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Attracting more slaves to the Tavern
Not Pledged?/Remaining respectful
Tavern Tattler/Bios/Future Forums
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Attracting more slaves to the Tavern

Lemuel~~~ ~grins to the fabulous first girl then looks to Gornt~
Well Gornt, any topics You would like to discuss? ~G~

Gornt~~~ yes how to attract More kajira to the Tavern
We are doing an excellent job of recruiting new Free, but the slave lists seem to remain constant or even dwindle

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~bending forward slightly.. lips brush to His leg.. subserviently in nature.. then leans back.. readying self for the task at hand~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to the topic at hand~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ We could always go raiding again, though the one I brought back didn't seem to last very long. ~chuckles~

Gornt~~~ and the one I brought back lives down under and I haven't seen her in a month

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~whispering~
the attraction for a place for a quick romp in the cybersex department seems to attract a few from time to time.. but for a slave.. since there is *learning* involved.. some just don't have the time.. patience.. or the drive to do so..

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ The tavern has to be *fun* for the kajirae or they won't stick around.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to jaz~ Aye, but there are ways to make learning more enjoyable, too. Informal contests, maybe a "stump the teacher" night or something.

jasma{GS~FG}~listening to Master Lemuel.. softly offering~
fun.. with the reminder of the protocols though Master.. for without them.. then perhaps the slaves may begin to think they don't have to follow any rules.. in jaz's opinion..

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking up as He speaks~
informal contests would be an excellent idea, Master..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, it is extremely important for new girls to learn the rules of the tavern.

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ The topic at the moment is how to recruit new slaves to the Tavern and how to keep them. ~G~

Gornt~~~ how about advertising on other sites message boards

Asellus~~~ It's not so much that, Lemuel, rather the stagnation I see occurring once a slave finds that certain "Master." Seems that's many of the slaves' or Free Persons' goals lately. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I guess....*trailing off*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~
advertising on other boards as in to recruit new slaves?

Lemuel~~~ ~scratching My head~ It's not a bad idea Gornt, but We wouldn't want other sites advertising on Our board, so...

Gornt~~~ we have more to offer, friendlier atmosphere better instructors
maybe on BDSM boards

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~.. there are sites that offer slave sales on a monthly basis.. or used to be..
jaz just feels that *advertising* on other boards would only come back to *haunt* GS in the long run due to the rules that is set up on the GS message board..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Lady, but I don't feel that personal slaves should be restricted. At least not to the point wher they can't serve beverages and such.

desiree{Algernon}~~~ ~listening to the Master Lemuel speak on the topic....finding it a topic dear to her heart right now~
one must admit that the journey is not one that comes without a lot of nervousness.....but she must admit...so many here have welcomed her and made her transition much easier than it could have been....
this one finds the helpfulness of each and every girl in here to be an incredible benefit to her learning process....
and many of the Free have made her feel so welcomed and encouraged her during this time too...
she believes that the this she is a great asset to GS...and if the truth be known that others would follow?

Asellus~~~ I'm sorry, but that's about all I have to contribute to this particular topic. I just feel that many come to Gorean Shores with one purpose in mind and if that particular purpose isn't in keeping with the person behind the computer's own agenda......then he or she won't stick around for very long. And we have asked this question many a times about how to draw in larger crowds....

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I agree Gornt, but other sites may feel that they are better, etc. As jaz said, I think it is best not to advertise on other boards, especially since GS has a policy against other sites advertising on Our board.
That doesn't mean You can't go scouting for willing wenches in other taverns though...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to both, Mistress Asellus and desiree speaking~

Gornt~~~ it is true, desiree, I feel this is the friendliest Gor site I have been on
and I always try make any who come here feel welcome because I want the Shores to grow

calia{GS}~~~ her eyes sweeping...~* listening to the words...~*

Gornt~~~ very well, but there must be a way
who atends the Gorean Forums?

