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Changing & Choosing a Caste The birth of a baby, Free/slave?
Dominating females/male slaves.. an opinion Being in Poolside, but not in GS
Can a Free order a slave from another room? The mark of the dagger
Free Women serving Boots

Changing & Choosing a Caste

Rollo the Ax~~~ ** Looking at the water clock, and seeing that it is time for the forum to being... I hold jeti on My lap, and turn my attention to the rest of the tavern....... Welcome, all, to this weeks GS forum.... same rules as always... okay ??? jasma, post the carry over topic for everybody to see, girl.... and we will begin.....

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~hearing Master Rollo and nodding head~
aye, Master..
the carry over topic was about
Changing Castes

Lemuel~~~ ~releasing the slave as the first topic is announced~

Lemuel~~~ As I recall from the books, changing Castes was rare, but it was possible.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Lemuel as this one begins to scribe the notes.. nibbling bottom lip.. ~

Phen~~~ Yes Lem and there were certain guidelines to do so...What I'm thinking if someone wants to change Castes online can they just do it or should it go through some type of Council or initiation so to speak...Also what about women? I am of the Green Caste but Bolt wants Me to take His Caste now we cpuld do this by just getting a group of Warriors on and them accepting me but is this acceptable to the Council here?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Caste changes.... Well... In the books, Caste was a VERY serious matter, and by in large, a person was SET in their Caste from birth... Oh, on occasion, there were caste changes... but they were NOT a common thing..... Now about here ??? on-line ?? I don't see the matter being quite so strict or formal.....

Lemuel~~~ ~blinking, then rubbing My eyes as the FW seemingly materializes out of the shadows~
Aye Phen, in the books the Free Companion could accept her mate's Caste or she could keep her own. For others who wished to change Caste, it required acceptance by the Caste council and a petition to the city council.

Kayla~~~ They didn't speak much of the FW of Port Kar in regards to Caste other than there was no FC contracts

Kayla~~~ or at least that I remember

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Healer~ Aye Kayla, I'm not sure how that would work in Port Kar since companionships aren't recognized

penny{Kyo}~~~ *trotting quietly in, dropping to her Master's furs to listen quietly to the forum*

Phen~~~ That's correct Kayla and that's a dillema for me too*S* But as a whole as Rollo has stated already ultimately Caste was very close to the Goreans' heart so I believe that regardless of being here the overall feeling is that there is still a caste system remember Port Kar is the only city that has a Caste of Thieves*S*

Mandi~~~ Would the adoption of a FW Man's Caste be dependent upon some bogus contract that expires on its own terms in a year, anyway. It seems that if a Man wishes to bestow His Caste upon His Woman, and it pleases Him (Them) then so be it.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well... due to the fact that the GS Council has only once been asked to rule on a Caste change... and that was a LONG time ago... for Myself, I see no major problem with the act.... Lets face it, folks... some ppl will start off being one caste when they first come to on-line Gor, and may well want to change once they become more informed or * find themselves *..... I would rather have ppl feel good about themselves and their roles here, than try to force somebody to be stuck in a role that they can't accept anymore..... LOL..LOL.. slaves not having castes, are obviously exempt from this .....

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Captain's words~ Aye, that sounds good to Me. I know that Men new to Gor often choose to be a Warrior without realizing just what that means.

Kayla~~~ If the Council has no problem with it then I think the site would go along with it *S*

Phen~~~ Aye Captain so it would be fine for me to now change to the Caste of Warriors? Not that I would be a Warrior just of that Caste? In asking this though it is also with great regret that I would leave the Physician Caste behind...

Mandi~~~ It would appear that being in the presence of Warriors and being one of Them would not mean You totally abrogate Your skills as a Physician, even if You practice but little, Phen. Those skills might very well be needed among YOur new Caste as well.

Phen~~~ Yes Mandi thats what I was thinking I could carry the skills with Me just not the Caste anymore...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Folks, once again, the location of Our home, Port Kar, could have many different bearings on just how or why We do things here... in the books, there would be NO clear cut form or rule for just how to do such here... so once again, it is up to the council to set rules, or NOT to, for this action.... an FC contract, would allow the FW to become the same Caste as her FC, but even if they chose to NOT renew the contract at the end of the year, the FW would just revert back to her OWN, original caste... so I see no major problem here..... agreed ?????

