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Two prior topics, one new Where Port Kar is located
The length of serves About she-urts

Two prior topics, one new

Rollo~~~ WELL... Lets see how things go...??? LOL... Shall we get tonights forum started ???

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Senior Captain while tracing designs down the first girl's back with My fingertip~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Him speak.. nodding.. she breathes in deep from Master Lemuel's touch~

calia{GS}~~~ nuzzling her face into Master Gornt's thigh while hearing Master Rolls words , sitting taller , slave anxious to learn ......

Rollo~~~ LOL...LOL... Anyway....Lets not hold up the forum any more....... Welcome to the GS forum, all.... same rules and proceedures as always.... doesn anyone have a topic they wish to begin with.....?????

Rollo~~~ Smiling at the fg, and wondering what I would ever do without her efficiency and the way she keeps track of all those details that I seem to never get right..... I now know that there were a couple of past topics that may still need attended to.... the location of Port Kar...and some question about serves...how long they should be ??? is that right jasma ??????

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking over to Master Rollo as He speaks of a girl.. smiling warmly~
aye Master.. that's it..

Gornt~~~ ~listening~

Rollo~~~ also, there has been a few questions about * she-urts * ???? how and what they should and should NOT be allowed or treated... so lets cover these matters first....

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening quietly to see what topic will be spoke of first~

Lemuel~~~ ~nuzzling the first girl's ear as I wait for the first topic~

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Listening for the first topic of discussion.


The length of serves

Rollo~~~ Okay then....lets start with the * serve * question.... jasma, do you know what the gist of this topic was about

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking up~
aye Master.. a girl believes it has to do with a few of the Free stating that the length of the serves are too long and One suggested we should have a list of which Free likes long serves.. and which Free would rather have a shortened serve.. without the added *fluff*..
this one respectfully mentioned that with all the other stuff the girls are required to learn.. that if a Free wishes a shorter serve.. to state a harta serve at the beginning of a serve..
alot of things have been cut out of serves as it is to get to a more *like the books* approach.. jaz feels if too much more is taken out of a serve.. then there won't be nothing left..

Gornt~~~ ~listening to jas, as I draw calia closer~

SabreWolf~~~ I feel a "standard" serve should be 5 post,,this could be extended by request,,or shortened simply by using the word "harta",,smile

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling down at the girl and nodding agreement~

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Hearing jasma's words.* Don't touch My serves. I greatly appreciate the effort and time the girl's put into their serves...

Gornt~~~ I like a serve that demonstrates a girl's devotion to service and pleasing the Free, no matter how long it takes

cheela_HoWS}~~~ *speaking up softly*
Master Saberwolf, trying to set a post limit on a cut down serve simply ends the ritualistic beauty of the serve, so why bother?

Kayla~~~ I agree jasma... if a FP wants a harta serve then let them ask for it... keeping a list for the girls to memorize is asking for trouble as I see it... ~smiling at the first girl~

Lemuel~~~ ~grinning~ I for One like the long posts. It shows how much the girl is putting into the serve and creates an imagery.

tiger{GS}~~~ would not a harta serve also be called a northern serve??? sweet, slutty, but to the point?
there is only so much tiger can cut out of her serves without it being as dull as ever.. yes tiger can serve in five posts.. but her posts would be close to ten lines long each...

Gornt~~~ aye Builder and here the perception is everything

Rollo~~~ thanks jasma...... OKAY.. I can see that some may prefer a * shorter * serve...but that is a personal choice for EACH person, and to My way of thinking, if a Free wants a short serve, they should tell any slave they have serve them, and NOT put it on the head of the slave to * remember * each and every patrons * personal * choice..... the girls are slaves, NOT short order cooks or waitresses.... that have their orders and training already.... they should always do a FULL serve, unless told each time NOT to.....

jacia{GS}~~~ jaci loves to do long serves for it permits her to use her creativity and helps her to practice whilst at the same time bringing unmeasured joy to Those she is serving :)

calia{GS}~~~ calia smiles toward mistress jasma ...nodding in agreement...slave work hard to be pleasing with painted visual and skill ....one word has girls scrambling to serve swift ...*smiling to her* ....