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ so, what is the topic of discussion tonight?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Free Woman~ Aye, there is little that can be done about those that are only out for themselves, but that doesn't mean We shouldn't try to make the learning process as pleasant as possible for those that are interested in sticking around.
~looking to des~ I'm glad that everyone has been so supportive of you lil' one. ~S~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ the ones held on Sunday Night, Master Gornt?
it's a rotating forum involving Gorean Shores, Gorean Chat, Steel Dawn, Steel Isle and a girl isn't sure if any others take part or not anymore..

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ the topic ariel:
Gornt 19:08:52 CST
yes how to attract More kajira to the Tavern
We are doing an excellent job of recruiting new Free, but the slave lists seem to remain constant or even dwindle

calia{GS}~~~ ~listening to the topic,at hand...~* ....

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at ariel~ How to get more slaves for the Tavern and how to keep them coming back.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *nods* thanks jazzy jaz. that's a tough topic and a touchy subject in many other gorean sites. nobody likes another site to "poach" on their slaves.

Asellus~~~ That is what it all boils down to, however, the determination of the person sitting behind the computer monitor. *listening and nodding at Lemuel* If the person is motivated and encouraged enough and feels welcomed, then the rest is up to the person's will to make the ultimate decision--to stay in GS or look elsewhere....

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ is there really a lack of slaves in GS? or is it more a matter of getting fresh meat? not meaning that in a bad way, just new and different faces. some of us have been around a long time and unfortunately i think we get a little jaded with each other.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Asellus~ Aye, they must feel welcomed and that their efforts are appreciated. That has been a problem in the past, some Free not paying attention to serves, etc.

Gornt~~~ lack of unkolared slaves, ariel
or Tavern slaves

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to ariel~ Aye, fresh faces are nice, but getting the old faces interested again would be good as well.

Gornt~~~ Aye Builder/Advisor I agree

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ to be honest it is pretty discouraging to put your heart into a serve and not even get so much as a grunt in response. *shrugs* part of its the nature of the beast, but it sure doesn't make ariel want to rush to serve when she isn't even going to get a swift kick in the butt as acknowledgment.

Asellus~~~ Seems to Me the ultimate goal is not the serve itself, but the alcoving that comes after the serve. Perhaps that is why the lack of adequate attention? Or is that just the opinion of a jaded FW speaking? *shrugging*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ it is a very touchy topic, valve.. GS wouldn't want other sites to come in and *lure* away their slaves.. so..
~listening further~.. GS slaves itself ariel.. not as many as there once were.. or those collared that are never here.. and after a time a girl feels that we do get a little *jaded*..

Errand Knight~~~ One would observe that many lilones are concerned to cum here as tavern slaves and to be available for general use including by Some whom they might reasonablly have little respect for

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *laughs* could be Mistress. ariel doesn't fur, her choice not a restriction placed on her by Master Ruilan.
it's still important to "play" by the rules however, and i suppose if some one were persistant enough and not turned off by ariel's "dirt" and nose picking that she would fur if pressed. just because a Master is a Master and there is no point playing if one is not going to abide by the rules.

calia{GS}~~~ calia smiles softly,hearing the words of Master Knight...~ she nods...as this has been her concern,as of late....

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~crawls in, listening....kneels on her Master's furs~*~


Not Pledged?/Remaining respectful

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ which brings up the issue of just how much say does a Master or Mistress have in this tavern if they are not pledged to it.
ariel doesn't put up with gamers or Master wannabe's, but new slaves are so new and so unsure, bless their little hearts it is more difficult for them because they want to please so much.

A girl posts this under the command of Master Marius:
Besides the normal greetings and cross-talk, some other comments have also been removed since they concerned a matter under revue by the Council and were not appropriate for open discussion. The forum rules have been left in as a reminder of GS forum protocols. A girl apologizes if any are displeased with the wench for taking it upon herself to delete certain things from the notes and will beg for punishment if her actions are found any less than respectful...

