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The Tavern Tattler Personal Grudges

The Tavern Tattler

Lemuel~~~ ~checking the water clock~
I think I'll wait a few more minutes before we start. Give the Captain time to arrive. ~looking to My slave~
jasma, were there any topics held over from last week's forum?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *lifting back up as His voice reaches her ears.. listening to the question.. shaking head no.. *
no, Master.. there wasn't any topics left over for this week

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to My kajira as I hear the creak of a door, turning I see our Senior Captain, the giant Torvaldslander Rollo the Ax, enter His Home~
Tal Captain!

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. hearing jasma tell her Master that there are no carry over topics from last week I look about the room.... LOL. Well, if there are no old topics, does anyone have any NEW topics they wish to discuss ???????

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay then, I'll start one off...... The Tavern Tattler ???? Is there much reason to keep jasma and any of the others that work soo hard on this paper to keep doing so ???? The responses they get when they ask for submissions seems to show that few, if any even read or enjoy it ....... There is no reason to keep doing all that work if nobody is going to read or have any input to it but jasma and a couple others........ So ???? Keep it or let it fall by the way side ???????

Mandi~~~ I, for One, read it an enjoy it very much, but I suppose the same thing could be accomplished by occasionally posting additional things on the website. Perhaps it could be made a bimonthly or quarterly publication rather than completely abandoned.

Mandi~~~ ~~looking to jaz~~ would a girl give an honest opinion, as she does so much of the work involved in it?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *lifting head as Master Rollo starts off the forum with a question about the Tattler*

calia{GS}~~~ *~softly~* calia has a very hard time getting girls to submit positions(having done them herself the last 2 times ~blushes~ and that is only a teeny tiny portion of the Tattler *~empathetic smile toward mistress~* uncertain shrug.....

arianna~~~ how often is the tattler released? perhaps make it a quarterly or half yearly paper.....it is very enjoyable to read.

Stavros~~~ Well.. I have read the Tattler several times.. and find it quite interesting.. Maybe a hint of suggestion to lighten up the load on jasma would be to update it once a quarter.. or so.. but then again I don't know how often it is updated.. I assume once a month.. ~tilts my head to the side.. shrugging~

Mandi~~~ The first thirteen issues, fourteen, were monthly, and in September very little came in with which to put it together, as I understand the situation. Perhaps monthly is too often.

Stavros~~~ well aren't you quick.. LOL!!! ~looks to arianna~ took the word right out of my mouth.. LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~listening to the various answers~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes, as much as shirin enjoys it, she knows it is a great deal of hard work for those working on it, and this girl can't seem to find the time to contribrute as she'd like. shirin likes the idea of possibly making it a quarterly publication in lieu of every month.

Lord Leviathan~~~ Newer here, but have also read Tattler....very good info...

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckling~~ Or it could be simply published at intervals when sufficient articles arrive, much as a ship would arrive in the port at unpredictable times.

Gornt~~~ ~settling back on the furs~
no one ever asked Me for a contribution to the Tattler

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to the opinions and hearing Mistress Mandi's words.. *
with respect.. a girl don't mind doing the Tattler.. the work involved, of course, is more than just submissions.. although one does need submissions to have a publication put out.. the html involved.. that sense of wanting it to be aligned perfectly so the work don't look too sloppy on the website.. it all takes time to do so..
there wasn't a Edition in September.. nor so far in October, due to lack of interest, perhaps.. a girl thought perhaps in doing it every other month would give others time to get something in.. however.. it seemed that didn't work as well..
*shrugging and lowering eyes downwards*

arianna~~~ ~*laffin softly*~ aii Master, ari is quick at times but slow when it counts.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to shirin~ Aye, it is hard to find time to write articles. I am as guilty of that as anyone. There is an article I would like to write, but it is hard to find the time. ~S~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Why wait to be asked Gornt? Anyone can submit an article to the Tattler, even if it's just a few lines of poetry. ~S~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~nods listening to all~*~

Mandi~~~ There are any numbers of reasons it is hard to get articles submitted.

arianna~~~ ari would suggest if people dont have time to dedicate to their article in one sitting, perhaps break it up, 10 minutes every other day until it's done? ari used to submit things when she was a slave here to a Pledged Patron but when she left the shores she didn't think her articles etc would be welcome or wanted as she went to DM.

