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The Order of Greetings.. GS Protocol
Begging to enter
Begging to leave
Bad behavior payoff

The Order of Greetings.. GS Protocol

Rollo the Ax~~~ WELL... everybody ready for another forum ?????

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Aye, Rollo, bring it on...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Rollo~ Aye Captain, I'm ready.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening as Master Rollo speaks of beginning the forum.. rence paper ready.. ~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well then, lets get this show on the road.... Welcome one and all to this weeks GS forum... same rules as always... Does anybody have a topic they wish to start off with ??? PM Me with any and I will set the order they will be discussed in.....

calia{GS}~~~ *~gentle blue eyes, looking toward Master Rollo ...~*
kneeling silently...she awaits.....

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~lifts slightly on her knees, lil feet crossing under her bottom, listens for the first topic~*~

sevda{SabreWolf}~~~ ~moist tongue flicking over full, lush lips trying to contain her impulses as she waits for the first topic to begin~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, the first topic sent to Me is more of a question about * WHY * is it so, I think.... In GS, slaves must greet the Free, and the GS protocols say that they should greet Captains and Advisors before the general public... This includes FW Advisors... the question is should they greet FW before other Masters NOT on the Council ????

Lemuel~~~ ~scratching My chin, pondering the question~

Kyoto~~~ Gor is a man's world, so I personally think that a slave should greet all Free Men before any Free Woman.

sevda{SabreWolf}~~~ ~quietly speaks up~
sevda thinks regardless of a FW's station that all Men should be greeted first then FW Advisors and so on.

Lemuel~~~ Playing "Devil's advocate" for a moment...
Shouldn't an Advisor that is a FW be shown some recognition or respect by being greeted sooner?

Stavros~~~ ~steps in quietly to listen~

sevda{SabreWolf}~~~ isn't greeting Her before any other FW showing Her that recognition?
~biting her lush lip~

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs and winks at sev~ Perhaps...

Kyoto~~~ She should be shown proper respect by being greeted before all other women. But, advisor or not, she is still a woman.

Khash~~~ That seems to be the question Lemuel looks like a coin toss or a ruling is required as there are compelling arguements in both directions. I tend to think that a position with a title and responsibility does merit some consideration otherwise the title means nothing and there is no respect for it.

Majidah~~~ knowing it is not My place to speak ~ I look at Lemuel with a raised eyebrow ~ Are You to tell Me that a FW is above a Warrior ~ I think not ~

Rollo the Ax~~~ VERY GOOD POINT, Lemuel !!!!!

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Kyoto~ Aye, really that is what I think as well. ~S~

Kyoto~~~ *Grinning at Lem*
Playing advocate can be helpful

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at Majidah~ As I said, I was simply playing "Devil's advocate" ~chuckles~

Gornt~~~ We are still talking about the FW?

tania{Majidah}~~~ she bites her lip softly as she listens to the buzz of conversation..

Errand Knight~~~ is vexed by the question

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Well as I see it, since we are allowing FW's into a paga tavern, and then as well, to advise the Council, we have already changed the books to suit ourselves. Yes, it is a man's world, and especially here in a paga tavern the girls would have to be pleasing, more so to men than to women...So we might even come to, do we greet only the Captains first and then the rest of the pledged patrons?
But quite clearly it is whatever the Council wants it to be and currently it is greet Captains, Advisors, Patrons.

calia{GS}~~~ ~*bewildered smile to Master Knight..~*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Know what, folks ??? At times we are our OWN worst enemies.... We have the need to make enough rules to keep the place running...as smoothly as we can... but just where is the cut off point where the * place makes the rules * , or * the rules make the place * ????

Kyoto~~~ Vexed in what way, EK?

Majidah~~~ I stop at the doorway to glance back at Lemuel ~ I *g* ~ then head out the door

Gornt~~~ Aye Rollo,
there has to be some point where common sense breaks out

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Bolt~ Aye, that is what it says in the protocols and they should be followed until the Council sees fit to change them.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Order of greeting is such a MINOR point.... Are there soo many here that need to have their own Gorean self worth reinforced that they are going to get their panties in a bunch if Master C gets told * HI * before Master A, or B ????? Or PKs forbid, a FW ??????

