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Weapons of Gor Abandonment

A collar's protection

Weapons of Gor

Shadowglade~~~ Ok all, Im calling this forum officially to order...everyone get settled, and PM me topics...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ left over topic from last week was:

Paedur~~~ I have been learning of Gor,and reading a great deal.
and MY question has two parts.
the first, pertains to the weapons of Gor.
I have seen that there are only particular blades which are seen in Gor, but in other readings I have found that All edges are allowed and used.
What is the precednece here?
the second part is, what is considered honorable in a battle to the Death? What manner of death is seen as a Warriors stroke and what is not?

Paedur~~~ I have a bit more to add to that jasma, but will wait as the forum goes. *S*
Thank you for getting My questions.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening~ You're welcome Master Paedur..

Shadowglade~~~ *nods to the first girl* very good little one..thank you...*he turns then to the Tavern in general* Well, I have some things to say concerning this topic. First, in the books that I've read the only blades mentioned were axes, longswords, scimitars, and short swords...so, if I were to be absolutely true to the books I've read, I would say NO other blades would exist on Gor...however, that's not my stance personally. As far as Im concerned it seems relatively possible that there might be other forms of swords on Gor, but they would be extremely rare...and would likely not be called by their Earthen names...*shrugs* but that is my own opinion...
Now, as for the second part of this question. I do not believe there is a "Warrior's Stroke" per se, however in Port Kar, we have the Death of Blood, and The Sea...which is basically that the winner of a death match will drag his oponent to a vantage where he can look out at Thassa the Sea while he dies...as a courtesy to another Warrior...

Paedur~~~ Settles and begins to listen.

Kayla~~~ I think Paedur only posses the question to keep Me from talking ~pouts under the veil~ That and ship building I have no clue on weapons...

Errand Knight~~~ The Priest-Kings have promulgated certain Weapon Laws on Gor. These laws limit the type of arms and armor that Goreans may use or invent. Except for the shield and helmet, no other forms of armor are permitted. A violation of the Weapon Laws is a capital offense. The Priest-Kings use Flame Death as their method of execution. The Kurii do smuggle some forbidden weaponry to Gor. In general, Kurii on Gor are bound by the same weapon restrictions as all other Goreans. But, the Kurii are willing to risk the Flame Death at times to use certain weapons and they have also be known to supply Goreans with forbidden weapons. For example, in Assassins of Gor, a shipment of firearms is delivered to the House of Cernus. Their ultimate fate is never detailed in that book. Such items would be rare though as the Priest-Kings will eventually locate it and destroy the possessor.

Shadowglade~~~ Just a reminder people, to make it as easy as possible for our Forum scribe, please try to keep greetings to a minimum...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *smiling warmly to Master Shadowglade as He speaks of one of the forum rules*

Paedur~~~ Listens to Shadowglade, and nods.
I see Warrior, and I am of like mind with You.
I also have read a bit more here and other sites, and it seems there are differing opinions.
Now to My question on the Death Stroke, and yes I understand about tossing a beaten Warrior into the Thassa Sea.
I was also wondering, seeing that QuickSilver is here to maybe add to this answer as He is Assasin.
as well as I have read that many times poison is used to remove a great leader.
What is accepted during battle and what is not, as Honorable?

Errand Knight~~~ The short sword or gladius is the common weapon used in fights. Some different Gorean cultures use other types of swords those these weapons are much less common in the northern cities. The Alar use the spatha, a long and heavy, double-bladed sword. This is more effective from the back of a tharlarion, a common mount of the Alars. The Alars do use a short sword as well, called the sacramasax. This is similar to the gladius. The men of the Torvaldsland also use a long sword. The scimitar is commonly used in the Tahari. It is a long, curved blade that is effective from the back of a kaiila. There is even a two-handed variety called the scimitarus that is effective from tharlarion back. The saber is almost unknown on Gor as it is regarded as too long and clumsy for the close, sharp combat common to Gorean warriors. The Wagon Peoples rarely use swords. A number of Earth swords do not exist in the Gorean novels. Rapiers, epees and foils do not exist. Such fencing is not a normal part of Gorean combat. Katanas and other such oriental swords also do not exist. Though there are Orientals on Gor, there is no evidence that there is a specific oriental culture that would create such weapons. Other types of European weapons such as broadswords, claymores and main-gauches also are foreign to Gor.
Now, it is possible that an Earth person could have a Metal Worker design one of these blades. It would be a rarity. It is also possible that these weapons exist on Gor though they have yet to be mentioned in the books. But, why do you need or want such a blade? Such a blade is against the traditions of Gor. If you wish to role-play like a Gorean, it makes more sense to use their weapons. Why set yourself apart so? Also remember that making such a unique weapon would be very costly. Metal Workers on Gor would be unfamilar with the weapon so it would take them longer to do so. Would your character be able to afford such a blade?

