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More Realistic Roleplay
To force a slave's submission
Real Time Information
The costs of things

More Realistic Roleplay

Marius~~~ Well then Lemuel...Here is my vote...It's official..the slut is yours...LOL...the changeover can be made after the forum..don't want to confuse the bitch right now..she will be so happy she may even forget her name...LOL
jasma..if you can control your happiness for a few hours tell me if there are any carryover topics for this week..LOL...serve him well slut...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~hearing the words.. a happiness inside.. breathing out deeply.. looking at both Masters.. then hearing Master Marius' question.. breathlessly~
aye Master..
carry over topics of last week
1. more realistic roleplay
2. about adding a page that shows the restrictions of specific slaves. So the Masters know their restrictions before interacting with them and over stepping the boundaries set by another gorean Master.

Marius~~~ Well not seeing the Senior Captain I will start this thing of ours...
Pounding a big fist on the table..the Forum is open...forum rules in effect...no serving..slaves need not beg to enter..

Marius~~~ Well then lets deal with the first one jasma..MORE REALISTIC ROLEPLAY

Kyoto~~~ More realistic roleplay... I assume that most people want to do so?

Marius~~~ Any comments on the first topic?
I see it as something we all want yet because of time constraints and other problems it's not done as often as it should be...most times I see people enter and just chat...

topaz{AA}p~~~ *listens closely, seeking to learn*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I agree that most people say they want it, but we keep seeing the same things. Serves and dances are great, but it would be nice to have more sparring and just chat about our v/t lives I think.

Mandi~~~ Aye, Captain. I would state that frequently, the posts will go something like: "Tal and greetings." "Nothing's happening." "What's become of the Tavern?"

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~gazing to Master Lemuel then lowering eyes as she listens to the first topic~

Kyoto~~~ Role playing isn't always something that needs to have tons of time... some good role playing can be done in just a few minutes by writing an interesting entrance...

Marius~~~ And that takes some work Lemuel...work that many do not want to put into it...LOL..people are lazy..myself included...I try to brng action to the tavern...but usually end up sidetracked dealing with a tavern problem...LOL

jora{GS}t~~~ *listens attentively*

Mandi~~~ Aye, Kyoto, that is correct. Even a short convo and/or a harta serve can have significance and enhance the ambience in here.

Asellus~~~ *Grasping a pad of rence paper and a writing implement, taking notes for the evening's forum with a wink sent in jasma's direction, She adds Her two tarsks*
It takes more than one to roleplay. Granted, others may not be as good at roleplaying - typing out their actions fully, but all should try. We can't take descriptions for granted, really, if We hope to achieve more effective roleplay....everyone needs to fully state their actions, not just in the general sense. We need to "see" you. I only know of a few Individual's eye colours, for instance. Maybe that's of more importance to Me as a FW - that of eye colour - but it's a start...In fact, mentioning colour more often does help.

Kyoto~~~ Lem, spars are kind of hard to have when most of the so called "warriors" in the tavern never step foot in the sands... they are all very sure to state they are carrying a sword or an axe... but challenge them to a spar, and they make some excuse. Really, I think they are just here looking for a slave to screw.

Marius~~~ Aye Kyoto...your right there...yet too few even do that...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Captain~ Aye Marius, and often when someone does try to do something different, noone else pays much attention to it, or at least it seems that way. ~S~

Kyoto~~~ Mandi, in spite of your apparent disapproval of what occured yesterday, did you not see my actions as role playing?

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Kyoto.. nodding head in agreement to His words~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Tal, and greetings all... sorry I am late...What is the topic being discussed ????

Marius~~~ But each of us are responsible for our actions..both online and off...we can each look at what we do and try to do better...it's a commitment that you need to make to yourself...
Noticing my Brother enter..Tal Rollo..I started it..it's all yours now..LOL

Marius~~~ More Realistic roleplaying Rollo...