Gornt~~~ last poem I wrote was in 9th grade

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *looking to Master Gornt*
Master.. a girl has never really asked individually per se, except for the Interview section.. but even her post on the board, asks for *any* that wish..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~giggles hearing Master Gornt~*~

Stavros 19:32:49 CST

Stavros~~~ Yeah Gornt.. why don't you post on how you would do a NADU position and send it to jasma.. I would love to see that in the tattler ~falling off the table in a fit of laughter~

Mandi~~~ It seems that an article about the new ships would be something You could do, as You are able to speak about it with Many in here.

arianna~~~ even a short story MODIFIED to be Gorean can be fun. ari posted on one the GS Boards just yesterday.....anything is good, jokes, humor, poems, stories, information of Upcoming events, *looks to Mistress Mandi* sales.....You name it anything can be made into Gorean it just takes a little imagination.

Rollo the Ax~~~ To speak plainly and truthfully..... ANY item such as the Tattler is as much a labor of love as it is a showcase for information.... and if it stays or goes... or just comes out less often, is a matter that I am only qualified to oversee.... and not decide..... simply because * I * don't do any of the work.... like MOST ( if not ALL ) Masters, I sit back and just enjoy the labors of not only the kajira, but of those with the ability to put out such works..... My only comment is that VERY often, the many do NOT appreciate the HARD work of the very few..... and OFTEN those few only get worked to death because they are willing to help others...... jasma... and several others work their ASS off on these things and seldom get so much as a thank you ......

topaz{AA}p~~~ *smiling, listening to the banter....hoping that the Tattler does not fall completely to the wayside*

Gornt~~~ ahhhhhhhhhh, well maybe if I can find the time I can submit something

Lord Leviathan~~~ ~nods head in agreement with Gornt~

Mandi~~~ ~~thinks better of chuckling at Stavros' quip~~

Lemuel~~~ ~laughing and thumping the table with My fist at Stavros' comment~
Or You could do a fashion column, Thief. ~chuckles~

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckling~~ I'm not touching the Fashion column. I would not want to take positions that would hurt business.

Gornt~~~ Once Stavros in another life, I did just that at karjuralia

Mandi~~~ Seriously, I do appreciate the hard work the kajira put into the Tattler, especially, jasma, and would like to see M/more support it. the editors should be having sufficient material to reject or delay publication on some of it.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I agree Mandi. It would be great if there was enough material that jasma and the others that work on the Tattler could pick and choose.

Mandi~~~ And the Tattler is important, as We do not have the same system of Boards where prose and poetry and soforth are posted there or on the Website.

Rollo the Ax~~~ It appears that many here want the Tattler to stay.... So how about making it * come out * less often ????? to not only lighten the load, but to give everybody more time to come up with articles to submit ?????? Does that sound like a plan ??????

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~nods in agreement with Master Rollo~*~ keep it but less often, shirin will try harder to contribute

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to Master Rollo*
aye Master.. to this one it sounds like a plan.. *smiling*

Gornt~~~ yes it does Captain

Stavros~~~ ~Looks to Gornt..~ Thanks the Priest Kings that that day isn't celebrated in Port Kar..
But just a suggestion.. if you want more readers.. Have a Master as a joke show how to do a serve or see Gornt in a Nadu.. I bet you would have a lot more oppertunities to get more information for the Tattler.. LOL!!!
Well Gornt... I think you should post the first article.. LOL!!!

Gornt~~~ Thanks Thief

calia{GS}~~~ *~warm smile toward jazzy and shirin~* as calia whispers...
aye Master Rollo,sounds good to this girl ...

Gornt~~~ ~laughing~
and what will You post?

Stavros~~~ Ahhhhhh.. don't mention it Gornt!! ~laughing~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Sounds like a good idea to Me. It can always be put out more often if submissions pick up.

Stavros~~~ I think that is the best idea..Rollo but I still think the Masters in GS can contribute as well.. I'll post anything to get a good chuckle.. well just about anything.. LOL!!