Quick Silver~~~ *Quietly listens from the shadows in the rafters above*

Rast Dulan~~~ Perhaps someone could educate me...Although I do not recall it myself I have been told that the Peasant staff was also used as a weapon although sparringly, in the books...

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckles and shakes his head* Nay Paedur, One does not toss a fallen Warrior INTO the Sea, he drags him to a place where he may look upon it while he dies...
Well, having been of the Black Myself, once Paedur, I can tell you that what is Honorable depends on your codes. The Codes of the Warrior are different than those of the Assassin. Yes, Assassination is done to be rid of a leader, but poison as a general rule even in the Black Caste is considered weak, and cowardly. Poisons, if I remember correctly, are generally only accepted if used by FW...though I might be remembering incorrectly

Paedur~~~ Aye Errand Knight, listening and reading carefully.
You make very good sense. *nods*
I have read at other sites and other readings that all forms of Medaevil weapons were being accepted.
Their explanation is much like Yours, sice Men of Earth inhabited Gor, then such skills would be evident.
But in reading Your words, I can see how it would differ.

Rast Dulan~~~ I believe you to be correct SG...poison is a weapon of choice for FW

Paedur~~~ Hmmmm Did I misread then Shadowglade of Warriors being tossed from the Spires into the River and Sea?
and I think I read where the slaves would typicaly drink of the refreshment they served to show and prove it was not poisoned?
Or have I read far too much? Laughs.

Quick Silver~~~ You are correct Shadowglade... *He hangs upsidedown from the rafters by his legs* ... For a brother of the black to use poison would make him appear weak and incapable of killing a man by his own two hands.

Errand Knight~~~ Rast: I recollect the staff being used by a peasant to defend himself also. Whilst intended as an aid in traversing unsteady terrain or to carry suspended baskets it is long (6ft) and thick (2 inches) and would be useful in skilled hands. Whether a warrior would be trained in its use is another matter

Paedur~~~ So the Caste defines the Code Shadowglade?
Ponders and thinks a bit.

Paedur~~~ Hearing QuickSilver, so poison is not a worthy kill.
OK definitely different from My outside of Gor understanding.

Rast Dulan~~~ Chuckling...since I am just a simple Merchant..of sorts...I am not as encumbered by codes as others such as Warriors would be...For the most part then the codes i live and quite probably one day die by..are very much my own...perhaps as it should be on Gor...

Kayla~~~ Slaves would on occasion would taste for toxins but that was an exception rather than the rule Paedur... Only a Man marked or known with many enemies would do that... they usually took their chance and Women used poison on the pins hidden in their robes and veils in case a Man became too friendly and thought to face strip them.. But the Men knowing this never fell prey to the pins in the books so I am not sure how good of a defence it is or was

Errand Knight~~~ Poison is prohibited by the Warrior and Assassin Codes. It is most commonly a woman's weapon. Some methods of holding poison include fang rings and poison teeth. With a fang ring, you fold your hand into a fist and use your thumb to press a switch. That activates a fang of hollow steel to spring up, the fang holding some type of poison. The teeth are most common in Turia and usually contains ost venom. Ost venom and kanda paste are two of the most commonly used poisons. Ost venom can be made into a powder to poison a drink. Kanda paste can be applied to a weapon. It can also be added to liquids and has been used to poison reservoirs. Free women often conceal poisoned daggers or needles in their clothing. This can make it dangerous to try to collar a free woman.

