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Raiding Personal Collar VS Tavern Collar

Question on Forum Rules


Lemuel~~~ ~looks to the clepsydra again~
O.K. - might as well get started then. The forum is officially started, same rules as always...
Anyone with a topic, please whisper it to Me.

Asellus~~~ *Scrambling within the confines of Her satchel for a rence tablet and a writing utensil, She flips the pad open to a clean sheet and poises Her instrument in preparation for the note-taking*

Lemuel~~~ ~raising an eyebrow~ No topics? Nothing of interest that begs discussion?

Paedur~~~ I have a question Lemuel, if I may?

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ By all means, Paedur...

Paedur~~~ Well Lemuel, when I was new here, I happened to wander in on a conversation about raiding. I was wondering how does that work here? and how is it made effective? and when does this Tavern raid, and what constitutes a well conceived raid? *S*
Sorry I guess that is more than one question so maybe perhaps One theme? LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling~ Well...raids are usually conducted against non-Gorean, adult sites. The purpose is to have fun and (hopefully) capture or lure a few kajirae back to the Tavern. I don't believe there has been a raid in quite some time though. ~S~

Paedur~~~ So We do not raid other Gorean Sites, but Non-Gorean sites.
How well does that work?

Shadowglade~~~ *turning to Paedur* That is a good series of questions, Paedur....though the answer isn't one that is very cut and dried. Officially GS is neutral as far as alliances and affiliations go with other Gorean cities or sites. Thus, any time we chance to raid, we do so under some bit of secrecy. Generally it is also never upon a Gorean site that we raid, thus avoiding any kind of war...these are the general rules our former Senior Captain Xern laid down when I was taken on My first raid with he and Rollo, and our former Advisor Ruilan...thus, when We raid, we seek out a non Gorean site, and go in there generally to rape pilliage and carry off as any women as we can...(OOCly of course, it is with the hope that some of those women might find an interest in Gor, and remain as slaves.)

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: have any slaves been brought here thru raids?

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to the Physician~ Yes, I brought back one on the only raid I took part in, but she didn't stay for very long...

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: is GS a capture free zone like many gorean sites?

Shadowglade~~~ It is sad that the truth is, that many of the slaves that do come to Gor through online raids don't have the commitment to it that those who come to Gor on their own do..so they don't tend to stay very long. However, I have to believe that there -must- be some who are found through raids that -have- remained, though not necessarily in the guise they were brought...

Paedur~~~ I see Shadowglade. I think as You explained a raid occurs only with Pledged Men to the Tavern.

Shadowglade~~~ Tal Brother, I was just relating our stance on raiding that Xern informed me of the very first time You and He took me along...*chuckles*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Aye, it has been so long I can't remember the last time any organized raid has been carried out ???????

Errand Knight~~~ Shadowglade: I would have thought that a lilone would have to show real interest to remain given online gor

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to E.K.~ If I understand your question correctly, then yes, we do not allow people to just enter and run off with one of Our slaves.

Kayla~~~ Gs is definitely a Kill Capture Zone EK...But with rules ~grins~

Asellus~~~ Well, that might depend on the particular sites you raid, Shadowglade.
You'd probably have more luck raiding a role-playing site...that way the people there are at least more familiar with "acting out" online....

Shadowglade~~~ In honesty Paedur, I personally prefer to take along only pledges, but I don't believe there is any official rule stating that...

Paedur~~~ Tal Rollo.
So the raids are more to introduce Gor to those that do not know of it. and sometimes We get T/those that remain. *S*

Rollo the Ax~~~ I don't really remember if there was any rule about ONLY pledged patrons taking part in those type of raids ?????

Errand Knight~~~ mental note
must reread the GS rules on Capture/Kill

Shadowglade~~~ That is the hope Paedur...*chuckles* it's also some bit of fun to run into a site, and start hacking people up...*chuckles* people react differently, some play into it, while others pile nothing but derision upon the raiders...*shrugs* but it's all in fun eh?

Kayla~~~ Seems like Captain Shadowglade ran a raid last year right ~looking to the Captain~

Shadowglade~~~ *nods to Kayla* That I did, and have since tried to organize Raids from time to time, though the interest in them seems to have slowly disapated somehow...

Paedur~~~ I can completely understand THAT Shadowglade. and it sounds like a lot of fun if given the right place and people. Must be this over active mischivous mind thinking way to much of late. *WEG*
Is it only slaves that are captured or Free Women as well?