Mandi~~~ Kyoto, to be honest, You roleplayed a situation well and made a point in Your style. Well done, Warrior. I made a statement to Another that I would not protect a little one from Gor, just objected to the foolishness of the slamdunk collar.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Warrior~ Aye, it seems the last few times We've had sparring contests half the participants were Builders! ~chuckles~ But even some *practice* sparring would be nice to see once in a while.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~smiling softly as she remembers the sparring with the Master Builders.. gazing upwards surreptiously towards Him~

Lemuel~~~ ~winking down at the first girls tosseling her sable locks~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~grinning and winking back as He tossles hair.. feeling an errant strand tickle over the bridge of nose.. blowing it away with a puff of air.. listening intently~

Kyoto~~~ I love to practice spar, Lem... if I could find someone to fight... trouble is, lately the only male in here at the same time as I is, well, since he isn't here, I won't rag on him...
suffice it to say, he talks big but would rather run away.

Molly~~~ listens~

Mandi~~~ There are many aspects to communicating in here in this format. And depicting realistic actions in a way that allows for interaction is one of them. For instance, perhaps flipping a coin to settle a question. An interesting short roleplay, and wagering is done in the books on a number of things.

Marius~~~ Looking over to Kyoto and Lemuel...I do have a suggestion that I think may work if given the time..If you notice how the tavern fills up for the forums cause people know that it happens on Mon nite at this time..how about setting Tuesday nite up for Sparring night...if a few of us commit to being her from 7pooltime to 11 you might find that word may spread and it will be a success...just an idea...

Molly~~~ ~ponders~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Yes... I can see and understand where more detail will always add to the overall * picture * of role play.... The only point I would make is that everyone should remember to judge others on THAT persons abilities rather than their OWN... for instance... many here, and being more than a bit chauvanistic, mostly the women are BETTER and faster typers than many guys... hell, I Myself am at a handicap trying to just * get by * .... So to expect speed or excessive wording from some/many is just not practical, and should be seen as such.....

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Kyoto~ Well, I'd be happy to go a round or two with You some night, although lately I've had less time online than usual because of r/t. ~shrugs~

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckles @ Kyoto~~ And I refuse to fight the HNG Element who wish to fight like Women. So there are no good brawls.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~It does not take much to use words and make O/one feel as if T/they are there.....vika feels it inside and then expresses it outward......using the books as her guidelines to not only portray the Tavern but as a teaching tool for the new.~

Molly~~~ Kyoto~ no disrespect but to whomever you spoke of you did pretty much ~ragged~ him kneels quietly

Asellus~~~ But not just physical descriptions lend to more creative roleplay, oh no....*smiling as She continues where She left off*....I realize I may be speaking for Myself here, but as far as FW go, maybe the Men shouldn't let Us get too comfortable here in the tavern......there used to be much much more banter in here....

topaz{AA}p~~~ *nods enthusiastically at Master Marius' suggestion*
*eyes sparkling lifting briefly to look at the Lady Mandi, hearing Her words, knowing Them to be wise*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Marius~ Aye First Sword, that did seem to work a little when we did it on Thursday nights.
~chuckling at Rollo's words~ I agree Senior Captain, the female of the species seems to be much better at being descriptive than us Men. ~G~

Kyoto~~~ You're on, Lem...
But there is more to role playing than sparring... this is a city of canals, I'm sure that would make building difficult, Lem... how about the bulders talking about the troubles they are having.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~seeing Mistress Asellus coming back in.. smiling towards Her as the girl picks up the writing implement and begins to scribe the notes again.. listening to the words spoken by all~

Mandi~~~ And r/t items can be roleplayed effectively in here with just a little effort and creativity.

Kyoto~~~ Yes Molly, but do you know who he is? Have I damaged his reputation without giving him the right to respond?

jora{GS}t~~~ *listens intently, looking from one speaker to the next*

Asellus~~~ Where One may be weak at the physical descriptions, Another may sure be able to frighten the hell out of FW or kajira with just plain speaking words....

Molly~~~ bites my lip~ as I see my pm has fallen into open chat~ again Kyoto no disrespect

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ I'd be happy to talk about things like that, Kyoto. ~eyebrows wiggling~ The problem would be getting Me to shut up again. ~laughs~

Marius~~~ Laughing..Asellus...You know not to cross lines when I am about..LOL...I'm always trying to get those veils and robes off a FW..LOL...It amuses me to tease you that way...cause I know that each FW has that slave deep inside gnawing to get out.LOL

Mandi~~~ ~~whispers to Asellus~~ Perhaps, Friend, that is far too much information.

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckles~~ Lemuel, that is what the leave button and the urts are for.

