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slaves visiting.. time limit to force collar? & help
Online Masters.. strength
The VT interaction
Reasons why FW submit.. online
If a Free Woman submits

slaves visiting.. time limit to force collar? & help

Marius~~~ Not seeing the Senior Captain yet. I look toward the First Girl....jas...any leftover topics for the forum?

Marius~~~ Pounding my fist on the table before me...
The Gorean Shores Forum is now open...
PM me any topics unless the Senior Captain shows up...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to her Owner's voice to a girl.. she turns and looks towards the handsome Master as eyes remain respectfully downcasts.. remembering last week's discussion.. her voice lifts~
our last topic of discussion last week, Master Marius was about force collaring slaves.. although, and perhaps a girl may be wrong, she believes it was covered thoroughly; however, Master Sarakai had mentioned that perhaps we could speak more on it this week.. it seemed many wished to have a time frame as to how long a girl can visit without being forced collared..

Gornt~~~ ~looking up at hearing jasma's report~
Aye Marius I know I would, something spelled out right on the homepage

Marius~~~ Laughing...thought that horse was "beaten to death" already..LOL...Welll if Bolt shows and wants to continue it, we can bring it up...

fallen~angel~~~ ~*listens to the very important topic*~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~breathing in and out deeply.. the slight touch of His finger causing tingles to roam through her frame.. letting out a low moan.. hearing the Master Captain's fist hit against the table.. a girl listens to Him call the forum to order as her head bends slightly to the side to feel Master Lemuel's finger trail under the collar she wears.. before He twirls dark tresses.. the rence paper in hand to scribe the forum.. she listens..~

Marius~~~ Well basically, there can never be a Set rule Gornt...each situation and each Master is different...GS is a capture zone...that is the rule..LOL...personally I place a temporary tavern ko-lor on them...but if it were a piece of meat wanted there would be an (M) around her neck..LOL..on Gor a Man takes what he wants..

Gornt~~~ agreed, and it came up that some of the potential slaves bolt at the forced kolar

myst{LGN}~~~ snuggling in His lap as she listens queitly~

Lemuel~~~ ~listening~

Marius~~~ Well if no one else has anything to say more on this, I have a topic I think should be interesting...

Gornt~~~ that's okay Marius I didn't want to talk about it anymore

vika{Marius}~~~ ~If a slave is in the "zone" and has read protocols....and is a true slave...she would not bolt out the door. Unfortunately, slaves do not pick what it is they want......~

myst{LGN}~~~ Master Marius, might a girl please speak quickly on that last topic

Marius~~~ LOL..well if they bolt...so fucking what...LOL..there will be more meat to take their place soon enough...LOL...but face it people..this is vt...you can't really force one no more than you can beat one..LOL...we only have words to use...use them wisely...

jora{GS}t~~~ *a girl listens closely, her pretty little ears straining to catch all that is said*

Marius~~~ myst...permission to speak is not necessary during forum...spit it out slut...LOL

myst{LGN}~~~ grinning a she hears His words, nodding~

myst{LGN}~~~ a girl thinks after witnessing such an event here in her home she thinks that there should at least something honouring the Patrons here to try and help coach new girls here, if they are all scared away how can we expect to grow our home

topaz~~~ *winks at myst*

myst{LGN}~~~ grinz at paz, shirin and fa not having had a chance to greet~

inara{G}~~~ *nods in agreement with mysts words.*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~The trainers here are very accomodating.....and the slaves that know what they are...stay and learn. The others continue to game. a girl must understand slavery and Gor.....she has to be taught....countless hours cannot be spent on a girl that does not want to learn, or if she only desires One Master......it takes study...no quick fix....*softly*~

jora{GS}t~~~ *nods in agreement with myst, if myst and Master Logan had not been welcoming and kind to her she might ever have begged the kolar here*

calia{GS}~~~ *~soft gaze to myst~* .....
whispering....it is the job of trainers to help new girls ..~*should you or any run across some that want to learn , refrerring them to the homepage is a great start and then offering email adresses of the trainers ~winkin at her~, *~ we would all be sooooo happy and thrilled to help *s*
~*gently looking toward vika and jasma...~*

calia{GS}~~~ *~endearing smile to vika~* as calia nods with a gentle smile.....

topaz~~~ *huge grin, smiles at vika and nods in full agreement*
*listens closely......*


Online Masters.. strength

Marius~~~ Gorean Masters...do they show the strength necessary online?.....

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~listens carefully, her eyes roaming about~*~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Depends on the Master, I'd say.....

calia{GS}~~~ *~fingertips slide thru soft black curls,as her eyes roam to a girls Owner with a wiggle*~ ...listening,intently..

topaz~~~ *hearing Master Marius' topic...sits up even straighter...eyes almost glowing*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika softly speaks...in her estimation...some Master's do not show strength on~line.~

Lemuel~~~ .....and the slave too. One slave may see a Master as strong, when another slave doesn't. ~shrugs~

Molly~~~ ~grey eyes peer thru small opening~ gazing at those in the Tavern~ waiting for topics

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin agrees with vika on both said points ~nods~