Mandi~~~ jasma, is there a target date for submissions or will that be announced shortly. I'm afraid My last article is rather old news at this point, so I will be sending a new one here soon.

Mandi~~~ ~~looks to Stavros~~ Perhaps One could maintain the Tavern's Lost and Found.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Please folks.... I am not accusing anybody specifically of ignoring the hard work of ppl like jasma or calia, or anybody.... I just wanted folks to try and see what I have seen happen My whole life.... ANY group... be it work, social, family, or what have you... always has the FEW that seem to do most of the work, and what do they get ???? MORE work, cause everyone expects it of them.... until either the person works themselves to death or can't handle the load.... jasma's RT health concerns ME, and I don't want her working or worrying about things that she does NOT need to.....

Stavros~~~ Hmmm.. ~scratches my head looking at Gornt..~ If you do a Nadu post.. You can have me do something.. I may be a thief.. but I'm fair.. LOL!!!

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ if the target date is to have a publication out in November.. then the deadline for submissions would be the 25th of this month..

Gornt~~~ since He has found most of the missing items already before they were even lost

Gornt~~~ alright deal!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandi~~~ Mandi.. that is a pretty cool idea.. ~chuckling~ cause you know if you lost, I certianly found it.. LOL!!!!

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling at Mandi's comment~
Me thinks there would be much lost, but only Stavros would find it. ~grins~

Stavros~~~ I would love to do an article every Quarter on the lost and found.. I would have a blast!!

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Rollo's words~
Aye Captain. No one, slave or Free, should take on so much that they neglect their r/t health or family.

Asellus~~~ *Wondering at the interesting things that may suddenly turn up "missing" from now on....She chuckles softly*

Stavros~~~ ~laughin at Gornt..~ geeze.. you all think I'm a thief or something.. LOL!!!

Mandi~~~ I have done a couple of ag reports. *LOL* But I would be able to do something else. Some of what I write I only will circulate to Free Women, but I could take another look at some of those essays.

topaz{AA}p~~~ *giggling, wondering about how Master Gornt shall "get His due" from Master Stavros if He has to do a Nadu*

Mandi~~~ jasma, realistically speaking, honestly, girl, what kind of help is available and what is needed?

calia{GS}~~~ softly adding~* sometimes to find the time is tough,but if you commit to submitting something ~ the time always finds you - by the 25th of each month youll have something to email in ...poems ,stories,jokes, articles *s* *blowing a kiss jasma~* ...

shirin{SholGar}~~~ no, nothing should come before one's health...what is the tattler took a break till the first of the year?

arianna~~~ ~*slips back inside and kneels down listening*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Fine by Me..... should it be every 2 months, or 3 months ????? and as for a place other than the GS message board to post any other sort of * item * ( jokes, stories, fashion, songs, hell ANYTHING ) If such is not capable on the auxilary board, I am sure that somebody here... ( like jasma or one of the others that know how to do so...) could make a place for these things... a web site or new message board, or what ever ????? Am I right ?????

Mandi~~~ And I would suppose that it would be possible to include the "best of" what is posted on the Boards at times.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~nods~ yes Master Rollo...shirin thinks every 3 months

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at Mandi, knowing jaz is afk~ I think that mostly what is need is material that can be published, Lady.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Rollo~
Aye Captain. I think that people forget that the auxilliary board is available for *anything* they wish to post.

Mandi~~~ I doubt all the good ideas have already been taken, Lemuel.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Lemuel, that is the GOSPEL truth.... Everybody can plainly see that galah and I do not spend as much time in GS as we used to.... and it is due to our RT health.... so I KNOW what I speak of when I worry about jasma... and others....

calia{GS}~~~ *~quietly calia speaks toward Mistress Mandi~*
truly,anything is welcome *s* - recipes,fashion,lyrics,ideas....vika did an awesomely hysterical animal safari a few issues ago *gigglin*

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles~ No, I doubt they have, Mandi. I have a couple of topics for articles in mind. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing them. ~S~

Mandi~~~ And it might be an interesting format to conduct interviews here in the Tavern at otherwise quiet times. And then edit them for publication later.
Sometimes the writing of an article can be lonely business, and the interview format might make it more fun.