Kyoto~~~ *Grinning at Asellus and then Mandi*
How many times have I come in to find the room full of women? I tend to look bored, thumping my fingers on the table top. I don't let slaves stay in tower before me, just because they want to not offend the FWs.

Marius~~~ I see basically that it comes down to each of us committing to be more Gorean in our interaction..it helps to keep reading the books...

Molly~~~ Well I feel forums should be used for helping a cause not promoting one~ and well Sir you didn't say anyones' name so I guess there was no direct insults to say

Lemuel~~~ ~raising an eyebrow and shaking a finger at the Free Woman~ Now Mandi, are You implying that I'm boring? And I always thought it was the paga that put the patrons to sleep when I talk. ~grins and winks~

Asellus~~~ *Turns towards Mandi, shrugging and smiling*

fallen~angel~~~ ~*slips in quietly for the forum, smiling a silent greeting to everyone before kneeling upon the furs and listening*~

Asellus~~~ In a paga tavern, Kyoto, I wouldn't (and don't) expect the Men to require the girls to remain in tower due to the presence of a FW.

Mandi~~~ Truth be told, in an actual tavern there would be things going on in the background and several tracks at once. So sometimes We can't respond to every post, but it still adds to the colour, I would hope.

Asellus~~~ And....reading (or in the case of those who don't have one--writing) One's bio may help. Where there's lack of conversation find out about Another's "past", so to speak....

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Mandi~ Yes, there would normally be several semi-private conversations going on in a paga tavern. Men discussing business or kaissa or the quality of merchandise available at a slave auction, etc. ~S~

Mandi~~~ Asellus, perhaps Some in Port Kar wish not to reveal too much of that.

fallen~angel~~~ ~*smiling at Master Kyoto as she walks over to Him, hips rocking gently, the soft tinkering of slave bells jingle softly. kneeling before Him, long sooty lashes downcast, lush lips curved into a soft sensual smile she parts her thighs and continues to listen to the conversation around her*~

Marius~~~ Laughing..some of us prefer to keep the past in the past Asellus..LOL..LOL..but you're right..it helps to initiate to conversation...keep it on track so to speak..

topaz{AA}p~~~ *head tilted slightly, listening, thinking how much more fun a Tavern would be with all those things going on and not simply serves after serves, smiling*

fallen~angel~~~ ~*remembers her past was one of wearing robes, veils and cnstantly kneeling in tower, smiles at jaz and winks knowing her past was also that of a Free Woman*~

Molly~~~ As A FW I've watched quite a few serves and I must compliment all the girls of GS for originality n style~ you Masters should be very proud and shouldn't keep them in the Towers as I've learned when you enter Gor ou must know your station and accept it the slaves are "un" the eye candy of the room~ FW are the eye candy of the alcoves did I spell that right? ~LOL~

Asellus~~~ It's pretty well-accepted that Everyone here is a rogue of some sort, Mandi. *chuckling, wondering if the City's thief is hiding in the shadows again*

Lemuel~~~ ~twirling a stray lock of the first girl's midnight black hair about My finger as I listen~

Mandi~~~ And sometimes clearing away those paga bowls would help unclutter the tables, girls. *LOL* Except the ones thrown toward the firepit, in which case there would be shards to sweep up or step on.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~smiling and winking back to fa before returning to scribing frantically~

Marius~~~ Slaves can be used for more than serving..Hell I use vika for target practice sometimes...toss the tospit at her..LOL.she makes a good footstool...LOL...amongst other things..WEG

Mandi~~~ Molly, I would disagree with You a bit there. The alcoves are NOT used by the Free Women in a paga tavern. Perhaps there would be a whisper to avoid making a public scene about a small gaffe or to avoid cluttering up a forum with friendly greetings, but that is entirely a different matter from "alcoves" as the room is laid out.

Kyoto~~~ You know, we need a kaissa board here... is there one in the tavern?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye, there are boots to polish, dishes to do, fires to be stoked in the cooking pit, any number of things the girls can do, but what about us Free? ~grins~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~eyes lift momentarily as dark strands are caught within His fingers once more.. the twirling pattern felt.. a smile touches lips as she lowers gems and continues to scribe the words spoken~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~*um hum* vika is all....or die. she do like the amoungst 'other' thangs *eg*~

Mandi~~~ Aye, there is one, Kyoto, I believe, but None of Us FW can play.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Playing kaissa would certainly be more thought provoking than gambling with dice.

