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Port Kar vs Other Cities
Travelling *online*
Pledging to one place

Port Kar vs Other Cities

Lemuel~~~ Well......might as well get things started. Same rules as always, no need to beg entrance or to leave, keep greetings and off topic talk to a minimum, etc.
Anyone with a topic send it to Me in a whisper...

Kayla~~~ ~sitting back on My heels and listening for the first topic~

Errand Knight~~~ *waves to A/all not wanting to interupt as forum starts*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening as her Owner begins the forum.. waving a greeting to Master Knight~

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Alright, since I don't have any other topic yet...let's start off with this......
"What are some of the ways that Port Kar is different from other Gorean cities?"

Kyoto~~~ No roads lead to it...

Kayla~~~ Well the FC thing to start.... Not recgonized here

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ Pork Kar does not believe in FC whereas other cities do...it does also not celebrate kajirila (hehehe) fa can never get that word right.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ It was the only city built by slaves

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at the answers thus far, smiling~

Kyoto~~~ More canals than actual roads within the city walls, only city to recognize cast of thieves...

Kayla~~~ No cylinders here....
Home of the roughest, toughest and meanest of Men

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ There are no towers as there are with other cities.

Rok CG-GA~~~ it is the only city that recognizes the Thief Caste

Errand Knight~~~ well I suppose its most important difference in gorean terms,,,physical features aside...must relate to the Council of Captains (rt the Ubar)and the homestone issue

Kyoto~~~ Run by a council of Captains rather than an Ubar...


"The Kajuralia, or the Holiday of Slaves, or Festival of Slaves, occurs in most of the northern, civilized cities of known Gor once a year. The only exception to this that I know of is Port Kar, in the delta of the Vosk." - Assassin of Gor.

Kyoto~~~ Best damned kajira on Gor...

Paedur of Culai~~~ Listens and learns.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ thank You for the spelling of it Master Lemuel ~*grins*~

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *giggles softly at Master Kyoto*
and the MOST handsome Masters too!!!


"There are few thieves, incidentally, on Gor. I have heard, though, there is a Caste of Thieves in Port Kar, a strong caste which naturally protects its members from such indignities as ear notching." - Nomads of Gor

Kyoto~~~ *winks at fa*

Paedur of Culai~~~ Chuckles as I know I would not be able to spell it either fallen angel.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Aye, Port Kar is known especially for her dancers...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening and offering~.. aye, but up to a time there was the governing Ubars, before the Council of Captains took over

Mandi~~~ kajuralia is a hoot, but it's just as well it is not the practice here.


I didn't really feel like telling Elizabeth that no one ever feels sorry for a wench from Port Kar. They tend to be superb, feline, vicious, startling. They are famed as dancers throughout all the cities of Gor. (Nomads of Gor)

Mandi~~~ *looking at fa as smile lines appear above veils* That one would be a handful. she'd have somethin' straight outta the books, I am sure.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the comments~ Perhaps the lack of a Home Stone and the fact that Port Kar was built by slaves are linked?

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ ~*smiling at Mistress Mandi*

Kyoto~~~ Even then, jas, the Ubars were a group of five very powerful Captains who sat at the head of the council of Captains.


Port Kar, squalid, malignant Port Kar, scourge of the gleaming Thassa, Tarn of the Sea, is a vast, disjointed mass of holdings, each almost a fortress, piled almost upon one another, divided and crossed by hundreds of canals. It is, in effect, walled, though it has few walls as one normally thinks of them. Those buildings which face outwards, say, either at the delta or along the shallow Tamber Gulf, have no windows on the outwards side, and the outward walls of them are several feet thick, and they are surmounted, on the roofs, with crenelated parapets. The canals which open into the delta of the Tamber were, in the last few years, fitted with heavy, half-submerged gates of bars. We had entered the city through one such pair of gates. In Port Kar, incidentally, there are none of the towers often encountered in the northern cities of Gor. The men of Port Kar had not chosen to build towers. It is the only city on Gor, I know of which was built not by free men, but by slaves, under the lash of masters. Commonly, on Gor, slaves are not permitted to build, that being regarded as a privilege to be reserved for the free men.
Raiders of Gor, pages 103-104