Lemuel~~~ ~G~ They might be FW when we nab them, but they're slaves by the time We get them back here. ~chuckling~

Kayla~~~ ~head whipping around at the words "Captured FreeWomen"~

Shadowglade~~~ Any woman within reach Paedur...*chuckles* since we generally only raid non Gorean sites, it doesn't truly matter whether the woman we choose is free or slave..the point of course of a raid is to test one's chain luck (in other words add to ones chain of slaves) and to get as much booty or spoils as one can...

inez{GS}~~~ *sitting with brenna and listening quietly, smiling softly, thinking it would be nice to have new sisters along with all her other ones in the tavern*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. The MAIN trouble with ANY rule, is that they only work when folks abide by them...... where we have such limited control over anybody that enters GS... I mean lets face it, none of Us can really reach through the screen and choke the shit out of somebody that pisses us off......( No matter how much we WISH we could.....LOL. ) unless they agree to * play fair, or play along * we have only common sensure from the rest of us to punish wrong doers......

Paedur~~~ Laughs outloud, Oh Now I undertsand much more. *WEG* How do You make them slaves Lemuel? *WEG* thinking this answer might be very interesting or sadly way too obvious. LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~G~ I wouldn't want to give away all My secrets, but believe Me...they'll be licking the whip and begging a collar when they enter the Tavern, Paedur.

Shadowglade~~~ I have found in the past, Paedur that when on the raid, I'll try to PM any who seem the least averse to being enslaved, and speak to them oocly about what Gor is, what slavery on Gor is, and ask them if that sounds interesting. If so, I take it to the next level, and explain to them what being a slave would mean. if they agree, We bring them here, and kolar them...at least that's what I used to do...I haven't raided in so long, as Rollo said, Im not sure how well I'd do at it anymore...*chuckles*

Errand Knight~~~ chuckles
seems theres more to a raid than pulling a girl here by the hair

Rollo the Ax~~~ The crux of the matter is to find enough * like minded * men... patrons, brothers, are just warm bodies, that wish to take part in such raids, and then just go DO THEM !!!!!!!! If that is what your interest is, go for it...... or sparring... or debating the fine points of Gorean law or custom ??? There will never be ONE single item about Gor that will encompass EVERYBODIES whole interest......

Paedur~~~ Winks to Lemuel. Oh I see now I understand how One becomes a Captain.
Interesting Shadowglade. Sounds like it might be a lot of fun to try one day.

Shadowglade~~~ *nods to Rollo* indeed...

Asellus~~~ *Thinking to Herself as She scribes..."Men of Port Kar forgetting how to raid and raid well!! Hmmm...better not let THAT get around Gor..."*

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Aye Paedur, it was a great deal of fun. Seeing how the other people in the room(s) reacted was a real hoot. And if You can persuade a lovely lass to enter Your chains all the better. ~G~

Paedur~~~ So it is a raid to entice them into Your own ko'lar and not one to the Tavern?

Shadowglade~~~ *shrugs* That's up to each personal Raider, Paedur, though most slaves are more interested in entering a personal kolar than a Tavern kolar...they often will stick around a little longer than one kolared to the tavern

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ It can be. Or it can be for the purpose of securing more wenches for the Tavern.

brenna{GS}~~~ *smiling softly to herself as she kneels next to inez, listening to All*

Errand Knight~~~ sounds like its almost as much fun as tarn racing or a good game of Kaissa

Rollo the Ax~~~ That Paedur, is up to each man...... a personal collar, or a tavern one ....... that in and of itself is a topic for major debate.......LOL...LOL..

Paedur~~~ That makes sense Brother. *S*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to E.K.~ Aye, it is. ~S~


Personal Collar VS Tavern Collar

Asellus~~~ *lifting Her head from the notes*
If I may stray a bit from the topic....
I was wondering what everyone thinks on the matter of a slave preferring to belong to One Man as opposed to the tavern? Is that RT earthen ideals carrying over into Gor, maybe?

Paedur~~~ Listens to Lady Asseleus question and ponders.

Lemuel~~~ ~scratching My head~ No, I don't think so, Asellus. Even in the books girls wish to have a personal Master.

Shadowglade~~~ *nods to Asellus* I think so...most of the slaves I've spoken to concerning this have related to me that they prefer a single Master rather than being Tavern property, because they don't wish to merely be "sluts" for the use of anyone...which I percieve to be very much a RT attitude rather than a Gorean one...

inez{GS}~~~ *smiles at Mistress Asellus' question and speaking up softly* a girl things it depends on the girl Mistress, but for this one, it just means that she has caught the eye of One Master in particular and that perhaps being pleasing and staying that way for one Man is more of a challenge than just trying to please them all.....*biting her lips and hoping that made sense*

Paedur~~~ Now that is a bit funny to hear from what I have observed in most rooms. and I am not speaking of Gorean rooms, but in general chat rooms. Male or Females are typically out to have as much fun as possible, and yes I mean cyber, phone, and any other sexual fun.
and yes I am generalizing very much, and I mean no insult to A/any here.
But My observatios tend to contradict what is being spoken here.
Or is Gor Different in THAT particular aspect?