Asellus~~~ *chuckling as Ceredigawn steals Her words*

SabreWolf~~~ cheela,,time mostly,,sometimes I personally don't have a lotta time,,or the server(computer not person)is slow,,then sometimes I have plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of a serve,,I'll call for a harta serve if it's necessary,,or order more(food or multi drinks,dances ect,ect)if time permits,,

Ceredigawn_Durst~~~ Aye, but tiger has a point as well, the serves up North are as she said, sweet and slutty. However I aprreciate the one's here more, because I think more thought has to go into those..

cheela_HoWS}~~~ *eyes lowering and nodding*
cheela can see that Master. but at the same time if the Master will simply tell a girl He needs speed, she would be better prepared to see that you have both..
speed and heat *grin*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ 5 posts for a serve is a standard I would like to see kept...I personally like My posts between 4-5 lines long, subtle, to the point, and which shows that a kajira knows what she does. But this is a personal preference and in many cases We all have a different view on the perfect serve.

jacia{GS}~~~ ~smiles in agreement to the handsome Master Durst :)~

Gornt~~~ CD that is exactly the point, there is thought that goes into them, and the girl should be rewarded for using her imagination

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Sabre~ If I don't have the time for a full serve I won't ask for anything complicated.

Kyoto~~~ I enjoy a long serve most of the time, but lately I've not had time for anything more than quick ones... I agree that the slaves should follow the status quo and let the free make their wishes known. What else are we going to be doing when we ask for a paga?

Asellus~~~ The question is, Gornt, are the slaves being acknowledged for those efforts? Yes, I understand that they are slaves and shouldn't expect as much, but obviously someone has been complaining or had a problem with this or the topic wouldn't have been brought up.

SabreWolf~~~ some girls make 8 or 10 post outta mead,,laughs,,when I'd drink 4,,that requires a lotta time,,laughs

Gornt~~~ I try to acknowledge their efforts with kind words and a soft touch.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ 8 or 10 for mead? I'll have to make sure I don't ask them for grilled marsh shark or tabuk steak then. ~grins~

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Looking to Sabre* I have never seen a 10 post serve..Who's serving You? *L* I think some of the best serves I have seen are 5-6 posts..The posts being quite long, but very excellent serves..

Dak~~~ I've seen some excellent serves in 3 to 4 posts, rarely have any longer than that

Gornt~~~ I like the longer more descrptive posts, being very visual, I like the word pictures painted by some
~patting the soft curve of calia's shoulder~

SabreWolf~~~ 5 post is a good number,,3 for a harta serve,,but this could be from My Warrior training,,5 post and 3 post spars and such,,grin

cheela_HoWS}~~~ *smiling innocently to Master Kyoto*
why, admiring His girl Master, or brooding into the fire,

calia{GS}~~~ worried lowered gaze to Master Sabrewolf's boots , hoping calia wasnt that annoyingly long dehydrating serve

Lemuel~~~ Seriously, the only time I've seen serves longer that 5 posts is when I initiate something more after My order has arrived. ~WEG~

Rollo~~~ LOL...LOL.. Just the point... many ppl have different requirements at different times.... long serve some times, short ones at others.... I think it is safe to say that we should just keep the length of serves at the status quo.... just keep doing them as the girls are right now....
Do we need to discuss this topic any more ????

SabreWolf~~~ winks at calia,,

Kyoto~~~ Good point cheela...

SabreWolf~~~ they are most excellent slaves,,grins,,

Asellus~~~ Nope, Rollo. Proceed~~~ *S*

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ I don't think so Rollo...Just depends...I think most girls already know what the usual Masters here like

Gornt~~~ Not here Rollo

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Senior Captain~ Yes, let's proceed.


Where Port Kar is located

Rollo~~~ Okay...next topic.... * where is Port Kar * ???? jasma ?? again do you know what this one about ????