Marius~~~ Its just been my impression..and maybe I am wrong...but it seems to me that online Gorean males have been surrendering their Mastery lately...rarely do I see a slave beaten...or caged...I hear Master "ask" girl to get them a drink and hen praise sub par service.....sometimes I want to puke, but stay my words in an effort not to offend the Master and drive him from GS but is that really helping the tavern..LOL...we are all guilty of this ...

fallen~angel~~~ ~*listens quietly, knowing some Masters are not 'real' Masters and therefore are unable to display 'real' strength online*~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles remembering back~*~ shirin was scared as heck in GS at first, but she kept returning, Master Marius was here too, but He was very kind to a girl tho she knew right away He meant business

*thinking that a pebble can't pretend to be a boulder*

myst{LGN}~~~ she does not mean they have to be kind or gentle, a girl knows that is not gor but to actually ""harrass"" someone in whispers is uncalled for, she knows its not all but it is quite a few

Logan~~~ Listening

fallen~angel~~~ *giggles softly as she hears shirin* Master Marius scared the shit out of fa when she first came to GS, but then with His strength came knowledge and that earned Him a girls respect, she has no doubt in her mind that He is One who demands respect and deserves it

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Captain~ Aye Marius, but as You say, many do not take well to *constructive* criticism.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~scribing quickly.. a bit confused as two topics go at once.. head bobbing up and down to make sure she don't miss anything.. ~

myst{LGN}~~~ thinking she has said enough now the girl snuggles back upon Masters lap ~ mmm strong Master, this girl craves and need them but Strength to one , might not be Strength to another

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes, so very true fa ~nods smiling~

Marius~~~ myst..there is a difference between strength and harrassment...for the later use the ignore button..LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to myst~ Aye girl, and perhaps we should remind the newer girls that they do not have to accept such whispers and if a *Master* asks for r/t information they are under no obligation to give it to them.


"The whip is good for us," she said. "Perhaps it is hard for you to understand that, as you are not a woman. It makes our womanhood a hundred times more meaningful. The essential point here is not being whipped, of course, which hurts, but being subject to the whip, and being truly subject to it. You see the distinction, I am sure.
We know that men are by nature sovereign over us. That comprehension requires no greater insight. Accordingly, men must then either fulfil their nature, or deny it, and in denying their nature, deny us ours, for ours is the complement to theirs. Accordingly we despise men who surrender their natural sovereignty. Surely, we would not be so stupid, would not be such weaklings and fools as to do that, if we were men. It would be too valuable and too glorious a thing to give up. Its surrender would be a tragedy.
But we are not men! We are women, and want, truly, with everything in our hearts and bellies, to be women, and we cannot be women truly if men are not truly men! Lay down the whip, and we will attack you, and undermine you, and use your own laws, institutions, and rhetorics to destroy you, inch by inch. Lift it, and we will lick your feet in gratitude.
Own us, dominate us! Enslave us, properly, so that we may love you as women are meant to love, wholly and irreservedly, totally, without thought of ourselves!" She looked at me, tears in her eyes. "Is it so wrong to want to be ourselves?"
Page 157 - Renegades of Gor

fallen~angel~~~ and then there are those who pretend to be Masters, not mentioning any names, but just really like to cause trouble. Those 'Masters' in all honesty are not worth the time or the effort to serve and fa frankly will not enter GS if They are here.

myst{LGN}~~~ grin~ aye Master Marius

Gornt~~~ ~listening to the discusssion as Mine sits on My lap~

Marius~~~ jas..the time limit topic is dead for now girl..may bring it back later..

fallen~angel~~~ *smiles as she reads the quotes*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~That is so true fa..*smiles* It is a Master's strength and the fear of Him....that molds a slave...she grows in her bondage.....~

desiree{Algernon}~~~ there is something to be said about a Master who can make a girl tremble from His sheer presence in the Tavern….who can instill fear in a girl’s soul…..that is a sign of a strong Master....*shivering at the thought*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~hearing His words~
aye, Master..

inara{G}~~~ *wiggles a little more, being mischevious, but looking intently at those speaking, as if she is only getting more comfortable.*

myst{LGN}~~~ grinning at des, just knowing her thoughts~

Marius~~~ We each should read and think about the quote I just had vika post...it embodies Norman's thoughts on the male/female relationship better than any other I have heard...

topaz~~~ *nods agreement, but also knowing that the one thing that horrifies this one is the thought of failing One, of not being pleasing enough, that be worse punishment than any whip could ever be...*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika will serve Any Free...she does not have the choice...she is an animal...meat...nothing...she gains strength in serving the Free that she may not particularly like....but she serves none~the~less.....and gains from it.~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ very well said des, it's amazing how a Master can do that to a girl


"We may protest, of course, if the masters see fit to permit it," said Mira, "but then, when we are finished, our discipline is reimposed upon us, perhaps even more severely."
"Discipline?" breathed the girl.
"Yes," said Mira, "the slave girl is subject to discipline and punishment. She is owned, like a sleen or tarsk is owned. She is owned, literally owned, You must understand that in its full sense. Accordingly, anything may be done with her that hte master wishes. She may even be slain, if the master wishes."
"Then the slave girl is totally helpless," said the girl. "She is totally at the mercy of the master."
"Yes," said Mira.
"I would like that," said the girl.
"Oh?" asked Mira.
"Are you happy?" asked the girl.
"Yes, incredibly so."
"Do you not desire freedom?" asked the girl.
"The only freedom I would now desire," said Mira "would be the freedom to be totally a slave."
~Blood Brothers of Gor...page 296

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Aii, but because of that fear....do you not try NOT to fail?~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Marius, but some equate *strength* with *cruelty* and that is not at all what Norman means. Masters in the books are often kind to their kajirae, but there is a line and woe to the girl that crosses it.

calia{GS}~~~ ~*whispering to topaz~* but in ~failing~ a huge lesson in learned and that is all in a slaves journey....

fallen~angel~~~ it should be in a girls heart to please, not because she is scared of failure, but because she longs to be found pleasing......