Errand Knight~~~ My impulse is to say that the ways of Gor, at least as I understand them, would suggest that Men be greeted first Captains, patrons and visistirs, then Fw with the Advisor first
but this is Our place and I can see the contribution the FW makes as Advisor and understand Her status in Our community
I would be true to Council rulings always ..but there is something in the back of My mind that sees the inconguity

Gornt~~~ I always greet a PK first

Stavros~~~ "~spinning my dagger on top of a wooden table, open mouth yawning~ Women... who needs them.. ~chuckling~

Khash~~~ ~eyes Rollo and laughs~ Fine response Captain....and most diplomatic...I'm in favor of moving to the next topic.

Gornt~~~ ~listening to EK~

Kyoto~~~ That's the trouble, Rollo. This is such a "specific" world, that rules have to be set and maintained. Unfortunately, we did not learn all we needed to know in kindergarten in order to live here. Nothing in our own world really prepares anyone for being a Gorean Man, Free Woman or slave.
Other than perhaps live and let live...
But, that once again can be trouble because, as JN said, "every man is Ubar within the circle of his own steel." So everyone wants to and has the right to, set their own limits for their own personal rights and what they expect others to do.

sevda{SabreWolf}~~~ actually Master Rollo yes Some do get bent if not greeted in proper order

Gornt~~~ ~looking at Stavros~
Tal Stavros, I can think of some great uses

Rollo the Ax~~~ Your words ring true Rollo, we have our rules and they will stand. Personally I dont care if I am greeted somewhere down the list ~laughs~ I can soon change it if I feel it is appropiate. Also I wish to point out, greeting out of order deliberately could be used as an insult if one dislikes another and that could come down to a simple matter of respect.

Stavros~~~ Tal Gornt.. well I can think of a few myself, I just felt it necessary to lighten the situation.. ~grinning~

Gornt~~~ I am tired of this topic, I mean aren't there any more pressing issues facing the Gorean Shores than this?

calia{GS}~~~ ...~* azure eyes sweeping the room,lowered some as she listens...~* -......

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay folks, lets look at this in a different way... The FW Advisors are greeted before non Council members if for no other reason than to show a degree of respect for their position on the Council... That in and of itself should be MORE than enough.... but it is STILL Gorean to My way of thinking... look back in the books, and I will bet that you will find places where a FW is greeted, due to her wealth or rank, BEFORE every other Free man present... remember in a technical sense, that would include even hired guards, warriors, or lower castes...... Am I right ??????

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Senior Captain's words~ Aye Rollo, I believe You are right.

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding grudgingly at Rollo's words and then grinning*
Doesn't mean I HAVE to agree with that. But, I do have to agree with your logic.

Rollo the Ax~~~ This topic MUST have some importance, it was brought up, and has had many reply... Who is to say what is more right or not ???

Stavros~~~ ~eyes toward Rolo~ Aye Rollo!...You have my vote on that..

Errand Knight~~~ like any number of issues which We all have views on We pledge to Our community and abide by the collective wisdom of Council to guide Our behaviour here

Gornt~~~ I am so pledged as well EK, sorry for the earlier outburst Rollo

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. Is there need for MORE discussion on this topic ...???? If not we will move on... the outcome is that for now, in GS, the order of greeting will remain the same....

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Just a point to throw out...I get bugged sometimes when I get greeted before I enter the room ~laughs~ So I will generally enter via a different entrance...No revelance to the topic but I am throwing my coppers around freely today ~LOL~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL. Hey, no big deal... I was only trying to point out that to somebody, this must be an important topic... We all get a turn...sooner or later... LOL.. no harm, no foul... okay ?????

Gornt~~~ ~chuckles at Bolt~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling at Bolt's comment~ Aye, I find it's best to wait until the person has said how they entered to greet.

galah{RA}~~~ this one only thinks that there is wayyyy to much emphasis on greeting....this one thinks its important to welcome and greet new ppl when they come in to make them feel at home and not like outsiders, but to greet every single person in the tavern? seems to be quite a time waste, and for what, when your only being greeted because its expected?

Deirdre~~~ *entering the tavern silently.....seeing the forum is taking place*

Kyoto~~~ At least you have the good manners to openly enter the room, Bolt... I've noticed that some just pop into the room without entering. I guess they must just refresh the room so that they are suddenly there without having to sign in... seems very rude to me.
I can understand it if you are having refresh troubles... but to do it after having been gone several ahn...

Stavros~~~ ~grinning at Bolt~ here.. use the entrance I use.. It sure ain't the front door... LOL!