Kyoto~~~ In the Vosk delta...

Gornt~~~ Geography time?

arianna{HK}~~~ by the seas of the raging Thassa

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ On the Tamber Gulf.

SabreWolf~~~ on the shores of the Thassa,,

Kyoto~~~ Right next to Mos Eisley space port... *grinning*

SabreWolf~~~ southern Gor,,grins,,

Kayla~~~ ~smiling hearing the replies~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~lifting head up quickly as she hears Master call her name~
this as well Master at first was brought up during the time serves were mentioned..
When it was mentioned about doing a more Northern Serve.. It was asked where Port Kar was located at..
It was stated somewhere in the *middle* but mentioned we could cover it further later..

jacia{GS}~~~ *giggling and listening*

Lemuel~~~ ~LOL~ Good one, Kyoto ~laughs~

Dak~~~ *chuckling, I know where it is, just outside the door of the tavern ~~~~~

Lemuel~~~ I always thought (based on the books descriptions) it was in the middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

cheela_HoWS}~~~ Port Kar (noun): "Scourge of the gleaming Thassa" or "Tarn of the Sea"; synonym in gorean
for "cruelty and piracy" - claims the delta of the Vosk Raiders of Gor pg 7; a vast disjointed mass of holdings, each a virtual fortress, almost piled upon one another, divided and crossed by hundreds of canals. On one side the vast delta, the other, the shallow Tamber Gulf. The only major city built with the labor of male slaves, it is a city ruled now by a council of captains. Samos, a slaver and first Captain. It, too, is the only city to recognize the caste of thieves.

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs~ Even better, Dak. ~chuckles~

Asellus~~~ I've seen the Gorean map on the Silk and Steel webpage and use that as a reference though I'm not sure if it's accurate.

Gornt~~~ or politicians, the same thing

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Asellus~
There are a couple of maps out there. I use the one made by Marcus of Ar most often.

kaci {D}~~~ Perhaps she is wrong, but kaci always assumed that a "Northern" serve meant the serve of a Torvoldsland bondmaid--and that the term didn't apply to any other region . . . ?

Rollo~~~ LOL...LOL.. Okay jasma, again thanks.....LOL.. Yes, Port Kar is right in the middle....LOL.. and I DON'T mean Middle Earth...LOL.. no hobbits or Orks....LOL.. and no space ports, .....LOL...LOL.. Port Kar lays in the Tambor gulf, at the end of the Vosk river on the end of the Vosk delta....Right ??????

SabreWolf~~~ Map on Starnet

Asellus~~~ *smiling to Lemuel* Yes, that's the one I was referring to.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~softly offering~
for note purposes.. a girl will get permission from the owner of the page.. to put the link to the map in with the notes..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Senior Captain~
Aye Rollo, and it is north of Ar. Far enough north that ice will form on an open water bucket in a fall storm (*Raiders* Battle of 25, Se'Kara)

Rollo~~~ the * northern serve * is not so much a different speed of serve but one from a different area....like not all things are done the exact same way all over Gor.. from the jungles of Schendie to the frozen North, each area has its own subtle different ways of doing things.....

SabreWolf~~~ I have it in writing that I can use it jas,,laughs,,already been down that road,,I didn't make it,,long as he gets credit,,laugh

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I've seen the Marcus of Ar map linked from other sites too, so I wasn't sure if Silk and Steel linked to that map or not.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Lemuel~.. aye Master.. this one's still awaiting permission to link to His site..

SabreWolf~~~ I dunno Lem,,when I started the greetin card sight was about a war,,laugh,,bleedin artist,,now I ask before using anything,,pictures included,,laugh,,,

Rollo~~~ We can post a hundred quotes, but lets just argee that Port Kar is about middle ground on a Gorean map, and let it go at that.....okay folks...we can * technicallity * ourselves to death here....LOL.. agreed ???

a couple other map links were given that i will try to seek permission to use as well

jacia{GS}~~~ ~Grins~ it is in ...
~in a time long long ago...in a galaxy far far away.....~ grins

arianna{HK}~~~ ~giggling at jaci~ hehehehehehe, good one!

