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i'd like to thank shadow{HoS} once again for helping in the c&p of the GS forum notes. Thanks sis

FW brushing a slave's hair/vice versa
Non Gorean Rooms
Drinking through or under veils
Dungeon Myst

FW brushing a slave's hair/vice versa

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay folks, the time was come for yet another GS forum.... same rules as always.... everybody gets to talk, no begging to come or go... So ??? Does anybody have a topic they wish to discuss ???? PM Me and we'll get this show on the road....LOL

Kayla~~~ ~sitting back taking a deep breath waiting for the first topic~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..* first in, best dressed *.......LOL.. ( An Aussie saying folks..LOL.. ) galah, go ahead ...

galah{RA}~~~ this lil thing was pondered at slave discussion with no clear answer, perhaps the free could help with this.....is it acceptable for a slave to brush the hair of a FW, and vice versa, is it alright for a FW to brush a slaves hair? this one is hoping her sisters came up with the quotes they was trying to find

galah{RA}~~~ it seems in the books that even a Master would brush a slaves hair, as He found it relaxing to do sooo

BladeBane~~~ If it pleases the Free Woman to brush the hair of a slave girl...*Shrugs*...is that not up to the individual Free to decidre?....

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at galah's topic~
I seem to recall such things in the books.

galah{RA}~~~ and a girl wonders on the slave brushing a FW hair cause its mentioned much in the books how many FW are not only veiled but hooded tooo, afraid to even show a lock of their hair, if this be the case, then it would be purdy hard for a girl to brush a FW's hair....but this one don't notice the GS women mention about hoods, so they are only veiled?

Kyoto~~~ I believe it is ok... I seem to remember, although I can't quite remember where, that I read about a Free Woman who had female slaves to help her with such things. I suppose it depends on the FW and how much money she might have...

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ I think that the slave would only brush her Mistresses hair in the privacy of Her apartment.

galah{RA}~~~ yes Master BladeBane, one would think sooo, but could it be seen by a Free Man that the FW was acting in a slavelike behavior to do so? for in the books, most FW did not even like slaves, fortunately for us, GS FW are not that way toward us

Kyoto~~~ No, they are totally covered except for eyes... remember that it was made a big deal of when a woman's hair was exposed

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at the topic~... I personally love to braid the girls hair ~shruggs~... Does it not as they say come down to a Free may do as they wish? ~soft smile~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ this is what a girl had found and had offered during the slave discussion.. however.. the setting was in the Barrens.. and things were done differently..
Iwoso was a slave that became a Free Woman.. and her prior mistress (Bloketu).. then became her slave.. ~g~

... The two girls knelt, Bloketu behind Iwoso, Bloketu was combing Iwoso's hair...
Blood Brothers of Gor, Page 381

galah{RA}~~~ there is indeed mention of slaves doing hair and cleaning of a FW...but that was in the privacy of One's abode, but what about GS? if a Master could brush/braid the hair of a slave in the tavern, then could a Mistress do the same?

BladeBane~~~ galah...I would think the brushing would be done in private chambers for the most part.....*Chuckles softly*....No...not hooded...not if they are still free....*Grins*....

Kayla~~~ LOL... ~smiling at the pretty galah... aye most lucky for the girls that most FW on line are not like they are in the books *S*...

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to galah~ I don't see why not. After all, no one would question a FW grooming a pet sleen.

Kyoto~~~ Ahhh... in public, a free woman would not be caught dead without her coverings, lest she be found pleasing to a man's eyes and made a slave.

galah{RA}~~~ Mistress Kayla, if a Free could always do as they wish, would a FW have to ever worry about steel around her neck?