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Agreed Captain.

Kayla~~~ Agreed Rollo *S*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. a point not always remembered by lots of folks.... not even ALL Goreans are set into strict castes... Look at Myself... The men of Torvaldsland do NOT take caste vows, or such.... every man from there is warrior, AND farmer, sailor, hunter, builder... the list goes on and on... Castes are set much more in the cities.... or around them, even out on the farms and such...

Phen~~~ *Smiling and nodding to the Captain* Agreed Captain...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, there are also the Wagon Peoples, the Alars, and many other groups on Gor that do not follow the caste system.

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *smiles brightly at the new arrivals....turns back to listen to the forum.....*

Asellus~~~ The Alars, Lemuel? *turning towards Him*

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ Tal Lemuel...what is the caste system...? not familiar...

Phen~~~ *Smiling* Not to mention the first and second knowledge...Secret Caste Business*L* .....

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Leviathan~ In most Gorean cities the people are born into a caste that is basically the *family business*. There are five highs castes, Warriors, Physicians, Scribes, Builders, and Initiates - as well as lots more that are considered low caste.

gabriella{IBr}~~~ smiles as she slips to the shadows, kneels silently, she listens

Rollo the Ax~~~ In as simple a context as I can put this matter... If y'all want to change caste... Feel free.... until such time as somebody complains it is not a problem... Once somebody does, THEN, the Council can vote for an OFFICIAL ruling.....LOL...LOL.. Okay ?????

Kayla~~~ sounds like a plan to Me *S*

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ Lemuel....when I come to Gor do I just pick one or what...?

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles nodding to the FW~ Aye Asellus, they are mentioned in "Mercenariess of Gor"

Asellus~~~ *Making a mental note to look that one up some day*
I see; thank you, Lemuel.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Leviathan~ Yes, You can just pick one, but I would recommend that whatever caste You choose be something you have an interest in r/t - either professionally or as a hobby.

Tatrix Genivieve~~~ "Alars, incidentally, are renowned for their capacity to wreak havoc, conduct massacres, chop off heads, and such, and then get a good night's sleep afterwards." (Mercenaries of Gor, p.125)

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to the Tatrix~ My thanks for the quote, Lady. ~S~

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ Lemuel....I am a "warrior" = military so I'm guessing that would be the best caste I'm guessing...

Rollo the Ax~~~ The Alars were described in general, and in My opinion, as basicly a Germanic looking people, Arian, wanderers, but not Wagon ppl, often mercenaries, and favored the Axe....LOL.. like Torvaldslanders.... close enough, Lemuel ??????

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Senior Captian~ Aye Rollo, that sounds as good a description as I would give. They did travel by wagon, but didn't have kaiila and, as You said, weren't part of the Wagon Peoples.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Leviathan~ Yes, that would probably be a good choice, but You should read up on what is expected of a Gorean Warrior, i.e. Honor, etc.

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ Lemuel...I shall...besides the books any good web spots for such info...?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Leviathan~ Yes, there's a link at the bottom of the page to our Home page and there are some other good general info sites out there.

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ Lemuel...thank you ~grinz~...I'd hate to offend anyone do to ignorance...I hear you can be killed...? is that right..?

Rogan~~~ I learned alot I didn't know about the caste system.


The birth of a baby, Free/slave?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Are there any other topics that anybody would like to bring up, or discuss ????

penny{Kyo}~~~ *raising her hand with a topic soon to be an issue*
penny has a topic regarding birth of a baby to a slave when the papa is Free...

Asellus~~~ *Shifting in the furs where She kneels, having a few questions to ask*

Asellus~~~ *turning to penny with a wide smile*
Wow...My question was similar...!

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at penny~ I don't know that that was ever adressed in the books other than Scormus of Ar...

penny{Kyo}~~~ *smiling to Mistress Asellus*
Obviously in my case, Master wants his son to be Free, and so plans to free me for the birth, and just wonders at what point afterward to again make me slave for his son to still be considered free...

Asellus~~~ My guess would be, the baby is the property is of the slave's Master, seeing as how the slave owns nothing. But it would seem as if the slave forgoes all maternal instincts, as a result.