Shadowglade~~~ You will find all sorts of information about Gor, Paedur, all over the place, but, and I say this without trying to sound elitist, you will find the information on Our Own homepage is the information that is more likely going to be accepted as what is acceptable here. The information we present is presented because We (as a general rule) feel it is how we wish Gor, in GS, to be....if that makes sense. I have been to Gorean sites where Free Women were allowed to BE Warriors...not just OF the Warrior Caste, but actually BE Warriors..and Panther girls made it a regular practice to have sexual scenes with their female slaves...I have even seen a few "Gorean" sites where (like in the movie "Gor") the Priest Kings were big hairy human guys with large axes that lived like Ubars...many people have many different ideas about what Gor is...as do we..

akeria{Pergi}~~~ ~listening and learning~


Assassin of Gor page: 42
"It was a throwing knife, of a sort used in Ar, much smaller than the southern quiva, and tapered on only one side. It was a knife designed for killing. Mixed with the blood and fluids of the body there was a smear of white at the end of the steel, the softened residue of a glaze of kanda paste, now melted by body heat, which had coated the tip of the blade. On the hilt of the dagger, curling about it, was the legend, 'I have sought him. I have found him.'It was a killing knife.
'The Caste of Assassins?' I had asked.
'Unlikely,' had said the Older Tarl, 'for Assassins are commonly too proud for poison.'"
Beasts of Gor page(s): 412-413
" 'But you are of the Assassins,' I said.
'We are tenacious fellows,' he smiled.
'I have heard that,' I said.
'Do you think that only Warriors are men?' he asked.
'No,' I said. 'I have never been of that opinion.'
'Let us proceed,' he said.
'I thought you were too weak to be an Assassin,' I said.
'I was once strong enough to defy the dictates of my caste,' he said. 'I was once strong enough to spare my friend, though I Feared that in doing this I would myself be killed.' 'Perhaps you are the strongest of the dark caste,' I said.
He shrugged.
'Let us see who can fight better,' I said.
'Our training is superior to yours,' he said.
'I doubt that,' I said. 'But we do not get much training dropping poison into people's drinks.'
'Assassins are not permitted poison,' he said proudly.
'I know,' I said.
'The Assassin,' he said, 'is like a musician, a surgeon. The Warrior is like a butcher. He is a ravaging, bloodthirsty lout.'
'There is much to what you say,' I granted him. 'But Assassins are such arid fellows.
Warriors are more genial, more enthusiastic.'
'An Assassin goes in and does his job, and comes out quiety,' he said. 'Warriors storm buildings and burn towers.'
'It is true that I would rather clean up after an Assassin than a Warrior,' I said.
'You are not a bad fellow for a Warrior,' he said.
'I have known worse Assassins than yourself,' I said."

Quick Silver~~~ I myself make and supply poisons, but I never use them. I cannot live with the thought of just letting my contract die so worthlessly as to poison them.

Paedur~~~ Nods to Rast.
Well said, and very well explained.
Listening to Lady Kayla, well Ok then I have nothing to worry about. LOL

Kayla~~~ Even those Rast are codes I am sure of honesty and honor in Your dealings.. all have codes but each Caste as well as Man sets His own

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ Sephrar the Merchant in Nomads of Gor, a girl believes, had a ring with the poisonous venom of the Ost..
but one believes that it has alot to do with Caste structure..

Paedur~~~ Yes Shadowglade , I have come to that same understanding that what is posted here is what is accepted as well.
It is just in all of My wanderings, I did gather quite a lot of misleading and differring opinions.
Smiles at all the information that comes forth.
Trying to gather it all in.

Errand Knight~~~ Rast: as I Physican I use a staff when travelling gor. I usually only carry a quiva (gifted to Me by the tuckuks) and when undertaking a dangerous journey Port Kars favourite ..a whip knife. I do not carry Warriors weaponry such as a sword, spear or bow.

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckles* I don't believe there is any ONE place that is %100 right, Paedur, as far as what is and is not acceptable on Gor....*shrugs* However, I find things ranging from the informative, all the way to the absurd when I research...when all is said and done, reading the books for yourself, will always be your best bet

Paedur~~~ Glad that I asked these questions.
Learning a great deal.

Rast Dulan~~~ Looking back to EK...there is a beauty in simplicity...the staff can be effective in that manner...as the bola...and yes...a quiva come in quite handy...

Paedur~~~ I am trying to do just that Brother, reading the books for Myself.
But I think I would rather tangle with one of those 20 foot bugs You did, than keep trying to read Norman's writings at times. LOL

Kayla~~~ LOL.. No One said it would be easy Paedur *S*

Quick Silver~~~ *Smiles as He remembers his run in with a bola, and how rediculous he looked trying to use it properly*

Shadowglade~~~ 20?? Did I say 20?? I meant 40...yeah, that's it...*glaring at Kayla*

Rast Dulan~~~ Chuckling..Quicksilver, you need to practice on a slave...It is common to have your slave run out and practice throwing the bola for her ankles..As you become better...her bruises become less frequent...big grin...