Stavros~~~ okay... once every 3 months would work for me.. but then again.. it's really up to the owners of the Tattler..

Rollo the Ax~~~ WELL ???? any ideas ??? should it be 2 or 3 months ???? is 3 too few or not often enough ???? would 2 months be better ???? jasma, PM Me with your thoughts girl.... with Lemuel's permission .... LOL...LOL..

arianna~~~ once a quarter sounds good.....ari is sure lots of information can be gathered by people within those time frames.

Gornt~~~ 2 months seems right

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ The interviews are currently done through email, but it might be possible to arrange a time to do it in the Tavern.

arianna~~~ it would be fun to watch an interview in the Tavern....something different.

Lord Leviathan~~~ I would be willing to help some...

Gornt~~~ that is a good idea
get Us drunk for publication

Asellus~~~ Could slaves be interviewed as well as Free?

Stavros~~~ okay.. Rollo I think we are on to something.. we are brainstorming new ideas that would make it more interesting to the patrons of this tavern.. so with that being said.. I second the vote of a live interview.. it would be really cool to see it.. but again that means that people better scrub up on thier bio's.. LOL!!!

Gornt~~~ That would be a good idea Asellus, give the slaves an opprtunity at bios

Gornt~~~ GMTA Stavros

Kyoto~~~ I don't see why not, Asellus, I think they have excellent imaginations, perhaps a feature on the girl's past...

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles liking the ideas passing about, fingers excitedly tapping her toned thighs~*~

Mandi~~~ Bios, Stavros, Many kind of .....well, leave the past behind and do not publish those. *LOL*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ many of us slaves have already written bios, they are in the slave manual

Asellus~~~ Everyone can have some kind of bio....it doesn't have to be fully-detailed....It can be just a hint at the mystery of one, at the very least.

Gornt~~~ aye some need more mystery than others

calia{GS}~~~ *~spirited smile toward Master Kyoto~*
all GS slaves in the classified section for sale?

Asellus~~~ Bios make for richer characters, in My opinion.
The interviews are very interesting to Me and I look forward to reading those most in the Tattler.

Rollo the Ax~~~ YES .... the Tattler can have the same * open * standing as the forums... input and thoughts from EVERYBODY !!!!! slaves can submit stories or anything... interviews... LOL..LOL.. secret ways to get Masters to * do things *....LOL...LOL... ANYTHING .... from anybody.... serious or light hearted... fact or fantasy.... Okay ????

Gornt~~~ ~mentally checking off ummmm no, ummmm no, ummmm not that one for sure~
Mine will be most short

Kyoto~~~ Ohhh, no, no, no... can't have them all sold, calia.

Stavros~~~ ~looks to Mandi...~ well hell I can be a good liar.. LMAO!!! Thieves come up with the best and most outlandish excusses in Port Kar.. LOL!!!

arianna~~~ bios are a lot of fun to do and show a persons creativity and imagination........

Lord Leviathan~~~ noding with Gornt....~grinz~..short....

Mandi~~~ I, for One, had really missed the Tattler the last couple of Monthly dates, and hope to see it come back to life with sufficient help to the editorial property.

marissa{HoS}~~~ one enjoyed writing hers once she finally figured out what she wanted in it and read the book to give her the information she needed

Gornt~~~ see Stavros, You are creative too

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay... it is decided... every 3 months..... that would make the next in November.....BUT, I say we push that one back, so that it comes out in December.... every quarter, after that.... jasma.... the Dec. issue can be mid month so as to not crowd the holidays.... Okay with everybody ?????

Stavros~~~ ~looks to Gornt.. looking at the GMTA comment.. hmmmm thinking Give Me That Ass Stavros???.. Eyes widening with a shocked look....~ I am not giving my ass to you!!. ~shakes my head..~

Mandi~~~ ~~looks around a bit sheepish~~ Mine has not been written yet. Hopefully, it will not be finished for quite some time.

