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Disclaimer: Due to topics not being totally distinguishable during forum.. a girl straightened them out the best she was able to. So some things may not seem to have a basis at the beginning of reading them till the end. she apologizes for any confusion.

Disrespect and reprimanding Too harsh/strict?

Disrespect and reprimanding

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Well, I guess we may as well get started...
The Monday night forum is officially started. Please send any topics to Me in whispers.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~readying the pieces of paper as she waits for the topic~

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Alright, first topic...

Is there a way to stop slaves from being so disrespectful to the Free.. and why do some Free hesitate in correcting/reprimanding a slave?

Asellus~~~ Everyone has varying levels of tolerance. *vocalizing Her initial thoughts on the topic as it is brought up*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to Mistress Asellus's first thoughts on the topic.. ~

Asellus~~~ Plus...there's only so much one can do with another Man's property....*adding to Her previous thought*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Yes, and sometimes One doesn't know how the girl's Master will react...

syture{EF}~~~ syture thinks if a slave feels she has to be disrespectful to a Free, then she is truly not a slave, for slaves are here to please,slaves are to please the First before anything else, and as of late syture doesn't understand why some Free tend to look over when a slave does that,some Free feel if They punish the girl, she will want to leave, or the Free may think it won't work, but once again, why is she even here if she isn't to listen

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ a girl feels that playful banter between a Free and slave can have a bit of looseness in it.. not to the point of disrespect though.. but she has seen a total lack of respect from some at times that it's horrifying.. ~stopping her rambling as she thinks further~

Emerald Forest~~~ *first,this is VT and if a slave is disrespectful to a free,how are You going to stop them as if You try to punish them they just log off and second,some Master's might not know if they have done something wrong and other MAster that know that they have done something wrong they might think that if they punish them they will get in trouble from the owners or they might think that the slave might not serve them again*

Kayla~~~ And that is the main reason for disrespect because everyone is walking around on eggshells afraid to piss another off... Slaves want the control and when they don't get it they act out

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening as more offer their thoughts on the topic~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ And it doesn't help that some Masters treat Their girls like a princess instead of a kajira...

Asellus~~~ A slaves' disrespect towards a Master may be her way of begging for attention and / or discipline from the Owners' hand...*contemplating to Herself*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~speaking more~
and yet.. if it goes by without some type of correction.. then the slave may continue it more and more.. either trying to get a reaction.. or think she can't get in trouble..

syture{EF}~~~ but why should a Free walk on eggshells and cater to a slave? shouldn't she be the one doing that?

Asellus~~~ Not all of the blame belongs to the unruly kajira.....

Emerald Forest~~~ *but the trouble is that if You treat your slave like a slave they would leave you as you would be to harsh on them*

Errand Knight~~~ whilst I think it is important to react to a slaves inappropriate manner, I for one, do not make it My business to punish the property of another..ultimately the disrespect a slave shows reflects on the one who owns the slut

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs~ Aye, it *should* be that way syture...

Emerald Forest~~~ *we have to remember that the people on the other side of the keyboard has emotions as well,where as in the scrolls it didn't matter whether the slaves had emotions or not so we can't treat them the same way as in the scrolls*

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at E.K.* And maybe log that away as something YOU would not tolerate from your own...or consider how you would handle said situation...should it ever arise from one of your own...

Kayla~~~ yep.. But accepting the behavior only makes it worse... I punished another's slave last week and granted both the Free and slave were newbies.. But they both found a new level to their Role play and relationship because of a simple punishment... Men respect Other strong Men and slaves swoon over the hard assed Masters...LOL

Asellus~~~ *Adding to Emerald Forest's comment*
Do you not think some slaves would use that fact to their advantage??

syture{EF}~~~ smiles, she has learned to watch her ways through punishment, for her Master, lets her get by with nothing, if He didn't punish when needed then perhaps she would be disresptful, slaves need to remember why they are here, and who is in control

Errand Knight~~~ besides I have not seen many slaves here or in other places misbehave in fundamental ways ..some of the newer girls have things to learn
though I do think there should be a slave term equivalent to HNG