Marius~~~ Aye Lemuel...but a cruel Master will find himself challenged...for it is not honourable to be cruel..but strength shows itself...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to each's opinion on a strength of the Masters.. softly~
with respect.. a girl also feels that as one grows in her slavery that perhaps the strength she felt she needed while being new in a collar may as well change with that growth..
also the quote vika offered is an excellent reminder and at times many may not be able to grasp that idea.. but to jaz.. it's not that she wishes to be whipped.. for there is pain involved and a girl's not a pain slut.. ~s~.. but the idea of knowing that One has that much authority over a girl.. that won't hesitate to use a whip.. or even One that won't hesitate to cuff a girl.. she feels many wish that.. desire that fully.. and that perhaps the Men don't realize that..
~shutting up~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ wow, what a great quote!

Gornt~~~ ~listening to the talk of Master's "strength"~
His character determines His strength
there might be slips along the way but that is how One learns

vika{Marius}~~~ ~It should be a very healthy combination of it all...*laughs* slaves are nothing to start with.....the fear vika has is not of failure....she knows her Master molds her at whatever cost......He uses His Mastery to make her the woman/slave that HE desires....and at times it takes fear, total quietness, a cuff or pinch...to remind His that she is property and will have no will of her own.~

Logan~~~ Nodding in agreement,with Marius, the best way to train a slave is not with cruelty

jora{GS}t~~~ *a girl considers the difference between serving in fear and serving in hope of pleasing, she would rather serve in hope*


"Perhaps it should only be added that the Gorean master, though often strict, is seldom cruel. The girl knows, if she pleases him, her lot will be an easy one. She will almost never encounter sadism or wanton cruelty, for the psychological environment that tends to breed these diseases is largely absent from Gor. This does not mean that she will not expect to be beaten if she disobeys, or fails to please her master."
Outlaw of Gor, page 53

topaz~~~ aye calia and fa....the need to serve, to be slave, to be found pleasing be a part of this one and burns deeply...and aye, when a girl has failed, has learned the lesson and never, ever repeated it...*says very softly, eyes lowered*


"It is only to a true master that I could submit," she said, "not to a weakling."
"If you submit yourself, clearly and explicitly," I said, "you may discover that he whom you thought to be a weakling may not in actuality be such at all."
Page 219 - Vagabonds of Gor

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika smiles at mistress jasma...her words so true....~

fallen~angel~~~ *hugs paz* aiii sis

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I agree. I believe that if a Man is truely a Master that it will be obvious to others without any gross displays in an attempt to *prove* One is strong.

Marius~~~ Aye jas...just tonight I had to cuff vika...she knows her limits and sometimes sees if they are still there..LOL...but she also knows who owns her ass..that she breathes still as she still pleases me..

topaz~~~ *listens to the quotes, hearing each one say the same thing..smiling*

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at fa'~ Good quote, sweet meat.

calia{GS}~~~ ~*smiling as calia listens to vika and then topaz~*
and each punishment,each lesson ...does truly mold a girl for His pleasure to be exactly what He desires at Ones boots.......~* our lives depend on thus....
fear is good,combined with deep burning slave belly ...

fallen~angel~~~ *LOL@paz* Master Norman can be very repetitive sis, saying the same thing in many different ways

Logan~~~ True strength is consistent, and often more can be accomplished by consistent strength than the fear of the slut.


"And, interestingly enough, I was not discontented. I could have wishes, I suppose, for lesser men, but I did not really want lesser men. I wanted the mightiest men, the most powerful men, the most glorious men, the most ferocious, grandest men. I did not want men who were like me, I wanted men who were like men, men in whose arms, ravished, loving, crying out, overwhelmed, mastered, I could be myself, and find myself. I wanted such men, and knew in my heart that I belonged to them. I wanted a man who was greater than I, and incomparably so, one whom I must, in the order of nature obey, one to whom I must look up. and I did not care if it was from my knees, black with dust, a collar on my neck, naked, that I looked up to his glory."
Page 91 - Dancer of Gor

Gornt~~~ Iwant Mine to perform to the best of their ability because she wants to please ME not because I am going to beat her

myst{LGN}~~~ hearing her Master, knowing His strengh and that by a mere look, touch, word she quivers~

Marius~~~ Aye Lemuel..but proving that strength is not what I am getting at..what I want each of us to think on is how we act within the male/female relationship...we come here to be Gorean yet some refuse to heed the words of Norman who embodies Gor...
Gor is a Man's world...lets not give it to the bitches...LOL..LOL

topaz~~~ aye calia..*grins*
*amber eyes lift to look at Master Logan, a warm smile playing upon full lips*