Asellus~~~ I think the "Master" can be just as swayed by RT ideals as well. He who has the larger chain of personal slaves....well...it would "logically" follow that He must be the "better" Master in the minds of some....but that's just an opinion....*smiling beneath Her veils as She scribes*

Errand Knight~~~ I do think that the books tend to divide the role of a tavern slave from a personal slave moreso than is the case in GS ...Masters would not often bring their slaves to a tavern let alone a FC and if they did would more often leave the girl chained at the entrance. Personal slaves would be unlikely to serve in a tavern. I think that is unrealistic in online gor for the most part ..but a difference from what I have read

inez{GS}~~~ *speaking up again after hearing Master Shadowglade's response* just about any girl can be a slut to more than one Man or Master, but a girl has to work to please just One because they soon become used to and bored with one girl if she doesn't keep on her toes.....

syture{EF}~~~ in sytures eyes, when a girl submits to One, it is mind, body and soul, if she is a true slave, then being a tavern slave or a Personal one shouldn't matter, she lives to serve and please, to be controlled, to kneel at the Frees feet, so she should be truly be happy both ways, at least as a tavern slave she can flirt with All, till she catches Ones eyes

Rollo the Ax~~~ Looking to the FW......" Does that mean that size DOES matter, Lady Asellus ?????? " LOL...LOL.. LMAO.....

brenna_GS_ 20:17:06 CST

brenna{GS}~~~ *nodding and agreeing with inez*

Errand Knight 20:17:31 CST

Errand Knight~~~ Asellus: that would certainly be the opinion of One who is a guest here.
For My part I enjoy the fact that some seek the role of tavern slave

Paedur~~~ Lady Asellus
Funny I think the better Master is evident in the actions of His slaves versus the number. be it one or many.
I tend to see that One who has many has many who are mediocre.
Where as One who has one slave or two, then the time and effort is made to make her shine and so reflects on the Master's skill.

Asellus~~~ *Catching up with the notes as She listens and scribes...nodding every now and then...Her fingers flying fast over the rence*

Rollo the Ax~~~ The entire spectum of relationships comes to bear when speaking of slavery and its relationship to private or general control....... yes, MOST women here, slave OR Free want a personal committment...a ONE ON ONE, for a lasting pairing..... sure, some may enjoy the * slut * concept for a time, throwing their morals to the wind for a lark, but it is safe for them to do so HERE... it is VT.. make believe... MOST women would NEVER do so in RT....... it is a fantasy for them, just as having several women at the feet of a man is to him....... We reside in a realm of dreams, wishes, and FANTASY.......

Kayla~~~ I tend to disagree.. Seems that slave gravitate towards a strong Man on Gor and will beg a kolar of a Man that seems to be able to handle many slaves on a chain... Now that doesn't mean they don't wish that they are the only slave but are willing to be one of many of one Man than used by many

Paedur~~~ So does that mean that the First Sword would have the most slaves at His feet begging for His attentions?
and then the Second sword, and so on down the line Lady Kayla?
SO being a Captain does have its privledges. LOL

Kayla~~~ LOL... I do think the Captains are sought after fairly much Paedur..
Because of the role they play and the strength they show... These men have already proven themselves worthy by becoming Captians... Just My personal view anyway

Rollo the Ax~~~ My opinion is that collaring a tavern slave is to give the girl a chance to come and learn about Gor... to see if she enjoys the site and the life... to see if she wil grow or fade away..... a personal slave is a MAJOR commitment... a vow to not only protect and care for, but to be willing to take the time to TEACH and learn from...... guys with long chains ??? are like those only worried about knotches on their bed posts..... they want to LOOK like studs..... sadly, too many new girls are grabbed by these type, and ruined before they can learn about the TRUE Gorean experience.......

Paedur~~~ Well said Lady Kayla. *S* *wink*

inez{GS}~~~ Master Paedur, a girl thinks there are diffrent strengths different girls are attracted to, not neccessarily the rank One holds in the scheme of things...... *chuckles* just as some of the Free are attracted to different girls, for some are just here to be used and pushed around and others, though slave, like to use what brains might be between there ears and aren't docile so to speak ....