Paedur~~~ Chuckles with Shadowglade and Lady Kayla.
QuickSilver, I do quite fonding remember My first few times working with the bola.
I had some fine knots on My head, My legs, My back, and a few other unmentionable places. LOL

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckles* Aye Rast, and of course, a slave is more intelligent than a tabuk or bosk, and so, a more challenging target...

Quick Silver~~~ Well Rast, I recall getting them to loose upon your target with proper aim and balance was frustrating, until you realize just how simple the weapon is.

Errand Knight~~~ once observed a bola contest at the tuckuk encampment ....was a very diffrent and interesting spar

Rast Dulan~~~ Aye SG..topaz learned quickly...Most slaves try to be elusive and evade...In the end it is easier to keep the course...LOL...

Paedur~~~ Is there not a contest as well with the bola and slaves?
Giving some kind of head start, and testing Ones skill?

Kayla~~~ There is Paedur... One that the Wagon People play in Nomads

Paedur~~~ Thank You Lady Kayla.
So some of My reading is paying off.
No matter how painful. LOL

Shadowglade~~~ Alright, I still haven't had any other topics from anyone, so if anyone has any, please PM Me with them...preferably before we run out of things to say on this one...



Quick Silver~~~ Yes... this silence is irritating. Shadowglade, why not brng the topic I have suggested to the eyes and ears of the gathering... it is best they voice their opinions on this topic as well...

Shadowglade~~~ Ok, Quicksilver has a topic, go ahead and start us off...*looking to the Killer*

Kayla~~~ ~Listening to what QuickSilver has to say on a new topic~

Quick Silver~~~ My inquiry was two fold in fact.
&nbps;    1) What is the law by which a master must forfeit his slave because of a period of time in which he neglects her?
     2) Why is this law not properly enforced?

Paedur~~~ Nods to the excellent and fine question of QuickSilver's.
Waits and listens to the opinion of Those within.

Shadowglade~~~ The rule is that if a slave has not heard from, or seen her Master in 30 days, she may appeal to the Council to rule her abandoned...as for why the rule has not been enforced, I would ask how any but Us on the Council and those involved would know one way or the other?

Kayla~~~ No Man has to forfeit a slave... there is a specified time limit that the council has set of thirty days and a slave may peteition to be declared abandoned...
and it is enforced both in the past and will be in the future

Quick Silver~~~ Because a violater of that said law, sits within the council itself. You cannot mean to tell me that your eyes have been turned upwards from the violations of a Man that is said to enforce your code, can you?

Kayla~~~ I am the longest Person here on the Council and I know of no slave that has asked for a ruling that was not granted it or the situation rectified to the satisfaction of both slave and Master... Whether they are on the Council or not

Rast Dulan~~~ I would consider 30 days to be the limit. I think a Master who leaves his slave without direction for such a time to be a non issue in itself..or himself. I would conside rthe slave fair game.

Paedur~~~ Listens quite intently, understand a bit more, and knowing of one who fits QuickSilvers images.

Errand Knight~~~ a question of GS protocol re abandoned slaves ..after 30 days does the girl then wear the GS collar?

Kayla~~~ Usually yes Ek for a transition period... But as I said if the girl does not petetion the Council to be declared abandoned and allows a Man to not have any contact with her there is little We can do....
Kinda puts it back on the slave

Rast Dulan~~~ Since when is shit up to slaves on Gor?

Rok~~~ *nods in agreement with Rast*

Paedur~~~ What if she petitions the Council after quite some time much longer than the 30 days, and suddenly the Master pops up, to claim what is His, to only once again disappear?
Is it not the Masters responsibility to take what ever care of the slave the Council sees fit to?
and when that care is not given, then what ???????

Errand Knight~~~ Kayla: seems fair enough Caste Sister

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~listens to Mistress Kayla and nods knowing at that point it is the slave's responsiblity to say something~*~

Quick Silver~~~ I am not saying anything is up to the slaves. But if we as Free want to ensure the best quality serves, is it not in our interests as well as the slave's to be given some honor of their own?