Asellus~~~ *Smiling at the night's topic of choice from underneath a rather weighty hood* I always come in the tavern with this thing in tact. *patting Her hood* But I would see nothing wrong with brushing a slave's hair.
Perhaps...could it be permitted of a slave to brush a Free Woman's hair in the Piazza when it is opened? Or would that be pushing it? *shrugs* It doesn't really matter if it is allowed, though..

shadow{HoS}~~~ shadow knows of no Quotes on the topic, but, when shadow gets ready to go out in rt, she does not wait to get to the club to do her hair publicaly, however, shadow loves her Mistress and wishes nothing more than to please Her, so if it pleases Her for shadow to braid her hair here, then shadow will *s* after all, shadow is her property and who is she to say no? ~L~ shadow likes it anyways ~L~ ohhhh and not to mention it's Her neck ~L~ shadow already has a ko~lar ~L~

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ I agree with Kayla..The Free are allowed to do what they want. And I do not see anything wrong with a FW braiding/combing the hair of a kajira...

Kayla~~~ any more than usual galah?... a FreeWoman has that worry every minute of every day on Gor... Or should if She is a smart Woman... Men needed no reason to kolar and did so on a whim so a wise Woman is always wary but to live in fear?... I think not for they knew they were also protected... then the greatest worry was from their protectors ~grin~

Asellus~~~ ((*laughing* Even the Woman in My icon is hooded!))

BladeBane~~~ There are limitations upon the Free as Well....More so upon the FW than the Male....but as I understand it the limits are set By the Strength of arms of either the protector...in the case of a FW....or upon the particular Male....*Shrugs*...but that is normal...No?....

Rollo the Ax ~~~ Okay... brushing hair was done in the books, and was done every which way spoken of here... slave to slave, slave to FW, Master to slave.... and while I don't really remember a FW brushing a slaves hair in the books, as it has been said, she is a FW, and could do so if She wishes.... the veils or hood business is at the crux of the matter... so perhaps any FW wanting her hair brushed, in public, should make sure She has a face veil in place...LOL.. That would seem to follow the letter of the law of FW being veiled....

Kayla~~~ ~Bursting with laughter at the girls words~... girl better worry about My neck... ~grinning~
~agreeing with Rollo about the veils~ never even a slip of a veil Captain... but was hair enough alone to send a man into a frenzy on Gor?????

shadow{HoS}~~~ Giggles hard at her Mistress banter!

Kyoto~~~ Kayla, there is no telling... remember, men are men and if a woman is seen to be beautiful in any way, she is in danger... think how a full luxurient head of hair might inflame a man's desires more than the scraggly locks of an old crone...

Asellus~~~ *Stifling a giggle at Kyoto*

Rollo the Ax~~~ There is always the fine line of Gorean law or conduct and its ability to cross over from the books to on-line... By the nature of on-line chats and rooms, some * exceptions or bends * have had to be made.... In the books, a FW need not wear her veils in her own home... BUT we all call GS OUR home, so it would be a judgement call as to the matter of FW needing veils in GS....LOL...LOL.. See the possible twists and turns, folks ???? LOL.. As it sits, the Council requires FW to wear at least ONE veil.... doing so, she has met the minimum requirements of GS...

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling at Kyoto's words~

Seafire~~~ *nods and agrees with Kyoto* with everything covered in robes and veils. A strand of hair could be just the tease to start One *S*

Asellus~~~ *eyebrows raised* One veil??? I never knew that! *LOL*

arianna{HK}~~~ ~**sapphire pools widen at the use of the words Old Crone, she smothers her giggles with her hand**~
ari's never seen any old crones here in GS Master Kyoto ~**sweetest of sweet smiles**~

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding in agreement at Rollo's words* But in the interest of role-play, think how interesting it might be for that same FW to curse her need to wear all of those veils... and maybe even name them? *chuckling*

shadow{HoS}~~~ ohhhhhhhhh great Master Rollo, now the slaves will have to compete with the partially veiled FW *hehehehehehehehehehe*

Kayla~~~ ~whew~ then I am safe with My scraggly grey hair then ~smiling sweetly~... As I told One in the Tavern this day... It is all a farce... We wear the veils and robes so We don't scare the Patrons... ~giggling~... so don't bother at wondering what is underneath it all it is ugly as dirt in here ~grinning~ Kyoto~~~ Well, of course not, ari... it was a figure of speech as I am sure that each and every FW here is quite beautiful and youthful under those veils and robes. *smiling impishly*

Mandi~~~ ~~laughing~~ I thought one advantage of veils and robes was that a Free Woman could never have a bad hair day on Gor.