Logan~~~ aye, Gornt

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika places her cuffed cheek against His shoulder.....knowing the length of time owned is because of a firm and strong Master......*softly*~

myst{LGN}~~~ but a girl does thinks that some Masters have got very lax, when myst came here a few years back she used to hold her breath when coming to Gor, knowing that she had to be found pleasing to do her chores and duties but has found of late most on Uus have been remiss, she knew the strength and dominance that lay within these walls

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs~ No, we wouldn't want that to happen to Gor.

topaz~~~ listens to Master Gornt, and smiles...then a giggle escapes as she hears Master Marius*

fallen~angel~~~ fa has always wanted a Master like Master Drusus Rencius ~*groans softly*~

Marius~~~ Well if she knew you were gonna beat her if she failed to please you Gornt perhaps she would try harder...let us not forget it is our domination of the female that brings out the best in her
When a female feels the strength of a male she responds from her very core...its 2 million years of evolution...

Logan~~~ Nodding, Gor is a Man's world, and it is not often an easy transition for the slave, sometimes strong words, and communication will do much to allow a slave to learn of her slavery and her heat.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika from day one....performed her duties, being pleasing to her Master...because she knew that is what a slave should do.....exquisite beauty......absolute obedience.....she knew that if she did not...it was her ass sold, tossed in the canal or death......He uses His Mastery as a tool...to mold her.....if vika do not get it the first time...she will the second....*softly*~


"In denying it we deny our nature. In betraying it we betray no one but ourselves. The master will never be happy until he is a master. The slave will never be happy until she is a slave. It is what we are."
Page 159 - Explorers of Gor

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin knows she tries harder when she fears, knowing she must work harder to please a Master

Gornt~~~ and she knew I would sell her ass to the rencers, she might perform better too, but the desire has to come from within the slave.
to use Your words of earlier, this is VT, what is a beating

Mandi~~~ It is hard for the girls to take Some seriously in virtual time, if they see the same behaviors they can go down the street and experience in a real time bar, some of them symptoms of that which breeds the cruelty JN despised on earth.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Captain. Even though females sometimes say they want a *sensitive man* I have noticed those same women end up with men that are anything but *sensitive* ~grins~


"Do you understand,Master?" I asked, "if I had the choice, I would choose not to be free but to be your slave."
A woman, I had learned, must choose between freedom and love. Both are estimable virtues. Let each choose which is best for her.
"But I do not give you a choice," he said.
"Of course not,Master," I said. "You are Gorean."
He looked down at the furs.
"Perhaps I will sell you," he said.
"You may do as you wish, Master," I said. I knew I was at his complete mercy, only a bond girl.
He seemed angry.
"Bring me wine,Master," I said.
He looked at me, suddenly.
"A girl is only testing her master," I smiled.
Suddenly he struck me, slapping me cruelly across the mouth. It hurt me. I tasted a bit of blood.
"Do you think," he asked, "that because I care for you I will not be strong with you?"
"No Master," I said.
I lay in the shadow of the slave ring. A chain and heavy collar lay at the foot of the ring, the chain attached to the ring.
He took the heavy metal collar and closed it about my throat, over and about the lighter collar I wore, confining me at the ring, on the furs at the foot of his couch.
Then he touched me.
"I see you will be strong with me, Master," I said.
"What a fool I am," he said, "to care for a miserable Earth-girl slave."
"I ask only to love and serve you,Master,"I said.
"Yet you are attractive," he said.
"A girl is grateful to her master, should he find her pleasing," I said.
"So you would choose to be a slave?" he asked.
"Yes, Master," I said.
"Slut," he said.
"Yes,Master," I said.
"It is I who will decide," he said.
"Yes,Master," I said.
"I decide----" he said.
"Yes, Master," I begged.
"----that you are my slave."
"Yes,Master!" I cried.
Then I writhed in his arms as he took me, exploding in the deepest and most profound ecstasies a female can know, those of the slave orgasm, known only to the owned woman.
"How could I love you so much," he asked, "if I did not truly own you, if you were not fully mine?" "I do not know, Master," I said. Clitus Vitellius had confessed his love for a slave. I hoped he would not now beat me.
~Slave Girl of Gor...page 442-443~

calia{GS}~~~ ~*whispering~* we want the Domination ...we want to be consumed with nervousness and edginess as we crawl toward the boots of Free.....even tho v/t , calia has cried while being punished v/t...upset to know she failed,but tries alot harder next time....
those that flee ~ are scared but it the slavery in her burns bright enough,she will be back *gigglin*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ yes, it does come from within a slave, Master Gornt, but it is fueled to an inferno ONLY by a Master,if not if will fade and die away, it will ~nods~ ...a vt beating...it hurts, very much ~touching her slaveheart, eyes lowering~


"He is strong enough, if I don't please him, to lash me."
Page 141 - Tribesmen of Gor