Kyoto~~~ But us Free Men, can, Mandi

Kyoto~~~ *Laying a hand on fa's head, finger combing her golden locks as I listen and speak*

Mandi~~~ I have never seen it played online, Kyoto. That would be interesting. Perhaps it should be set up on a corner table, inviting games rather than tucked up in the back shelf in the servery.

fallen~angel~~~ Assassin of Gor does make a brief reference that women do not play the game

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Well, there are two or three sets of rules on the net. Whose rules would we use to play here?

Molly~~~ ~scratches head~ unsure~ Mandi I must have misunderstood I was just speaking in general

Rollo the Ax~~~ There are sites on-line with rules and boards made-up from the books, so if any were interested I am sure they could find all that they need to play the game here..... or have both players here, in the tavern, and their actual game board in a private room ???? the possiblities are endless....

Kyoto~~~ Here are a couple of kaissa links...
You can apparently buy it here...
Kaissa-the game

Kyoto~~~ I wonder if women aren't allowed to play, because they are always only a man's word away from being a slave... and no slaves may play.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Aye Kyoto, or it could be that Players aren't supposed to be enslaved and no Man wants to limit his options like that.

Rollo the Ax~~~ So ??? Has there been enough discussion on this topic ??


To force a slave's submission

Rollo the Ax~~~ I believe that there was another topic ?? One about rather it is better for a Master to force a girls submission, or wait for it to come naturally ????

Marius~~~ LOL..while I have always felt that a Master should value a slave..I take what I want...the Master/slave relationship is something not to be entered into lightly...yet a woman needs to feel she is the property of a Strong Master that takes what he wants..so I guess I am saying that after learning a bt about the slut..if she seems something you want, demand her submission...let your sword speak for you after if necessary...LOL

Mandi~~~ Having heard Rollo's second topic a number of posts, thinking topaz might have a comment or two, as she comes from another world. ~~looks to the girl at My feet~~ speak, girl.

Asellus~~~ *Listening as Rollo proposes the next topic*

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ I think that a Master can force a girl's submission, but it is not as deep as when the kajira comes to it on her own.

topaz{AA}p~~~ *speaking softly*....Aye Mistress Mandi, if a girl may give her simple opinion on that?
topaz was so frightened of Gor and had heard such things that made her not sure if it was for her...if at that time a girl was "forced" she would never have found the sweet delicious fire within, her submission is now total and a girl burns to be a need to be slave, a need to serve, a need to be kajira... rather than being sullen she is more than she could ever have thought possible because of One's patience....*cheeks' burning, eyes lowered*

Kyoto~~~ The trouble is, Marius, that this isn't real life, a girl can end your Mastery and ownership of her by simply not appearing anymore.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening and offering softly and with respect~..
a girl knows that in the books that it was forced more times than not.. and yet.. that was in the books.. online.. she feels that when it comes from inside the girl that the impact is that much deeper.. her opinion.

Mandi~~~ And, Kyoto, it would appear that sometimes the converse is true, that the Man ends His mastery by absence rather than through sale or other means, at least in v/t.

fallen~angel~~~ ~*listens to Master Kyoto as He speaks, long sooty lashes lower over sparkling pools of sapphire as she gets lost in the pleasure of His touch upon her hair*~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika turns about....really....vika cannot end it...He would hunt her ass down like the animal she is.....*eyes huge* He TOLD her what HE wanted and took it.....it was in that strength that vika knew within her slave belly He was her true Master.....she denies Him nothing now.....but that is vika. *softly*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ About submission ???? My thoughts are that while a man can and will force the surface submission of any female he chooses, the actual * submission * of any woman has layers...like an onion.... each one different than the other... not better/not worse... just different... and these levels come as surprizes even to the woman herself... she believes that she has reached the deepest level, only to find an even deeper one some time later..... So for Me, the idea is to * guide * the woman as much as can be done, then stand back and watch as she * discovers * these deeper levels for herself......

jora{GS}t~~~ *sits upon the serving furs pondering*

Kyoto~~~ Yes vika, but you knew that he was the man to Master you... what of HNGs that aren't half the man Marius is, that come in and grab a girl and tell her she has no choice in the matter.

