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Losing Interest? Scribing/Authors

Losing Interest?

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the water clock~
We might as well get started. If anyone has a topic send it to Me in a whisper, please keep greetings and off topic chat in whispers to make it easy on the scribe. ~S~ No need to beg entrance or to leave, etc. etc....

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ O.K. - first topic:
Are people beginning to lose interest in Gor in general? Or just Gorean Shores? Where has everybody been lately?

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ ~*smiling to those who have entered as she thinks on the question being asked*~

akeria{Gabriel}~~~ may akeria give a thought to the question being asked?

Kayla~~~ ~Laughing softly at the first topic~
This gets brought up every year *S* It is natural that during the Earthen Holidays of Christmas and the summer USA months for attendence to drop off some and every site worries and then things pick up once more.
Being here as long as I have ~looking over to Asellus who has been here for many years as well~ I finally do see the ebb and flow of attendence... Let something happen and all would flock back but it will happen natuarally as well with the passing of times....

Emerald Forest~~~ *that might be a hard ? to answer for some Lemuel as the ones that You would be asking are not here LOL,but I for one has been busy in RT and have been coming in in different times during the day and night*

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda regrets but last week she wa son holidays ..and sometimes r/t being what it is ..she sometimes can do no more than come and whisper but she is as slave now as she was 4 yrs ago..

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Yes akeria. All may contribute to the discussion as long as it is kept respectful. ~S~

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Well it has been this way for some time...Its not just Holidays

Errand Knight~~~ it certainly seems that over the last little while there have been fewer here at the tavern and that the place is quite often empty perhaps it is as Kayla says ..just a seasonal thing

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~offering~..
a girl feels that it's not just GS, but Gor in general.. and perhaps not so much as a losing interest... but perhaps more the fact that rt may have been a bit more demanding on many people.

Asellus~~~ Definitely, Kayla. *nodding*
But how many times now have the slave discussions been cancelled alone?

Emerald Forest~~~ *I reckon that some are just having a rest from Gor for a while for different reasons but I'm sure that They will all return after a time and if I'm sure that new ones will come in here every now and then*

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *quietly* for me, the interest is almost gone. i feel it dying a little bit more every day.

akeria{Gabriel}~~~ akeria believes that some are not really sure of what Gor is..GS is different than the land to which akeria comes from. akeria believes some are just afriad of what is not known to them. many have questions about Gor, but don't seek out answers...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the comments~ I too have seen some seasonal fluctuations and I know that I have been battling with r/t lately as well. Perhaps it alos has something to do with the political/economic climate...people just have more pressing matters on their minds?

kanda{Sg}~~~ there was a bright side to kanda being gone ...she found and bought 2 John Norman books..and has already read the one and enjoyed it and now enjoying the second

Errand Knight~~~ I have not travelled enough on gor to know what usual numbers at other places are ,,certainly there are a number od sites like Steel Dawn that are now all but inactive

Kayla~~~ I don't know Asellus... But I know that with children having spring breaks that it was causing some problems for the slave classes... Now it is going to be getting children settled for the summer for all these Moms and Dads...
But as I said GS seems to be full when there is much drama... all come to see the blood ~grins~ any volunteers?

Asellus~~~ Interesting you would say that, akeria. *listening*
Lately I have noticed a LOT of people coming in while I'm in under names like "curious" or "looking." And I have two thoughts on people doing this--1) It's either Goreans being selective and possibly nosey on what's going on as they might be trying to decide if entering the room is worthwhile....or 2) It's someone who is genuinely interested perhaps from another poolside room, but afraid to state such. I gladly refer to the homepage, but I cannot help but wonder...if maybe people are resorting to spying.....

kanda{Sg}~~~ *smiles*
Master Lemuel..kanda believes those who truly believe in Gor will return and the tavern will be busy again..