Mandi~~~ jas, that is a great quote.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *listenign and smiling at jaz' quote*

Errand Knight~~~ Also prior to 10120 C.A., Port Kar did not possess a Home Stone. This may have served in part to give Port Kar some of its infamy because of the importance most Goreans place upon the Home Stone. How could they respect a city without a Home Stone? But in Se'Kara of that year, during the problems of the Ubars' treachery, Port Kar acquired a Home Stone. As the naval forces of Cos and Tyros neared Port Kar, many of the residents of Port Kar fled, worried that they would be killed or captured by the superior forces of Cos and Tyros. To unite the remaining people of Port Kar, Tarl Cabot decided to give the city a Home Stone, a rallying symbol. At this time, Tarl was known as Bosk of Port Kar and he had become a Captain of Port Kar. He sent a slave out into the streets of Port Kar to find a rock. The slave returned with a common gray rock, just larger than a fist. Tarl carved the initials of Port Kar, in block script, into this stone. It was then brought to the Council of Captains where it was eagerly accepted by the people of Port Kar as their Home Stone. The remaning men then did unite, proud that they now possessed a Home Stone. Without this Home Stone, Port Kar would most likely have been conquered by Cos and Tyros.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to Master Kyoto~.. aye, Master..

Politically, Port Kar is a chaos, ruled by several conflicting Ubars, each with his own following, each attempting to terrorize, to govern and tax to the extent of his power. Nominally beneath these Ubars, but in fact much independent of them, is an oligarchy of merchant princes, Captains, as they call themselves, who, in council, maintain and manage the great arsenal, building and renting ships and fittings, themselves controlling the grain fleet, the oil fleet, the slave fleet, and others.
Raiders of Gor, Page 104

Paedur of Culai~~~ Listening more tonight.

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles at E.K.~ Very good.
What about weapons, any unique to Port Kar?

Errand Knight~~~ Port Kar has the only known Caste of Thieves on Gor. In most cities, thieves are punished very severely. But in Port Kar, not only are thieves allowed to exist, but it is even considered an honorable profession and their skills are highly regarded. The thieves themselves are proud and sons and some daughters follow in the footsteps of their father who was a thief. Women may belong to this Caste and freely practice its skills. The Caste is very territorial and dole out specific territories to its members. They also will hunt down thieves who choose not to belong to the Caste. The Caste does not tolerate outside competition. Caste members wear a brand on their right cheek, the infamous Thief's Scar. It is a tiny, three-pronged brand burned into the face in back of and below the right eye, over the cheekbone. It does seem strange that a thief who relies on not being caught should advertise their affiliation so openly. Maybe it is considered more of a challenge that way, a method of culling out the weak and foolish.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~smiling~.. thank You, Mistress Mandi

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to her Owner's question~
the whip knife, Master

Mandi~~~ **enjoying this Forum as a special event, thankful for Lem, EK, and jas**

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at My kajira~ Aye jasma, the whip knife.

"...Kamchak was almost certain to be as unfamiliar with the sword as you or I would be with any of the more unusual weapons of Gor, say, the whip knife of Port Kar or the trained varts of the caves of Tyros." (Nomads of Gor)

Errand Knight~~~ of course the long bow has a particular history binding it to Port Kar:
Outside of the city limits, Port Kar claims soverignity over the entire Vosk delta. In actuality, Port Kar is unable to effectively control this huge region. Port Kar did situate log outposts on the edges of the delta. These outposts were used primarily by Slavers and and trained sleen patrols. Port Kar once sent Warriors to collect tribute and taxes from the Rencers that live in the marshes. Port Kar sought rence paper, women for slaves, and male children for slaves on their galleys. Port Kar was very brutal in its treatment of the Rencers and thus the Rencers would reciprocate that brutality if they happened to capture a resident of Port Kar. They would commonly bind their prisoner and toss them to the marsh tharlarion. But after Tarl Cabot visited the Rencers in Raiders of Gor, and proved to them the efficacy of the long bow, the Rencers decided to adopt the long bow as a weapon against their enemies. Port Kar then became much warier of the Rencers and eventually they formed more of a truce. Thus, some in Port Kar use Rencer bowman as auxiliaries.