Seafire~~~ Kayla Beauty is to the eye of the beholder *S*

Kyoto~~~ *Turning to Kayla and sniffing, glad that those robes hold in that BO...*

Asellus~~~ *laughing outloud at Kayla*

Kayla~~~ Not to worry most FW I know wear all 5 and maybe a few more for insurance shadow ~grinning~...

arianna{HK}~~~ ~**giggling softly**~ aye Master Kyoto, for sure They are quite beautiful, only You can't see Their beauty, You just KNOW that it's there.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Laughing @ Kyoto's comment*

Mandi~~~ ~~thinking that four is a typical number, as most Free Women do not have a position that requires a veil of State~~

Kayla~~~ No We're not Kyoto... Take My word for it.. Old and ugly as dirt .. all of Us ~nodding My head up and down~... Ohh by the way I just got a new batch of serum made *S*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. In truth, Kyoto.... at times there are * Masters ??? * around that wouldn't care what kind of hair the woman had...LOL..LOL... We get more than OUR share of HNGs that would hump a table leg if it held still long enough....LOL...LOL.. I am NOT insulting ANY FW or kajira, but trying to point out that to some, it matters NOT the why or wherefore.... some will try anything to just see if they will * get away * with it... Would a GOREAN Master do such a thing, hell no.... but some HNG, looking for a * body count * ???? Who knows ......

calia{Sabre}~~~ *~puzzled smile , a slave tries to inhale the topic of conversation , ever thankful one bathed today *gigglin*

Lemuel~~~ Even in the books some FW would only wear one veil in public (though these were usually of low caste)

Kyoto~~~ *looking back to Kayla* Serum?

arianna{HK}~~~ ~**hearing the word serum she remembers she needs to take the slavewine soon, shuddering**~

Asellus~~~ Hmmm. *digesting Rollo's words* So true.

Kyoto~~~ *Laughing at Rollo's comment and then turning a dubious eye to the legs of my table... wondering who sat here before I entered*

MidKnight~~~ lol @ Kyoto

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..the basic rules say that a FW must be veiled.. it really don't say how many... so 1 veil would follow the letter of the law... I seem to remember FW of the books wearing 7-8 or more veils at times... I won't go into undergarments and such....LOL.. ( at least not in public...LOL...LOL.. Rollo don't * kiss and tell *.....LOL..)

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *LMAO @ Rollo* Showed a FW the true way a time or two Rollo?

Lemuel~~~ In one of the books it says that most FW would commonly wear 3 or 4 veils when they went out in public. The privacy veil, the veil of freedom, and the street veil. I can't remember which book.

Mandi~~~ and the house veil and the city veil and the state veil

Lemuel~~~ Found one of the quotes on page 141 in "Assassins"
Here it is...

"Free women, here and there, were delicately putting tidbits beneath their veils. Some even lifted their veils somewhat to drink of the flavored ices. Some low-caste free women drank through their veils, and there were yellow and purple stains on the rep-cloth."

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles~ Finally found the other quote about veils at the beginning of chapter 5 in "Slave Girl"