Lemuel~~~ ~rubbing My chin as I think~ Oh yes, there was also mention that Tharnan's free their slaves briefly so that the progeny will be born to a free woman...

gabriella{IBr}~~~ a girl is freed and then soon as the Free child is born she is again enslaved , right away usually penny

Tatrix Genivieve~~~ A child, born of a slave, becomes a slave and belongs to the mother's owner.

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding to Master Lemuel*
penny believes that the precident you mention is what Master is basing his reasoning upon...

gabriella{IBr}~~~ did You have Your ears pierced penny?

penny{Kyo}~~~ *grinning to gabriella*
penny has lots more than just her ears pierced...

gabriella{IBr}~~~ this one thought when a girl had her ears pierced that there was no chance of becoming a FW even for an instant sis

Kayla~~~ Except that GS has the once a slave always a slave rule so theat kinda puts a kink in those plans penny... Sounds like a Council ruling would be needed on the situation

penny{Kyo}~~~ *listening to all the commentary and absorbing the variety of thoughts*
Master would never wish his only son to have ever been considered to be "slave" or "property", and so penny is guessing that he will figure out whatever is necessary to ensure that his son is free from the moment of birth...

Rollo the Ax~~~ There are no definate rules, that I remember, in the books for just how long the slave needs to be free for the birth of a child to be free.... With the way things go on Gor, women falling slave quickly and all... I would say that all that is needed is for the slave to be free WHEN the child is born... the next day, she could be slave again... and even given the duties of wet nursing the child.... but from the legal point, she would NEVER have any claim or such towards the child.... sure, she could love it, but the child would belong to the father... completely......

Mandi~~~ Kayla, I would sternly disagree that the Council can affect the status of her Master's son.

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ There is Scormus of Ar...His mother was not free when He was born, yet He was raised Free.

Phen~~~ *Shuddering at the thought of not having to have a say in the upbringing of my own blood*

Mandi~~~ Just that penny cannot log in as Free in HERE.

Tatrix Genivieve~~~ He may have to petition the High Council of the City and have the law overturned.

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding to Master Rollo*
Since a slave can't own anything anyway, she would never have a claim on the children born to her anyway, so that makes sense...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Lady Mandi's words~
Aye, I don't think the Council should try to dictate what a Man can do with His slave outside our walls.

penny{Kyo}~~~ *chuckling to Mistress Mandi*
It isn't likely that chatting online will be foremost on penny's mind when she is in labor, and so it shan't be an issue.

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckling~~ aye, little one. And I do apologize for such a visceral reaction, Friends and Patrons.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Any child could be freed even after the birth... but there then could also be a certain amount of stigma attached at once being a slave.... penny, all that really needs done is for the child to be born NOT in GS... take a trip... or even a boat ride out onto the Thassa... be freed there, then re-enslaved... and the letter of the law is done and followed....

penny{Kyo}~~~ *grinning to Master Rollo*
Birthing in the tavern wasn't high on penny's priority list, and so it seems that the situation shall be kept within the confines of the rules. Many thanks for your input...
*thinking a long boat ride would be ideal anyway, away from the household ickies and chores*

Kayla~~~ and as You say penny would not be allowed here as Free not so with the child... so it just means it not happening at the Shores... ~smiling at the Captains' words~ As He says a quick trip and back with a bundle of Love and new Warrior *S*

Tatrix Genivieve~~~ Oh..

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Well, MOST of the time, at least, right Lady Kayla ???? LOL.. We try to do what right and BEST for all here....but now and then, dictates are needed.... but only for those that CHOOSE to stay and call GS... HOME .....

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at the Captain~ Home is the Key word as always *S*


Dominating females/male slaves.. an opinion

Johnny B~~~ I'd like to bring up a topic: What do you guys think of female-Dom/Male-slaves?....I think it's really bloody sexy

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Johnny B.~ Gorean Men frown upon the idea of male slaves subject to women.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Johnny B.... like in any society, there will always be those that don't conform to the general * norm *.... but by in large, Gorean MEN, have little use for male slaves... except as beasts of burden... work animals... MOST gorean men would choose DEATH to slavery.....


Being in Poolside, but not in GS

Kayla~~~ Marius posted a intersting topic on the boards about Pledges and slaves being in poolside but not in the Tavern.... Can We discuss that?

Kayla~~~ Got quiet in here...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Sure, Lady Kayla... that is a valid topic..... feel free.....