Asellus~~~ I'm like you in that respect, EK. *nodding* I never travel outside of GS, so I wouldn't know.

topaz{Rast}~~~ *trying to read back....*
topaz knows it is definately RT that is keeping her away....being with her Master and all...*grins, eyes sparkling*....
has nothing to do with Gor or GS...as she is slave, no matter where she is...*shrugs softly*

Kayla~~~ CU is about abandoned and even with Dak setting up at Adventure chat ~short laugh~ they are always empty...
I remember that after 9/11 the attendence dropped to a new low and was slow to recover but recover it does... I am sure it will again no matter what is happening in RT for the world...

akeria{Gabriel}~~~ Mistress Asellus...akeria is finding the way back to Gor after taking a long break..so its a relearning process ,one which akeria is thriving for. many others feel as akeria does..but doesn't feel this is the place for them

kanda{Sg}~~~ *smiles at Mistress Kayla.nodding her small head in agreement*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at Kayla's comment~ I noticed that as well. It seems that the recovery since then has been slow in coming though.

Emerald Forest~~~ *why do you say that akeria*

topaz{Rast}~~~ *grins, hearing Mistress kayla...agrees*

Kayla~~~ and they may be right akeria... GS is not for all... But Home to a select many...

Errand Knight~~~ *smiles at Kayla*
perhaps some took enertainment in the drama ...give Me a good game of kaissa or girl catch anytime. I found all the bitching actually kept Me away. My time on gor is such that I am interested in learning and swapping ideas on custom and discussing issues. Perhaps thats just Me

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ sometimes people just need a change, sometimes people get bored with the same old sleen dung, bickering etc and just want to get away. sometimes they dont come back and sometimes they do. Everyone is different and leave for different reasons, this one doesn't think that there is one major reason why people have left GS or Gor in general.

akeria{Gabriel}~~~ akeria was born into a liar, lots of fighting and things going on..tis why akeria left, it was a sad day when girl left. now GS is a tavern, something different..akeria likes the calmness of it..which girl is sure not always the manner here. akeria believes that many think GS is much like the liar to which akeria ran from

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~snuggling beside fallen angel*~ as heaven listens....~* smiling and agreeing with her,completely...

Well it has been since the blood letting that we have taken a new Pledge and only one slave ~thinking of the boy~

kanda{Sg}~~~ *frowning..thinking that the tension was not much to her liking and sometimes she steered clear when it got too much..*

Asellus~~~ Liar?? *not understanding*

Asellus~~~ The tension's long been gone, really.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ it has always been a problem with chatrooms. they come, they go, it doesn't matter the genre. my theory has always been that familiarity breeds contempt.

akeria{Gabriel}~~~ akeria is sorry..lair..a camp..

Errand Knight~~~ the reality is that We have lost a few here and that is no doubt as natural as three moons ..I hope that along with some returning we see some new blood

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda likes it when the tavern is a happy home..

akeria{Gabriel}~~~ akeria is wanting to make GS home

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *hugs heaven and she listens to ariel and nods in agreement*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to all~

topaz{Rast}~~~ *smiles at akeria...then sees ari....grins and winks at the sweet lil urt*

Errand Knight~~~ *nods to ariel*
yes I have seen that as well over My many years in chatrooms ...and I do think that familiarity does cause some problems in this medium

Kayla~~~ That is the good thing about being a part of Poolside... Along with the HNG's there are those that fall in by mistake and stay and make great Patrons and slaves...

Deirdre~~~ *giving My two tarsks worth*
I think that each Gorean place has a "chemistry" because of the Ppersonalities that dwell there. This chemistry changes as people move in and out. I think it is as simple as that.......nothing very profound..........sorta like real life........you go where you feel accepted and safe.....and that changes too, doesn't it?

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *nods* we start believeing that we really know each other, when the reality is that we don't.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ fa splits her time now between DM and GS, she doesn't call one more of a home than the other, she has strong links to both....perhpas she is just on perminant holiday? *laffin softly* she loves GS and Gor, however her Master is not Gorean in the slightest so it makes it hard and the one time He did come here....well it wasn't a pleasant experience for Him

Kayla~~~ Aye it does Dei *S*...