"Eta, from behind me, pinned the first of five veils about my face. It was light, and shimmering, of white silk, almost transparent. Then, one after the other, she added the freedom veil, or veil of the citizeness, the pride veil, the house veil, and street veil. Each of these is heavier and more opaque than the one which lies within. The street veil, worn publicly, is extremely bulky, quite heavy and completely opaque; not even the lineaments of the nose and cheeks are discernible when it is worn; the house veil is worn indoors when there are those present who are not of the household, as in conversing with or entertaining associates of one's companion. Veils are worn in various numbers and combinations by Gorean free women, this tending to vary by preference and caste. Many low-class Gorean women own only a single veil which must do for all purposes. Not all high-caste women wear a large number of veils. A free woman, publicly, will commonly wear one or two veils; a frequent combination is the light veil, or last veil, and the house or street veil. Rich, vain women of high caste may wear ostentatiously as many as nine or ten veils. In certain cities, in connection with the free companionship, the betrothed or pledged beauty may wear eight veils, several of which are ritualistically removed during various phases of the ceremony of companionship; the final veils, and robes, of course, are removed in private by the male who, following their removal, arms interlocked with the girl, drinks with her the wine of the companionship, after which he completes the ceremony. This sort of thing, however, varies considerably from city to city. In some cities the girl is unveiled, though not disrobed, of course, during the public ceremony. The friends of the male may then express their pleasure and joy in her beauty, and their celebration of the good fortune of their friend. The veil, it might be noted, is not legally imperative for a free woman; it is rather a matter of modesty and custom. Some low-class, uncompanioned, free girls do not wear veils. Similarly certain bold free women neglect the veil. Neglect of the veil is not a crime in Gorean cities, though in some it is deemed a brazen and scandalous omission. Slave girls may or may not be veiled, this depending on the will of their master. Most slave girls are not permitted to veil themselves. Indeed, not only are they refused the dignity of the veil, but commonly they are placed in brief, exciting slave livery and may not even bind their hair. Such girls, healthy and vital, their hair unbound, their considerable charms well revealed by the brevity of their costume, are thought by men to constitute one of the more pleasurable aspects of the scenery of a city. Are the slaves of Ar, for example, more beautiful than those of, say, Ko-ro-ba, or Tharna? Men, the beasts, heatedly discuss such questions. In some cities, and among some groups and tribes, it might be mentioned, though this is not common, veils may be for most practical purposes unknown, even among free women. The cities of Gor are numerous and pluralistic. Each has its own history, customs and traditions. On the whole, however, Gorean culture prescribes the veil for free women. Eta fastened the fourth of five veils upon me, the house veil. Though Eta wore only the shameful, scandalous Ta-Teera, she pinned the veils expertly. She, now only a delicious, half-naked slave girl, had once been free. She did her work beautifully.
I felt the street veil fastened upon me. I was veiled as might have been a rich Gorean free woman of high caste, perhaps bound for the song dramas of En'Kara."
Slave Girl of Gor, pages 107-108

Rollo the Ax~~~ back to the hair brushing ???? I feel the same .... If any FW wants her hair brushed, it is for HER to decide if she wants it do it public or private....Her choice, HER responsiblity for the outcome.... enough said????


Drinking through or under veils

galah{RA}~~~ many times it speaks of FW drinking through the veil, how could they do that if there are four or five veils?

Asellus~~~ galah, could it perhaps be that They drank through the final layer of all the veils...the thinnest one?

Seafire~~~ lol galah like a very thick strainer perhap s that is why Many take so long to get drunk*S* They're harder to um take advantage of

Lemuel~~~ I think it was only the lower caste women that drank through the veil. The High Caste FW would use a straw or lift the veils enough to get the drinking spout to their lips

galah{RA}~~~ Mistress Asellus, if a FW was to lift several veils to get to the last one to drink through, wouldn't it be easier to just lift them all and drink from underneath them all?

Mandi~~~ Some Women drank through their veils, but most Free Women put the drink behind Their veils to drink.

Kayla~~~ I carefully lift the veils *S*.. saves on all that washing and with kalana the stain is almost impossible to remove *S*

Asellus~~~ I've done both Myself, galah. *Shrugs* Though I personally think drinking straight through a veil is messy and unnecessary. And once I was given a straw, but I was unsure if that was just kind of made up (though a clever idea) or if that was also done in the books?

galah{RA}~~~ the thought of a FW wearing one veil and drinking through it, leaves a most awful picture in a girls head, that would look most horrid to have red kalana stain over Ones face

arianna{HK}~~~ ari tends to agree with Mistress Mandi and thinks that Most FW would put the drink behind Their veils to drink - why would any FW wish to stain her veils with ka~la~na?

Mandi~~~ Thereby keeping Us safe in this place, huh, galah?

Mandi~~~ The outer veils should be looser than the inner veils, to permit them to be pulled forward and covered by the outer ones.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, what seems clear to Me here is that most everybody here KNOWS that under or through the veils, it as all done in the books so is OKAY either way... and it is accepted that a FW must wear AT LEAST 1 veil.... so the rest is simply a choice of how each FW choses to * play * her part.....