kanda{Kane}~~~ *kanda listens intently..eyes searching each member of the room..smiling in turn to T/those she knows and doesn't know*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika listens......understood Master Kyoto....that is very true.....she just knew.....on the other hand...before she was taken by Master.....there was no Other Master that took that strength to just take a girl.......but she sees the point here.....*smiles softly* vika cringes at the word HNG....~

shiri~~~ ~scoots over to Mistress Molly's feet...listening to Mistress Mandi..nodding sadly~

fallen~angel~~~ submission must come from the heart, it cannot be forced, how can a girl 'really' submit to one who does not make her inner fire burn. oh it's easy to type what Masters want to hear but a girl needs to really feel it in here *points to her belly* it is something she needs to discover herself, no one can force her soul to submit, a body yes but her soul, no.

Mandi~~~ ~~looking to Kyoto~~ Warrior, would You venture an opinion on that part of the issue, as it is an issue at times, and even HNG's occasionally go through the motions of a pledge.

kanda{Kane}~~~ *nods as Master Rollo speaks..thinking Him very wise..for that is how kanda feels ..she knows her submission is in layers and that it surprises both her and her Master at times*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Senior Captain's words~

Kyoto~~~ I'm sorry, Mandi, which part of the issue are you asking me about?

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika smiles...the second He lifted vika...her soul was His.....but it is different in each slave....vika thinks about what Master Rollo has spoken.....*um hum* softly*~

kanda{Kane}~~~ *listens again to the conversation as different O/ones speak*

kanda{Kane}~~~ *smiles at vika in understanding..knowing the first time she met Master Kane that He was different and the one she wished to prove her worth and submission to*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~lifting liquid gems slightly.. listening to the words spoken by all as she looks to His form.. a smile on ruby red lips.. that burning inside.. she lowers eyes and listens fully once more~

Molly~~~ Molly has no opinion~ I'm not submissive

Rollo the Ax~~~ The point that seems unclear here folks.... for a slave there ARE different levels of their * submission * ( if that is truly the right word to use when dealing with serving in the open tavern )... a slave MUST serve any free and be found pleasing....this level of * submission * is only bound by the fear of punishment if they are NOT pleasing.... but the true DEEP desire to please, comes later and not always for ALL free...... the truth, even if it seems not to follow the Gorean ideal .....

Kyoto~~~ Not trying to attack you Molly, but you seemed to be ready to submit to Sabre the last time you were in the forum.

Lemuel~~~ ~noting the reflection of the lamp light of the lovely first girl's eyes as they steal a glance at Me, I turn to look down upon her sensuous form, drinking in her beauty as I trail a finger along the line of her chin, smiling~

kanda{Kane}~~~ *kanda nods understanding what Master Rollo says*

jora{GS}t~~~ *nods at Master Rollo's words*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding again at the wise words of the Senior Captain~

Errand Knight~~~ thinks that whatever the level of submission it should be limited to that appropriate to gor

vika{Marius}~~~ ~*thinking* aii, that is so true...vika serves All, even HNG.....and is pleasing as she can be....but that is a different level of submission.....as her submission is different to the Free Women......yet she serves Them to the best of her ability......taking in the wisdom of master Rollo....*softly*~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~kneeling up straighter as orbs press tight into the diaphanous covering.. unneeding to look upwards.. feeling His eyes upon the wench.. a moan escapes as she scribes the words spoken by those in the Tavern~

Molly~~~ Well Kyoto~ I didn't see it as submission as in ka~lor more how he can have me~

Mandi~~~ ~~looking over to vika~~ Aye, girl, that is true, and a girl has served Free Women very sweetly, though it is, correctly, a different submission. a girl's lively spirit and smile are always pleasing.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika blushes softly...and *whispers* Thank You Mistress .... *eyes downcast* in absolute respect.~

fallen~angel~~~ ~*wonders if this topic has finished*~

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ It sure did get quiet all of a sudden.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~wiggling fingers as she listens to Master.. nodding head as the room has an eerie quietness in it~


Real Time Information

Errand Knight~~~ ...unless of course a girl agrees to more ..and that is between Ttwo and beyond this realm

Errand Knight~~~ kanda: I meant simply that Some seek to engage GS slaves beyond this realm and use their role as Master to do so

