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A place for restrictions to be posted
Acting in a Gorean Manner.. newbies
Knowledge gained by reading
The various learning aspects
A crossover between BDSM and Gor
Becoming a Captain?
Free Women's clothing?

A place for restrictions to be posted

Marius~~~ Well the only topic sent to me is regarding posting personally owned slaves restrictions on the Homepage...LOL..not much meat for discussion there..LOL

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ isn't it just easier for a slave to state her restrictions if asked? or whisper them?

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ I don't think it is a *bad* idea per se, but I doubt it would be used much. Simpler just to ask a girl first. ~G~

Marius~~~ Laughing..my feelings exactly Lemuel..the slut's are all too happy to inform of restrictions..most times..LOL...and the consequence for them to violate them is extreme..


Acting in a Gorean Manner.. newbies

Marius~~~ I have something that mght be "pertinent"...
How much time should a newcomer to Gor be given till He/she is expected to act Gorean?..LOL

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckles @ Marius~~ That is a very good question, Captain.

Kyoto~~~ Hmmm, that is a good question.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ wouldn't that depend on how much access a person had to the books and other sources of knowledge?

Lemuel~~~ ~pondering the new question~
Everyone learns at different rates, so that isn't an easy question to answer, Captain.

Mandi~~~ ~~smiles @ ariel~~ those are a couple of factors, but there are Some who are not going to learn in any amount of time due to a lack of interest

Asellus~~~ Some people (newcomers, that is) One just ~has~ to be gentler with, in a sense....some take longer than others to catch on....for many reasons, really...for some it may be the communication barrier...some are uneasy and feel competitive with the "describing" aspect and may struggle there to "keep up", in a sense....I think it just depends on the person in question...*musing aloud over Marius' question*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Mandi's words~ Aye Lady, and it seems there are far too many of those. ~S~

Mandi~~~ I suppose, with a few possible exceptions, Each of U/us have been a N/newcomer at some time or other.

Marius~~~ Aye ariel...but every Gorean site I know has the basics listed on their Homepage...the books are widely available...yet I know HNG's that have been coming in for years..LOL..just to play games...

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ sexual games Master Marius? ariel doesn't think You will ever be able to totally get rid of that type of HNG.

Asellus~~~ And anyway....define "act Gorean"....We all know everyone's definition differs....

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Too true, Lady Asellus. ~G~

Mandi~~~ I sometimes simply leave when that is the case, Captain. And a Few I refuse to interact with in private or out of character, and They just languish in the room for lack of interest in here.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ that's true Mistress Asellus, but there are a certain amount of "Gorean".. erm.. virtues that are universal and not that difficult to grasp.

Kyoto~~~ The problem as I see it, is that slaves are expected to be submissive... not doormat's, but simply show the free, especially the men, respect. Men find this to be very exciting and stimulating. To have a woman kneel at his feet. So, many men come in just for the mental thrill... and never see that there is a rich roleplaying experience awaiting them here.

Marius~~~ Perhaps I did not phrase it the way I was thinking...
How about..what can be done when you think they should know better...I recall one instance when it went so far as the Council decaring the offender dead to GS...extreme in my view, but he refused to heed the warnings...but perhaps with the right tutalege he might have learned...HUMMMMM

Errand Knight~~~ sits quietly, eyes smiling as I catch up on the discussion

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ That may be true in some cases, but if it's the case I'm thinking of, I doubt He would ever have learned. And there were at least two Free that did try to help this One I'm thinking of.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *looks doubtful* ariel's not sure Master... He must have been given tons and tons of warnings and offers to teach the right way for the council to go to such an extreme measure. it sounds more like a case of not giving a dosk dung about Gor.

Kyoto~~~ What I do when I see a man or woman doing or saying something that isn't "Gorean", is send them a polite whisper to advise them.
For an example, the other day, someone who has had years of BDSM room experience, but was new to Gor, came in and refered to me as "Master Kyoto" when talking to a slave... I sent him a whisper and told him that men don't refer to other free men in that way.

Mandi~~~ Many of U/us are very patient and try hard to help, wishing to have M/more around to interact with, as it is enriching. We are loathe to kill of potential community members

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to the various comments made.. nudging cheek against Master's thigh.. ~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Aye Kyoto, that is pretty much what I do as well. I offer to answer any questions they might have in whisper, Q, or email. I also suggest that they read the information on the Home Page.