Stavros~~~ looking down the list of posts.. seems like someone needs to bring me up to speed

Lemuel~~~ ~perking up at the new topic~
Sounds like a good one to Me Kayla.

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ I'd like to hear the answer to the question about slaves not in Gor but out in the pool area...do the rules still get enforced?

Kayla~~~ well lets talk why does the Tavern stand empty when the alcoves and other rooms have our slaves and pledges in them at times?.... how can we improve the Tavern to bring those people back in here?

Mandi~~~ ~~listening for the answer there~~

Rollo the Ax~~~ As I saw the post, Marius basically tries to point out that ppl need to try and spend time * IN * GS, and not just in the private rooms.... it seems that very often, many ppl just sit outside, and PM those that come into GS.... or call GS Home, but never come around..... He is looking for a little SUPPORT for the tavern....

Stavros~~~ Hmmm.. I got an idea Kayla.. get some Masters to be in GS more often than once a week.. LOL

Stavros~~~ Including myself.. LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I don't know about others, but if I'm at poolside I'm in the Tavern.

penny{Kyo}~~~ Mistress Kayla, in penny's case, she is rarely here, and when she is, she tends to wish to chat with the GS family, and not engage in a redundant serve... conversation is a skill just as much as serving, as any who have played hostess at a party will testify to, and perhaps if looser interaction not revolving around serves were to be encouraged, there might be an upswing in general visitation to the tavern...

Mandi~~~ Rollo, that is a very important point. As a Free Woman, I have been concerned about being present TOO MUCH in the Tavern and giving an incorrect appearance in here. I have resolved to be in here with a plausible reason for My presence. Or I feel I flatline some good roleplay for Others.

penny{Kyo}~~~ *smiling to Master Stavros*
For some Masters, they just don't have the time to be in every day, having family committments to consider in the world offline, as penny is certain that you know...

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ I have ony been here a few months...but it seems to me, from chatting with some of the regulars, there use to be more slaves here and somthing "happened"...not sure what but slaves where not welcome...from what I gathered..?

Stavros~~~ ~looking to penny~ yes you hit that nail right on the head.. LOL

I agree with Marius but for my circumstances at times especially my morning it is very difficult to come into the tavern so I go to a private room just in case a slave needs some help or someone just needs to talk that I can handle and the ppl I speak with know that I have a nine year old to get ready for school not to mention the 14month old getting into everything*S

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with penny~ Aye, I have a life offline and only have a small amout of time to do what *I* want.

Mandi~~~ ~~looking to Phen~~ And some of the interactions We have in other places keeps Us in tune better in here and improves the level of Our roleplay, enriches the experience for Us.

Kayla~~~ what the girl calls a redundant serve may be a newcomers first impression penny instead He or She finds an empty Tavern.... You only get what you and every other person who enters the Tavern puts into to it... If you feel that conversation is good enough then that is all you will get from it most of us are looking for more stimulation interactions

Phen~~~ *Smiling to Mandi* Also I feel if you do visit another room occasionally then those ppl you meet there may then come and visit your home and who knows maybe one or two will stay*S*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~listens quietly with interest~*~

Stavros~~~ well.. if you all put it in a nutshell... in order for people to like it here you need regulars, be it Masters or slaves.. and if you pull the layer of the onion further, it needs to be really appealing to many because they find it very fun to be here.. I truly see sometimes that there is a lack of interest in some or you may call it burnout.. looking at some of those serves by the slaves would make me burn out too.. but all in all I like it here when there are people here I am always in good conversation with the patrons I share home with..

Rollo the Ax~~~ Mandi... if GS is YOUR home, You should feel no need to justify Your presence... if RT or work or whatever limits the amount, then fine and dandy, that is beyond control... but NEVER feel that you need to stay away because of * others *..... so it should be for ALL.....

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ Phen....that is how I happened in to this place....CW invited me from the pool...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Rollo as He speaks.. then nuzzling cheek against Master Lemuel's thigh before she goes back to scribing the notes~

Tatrix Genivieve~~~ Perhaps like Phen says, when a slave is in private rooms or another room, she is trying to gain more interest in her, therefore making the Free she is with want to pursue her in GS and choose THIS as the room in which He wishes to come? I do not know, I am not of Poolside, but those are just My thoughts.