Kayla~~~ LOL... if the slave has no complaint and the Man has no complaint then why would the Council interfer Rast?... Should We mess in the affairs of you and paz?... because We see something We don't agree with?... I don't think so... Unless there is a complaint there is nothing for the Council to do even if some of Us feel there is something wrong with the arrangement

Rast Dulan~~~ Seems if i wanted a slave in my kolar...a stale kolar would not be an obstacle...Rules of a home would be...although even they could be questioned...smiles

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~but then nods hard hearing the Master's, knowing she don't wish to go hungry~*~

Rok~~~ In order for the Council, in the case of GS, to take any action, a formal complaint would have to be raised by the party in question I believe. Although All may be aware of such actions, and frown on them, until a complaint is brought up, there is little to be done.
BUT, if I am not mistaken, ALL kajira, regardless of owner, are tought to be obedient, and respectful, and loyal to their Master no matter what. In that case, I believe, if the slave was being wronged, or neglected, she would say nothing..that is the way she was trained..so then what?

Shadowglade~~~ That depends on the slave, EK, if she was once owned by the Tavern, or owned by the Tavern before hand, then generally that is the case, but it truly depends on each individual issue. See, the way this works is that each case brought before Us, we investigate, independantly, and then gather and compare notes. If we find in our investigations that the girl truly -has- been abandoned, we then decide what is to be done...but it is a case by case basis that we do these things...One's standing upon the Council has nothing to do with My own decisions regarding things...I mean, really folks, it seems people believe that because we're all together on the Council that we're all buddies and always get along, but I assure you, we're just like everyone else...We have our own disagreements amongst the Council just as anyone else does...however, because We are charged with the responsibility of leading the Tavern, we choose to keep such things private between us....

Rast Dulan~~~ Now that is a more delicate question Quicksilver. My first knee jerk reaction would be that slaves are not bound by honour. They have no need to be...just to be pleasing and to represent their Master as he wishes her to be represented...I think there is more pride in that than honour...

Rast Dulan~~~ And Kayla..I would not wish the Council to interfere..but if another Master wished to own that slave..perhaps then also they should not interfere...unless there were explicit directions left by her Master...

Quick Silver~~~ My friend, as an assassin I am taught ways of coersion, primarily when seeking out a target. It was a more subtle and simple manner in which I used my tactics of gathering information when a slip of the tongue was made, and I was made aware of troubles brewing.

Kayla~~~ In the distant past we had a slave to petition for abandonment and then the Master did reshow up... the two of them talked and the petition was pulled... It then again became no business of the Council...
We do not interfer where We are not needed... If the slave comes to the Council regardless of who the Owner is and does not pull that complaint... We will deal with it...

Errand Knight~~~ Shadowglade: thanx for the candor

Shadowglade~~~ However, I would say this to any Man that feels strong enough about such an issue to raise the point with the Master in question Himself. This is Gor after all, and in the books common Gorean Law is that a slave is property, and if One man wishes to own another man's slave, and the owner does not wish to sell, They may take it to the pit, and settle it amongst themselves....Such a thing has never to my knowledge been done in GS, but I have little doubt that should the two parties agree that that is how they wish to handle it, We the Council would not say nay....

Rok~~~ *nods* Tal Quicksilver
I too have been made aware of it by slip of tongue, and know of what you speak.

Quick Silver~~~ Well it appears that I have caused quite a stir of controversy. Let us calm ourselves and continue...

Errand Knight~~~ *chuckles at Quick Siver*
just remind Me to vanish if I see the black mark on Your forehead

Paedur~~~ Listens intently.
Nodding to the wisdom of the Council, and its decision making steps.

Kayla~~~ Guys We walk a fine line here... We take all complaints very seriously... Even sided against a Captain in the not so distant past... But if there is no complaint or the complaint is made by a third party We can not interfere... I know I don't want anyone telling me about how I interact with My slaves... and I am sure none would want that

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~nods overhearing the Masters, too knowing how her sister hurts~*~

Quick Silver~~~ I am merely making a statement, so in the future I will understand what needs to be done.

topaz{Rast}~~~ *finishing her chores, peeking over her Master's shoulder, her own thoughts go back to a time long ago...when she was abandonned.....luckily for her she did not petition anyone, as she would not have been in the position she was when her current Master, her True Master showed up here back in December....
and wonders what would happen if Anyone tried to take her from Him now....grins*

Kayla~~~ what need to be done is the slave in question needs to petition the Council QuickSilver and it will be dealt with as We always do...
None of Us want any one to feel bad or hurt in GS

Rast Dulan~~~ Hmmm...would not be good for someone to try and take you topaz...
Now, grinning..if they had something to offer in exchange....leaning back...poking you in the ribs..