Mandi~~~ ~~listening, agreeing with Errand Knight's statement~~

Errand Knight~~~ kanda: to clarify...I dont agree with those who "command' a tavern kolared girl to provide phone or pics or whatever as part of their being served by one here ...if that happens as it does ..then I see it as something beyond this room

Kayla~~~ EK if that happens the girl should not I repeat NOT comply and notify the Council... No RT information has to begiven out to anyone at any time

Rollo the Ax~~~ Just incase the posting on the message board was not clear enough, I want EVERYBODY to know AND make sure they tell others.... collars/slavery/submission/ or ANY condition of Gorean behavior that is REQUIRED here in GS, is NOT required outside of GS.... and any dip stick that tries to force such actions on a girl is Persona Non Grata as far as I am concerned.....

Errand Knight~~~ Kayla: I totally agree

Mandi~~~ Kayla, by the time the Council can get to it, it is a pretty pointless act. And a c&P later does not undo the damage.

jeti{RA}~~~ ...*tilting her head as she listens*...
...providing one's real name, addy or phone number on line is a serious breach of sense, jeti thinks...*laughing softly*...only a true moron would comply...and that is not because a girl is lacking in submissiveness...she is just well versed in the evening news and all that can befall an unwary victim...

kanda{Kane}~~~ *smiles at Mistress Mandi..*

Mandi~~~ jeti, not all the girls in here know that or have been as well trained, or understand the difference between r/t and v/t.

Kayla~~~ Mandi the Council may be slow but We act... sometimes in ways all do not see but We are aware and Need to be aware of these things when they happen...
But best defense is knowledge Person to person of who might be a danger... I have and do pull girls aside to warn them to go slow and thats what prompted the posting on the board was another happening... We can't stop every creep but We can try

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::enters quietly and moves over to kneel beside Her - trying to catch up on the forum::

jeti{RA}~~~ ...*listening quietly*...
...Master Rollo and the other Captains have always, always told the slaves in GS that they are NOT required to share personal information of any kind with Patrons or Masters, Mistress...*warm smile*...

Errand Knight~~~ Kayla: that is reassuring and my comment was not in any way meant as a cheap shot at Council or Any ...I just know that the issue does persist and is a reason, amongst many, that some new girls do not feel safe here or do not enter the tavern to serve

Rollo the Ax~~~ Perhaps the answer is to make such a warning part and parcel of EVERY new slaves training ???? for each person dealing with new girls to make sure they KNOW that they are in NO WAY required to give out private info just because they take a VT collar ..... then if they do, it is their OWN fault ......

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~squirming slightly on heels as His fingers run through dark strands.. softly~
and on the slave pages:
this one did write a short piece on Protecting Oneself..

As in everyday life, not everyone you meet is trustworthy or that *nice* person that you would like to get to know better. This as well, falls over into the realm of this online medium. Say you meet a Master and start spending time with Him, everything seems to be going well, then He asks for your phone number, address..
jaz is sure that you get the picture. what we need to remember is never give out real time information on yourself that you don't want to give out. Just because that you're slave online, don't mean that your rt still isn't your rt.. we have to be careful with Those that we trust, even if They happen to cap Their names and we call Them Master. Some will use that to get information that They want to have, without the consequences of what it may bring to the others.

Errand Knight~~~ Rollo: I would strongly support that if it is not already the case ...a very early piece of information given to any new slave

Kayla~~~ EK they are within their right to not give that info and I personally would love to see the C&P in the Council email... Let a Captain quietly speak to the Man or Men... or take what steps they want but the girls safety always come first.... ALWAYS!

Asellus~~~ *Lifting up quietly to return to the Villa, grateful for the many opinions and thoughts expressed at this night's forum....~be well~*


The costs of things

fallen~angel~~~ fa has a question......it is with regard to 'renting' of slaves.......does a visiting Master have to pay for the use of a Tavern slave? In Assassin of Gor it says To rent a slave for a quarter Ah in Ar costs one copper.....how does Port Kar compare with prices and do GS rent out Their slaves?

fallen~angel~~~ OMG please excuse that post it was meant for Master Rollo. ~*growls at the stupid urts who unclicked the tick in the whisper box*~

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at fa'~ The tavern slaves are included with the price of the paga, or other drink, meal, etc., that a Patron orders.