Lemuel~~~ ~reaching down and idly running My fingers through the girl's thick hair as I listen to the conversation~

penny{Kyo}~~~ Mistress Kayla, penny didn't say that she would be chatting elsewhere, only that having variety to the interaction within the tavern walls makes coming in more of a draw for her... and serves DO become redundant, though penny always offers...

Kayla~~~ ~grinning at Rollo's validation and winking at Mandi~
We all complain that the Tavern is changing but if We are not here then We should not complain about it for We are not doing any thing to make positive changes only complaining. We have to do our part and being present When We can.

Mandi~~~ I don't know if I could do the elaborate serves on the level of the girls in here, who are the best, IMHO, but I do not believe the serves are redundant. I read every post and notice what is appropriate for One of My station, girls, and appreciate what it does for the ambience in here. I also enjoy the humor and grace of the girls.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to penny~ Aye girl, and you know that I, for One, like to just *chat* once in a while.

Kayla~~~ penny I agree there are times when I have not seen a person in a long time like your troublesome self when hell I don't want a serve I want to catch up on gossip both RT and VT *S* but to use terms like redundant serves means you are in a rut... you find a way to liven up the serves... the protocals are a guidle line but the actual serves give a lot room for self expression *S*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~liquid gems close lightly as she feels His fingers move through strands and listening~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at Kayla's words~ Seems to Me I said something similar on the boards not long ago.

Kayla~~~ I may have stolen a word or two...

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding to Mistress Kayla*
Agreed about a serve being what one makes it, and if asked to serve, penny always tries to suggest something unusual from the menu to give a little variety to the activity... and everyone goes through so called "ruts", in all sorts of aspects of their lives, and they work out in time...
*cheerful smiles*

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ And I thought Stavros was the thief. ~winks~

Stavros~~~ ~patting Kayla on the back~ welcome to the world of Thieves.. LOL

Markos~~~ listening to the conversation, knowing I am guilty of this, but I do occasionally get to make it in here, sometmes when time is short and I wish to speak to O/one in particular, I will go to a alcove and whisper to them from there so as not to be rude to others

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~bites her lip not admitting any guilt on her part....sparkling hazels glance quick to One very handsome Master~*~

Markos~~~ but then again, I am a warrior and shouldn't give a sleen's ass what others think, *LOL* unless their steel is faster and truer then Mine

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling at Markos~


Can a Free order a slave from another room?

Kayla~~~ The second part can a Free person order a slave from an alcove or another room private or GS slave?

inara{G}t~~~ *listens quietly*

Mandi~~~ The second part of the question--can a slave be ordered from elsewhere on the site here? Or, conversely, can a slave be prohibited from being elsewhere instead of in here? I do not believe the Council's authority extends beyond the walls of the Tavern and the alcoves accessed through it.
This issue could potentially affect the Free as well. We should be able to just kick back and chat with the Poolies when We choose. slaves as well.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kayla.... I don't really see that being an option... lets face it, if somebody DON'T want to be here, we can hardly drag them in, kicking and screaming.... once in the door, they are bound to follow the rules... but until they walk in, they are NOT here to BE ordered.... private slaves may well be a different matter... but general slaves ??? I don't see it.....okay ????? GOT to run now... be well.....

Phen~~~ Well my thoughts on this are we pay to come online so we should be able to do what we want with our time regardless of whether one is Free or slave...That is if one wants to visit outside of GS...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ Aye, as I said before, I don't think the Council should try to dictate what happens outside Our walls. I do think that if a slave is in another room and she has the time she should offer to come into the Tavern if she notices a Free person come in.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Rollo's words.. nodding head in agreement~

Mandi~~~ some of the little ones are kind enough to come in voluntarily to help out. It does disappoint Me to see our slaves in the DM area, but if they are not heated to be here, they need not be.

Gornt~~~ I have asked slaves in other rooms to come and serve when none were present and usually got the bum's rush

Kayla~~~ Ok This came up this weekend...Personal slaves are between Owner and slave but Council strongly suggests that both agree on how much that control extends to and rt is never forced and in fact as a Council We discourge it for safety reasons

Gornt~~~ I agree

Kayla~~~ Tavern slaves.... A free person may ask if there is a need but can NOT I repeat can NOT Demmand a slave to serve... their time is their own if they are not on Gor

Gornt~~~ and the eyebrow is raised for?

inara{G}t~~~ *grins at Master* The comment about asking slaves coming to GS to serve. *grins* Found it amusing.......