Gornt~~~ ~nodding~ gives ME more to train

Gornt~~~ no Great Minds Think Alike

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I enjoyed writing My own bio as well. I've also enjoyed writing the handful of articles I've done for the Tattler. It's nice to see something you've written *in print*. ~G~

Kyoto~~~ Sounds good to me, Rollo

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckles at Gornt~~ Apparently not.

Stavros~~~ Ohhhhhhh... I may be good on acronyms but that one put me in left field..

Gornt~~~ ~laughing with Mandi~
maybe One is right M'Lady

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *slipping quietly back to her Master's side.. trying to catch up on what's been said*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ December sounds good. It will give everyone more time to submit *something* ~grins~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ aye, Master Rollo..

Mandi~~~ And, one thing to keep in mind, is that every time O/one of U/us steps into this place, We are writing, whether We are creative or not.

Stavros~~~ jasma.. I'd like to take on that "Lost and Found" article and I would also like to do once a quarter.. to go through the items in a forum like presence and go through the items and see who would take owner ship of the items..

Gornt~~~ hehehehehehehehehehe
good idea Stavros

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *lifting eyes* aye, Master Stavros.. *smiling softly*

Rollo the Ax~~~ So let it be written... so let it be done...... LOL...LOL.. ( Yeah, I watched ole Charley Heston and Yul Brenner yesterday.....LOL..LOL..)....
Anyway... any other topics ?????


Personal Grudges

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. come on, folks.... no complaints ??? remember, I am ex military... you know things are okay when everybody is complaining.... but nobody complains, you start to WORRY ...... LOL....LOL..

Kayla~~~ I have one... never fear Captain *S* ~entering not so quietly~

Gornt~~~ ~settling back on My furs~

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::chuckles as she knows He speaks the truth::

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...... You have the floor, Lady Kayla.....

Asellus~~~ *Listening*

Kyoto~~~ *Listening*

Kayla~~~ Lets talk of personal grudges... and how to handle them

Stavros~~~ Take it to the PIT! thats what I say!!!

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to Mistress Kayla*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Stavros~
Aye, that would be fun to watch! Much better than listening to petty bickering!

arianna~~~ Personal' grudges should be kept personal in this ones humble opinion.....

Deirdre~~~ *entering and quietly moving to the back....listening to the discussion in progress*

Kayla~~~ Good idea Stavros but what if it's 2 women?

Gornt~~~ Take it there anyway

Mandi~~~ ~~looking to Kayla~~ I had thought whatever We had, We could pretty much settle as mature Women, though Ours turned out to be more problems of form than substance.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at the Healer~ Their Men could defend their honor, but it would be more fun to watch them go at it in the pit. ~grins~

Stavros~~~ My opinion mind you.. but if you have a personal grudge, leave it personal and out of the GS tavern.. however if it is a grudge of characters in the tavern.. I'll choose to take it to the PIT! and on a third note.. if it still can't be handled then to council with it at which time each can give their points to council and let thme hand out the punishment or Banning..

Asellus~~~ Key word being "personal" grudges? *raising an eyebrow* I think they should be kept between the persons with little intrusion from the outside..or better yet, kept to Oneself.....I would think....in order to staunch the flow of the rumour mill, so to speak.

Kyoto~~~ Personal grudges in what way?

Kayla~~~ Well I have no problem in taking it to the pit personally but the action is not befitting a FreeWoman and I think both parties could be facestripped... Am I right in that assumption Captain?

Stavros~~~ ~Looks to Kayla..~ I'd love to see 2 women take it to the PIT! just throw in some chocolate sauce or jello!!! LMAO!!!!
just kidding.. had to go there.. it's me! LOL!!!

calia{GS}~~~ wondering too if the personal issue is personal or personally between the charactors? ~* this is only a v/t place ....

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Asellus' comment~
Aye seriously, grownups should be able to handle their problems with others *privately* without trying to drag others into the mess.