Mandi~~~ Would not any weapon anywhere on Gor appear in Port Kar, as the Outcasts and Pirates and other Nefarious Characters (not meant as an insult since that is the norm for PKar) would be coming to Port Kar from all parts of Gor?


The two drunken seamen were now cutting away wildly, at one another, with whip knives....
Raiders of Gor, page 109

The whip knife is a delicate weapon, and can be used with elegance, with finesse; it is, as far as I know, unique to Port Kar.
Raiders of Gor, page 109

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ is Port Kar the only place to have a floating market?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ Yes, a person is likely to see a wide variety of weapons in Port Kar since it is home to people from so many different backgrounds and a thriving sea port.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ Its called the Place of the Twenty-Fifth of Se'Kara, the floating market encircles the monument commemoriting Port Kars success in navel engagement.

Lemuel~~~ ~scratching My head~ A floating market, fa? I vaguely remember something about that...but it isn't very clear in this old addled brain of Mine. ~S~ Do you have a quote?

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ also, is Port Kar the only place that is governed by two seperate law enforcements? Council of the Guard and the Arsenal?

Mandi~~~ *smile lines appear above veils as I think of the Tvordslander's huge Axe* I've seen axes, scimitars, katanas, daggers, short swords, swords, and some sort of poles in spars. I cannot recall actually seeing a whip knife in a spar.

fallen~angel~~~ no Master Lemuel, fa read it on another site....she had to look up the place to get the name of it.

Lemuel~~~ ~My face brightening as I remember with the help of fa's reference~ Ah yes, that would be in "Players of Gor" I believe.

Errand Knight~~~ The Whip Knife is weapon unique to Port Kar. It is essentially a whip but the last eighteen inches of the weapon contains a series of twenty blades. These thin cutting edges are arrayed in groups of four. The blades can thus be used to cut a man's throat from a distance. The weapon does require great skill as it could be dangerous to an untrained wielder who could injure himself. It can also be a beautiful weapon to observe if wielded by a trained individual. It is unknown if this weapon is common to all residents of Port Kar or if it is more commonly limited to certain Castes such as the Warriors or Slavers.

Errand Knight~~~ There are two, separate law enforcement groups in the city, the Council Guard and the Arsenal Guard. They each possess distinct uniforms so they are easily recognizable. The Council Guard acts as the city police while the Arsenal Guard possesses jurisdiction only within the confines of the Arsenal. The use of the port facilities is regulated by a board of four magistrates called the Port Consortium. They and responsible to and report directly to the Council of Captains. Besides their naval force, Port Kar also possesses cavalries of mercenary tarnsmen and some now use rencer bowmen as auxiliaries.


Meanwhile, while I had been plying the trade of pirate, the military and political ventures of the Council itself, within the city, had proceeded well. For one thing, they had now formed a Council Guard, with its distinct livery, that was now recognized as a force of the Council, and, in effect, as the police of the city. The Arsenal Guard, however, perhaps for traditional reasons, remained a separate body, concerned with the arsenal, and having jurisdiction within its walls. For another thing, the four Ubars, Chung, Eteocles, Nigel and Sullius Maximus, their powers considerably reduced during the time of the unsuccessful coup of Henrius Sevarius, had apparently resigned themselves to the supremacy of the Council in the city. At any rate, for the first time in several years, there was now a single, effective soverign in Port Kar, the Council. Accordingly, its word, and, in effect, its word alone, was law. A similar consolidation and unification had taken place, of course, in the realm of inspections and taxations, penalties and enforcements, codes and courts. For the first time in several years one could count on the law being the same on both sides of a given canal.
Raiders of Gor, pages 218-219

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ The Whip Knife is weapon unique to Port Kar. It is essentially a whip but the last eighteen inches of the weapon contains a series of twenty blades. These thin cutting edges are arrayed in groups of four. The blades can thus be used to cut a man's throat from a distance. The weapon does require great skill as it could be dangerous to an untrained wielder who could injure himself. It can also be a beautiful weapon to observe if wielded by a trained individual. It is unknown if this weapon is common to all residents of Port Kar or if it is more commonly limited to certain Castes such as the Warriors or Slavers