Gornt~~~ you aren't the only guilty
~kissing your cheek~

Mandi~~~ ~~laughing~~ I can occasionally raise a girl on Q or MSN if I ask politely and do not abuse My position.

Kayla~~~ So if a slave comes in to serve when asked be nice to them for they are not required to do so... some will some won't We try to train them to do so but sometimes they are busy playing with others and they are not under Gor's thumb when not in Gor

Phen~~~ Gornt that is a hard one for ppl take their names seriously online basically that is all we have to begin with and that is what distinguishes us from everyone else...But I feel if a girl does not come in there maybe a reason for that and it may be better for all concerned that she does stay away*S*

Mandi~~~ ....and, Phen, I have taken both positions of sticking with one handle, and it got cumbersome to chat in the Pool, so I have a different handle for that, not out of intent to hide, just to make a distinction between personnas.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~whispering softly~
this one's been commanded to come to GS and serve while she was in another room to ask a question about the Tavern Tattler .. she didn't really have the time, but did so.. then had to beg to leave right after the serve..

Gornt~~~ I think that is not a problem, but if the name is associated with GS then she should expect to get PMed to serve when none are present

Kyoto~~~ If a girl is in the pool, but not in GS, then she is on her own time. We can ask till we are blue in the face, but threatening or cajoling a girl to come in and do a serve when she may be involved in something else is overstepping our bounds.

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ Gornt..yep that is what I thought....was she serving when no slaves where present...?

Gornt~~~ yes She was

Kayla~~~ Well just this weekend I have changed My mind on changing names... I think if girls want to be in poolside but not in the Tavern they should have another name to play with so they can have that peace to do so ... like in the case of sevda's punishment I told her I didn't want her in poolside playing as sevda when she was posted for 4 days it defeats the roleplay but Sabre has her under the rule she can use no other name so what could she do but have someOne cut her down?...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I agree, Kyoto.

Phen~~~ Yes Gornt but what happens if she declines or tells a Free to go jump...I'm not disagreeing with you just bringing up something that may happen as some slaves a fiesty little bitches*L*...I mean what if the slave turns around and says something like when you pay for my registration then you can tell me to come in and serve you if not don't bother me when I am talking with friends elsewhere???....

calia{GS}~~~ adding softly.....
this wench has spent countless hours alone in the tavern ,during the week ....- only just recently took a new name, to not disrespect her tavern collar....while in other rooms, still watches the tavern ...~* however agreeing with Master Kyoto ,that it is unfair to command one from another place to enter,here...to serve...~*
thinking the flipside ,would not be very pretty *gigglin softly to herself*

Gornt~~~ but calia, if a girl has no wish to serve in GS that day then shouldn't she do as one does?

Kayla~~~ again even if the girl is a Tavern slave she can not be forced in the Tavern to serve if she is in another room or alcove... A girls time away from Gor can not be dictated to by Us... In jasma's case she allowed it to happed because that is where her heart is... but that is a rare case and if a girl comes to Me or a another Council Member this is what she will be told

Gornt~~~ ~nodding to Kayla~
very well M'Lady

calia{GS}~~~ ~*gentle eyes shine toward Master Gornt~* calia has used this name in another room,for weeks...- this slave has wish to serve here,but None are in need of her...soooo,this naughty wench wanders *l*

Gornt~~~ and I don't blame those that find no One here to serve for wandering

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~tossing pieces of rence paper as she tries to scribe the notes~

inara{G}t~~~ *smiles watching jasma in a flurry of notes.*

Lemuel~~~ As Kayla said, girls can not be ordered into the Tavern, and they should c&p any such demands just in case.


The mark of the dagger

Tatrix Genivieve~~~ I have heard ot Assassins bearing a mark of a black dagger on their forehead. Can Any tell Me what this signifies?

Rollo the Ax~~~ When an Assassin wears the mark of the dagger on his forhead, He is * on the hunt * ... he is looking for the person he has taken money to kill.... it lets others know to basiclly stay clear, cause he isn't messing around.....