Kayla~~~ But fa one person in a site should not be a telling factor of a Home on the whole

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *blows a kiss to paz*
fa agrees with you ariel, online we seem to only let people see what we want them to see.....with me basically what you see is what you get, however there are some who are totally differnet here than they are in real life

akeria{Gabriel}~~~ akeria does also split time between GS and DM..also because Master is not of Gor

Lemuel~~~ ~coughing~ O.K. let's keep the cross talk down or keep it in whispers please....

topaz{Rast}~~~ *listening...hearing fa..understanding what she says.....catches her kiss, eyes bright*

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ that is true Mistress Kayla, He just didn't really like it and honestly sometimes doesnt like for this one to come here. He wants His to be where she is safe, He knows fa is safe in DM and here.......well....she is at the mercy of the Free. Thankfully fa knows and trusts most and knows she is safe, however Master doesn't have the trust, that friendship fa has with the Patrons of GS.

akeria{Gabriel}~~~ ~hanging girls head and keeping silent~

Errand Knight~~~ ariel: that could be said of rt too ..I actually think that over time we do get to see alot of the reality of one another (good and bad) even on gor where we assume a certain role and a persona. I dont think it is sustainable to hide who we really are over a period of time

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ agrees with Master

kanda{Sg}~~~ *listens *

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Some also experience burnout from the repetition. It's hard to keep coming up with new or different things to say/do...

Asellus~~~ *Nodding at Lemuel*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~nodding head in agreement as her Master speaks~

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda thinks half the beauty of each home is in the assortment of personalities.. if all were the same it would be boring..a slave must learn to respect each and every personality

Errand Knight~~~ I like Deirdre's concept of the chemistry of a place and its evolution ...in that sense I think what is important is that firstly there is a seficiant number of people to build that chemistry and that secondly the impact of one or two strong personalities doesnt rule the place. If that happens it can cause some to move on

Lemuel~~~ Something that may or may not help those that are losing interest...try re-reading the books. I've read the entire series three or four times, but each time I read through it I find someting new that I either hadn't noticed before or that I had forgotten. There is a great seal of interesting things in the books that can suggest new opportunities for roleplay.

Deirdre~~~ *nodding to EK* True.....but one or two strong personalities can also be a "drawing card". People are naturally drawn to charasmatic personas.......

Kayla~~~ ~Nodding in agreement with the Captain's words~

Asellus~~~ Good suggestion, Lemuel. *smiles*
Another that revives My interest in Gor is helping new people who want to know about this place. They often have many questions and by helping them come to their own conclusions I learn new things in the process...and make a new friend sometimes.

kanda{Sg}~~~ *smiles at Master Lemuel..knowing herself that reading these books she recently acquired had her wishing there was a r/t gor becaus eof her strong yearning to be slave*

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~offering softly along with Master Lemuels words~*
the book discussions held here by Master Marius were of much interest and learning for heaven....~* sometimes ,other sites have such opportunities and serveral smaller families can come together to learn,like the weekly forum.....

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ sometimes there is just no one here to serve etc and when this one does come in for a visit, not during forum times, no one wants to be served. makes it a little boring ya know....

Asellus~~~ *just smiles*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to heaven~ Aye, the book discussions were well attended. And sometimes having special events announced in advance helps boost attendance as well, but it is hard to plan such things and requires commitment and time on the part of the people leading the discussion/event. Time and commitment are often in short supply...

Errand Knight~~~ agreeing with Lemuel that a gorean chat site like Ours can become staid at times. I think for many that is because gor continues to be intimidating. Its a bit like bdsm people comparing the length of their floggers. here knowlege or lack of it can intimidate. Many but the experienced core are frightened of innovating with new things or things that are infrequent.

Asellus~~~ See, I actually was thinking that it was just the opposite, fa--that the slaves didn't WANT to serve...or were being selective....and so stayed out of the tavern. But that's just as well, I suppose, for who wants to be served by a slave who obviously doesn't want to....