Asellus~~~ One way to draw in people is to not slander One's name, no matter the incident. Handle it in a Gorean manner or ignore the situation, however, it is of no concern to anyone else's save those involved. *Arising, not wishing to hear more slander.....pausing hesitantly*

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to ariel~ As a slave, you should treat all Free with respect regardless of how you may feel about them. If there is a problem you should bring it to the attention of your Master and/or the Council and let them handle the matter.

Asellus~~~ *She chuckles* I will stay so long as the forum maintains it's dignity and purpose.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ Mistress ariel is sorry. she is not trying to slander anyone. just wondering if you could get more tavern slaves in if they understood how to deal with people who are not necessarily of the tavern. not everyone comes in here with Gorean intentions in mind.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~offering~.. with respect.. reminder of forum rules:

1. PM the moderator with the topic you wish to bring forth.
2. Once the topic has been placed *on the floor*.. any may respond to the topic at hand without pm'ng the moderator.
3. Slaves don't need permission to beg entry or to beg to depart.
4. Please keep all greetings and items not related to the discussion limited to PM's.
5. Free.. if you are wishing to fur or alcove, please keep it in pm's or go to another room.
6. There will be no serving, no dancing, no sparring, etc. during the discussions.
7. This is a time to bring forth issues that any may have about Gor and/or Gorean Shores. It's not to be used to slander or harass another.

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the Lady~ I would hope You would stay a while. I for One value Your opinion.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ ariel has not run up against anyone in a long time that she couldn't handle Master Lemuel, i brought it up because there are new slaves that are not as able to handle these situations. i have walked in here more than once when some one professing to be a Master was abusing and/or terrifying a new slave.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the tavern slave~ Aye jaz, thank you for reminding E/everyone.

Asellus~~~ *Settling peaceably to Her furs once more* No, ariel, I was not speaking of your post, girl. *ss*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to ariel.. smiling fondly in memory of her saving jaz's ass a few times.. ~

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ i guess the bottom line is that just because we are slaves does not mean that we are doormats and that is not necessarily something that can be taught. sometimes it just comes with experience, but i wonder how many slaves are lost before they get that experience.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~brushing lips to His thigh.. then scribing once more~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye girl, and My words were not meant as a rebuke of you, but as a reminder of how slaves should handle problems they may have with some Free. If it is a personally owned slave, she should c&p the incident and send it to her Master and the GS Council.

Errand Knight~~~ this is cyber ...I don't think anyone should put up with treatment beyond reason ..best to do as Lemuel and Asellus say ..refer to council...in the mean time don't put up with it ...boot yourself ...I can count more than a handful of slaves who will not come here when certain Masters are present...to Me that is of concern

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ thank You Master, ariel understood that You were not attacking her or rebuking her. in this forum it is best to assume that nothing is personal. *she grins*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at E.K.'s words~ Aye, there is always the option of leaving the tavern if the abuse is too much, but the slave should be polite and respectful in her posts. If there are harsh words to be said, let Those in charge say them.

Algernon~~~ I do not know what happened in the incident in question, nor to I seek to know. But there are tavern slaves and owned slaves for the most part. I assume that the tavern slaves have a list of restrictions that is fairly clear cut as to what they may be required to do or allowed/not allowd to do. I further assume that the kolared slaves have appropriate restrcitions placed on them by their Master regarding what they may and may not do. I know that is true for Mine. *smiling at des* Anyway, I assume that if a Free person requires something of a slave that is not allowed by that slave's restrictions, the slave can say so ....

Asellus~~~ As for Free, I think it helps to remember that, while, yes, a Free may speak as He or She sees fit, however, keeping a certain dignity and calmness about oneself would lead to less disgruntlement. *chuckling as 'disgruntlement' seems to be Her word of the day*
And, as well, Patrons and Free need to follow similar rules. Practice what is preached, so to speak. We could all use that reminder, I believe. *speaking softly, not meaning to offend*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Algernon~ Yes, that is generally the case. If a slave is not allowed to fur by her Master, she need simply say so when asked.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *quietly* that is good in theory Master Algernon, but i'm not sure that it is always so cut and dry. particularly with new slaves. You are Masters and Mistresses for the most part in this room, and i'm not sure if any of you, with the exception of the slaves here, understand how badly most slaves want to please and be pleasing even to the extent of putting up with things that make them very uncomfortable and unhappy and even frightened.