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ As syture said E.F., if the girl is misbehaving it could be because the Master isn't paying enough attention to His girl...and if she would leave for being corrected she wasn't worth having IMO.

kanda{Sg}~~~ *slips in...hearing Mistress Kaylas comment,nodding to herself as she sinks into the furs*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening~
aye, Master Forest.. yet at the same time.. if jaz was punished by her Owner.. she would hope that it was just the slave getting punished.. and not *Joanne*.. although a girl is not saying that the emotions aren't carried over.. ~shutting up.. not sure how to explain it~

Kayla~~~ EK I wish I could say the same but any slave can and will act out for many reasons... usually it is attention getting as Asellus says sometimes it is RT interfering and it gives a girl I don't care attitude... But even some of our best loved and oldest have had their moments ~winking at kanda~

kanda{Sg}~~~ *blushes and winks back*

Errand Knight~~~ aye Kayla..though I must say I have not noticed an ubundance of princess behaviour here
still Your experience probably allows you to make not of things I don't

kanda{Sg}~~~ may kanda say something now? again..anyways..*grins*

Kayla~~~ of course you can kanda.. no need to ask

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to kanda in the sudden quiet~
Aye girl, speak up. ~chuckles~

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda believes highly in discipline..and she did not mean to say she thinks slaves are children..she was just using it as a comparison.. also..she does think that most slaves who know their place will NOT push the limit.. and kanda means not the harmless stuff but the flagrant disrespect she sees in some for the Free .. and she does believe that a girl needs to have slave bely and there is a heart that beats true for most sincere kajira

kanda{Sg}~~~ and that in a nutshell is kandas 2 tarsks worth..*smiles warmly*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Yes, I believe that too, kanda. I think Kayla had it right that a girl will be much less likely to push when the rules are known and consistent.

Kayla~~~ grins

Asellus~~~ Harmless stuff versus flagrant disrespect being....? *prompting kanda with a smile*

kanda{Sg}~~~ *blushes sweetly..* well sometimes a girl will tease but no way would she want to be disrespectful

Asellus~~~ Are we talking words here or just actions--or both--from a slave? Because both are intentional--harmless and flagrant disrespect...or am I wrong?

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda has seen some slaves over the years that make her shake her head in disbelief..

kanda{Sg}~~~ its hard to explain Mistress Asellus.. but sometimes kanda has teased her Master..in subtle ways..but He knows she would never disrespect His wishes and His ways

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Sometimes a girl might *joke* with her Owner if she knows that They will understand and appreciate the humor. The same comments in another context might be considered as intentionally disrespectful.

Emerald Forest~~~ *but then it comes down to her owner*

kanda{Sg}~~~ sometimes slaves come in and make a mockery out of the whole slave/Master issue..she is always pushing limits..being rude and disrespectful..thankfully they are weeded out fast..but in the meantime they can turn a tavern upside down

Asellus~~~ *Beginning to say something....stopping short....thinking again...then deciding against pursuing the thought any further. Nodding*

kanda{Sg}~~~ aye..kanda totally agrees with Master Lemuel..because kanda knows Master she knows where she can or cannot go..she knows He would understand some teasing..but He also knows she will not push cause she knows the guidelines He sets out

kanda{Sg}~~~ every Free or slave that enters thru those doors have different personlities.. and a slave must be truly respectful of them..whether it be Free or slave..

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to E.F.~ Yes it does come down to the Master. He knows His girl (or should) better than Others and would best be able to judge whether the comments were intentionally disrespectful or not. But if such comments are directed at another Free and They were offended by them - even if they were in jest - the girl *should* be punished IMO.

Emerald Forest~~~ *of course she should Lemuel so she should keep them for her Master only*

Asellus~~~ *Nodding with satisfaction at Lemuel's explanation* So long as the Master acts on that, then I say fair enough.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening and offering helpfully.. hopefully~
and just a girl may know a Master.. she should still tread carefully in case He's had a bad day.. for her *witty* behavior from the day before may not be so welcome on another day..

kanda{Sg}~~~ aye Master Lemuel and Master Forest..they should be punished kanda agrees..because a comment in jest to some is disrespectful ..unless You know the Person very well..but even then it should not be carried too far cause it gets old quick

Asellus~~~ *Smiling beneath Her veils*

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Ah, but that's one of the problems I mentioned earlier Asellus. There are, unfortunately, few Masters that *would* act on the complaint of another Free about Their slave. To Me, to have any meaning, such punishment should be public as well...so that *everyone* knows the Master will not tolerate any misbehavior from His girl.