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at galah's words~ Aye, and if O/one is missed they might feel slighted when there was no such intent..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin feels the greetings are more of a lesson in restraint, we slave need rules, we need boundries...being online, the entrance and greetings give us this.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ For your point is a valid one Kyoto. I like to see people, free or slave, enter the tavern, not just appear. Perhaps that is just my expectation of what this room is all about, and I certainly follow my feelings on this one.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at shirin's words~ Aye, I think some of it is necessary to remind the girls of their place and I wouldn't want to see it come to the point where One couldn't distinguish between a slave and a FW.

Gornt~~~ I might not open the door everytime I come in but I always make sort of an entrance

Bolt Sarakai~~~ And to add another point, we cant make a Free enter the Tavern, they will do as they please, it is then just a matter of how you treat and talk to them, maybe they will change their ways.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Bolt's words~ Aye, by using some kind of entrance it gives others a chance to learn something about the one entereing.

Stavros~~~ ~looking at Lemuel~ or lets us know the mood they are in... ~crossing my arms~ * ~chuckling~

Lemuel~~~ ~grinning at Stavros~ Aye, exactly My point

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~Grins at Lemuel and Stavros~
Both valid points. Otherwise you could be percieved as just a run in want a fuck horny new gorean LOL~

Errand Knight~~~ chuckles top

Begging to enter

galah{RA}~~~ personally, galah tried on many occasion when she was fg and still feels that the whole begging to enter be done away with, this one feels like girls should be able to come in and get to work immediately...but again, that would take a change of rulings...sometimes a girl only has a short time to serve, and to beg entrance and then greet all, sometimes there is a tavern full...that amount of time could easily eat up a girls time in GS before she even gets a chance to serve

galah{RA}~~~ everyone seems to be in agreement that when a free is being served by a slave, that his attention should be on the girl serving him, out of politeness to the rt person behind the screen if nothing else....and he would also be conversing with other free in the tavern, why should he have to take his time to let other girls come in and then to greet them too?

calia{GS}~~~ ...~* intrigued eyes,as calia listens to galahas words of entering and swiftly getting to serve Free..~*
greetings truly does take...a long time...time away from pleasing the Free .....

Bolt Sarakai~~~ galah.
karta is not in the books, and all the Taverns slaves would be in the kennels and released to serve when was necessary (when a girl came online) they should come straight up through the trapdoor and move to the furs, an entrance post. Other girls, not of the tavern, or personally owned would have to beg entrance into the Tavern, as this this is not a walkway for slaves to come and go as they please. Thus, a rule change incorporating two sets of rules would have to be introduced...And are we then, over policing? ~laughs~ I would like to see it done this way.

Gornt~~~ ~listening to galah~
but some of those entries are works of art galah, it seems a shame to throw them out

Kyoto~~~ Well, galah, I will sometimes post that I hear someone at the door, look that way and grant them permission to enter before I say I go back to watching the girl as she shakes her booty on the way to the servery.

Gornt~~~ ~listening to Bolt, nodding~
and it would show the creativity of the visitors

SholGar~~~ I like the beg to enter rule. Perhaps Tavern sluts could be granted the option to abbreviate their beg so as to enter more quickly. I like Bolt's suggestion......

Bolt Sarakai~~~ How simple is this entrance?

"I knelt before the guest, putting the palms of my hands on the floor and my head to the tiles." Kajira of Gor page 305.

SholGar~~~ ~LOL~ Too much time Bolt...it'll never fly..!
Seriously though..I appreciate the well written begs but it will not spoil My day to see one as short as the example just posted.

Errand Knight~~~ personally enjoys reading the words of a slave begging entrance

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I have no problem with a slave using a short beg if she wishes to get in and serve.

SholGar~~~ I think that is the key point Lemuel.."get in and serve"..a short beg should be followed by a quick offer to serve.

galah{RA}~~~ nothing says that gs has to follow the ways of other gor sites, but many have gone to no begging to enter and using first person for the slaves....as normally in the books, neither of these things would of been done, these again are online adaptions, slaves would of been in the tavern or coming from the kennels and got straight to work, they also used first person unless a Master was making a point and told her to speak as a slave.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ This topic we are discussing, is it as simple as this...
Entrance by Free and slave?

Kyoto~~~ galah, are these points of contention for the slaves right now?

Stavros~~~ ~strolling around the room, making eye contact with the patrons~ You know... Some people like the way some slaves enter and some want it short.. to each their own.. but how much of this do you want to make like it is written in GOR.. Is that not what is interesting?