Errand Knight~~~ the floating market:
Most of the residents of Port Kar own their own small boats for travel through the city. These boats are commonly narrow, shallow-drafted vessels that can easily pass through any canal, large or small. As they are often small and require a single-oar then even children can maneuver these boats. These boats are essential for residents to reach the numerous merchants of the city. There are many small markets located on the narrow walkways bordering the canals. Sometimes these walkways are so crowded that some merchants will simply sell their wares from their own boats. The Council of Captains has authorized a single floating market, located in a lake-like area near the Arsenal. It is called the Place of the Twenty-Fifth of Se'Kara, because there is a monument there commemorating Port Kar's success in that great naval engagement. This monument rises from the midst of the waters and the market encircles it.


I glanced outside. The smell of fruit and vegetables, and verr milk, was strong. I also heard the chatter of women. Dozens of women were spreading their blankets, and their wares, on the cement. There are many such markets in Port Kar. Men and women come to them in small boats. Also, of course, sometimes the vendors, too, will merely tie up their boats near the side of the canal, particularly when the space on the cement is crowded. The markets, thus, tend to extend into the canal itself. The only fully floating market authorized by the Council of Captains occurs in a lakelike area near the arsenal. It is called the Place of the Twenty-fifth of Se`Kara, because of the monument there, rising from the water. On the twenty-fifth of Se`Kara in Year One of the Sovereignty of the Council of Captains, the year 10,120 C.A., Contasta Ar, from the Founding of Ar, a sea battle took place in which the fleet of Port Kar defeated the fleets of Cos and Tyros. The monument, of course, commemorates this victory. The market forms itself around the monument. That year, incidentally, is also regarded as significant in the history of Port Kar because it was in that year that, as it is said, a Home Stone consented to reside within the city.
Savages of Gor, pages 60-61

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ ~*giggling softly*~ Master Errand Knight, We have the same reference pages!!!! ~*hehehehehe*~

Mandi~~~ **eyes brightening** Great M/minds........

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ I'll have to get that link from one of you two. Seems like it has some good info. ~S~

Errand Knight~~~ this is interesting:
Port Kar has a number of other interesting quirks. It is one of the few cities on Gor that welcomes strangers. Port Kar will generally accept anyone into their city and does not immediately treat them as an enemy. Thus, it is a good refuge for outcasts from other cities. This may possibly change in the future due to the fact the city now possesses a Home Stone. The honor of the Home Stone may dictate that the city becomes more discrimanate in who they permit entrance into their city. Port Kar also does not recognize the institution of Free Companionship. Free women in a steady relationship with a man of Port Kar are simply known as the women of their men. It is unknown if that status carries any legal ramifications within the city.


I was in the delta of the Vosk, and making my way to the city of Port Kar, which alone of Gorean cities commonly welcomes strangers, though few but exiles, murderers, outlaws, thieves and cutthroats would care to find their way to her canaled darknesses.
Raiders of Gor, page 6

Port Kar does not recognize the Free Companionship, but there are free women in the city, who are known simply as the women of their men.
Raiders of Gor, page 295

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ O.K. - how about clothing...is there any way a person would recognize a man from Port Kar outside the city?


About his left shoulder, in the manner of his city, he had worn the knotted ropes of Port Kar;...
Raiders of Gor, page 6

Errand Knight~~~ A Captain is permitted to wear a crest of sleen hair on their helmets. Each Captain also has a special chair at the Council meetings. The wooden chair is marked with the symbol of a helmet with a crest of sleen fur. Fleet admirals, a higher ranking, are permitted to wear purple robes with gold trim on the sleeves and borders. They also wear a golden cap with tassels and a matching cloak. There is no mention of how many fleet admirals exist in Port Kar. The Council does honor its members that excel. The most coveted accolade is the award of the worthy captain. This award consists of a broad scarlet ribbon with a medallion of gold. The medallion bear the picture of a tarn ship and the initials of the Council of Captains are in a half curve beneath the ship. Outside of Port Kar, some of its citizens wear the city's insignia, two knotted ropes one's left shoulder. It is not clear in the books whether on Captains are permitted to wear this insignia or if all residents of Port Kar may do so.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at My girl~ Aye, the Men of Port Kar wear knotted ropes about their left shoulders.
~carefully adjusting the red-dyed ropes about My own left shoulder~