Marius~~~ Gornt...a verbal lashing can cut deeper than any rt whip if you use the right words...LOL...eyeing vika...right slut??...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~dark gems lift respectfully~
a girl feels.. and this is just how she thinks.. that perhaps what is missed by many is the the fact the many, although we try to put so much of the books into our online Gorean experience, that many still embody Earthen habits and so Men have a hard time showing their dominating side because of that.. not that a girl feels that everyone may forget that.. but perhaps there are some that do? she knows it's hard to leave all of Earth's ideas behind since that's where we are from.. yet being in an online environment where Gor is the focus.. it may get lost in that.. to where many may feel a tenderness should be shown to one that has submitted.. not saying tenderness don't work.. yet at the same time.. she feels that a slave needs a bit more..
~eyes lowered, unsure if her words make sense~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~As a slave....knows what is said v/t is what He means...a slave knows and understands even if words....Or the Master knows not the slut nor the slut the Master......~

calia{GS}~~~ ~*compassion understanding eyes to shirin , as calia knows the hurt,well...~* ....smiling softly to her....

fallen~angel~~~ a qustion on the quote fa posted to the Free Men here....
would He beat her because He felt He was weak, falling in love with a slave???

topaz~~~ *blown away by the quote fa just posted, sits so very still, heart scarcely beating...so moved...and then simply sighs as a girl feels the power of the words*

Logan~~~ chuckling, sluts do not want a sensitive Man in the sense of gentleness, just a Man that senses and knows understands them

vika{Marius}~~~ ~That is right Master....vika know that she know......~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~sighs and smiles reading the quote fa posted~*~ thank you sis, shirin likes that, but it seems sometimes Masters miss that point

myst{LGN}~~~ eyes shimmering at the quote,hearing the silence from her sisters~

Logan~~~ Nodding in agreement, with Marius, smiling at My slut

calia{GS}~~~ *~purrrrring~* ....looking to fa...~mouthing~ exactly...


"On Gor," she said, "I have experienced feelings and sensations I never knew could exist. Inhibitions have been shattered, some of them commanded from me by strong men and the blows of the whip, I have learned to live and to feel. My emotions have been freed. My deepest sexuality and nature have on this world at last been fully liberated. I have found myself. I love and I serve. I now know at last what and who I am, a love slave for uncompromising masters."
Page 18 - Rogue of Gor

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye Logan, but the men these women point to as paragons of sensitivity are not even men IMO. More like pathetic feminine imitations of men. But as I said, these same women show their true colors in the Men the end up with.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aiii sis, sometimes it does seem that way *smiles softly at shirin*

Molly~~~ Why would someone get beat for falling in love with a slave if slaves have more freedom more romance to say plus they have more freedom than FW? so why is it wrong? or is it

Gornt~~~ I agree with You on that Marius, the verbal abuse is much more painful
and beating the girl cause He was falling in love sounds illogical enough to be true fa

fallen~angel~~~ Mistress Molly, maybe because some Men see love as weakness and will beat the slave because she has made Him weak, in His eyes.

Molly~~~ That didn't come out how I said it in my head ~S~

fallen~angel~~~ *giggles* fa hopes she answered what You were asking

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Master always tells vika...a Master will beat a slave just because...He does need a reason.~

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Molly~ There is nothing wrong with a Man falling in love with his slave and He certainly wouldn't be beaten for it. It is just that a Man may be tempted to be too tender, too forgiving of improper behavior if He loves the kajira.

Mandi~~~ ~~looking to Molly~~ It came out as a good question, Lady.

fallen~angel~~~ *nods as she listens to vika* He is Master, He is not to be questioned by a mere slave.....He does as He pleases, but she doubts He'd beat you out of cruely hon, maybe he beats you out of love, to make you learn and grow into the beautiful slave that you are now.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin agrees with fa, a Master can beat His slave for what ever reason, even if she is so beautiful to weaken Him to love for a mere slave

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika smiles towards Master Lemuel...*um hum* she *whispers*~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~softly offering~
Mistress Molly.. jaz feels that because a Man feared that showing a mere slave love may make Him seem to be weak.. for after all.. although a slave is to be a thousand times more pleasing in the furs, etc.. she is after all just a slave.. property to be bought, bartered, or sold as the Master may deem fit.. collared meat.. she isn't a noble Free Woman.. she is less than an animal.

Marius~~~ Molly...that is because your emotions are all screwed up being a FW.....the slave in you is begging for its freedom..the woman in you wants to let it go...you need only the strength of a real man to set it free...LOL your collar will come Lady...LMAO

Molly~~~ That's odd fa~
So is it okay for a Master to love his slaves? and can a slave veto the choice of a Master who decides to take on another slave?

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Master has never beaten His out of cruelty...but He could. Master only cuffs vika or whips her if she is an insolent slut.....because He desires her to be a complete slave of His.~

Gornt~~~ no Molly a slave has no say in the affairs of a Master

fallen~angel~~~ if it pleases Master to love His slave Molly, then yes. However the slave can not dictate terms of her enslavement, If master wants another slave, He will take another slave. it is not a girls place to question Him.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Nay...nay...a slave can veto nothing.....a Master may do as He wants, when He wants and HOW He wants......~

Marius~~~ The domination of the male over the female is what releases her response to being the "whole" woman she represses...the beating she fears yet craves allows her to release that feeling...

fallen~angel~~~ *smiles* that is what fa said vika *grins* in different words

calia{GS}~~~ nope nope nope ~* a slave can veto nothing..
but beg out of a personal collar and hope she isnt killed for her insolence...