Molly~~~ Well I too feel personal grudges should be private yet others should not try to use authority they don't have and make threats to others plus I do not feel it's ANYONES' business who takes who as their Man or Woman and because it's not their call to say~ Plus I feel that when people do things publicly and they now realize how immature they look now it should be a private issue~

Kyoto~~~ I agree Lem, and like any good match, the loser is subject to the winners whim... perhaps slavery or something less severe.

arianna~~~ ~*nods in agreement with Mistress Asellus*~

arianna~~~ ~*laffin at Master Stavros*~
we have had kajira mud wrestling here before....

Kyoto~~~ Perhaps, the two ladies should have their protectors fight it out... to the death or banishment.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay.... taking the words literally.... first, personally.... should mean just that... something kept between those concerned... a * personal * thing.... not openly discussed ......... and grudge ???? to My understanding, a grudge is hard feeling or anger, held on to, and not forgiven for a period of time ..... by definition it shows that those concerned are unable, or unwilling to move on.... will not forgive or forget some past problem....... all in all, a very counter-productive way to handle things.......

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Mollyi~
And as in most arguments, *both* parties usually share the blame.

Kayla~~~ Just crap that keeps spilling out into the Tavern...bad roleplay and such ~smiles with a shrugg~ just maybe a good slugg fest would settle it *S*

Mandi~~~ It is sometimes difficult when characters are at odds, or Some will not even bother to get into character and wish to drag Everyone else down.

Molly~~~ I would never risk the life of my man over someone elses hang up~ I don't care who dates who~ It's none of my business but I just feel things get taken too far because people want a reaction~

Stavros~~~ Takes 2 to tango.. ya know!!!
~looks to arianna..~ well little one I have not been entertained in seeing that.. why don't you stick around after forum and show me.. I'll throw in calia and you 2 can get it on.. DING!! DING!! heck.. I'lll start getting some mud right now.. LOL!!

calia{GS}~~~ thinking Master Kyoto's idea would solve the KittyKat fights....~soft smile~

Mandi~~~ Most are generous and kind when honestly approached in private, and Some cannot rise to the occasion of being treated as Adults. Sometimes One needs to just cut off interacting with People like that.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Yes, Kayla.... any such action within GS would place a FW in danger of face stripping...... and if is between the Ladies, I can hardly see their protectors going to the pit over it.... NO FW fights in GS.... no slave fights either....

Kayla~~~ Agreed Captain... The way I can see it is both parties are taking every chance to use sneaky blows to each Other and engaging Others to help their cause.. this could lead to a division of sorts and even hurt GS... I would rather see the FW go at it per say than the Tavern hurt by some silliness

Stavros~~~ Wait a sec.. I think that the protectors should punish their own for letting it get to them in the first place... I'm not gonna have a blade at my throuat unless it my business and the grudge was directly intended to me.. ~chuckling~

Asellus~~~ *Shakes Her head* No, I doubt that the tavern will crumble over a silly issue between 2 Women. And, if it does....that does not say much of the Men that frequent the tavern....

Mandi~~~ Kayla, this does seem an odd topic, then, but I would like to hear it out.

Molly~~~ Laffs~ pretty much its hard to get any character when you've got someone trying to tell you that they're going to get you banned from GS because you refuse to take their help after they said and I quote the entire GS thinks you're a LUNATIC~ so you tell me I think that's personal~ so when do you find the time to get into character when your trying not to get banned

arianna~~~ why should a Man have to fight the battles of Their Women? If a person is silly enough to squabble and bitch and moan they should sort it out themselves. Perhaps the pits is a little extreme, why not something else....
if slaves have problems they go to the FG first *smiles at jasma* if the FG can not help as an arbitrator (sp?) she then goes to the SlaveMaster......
Is there a protocal for FW like this?

Mandi~~~ ari, the Free Women have no "Arbitrator" but the good sense within Our noggins.

Asellus~~~ Interesting idea, arianna.

Rollo the Ax~~~ What else can I say ???? If 2 FW want to scratch each others eyes out, I will not stand in their way... some place ELSE.... but NOT in GS.... and remember, GS does not rule any place else, so no matter what the outcome, it is NOT binding here..... go and kick each others ass.... what ever.... but in GS agree to disagree.... and keep it in private or whispers..... and everybody can live happily ever after.....