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Chuckling* Sure Captain sounds good to Me..

jacia{GS}~~~ ~winks in thanks to ari~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Sabre and Rollo~ Agreed.

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at the words of the Senior Captain~

Gornt~~~ ~charting course to Port Kar~


About she-urts

Rollo~~~ Okay.... then the last topic that was left over was * she urts *.....

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,she urts,,treated like slaves?

arianna{HK}~~~ *wonders what the difference is between a she-urt and a slave*

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to ari~
A she-urt is "technically" free.

Kayla~~~ a she urt is a FreeWoman down on Her luck but still free... so for a slave to become a she urt is kinda condictory don't ya think? ~smiles~

Gornt~~~ well not kolared anyway

jacia{GS}~~~ that is something jaci has ALWAYS wondered about is what exactly IS a she-urt?

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ But the she-urt will do "ANYTHING" for even the smallest scraps of food...Right?

SabreWolf~~~ agrees with Kayla,,smile

arianna{HK}~~~ *stops as she hears Mistress Kayla* if that is the case, how can ariel she-urt be the property of Master Ruilan?

cheela_HoWS}~~~ I stopped on the walkway. Ahead, some yards, was a girl dark-haired, lying on her belly on the walkway, reaching with her hand down to the canal, to fish out edible garbage. She was barefoot, and wore a brief, brown rag. I did not think she was a slave. Some free girls, runaways, vagabonds, girls of no family or position, live about port cities, scavenging as they can, begging, stealing, sleeping at night in crates and under bridges and piers. They are called the she-urts of the wharves. Every once in a while there is a move to have them rounded up and collared but it seldom comes to anything.
Page 47 Explorers of Gor
Book Thirteen

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to C.D.~ That was My understanding from the descriptions in *Explorers*

Asellus~~~ I believe I read ariel's bio on a webpage and it said that Ruilan permitted her to keep that "title" for it pleased Him. *She shrugs* I couldn't answer that one personally, but I wondered the same thing until I read her bio.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to arianna.. softly~.. technically, ariel isn't a she-urt any longer since being collared to Master Ruilan.. however.. He allows her to continue using the she-urt with the name, ariel, cause it pleased Him

SabreWolf~~~ here in GS the rules start"once a slave,always a slave",,and if her Master chooses to call her "urt",,grins,,,I ain't gonna argue,,,now unkolared urts running around,might be a different story

Asellus~~~ *Smiling at jasma* I must have read it on your bio webpages. *S*

jacia{GS}~~~ thank you all for your informative answers :)

Rollo~~~ Okay...in the books, she urts were women...free women, that had no family or anybody to take care of them, so they ran loose, around the docks and such, living out of the trash and hand outs from ppl..... but they also sold their bodies for food...

Asellus~~~ Why were they called urts, I wonder, Sabre? It is as You say, so I wonder why the term "slave" wasn't fitting enough? All the words and meanings circle about in the end anway....kajira = slave = urt....*shrugging*

Asellus~~~ *scratching Her head as Rollo retells the definition* No family? That would make Me an urt! *laughing heartily*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master SabreWolf~
Master.. with respect.. what of one that comes in with the she-urt behind the name.. uncollared.. and yet.. still begs to serve while here..
are they still permitted within the tavern?
and.. are they to speak in third person still as a slave?
~winking at Mistress Asellus.. ~.. aye..

SabreWolf~~~ I should think it gives girls an"excuse" to misbehave,,so they think,,but that's just My opinion

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Asellus~
The she-urts weren't quite to the level of slave. They didn't *have* to obey other Frees.

Kayla~~~ agreeing with Sabre ~winking~... I would love to see a Person play the part of a she-urt as was written... I think it would spice up a site or two but a FW must be the Urt not a slave...