Emerald Forest~~~ ..and it is well known that more than one slave has been known to seek out punishment

Asellus~~~ Right. *nodding to Lemuel*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to the Physician~ Yes, a good slave will go to her Master and notify Him that she might have been displeasing...

kanda{Sg}~~~ *nods quietly.. knowing she has done that.. and it caused her her kolar but still she felt better telling..and it wasn't so muchas being displeasing to Others..just what she had thought was bad..she sighs softly*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~looking up to her Owner as He speaks..~

Kayla~~~ LOL.. with Me I may take a comment in jest alone or within a certain circle and if said around someone else I may be offended.... I can cut up with the girls at times but if a Man comes in then I become all business and I would hope that slaves would take that into consideration

kanda{Sg}~~~ *smiles at Mistress Kayla*


Too harsh/strict?

Asellus~~~ Can a Master be too harsh with His girl, I wonder?

Kayla~~~ I think a Man can being loving and a strict task Master as well and it is a control issue for most slaves.. Some will leave but most get off on it...

Emerald Forest~~~ *with some slaves I would say it is a matter of getting the right one to treat as a proper slave and another one that dosen't want to be treated as a slave*

syture{EF}~~~ Master, with respect, syture doesn't understand why some should get treated different, we are all slaves, wouldn't that cause more problems

Emerald Forest~~~ *syture,because some don't like getting treated as a gorean slave as some dosen't understand how a gorean slave is treated when they first come here*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ but then again.. how One may treat His slave.. Another may not wish to treat His slave that way.. Whose *Gorean* way is correct?

Emerald Forest~~~ *when they first come here they might get treated by someone that hasn't been here long and then when they get treated by a true gorean Master,they might not like it*

Asellus~~~ It's almost as if, when a person is just starting out on Gor, he or she HAS to realize the differences between the online-isms and VT (or what some refer to as roleplaying) Gor versus his or her RT persona....
*re-reading that, hoping it makes sense*

Lemuel~~~ Aye Emerald, but that is for a newbie...not for girls that *know* what Gor is about.

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at jasma*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~scolls back and offers softly~*~ for shirin, she prefers the strick task Master's like Mistress Kayla mentions and when we look back, it's the stricker Master's we all remember, Who make the bigger longer lasting impressions on all of us....sometimes, a girl thinks, we focus too much on rt feelings and being afraid to hurt the "poor lil slave" on the other side of the screen, we can handle it, we want it, we crave it ~looking to her sisters~ do we not?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~smiling warmly to Mistress Asellus~

kanda{Sg}~~~ Mistress Kayla..with all respect..kanda believes discipline is good.. she thinks a rock is not a gem till its polished and a kajira is not the best she can be till she is polished as well..and she can't be that without discipline

Emerald Forest~~~ *true Lemuel,but then I am sure some of them try new Masters to see how far they can go S*

Kayla~~~ I really think that that is something a slave should be told up front about punishments and slaves that say something like ohh I never could roleplay being beat with a whip or slapped in the face really need to find another place to play... I know that does not help out attendence but to lull them in and then lower the boom so to speak I think is worse

Asellus~~~ It's almost a test of wills--who is the stronger Gorean--the Master or the slave?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to shirin's words and contemplating them as well~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ And if One *is* worried about hurting a girl's feelings r/t there is always whispers or Q, etc. to explain in less harsh terms *why* One is correcting a girl and why the punishment is fitting.

kanda{Sg}~~~ *scratches head..wonders if that came out right..her head is muddled by the effects of a cold*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin can not recall anytime she was ever treated easily because she was new...she learned fast to learn from her mistakes ~*~nodsnodsnods~*~ if a girl is truly seeking this "lifestyle", she doesn't wish it to be easy

Emerald Forest~~~ *most of the kajirae that I come across seem to do everything right so they is no need to punish them*

Kayla~~~ kanda then we are in agreement dear *S I too believe in disipline

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda thinks a true slave is like a child in that they need guidance..they yearn for the Masters strength..

syture{EF}~~~ syture doesn't want it easy either, she likes the strictness, and the control

kanda{Sg}~~~ *blushes and grins* Mistress..that is what kanda meant to say..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye Master Lemuel, one can at least hope some explaination will follow her punishments, or she can ask if she has the nerve

kanda{Sg}~~~ discipline is learning..and through learning we only improve..and when a slave sees the pleased looks on the Free about her..it makes her feel good..