Emerald Forest~~~ *I am always ready for a serve from you fallen WEG LOL*

heavenscent{S}~~~ she nods,with a gentle smile*~ aye Master Lemuel,very true...

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *nods* that is also true Mistress Asellus fa has seen that as well. If she dont have time to serve, she will not come enter the Tavern.

Errand Knight~~~ yes sadly the princess syndrome does happen from time to time

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ ~*winking lasciviously at Master Emerald Forest*~
fa likes serving You Master, when she is done You used to brush her hair ~*giggles*~

kanda{Sg}~~~ *scratches head..wondering about this "princess syndrome"*

Kayla~~~ I have noticed though when there are slaves about it brings in the Men...

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ princess syndrome....the belief that one is above serving when she doesn't want to and only serves when she feels like it.

kanda{Sg}~~~ ahhh okay....thanks sis

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ well that is what fa believes to be the Princess syndrome....she could be wrong

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda tries not to be selective but sometimes she sneaks into poolside..and would love to enter GS..and serve..cause it bring her happiness..but with Brows of thunder at home sometimes..He listens ..and if she types too much she gets into trouble..but her wanting to be here is much stronger so she hides in whispers at times and pecks slowly and quietly away at the keyboard so he cannot hear this one..

Kayla~~~ you have it right fa *S*

Errand Knight~~~

Fighting the Princess Principal..
when things go from Gorean Kajira to Princess?
1. you feel that you only have to serve those that you wish
2. When you refuse to serve new Master's or HNG.
3. When you use rti or afk and never return so that you do not have to serve.
4. When you wish to serve or fur only Captains.
5. When you are red silk and refuse to serve in an alcove.
6. you pm a Free saying you don't have time to serve, then pull a moat if They ask you to.
7. When you pm without asking permission
8. if None pay attention to you, you beg to leave
9. When you refuse to do chores.
10. you forget that you're there to please the Free and not yourself
11 you feel that you deserve to have sympathy from the Free
12 When you smart off to your sisters.
13 you spend your time speaking to your sisters and don't offer to serve Any
i'm sure there are other things that could go on this list.. Remember.. if you don't have time to serve the Free.. or be pleasing.. beg to leave.
~helpful smiles~
written by jasma{LB}GSFG, slave of Captain Lemuel, Sixth Chair of Gorean Shores, and vika{M}, slave of Captain Marius, First Sword of Gorean Shores

kanda{Sg}~~~ Master Errand Knight..serving hng's..how about the night when kanda whispered and begged You to come in because of a HNG?

kanda{Sg}~~~ You said that night that kanda did the right thing in how she handled the situation..

Errand Knight 20:19:50 CST

Errand Knight~~~ kanda: more a Hurt than a HNG I think ..he just bounded off when I arrived

kanda {Sg} 20:21:25 CST

kanda{Sg}~~~ thanks Master..kanda just wanted to be sure she did correct thing

Kayla~~~ I think that each HNG has to be taken differently... sometimes they are harmless and some of the biggest professed HNG's are later transformed into Gorean Men... it depends on thier actions in the Tavern of how they are handled.. definitly a slave should not be harassed but define harassment?

kanda{Sg}~~~ this HNg told kanda to strip ..and dance naked.. said that she was His slave..and that He was in control.. kanda kindly told Him that with due respect..she belonged to Master Shadowglade.. and that she needed to ask His permission before she danced naked for any who was not pledged to GS

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ harassment can mean different things to different people.....its a hard one to judge. what one person finds tolerable, another will find intolerable. Rules should be explained to a new person and still if they persist in just thinkging Gor is a place for cyber sex then i would consider that person harrassing me.

kanda{Sg}~~~ kanda was welcoming still..offering Him the link so He may better acquaint Himself..

Kayla~~~ offering the link is always helpful

kanda{Sg}~~~ aye sometimes it is the kindest thing to do...and kanda reserves judgement on those who enter and are unsure..