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding as Lemuel and I have the same ideas as to help*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika feels, as the rest of U/us has had to learn and study....entering Gor for the first time.....that O/one could read and know readily the protocols and the jest of it....to get by. There is always help and mentorships. S/some desire to never learn and only appear when there is trouble....or want the theories given to T/them upon a silver platter...*softly*~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi as I drop a hand to fondle My slave's silken hair~

Errand Knight~~~ it is good to be open to learning and to have others here who are willing to share their learning and experience. I know that I owe a debt to both Free and slaves in that respect.
But there are those whose fucus on their present world is so intense that they are no more open to such on gor than elsewhere

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~nodding head as she listens to vika speak.. agreeing with the beauty~

Mandi~~~ One place I draw the line is typing in the whole homepage in here to People who will not read it, but I am glad to discuss things with Anyone.
But I consider Myself an Intermediate.

tahira{GA}SG~~~ ~nodding softly agreeing with vika~ it seems A/all want the information layed out in front of T/them without taking the time to read it for T/themselves, A/any are only to happy to answer questions but not to feed T/them all the information, as each O/ones thoughts vary

Kyoto~~~ I think I had a bit of an advantage when I came here the first time... I read my first Gor book back in 1982... and have been building the collection since then. I also am an avid table top role player... so once I spent a bit of time just watching, I felt comfortable enough to establish my "role" here... and even then made mistakes.

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at vika's words~ Aye girl, there must be some effort on their part. They shouldn't expect to be spoon-fed the information.

Mandi~~~ I remember feeling fortunate to leave with My right forearm intact the first time I came in here, and did not feel demeaned in any way by that lesson. Some perhaps would have taken the situation more personally and not returned.

Deirdre~~~ *nodding to Kyoto's comments* Observation is the greatest teacher......and Tthose who are willing to answer questions......

Errand Knight~~~ *chuckles at Mandi*
I expect that I caused many concerns when new to this place ...I am glad that some, whom I won't embarrass by naming, took time out to help Me on My road.

Mandi~~~ Kyoto, even at times We have clashed, You have always been good about talking openly in roleplay within character and that has been enriching in here. And it is not just a particular setpiece played over and over.
And Many are original and interesting within what is available in here.

Kyoto~~~ *Tousling shiri's hair, smiling down at the girl before looking to Mandi*
I tend to speak my mind... but once done, I like to listen... I never find myself to be too hard headed that I never listen to a good argument... hell, I admit to having my opinions swayed on more than one occasion by a well thought out response.

Marius~~~ It's a Gorean right for a Man to speak his mind Kyoto...LOL..the swords of others will let you know if you say too much..LOL

Kyoto~~~ *Chuckling at Marius' comment, remembering many a time that I have pushed that limit... even once being challenged to a death match by a drunk.*

Mandi~~~ One of the things that has kept Me from leaving has been a sense of community here, even though W/we are far from perfect, and the M/many who are generous in the roleplay medium. Sometimes things can be discussed better in roleplay than some other mediums

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Rather than show up only when trouble arises to cause even more trouble.....or stomp off to start yet 'ANOTHER' Gor site.....work here..on the wonderful Home here....become an intricate part of the Shores........teach, learn, listen and act....display honor...whether to your ko~lar or to a Brother....*sighs*~

Mandi~~~ ~~thinking back to the original question of how long is a P/person tolerated until T/they are behaving as a Gorean~~
Perhaps the answer to that is as long as a P/person will behave and act in such a manner as to learn.

Marius~~~ LOL/..Aye Mandi..we have gotten off the question...and your response is the best one I have heard...Thanks FW

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Mandi's words~ Aye, that is as good a policy as any, I think. ~S~


Knowledge gained by reading

Marius~~~ I tend to think that you need to read the books...and that more discussions of the books would be beneficial to All ...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Marius~ I agree Captain. It's hard to get the *feel* of Gor without reading the books.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~um hum....vika would have to agree...there is so much grasped in reading the books....it adds so much flavor and then to feel as if you were there.....seeing your feelings change as you read and question what it is you truly feel within....the lessons learned and the growth that takes place.~

Marius~~~ Norman has laid out a "blueprint" for us to follow in each book...Honour is discussed...the male/female relationship...Gorean situations and thought processes....it's all there...