Emerald Forest~~~ *plus if the slave knows about gor,she can also be whipped for nothing at all with no explanation*

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ True E.F. it is sometimes good to remind a girl that she *can* be whipped...

Emerald Forest~~~ *and to remind them that they are slave as well Lemuel LOL*

Errand Knight~~~ whipping a girl for no reason other than My wish
now theres a novel thought

shirin{SholGar}~~~ oohh very true Master Forest and this should be enough to keep all us girl in line ~*~smiles angelicly~*~

mischief{WH}~~~ ooo ~listening, moving BEHIND shirin~

Emerald Forest~~~ *but I think a lot of slaves don't realise that shirin and that is why some of them push the limits*

kanda{Sg}~~~ *smiles at shirin* you'd think it would hold true..but some slaves do not have a true slave belly they are only players..slavelike hng's for sure

Kayla~~~ I think one of the main things that attract slaves is that there is no consent and that it is a harsh line to tow... At least that is what I have heard from them for years...
I saw a post on the Jag boards by Kasba last week to the slaves and asked how they would react to a man grabbing them up by the hair slapping them around and dragging them off to the alcoves...
One of the answers the girls would choose was just how lucky the girl was and could she get the name of that Man!... Most every response was that one even those restricted and privately owned... some said they hoped it was thier Master but You get my drift here

kanda{Sg}~~~ Master Forest..thats why some push their limits..cause they do no thave the heart of a kajira

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening while she scribes~

Emerald Forest~~~ *but the trouble is that some of the new Master's,when they kolar a girl they do not take them to the whipping post*

mischief{WH}~~~ mischief disagrees with kanda. she believes it's human nature to push limits (and that human nature includes slavery). Sometimes girl pushes her limits so that she IS reminded she is slave and is at HIS will and is HIS property. she needs that, she is not capable of just "falling down" and becoming the perfect slave girl. if that makes her a player or a wanna be, so be it, but she IS REAL...

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye, unfortunatly Master Forest and kanda...thus why the Free need to take the control back, it is Their birthright

mischief{WH}~~~ ~listening~ "taking them to the whipping post" will not make a girl a slave...nor will it keep them deep in slavery if discipline is not a constant...ONCE will just never be enough...

Emerald Forest~~~ *true shirin but lets just say that some Master's are whimps and don't want to take control and some slaves play on that*

kanda{Sg}~~~ *listens to sis mischief.. nodding .smiling..* sometimes its true,,a slave does push limits..but maybe for kanda..she believes if the Master sets down rules..and makes her follow them..she doesn't have to push limits cause she already knows them

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with mischief~ Yes, I'm sure there is some of that as well. I think kanda said something about kajirae being a bit like children...children routinely push to see what limits (if any) are there and to see what the consequences are (if any) when those limits are passed.

Emerald Forest~~~ *but taking them to the whipping post when first they wear the kolar,they know what the whipping feels like and will behave so it dosen't happen to them again mischief*

mischief{WH}~~~ kanda, mischief agrees and she is sincerely happy it works for you. Sometimes it works for mischief like that, the times it dosen't is mostely when she REALLY REALLY dosen't want to do something and he must put his foot on her neck to remind her that it is not her will that is paramount in the relationship (which ~sighing~ He does quite well *half grin*)

Kayla~~~ mischief.. pushing the limits is natural it is when those limits shift or not consistent then the slave will up the anti until they are reigned in... most slaves will not keep beating their heads against a brick wall if that wall is always there and the line never moves...