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ it isn't our place to judge a Free kanda however if we are uncomfortable with a situation we can always beg to leave or just time it out.

Errand Knight~~~ aye I think in this case the link, some taasa powder for the hng and an iron belt for kanda *chuckles*

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ just fa's opinion...

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ And that is generally the best way to handle it kanda. Reserve judgement, be polite, repectful and try to help the person learn.

kanda{Sg}~~~ aye Master Lemuel...that is so true...and as fa said ..she could have timed out..or left..but lucky for her,Master Knight happened along.. so she begged Him to enter..sometimes an appearance from another Master will scare off the Visitor if He is not sincere..

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *nodding and smiling in agreement with kanda* its always helpful when a Master or Mistrtess is around who can offer support

Kayla~~~ LOL...

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to kanda~ Yes, and the kajirae shouldn't hesitate to ask a Free Man for help if they are unsure of how to handle an HNG or if they have any other situation that is beyound their control.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ ~*hugs akeria and she sits next to her*~
fa finds its often a deterant for HNG when a Master or Mistress wearing their icon is around *laffin*



Lemuel~~~ ~setting the writing stick down briefly and shaking My fingers before resuming~

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *blinking* You are scribe today Master Lemuel?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye fa'...I am taking the notes tonight. ~S~

Lemuel~~~ ~G~ Now everyone knows why I have been so quiet tonight. ~G~

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ fa would have been scribe if she had known Master, she apologises for not asking who was scribe earlier. *lowers her head*

Lemuel~~~ Alright...this topic seems to be running out of tharlarian oil, so how about another? Anyone have one, PM it to Me.

Errand Knight~~~ thinks We'll make a Scribe out of Captain Builder yet (just jokes)

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Nay, My hand is not so fine as that of a Scribe, E.K. - and I doubt it ever will be...but My writing is at least legible. ~G~

kanda{Sg}~~~ aye thats what kanda thought Master and aye its most helpful sis

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *giggles at Master Errand Knight* in RT this ones hubby is in the trade and has messy handwriting, she doesn't envy the one who has to translate Master Lemuel's script...

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ I wouldn't envy the anyone trying to translate My cursive script either fa'. Luckily for jasma I normally write in block script. ~G~

Lemuel~~~ ~G~ And Builders need to be able to write legibly so that the tradesmen that construct their designs can read it. Otherwise they blame the Builder when they put it together wrong. ~chuckles~

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ oh she is very lucky Master!!!! *giggling softly*

Errand Knight~~~ aye Lemuel..We Physicians have a lousy hand and complicate that with words from the old language. Sometimes You might think We arrived on gor in a spaceship from barsroom

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *ROFLMAO@Master Errand Knight*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I have seen some of the vulo scratchings Physicians call script...~grins~

Errand Knight~~~ fallen: I finally read My first of the Mars series. Got to say that Burroughs writes better than Norman and some of it is just so similar ....can see where much of Normans gor adventure was based, though the philosophy is not as well developed as Normans

Lemuels~~~ ~nods~ There are many similarities between Norman's style and ERB's. I've heard that Norman got his pen name from one of ERB's aliases...

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: thats interesting ...I could well imagine

Lemuel 20:58:54 CST

Lemuel~~~ I can't remeber the story exactly, but apparently ERB used a pen name with "Norman" as the first name and the good Dr. Lange is such a fan that he borrowed it as the last name for his own nome de plume.

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: well all of this is a new discovery for me ...I mean John Carter and Tarl Carbot between earth and the new planet by spaceship, bith writing their andvenbtures and sending them back to be published. I was amazed

Kayla~~~ Thanks Lemuel for Hosting tonight *S*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ There's other similarities as well. Martian chess vs. kaissa, the large flying creatures that warriors ride, etc. and then there's the formulaic style. ~G~

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: well I look forward to learning more of where some of Lange's inspirations came from

Lemuel~~~ ....with those bits of trivia I'll call this forum to a close. I'd like to thank everyone that attended for another great forum. ~S~