Non Gorean Rooms

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Okay folks, let move on to another topic... * Are those of *Gorean * rooms liable or * bond * by Gorean rules in other non-Gorean rooms or chats ???? Cases in point.. if a kajira is in say, the Pool or the Wet Bar, she is NOT in a Gorean room so she is NOT bound by the same protocol as if she were in a Gorean room.... Also, if a *Master/Misstress * calls for a slave busy in an other room to * get her ass into a Gorean room and *SERVE ME* ?????

arianna{HK}~~~ if a slave is not is GS she is obviously either busy in her GS role with a Master or not in her GS role. Unless it is a slave's Master calling her of course, then .. *shrugs* He is Master

Kyoto~~~~ That would not be cool, I think if she is not in a Gorean setting, she is "off duty" and should not be ordered... if it is phrased as a polite request, then it is up to the girl to decide if she wants to be "on duty"... maybe we should have a little sub board stating what girls might be on call for the evening? *chuckling*

BladeBane~~~ *Raised eyebrow*.....While not in a Gorean room....there are no Gorean rules....and not all slaves are slaves off-line....and when Not in GS...are not slaves....is that confusing to anyone?....

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Personally, I have seen many girls that go to some of the other rooms in poolside...And on a few occasions I have whispered to the girl, and she enters the tavern without ME asking her to do so...I think that if a girl is not busy in another room, and she isn't doing anything else..Well then I think it is her duty to come to the tavern.

MidKnight~~~ I agree with Kyoto and disagree with Cere...if not in the tavern then she is not bound by Gorean rule...only makes sense

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay..... MY position, and one that I will argue MOST strongly, is that while each of us is Gorean, while we are in a Gorean room, we each have our RT lives, and so also have the RIGHT to chose when and where we will BE Gorean and when we will NOT... If a kajira is in a non-Gorean room, she is under NO obligation to * come running * if some Master wants to get a drink in a Gorean room... IF the slave belongs to the Master, then she belongs to HIM/HER, so it is a different matter, but for some schmuck to try ordering the first slave to come running is a CROCK to My way of thinking....

Markos~~~ I feel if the slave is not in the tavern, she is not bound to be until she does enter.

BladeBane~~~ ja says...that when she is not in GS...it is for a reason...and No One apart from Myself has any authority over her....it is her life and if she don't wanna come in she ain't gonna....We gotta remember that there are RT people behind the screens...

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ I didn't say that she should be ordered Midknight...I was just saying that if she isn't doing anything else...*like some i know sit in a private room* then why wouldn't she want to come in and serve the Free.

Kayla~~~ My question is those girls that spend more time in other rooms than in the Tavern both owned and tavern... If asked they say they were bored.. there was no One in the Tavern .. but alot of people will not enter the Tavern if empty so I have found if I enter and wait a few minutes.... it begins to fill *S*...

galah{RA}~~~ there is no way for a Free to know if the girl is busy or not if she is in a private room for whatever reason....and if she is in the pool or the hottub, it would seem to mean that she wishes to visit others without the obligation to serve and such during that time? and would a girls behavior be in question while she is in another room like the pool....say she was having an arguement with another person

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL... Owning slaves on-line is as far as * I * am willing to go..... I am NOT going to turn it into an * escort service *.... LOL...LOL... I've been a LOT of things in My life, but a PIMP is NOT one of them..... and I ain't about to start NOW....LOL...LOL.. ( Besides, knowing Myself like I do, if I ran a whore house, I'd eat up the profits..)...LOL....LOL....LMAOAMS

Deirdre~~~ *listening with great regard to the interesting conversation*

SeaFire~~~ *listening to Kayla* I too have found waitng a bit in the empty tavern to be true..I guess the others need to see the place is"open" with the lights on

galah{RA}~~~ Master Durst, that is a continuing problem....for the girls are told if they are in no mood to serve, or don't think they can be pleasing, then they are told not to come into GS....the rule says that when in GS, then one is obligated to serve and better be found pleasing