Tatrix Genivieve~~~ thank You Rollo, I was unsure.


Free Women serving

Stavros~~~ I need to ask a question to the Free Women... When a Free Man is in the tavern and all there is, is free women.. who serves who? curious? ~raising an eyebrow~

Mandi~~~ ~~smile lines appear above veils~~ Stavros, it can go either way. I have been served by Men and I have served Men in this place. And either situation can be roleplayed very nicely. Generally, I will defer and offer, unless I believe that places Me in peril by Some who would mistake hospitality for slaveheat.

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ That has been a issue Stavros..it's come to arguments over it also....

Phen~~~ Stavros if there are no slaves present then the Free Woman should offer to serve the Men*smiling* Though that is my thoughts on the matter.

Gornt~~~ and Most of them do offer Stavros

Tatrix Genivieve~~~ Maybe the FM should offer to get a drink for the FW..... 'smiling behind veils'

Phen~~~ Geniveve *LOL* I can just imagine it..."Pulling out the longfellow and aiming for the tankard"....

Mandi~~~ Kyoto, You grab drinks with efficiency and style.

Tatrix Geniveve~~~ at least the Free Men will know where to find everything, as FW in the books, did not often frequent Paga Taverns, We can plead ignorance and get away with it. 'L'

Markos~~~ I have gone to the servey and retrieved a few goblets and a bottle of cold kalana, but when the FW see Me spitting in the goblets and wiping them out with the tails of My tunic, they usually decide they are not so thirsty afterall *LMAO*

Kayla~~~ As far as FW serving it is up to the FW ... it is not required of the FW to serve and many would not be caught dead doing it. Feel mighty privaledged if One serves You *S* because Some Men think that if a FW serves You she is begging for a kollar so usually they are choosy about who they will offer to serve ~smiles~

Kyoto~~~ *Grinning at Mandi*

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye Gen, I think I know where the girls keep things after watching them fetch it forth a time or two. ~G~

Stavros~~~ LOL at Tatrix.. I hope you can catch a rence beer, cause you won't be seein my ass in a serve... in a nadu positoin either... LMAO!!

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs at Markos' words~

Mandi~~~ Markos, As long as it was not a loogey, it was no big deal.

inara{G}t~~~ *grins hearing Master Stavros*

Tatrix Geniveve~~~ Nor Mine Stavros, I was not born to serve.

Gornt~~~ ~almost dumping inara off My lap laughing at Stavros' remark~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~offering with respect~.. in the books.. In Tharna.. Lara did serve in the Kalda shop and she was free.. as well as a few others..

Lord LEVIATHAN~~~ Gornt I believe as mentioned earlier by some one FW should be carful whom they choose to , if they choose to, serve...He may not be the type...that is all...



Kyoto~~~ I have a question... does anyone remember any quotes in the books about men wearing boots? I remember some about sandles... which I picture as the type Roman warriors wore...

Gornt~~~ yes I just read that in the 9th scroll about the girl placing her face at His boots

Mandi~~~ Kyoto, I have scanned around books and other places for quotes and found both boots and sandals, but the descriptions were insufficient. Also, slippers, but only for Women.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Kyoto~ There are some mentions of boots in the books. In Beasts if no where else.

Kyoto~~~ Beasts, that makes sense as it was the north... probably Marauders as well...

Mandi~~~ ~~laughing~~ and those ridiculous platform boots up to ten horts high for FW in Ar.

Gornt~~~ yes because of the sands


"In addition, the mounted warriors inevitably wear a high, soft pair of boots called tharlarion boots. These protect their legs from the abrasive hides of their mounts. When a tharlarion runs, its hide could tear the unprotected flesh from a man's bones." ---Tarnsman of Gor

Kayla~~~ well We have run over is there any thing else tonight?

Stavros~~~ well Kayla.. no more questions from me.. I got what I came for.. ~feelin my purse a little heavier from when I originally came in the tavern.. LOL just kiddin patrons.. all your purses are fine.. ~chuckling~

Kyoto~~~ So, is the forum over for the night?

Gornt~~~ aye is it?

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Kayla, nodding~ Aye, I think we can call it a night...

Kayla~~~ Then I call the Forum to an end and We will meet next week... Lets all try to spend some extra time in the Tavern ok? Be well all and Be safe this week *S*