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Trivia Newbies

Earning money


Lemuel~~~ ~taking a look at the water clock~
Well, let's get started. Same rules as always...no need to beg entrance or leaving, keep off topic stuff to whispers, etc., etc.
Anyone with a topic, please send it to Me in a whisper.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to the silence before the first topic.. readying the rence papers*

kanda{Sg}~~~ *smiles across to sis jas..seeing her ready herself for note taking..knowing she does a wonderful job*..

Lemuel~~~ ~scratching My chin trying to think of something that would interest non-builders...~

Lemuel~~~ Alright, how about a history lesson...or trivia?
How was Port Kar governed prior to the Council of Captains taking full contol of the city?

Kayla~~~ Ubars

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Yes, the Ubars had control, or thought they did anyway. ~grins~

Errand Knight~~~ Prior to the events of 10120 C.A., Port Kar was ruled by five Ubars and an oligarchy of Captains, who were merchants. There was no single flag and things were pretty caotic with the Ubars often fighting amongst themselves

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to E.K.~ Yes, the Ubars made war on each other, each trying to become the one true ubar of Port Kar. The Council of Captains pretty much ran things even then. ~S~

"Politically, Port Kar is chaos, ruled by several conflicting Ubars, each with his own following, each attempting to terrorize, to govern and tax to the extent of his power. Nominally beneath these Ubars, but in fact much independent of them, is an oligarchy of merchant princes, Captains, as they call themselves, who, in council, maintain and manage the great arsenal, building and renting ships and fittings, themselves controlling the grain fleet, the oil fleet, the slave fleet, and others." - page 104, "Raiders of Gor"

Kayla~~~ ~nodding to the quote~



Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Since this topic doesn't seem to have people jumping, let's try another:
How to handle the influx of newbies and HNG from Bianca's now that it's going to be shut down??? or from any other sitte for that matter??

kanda{Sg}~~~ *listens to the new topic.. smiling softly at Master Lemuel*

Errand Knight~~~ didn't know Biancas was closing ..not that I've ever chatted there ..does it have gorean rooms?

kanda{Sg}~~~ *never heard of Biancas*

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ I don't know much about the site either. ~S~ What little time I get online I spend here.

zen{GS}~~~ this one just knows (from reading the poolside board) that it is shutting down and Webmaster Gary thing we will be getting alot of people from there, and that they are used to roleplaying doing their sexual things in open room.... and think that every one else is HNG like they are... *smiles*

kanda{Sg}~~~ Master Lemuel..kanda thinks T/those who enter..should be welcomed.. but its best to keep an open mind..some may turn out to be hng's..but some will also prove to be quite worthy.. she thinks time and circumstances help weed out the bad ones

zen{GS}~~~ *smiles to Master Lemuel as this one doesn't chat anywhere else either*

kanda{Sg}~~~ *she kneels back quietly*

Kayla~~~ Sounds like We are in for a fun time *ss*

Lemuel~~ ~nodding~ We may very well see some people in here that are new or that appear to be HNG's then. As kanda says, the best course is to keep an open mind...be patient & polite with them, try to help them by answering wquestions (even if they seem to be "stupid" questions to Y/you), point them to the Home page, etc.

Errand Knight~~~ I would hope Wwe would all work hard to be welcoming ...geez some numbers would be a good thing

Kayla~~~ I agree kanda... and that goes for anytime *ss* Sometimes they will try but unless a chance is given one will never know

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to E.K.~ Yes, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a few more warm bodies in the tavern. ~S~

kanda{Sg}~~~ sometimes kanda just has to remember she was like that...she didn't come to he rhome all knowing.. different people helped make kanda who she is today but without their help she'd be a nobody

Errand Knight~~~ I expect the impact od Biancas wil depend on whether they have a gorean area ..I havnt come across goreans from there so I expect the impact will be much more on pool and DM

Kayla~~~ I think that is true of all of Us kanda

Pergi~~~ Biancas didn't really have a Gor area, more of just a BDSM. and the rumors have always been going around about it closing.. it has been struggling for a while. Heck I had a membership there

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to all as she catches up on the scribing after coming back from rt*

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Getting back to the topic...
I think it's best to keep in mind that we were all new once when dealing with newcomers. Be patient, give them time to learn.

kanda{Sg}~~~ *looks back to Master Lemuel and nods*

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: I think the biggest thing that still worries most lilones with a curiousity is being collared by One they dont know when they come here

zen{GS}~~~ *nods to Master Lemuel as well*

Pergi~~~ ~smiles at EK's post then looks to Kayla~
yes them sleans put the fear in U/us

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening and nodding head in agreement* and also to remember that with some it may take more than one or two times.. or three or four times..