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~nods hearing what mm says~*~ shirin pushes limits with her Master and when He strikes back with a strong firm hand or voice or whatever, shirin just burns for Him that much more...it's a give and take, a take and give

mischief{WH}~~~ mischief will respectfully disagree with the concept that slaves are like children. in her opinion (which she realizes is that of a slave)...slaves are like......people. she can't imagine honestly ONE person in this room that dosen't enjoy praise, that does not get "spoken to" at times or is corrected somehow. she thinks slaves are some of the most intelligent, brave and strong women she has ever met, IF they find their "power" which connects them to the heart of their slavery

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~just listening.. unable to give her thoughts~

mischief{WH}~~~ Mistress Kayla, mischief agrees, to a point, but there is something to be said, about when your Master, grabs your curls and holds you tightly and reminds you, that you are HIS...it's a sexy thing and somethines it's just nice to hear those words and feel the sharp pain as a reminder that you are his property (and that is awesome)

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye, it's true that adults do the same thing too. It is just that it is sometimes easier for a parent to see the connection....

kanda{Sg}~~~ *sits back and listens*

Emerald Forest~~~ *it comes down to how strong the Master is and how much he knows about gor and how much a slave in her belly she is*

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Lemuel, mischief agrees ~smiling and yelling at her boys over her shoulder *grinning*~
Master Forest, girl disagrees, she thinks it more depends upon the strength of the man, then the belly of the girl, for the strength will connect with her girlie (as mm would say) side, and hold her tight to Him as long as HE holds her tightly in His grasp.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~purrs as mm describes the one thing that weakens this one to the core~*~

Emerald Forest~~~ *but mischief if the belly of the girl is not slave then how can he be a strong Master to her*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ there just isn't any place really for a weak Master, in shirin's opinion

Emerald Forest~~~ *a strong Master can't just take a girl and turn her into a slave if she hasn't the belly for it*

Emerald Forest~~~ *true shirin but you will always get one somewhere*

Kayla~~~ I will take your word on that one mischief *S*

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Forest, knowing this is a forum so she can speak her mind a bit more openly. slavery is a fallacy (SP) that can not truely be reproduced in a society that does not reinforce it. So the very best you can do, is connect with the submissive side of a girl and if they're in gor to begin with, she'd hope that the girl HAD at least THAT much...(but again, this is mischief's opinion)

mischief{WH}~~~ ~giggling~ mmm Mistress, who knows, someone someday may hold You in His grasp and connect with the deep "girlie" side of You *impish grin*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ But there are plenty of *players* that act harsh because they think that is what the girls want...and I have seen these HNG's laughed at by the kajirae they were trying to impress. The strength has to be *real* it is not just being *mean* or *strict* it is something more that can't necessarily be learned IMO.

Emerald Forest~~~ *true mischief,but some girls come in to look around to see if they have what it takes to be a slave and if I was to grab them straight away and true to turn them into a slave and the have not the belly for it they will leave*

Kayla~~~ I have to agree with that Emerald... there are many girls no matter whom the Man is will never burn... It is just not in them

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda agrees.. she still thinks the slave has to have a slave belly and a true gorean slave heart

Kayla~~~ you keep right on thinking that mischief *S*

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Lemuel, mischief could not agree MORE. It is not a display of strenth that makes a Master...it's His very....ESSENCE! (and a display now and again ain't that bad *grinning*)
Master Forest, it's her opinion that you can't "make a slave"...they are, or arn't...just like Masters. the DEPTH of their slavery can be enhance and guided to a Master's will, but she sees the fatal flaw in Your logic in the very idea that a slave CAN be made.

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at Lemuel*

kanda{Sg}~~~ she has learned so much the last 5 years and her slave belly has only burned hotter

Emerald Forest~~~ *well maybe not made then mischief but maybe into a better slave with learning*

mischief{WH}~~~ ~WARNING, mischief's opinion to follow~ No such thing as a "true gorean slave heart"...mostly because we women have the choice to walk away. If my Master beat the CRAP out of mischief today and she went to the police and told them, they would NOT tell her to go home and apologize to her Master and beg for more punishment. Anytime we have choices there is no such things as "true slavery"...