"I feared she might release in me things which I feared to understand, because I feared she might release in me something proud and savage, something which would be a stranger to apologies and pretenses, something long-forgotten and mighty, something which had been bred in caves and the hunt, something which might be called man."
Page 111- Fighting Slave of Gor

fallen~angel~~~ a slave has one duty Mistress Molly, absolute obedience. she is NEVER to question a Free, never.

Stone~~~ looking around to the slaves and thinking Molly fits that bill

Kayla~~~ ~My eyes widening as I listen to the Captain with amusement~

Molly~~~ ~Smiles wide~ hearing Marius speak~ well I do adore being his FW but I think its something we can both work on LOLOLOL! adjusting my veils.......

Stone~~~ looking and pulling Mollys veils aside


"Surely it is better to have a true man on any terms than to have half a man or no man at all! Men are masters; if the man be strong, the woman must submit. given the opportunity to relate to a true man, few woman will settle for less. Indeed, true women, in the belly of them, desire to submit to true men. It is an ancient instinct bred into the bellies of beautiful, feminine women."
Page 154 - Slave Girl of Gor

Mandi~~~ ~~seeing the different Free Women react differently to the Captain's comment and chuckling at both~~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~wiggling fingers to bring the blood back into them before picking up the writing implement again.. listening~

calia{GS}~~~ *~gentle gaze roaming about~* winking at mistress jasma with a soft smile....~*

fallen~angel~~~ good quote vika!


If a Free Woman submits

Molly~~~ But I know this is going to sound a lil off color but I think its the ruffness of GS that turns me on I love rough love making I love being taken! And a forceful man is great for me but he has to be sweet plus I'm very spoiled I have to be #1 at all times I'm very emotional as Marius has pointed out but I'm so use to being the "One" btw do you have to take a {GS} or can I take {SABRE}?...cough ....ahem just hypothetically speaking

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening as Mistress Molly speaks.. then pressing lips against Master Lemuel's thigh.. the depth of her slavery burning in her soul~

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling at Molly~
I would start with GS, Sabre is the only One that can confer His kolar on one

myst{LGN}~~~ her eyes widening as she hears the Mistress, thinking that her words best be headed~
myst wishes well..~slipping out~

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs~ That doesn't sound at all like a FW, Molly. And (hypothetically speaking, *cough* *cough*) you could beg Sabre's collar if He were about. It would be entirely up to Him whether He collars you for Himself of for the Tavern. ~S~

vika{Marius}~~~ If a slave....You would take whatever Master deemed fit for You. And be only meat in His book. *softly* Hypothetically speakin' of course...

fallen~angel~~~ ~*laffin as the slave in Mistrss Molly shows*~

Mandi~~~ ~~hearing Molly speaking hypothetically within the safety of an open discussion~~
Molly, that was certainly honest, Lady, but please be careful to whom and where You say such things, as this is a very rough city.

Gornt~~~ and there are those that would relish to put the collar on One

topaz~~~ *bites her lips hard*

Kayla~~~ Molly??? and announcing in a Forum where technically You are safe now but You kinda may have sort of marked Yourself might not have been a wise move

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~a smile touching the corners of lips remembering this one's days as a Free Woman and questions nearly like what she's hearing is what got this one almost forced collared.. eyes twinkling~

Mandi~~~ **lightly cuffs fallen angel, as that was merely a comment made in the safety of forum, and She is still a Free to be accorded respect.**

fallen~angel~~~ ~*winces as she feels the cuff over her head*~ aiii Mistress Mandi ~*lowers long sooty lashes*~

Kyoto~~~ *Looking about*
Now, other than Molly discovering the slave belly that all men know burns in every woman, free and slave, what is the topic?

Molly~~~ I only spoke of it because I could for forum, but I know the ways one can become kolared ~small beads of sweat form~ But its a big step for one to take a {}

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~liquid gems glance around the room.. before lifting part-way to glance to Master Lemuel.. cheek pressed fully against His thigh as she continues to scribe the words spoken~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at Kyoto~ Well, we've wandered a bit, but the topic was:
Have Gorean Masters lost their strength online?

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~whispering softly~.. a very hard decision for some.. when realizing the totality of submitting to a personal collar or a tavern collar

Stavros~~~ I haven't lost my strength.. ~chuckling as I smell my armpits~ and if I lost it anyway.. I would steal it back.. LOL!


The VT interaction

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckling as I had come in after the initial topic~~
It has lead to a very good discussion this forum, and there is another aspect, more general, which I would like to mention, the v/t interaction should be focused on the theme of the room and and We could make things more "real" in here if We could focus on the Gorean lives of Those in here rather than the egos of the People behind the keyboards, but Our petty conflicts make that very difficult at times.

Lemuel~~~ BTW, as Our First Sword, Marius has had to leave, if there are any new topics, please PM them to Me.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Mandi's words~
True, very true. It does not have to be just serving and dancing. We can talk and chat about our v/t selves

Kyoto~~~ I agree Mandi, I enjoy hearing people use their imaginations and talk about their day on the pier, or other different things.