With respect a girl adds this part into the notes.
although a she-urt is technically a free woman down on her luck, etc.. as stated.. also in Explorers (Chapter 4).. the blond barbarian slave girl whom had *ran*, since she wasn't branded, nor collared, she weaved her way with the she-urts, although, the girl was a slave, she had been sold and had escaped from Ulafi of Schendi..

cheela_HoWS}~~~ Yes Master Rollo, and some would find their way to the Taluna enclaves, but for the most part, she urts were beggers, and short lived as they would not be able to afford the stalization serums. however it has been seen to me that many so called "she-urts" act more like thieves and cocky street kids instead of being the lowest caste in a system that holds caste as important as the homestones

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at Sabre's words* A cop-out. *raising an eyebrow* I agree.

*Turning to Lemuel and redirecting Her gaze at Sabre* Like I said, "a cop-out". *shrugs*

SabreWolf~~~ that's My opinion jas,,they beg they are kariji,,,,and are subject to kolar

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Looks to Asellus as He hears Her, He chuckles and shakes His head*

Kayla~~~ If they serve they are slave jasma and that means no first speach... ~smiles~ one can not cancel out the other..

Rollo~~~ LOL...LOL... good points.... ariel is still called * she urt * even if she is a collared slave ..... MY opinion on this topic...( and only My personal opinion...) is that here, on-line, we have room for EVERY kind of gorean ....even she urts... but some ppl have a problem with she urts because they are * technically * free women... I think that VT she urts SHOULD be seen as slaves or freed slaves that have just not been recollared yet.... they should NOT be seen as free women.... but as slaves in a state of * Limbo *....

cheela_HoWS}~~~ Mistress Asellus, it is because like an urt, they are scavangers and to many in the towns, small pests foir their thievery and pilfering
like shoplifters and pickpockets or telemarketers today

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ aye Master SabreWolf.. a girl agrees..
so are they permitted in the tavern???

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Captain's words~

jacia{GS}~~~ *L* at cheela
telemarketers lol

Asellus~~~ *Smiling at cheela* Got it! *winks*

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at cheela's answer~

SabreWolf~~~ as a slave jas,,smile,,just like any other slave,,no"special"rules for free urts,,

Asellus~~~ So, do we call all unko'lared slaves she-urts now? *eyebrows crinkling in confusion*

Kyoto~~~ I suppose if they have never been collared they are.

SabreWolf~~~ still,,urts should beg entrance

cheela_HoWS}~~~ High Lady Asellus, why would you wish to do that?
to call an uncollared kajira a she urt is to grant them status and caste as a free

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ or are she-urts only she-urts because they want to "play" the part of a she-urt...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ aye Master SabreWolf.. ~nodding head and smiling softly~.. the wench thanks You
yes Mistress Kayla.. girl just wanted to clarify the matter..

Asellus~~~ Heh....it's all the same to Me, girl. *shaking Her head* I wouldn't exactly be proud to be known as a scavenging "urt". It still seems pointless to use the term by what everyone is saying.

Emerald Forest~~~ *but aren't they free until kolared cheela*

Asellus~~~ The way you've said it, it sounds like it should be used exclusively and only in special circumstances. Do you consider a she-urt special? By what we have said in here just now?

cheela_HoWS}~~~ Mistress Asellus, to some yes, but then there are also those that would call a taluna a she urt, and there is a huge differance. Things become so terribly muddled with so many people interpretting the books their own ways.
but a she urt is free and a begger or thief, maybe a ragpicker or scavanger, living hand to mouth in any way they can and fiercely proud of their freedom

SabreWolf~~~ only one step away from kolar Asellus,,grins,,

Dak~~~ it seems to Me, any that enter in lower case names are slave, whether it be urt or slave

Kayla~~~ cheela that is part of the online experience of Gor and most accept it *S*... as Rollo says most online are only urts slaves and should be treated as what they are ~shruggs~

Gornt~~~ I remember meeting a she~urt at another site, and she got along by her wits and the charity of strangers

Asellus~~~ Okay, but a girl (an unkolared girl) would really not have very many means for food because she is on her own. The she-urt is also on her own, but perhaps not on her own accord, which is interesting to note, actually, and thus must beg for food and whatnot.