Emerald Forest~~~ *true mischief but we are talking about VT here,so beating a slave is not going to hurt her in RT*

Emerald Forest~~~ *in the physical sense*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Yes, and that is the crux of it all. Online, at home in private, whatever...it is consentual...NOT truely Gorean, but the closest we'll get on earth.

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Forest, that she agrees, a slaves level of servitude can be heightened..and burn deeep within her...although takes a strong hand to do that (something which is not overly abundent in Online gor)

kanda{Sg}~~~ mischief..we are all allowed to our own opinions

Kayla~~~ Agreed mischief BUT... if the slave is truely a slave to the core she would never dare to go to the police... it is not the society that makes a Master or slave but the feelings of the people involved and where thier heads and hearts are

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~opening lips to say something.. then shutting up again~

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Lemuel she agrees (and maybe one day will learn to spell Your name correctly *grinning*)
Aye Master Forest, she knows which is why she prefaced her comments...they are based for her on r/t ideals as she is not good at the roleplay of online gor anylonger...(and does acknowledge that fact)

Kayla~~~ LOL... now there is an admission for you... mischief you confuse reality with fantasy... *S*

mischief{WH}~~~ Mistress Kayla, mischief agrees partly..but You must remember (at least she does)...that we were not "grown" in a gorean society, most of us grew up where we had choices and removing them from ourselves is a very difficult proposition. However, she does agree, that "true slave" should be obedeient...but...~shrugging~ not all men on earth are Masters either and there is a fine line sometimes between Mastery and physical/emotional abuse...~shrugs~
kanda, mischief agrees ~smiling~

Asellus~~~ *Nodding, knowing that to be the difference between mischief's base of understanding versus others' understanding of the concepts*

mischief{WH}~~~ Mistress Kayla, she does? ~chuckling~ she CAN gaurantee you she is wearing a collar r/t but as for the kirtle ~looking down seeing bra and panties~ well, a little short of material for a Northern Kirtle that she "should" be wearing *grinning*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ And as to the *beating the crap out of* part...
A slave is a valuable piece of property and most Gorean Men wouldn't damage Their property lightly...punish terribly for misbehavior, yes - but not disfigure or damage...noting My opinion anyway. ~G~

Kayla~~~ TMI TMI!!!!

Asellus~~~ I agree that the lines between RT and VT are a bit hazy especially thrown into the medium of the internet....
Should we (can we?) discuss one or the other instead of mixing both into the original topic at hand? *asking quietly*

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Lemuel, she agrees (as it is written in the books as well, few Masters on gor are cruel and few will lessen the value of their property, it's just not good business)....NOT SO for the men of earth, they do not think of their women as valuable (she believes most times, not always)
Mistress ~snickering playfully~

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Sometimes the two are hard to separate Asellus because the topic touches on both, sometimes in similar ways. It does help though when it is made clear *which* aspect a point of view is coming from. In one of the rotating forums I just didn't *get* where a girl was coming from until it was mentioned that she was speaking of an r/t Master.

Asellus~~~ *smiles and shrugs* We pretty much agree (right...RIGHT? *L*) that we are coming from different viewpoints here...so can we apply that to the original question at hand?

mischief{WH}~~~ she hopes she didn't disturb the forum by attending.
Thank you all for allowing mischief to take part ~smiling~ she wishes you well

Asellus~~~ Hey...*L*...don't let me stop the forum. I was just asking aloud is all....**

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Yes, I tend to see things almost entirely from the online standpoint because that's the limit of My experience. Online the girl wants attention/interest from a Man and will act in whatever way results in her getting that attention, I think.

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the water clock in the corner, noting the level corresponding to the Ahn~
Well, if there is nothing further on this topic...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~rubbing fingertips along wrist.. then moving it back and forth.. the writing implement on a girl's lap~

Lemuel~~~ ...I'll call this forum to a close.
Thanks to A/all that showed up for their interest and participation. ~S~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~finishing the notes~
a girl thanks You Master for allowing her to participate and learn..

Asellus~~~ Thank you for leading the forum, Lemuel.
*then smiling at jasma* And to you for taking the notes.

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda thanks Them who allowed her to participate and view her opinions also..