Asellus~~~ Then if that's so, Kayla...why are there so few girls on the GS chain?
They, essentially, do belong to the Captains...is that correct?

Errand Knight~~~ well said inez

Paedur~~~ Now that is well said inez. and I know which you consider of yourself. *S*

inez{GS}~~~ thank You Master Errand Knight, this girl sometimes makes sense *smiles*

Lemuel~~~ ~scratching My head as I look for the page number for the quote I found in the new version of "Slave Girl" finding that much of the chapter in the new version is very different from the original~

inez{GS}~~~ Master Paedur, thank You, and she is what she is and pretends not to be anything different, sometimes she uses her brain and sometimes she doesn't, it's usually as simple as that

Errand Knight~~~

"It is one of the excruciating delights of the mastery to expose oneself fully to, and yet skirt, the dangers of the girl's beauty, to keep oneself strong, to draw the absolute fullness of pleasure from her, and yet to resist her wiles, to get everything from her, and yet to keep her on her knees, completely." (Slave Girl of Gor, p.36)

Kayla~~~ Actually Asellus I think it is because most of the Captains do not use the Tavern slaves... Most of them have moved beyond that in their Gorean life and are not on Gor to fur and if they do, it is with Personal slaves... Most complaints of a Tavern girl is lack of use and then the HNG's...

Paedur~~~ Aye I hear you inez, though much to what I have learned a woman, be her slave of Free can be witty when she chooses, and dumb when she wishes as well.
Keeps the Men wondering. LOL

Paedur~~~ That is a very good point Lady Kayla. Very well made. *S*

Lemuel~~~ ~throwing up My hands and giving up on finding a page number since the text doesn't appear in the original version~
Here's a quote from the new "revised" edition of "Slave Girl":

It can be unsettling, of course, to understand that you can be stolen, that you are the sort of thing which can be subject to theft.
"I hope to come into the keeping of a personal master," said one of the girls."
"I, too," said another.
Foolish girls! Did they not know they were being stolen?

Asellus~~~ I know it's true in some cases, Kayla...*nodding*...but that sounds like a really shallow excuse to Me...at least a somewhat pitiful reason to be a slave online...for the cybering...but, I wouldn't know about that, so...*shrugging helplessly*...it just sounds wrong to assume that that's the reason why....but I'm sure that it is part of the reason.

Paedur~~~ Asellus, out side of Gor, and probably with in it as well, though I do not know that personally.
But outside of Gor, M/most men and women are there for the cybering, and hopes to more.
Not all but most.

Kayla~~~ ~smiles~ I too have no experience only what I gather from the girls when they speak to Me

Asellus~~~ And how can You say that it is the Men that have outgrown it? I mean, that's based on an assumption, unless You know firsthand that such is true. And why would the Men outgrow it and not the slaves/women? Just wondering....*thinking aloud*

Kayla~~~ LOL... Ask them... LOL... They may say I am full of bosk dung!

Errand Knight~~~ there will always be a fresh crop of HNG and players who seek cyber as the be all and end all ..few who have been in vt regularly seek that alone in My experience

Lemuel~~~ ~having lost the thread of the conversation while looking for the page reference, I sit back and sip My kalda trying to catch up~

Asellus~~~ I am truly curious though...of how many of the ones that don't come...stay away because of the cybering factor...
*formulating a question in Her head to possibly post on the boards*

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ It isn't the cybering that keeps Me away, it's r/t mostly...in fact, I can't remember the last time I saw open cybering in the Tavern...

Rollo the Ax~~~ There is no clear cut answer on that question...... Not all men that have come to Gor came here in the first place for the * furring *, but granted, MANY did...... LOL.. while I might say that in general, most slaves DID come here for the cyber sex..... at first again..... and perhaps for the domination or control aspect also..... Who can say ????
For Myself, the furring was NEVER the main draw..... hell, I seldom furred ANY ..... slave or FW alike..... but then you have guys like Kli Kodesh, a past Captain of GS... I know of cases where he was cybering with as many as 3-4 women at the SAME TIME !!!!!!

Paedur~~~ I beg to differ Errand Knight.
I think for Most v/t offers what they want. an escape of who they are, and all the issues they have. what they are missing.
vt offers them an escape with no consequences. which is why when things get ugly, they simply change names, find a new place to play, or just move on and continue the deceit.
I think there are very few who find more beyond the cybering.
It is I think those of Us who have a real want, and real knowledge who might find more.