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *grins* it's a good word Mistress.

Asellus~~~ *Flashing smiling eyes at ariel*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~nodding head as her valve speaks.. knowing fully that feeling~..

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: I agree totally Friend
but Wwe all need to our part to ensure that GS slaves wish to be in the tavern (unless furring in an alcove of course) and that new ones feel safe and are not turned into some cheap pot and kettle slave

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Lady's words~ Very true. There are many new faces in the Tavern and a little tolerance and understanding would go a long way. I don't mean that advice shouldn't be offered, just that it be polite.

Gornt~~~ I agree with EK there

calia{GS}~~~ knowing those feelings ariel speaks of...~ when a slave will do anything,everything she can to please,with every fibre of her being...~* .....pining for that smile,that pat...that pleasure He/She rains upon the mere piece of property....

aandra{Cernus}~~~ ... *listening to the talk*

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ As I said, I'm not saying that advice should be kept to oneself, just that the advice should not be given in anger.

Asellus~~~ Right. *Saying with a wink to Lemuel* Remember, Gorean Men were patient Men. Unlike the Men of Earth.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin ponders...granted she's not here in the tavern from sun up to sun set, but in all her days on gor, besides maybe one, has she ever been harrassed or abused in any way by any FM, be He Master or HNG....is it that she's not been so lucky or bored the possible harasser to death with a long winded five post serve and he left? to have only the true Gorean appreciate her serve and stay... she just wonders if electing to not engage in pre-judging has given her only good days on gor? but then again, she's just a slave.

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *grinning, amber eyes flashing, thinks a girl has indeed walked in upon a heated discussion.....lips slightly parted, eyes shining, tossing long hair to the side, showing His ko'lar aandra wears with pride, whispers softly*
aandra agrees with what ariel has said, though a slave and whim to a girl's Master, this one has indeed learned alot and been fortunate to spend alot of time with one's Master, travelled extensively, and knows the He respects at times a girl's words....*smiles shyly*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Asellus~ Aye, and we were all *new* at some point. There is a great deal to be learned by both slave and Free and no one can learn it all overnight. I think it is important to remember this and make some allowance for it.

Cernus~~~ looks to His,well said My girl..walking to His furs and sitting

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ your thoughts are good shirin... but perhaps it's not luck. perhaps it is just that you are self-possessed enough not to attract the kind of person that is going to harrass you. i don't mean to imply that it happens all the time, i don't think that it does. but it is a mistake to think that it doesn't happen at all, 'cause it does.
and ariel's original point was, if perhaps the new ones know exactly how to deal with it GS will be able to attract more tavern slaves and keep them around.

Asellus~~~ I think in order to maintain that balance, a little knowledge needs to be imparted at first. If one, Free or slave, is new, it is perhaps best to sit back and observe silently and hold off on jumping into things so rashly. I can't even remember how many months I sat silently in the furs and observed before I felt comfortable even speaking. *chuckling* And now I don't seem to shut up.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to ariel~ I agree that new slaves should be told how to handle such harasment at the earliest opportunity. It can avoid worse problems later on.

Asellus~~~ And I think, on part of the "old" Free Person who is familiar with the tavern, then a little leeway should be granted for the time being.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to the words of Mistress Asellus.. dark pools dance.. whispering~.. jaz was quiet also as a FW while she was learning.. and when she opened her mouth.. she found herself in collar and silks.. ~laughing softly~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ Aye Master Lemuel, and a slave knows that one must cut and paste anything that might be misconstrued in any way and send it to one's Master...*smiling shyly*

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: perhaps council would consider some written instruction to that effect be included in early reading for a new slave

