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New Pledges to the Tavern
Paedur         Ayana

Weapons of Gor


Rollo the Ax~~~ Well folks, should we get this show on the road ??? Welcome everyone to this weeks GS forum... same rules as always, and I don't know if there is a carry over topic, but I'm sure somebody else will know * glancing to jasma.....LOL.. *

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well. like I said, does anybody have a topic they wish discussed ????? I'll let you know right now, y'all don't want ME to try and pull some topic out of My.......ear..... LOL...LOL...

Paedur~~~ I have one Rollo I shall offer here shortly.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ girl apologizes Master Rollo.. she didn't see Your question to her.. (hear it).. she was fixing Brandon snack.. his glucose was low..
no left over topics though, Master

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *waiting for the first topic*

Rollo the Ax~~~ No worries, jasma... no need to apologize for doing what you must in RT..... I hope he is well...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *smiling softly*
aye Master.. he is.. thank You for asking..

Paedur~~~ Rising from My shadowed place, slowly removing teh travle worn and aged cowl and cloak, carefully setting it to the side.
Dressed in Black boots, so worked they move and reflect the muscle in My calve, black leather pants, black leather shirt, tight and supple.
Shaking out My hair, and moving up towards the Councils place.
A katana blade hangs on My left, a Dirk to the right, and two blades sheathed on each forearm.

Paedur~~~ Carefully removing the katana blade, one which I forged and honed and blooded.
the edge as sharp as the mind, and sharper than the body.
Turning the hilt around, to offer My sword to the Council before Me.

Shadowglade~~~ *His eyes follow the Warrior as he bares his steel, and speaks to him, watching the man carefully.*

Paedur~~~ Chuckles.
The sword a long sword rather than....

Paedur~~~ Looking and standing strong before Shadowglade, the hilt offered, palm opened, both hands.
My eyes locked with His.

Shadowglade~~~ Is it your intention to Pledge, Warrior? *he says studying the man intently*

Paedur~~~ Aye Brother, Shadowglade it is.
Said strong and true so All can here.

Lemuel~~~ ~watching as Paedur offers His sword~

Shadowglade~~~ Do you pledge your honor, loyalty, and steel to the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening as she leans close to her Master's side.. brushing lips to His thigh.. then touching m's shoulder softly.. before going back to scribing*

Paedur~~~ I do.
My honor, My steel, My strength, My knowledge, My blood and My respect to the Council of Captains Of Gorean Shores.

Errand Knight~~~ *smiles as His Brother Paedur offers His sword in pledge*

Shadowglade~~~ Do you pledge your obediance to the decisions of that Council?

Kayla~~~ ~smiling as I quietly listen~

Paedur~~~ I do, to follow the guidance, the discipline and the wisdom of the Council of Captains of Gorean Shore.

Rollo the Ax~~~ A small smile playing across My mouth as I watch My Brother accept the pledge of the warrior......

Shadowglade~~~ Do you pledge your support and defense to the Tavern to the best of your ability? *he says studying the man intently*

Paedur~~~ A small turn of My lips upward. Eyes straight to Shadowglade's.
Aye, I do Shadowglade, with all of My skill in arms, in word, in deed, in all that I am, I shall defend this place that I would call Home with My life if it is required of Me.

Shadowglade~~~ Do you pledge to make Gorean Shores your home and to put no other loyalties above this Tavern? *grinning slightly in response to the other man's grin*

Paedur~~~ Aye, Brother, of THAT I already do.
This has been My home for a while now and there is nor ever will be another above it.
Not for Me.

Shadowglade~~~ *nods grinning proudly* Then, as third chair, and Slave Master of Gorean Shores, and on behalf of The Council of Captains, I accept your pledge, and welcome you as a pledged patron. Upon your posting of your pledge to the GS message board your name will be added to the list of pledged patrons on the home page. Welcome Home Warrior of GS, and congratulations. You should know however, that I take personal responsibility for you and your actions...do not dishonor your home, or Me...once more..welcome home...*grinning broadly, and handing the man's blade back to him.