Markos~~~ I speak to some in other rooms and arianna, for example addresses Me as Master and is always polite, wether I am in the same room or not

BladeBane~~~ Ceredigawn....ja for instance will sit in a private room and refresh while writting e-mails so the connection does not terminate....
Not all that show in the whisper list are chatting....

arianna{HK}~~~ Master Ceredigawn Durst, if a girl is in a Private room alone she may have a reason, ari is often in a private room as she chats while at work. she cannot give 100% of her attention to the Tavern and would not want to bring disrespect to her Master by not giving 100%. Also she may be upset and not wish to serve, who wants an upset slave serving them when they aren't really giving their all?

galah{RA}~~~ that btw is another online to book difference....a slave of the book was not afforded the luxury of having moods heheheheheheheee

Rollo the Ax~~~ But Lady Kayla... there are often * other * reasons also... if for no other reason than the girl knows she may not be able to act properly and might be found * displeasing * is also a valid reason for not entering the Gorean room..... Our own rules of expected conduct may well keep some out at times...... If so, they have * chosen * and so have the right.....

Gornt~~~ does a slave have rights?

arianna{HK}~~~ if she is not in her GS role damn straight she does.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Aye BladeBane..I sometimes sit in a private room, just surfing the web, if no one is around in GS..I will usually hang around 30 ehn or so before actually leaving....

Gornt~~~ how does One know she is not in her Gorean role?

calia{Sabre}~~~ ~*smiling at ari~* ...agreeing as calia winks....
not good spirits,not much time...wishing to not need to beg release while in midst of serve

Markos~~~ look at many who come in and read the boards, even tho they are here, their attention is not on serving,

arianna {HK}~~~ in ari's opinion if a girl wants to read the boards she should bookmark them, that way she dont have to come into the Tavern to read them. If she is in the tavern and is not serving, she should ask permission to read the boards for a few minutes and then advise when she has returned.

Rollo the Ax~~~ IF in a Gorean room,( or alcove ) then NO, a slave has NO RIGHTS, that is the Gorean way....... but if she is in the Pump House, she can do whatever the hell she wants...... My ONLY warning is to remember that ppl, rightly or wrongly, blame others by those they associate with... REMEMBER that if you go ANYWHERE with your Gorean name, ppl will blame you and your friends ..... Be PROUD of your name, and do it right, or go there as somebody else..who is NOT Gorean .....

galah{RA}~~~ guess it depends on what role one assumes when not in GS? this one went to the Pool, thought it was to swim in, those there thought a girl was nuts heheheheheheheee guess that RP thing just don't cut it there hehehehehehee

calia {Sabre}~~~ calia bookmarks the boards , so not to merely beg to wander thru ~* one feels that is very disrespectful to the Masters present...

Kayla~~~ Rollo I am speaking of what the slaves say when asked why they do not come to the tavern but are in the Dungeon or Pumphouse *S*... I agree that no one should be forced to come to the Tavern anytime and even by Owners but the question is why would a Person of GS slave or Free seem to want to be in another room more than in the Tavern?

arianna{HK}~~~ Mistress Kayla, some people were from other rooms prior to entering GS, they have friends there who they wish to catch up with ari would guess *shrugs*
ari pretty much only goes to the pool or the WetBar but mainly she is here on in private. People have different reasons for what they do.

galah{RA}~~~ that's a good question Mistress Kayla....this one don't much understand that either, but then some are not happy with GS but being slave, feel they have not the right to complain

shadow{HoS}~~~ with all due respect, if the problem is that the slaves wants to be in the BDSM room more than gor, then shouldn't the question be, why is that?

Asellus~~~ *giggling at the thought of galah's splash in the Pool*
I too have been guilty of entering to only access the message board, but I cannot bookmark the darn site because I am at school and use a different computer daily. *shrugs*

Asellus~~~ That is what the forums were for---to complain and express opinions....

