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Captaincy Training the slaves


Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Alright...might as well get started. Welcome to the Monday night forum.
Slaves do not need to beg entrance or leave until it's over, please keep off topic talk and greetings to whispers, etc. etc.
Any topics? Please send them to Me in a whisper...

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ O.K. - first topic:

How does One become a Captain?
Are there rituals, tasks, glories?
or just education into the books?

Kayla~~~ LOL... Now does the question pertain to GS or the books?... Not much guts and Glory in GS for the Captains that I have seen...~grins~

Paedur~~~ Chuckles as that looks exactly how I typed it. LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ I guess as the only Captain present I'm the best One to answer...
The first step to becoming a Captain is to be a pledged Patron...

endy~~~ *remains silent on issues she knows nothing about*

Errand Knight~~~ it is an honour firstly which One must be willing to accept..and with it the responsibilities
One must recognize that gor is not democratic and that Captains will be chosen from those which in the eyes of the Council have proven their credentials to their home ..and that is in a number of ways

Paedur~~~ Ummm Lady Kayla, I was asking for here, as the books leave much to the unimagination. LOL

Lemuel~~~ If a Male Patron shows through Their actions and knowledge that they would be an asset to the Council, an existing Council member will nominate them for an Advisor position...

Paedur~~~ Listens... and ponders a bit.

Kayla~~~ Nods as I listen to the Captain

Lemuel~~~ Another requirement is that the prospective Adviosr/Captain have a Poolside membership...
Once the Advisor has been on the Council for a while The Existing Captains may nominate Him for a Captaincy...

Paedur~~~ So when I have observed and read how Others have been made Captains, out of the blue, that is more or less for the image of the room, and not of Gor?

Lemuel~~~ Again, Advisors and Captains are chosen on merit...book knowledge, ability to get along with others, work on behalf of the Tavern, etc. are all taken into consideration when the Council members vote.

Errand Knight~~~ I guess in all honesty an issue which I do have a bit of a problem with is that a number of those who hold positions do not come to GS with the frequency that I would consider appropriate

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Errand Knight~ Aye, and I am as guilty as any You might name.

Errand Knight~~~ not an issue of guilt or finger pointing Lemuel..an observation is all

Paedur~~~ No Lemuel You are not guilty of it in the slightest.
It is just that I had to go to find out who the Captains are, rather than to have met them all over the past 6 months.

Lemuel~~~ Sometimes r/t gets in the way, other times it is just disgust over the poor behavior of one or two...~shrugs~

Kayla~~~ nods as I listen...

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ Maybe because I'm here most Monday nights it seems like I'm *here* more, but in all honesty, I've not been around as much as I'd like either. I know that in Rollo's case His health has not been well and it is difficult for Him to sit in front of a computer for very long. Marius I believe is limited to mostly being in during the mornings...

Asellus~~~ *Nodding a tacit greeting while listening to the topic at hand...*

Errand Knight~~~ I certainly understand the issue of rt first and that there are times when we all go through jaded periods for whatever reason ..having said that in My view again ..and based on My views about the needs of a place ..and person in a position of honour should generally make it their business to attend with some regularlity ..unless leave is given for good reason ..seems fundamental to the success or otherwise of any site.

Kayla~~~ ~nodding again at the words of the Physician~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods and sighs~ Yes, I have to agree with that E.K. and I know that Shadowglade felt the same way...which is why He resigned...He felt He couldn't be here as much as He felt He *should*...

Errand Knight~~~ it is sad that many gorean sites are learching in a precarious position and I would hate to see GS continue to become almost parttime site ..there are some wonderful people here and if only it could be more active ..and as I say..Captains and Advisors have an important role in that.

Asellus~~~ *clearing her throat from beneath her veils*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I agree again, E.K. - and I have noted in the little visiting that I do that other sites have much the same problem with attendance, in many casess even worse than ours...

Paedur~~~ I was not asking to raise any issues.
More so with Shadowglade retiring, I was more interested in how He was to be replaced, and by Whom.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Paedur~ I understand. Shadowglade's duties would fall to the next Captain below Him, in this case Ceredigawn...

fina{HoV}~~~ ~she settles down quietly to listen and take in knowledge, slender fingers toying silently with the ribbon that dangles against the silken flesh of her taut thigh~

Paedur~~~ Thank You Lemuel and Errand Knight.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ We seem to have exhausted this topic...
Does anyone have another?


Training the slaves

Lemuel~~~ Alright, how about this topic...

Do the Free of GS actually All work together to train slaves...ie...is there a time when Any and All may command any slave into a certain position..or demand they serve as a she sleen...ect ect...to help keep GS's slaves well honed in their servitude?