Kayla~~~ Sg has been combatting that problem with if an unknown come even to the door he will grant protection for the night so that maybe they will enter and attempt to learn and see what we are all about.. A one night protection can be given by any Free and might help a girl feel better that first time in

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ They shouldn't worry overly much about that though. The new girls can always take a Tavern collar until they find a private Master.

Kayla~~~ ~laughing softly~ Always have the sleen ready for any streakers though as well as ready with the bola's

Pergi~~~ Lemuel, what ko~lar represents the Tavern collar?

Kayla~~~ And if it does happen it is a matter that the girl will simply not come back in here so really kinda crazy to approach a new girl that way *ss*
And just a side note there are still Goreans that hunt in these waters not of GS and ping girls all the time asking of kollars and such then take them off to thier sites if the girl is willing so We have to be aware that sometimes we are being judged by Others actions as well as Our Own Pledged Patrons

zen{GS}~~~ *smiles and wonders why they are so afraid of sleens, but then guessing that not A/all had the fortune of being owned by a Sleen Trainer*

Kayla~~~ Agreed jasma *ss*

Lemuel~~~ If you see a girl wearing {GS}, that's a Gorean Shores collar.

Kayla~~~ Not to be confused with the {Sg} kollar *ss* Which is Captain Shadowglades....

zen{GS}~~~ *sighs and comes out of her thoughts to listen for the next topic or to see if the previous one is still being discussed*

Pergi~~~ If you A/all can pardon this jest,
inez, I am leary of sleens ever since I discovered that the sleen snacks which I purchased from the black market, did nothing to distract the pack Kayla sent after Me for streaking thru here one night.

zen{GS}~~~ Master Pergi, this one wears the Gorean Shores tavern ko'lar *smiles and streatches her neck up so that her hair falls away so that He may see*

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs~

kanda{Sg}~~~ *grins at Mistress Kaylas words..touching her own slave kolar tenderly..tracing the initials Sg..

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *fingering the yellow enameled collar that adorns her neck.. the lettering which reads.. "belonging to Lemuel of the Builders".. she smiles warmly*

zen{GS}~~~ *giggles and winks to Master Pergi as He explains about the sleens*

Pergi~~~ Aye inez, I had noticed it. Thank you

Kayla~~~ That will teach someone from streaking through... sleens don't eat unless they are given the command to., They are trained well

Lemuel~~~ So, for new kajirae, there are plenty of options...they can request a one time protection collar from any Free, beg a personal collar or ask for a Tavern collar.

Kayla~~~ nods... and that one time protections can be asked for several times... Some Free will allow even a week or two I have seen


Earning Money

Pergi~~~ How does One earn revenue for such things as items on the menu?

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ It's assumed that you have some kind of Caste (job) that earns you a living. The money is virtual. ~G~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles~*~ get a job, Master Pergi, maybe Master Lemuel needs help in His building business or some seaman needs a strong back on the docks ~*~nods, smiling~*~

Pergi~~~ Thank You Lemuel.. wasn't certain if there was a system for keeping track of such things

Kayla~~~ All Free people are of a Caste.. Such as Mine and EK of the the Physicians and Lemuel of the Builders and Asellus of the Muscians.. All of these earn money plying their craft for Other members of Gor and Warriors they earn money in several ways including raiding and guarding and by wagering

shirin{SholGar}~~~ oooooo ~*~hazels sparkle, thinking that would be interesting~*~

Lemuel~~~ If You're interested in becoming "Gorean", there are plenty of castes to choose from. I'd recommend choosing something similar to what you do r/t or something you may have an interest in as a hobby, etc. - it make roleplaying it easier IMO.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ The Metal Workers Caste would be a good choice for a blacksmith.

Pergi~~~ ~nodding~ Thank You Lemuel, I was a guild smith for a rather promonent guild back in UO. Perhaps the heat of the forge will once again glisten upon My skin

Errand Knight~~~ Perghi: some good info on Castes here: Scroll 32 just dont become a Physician ..I dont know how Kayla keeps herself in her gowns and veils

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Must be Shadowglade's raids...

kanda{Sg}~~~ *brightens as she hears her Masters name mentioned..*

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ It would make for some interesting discussions to be sure. We could talk about pattern welded Damascus or the proper colr to heat a metal to achieve the best hardness. ~huge grin~ Builders get to dabble a little in so many areas.

Kayla~~~ LOL.. The days of Captain Shadowglade helping in that way is over.. I am a working Woman once more ~grins~ I do travel alot to ply My caste as well as I am on hand here alot so get alot of minor scrapes and bumps and bruises...LOL

kanda{Sg}~~~ *hearing Master Lemuels words..thinking ..an impish thought surfacing.. knowing that a good kajira also knows how to achieve the best hardness..she tries to maintain an innocent face but a grin slides free..*

Pergi~~~ One would think with the warriors and such, Kayla would be in high demand to tend to wounds

Lemuel~~~ ~laughing~ Aye kanda, kajirae are very good at getting swords straightened out. ~G~

Errand Knight~~~ and Lemuel makes a damn find slave goad

Lemuel~~~ ~giving jasma a pinch and nibbling on her ear~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ oh! and if we can get more girls in the tavern, Master Pergi can make new steel ko~lars for them ~*~claps lil hands excitedly~*~ it's perfect

kanda{Sg}~~~ *nods emphatically..warm brown eyes twinkling..*
a girl is glad Master agrees..