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Curious to know if shadow's comment is true..and if it is then why so?

arianna {HK}~~~ but You are a Mistress, Mistress Asellus, You don't have to serve so it shouldn't matter if You come into GS to read the boards. You are a Free and can do whatever the hell You like *smiles*

galah{RA}~~~ as much as galah has heard that BDSM and Gor are much alike, this one thinks that is not true at all.....there are soooo many differences, and some like the RT of BDSM than the RP of Gor

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Asellus~ You can copy favorites to a disk and access them from there, or put them in a document and launch them.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Why is the sky blue ?? If a tree falls in the forest, with nobody there to hear it, does it make any noise ??? LOL...LOL. Lady Kayla, those questions are well beyond MY limited ability to answer.... I simply know that each person chooses the path they walk.... I walk Mine, You walk Yours, and those that choose others paths follow their own reasons....

arianna{HK}~~~ ari has been to Dungeon Myst a few times as the Tavern was empty, she spoke to a few gs slaves in there and basically all we were doing was talking amongst ourselves.

Markos~~~ I still have an agonizingly amount of guilt when I do so, arianna. I need a sandwich board that clearly states: "Don't bother greeting...I'm not even here" when I'm popping in and then going back out. *L*

Markos~~~ nay shadow, it is called variety, diversity, perhaps some have other people they wish to talk to outside Gor,

shifra{MKn}~~~ some go to the BDSM room because it is less structured, there are less rules and regulations and protocols

Kayla~~~ aye shadow that is the question... ~smiles~... On the issue of ordering a slave to serve when not in a Gorean room/setting I think wrong but I worry about some slaves and Free that spend more time in Other places than here... Just do not understand and have asked why of People in curiosity... If I see someone else somewhere else I ask them if they are busy and then would they care to join Me *S* if they say they are tied up *WEG* then so be it I leave it alone

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. For Me, I don't often go to other rooms, even here in Poolside... They kinda get * funky * when I walk in....LOL..Maybe I need a stronger deodorent.....???

arianna{HK}~~~ *LOL* Maybe they are scared of You Master Rollo. ari finds that people look at her weird when she says she is a GS slave, quite frankly online and in real life ari dont give a shit what people think of her. if this is how she chooses to chat then she will chat here, if people dont like it that is their problem. ari does not let their opinions of her choices effect what room she enters.

Kayla~~~ Good answer *S* then shifra ~smiling at her softly~ why be of Gor if you feel that way?... I am in no way judging you or anyone else just curious *S*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, a simple but effective rule MIGHT be, Do what is right for whatever room you are in, but DON'T expect the same stuf to be right and proper in both..... If you wanna be gorean, come here.....but if you wanna be BDSM or fairy, witch, dragon, troll, animal, or just plain anything, do it in the other room, and DON'T mix the two together........

galah{RA}~~~ the rule should be the old saying? when in Rome, do as the Romans? when in pool, do as the poolies? when in the Dungeon, do as the Dom/subs? but when in Gorean Shores, do as a gorean would do?

shadow{HoS}~~~ shadow only said that to point something out, there are many reasons slaves go to those rooms, there are no answers, one question can be countered with another *s* but hey, if any see shadow there and needs service, just whisper, shadow would be happy to come to GS to serve as needed unless she is busy at the time, wich normally she is not *s*

arianna{HK}~~~ ~**smiles to Master Ceredigawn Durst**~ maybe they don't understand what it's all about. some people dont like to explore other lifestyles. each person has their own life to live the way that they want to live it. that is why it's OUR life, to do with what we want to. not everyone will understand or like Gor, but like ari said, each to their own.

shifra{MKn}~~~ sometimes people need less structure in their lives Mistress Kayla, we can not all be pleasing all of the time, we need to have a place where W/we can sit and talk and not worry about offending Any

Kyoto~~~ Kayla, just for sake of argument, as I spend most of my time when in a public room, here, but why shouldn't someone be allowed to go to another room? A slave may not carry on outside conversations while in serve, and there is no telling when that slave would be called into serve in here. So, if she wants to talk freely to a friend, she can go wherever she wants, right?

arianna{HK}~~~ ari agrees with you shifra, that is why she chats in the pool or wetbar, she has Many friends there, a lot more than here in all honesty.