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ *grins at the Mistress, hugs jaz, stretches, picks her nose* well, there are no easy answers. slaves don't want to be treated like princesses either. it's a fine line to walk either way sometimes.
i've shot my mouth off enough for one night and Master is snuggling up in bed so it's time for me to scoot. i have enjoyed my first forum and hope that i haven't offended anyone to seriously.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling at the Lady's words~ Aye, I did much the same. I think I barely said a dozen words in the first three weeks I was here and I made sure to read all the information on the Home pages as well as asking questions of jasma. ~smiling down at the slave and caressing her cheek~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye ariel, as it is our duty, shirin feels, as sisters, to help the new girls, make them feel safe...~*~smiles~*~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *grinning at jasma, eyes catching the light, seeming to shine.....full lips pulled up into a half smile*

Gornt~~~ and it is Our duty as Free to provide a safe atmosphere for them to grow

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *chuckles softly at shirin's words*
Aye sis, and this one thanks you indeed for your help and friendliness....*winks*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to E.K.~ I'm not sure that there isn't something to that effect already there, but if it isn't we can see about adding it to the slave pages. ~looking to jaz for confirmation~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *looking to Master Gornt, impressed by His words as a Free and a Master*

ariel{R}she-urt~~~ not to safe Master Gornt, *g* You are, after all Masters. and a slave likes the opportunity to shiver a bit.. in a good way.
*shakes her head* this is just not at all easy.

Gornt~~~ Aye lass, I understand

desiree{Algernon}~~~ ~exhaling softly before speaking~
probably being the newest girl in here....this conversation speaks volumes to her....for she will admit...it has difficult for her to come in here without her Master present.....but each time she does...she learns more and more....finding her comfort level growing with each and every visit...but....what of the ones that wish to come in here but do not feel comfortable enough to do so?
~wondering to herself now~ if an "intro" type class could be held for all those who have questions....but were afraid to ask? possibly posting it on the Pool msg board, PH boards and DM boards..inviting those that might have an inkling of interest and would like to learn more without being thrown into it all at once?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Gornt's words~ Aye, for the Tavern would be very dull without the kajirae. ~looking to the FW~ No offense Lady Asellus. ~G~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking up to Master Lemuel~.. new ones are told from the beginning about c&p'ng things when it concerns harassment.. it's also something spoke of alot of times in slave discussions.. as for it being in the slave manual.. a girl believes there is something to that effect already there as well..

upon looking in the slave manual.. a girl didn't come across anything concerning harassment in there.. however, upon looking in past slave notes.. she did come up with something spoke of there before. The jist of it said.. if one is having trouble with a Free harassing them.. personally owned.. would speak with their Owners first.. Tavern owned.. would speak with the first girl, and from there.. a girl would send the concerns to the Council.. If it was a slave doing the harassing to another slave.. it's to be brought to the first girl's attention..
one would like to point out.. that this was spoke of prior to the trainers being placed.. so if jaz wasn't here.. the trainers could be told of the problem also.. vika{M}, shirin{SholGar}, calia{GS} and myst{LGN} are the trainers.. and jaz's email is jody@forcomm.net for any that need to get in touch with her if she's not available in the Tavern at the time. a girl as well will update the slave pages as well with that in mind.

Lucient~~~ adding...
and all new kajira are told to fear the Luc...grins.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to desiree~ Aye, such a thing was discussed last week I believe. Have an *open house* where all poolside was invited to come and ask questions etc.

Asellus~~~ *chuckling and smiling at Lemuel*
Hey! I play the music and they can dance to it. That's fun. Right? Every male likes to watch a slave dance, hmmm? And I can make a little money in the meantime. It all works out. *L*

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Tal Lucient.

calia{GS}~~~ calia quietly whispers to des...~* slave class is a safe place for your questions and wonders...

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye, one's first days in GS were very terrifying!
that's a good idea des ~nods~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~purring from His touch against cheek.. she shakes head as ariel wipes a boogie on her silks.. grrr.. pulling them off frame quickly.. she continues taking the notes~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ Greetings Master Luc....a girl is indeed happy to gaze quickly upon One, and aye, has also been warned about You...*grins, eyes looking at Him, twinkling with laughter*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the first girl's words~ Aye, I thought I had read something like that there. Still, it doesn't hurt to remind everyone now and then. ~S~

Cernus~~~ looks to Luc,being new here with Mine,why are they told to fear You

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *giggles at Master Cernus' question to Master Luc, waiting to see what Master Luc shall answer, rocking gently upon one's heels*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ aye Master Lemuel.. the wench agrees.. never hurts to remind them..