Kyoto~~~ Why be embarrased fa, it seems a good question... generally, in a paga tavern a girl's use is bought with the price of a cup of paga... for one copper.

fallen~angel~~~ thank You Master Lemuel ~*soft smile*~

fallen~angel~~~ thank You Master Kyoto, fa was just interested in the cost of things, and read about the cost of slaves. that leaves many questions for a girl on how much things cost, tarns, the use of a Physician etc.....fa is sure that people do not do things for free.

Rollo the Ax~~~ fallen... in a page tavern, the * use * of a tavern slave comes with the price of a drink... so NO, no rent is payed... but that only covers the GS owned slaves... private slaves can be restricted.... oh, and that also means that the girl is used * here *( in a Gorean manner )...

marissa{HoS}~~~ if one is remembering correctly the use of a Physician is nil but most contribute something to Their stocks.

fallen~angel~~~ *nods and listens to Master Rollo* thank You Master

fallen~angel~~~ what of privately owned slaves who are not restricted, is that up to a girls Master?

Errand Knight~~~ chuckles
Physicians are too rarely used and only in some circumstances charge for service

jeti{RA}~~~ ...thinking that the topic of restrictions came up at the last slave meeting as well...

fallen~angel~~~ and what would be a reasonable price to charge for the use of a privately owned unrestricted girl? what would a Master be willing to pay?

Mandi~~~ EK, You and Kayla could get some major silver for boosters of stablization serum.

marissa{HoS}~~~ one thought that she read in the castes systems information that while THey do not charge the patrons normally pay what they can anyway.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Aye fa', that is up to the girl's Master. Though, if a privately owned slave serves tavern food and drink, payment *is* owed the tavern for that.

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::shrugs her shoulders as it was information she hadn't needed to research anyway and closes her mouth before it gets ahead of her::

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to each and trying to legibly write the words down~

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ A tarsk bit was the usual price for a coin box girl, so something along those lines...a few tarsk bits...would be appropriate.

jora{GS}t~~~ *kneelng quietly, just listening and taking it all in*

fallen~angel~~~ aii Master, fa has been given money to place in the coin box when serving food and drink here. fa would also imagine that the cost of renting an alcove to fur the slave would also be in the price of the food or drink....

Errand Knight~~~ marissa: that it most often the case for individual service ..there are times when a Physician can be paid a retainer or fee ..for example when required at a tournament

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Yes, the alcoves would normally be available to tavern Patrons.

fallen~angel~~~ thank You Master Lemuel, she will stop with the questions now...

marissa{HoS}~~~ aaahhh ok thank You Master Knight ::smiles to Him::

Errand Knight~~~ thanks though fallen..helped clarify something I was unsure of

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ That's what the forum is for, fa'.

Mandi~~~ ~~laughing~~ fa, I tried to set up a Quickbooks account for the shop, and Gorean currency is a nightmare to figure out.

fallen~angel~~~ *laffin softly* aiiii Mistress is surely is! fa has no idea what is worth what and how people come up with their prices, but she will leave that for anther time, people seem to be getting tired

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles at Mandi~ Aye, what the value of things should be can be confusing. It seldom says in the books what a new tunic or robes cost.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~scooting on knees a bit closer to Him.. listening~

Mandi~~~ I translate things from various comparisons and take an average, Lemuel. **shrugs** Never right, but never far wrong, either.

fallen~angel~~~ this is all fa can find on costs of clothing:

Like most things, the price will vary dependent on the quality of the item. Rep-cloth is a very cheap fabric, popular with the Low Castes. (Raiders of Gor, p.11)
Silks and fine wools would be much more costly materials

Errand Knight~~~ Mandi: You seem to do well enough in business ..certainly those of the green caste aren't in it for the occasional coppers

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ Aye, most of the prices given for things have to do with slaves, food, drink and lodging.
~smiling at fa's quote~

fallen~angel~~~ fa thanks All for allowing her to be here and ask her questions. she wishes All well ~*walks out into the cold night of Port Kar*~

Mandi~~~ Well, It has been interesting to compare the r/t value of the same materials, or comparable ones to the few references versus the parallels, fa, and as yet, I still have problems as the different comparisons are so disparate.