Odin~~~ the squablings of a slave should be of no concern of a free it matters not let them fight it out and who ever comes out on top wins

Molly~~~ I'm a Bright and talented woman and I will not resort to any type of fight~

Mandi~~~ And We frequently simply accept, and eventually learn to embrace Our differences, in most cases, and, sometimes in the process of it getting "personal" We learn of common ground and can support Each Other. A true "grudge" is something We don't see that much of.

Kayla~~~ I personally think this issue has gone beyond talking it out and an intervention is needed whether it is a mediator or something... I do not think Men should fight to the death for Men have much better things to do than worry over Women's issues

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Rollo's words~ Aye, or just ignore each other, that's what the freaking button is for!

Odin~~~ Well said Rollo

arianna~~~ no disrespect Mistress Mandi, but there is no 'good sense' in bickering...

Molly~~~ Again~ I would not have my Man fight over silliness on the part of another~

Mandi~~~ An ignore button used by but One in a room is pretty pointless, and rather dangerous if the room is a KCZ.

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::whispering softly:: in order to sort out a problem Both parties have to be willing to be honest and to actually try if only One is able to then it will never work

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to the words being said by all.. *

Lemuel~~~ The parties involved could always agree to let it drop for the sake of the others that have to listen to their pointless *!#@

Kayla~~~ Has anyone guessed yet that Molly has a problem with Me? and the things she quotes Me to say are not true but she says them any way and I have tried to talk with her and frankly I tire of her ramblings

swallows~~~ swallows quietly finds an empty spot on the serving furs , kneels down and listens ....

Gornt~~~ ~chuckles at Lem's optimistic statement~

Stavros~~~ Well... well... seems like we can iron this out quick.. seems to me like the issue is right at hand and the 2 of them can take it to the pit.. ~grinning~
Gonna get on my Rollo realistic soapbox...
Listen Ladies if you feel that by making yourself feel good at the expense of anothers character.. so be it.. but then what comes around will go around.. I think the ladies need to wash themselves from this issue.
Plainly said.. do as you please at your own expense of exposing yourself to your own immatture ways. Drop the slanderous issues. As I would surely not slander my fellow patrons including the Captain.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, case in point.... remember Justbad ??? He and I went at it tooth and nail for a time.... and what good did it do ?????? NONE !!!! ZIP !!! Nada !!!!! in the end, we had to admit that we would never be * friends *, or like each other.... we * agreed to disagree * but NOT publicly.... or if we did to be civil and not goad the other ..... THAT seems the only answer here to Me also..... but BOTH sides have to shut down the open hate, and LET IT BE !!!!!!!!!!

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Kayla~
As Stavros said, it takes two to tango.

Gornt~~~ ~nodding~ it is wearing thin

arianna~~~ Please, this is a forum...

Mandi~~~ Kayla, is a Lady certain it is not merely "Newbie Error"?

Asellus~~~ *Listening to the sage advise offered from many perspectives from the Men*

Kayla~~~ ~opening My gloved hands in peace~ I am willing to have this settled... that is the point of bringing it up... I want it to end and not be in a Forum when I am attacked by her with everything I say as I was last night... it is counter productive...

Molly~~~ Okay~ here it is plain and simple~ the person I speak of knows who they are and they know what they've said and they know wha they've done~ I'M not going to lose any sleep over this or them~ Rollo I told you what I was willing to do~ also I had made a suggestion that I and my lucki put that person on ignore~ to me it's the best way to solve the issue for me~ now if they get wind of things I've said ~nothing about them to say~ just my ideas and opinions then that will mean their asking and someones' telling~ basically I'm not going to fight but I'm also NOT going to stand down from that person~ If Rollo wants to ban me because I mention cheerleading in GS he can do it now~ I don't need this person making and telling threats from him. So please Rollo I ask that I be granted the choice to put that person on ignore.

arianna~~~ In 'real time' if i do not like someone i will ignore them. why can't that be done here.....Just agree to disagree and go on with life. For God sake this is a place where people come to play a role not a place where people come to listen to people backstab, fight and complain about others.