BladeBane~~~ I have seen and encountered the same....people have a Very Narrow Mindset when Gor is even mentioned....

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Well We all do what makes Us happy...Thinking most of my friends are to Young to even grasp the idea of this anyway...

shifra{MKn}~~~ *chuckles*...that is why shif's book are in a nice little cover with a built in bookmark, then people she works with already think she is insane as is

galah{RA}~~~ but the world is full of loonies? what about those that go in RT and play like the old medievil dudes? what about those that do the BDSM thing in leathers and hoods, whips and chains? we're not sooo strange afterall hehehehehehehehehe

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. HUMAN NATURE Strikes again....LOL... We ALL fear that which we don't understand.... and often, opinions are made by the misguided opinions of those that don't really know what they are talking about.... * GOR * and goreans have had some VERY BAD PR over the yrs... we have been called Nazi's, Sex Killers, perverts, and Slavers in RT ..... and many ppl by into this crap out of ignorance....

arianna{HK}~~~ but those people don't think they are strange either galah, that is just the way they live their life.

Kayla~~~ I agree Kyoto ~smiling~ I address the question to those that spend MORE time in another room than in GS... Like Rollo said We all walk Our Own path and I guess it shows some rigidity on My part but I made a commitment to Gor and GS many years ago when I pledged and when I am online mostly I am here in the Tavern or in alcove advising in My role as Advisor so I do not understand those who do not feel the same... but I am not saying that anyone is wrong just that I personally Me... and only Me does not understand *S*

galah{RA}~~~ that's right ari.....but we don't think ourselves strange either hehehehehehee or do you? hehehehehehehehee

BladeBane~~~ *Looking around the room*....Strange?....Naw not the people here anyway...*Chuckles*...

galah{RA}~~~ this one also feels that commitment to GS Mistress Kayla, but not all feel that way...one lil thing don't go the way they like, and they chose to go elsewhere....you just can't please everyone all the time

arianna{HK}~~~ *LOL* nope galah ari don't think you are strange at all....you live your life the way you choose to just like ari lives her life the way she chooses to. some may find that ari is boring because she lives what 'most' call a normal lifestyle . to those who don't live that lifestyle its not normal. their normal is how they choose to live their life, everyone has a normal. hoping to god that made sense.


Dungeon Myst

Webmaster~~~ TAL Greetings. Forgive the big interruption.
The is a message I JUST posted to many people in the new Dungeom Myst room. Please heed and consider what ambassadors you have who can't direct this new crowd to the kind of society you have here.
This is one of the rare occasions where I will jump in like this; It's my desire to NOT interfere with matters of individual RP rooms, except in matters of technical or administrative role.
This is more about orientation and some things that need to be discussed to be further understood by one and all.
I have members from Gorean Shores, who are experienced in the matters of running the day-to-day business of a chat like this. I have asked them to particpate in your early Council meetings in the capacity of ADVISORS and MENTORS.
From my position, Dungeom Myst MUST be self-policing and self-regulating as with the Gorean Model. THis is a formula of law which has proven to be more dependable than anything else we've tried in the last 5 years.
Please welcome them later this evening. They are here to listen and help in any way they can. This is the task all of YOU will face when the NEXT RP room comes online. So learn well *S*

Webmaster~~~ Should time permit, Pleae direct some of your good mojo to the Dungeon Myst room *S*

Webmaster~~~ Thank you. All of you *S*

Kyoto~~~ What is the actual theme of the room, Webmaster?

Webmaster~~~ Kyoto
Its BD/SM Area. The Pumphouse will return to A Gothic influence. I'm preparing for some huge expansion in the months to come.I even paid the fees to become a discount registraur for NICs *S*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...Well, My friends... I hope that everybody got something out of tonights forum......LOL.. even if it was only more confusion....LOL.. LOL...
It seems that GaryM needs a bit of help with the new BDSM room, so He has asked any GS captains and advisors to go and see if we can help the new room work out a set of rules to have fun by.... So, I'll call this forum to a close, and thank you all for coming once again.......