Rollo the Ax~~~ This might be a matter to bring up to the Council again.... I might have jasma and galah speak with the girls at the next slave class, and get some ideas from them... and also speak with the other Captains... For Myself, I can see BOTH ways having good and bad points... I would hate for GS to look like one of those robot post places...where you automatically have stuff said for you... ** Blah, blah enters leaving all weapons outside and entering with honor and crapola, etc. ...* but again, that is only MY opinion... so lets see what can be worked out ??????

calia{GS}~~~ thinking slaves need rules...speaking third drives deep to a girls heart...~* making her express her ownership with each word...~*

galah{RA}~~~ galah thinks this begging to enter is fine for new slaves learning and needing to feel like a slave, but to oldies like galah, this becomes tedious as there are only so many ways to change your entrance before your saying and/or doing the same ole thing, it all comes down to that same thing we spoke of weeks ago, how slaves need something more than just serving a drink....afterall, a change is as good as a vacation or so they say hehehehehehee hehehehehee

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin agrees with you 100% calia ~*~rubbing her trembling rumbling belly~*~

SholGar}~~~ I am in favor of slaves speaking in the third person. I agree with calia... I think perhaps an owned slave can beg or not beg entrance when her Owner is in the Tavern depending on his instructions to her.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking up as Master Rollo speaks.. listening.. whispering~
yes, Master
~then lowering eyes once more.. scribing the notes~

lissa{GS}t~~~ *blushing as she speaks* lissa came to this land for the rigity and structure it provides *fading back into her spot*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ I agree with you on this Rollo, lets see what comes up over the next week or so in relation to this matter.

galah{RA}~~~ not sure Master Kyoto, galah only feels that big issues are being made about nothing, like this greetings thing and FW....GS is suppose to be fun for all, and everyone here chooses their role and how they wish to play it, including the slaves....it's just no fun anymore when it's the same ole stuff all the time, when it takes half an ahn just to get in the tavern to greet everyone


galah{RA}~~~ well, obviously this one is outvoted on her thoughts about this....it seems everyone wants the same ole thing all the time? this is what is fun for all? well, at least she understands why she don't spend time online much anymore....at a slave discussion recently it was discussed about what its like for us oldies that have been on gor for a very long time, and seems we can never go back to them feelings we had as a fresh new slave...so be it

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. We ALL have things that we might like to see changed.... The trick is to accept the AA pledge about * Strength, Serenity, and Wisdom * ... when dealing with things.... here or in RT....

Kyoto~~~ *Looking sympathetically at galah*
Believe me, I understand

Lemuel~~~ ~looks to galah~ I don't have a problem with changing some things, say making greetings shorter, but I don't want it to be too drastic. There's already complaints about the slaves being lax in their discipline...

Bolt Sarakai~~~ I don't think that is exactly the case galah. Personally owned slaves of tavern patrons, and tavern slaves, could all very well end up being allowed to enter with a short sensual post. Other slaves not of this tavern and not of a patron here will still have to beg entrance.
But give us, the Council a little time and who knows what we will allow? ~laughs~

Kyoto~~~ If they are being lax, Lem, then people should do something about it. The slaves need... crave, a strong hand.

Stavros~~~ ~looking over to galah~ Since I am a new patron, and I've heard a many good thing of Gorean Shores..~grinning~ The reason I came was for the experience and pleasures of the GOR lifestyle.. And I hope by whatever means it takes place, that I feel welcome here.. ~smiling~

Rollo the Ax~~~ For Myself, I could see changing the * beg to enter * rule.... But I would argue to keep slaves speaking in third person... so there IS room for change or improvement.... there is ALWAYS room for improvement...... it is when you don't think so that you should begin to worry....

galah{RA}~~~ do you really understand Master Kyoto? a Master never has to do that same thing over and over and over again....sometimes a girl just thinks she will puke if she has to beg entrance one more time, so its just easier to stay out of GS

lissa{GS}t~~~ *nods at Master Kyoto's words*

Errand Knight~~~ would hate to see galah puke

Kyoto~~~ galah, I do understand. Slaves aren't the only ones who can get tired of the same old crap all the time. Seeing the same people bickering about the same things all the time... the same HNG's making pests of themselves...

galah{RA}~~~ **chuckles at Master Knight** can't you just see that entrance Master? **a girl kneels before the big green door and as she slides her dainty hands forward she pukes all over the steps and lays her forehead on the ground in it** hehehehehehehee hehehehee

Stavros~~~ LMAO @ galah.. now that would be funny!