topaz{AA}p~~~ *remembering Master Marius conducting some Book forums Monday mornings, and having learnt so much from them, smiles brightly*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~But then to venture even further...and enter the Tavern and speak and act as though Gorean....make it feel as if you are truly in the Tavern.....paint the picture.....feel it...move on it...grasp it....*softly*~

Errand Knight~~~ *agrees with Marius though admits that I has not read all the books as some of the style is not condusive to My own enjoyment ,,nonetheless there is an overwhelming resource base much of which is fun as well as enriching*

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles at EK's comment~ Aye Physician, the books can be tedious at times, even to those of us that enjoy them.

Kyoto~~~ It's funny, I find that when I go back and re-read any of the books, I find myself being affected by them in different ways than I did before I became involved in on-line role playing interactions.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ ariel thinks it's good to at least read the first five or ten books... ariel has all of them, and has read the first 15, but, like Master ErrandKnight, just can't seem to get through the rest... Norman is not a particularly good writer. *winces*

Mandi~~~ I'm looking to find the books on tape somewhere, as I could probably listen longer than I can read JN's writing, and have only read six of them.

Marius~~~ looking down on my girl...knowing she "feels" it all....

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~turning head as Master Marius speaks.. listening to her Owner's response and sis vika's words.. agreeing with all that's said about the books~..

shiri{MJ}~~~ ~leaning into strong fingers toying with long dark curls..listening~

Kyoto~~~ I'd love to find the books on tape, Mandi...perhaps read by, oh, Charleton Heston.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika softly gazes upward......and *whispers* to know that you know.......to burn continually to improve, be more pleasing.....~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Kyoto's words~ Yes, I've noticed the same thing. When I first read the series I was just a young'un. ~G~ And when I re-read them recently I enjoyed them on an entirely different level than the first time. ~G~

Marius~~~ Laughing...there are those that would kill a slave for saying that ariel..LOL..but you're right...he gets booring sometimes...but mainly because he felt the need to be so repetitive..let us not forget that he wrote/writes these books to help us understand the complications of male/female interaction...the concept of another world was necessary as what he preaches is virtually impossibe to practice uder current civilized laws...LOL

topaz{AA}p~~~ *thinking aye!!!....Charleton Heston reading, a girl would definately be able to listen to alllll the books...chuckles*

Stavros~~~ Sean Connery would be a good reader.. ~looking at calia.. grinning..~ I know one fortunate listener.. ~smiling~

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ You know ariel Master Marius... always tries to be honest. even when it's not good for her well being.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Well, and in fact...reading it once...not reading it all...all of the conceptions of His books.....He repeats and repeats and 'STILL' S/some do not get it. *laughs softly* vika often wonders if He wrote it that way so W/we would get tired of hearing it and hash it out...*winks*~

Errand Knight~~~ *chuckles at Stavros comment*
indeed I am told of an earthen reading where He depicts Forrester


The various learning aspects

Errand Knight~~~ there is also ample opportunity to specialise ...for example I would admit to not knowing as much as Many others about the weaponry used by say the people of the north ...but I have enjoyed tracking down information relevant to My caste as it is less well developed than some other aspects of gor ...most know about slave wine, serum and enjoy a munch of kanda leaf and are aware of the two great unsolved illnesses which have beset gor ..but beyond that their is a richness on Physicians fairs and other fora attended by Healers from all parts

topaz{AA}p~~~ *wraps a small arm about chele, holding her close, smiling at her pretty sis, knowing she wishes to learn....turns back to the forum...listening

serena{Briggand}~~~ ~smiles to chele, then turns her attention back to the discussion....*listening intently*

Mandi~~~ And tracking down currency and things necessary to be a Merchant has been interesting in a similar manner, Errand Knight, but not what All would be interested in here, necessarily. That is perfectly all right.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the various comments~ And tracking down the various inventions of the Builders Caste mentioned in the books...~G~


A crossover between BDSM and Gor

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *looks around the room from her dark corner and smiles* what ariel has found interesting lately is the cross over between the BDSM room and GS.. so many people going back and forth, learning and interacting. for the most part it seems that it has been a good thing and people have been respectful of both lifestyles. Just look at the people in this room now.