Rollo~~~ LOL..LOL.. C.D....why does anyone choose that role they take ??????LOL...LOL... Okay, lets try to get this nailed down..... do we allow she urts ???yes or no ?? and if so, do they only get the * status * of an uncollared slave or that of a free woman ??? I would say yes to the first, and slave to the second..... any other thoughts ?????

SabreWolf~~~ seeing how in GS Free Women wear veils,,slaves beg entrance,,ect,ect,,,a "she urt"would have to fall into one of these catorgories

Emerald Forest~~~ *I agree with You Rollo*

cheela_HoWS}~~~ Mistress Kayla, as kajira I must say that if the Master so says, then so it shall be, but as a fairly intelligent person I must say that John Norman made the differenation between the classes. It is up to each site,room, tribe to decide how they will be treated, but if they do act as she urts, then the retribution for their stealing and such should also be swift and harsh as it would be for any thief

Asellus~~~ And, cheela, you use the term "free", saying that the she-urt is free, but I thought that a slave was most "free" in a ko'lar. Interesting, too, mmmm? Therein lies the possible double meanings of that word that can cause confusion.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Asellus words~ Yes, in the books they would search through the garbage, beg, or even sell their sexual favors for food.

Kayla~~~ I agree Rollo ~smiles~ puting the title {she-urt} doesn't change what she is ~smiles~ a slave.....

Kyoto~~~ she urts are a part of Gor and should be allowed.

Gornt~~~ I agree with Rollo

Lemuel~~~ ~nods agreement with Rollo~

cheela_HoWS}~~~ Mistress Asellus, it is also said that within each Free companion there is the slave to her Master.
The term free here is the simple fact that a she urt is not slave, not branded, collared or owned..
Slavegirl of Gor
Book Eleven
One of Many Examples of Slaves Using First Person Speech
Thurnus took me by the arms and shook. "You are good for nothing," he said, angrily. I had shuddered in his touch. "What is wrong?" he asked. I averted my eyes, shamed. "Forgive me, Master," I said, "but I have not been touched by a man for several days, and I am slave. Captive of Gor
Book Seven
Page 205

Kyoto~~~ Agrees with what Kayla? If a she-urt steals, she should be aware that she will be punished if caught. Consent applied by action.

SabreWolf~~~ cheela,,the rules of GS say that slaves will speak in 3rd person,,

cheela_HoWS}~~~ sighing with fumbled fingers as that was not the quote I meant to give.*
On Slaves and Freewomen
"In every woman," said Ute, "There is a Free Companion and a slave girl. The Free Companion seeks for her companion, and the slave girl seeks her master."
Captive of Gor
Book Seven
Page 83

Rollo~~~ LOL...LOL... Folks, just as a hunter doesn't feel the need to kill EVERY deer in the forest, so is it with Masters not * needing * to collar EVERY slave or she urt that comes along..... one she urt here or there might make our WHOLE experience on-line more interesting now and then.... LOL...LOL.. not an army of them, but just a few here and there....

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ aye cheela.. yet it states on the homepage for Gorean Shores that the slaves will use third person speech in the public areas of the room.. although it was many a time in the book that girls spoke in first person.. site rules for each place should be adhered to

Kyoto~~~ Third person while in GS, cheela, don't forget yourself.

Gornt~~~ ~laughing with Rollo~
not a plague of them, like locusts, right Rollo?

Kayla~~~ agrees with the Master Kyoto ~smiles~... it is enough...
allowed but as slave ~smiles~

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Agreeing with Rollo* Exactly, and I think a few she-urts make role-playing interesting..if the girl plays it right..

cheela_HoWS}~~~ Yes Master Kyoto..

*coloring as bright as her hair as that was an html mistake

Kayla~~~ Kyoto? You are saying the girl is a she urt?... and she leashed in?.... ok now I am really confused...