Lucient~~~ It's a joke Cernus...I'm one of the most calm Masters around..
I'm just evil minded..grins.

Cernus~~~ smiles at Luc,then there be two of us of that persuation

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *grins and whispers to one's Master*
Master Cernus, aandra was warned that master Luc be the "adonis" of Gor, and that all girl's chase and desire Him
*looks to Master Luc and winks*
tis that not so Master Luc?...*eyes dancing*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Master Lucient as He speaks.. a grin touching lips~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *smiles, looks to jasma*

Cernus~~~ lol....at His....and do you wish to join in the chase??

aandra{Cernus}~~~ Nay Master Cernus!!!!...never would aandra wish to depart from Your side!...*daringly leans into Him, feeling His heat touching a girl, eyes beeging for His touch*


Tavern Tattler/Bios/Future Forums

Lemuel~~~ ~listening as the discussion quiets~ Are ther any other topics for discussion then? PM them to Me if Y/you have something. ~S~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *looking back to Master Lemuel, quietly settles and listens, hoping there be more to discuss, as one would like to learn more*

Lemuel~~~ ~looking about~ Nothing more? General questions? Anybody?

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~trying to think of a topic~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ If I don't get a topic soon I guess I could always talk about how those tall towers are ventilated....

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *looks to Master Lemuel*
towers ventilated, tis not a bad topic Master Lemual...*smiling widely*

Asellus~~~ *chuckling at Lemuel's proposal* If only Ceredigawn were here. *L*

Lemuel~~~ Anyone interested in writing an article for the next issue of the Tavern Tattler should send it to Tavern Tattler before the 25th of this month.
Also, if you don't already have a bio on the Home page, please consider telling everyone something about yourself by submitting a bio.

calia{GS}~~~ slaves belly toiling as she hears of the bios,this slaves nearly ...finished ~winking at mistress jasma~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins to the Lady~ I woudn't want to put the room to sleep.

Asellus~~~ Good suggestion, Lemuel! *smiling widely* There are so many long-time pledged patrons who have yet to submit a bio. *nodding agreeably with Lemuel's suggestion* And if any have questions while writing concerning castes, cities, anything! save the idea / question for the next forum. *S*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~smiling warmly as Master Lemuel speaks of both the Tavern Tattler and bios.. offering~
the bios are for both Free and slaves..
send those in to jasma{GS~FG}

Cernus~~~ a bio,sounds good,perhaps in the morning will take writing stick and do just that

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Aye Asellus, and that reminds Me...I could use some more ideas for the Free Men's forums on Thursdays. Last week we discussed the castes of Gor and I think we shall continue that discussion this week.

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *looks to Him, eyes adoring*
Aye Master, and You definately have some interesting facts and things to tell...*grins*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to calia.. winking back~..

Cernus~~~ aye Lemuel,I believe we got off the track a bit on the castes

Asellus~~~ Caste and City talk lead to endless debates and musings. I, for one, love talking and learning about castes. *nodding*

Lemuel~~~ ~winking and smiling at the first girl~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Aye Cernus we did a little, which is why I think we'll continue it this week.
~looking to the Lady~ Aye, it was a very interesting discussion and pulled in quite a few participants. We will be in the Tavern again since that seems to work best. ~S~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~nudging head against the handsome One's thigh.. then looking to Him.. winking back~

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ O.K. - How's this for a future topic for the Thursday forums, "Plants and Animals of Gor"?

Asellus~~~ Excellent! Then perhaps I can attend and listen in? *ss*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Asellus~ Of course You may, Lady. ~S~
The *open* forums held in the tavern seem to get the best attendance, so I've been holding many of the discussions here.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening as He speaks~..