Kayla~~~ Sounds like some of Kyoto's training... never know what the Man will ask ~grins~...

endy~~~ *blushing as she listens*

Errand Knight~~~ subject to a privately owned slaves restrictions ..all Free should work to continuously hone a sluts skills ...it is after all what a gorean slave seeks and in My view the duty of the Free. I have observed Kayla do so many times and I know the lilones are grateful for her guidance

endy~~~ May a girl speak about this openly ?

Asellus~~~ They should be able to. Do the Free need permission to tell a slave what to do?

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Kayla~ Aye, and You nad Phen have been known to call a girl out to check the level of their training, but *should* any Free person feel it is their right to check a girl's training...and should they act on it?

Errand Knight~~~ chuckles

fina{HoV}~~~ hearing Master's words, she nods in agreement, smiling appreciatively to the beautiful Mistress Kayla

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to endy~ Of course girl, that's what forums are for.

Kayla~~~ speak endy

Errand Knight~~~ I certainly see it as something I should do and as appropriate do so ..I expect My attitude is not as demanding as some Others

Kayla~~~ well in truth I get bored with normal serves and if several slaves are here at once I feel I need to give them something to do... and I like to see where thier imaginations can take them and what they might be able to do with an unusal request of a rake dance or mop bucket jig ~grins~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at the comments as I listen~

endy~~~ Speaking as a slave...and as one who has only called GC home..so this is in no way meant as a slight to any site....
As a slave..endy craves the "edge"...that she would be on if she never knew when she would be called on for a position...a dance...a special type serve..or any other thing that it is (in only her opinion) the RIGHT of every Free Man or Woman to command of her...

Kayla~~~ One does have to be careful not to keep slaves tired up when there are people about needing serves though....

fina{HoV}~~~ ~settles upon bare heels, leaning forward in her kneel, a slender chin propped upon her hand as she listens thoughtfully to the comments~

Paedur~~~ Listens

Kayla~~~ I agree endy and the longer a slave has been on Gor the more she craves for that edge to be honed ~smiles~ after the 3 millionth goblet of kalana one looks for something to stretch thier limits...

endy~~~ nods...even being commanded to get that goblet...in the she sleen position...helps a slave remember that she IS a slave...there are reasons besides punishment..to force a slave to do this...

Errand Knight~~~ smiles at endy

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at all the comments understanding the various positions~
Alright, but what if what the Free commands or instructs the slave in runs contrary to what their *official* trainer/Owner has told them?

endy~~~ endy supposes she just misses the fear that honed the respect that she felt...she is guilty of becoming complacent in her slavery...she is never tested...never pushed...she dosent say this as a criticism of the Free...please dont think that...only an observation of herself...and her own shortcomings...

Kayla~~~ well that kinda goes in the slave should try to explain that her training is different then do as told if pressed keeping a C&P to give to their Owner

Paedur~~~ If it goes against their Owner, then something should be said.
but against how they were trained, well now if the Master wishes it so, then.....

fina{HoV}~~~ doesn't the command of their Owner come first, shouldn't the slave politely explain what her owner's wishes are and abide by that....if the Free has a discretion with her Master's or Mistress' orders, that needs to be taken up with that person, as a slave is in no position to argue with a Free and it would be unfair for One to place her in a compromising situation

Mariposa~~~ I would assume that the slave would also inform her Master of all the training that she is receiving, every event in her life, if it pleases Him to hear, and that He or She woould then clearly inform her of his feelings toward the direction of the training, as it would be the Masters right to halt, or alter such training if he deemed it contrary to his beliefs.

Kayla~~~ I think that most Goreans would honor the wishes of an Owner but sometimes they won't and the slave is in a hard place and the truth is in roleplay if we are to roleplay it accurately the slaves would have to do as the Free wished no matter what their owner thought because they could fight Any Free. then the matter would be settled between the the free people after the fact.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to fina~ That is the problem I see with any Free feeling they can train any girl. It can create confusion for the girl and friction between Free. Certainly the girl should jump to obey when commanded to serve and follow any Free's orders unless they conflict with a specific instruction given by the girl's Master or Mistress. Then she should explain *politely* about her Owner's instructions and if the Free continues to press the girl obey, keeping a c&p for her Master/Mistress.

Errand Knight~~~ aye in the finality a slut must obey and leave it to her owner to sort out with the Other

fina{HoV}~~~ ~listens quietly as the Master seemingly reads her mind and adds more to her thoughts, she settles back, listening to more comments and wiggling lil fingers at her sis~

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Anything else on this topic?

fina{Hov}~~~ shakes her head softly, indicating she has nothing more to say as violet orbs roam the room to see if Another might speak

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Well, if there's nothing more on this topic I guess we can call it an early night...

Paedur~~~ Thank Y/you for the learning this eve.

endy~~~ Masters....Mistress...endy thanks You All for allowing her to come tonigh...and especially for allowing her to speak...*warm smile*

Lemuel~~~ ...I call this forum to a close. All normal Tavern rules now apply.
Thank you A/all for attending and participating. It's the contributions of the participants that make this so interesting. Thanks again.