Mandi~~~ ariel, Some take offense to it, the crossover.

calia{GS}~~~ *~nuzzling her face into His thigh,as blue eyes flicker with smiles toward ariel~* ..mmmmmm yes,it is good...

with the rooms being some quieter all summer,it is nice to slide over to the other room,on occasion and speak with other girls ...(always with an eye on Gs *eg*)

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ that's too bad Mistress Mandi. both sides seem willing to learn something new. not all, but many. ariel has been treated well in the other room. if GS was empty, ariel would not hesitate to visit DM.

Marius~~~ Aye..there is a crossover ariel..and both worlds learn...but personally I think it's harder for the average male to grasp the Gorean principles...that of a slave being property...that's a hard one for most to understand given our backgrounds..

Kyoto~~~ I take offense when I see most of the Gorean affiliated slaves in a BDSM room and not in here... but that's just how I am.

calia{GS}~~~ ~*softly gazing toward Mistress Mandi~* ....confused with someones offense....

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *her teeth flash white in her dark corner* ariel didn't say it would be easy Master... she just thinks that the cross over lately has been interesting. it doesn't happen very often if You visit other places that have both BDSM and Gor rooms.

chele~~~ ~lifts her head up slightly and whispers to Mistress Mandi~~should chele take her leave then Ma'am??

Kyoto~~~ I don't know Marius, I could easilly grasp that concept... but I've always been interested in female submission and bondage... even as a kid, I got excited when I saw Daphne get kidnapped and tied up by the villains on Scooby Doo.

calia{GS}~~~ *~softly*~ can calia ask why,Master Kyoto? ...~*her gentle blue eyes,lock tenderly toward One,behind fallen tresses of black~* ,as she climbs up into the lap of Master Stavros with an intentional ~wiggle~....

Marius~~~ LOL..I remember Xern would lace into the slut's for not being in GS ...perhaps its something we should remember..for when He was Senior Captain things were somewat different here..LOL

Stavros~~~ stay chele.. listen and learn and ask questions.. we are always looking for new sleen meat.. ~winking at the girl~

Mandi~~~ Kyoto, water seeks its own level, and the slaves will be in the place that draws their interest.
It is much like Port Kar would be with such unusual neighbors, is the best way I can think of it.

Kyoto~~~ Please stay, chele... I'm just blowing off steam... you are very welcome and I am glad that you have an interest in Gor and GS.

Errand Knight~~~ Kyoto: I can understand Your view though I do not share it. Some live the would of bdsm outside of gor though like me are drawn to gor to the point of wishing to be part of it. They are different places but Ssome must be true to themselves and their reality. I for example enjoy My place to My Home and the richness it brings Me ..but I have much to learn. In bdsm I am more experienced than most and have something to give to others in their journey. I would not wish to be deprived of that. Perhaps some slaves feel likewise.

Marius~~~ And your the stronger Gorean Master for grasping that Kyoto...yet it seems hard for some to understand...but perhaps its up to us to help them...I try when I can

Mandi~~~ GS has no control of the site out of this room an its alcoves. As a practical matter, P/people can go wherever T/they find an enriching experience or meet some other need.

marissa{Hos} for Gornt~~~ Master Gornt wishs that one pass this on
"tell em I Think that a GS girl';s first responsibilty is the Tavern"

Kyoto~~~ I don't know, calia... because I am biased... I like the role playing aspects of on-line Gor... and I just don't see that attraction of a BDSM room with no "teeth".

Stavros~~~ I definately don't have a problem with slaves raoming about.. if they are I will whisper to them and ask them to come in GS.. but if not I don't sweat it.. ~grinning~ to each their own..
~feeling the one wiggle on my lap~ ohhh you know how much I love your wiggle little one.. ~as I kiss her neck..~

Stavros~~~ Ohhh Kyoto.. you havn't seen Hell Bent in DM have you.. LMAO!!!! He bites!!!

Marius~~~ True for a personally owned slave Mandi..but a tavern slut belongs in the tavern if there is anyone else here...and I personally will be enforcing that more often...if the tavern is empty let them go where they will...but starting now I will demand that tavern owned girls be here ...and let them know they will be whipped by me if they fail to respond...

Stavros~~~ Tell Gornt.. to get his sleen ass in here and state it his self.. ~chuckling~

calia{GS}~~~ being a tavern slave,calia always watches for Patrons that might need her services -but this slave has spent many hours dancing about nude,and cleaning......can get boring alone r/t,unfortunatly *soft sigh* - so this wench visits occasionally...