Kyoto~~~ Bleh!
*Thinking of galah with pea soup on her forehead*

Errand Knight~~~ *chuckles*
perhaps why so many slaves "slip" in

lissa{GS}t~~~ *stifles a giggle*

Bolt Sarakai~~~ And then the girl in question would be cleaning it up ~laughs~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Bolt, I don't agree... RULES should apply to EVERYBODY... the same rules for ALL slaves...the same rules for ALL Free.... as long as Rollo is around, GS will never become an * Animal Farm * where all are equal, but some are MORE equal than others.... SET rules or laws, and stick with them... until such time as the rule is changed.... not rules for some and not for others....

galah{RA}~~~ this one couldn't hazard a guess at how many hundred times she has begged entrance....but she can understand the other girls liking to do so, she remembers a time when it wasn't such a chore

Deirdre~~~ *listening to everything.......My veil hiding My grin*

Stavros~~~ ~chuckling over to Bolts response~ See.. now the conversation is getting interesting.. LOL

galah{RA}~~~ sure glad you said cleaning it up Master Sarakai, and not licking it up heheheheheheee hehehehehheheheee

galah{RA}~~~ pea soup Master Kyoto? slave gruel with lil pieces of parsit fish stuck to her forehead heheheheheheee heheheheheheee heheheheee perhaps we should go to some other subject, this subject is getting sick hehehehehehee hehehehheee

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Well for one Rollo, I wouldnt want to see some girl not of GS pop up from the kennels. But anyhow, it will be good for a change for I have never believed in the karta rule. A kajira online, should always speak in third person, good discipline, and they should always beg to leave. In addition, total obedience ~laughs~

calia{GS}~~~ calia tossing in her quiet words...~*
since the slaves are commanded to beg ~* more should make a better effort, truly begging,pleading...craving to enter and serve..... for some of us,slaves would starve to death if we had to beg for food...*l*

Kyoto~~~ I've noticed that calia...

calia{GS}~~~ ~*blushing look to Master Kyoto~* ,wondering if calia appears....,starved *eg*.........

Errand Knight~~~ thinks there are always scraps for the slaves the relieve them from the grull ..and of course the welcome taste of the slave wine *grins*

Errand Knight~~~ calia: a good slave is a hungry one ..why some would practically suck on anything

calia{GS}~~~ ..*~ her belly rumbles as ones hand slithers down calias taut belly to quiet the hungered growl..*~ purrring smile to Master Knight....


Begging to leave

galah{RA}~~~ this one has a small complaint about the leaving rule also....seen to many times that a girl has been ignored when asking to leave, many of the girls here have babies in rt and babies don't like to wait for three postings begging to leave to be fed or taken care of

Stavros~~~ Shouldn't RT overrule anything here in VT.. I know for me it wouldn't be an issue at all.. As if I matter... Yet... ~smirkish grin~

galah{RA}~~~ and if it's not babies, many times it's rt company at ones house or a dozen other rt problems, easy for the free to say rti and just leave, but a slave can figure on another several ehsn before she can possibly get to her rt problem, company or whatever is calling her away

Bolt Sarakai~~~ But then if you have your way totally galah ~laughs~ slaves would then have the power to come and go as they please, and that, is unacceptable. The three post begiing to leave is fine as I see it (able to leave after the third post)

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening quietly.. soaking everything that's being said in.. ~

Stavros~~~ ~glancing over to Bolt~ god forbid any slave if she had the diarrhea or something awful like that... they'd crap in their chair before they left GS.. LOL

galah{RA}~~~ galah knows it's not possible to change everything, and she must admit that she has seen the free being much more quick about releasing girls than what it use to be, just gotta think about the rt situation also behind each person here....it's not galahs' way, she only wishes for it to be more user friendly for all, Master Sarakai, you have a baby and you certainly know what its like to have to leave immediately to take care of a lil one?

Lemuel~~~ As I understand it, a slave can always claim r/t for an emergency, galah.

Gornt~~~ ~chuckles at Stavros' pithy comment

lita{Tsai}~~~ Master Sarakai, a few evenings ago one was in her Home, and her four year old grandson came running ot her with a cut finger. minor cut, but bleeding like a stuck tarsk, as fingers will. now beleive me, this one did NOT wait to post three times begging permission to go and attend to him. had she been punished, she would have accepted it. however Those in her home know she would never do such a thing without good reason.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~Laughs~ Yes Stavros, they would...Look RT has to, and will always come before online chatting, of whatever nature...If a girl has to go in a hurry, for whatever reason, then go. If in the middle of a serve or whatever just a quick note and apology, when she can, on the message board would suffice.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ My earlier comment was directed at a girl, in normal conditions, will have to and as far as I am concerned, will always have to beg to leave. Is that clear to you all? ~Laughs~

galah{RA}~~~ but it's not always an emergency Master Lemuel, a baby waking up crying? an emergency? or let the baby cry for the 5-10 ehns it takes to get out of GS? company shows up at ones house? an emergency Master? one has to explain they are on the puter and can't get off it for several ehns? sometimes it's not an outright emergency Master, but its rt dictating to the girls will?