Kayla~~~ Congratulations Paedur *ss* and Welcome Home *S*

Lemuel~~~ ~striking My left shoulder repeatedly with the open palm of My right hand in applause~
Congratulations Paedur!

Paedur~~~ Grinning back to the Man who First blooded Me here.
Aye, Brother, I shall not dishonor You, nor Myself nor the Council or My Home.
Carefully sliding the blade home, and offering My hand to the Master of the Slaves.
It is good to Be home.

Shadowglade~~~ *grasps the man's forearm nodding* Welcome Brother...now go post your pledge on the boards, and it'll be completely official...

Lord Leviathan~~~ from a dark corner.....Congratulations Paedur....You will find good friends and a warm home here...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ a girl offers her congrads to You Master Paedur on Your pledge..

Rollo the Ax~~~ *** Aye... pounding a huge fist on My table several times, then standing and offering My hand to Paedur.......** Welcome, Paedur, to Gorean Shores as a Pledged Patron... this is now, YOUR HOME....... Enjoy Yourself......

Paedur~~~ Nods to Lemuel, and to Lady Kayla.
Grabs the forearm of Shadowglade nodding to My Brother and turns to post My pledge on the board.

Paedur~~ Grasping Rollo's hand, smiling. Thank You it is good to be Home.
Aye thank You Lord Leviathan, Friend.
I have already found a great many, and enjoy seeing old Ones popping in from time to time.

Paedur~~~ Smiles and winks to jasma, thank you slave.
and heads now to the boards to make it completely official.

Kayla~~~ smiling

Errand Knight~~~ hits right hand on left shoulder I respect of Paedur

Lord Leviathan~~~ listening...watching.....

Ayana~~~ Congratulations Paedur

Paedur~~~ Returning from the boards, and finding My place again.
Thank You Errand Knight Old Friend.
Tal Lady Ayana. *S*
It seems I disrupted the forum. LOL
Thank You all for the fine welcome before, and today.



Ayana~~~ *smiling to Lady Kayla, moving slowly, approaching the dais* Shadowglade, might I have a moment of Your time?

Shadowglade~~~ of course Ayana *grinning to the FW* what can I do for you Lady?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~ponders tacking up a note that monday night forums at GS are every night, eyes sparkling with joy seeing the tavern so full, wishing it to be like this every night~*~

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at the Lady proud to be a Mentor to Her~

Ayana~~~ Shadowglade, in my journey I came upon Gorean Shores, I have visited here often and found A/all to be of exceptional character. A very warm place to learn and relax. After much thought and consideration, I wish to make Gorean Shores My home, permanently.

Shadowglade~~~ *grins* I see...well then Lady is it your intention to pledge to Gorean Shores, as Paedur just did?

Ayana~~~ Aye Shadowglade, it is *S*

Shadowglade~~~ *grins, nods, and clears his throat before speaking* Well then...do you pledge your honor and loyalty to the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores, Lady?

Ayana~~~ I do

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~crawls to the side before she gets stepped on under Master Shadowglade's feet, smiling up to the pretty Mistress~*~

Paedur~~~ Smiles and gets to watch and see.

Shadowglade~~~ Further, do you pledge to support the Tavern to the best of your ability? *his lips turning to a wider grin as his steel blue eyes gaze at the woman intently*

Quick Silver~~~ *He watches from the rafters without moving. Blending with the shadows... the darkness is practically his brother. Looking down at the gathering*

Ayana~~~ I do

Shadowglade~~~ And do you pledge to make Gorean Shores your home, and put no other loyalties before this Tavern?

Ayana~~~ Aye, I do, with heart and soul

Shadowglade~~~ *grinning* Well, then as Captain, third chair, and Slave Master of Gorean Shores, and on behalf of the Council of Captains, I accept your pledge, Lady, and welcome you as a pledged patron of this tavern...upon your posting of your pledge to the GS message board, your name will be added to the list of pledged patrons on the homepage...Welcome Home Lady, and congratulations....*grinning broadly, and stepping foward to kiss her cheek gently* Now, go and post your pledge upon the boards, and it will be completely official....