Errand Knight~~~ *feels a shortage of tavern sluts coming on*

Stavros~~~ LMAO at EK.. ahhhh funny!!!

Marius~~~ calia..you live up to your duties...I have no problem with you..keep up the good example slut..it is noticed by your owners..

Phen~~~ *sriking my shoulder in applause* Here here Captain about time*wink*

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding as I listen to EK*
I live a definite M/s relationship with my wife, penny. In no way is it Gorean... that just doesn't fly when you have kids and real life to deal with. However, she is very much my property, she doesn't like to make important decisions without my input, doesn' travel without me... this isn't anything I forced, it's just the natural way our relationship has developed in our years together. I am very much a Dom, through and through... and my wife is very much the sub... she feels the most safe and secure under the loving cover of my embrace.

Stavros~~~ now lookie here.. a tavern wench dancing nude.. ~shakes my head~ and I missed it.. ~snapping my fingers~

Marius~~~ LOL..perhaps EK...but I think that more shortages arise when they are not treated with strength...a kajira is not a sub...she is a slave...in her heart she needs instruction and the strength of a man...

Errand Knight~~~ I know and understand that Kyoto and have lived a life to know how fortunate you both are

calia{GS}~~~ praises rain upon her,making her wiggle more in Master Stavros' lap~*( purrrring to her Owner sweetly....thank You Master Marius,she tries her very best.......

kaitlyn~~~ *drawn by warmth of laughter and conversation, she slowly makes her way into the Tavern, edging her way along the shadowed wall, she moves to a darkened corner to observe...*

Kyoto~~~ *Grinning at Stavros*
I've spent my time in BDSM rooms in the past... and have seen and done things that would amaze people here. But I find my greatest satisfaction in this type of interaction. Errand Knight Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not disparaging anyone who prefers BDSM to Gor... it's their cup of tea, and more power to them... as JN would say, every man is ubar within the circle of their own steel... even if their world doesn't carry a sword.

Stavros~~~ Marius.. we have had this discussion before with Captian Rollo.. and if I remember correctly.. we patrons of Part Kar cannot demand a slave come into GS..I think this is an interesting issue. and I thought is was one of the issues that was going to be taken up with council

Errand Knight~~~ Marius ...how could I not agree? The line between each of Our realities and what We seek on gor can be a fine one which is interesting to manage to keep faith with Our pledge

va`lain{A}~~~ nods in total agreement with Master Marius....aii indeed Master!

Stavros~~~ thank you marissa.. I'm taking it up with the big man right now.. ~chuckling~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Ah..but Stavros, there is a difference between a Captain ordering a Tavern slave in and just a regular Patron doing so. The Captains own the Tavern girls. ~G~

kaitlyn~~~ *watching the room with interest, hearing bits of the conversation, eyes wide with wonder*

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: a good point ..I will leave it to the Captains then

Stavros~~~ well shit.. I need to be a Captain.. LOL Hmmm a Captain of Thieves... welll at least the only one in Port Kar.. LOL!!!

calia{GS}~~~ *~licking slowly along the Thieves bicep,as hands slide around His ribs,gigglin as inside pockets poke her with ~lifted~ items...~* - backs of toned thighs,squirming...smiling at Master Lemuel's words.....
aye,big difference ~*shivering~*

Kyoto~~~ Aye Lem, no difference between that and you ordering your jas or me my penny... once a slave is owned, she gives her Master the right to tell her what to do

Stavros~~~ ~looks down in my lap..between my legs~ yepp. big difference.. ~looks to the patrons and blinks his eyes smiling~ no offence.. LOL!!

Mandi~~~ and many of the girls will just "arrive" at good times, so I have seen.

va`lain{A}~~~ this one will answer to Any Master, first and foremost her Master, but even though va is not of GS, if she was in different room here on poolside site, and called, she would come to GS....

