board game much favored on Gor; the board is marked with 100 squares colored alternately red and yellow; there are 20 pieces per side which represent Ubar and Ubara, Initiates, Riders of the High Tharlarion, Tarnsmen, Scribes, Builders, Spearmen or Spear Slaves, and the Home Stone; it is played much like chess the object being to capture one's opponent's Home Stone; in Torvaldsland the Ubar, Ubara, Tarnsman, Initiate, and Scribes are replaced by the Jarl, Jarl's Woman, Ax, Rune-Priest, and Singer respectively. Instead of a Home Stone, the object is to take the Hall.

Odin~~~ as long as its not like tossing a salad

SabreWolf~~~ that's why I call it barbarian kaissa,,laughs,,,

Gornt~~~ ~listening~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~wiggling fingers as she drops the writing instrument.. listening and looking at the pieces of rence paper.. hoping she can make out all the notations on it.. ~

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,We'll call this forum over,,and We can get back to real Gor,,chuckles,,,

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ thank You, Master SabreWolf for moderating the forum and for allowing the mere wench to speak..