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *dark gems sparkle mischieviously at her Owners' words.. pressing against Him*

Errand Knight~~~ aye kanda ...youre better than any splint Ive used to straighten an unwanted bend!

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~winks and giggles at kanda~*~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *purring softly*

kanda{Sg}~~~ *giggles* Master Knight..kanda tries... she has the well being of the Masters top most on her mind... *takes off halo..blows and then polishes it..placing it atop he rhead..*

Pergi~~~ Just My luck, Metal workers caste is a low caste.. oh well not all can be physicians and such

Kayla~~~ I have My days Pergi *ss* and My ways...LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Nothing special about being high caste, not in Port Kar anyway. Too many people want to be Warriors I think. Better to have some variety, makes things more interesting.

kanda{Sg}~~~ Master Pergi ..it doesn't matter where the caste is situated.. its not what You do but how well You do it.. *smiles gently* and kanda thinks that variety is nice..

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to kanda~ Besides, not all the high castes are great...there are the Initiates after all...

kanda{Sg}~~~ she thinks a home needs different Trades and different personalities to survive..

Pergi~~~ ~nods to all~
Besides, if it is something in which I would take pride in My craftsmenship.. then it would fullfill Me regardless
shirin, I like your way of thinking.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening.. unable to offering more than what's been said.. she remains quiet*

Kayla~~~ Grins.. We need a permenant Scribe to take note so that jaz is not always hampered with the job *ss*

Errand Knight~~~ Pergi: wouldnt worry about high and low caste ..the Initiates are the highest caste and personally I wouldnt waste My spit on any

Pergi~~~ Oh Kayla, if You were to see My chicken scratch You would realize just how funny the idea of Scribe is. My English was once mistaken for Sand Scrit

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles, eyes falling in respect and thanks~*~ thank You Master Pergi

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Exactly, Goreans are proud of their castes and rarely wish to raise caste just for status. It takes strength and skill to form metal, and there are specail skills required in each caste that makes them unique.

Kayla~~~ LOL... Who said skill has anything to do with what Caste You are....LOL... I can name several that it seems to make no difference at all... But as Lemuel said intrest in the Caste is really important becuase if You are intrested in it then it helps researching it as it is connected with Gor and easier to Role play

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ True, the Initiates don't seem to have any skills at all...~G~

Kayla~~~ Nods....

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *whispering*
they can chant...

Pergi~~~ LOL @ jasma
and are there any Initiates here in Port Kar?

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs~ Aye, and they do have to put up with that smelly incense they burn...I suppose that could be counted as a *skill*...or it could be they just have no sense of smell. ~G~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *giggling softly and winking*

kanda{Sg}~~~ Master Lemuel..maybe Their smeller has gone wacky..

Kayla~~~ None that are pledged to GS...But We have had a few stop in the Tavern from time to time... they never stay long though ~puzzeled look~ Not many will role play the part because they a chaste lot and have no need for the girls

Errand Knight~~~ yep Initiates make so many useful contributions to gorean society ..like their hand in finding a cure for Dar-Kosis
bald headed badgers!

Pergi~~~ OH OH.. sign Me up for that caste hehe
Thank you A/all for your patience and understanding

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ You are most welcome, Pergi.

Kayula~~~ LOL.. Yeah right Pergi

Pergi~~~ and just what are You implying Kayla.. have You ever actaully seen Pergi be anything but a ..errr
oh nevermind.. who are we kidding.. I was a terrible flirt

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *rubbing fingers as she takes a break from scribing.. still listening to not miss a thing*

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the clepsydra and checking it against My chronometer~ Well, if there is nothing further...

kanda{Sg}~~~ *listens*

Lemuel~~~ ~looks about to be sure the topic is finished~
...then I'll call this forum to a close. I thank everyone for coming and participating. ~S~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *brushing lips near His ear*
thank You Master for allowing Your girl to always learn.

Kayla~~~ Thanks Lemuel for running another great Forum *S*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *folding up the notes*

kanda{Sg}~~~ aye Master Lemuel..kanda enjoyed being here.. a girl thinks You were born to do this.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin is thankful for being allowed to learn here during the forums, thank You Master Lemuel ~*~smiles~*~

kanda{Sg}~~~ Master Pergi..kanda hopes that You decide to join the tavern

Pergi~~~ thank You Lemuel

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling~ Just filling in for the Senior Captain while He's away, kanda. ~S~
Thanks again E/everyone.