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles at the Thief's comment as I stroke My little vulo's sable locks~

kaitlyn~~~ *tilting her head to the side, golden curls tumbling over her shoulder, smiling at the humor that seems to be filling the Tavern*

ariel{R}~~~ *the she-urt idly listens, playing with the pretty kaitlyn's hair, making sure that her usually grimmy hands are clean*

topaz{AA}p~~~ if asked, topaz would be more than happy to be of service should she be in another room and not otherwise occupied...*smiling softly, looks up at the Lady Mandi*

Mandi~~~ aye, a girl certainly has been and learns much quickly, topaz

topaz{AA}p~~~ *a purr of delight and eyes brighten even more hearing Lady Mandi's words*
Your praise Mistress means so much to this one...
*lowers her head in gratitude*

excerpts from the forum of August 12, 2002

Kayla~~~ The second part can a Free person order a slave from an alcove or another room private or GS slave?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kayla.... I don't really see that being an option... lets face it, if somebody DON'T want to be here, we can hardly drag them in, kicking and screaming.... once in the door, they are bound to follow the rules... but until they walk in, they are NOT here to BE ordered.... private slaves may well be a different matter... but general slaves ??? I don't see it.....okay ?????

Kayla~~~ Tavern slaves.... A free person may ask if there is a need but can NOT I repeat can NOT Demmand a slave to serve... their time is their own if they are not on Gor

Kayla~~~ again even if the girl is a Tavern slave she can not be forced in the Tavern to serve if she is in another room or alcove... A girls time away from Gor can not be dictated to by Us... In jasma's case she allowed it to happed because that is where her heart is... but that is a rare case and if a girl comes to Me or a another Council Member this is what she will be told

Lemuel~~~ As Kayla said, girls can not be ordered into the Tavern, and they should c&p any such demands just in case.


Becoming a Captain?

Stavros~~~ soo... Lemuel.. what do I need to do to become a Captian.. ~chuckling~ If I need to give up my lock picks then forget it.. LOL!!!

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs~ No, I doubt the other Captains would make You give them up, but You would have to become an Advisor first.

Errand Knight~~~ *grins as I enjoy the discussion and the good company...thinking back to the forum I attended in another place quite recently ...the difference between succulent bosk meat and shleen dung*

Mandi~~~ **chuckles in agreement with Errand Knight**

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *thinks back to the same forum and nods silently, her nibble fingers working smoothly through kaitlyn's lovely curls*

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *her ears perk at the mention of theives picks

Stavros~~~ okay Lemuel.. gimme the hook up.. put in a good word to the big cheese for me.. ~chuckleing~ How long do you need to be an advisor??? ~serious grin~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~dark pools close feeling His fingers move through dark strands.. purring and listening to the conversation~

va`lain{A}~~~ ~thinks~ the iron belt that Master threatened to put on this slave, would not of stood a chance with Master Stavros.....~giggles lightly~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Sorry Stavros, that's entirely up to the Captains. Becoming an Advisor is an *invitation only* kind of thing as is becoming a Captain. ~S~

Stavros~~~ ~snaps my finger again..~ Hmmm I think I need to pay these Warriors off.. or bring in some good stuff for the tavern.. hmmm maybe I can steal some slaves into the tavern.. making mental notes
Thanks Lemuel!

Errand Knight~~~ Stavos: Youll be moonlighting as a Slave Trader next!

Stavros~~~ Looks to EK.. got to start somewhere.. LOL!!!
~hold my little one on my lap.. adjusting her so she fits.. pulls her head back and sucks on her neck..~
If the slaves taste this good.. I'll stay as a slave trader and forget about the Captain spot. LOL!!!


Free Women's clothing?

Molly~~~ ~Pushing through the heavy door~ hearing the mur mur of voices~ entering the Tavern draped in dark veils and long Dark robes of black~ Tal~ kneels and listens

Kyoto~~~ *Looking to Molly, wondering at the black robes...*

Stravros~~~ Hmmmm Molly you of the thief caste?? ~tilting my head to the side smiling at her..~

Molly~~~ Kyoto I wore black because I didnt wanna draw unexceptable attention by wearing my normal robes of color~ I just wanna learn no matter anyone thinks I just wanna learn and I figured black would not draw attention

Errand Knight~~~ Stravros: perhaps an Assassin? *looking for the mark on Molly's forehead as He smiles to Her*

Molly~~~ ~sorry~ Im not a caste~ head down~ lips tremble under veils~ gray eyes starting to tear as embarassment cover my face~ I'm sorry I didn't know~sighs~

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *smiles at Mistress Molly* this is a great night to learn Mistress Molly, no matter what You are wearing.