Paedur~~~ Hears Rast looking for offers, and checks My pockets. *WEG*
and laughs hard knowing. LOL

Shadowglade~~~ Not at all Quicksilver, it is a valid question, and I see no one becoming angry, it is, as stated earlier a touchy subject, however, as far as Im concerned, every Free Person in GS has the right to have any problem He or She feels is appropriate with any other Free Person...however, again, We on the Council are no more "above the rules" as anyone else...Something *I* Myself was surprised to find when I was asked to join the Council...because, like everyone else, I believed (mistakenly) that because One wears a title, and is given certain "power" in the Tavern, that we are also given immunity...the truth is folks being on the Council isn't all sa-Tarna grapes and paga...*chuckles* Hell, there are days I wish I'd never agreed to be on it...but...it is My duty, I gave My word to do my best, and that's all any of us do...This issue is a tough one. Because the Council is expected to "fix" such problems, as long as it doesn't tread on anyone elses Life...which of course, as soon as we DO take an action, we're derided for sticking Our noses into someone's private affairs....so, Do you see the difficulty we face?

Paedur~~~ Chuckles at the difficult positiion Shadowglade is in, and thinks damn I shall go off to kill that 40 foot fericious Warrior killing bug.
To make sure He isn't in that position again. LOL


A collar's protection

akeria{Pergi}~~~ akeria would like to know something..curious mind that she is..what if a girl wears a collar outside of GS, her Master is not of Gorean ways..is she still protected here in GS, is she welcome in GS?

Kayla~~~ all kolars are honored in GS..

Shadowglade~~~ Aye akeria, as long as you wear your kolar you are safe in GS, depending on the kolar of course. There are certain individuals who have been "killed" here who's kolars are meaningless, but those kolars are the only one's we do not respect...your own is accepted, and you are safe as long as you remember our protocols...failure to follow the rules for slaves in this room will make you unwelcome quickly...and that goes for any slave or Free...*winking at the girl*

akeria{Pergi}~~~ akeria's question is this..what if she longs to be in Gorean ways, and Master does not

Kayla~~~ The girl is welcome here akeria *ss*... but be careful.. a true Gorean slave wants a True Gorean Master ~grins~

akeria{Pergi}~~~ ~smiling at Master Shadowglade~..akeris is learning as fast as her lil mind will go..

Shadowglade~~~ *looks thoughtfully at the girl* As long as your Master does not mind you spending your time in GS, you are welcome here little one, and if you wish to learn to serve in the Gorean fashion, there are slaves here who will help you...I see no problem with that...but it is as Kayla says, many slaves once finding their slave belly on Gor find they truly do wish to be Mastered by a Gorean Master...

Paedur~~~ one must act of Gor when one is in Gor.
and one must act of BDSM when one is in the BDSM room akeria.
So there should be no issue here if you respect and follow the rules of Gor and this Home, which also means accepting the punishment if you chose not to honor them here.

akeria{Pergi}~~~ Master Shadowglade..akeria was born in Gor..in a camp far away..it has been a long time since she has practice Gorean ways..akeria is refreshing her memory daily. her Master does not partake in Gorean ways, but does allow her to spend time here.

Errand Knight~~~ akeria: I asume your master is ok with your being here and you will find that those here will honour your collar. There is however a significant difference between a gorean slave and a bdsm submissive, and as Kayla says, if it is slavery you seek then it unlikely that most D/s Dominates will, in the long term satify your hears desire. There are exceptions of course

Shadowglade~~~ *winks at the girl again* That's good enough for us, akeria...as long as you serve beautifully, and remain always pleasing, you will honor your Master, whether he is Gorean or not...

akeria{Pergi}~~~ Master Paedur...akeria has no problem accepting punishment that she earns..~smile~

akeria{Pergi}~~~ Master EK...akeria has been with both types of Masters. her first Master was of the land of Gor, when He left camp and set akeria free, she too left camp and wondered the lands till arriving here. akeria has hand BDSM Masters, but her heart has been of Gorean ways. her Master is learning this of her and is okay with the time she spends in here

Shadowglade~~~ alright, anything more to discuss on the current topic?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~holds her hands out as if measuring something and brings them in real close, knowing now why when Masters speak of large long things her perception is a bit off, finger and thumb a few horts apart~*~

Shadowglade~~~ Alright, we have 4 minutes, so this is the 4 minute warning, when the waterclock strikes 9 poolside time, I will call this forum to a close....