Errand Knight~~~ I dont think I know any regular males who don't enjoy cyber as part of their vt lives ....I do know quite a few females who cum for other reasons though

Shadowglade~~~ I don't know that any of Us stay AWAY due to the cybering factor, Asellus...though I would think that perhaps, some of the slaves who were here because that was their -main- interest eventually lose interest, and stop coming because they do not have the interest in other things to keep them coming back when the "cyber-factor" isn't there....does that make sense?"

Asellus~~~ *Chuckling* I know I ask too many questions...a lot of them silly and seemingly minute, but I just wonder...

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Does that mean I'm not *regular* E.K.?

Paedur~~~ Lady Aselleus, there is no question that is silly nor minute.
Otherwise I would never open My mouth to ask. LOL

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: I surrender Captain!

Kayla~~~ ~listening to the Men quietly~

Asellus~~~ Maybe...the slaves are picky with who they want to fur...and the Men aren't that selective...?

Asellus~~~ *sharing a smile with Paedur*
That's why, after a full week of school and storing Myself with knowledge and even more questions, I look forward to coming to the forum to sort of let it all out! *giggling beneath Her veils*

Paedur~~~ Lady Asellus, I know that I am quite particular.
so much so that I have chosen not to fur any.
and as far as cyber play it has been quite some time.
Not because I lack interest, or unskilled, nor that there are A/any that are not worthy.
It is simply My choice to do so. *S*
or to not do so. LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at E.K.~ Well, perhaps I'm not *regular*...cybering doesn't interest Me much. If I want sex, I'll get the real thing from My Woman.

Paedur~~~ I am glad You grace U/us with Your presence and question Lady Asellus.

Asellus~~~ *Inclining Her head to Paedur*

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: I can understand that very well

Paedur~~~ I can say though, that cybering does get the creative juices flowing. to think through a scene to make it feel and seem real enough, to entice excitement and want and desire.
plus it sharpens Ones skills to detail, observations, and finding weaknesses to take advantage. *WEG*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Perhaps you have just restated the difference between men and women in their sexual activities, Asellus ........ LOL...for the most part, young men would jump ANYTHING that still breaths, while most times, women are more selective......in general......

Kayla~~~ ~grinning at the words of the Senior Captain~

Errand Knight~~~ chuckles at Rollo's summation

Asellus~~~ But not according to the answer originally given to the question--that the SLAVES aren't getting the cybering they want...and that some of the Men opt not for the virtual thing, but for the real thing instead.
*looking to Lemuel with a veiled smile*
How many girls are you holding back on? *Laughing*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Not insulting ANY women in any way......I only mean that many young guys ( and some old men too ) think only with the head between their legs, and not the one on their shoulders......

Paedur~~~ Rollo, chuckles as I remember a thing the Seniors did at the Other high school.
A farmer had some sheep and so like the last week of school well many went up to have their first animal.
What was sooo funny about it is that an old folks home over looked the pen.
There were a few times the Ambulances were called. LOL
Opps completely Un Gorean. LMAO

Asellus~~~ *nodding at Rollo* Indeed! *chuckling*

Lemuel~~~ ~rubbing the stubble on My chin~
Well...I suppose there is that to consider Asellus. I know that jasma used to get comments from the other kajirae about not *hogging* Me all to herself. ~S~

Asellus~~~ *Wrapping up the forum notes*

Asellus~~~ Thank you for putting up with my questions, all. It was a good forum.
Thank you for helping lead it, Lemuel. *nodding respectfully* I shall edit the notes as soon as possible.

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles at Asellus~ And thank You for taking the notes, Lady.
~looks to Rollo~ And thanks for to You Rollo, it's always good to see You. ~S~


Question on Forum Rules

brenna{GS}~~~ may a girl ask a quick question? *softly calling*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Aye brenna, go ahead.

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at brenna* Yes, girl.

Asellus~~~ *Folding up the scrolls to peruse at a later convenience*

brenna{GS}~~~ *smiling* thank You Master
well this is the first forum that a girl has been to. so she was wondering, if kept respectful, are the girls also allowed to put in their two cents? no matter the topic? *soft smiles*

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at the girl* Yes, they are, brenna. That is the purpose of the forum--to discuss topics either relevant to the current roleplay and / or status of the tavern or else general topics pertaining to Gor...among other things. *ss*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Yes brenna, all voices are welcome as long as they are kept respectful. ~S~

brenna{GS}~~~ sending bright smiles to the Mistress and Master* a girl thanks You Both. she wasn't sure, but wanted to make sure before she spoke up. *another smile*

Asellus~~~ Well and good, brenna.