Paedur~~~ Smiling a deep bright smile.
Congratulations Lady Ayana.
Seems We now share much more than just a friendship now, We share a Home. *VBS*

Lord Leviathan~~~ from My dark corner...congratulations Ayana..

Kayla~~~ Congratulation My Dear Friend ~smiling broadly at Ayana~

Lemuel~~~ ~applauding again at another new pledge~
Congratulations Ayana!

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ a girl offers her congratulations Mistress Ayana

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~whispers her wishes~*~ congratulations Mistress

Ayana~~~ *smiling warmly into His eyes* Thank You Shadowglade, It is an honor to call Gorean Shores My home.

Errand Knight~~~ Congratulations Lady Ayana
*warm smile*

Shadowglade~~~ You honor us by choosing to make GS your home Lady, I have little doubt you will be an asset to our home...*winking at her as he sits down quietly again upon the dais*

Ayana~~~ *turning and smiling proudly, hearing the words from A/all*
Thank You Paedur, it was with Your help that I made this decision.
Lord Leviathan, thank You
Kayla *warm smile* Thank You My friend for all the help, I'm sure I will be need a great deal more now.
Lemuel, thank You. It is good to see You.
jasma and shirin, thank you girls, I look forward to seeing you more often now.

Lord Leviathan~~~ ~nods~ Most Welcome M'Lady...

Quick Silver~~~ *Lowering from the rafters slowly, like a spider descending upon prey, without sound he sets down upon the floor*
My personal congratulations to Ayana, and you Paedur too
For the commitment that you make, is yours to hold true
Be you both well, and mind your vows
Because it's your responsibility now
And I'm sure you'll both make best of it, somehow.
*He hands them both a longstemmed white rose*

Ayana~~~ Thank You EK
*nodding to Shadowglade as I move to the boards*

Kayla~~~ ~smiling warmly~

Paedur~~~ Smiles watching Quick Silver move and accepts the White Rose.
Thank You, it has been a great pleasure to talk with You, and I am honored to have been accpeted here.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *smiling warmly to the Mistress*

Ayana~~~ *watching as the darkness takes on shape, smiling as I remember Our conversation most recently*
*taking the rose, holding it close and inhaling the sweet fragrance*
QuickSilver, thank You for Your insight into many things.

Quick Silver~~~ You both are quite welcome... *Gracious bows*... I pray that you will keep your home close to heart, for it is a gift ot to be taken lightly.

Paedur~~~ Nods to Quick Silver, My pledge is not offered lightly either.
This place has been close to My heart, and now that it is My home, it will be held even closer.


Weapons of Gor
Topic for next week
Paedur 20:56:34 CST

Paedur~~~ I have been learning of Gor,and reading a great deal.
and MY question has two parts.
the first, pertains to the weapons of Gor.
I have seen that there are only particular blades which are seen in Gor, but in other readings I have found that All edges are allowed and used.
What is the precednece here?
the second part is, what is considered honorable in a battle to the Death? What manner of death is seen as a Warriors stroke and what is not?

Cptn-5th-Chair 20:59:03 CST

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Yes, I think we'd better save those for next week...they might take more than the minute or two that's left to answer. ~S~

Shadowglade 21:00:14 CST

Shadowglade~~~ Well, Paedur, as for weapons, we try to stick to the one's mentioned in the book. Those that are not...well, I am one that would agree that it is possible that such things NOT seen in the book might exist, but would probably be very rare, but as a general rule, in GS...I have seen over the years that we have tried to keep it as true to the books as is possible...as for honorable death, should One Warrior disarm and kill another, it is considered perfectly honorable, since it is assumed that the two warrior's skills are comparable...in my opinion anyway...*shrugs*