Rollo~~~ LOL...LOL... and any she urt that wants to STAY that way would be wise to be a swift runner...LOL...and know when to make herself disappear.....LOL.

Asellus~~~ *Throwing Her hands up laughing, shaking Her head at the impossible topic*

SabreWolf~~~ so,,she urts gonna wear veils?..or beg entrance?

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Or be able to dodge daggers flying past her head...*L*

Kayla~~~ Gorean running shoes? ~grinning~

Gornt~~~ beg entrance

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ beg entrance....right?

Gornt~~~ and they wear black silks, or go nude

Kyoto~~~ *Looking att Kayla, confused*
cheela? No, she is slave, through and through.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Beg entrance, definately.

Emerald Forest~~~ *if they are going to beg for food I say they beg for entrance as well*

Asellus~~~ *Doubling over in fits of giggles*

cheela_HoWS}~~~ *eyes widening at the thought of being thought of as a she urt and staying close behind Master Kyoto

Kayla~~~ beg ~grins~

Asellus~~~ Good point, Emerald Forest! *applause*

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Cocking head looking to Asellus as she giggles*

Rollo~~~ Then we simply make it a rule in GS that she urts will speak in third person or they are not welcome..... everybody makes a slip now and then, but if they wish to visit GS, they will need to follow our rules.... and use third person ... with perhaps the RARE slip ....agreed ??????

Kayla~~~ I said I was confused Kyoto ~smiles~

Emerald Forest~~~ *nodding at Asellus for her comment*

SabreWolf~~~ so,,slaves on Gor beg,,not Free ,,grins,,urts will be treated as slave then,,,

Kayla~~~ ~smiling seeing the Woman laugh~...

Kyoto~~~ Agreed, Rollo, just as a slave might make a slip from time to time.

Dak~~~ Agreed !

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Aye Rollo sounds good to Me...

Lemuel~~~ Agreed, Captain.

calia{GS}~~~ bewildered eyes sweep about ~emotion filled as one watches
teeth sink into her lower lip , conceiling building words

Kayla~~~ Agreed Rollo, Sabre ~nodding at the Captains~

Emerald Forest~~~ *sounds good to Me Captain*

Kyoto~~~ *Watching calia with a curious look*

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ What calia?

Lemuel~~~ Speak up calia.

Rollo~~~ she urts are dressed in rags, so I would think NO veils.... if they are speaking third person, they can also beg to enter....so they beg to enter..... if they serve .... to earn some food or such, so be it.....and if WE agree to these rules, they will also, or they will simply not be welcome...... case closed..... agreed ??????

calia{GS}~~~ speaking softly...~* oh merely one confused , trying to inhale the confusion *wry smile pulls at her lips*
blushes as she meant not to draw attention to oneself

Gornt~~~ Agreed

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with the Senior Captain~

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at Rollo* Agreed, Captain

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~neatly arranging the pieces of paper.. nuzzling against Master Lemuel.. then looking to Master Rollo.. awaiting to see if more is to be covered this night.. ~

Rollo~~~ It looks like we have gone over our usual time, folks.... so I think that with this last bit of business, we can call the forum to a close for tonight.... And I want to thank everybody for coming and taking part......

Kayla~~~ Thank You Rollo ~smiling at Him softly~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ thank You, Master Rollo.. a girl is thankful for being allowed to be here and listen to Your infinite wisdom..

cheela_HoWS}~~~ thank you Master Rollo. cheela hopes she has not been intrusive in adding her thoughts to the process

Kyoto~~~ Thank you Rollo, a good forum tonight.

Dak~~~ Thanks Captain Rollo for another interesting forum

Rollo~~~ cheela, these forums are held so that ALL ppl can put in their * two tarsk bits worth *.....LOL...LOL.. you were most welcome to be here girl......

Rollo~~~ thanks for keeping the records yet again, jasma....that will be all of the business for tonight

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~stopping and turning.. dropping to knees~
You're welcome Master Rollo.. a clear week next week.. no left over business...
~winking.. she turns around and hurries below~