Reasons why FW submit.. online

Molly~~~ Permission to ask one last question about ~relations~

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Ask away Molly. That's what forums are for. ~G~

Kayla~~~ ~looking to Molly~

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Molly~ Are You still with us?

Molly~~~ Just a "question" ~S~
Do you find that more FW become slaves so they can enjoy their Master more? I mean it seems that slaves are the prize? or is it the individual, I could see a FW full of erotic pleasures and sexuality taking a collar just to have her feelings expressed
~hands on hips~ is FW a trick made up by GS Masters LOL

Stavros~~~ man is it quiet... ~nodding off then hitting my head on the low table~

fallen~angel~~~ Gor is so much more than sex Mistress Molly, that is just an added bonus for a girl when Master wants to use her.

topaz~~~ *giggles hearing Master Stavros head hit the table*

Mandi~~~ Molly, Lady, You are an astute observer of how People behave online........and I would say that Free Women in the books outnumber the slaves forty to one and ran many day to day affairs while the Men were leading and raiding. We do exist, and We are, according to JN, in both anticipation and dread of meeting Our True Natural Masters, regardless of Our station or attitude. No trick, though online FW seem like an anomaly.

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ No Molly, FW is not something we made up. Our protoclols for the behavior of FW is based entirely on the books of John Norman. It might be a good idea to read them. They're the best source of knowledge about Gor. ~S~

Molly~~~ Again I don't mean sex is everthing I'm saying the emotions the feelings the knowing your adored and appreciated by your Master.

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ A FW can be adored and appreciated by Her Man too, Molly. It's just that a FW must act with dignity and decorum in public. A slave is free to be a slut.

fallen~angel~~~ fa found this quote on sex.....which maybe helpful to Your questions Mistress Molly on how slaves V's FW are seen by Masters sexually....

She shuddered. she was now much more at the mercy of men than she had ever suspected she could be.
The slave fires in her belly, as it is said, had now been lit. She was now susceptible to the torments of the deprived slave. Free women, whose sexuality is usually, for most practical purposes, sluggish and inert, often have difficulty in understanding the desperation and intensity of these needs on the part of a female slave. They think that she is different from, and inferior to, themselves. If they themselves moaning and scratching in their kennels, begging rude keepers for their touch, and being despised, in turn, by free women.
~~Blood Brothers of Gor...page page 141~

Molly~~~ Lemuel, I've read some of JN works and not to be disrespectful I find he contadicts himself and as do some members of GS, thats why I get confused.

fallen~angel~~~ like Master Lemuel says, a FW has more decorum and dignity whereas a slave will beg to pleasure her Master

Kayla~~~ There is so much more to Gor than sex and slaves for the Truer Gorean males I have found. Don't get Me wrong it has its place but it is not everything... J N 's books dealt with the adventure and with the honor and loyalty of the times

Stavros~~~ ~pulling myself from the floor.. rubbing my head~ whoa... okay.. all I heard was sex.. that woke me up..~chuckleing~ so who is wanting to fur??? LOL

Gornt~~~ Control Stavros, control

Molly~~~ Now see I was told a FW isnt allowed to have any fun? and her time with Master is very limited because he has to be with his slaves?

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::chuckles softly::

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to the question asked~..
a girl thinks that with the online environment that it may seem that the sexual side of a slave is all that may be seen by many, and perhaps, it is.. although.. if cyber fucking, excuse a girl's language, was the only thing that jaz was out for, or many others, it don't have to be in a Gorean environment to have that need fulfilled.. many males in other parts of poolside, or elsewhere for that matter, have posted a girl on numerous occasions wishing to cyber.. ~shrugs~.. to jaz.. the sensual side.. the learning aspect.. is so much more pleasurable than a few moments of a Master saying *oh yes, ride Me, slave~ ~eyes lowering respectfully~.. It says a Free Woman is prized.. She's proud in herself.. and She yet she fears of finding the One that can master her..
with jaz.. submitting was just the only way to be more free in what she is.. perhaps not slave offline.. but she still knows the natural order of nature.. it's an internal feeling..
~shutting up again~

Lemuel~~~ Yes, JN sometimes contradicts himself, but he is very clear that inside every FW there is a kajira waiting for her collar. ~grins and winks at Kayla~

Molly~~~ So basically I must whisper my forms of affection?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Who told You that, Molly?
FW can have all sorts of fun, just not the same kind of *fun* slaves have. And since there is only one kajira for every forty FW most Men don't have their own slaves. We make do at the paga taverns and brothels when our Womne have a headache. ~G~

Mandi~~~ ::chuckling:: Molly, that is entirely up to You. Some on Gor would read very selectively and say that FW are to be cold and harsh and have no warmth or feelings. It was interestingly stated nearly in those terms at Sundy Forum.

Gornt~~~ ~My arms slip around Mine~
I have met a few of those Mandi, Fortunately the FW here in GS are not like that

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ with utmost respect Mistress...
outward shows of affection in a Free Woman is limited to what can be done.. it may be seen by Some as a FW's way of *courting* a collar.. whereas a slave has no say in how she behaves.. it's part of her.. when taught her slavery a girl will beg for the merest touch..

inara{G}~~~ *settling arms atop Master's, still listening intently to the various discussions.*

fallen~angel~~~ *giggles* in Private a FW can do whatever she likes, it's in public She has to watch her actions. However, generally in the books, its says the FM prefer a hot raunchy slut to a prim and proper FW.