Asellus~~~ *Nodding, making a few mental notes about the future forums*


Pop Quiz

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Pop quiz....
What is a vart?

Asellus~~~ Vart--*thinking She knows this one*--a winged creature.....? *still thinking, not wanting to cheat*

Asellus~~~ Something to be feared?.....

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding encouragement~ Aye Lady, it does have wings. Any more details?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ small sharp-toothed winged mammal, carnivorous, which commonly flies in flocks

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to shirin~ Aye, good answer girl. Where are you likely to find them?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~covers mouth~*~ darn, was she to know that by heart?

Asellus~~~ *chuckling at shirin, thinking that sounds right* I forget what I associated it with on earth though. In what book is the vart mentioned?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Just trying to make the last few minutes interesting. ~BG~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ jaz associates it with an Earthen bat.. and it's mentioned in Raiders and Explorers..

calia{GS}~~~ knowing their blind...~ looking to shirin with a grin...

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Lady Asellus~ Aye, the vart is a bat-like creature that is common on the island of Cos(?).

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~laughing softly at the blind reference.. ~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ in trees, upside down.....some are in he rain forests inland of Schendi
~*~laffin at calia~*~ they could be sis

Asellus~~~ Should have gone with My first thought! *laughing and nodding at the information offered*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ one thought that it was Tyros that was famed for its vart caves?

Gornt~~~ and vart guano?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Make that Tyros...

"Tyros is a rugged island, with mountains. She is famed for her vart caves, and indeed, on that island, trained varts, batlike creatures, some the size of small dogs, are used as weapons."


Tyros is a rugged island, with mountains. She is famed for her vart caves, and indeed, on that island, trained varts, batlike cratures, some the size of small dogs, are used as weapons.
Raiders of Gor, page 139

Asellus~~~ Weapons, Lemuel? *wondering how...?*

Lemuel~~~ Oh, and that was on page 139 of "Raiders" BTW.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~shivers thinking of attacking dog sized varts~*~ about as bad as urts, oooooooooo

calia{GS}~~~ Vart
A batlike flying rodent, often the size of a small dog. It is blind, and carnivorous.

"Perhaps most I dreaded those nights filled with the shrieks of the vart pack, a blind, batlike swarm of flying rodents, each the size of a small dog. They could strip a carcass in a matter of minutes, each carrying back some fluttering ribbon of flesh to the recesses of whatever dark cave the swarm had chosen for its home. Moreover, some vart packs were rabid.
Outlaw of Gor, page 26

"Tyros is a rugged island, with mountains. She is famed for her vart caves, and indeed, on that island, trained varts, batlike creatures, some the size of small dogs, are used as weapons." Raiders of Gor, page 139

(mistress jasma is sooooo smart ) ~purrring at her ,with a warm smile~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Great minds think alike, jaz.

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Think of attack dogs, Asellus and You'll get the idea.

calia{GS}~~~ slithering her hand,over her post...erasing the same quote calia posted ~blushing~


The Vart is a small, sharp-toothed winged mammal, carnivorous, which commonly flies in flocks.
Explorers of Gor, page 36

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the water clock~ I see that we've run a little late, so I'll call the forum to a close now.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin thanks You Master Lemuel for chairing the forum tonight, she has learn much this night ~*~ss~*~

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles to the first girl~ Aye, I can see that the plants and animals topic will be a popular one.

calia{GS}~~~ calias voice softly lifts...
thank You Master Lemuel for leading such informative forum this night...

Gornt~~~ another Fine job Lemuel

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~sensual lips curl into a smile~
thank You, Master Lemuel for a wonderful forum.. as always.. slave learned much..

Asellus~~~ Lemuel, thank You for doing a wonderful job of moderating this night's forum as well as for maintaining the honor of the tavern. *nodding with respect*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ aye, Master.. one agrees.. an area that's not gone over too often.. will be good to cover it..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to T/those present~ Aye, it was My pleasure to modrate the forum tonight.