topaz{AA}p~~~ *tosses mental hugs to the Lady Molly...whispers*
One cannot know all, and certainly none here would expect You to know that black be the color worn by assassins....*warm smiles*

Stavros~~~ It's okay Molly.. We need to work on it a bit.. thats all.. we need to give you the 101 on GS.. I have some links to help you out. and learn about the castes.. now wipe those tears away.. ~smiles at the woman~

Phen~~~ You know I thought because it was a forum and slaves don't need to beg to enter or leave does it matter what a FW wears and that goes down to veils as well?

kaitlyn~~~ *listening to the conversation, shifting slightly on her heels, her gaze drifting from one side of the room to the other*

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling~ I don't think there was any exception made about FW wearing veils during the forums, Phen. But the color of a Woman's robes shouldn't matter too much. In the books FW often wore colors besides those of their caste

Mandi~~~ Aye, Lemuel, that is true. Any colour is pretty much fair game, and I have many to choose from at the shop. **shameless commercial plug**

topaz{AA}p~~~ *chuckles, thinking of all the lovely fabrics and colors of choice at the Lady's dressmaking shop*

Errand Knight~~~ green is good! *chuckles*

calia{GS}~~~ *~nakid flesh squirms some in Master Stavros' arms,as calia admires the beautiful robes of the DressMaker~*with a envious smile....

serena{Briggand}~~~ *puzzled look*

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles at the FW~ Shameless! Advertizing during a forum! ~winks~
Men also would wear clothing that wasn't entirely the color of their caste, though they would wear their caste color as a stripe or chevron, etc. somewhere prominent

Errand Knight~~~ Mandi: now how are We to keep the slaves in their silks?
*thinks a bit*
well no matter

Phen~~~ Lem sorry advisor but I have to disagree with you on that it is a forum and as long as I follow the protocols of that forum and is not a roleplaying session I think I could come in buck naked if I wanted too...But what I was sugesting is that I did not think it was fair that a FWs clothes would come under scrutiny in a Forum and well when I had to say something *wink*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to Mistress Mandi advertise the shop.. whispering softly~.. Mistress can always take out an ad in the Tavern Tattler as well to advertise.. ~smiling sweetly~

Studly~~~ wondering if it is against the rules to use super glue to keep clothes on the little ones?

Stavros~~~ Okay Phen.. come in buck naked will ya.. *WEG*

Mandi~~~ Errand Knight, that is not a large line item in a budget, as little fabric is required, though such silks do not seem to last long.

Errand Knight~~~ *howls in laughter at Mandi's comment*

va`lain{A}~~~ Master Studly? why would You want to keep silks on a girl? she would think You would enjoy a girl naked?

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles~ I know You don't like veils, Phen, but there *is* an element of roleplay during the forum and the slaves not having to beg is clearly spelled out as an exception to the rules in the protocols.
I don't think there was any harm meant by the comment about Molly's attire, it was just one way of pointing out that the color black is normally reserved to Assassins. ~S~

topaz{AA}p~~~ *grins up at Lady Mandy, knowing tis true, a girl's lovely silks can be torn and tattered depending on Master's mood*

Studly~~~ yes I do va'lain..but if uniforms are required..shouldn't they be able to stay on and still reveal the right spots?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~dark gems lower as silks are being talked about.. fingers slide over naked flesh.. looking to her Master.. a grin upon lips.. she casts eyes downwards once more~

serena{Briggand}~~~ *giggling towards Mistress Mandi..~ trying to piece the tatters of cloth around form

Lemuel~~~ And as this is a forum let's try to keep the off topic posts in whispers, o.k.?

va`lain{A}~~~ of course Master, it too is said, it is what is to be unwrapped that is enticing as well ~winks~

Errand Knight~~~ *thanks the Priest Kings for loose shoulder knots*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~whispering as He speaks~
yes, Master

va`lain{A}~~~ yes Master Lemuel, she apologizes, ~lowering her crystal blues~

Errand Knight~~~ nods to Lemuel

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Well, as the Captain seems to have benn dragged off by a particularly large urt, it appears things fall to Me.
Are there any more comments before we call this forum to a close?

Lemuel~~~ ~looking about~ Alright then, if there is nothing else, the forum is officially closed - all normal rules now apply.