Molly~~~ But it's like your saying for a woman in general to have needs of sexual or emotional wants that she wants to be a slave? I love being me but because I'm so the way I am I shouldn't have to submit to be able to express that to my Man right?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~gasps mockingly, her hand over her mouth, eyes wide~*~ what? FW are not cold fish??

fallen~angel~~~ *giggles* jaz you say it so nicely

Gornt~~~ One doesn't have to Molly One just cannot be overt about it, or You could find Yourself in a kolar

Lemuel~~~ There are some ways to show affection that would be socially acceptable for a FW. Touching her Man's arm or holding His hand, etc. maybe even a chaste kiss through her veils.

fallen~angel~~~ But this is Gor Mistress Molly, it's role play based on a series of books. We try and keep our roles in context to how John Norman had them in His books.

Molly~~~ ~scratchses head~ reading fa's posts

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~winking to fa~

Deirdre~~~ *grinning at the conversation.......but remaining silent*

fallen~angel~~~ No One is saying You are wrong for wanting to express how You feel as a Woman, Free or enslaved, just how it is in Gor.

marissa{HoS}~~~ pardon one for a moment but Mistress Molly You are confusing Yourself by thinking of it too hard. a FW is discrete in public. that says nothing about how They wish to be with Their mates. You follow the rules or You chance losing Your mate as You started as. it is really simple

Kayla~~~ depends on your definition of fun I guess molly

Molly~~~ fa I understand that, I'm jusy trying to learn and know my station, I only wish to be respected for my concern of knowledge I just wanna know ~S~

topaz~~~ Mistress Molly, excuse a slave, but tis the ways of Gor that things be as they are, for You to say You like the way You are and should not have to submit...well tis only at the benevolance of Men that You remain as Free Mistress...there be a saying..."no one ever said Gor was fair"....*eyes lowered, said with the utmost of respect*

fallen~angel~~~ For example, a FW wears veils, no Master will chase a FW around when she could be ugly. a slave is like eye candy, she is there and He can see her curves, her smile, the lust in her eyes. All of that is hidden by a FW robes of conceilment and Her veils.

jora{GS}t~~~ *speaks softly* It seems to this one that what One does with One's Man is different from what One does in public, among many Men. *keeps eyes lowered*

fallen~angel~~~ *smiles at Mistress Molly* sorry if fa's words made You feel like You were not being respected, fa just tried to make it simple. she meant no disrespect.

Mandi~~~ ::chuckling at fa, hands on table::

Gornt~~~ ~listening as the Forum is taken over by the FW and kajira~

fallen~angel~~~ ~*admires the pretty hands of Mistress Mandi, noticing the delicate fingers that are so nible with material*~

Stavros~~~ ~Hearing Molly's whisper ..Falling to the floor laughing hysterically , hitting my head on the lowtable again ..laying unconsious on the floor with a smile on my face~

Kayla~~~ FW at all times in public show NO heat NONE at ALL
in private all gloves off (or robes) but private is private

Molly~~~ ~S~ noooo fa your fine I was confused on the part of being alone with my Man and I see now that Im free to be open in private I thought I would have to be veiled and quiet when we are alone

Gornt~~~ Molly knowledge is power

fallen~angel~~~ no in private a girl would think You can be however You wanted.......after all how is a FW to breed if she cant have a lil hanky~panky with her FM??? ~*lustful wink*~

fallen~angel~~~ ~*is tempted to pour cold water over Master Stavros to wake Him but decides it would not be in her best interests to do so*~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ No Molly, what a FW does behind closed doors is between Her and Her Man.

fallen~angel~~~ fa does not think immaculate conceptions is the only way for FW to have babies on Gor....*grins*

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Indeed, it says in the books that a Man will sometimes chain his Companion to a slave ring if She hasn't been sufficiently pleasing in the furs.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~drying off His chest as she listens to the words being spoken.. taking everything in.. ~

Molly~~~ Smiles from ear to ear~ thinking to myself I can be quiet LOLOL!!! and be a "tomcat" later ~purrrrrr~ ~S~

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the water clock and noting the ahn~
Alright, if there's nothing else on Molly's question I'd like to carry over the topic of *More realistic roleplay* for next weeks forum and wrap this one up. ~S~

Lemuel~~~ ~looking about, grinning~
Going once...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~taking the towel and moving down to His side again.. she briskly rubs the cloth against His legs.. looking up to Him as He calls wraps the forum up.. eyes sparkling with a deep seeded hunger before lowering downwards once again~

Stavros~~ ~pulling myself from the floor again.. rubbing the nice egg size lump on my head.. rolling my eyes back wincing..~

fallen~angel~~~ ~*taces her fingers over her naked neck and hearing that the time is now up for the forum, she softly whispers*~
thank You for allowing fa to attend.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ O.k. - the forum is officially closed. All normal rules now apply!

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ a girl is thankful for being permitted to attend and continue learning

jora{GS}t~~~ this girl is grateful for the opportunity to come here and learn