Rollo the Ax~~~ I guess these points are ALL valid to one degree or another... and to My thinking, if people were more understanding and less egomaniacal, many of these problems would not be such.... so you don't get greeted in a certain order ?? big deal... an emergancy ?? sure, drop off line, and expalin later... without fear of punishment... the only problem is that here, just as in RT, the FEW that break or bend the rules, make EVERYBODY suffer for their ways....

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ galah, emergencies come in all shapes and sizes. If the doorbell rings and there's no one else to answer it that's a minor emergency.

galah{RA}~~~ granted, in an absolute emergency...say someone bleeding or passing out or such...this one would not hesitate to push the leave button immediately....but it's these rt interferences that make it difficult

Kyoto~~~ In the time I have been in GS, I've learned a lot about letting a girl go if there is a problem. All she has to say is that she has to leave quickly for an r/t issue and she can go, no questions. I will give the girl the benefit of the doubt... I learned this firsthand from jasma.
*smiling at the fg*

Gornt~~~ ~listening to the Captain~

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Look galah, if one has to go, then go...I see no drama in that, nor should anyone else. It is that simple.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking over to Master Kyoto.. remembering the time.. smiling softly at Him.. she lowers eyes once more..~

Stavros~~~ Simply said Bolt... *L*

calia{GS}~~~ ~*nodding~* calia too was in service to Mistress Mandi and an issue arose with one of calias children and this girl whispered to Her and got permission to leave harta....*~ not major emergency but deffinately was not able to finish the serve, and allll was cool *gentle smile*

galah{RA}~~~ well, like galah said, she knows with experience that it's most difficult to get any of the gs rules changed, it goes on and on as always, but if nothing else, maybe this forum would help others to understand the haste for some slaves to leave, for others to better understand those behind the screens of the characters they assume the idenity of

Rollo the Ax~~~ And galah, just as I have said, and in line with many others here.... for * ME *, it would not be a big deal or worthy of calling for punishment for a girl with such a problem that comes up..... but there will still be those that abuse even the most lax of rules... so ones again, the good suffer with the bad... because of the bad....


Bad behavior payoff

galah{RA}~~~ galah has seen many in her time on gor that break the rules and break them often Master....and what does it get those ones? lots and lots of attention while the good slaves are ignored...even negative attention is better than no attention at all...hehehehehheeee heheheheee

Gornt~~~ got sev her head in an a dung sack

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. that IS true, galah.... for some.... but then think.... what is said or felt about those type of persons ???? is that the sort of reputation a person would want ???? I think NOT !!!!

galah{RA}~~~ yes Master Gornt, sev did indeed, but she also got used much during that time, hard to understand why a Master would want to use a bosk dung covered slut instead of nice clean smelling ones hehehehehehee heheheheheee

lita{Tsai}~~~ alas, this one is an OLD slave, and a silkie at that. been on Gor nearly 6 years, and only one incarnation.

Bolt Sarakai~~~ ~Looking to the chronometer on my compass and noting the time~

Rollo the Ax~~~ You are right, Bolt.... it is time to call it a night...( for our Yank friends....LOL..LOL.. ) anything else that just CAN'T wait for next week ?????? If not, all call this forum to a close.....

Stavros~~~ ~as I wipe my forehead~ this was almost like pulling teeth! or stealing gold teeth! LOL

Bolt Sarakai~~~ Its good to get the laundry cleaned once in a while Stavros ~laughs~ Just as well its ooc and online or otherwise ALL women would be in the furs and the brawling and drinking would keep an owner employed for years ~LOL~

Stavros~~~ ~laughing and grinnin at Bolt~ I wish that was for real.. I'd be a frequent patron! LOL

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well folks, I call this weeks forum to a close.... Thanks to all for taking part..... same time, same channel next week.....

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the water clock, then rising to leave~
Thank You for another fine forum Captain Rollo.

Stavros~~~ It was a pleasurable first official forum to attend being a new patron and all.. ~nodding my head to all~ thankyou!

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ thank You, Master Rollo..