Kayla~~~ I am certain Mandi...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *lifting her eyes to her Owner.. then lowering.. softly.. respectfully a girl speaks*
with much respect.. a girl thinks that at times what seems to be lost here is the fact that we are adults here.. or at least supposed to be.. there's always going to be someone that another isn't going to get along with.. or like.. yet.. that doesn't mean that everytime the people are in the room together that at least some sort of civil behavior can't be achieved and maintained..
and a girl feels also.. that if it gets to the point that it's not something that can just go by the wayside.. then perhaps avoiding those situations may as well help.. she's not saying that someone shouldn't come in because another is here.. but after awhile.. this not only seems to cause hurt to those involved directly.. but also to those that aren't involved so closely to the matter at hand.. if there's a workable solution.. great.. if not.. then it truly does no good to dwell on the matter..
*sighing and shutting up*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding in vigourous agreement with arianna~

Molly~~~ Kayla EVERYTHING you said to me I've C&P it ALL and I have no reason TO LIE! you said it YOU DID! and if you want me to start open posts in this forum I will~

Gornt~~~ if i had anything to drink, I would drink to that ari

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::stiffens as she looks at Molly::

Rollo the Ax~~~ Listen... Molly and Kayla.... EVERYBODY gets pissed off and says things they might not have in the heat of anger... it boils down to SHIT HAPPENS ..... I think that this is more a misunderstanding of words or meanings.... semantics ..... I suggest itemizing your differences, make a list, submit it to each other, then cover each point one at a time..... IN PRIVATE....... try that and see if Y'all can end this maddness....... Okay ??????

Lemuel~~~ ~stroking My girl's hair, nodding in agreement with her words~

arianna~~~ *nodding with jaz* well said

Deirdre~~~ *shaking My head......moving over to stand next to Kayla*

Stavros~~~ Molly.. I really don't want to hear it. this is not a Court of judgement and I am not a juror.. so please for your sake and the rest of the patrons here in GS do not throw it out in open..

Kayla~~~ I fear nothing I have said...

Gornt~~~ yes Molly this is not the place

Kayla~~~ Would another act as Mediator?

Molly~~~ I have no more to speak on this issue I was wrong to rt chat with ariel but I didnt know rt chat wasn't allowed~ but her beef with me wasn't that I spoke of cheerleading it has to deal with something from the past and her trying to deal with it~

Lemuel~~~ ~shaking My head at this silliness~

Kayla~~~ ~looking up at her puzzled~

Molly~~~ No problem Stavros~ .......GONE~ shaking my head~ as I walk out~

marissa{HoS}~~~ whispering to herself:: as is normal

Asellus~~~ *Arising from the wasted forum, shaking Her head at those who should rightfully know better and choose a better time and place*

Mandi~~~ We come into virtual time to have a realistic setting to interact in. And We want to support Each Other in that.

Stavros~~~ I really don't want to hear it.. and guess what ~looking at the water clock~ forum is pretty darn close to ending

arianna~~~ ~*simply shakes her head at everything*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Molly, I can't push the ignore button for you... and you sure don't need MY permission.... Y'all do what is right for YOU... the cheerleader thing is over and done... it seems that YOU are the one that can't let ot go..... Nobody is perfect.... not even ME...LOL...LOL.. but if anybody makes a mistake, they should just learn from it and move on... that is ALL that is required of any person here.......

Gornt~~~ ~sighing~ I can see this is not over dammit

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *brushing her cheek against her Owner's thigh.. feeling His hand move through dark mane.. smiling gratefully for His touch*

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::nibbling on her lower lip keeping her mouth shut::

Kayla~~~ I am sorry everyone... but I have been trying and been coming up against that same wall of anger... I don't understand... I usually don't have this kind of trouble and this is why I am asking for the third party... it may be Me... I don't think so but I am willing to see if it is...~sigh~ it was not My intention for it to blow things up like this though

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well folks.... the time has come to call it a night.... Thanks for coming and taking part... I hope to see everybody next week..... Be Well, all.......... and farewell.......

Mandi~~~ Kayla, I'm afraid it is a very difficult situation, and, fortunately, a most rare one.

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::sighs unhappily as her thought fill her head but notwanting to speak here::