Paedur of Culai~~~ Now does all this information come directly from the books, or it is interprettd some how?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~smiling to her Master and then going back to scribing~

Lemuel~~~ ~looks to Paedur~ It mostly comes directly from the books. I can get quotes for the floating market and the seperate police force of Port Kar.

Paedur of Culai~~~ Oh thank You Lemuel.
I have not gotten through many books just yet.
But I will look for this information as I read.
I just have seen at other sites, where it is an interpretation of the books versus quotes directly.
I was simply wondering. *nods*

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ they come from the books Master Paedur, Ubar Luther used to have quotes in His old site, but now He has more information, perhaps He didn't have enough space for the quotes? *shrugs shoulders*

Kayla~~~ The ones with page numers and names of books are direct quotes the others from Luthor's site which is nay but a condensed version

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ As E.K. mentioned, Luther's site is very thorough, but does not cite the page numbers or books from which He gathered the information. Other sites, such as The Central Fire, do index their information better.

Errand Knight~~~ I have not heard of the garbage death for slaves outside of Port Kar and of course given the canals We have more urts and urt hunters than anywhere else on gor

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ fa would also think, that like Earth, different plants grow in different climates. do Any know of any plants that are only found in Port Kar?

Kayla~~~ Also the My-Gor reference site gives books and page numbers.

Paedur of Culai~~~ ThankYou Lady Kayla, and fallen angel.
I had not been to Luther's site, but I shall visit to help give Me more information.

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ As far as the books go, rence seems to be unique to the delta of the Vosk...maybe that counts.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ that is all fa could find also Master Lemuel....

Kayla~~~ ~Nods at the Captains words~... I don't remember rence in any other book I have read

Errand Knight~~~ fallen: I had the impression that PK is a very crowded city, with residences often closely abutting each other meaning that there are few gardens or courts, space is often too valuable to spare for such luxuries.
The city does however claim sovereignity over several areas, called preserves, within the northern forests. This provides PK with its much needed timber such as tur wood, Ka-la-na, Tem-wood, and needle trees, crucial to the ship construction industry

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~offering to Master Knight~

"..In Port Kar, doubtless, you would be given the Garbage Death--bound naked and hurled to the urts in the canals"
Tribesmen of Gor, page 313

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ ~*listening and nodding*~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to E.K.~ Aye, Port Kar is often refered to as "crowded" and "squalid" in the books. Also, the city is built on tidal marsh lands, not much would grow in the salty soil around the city except marsh plants.

Mandi~~~ jas, what conduct would rate a "Garbage Death?"

Errand Knight~~~ The Port gets its rence paper from the rencers and whilst it claims soverignity over the entire Vosk delta it is unable to effectively control this huge region. It has some log outposts on the edges of the delta which were used primarily by Slavers and and trained sleen patrols. Port Kar once sent Warriors to collect tribute and taxes from the Rencers that live in the marshes. Port Kar sought rence paper, women for slaves, and male children for slaves on their galleys. Port Kar was very brutal in its treatment of the Rencers and thus the Rencers would reciprocate that brutality if they happened to capture a resident of Port Kar.


.. Then, from within the collar, he drew forth a thin, folded piece of paper, rence paper made from the fibers of the rence plant, a tall, long-stalked leafy plant which grows predominately in the delta of the Vosk. I suppose, in itself, this meant nothing, but I naturally thought of Port Kar, malignant, squalid Port Kar, which claims suzerainty over the delta, exacting cruel tributes from the rence growers, great stocks of rence paper for trade, sons for oarsmen in cargo galleys, daughters for Pleasure Slaves in the taverns of the city. I would have expected the message to have been written either on stout, glossy-surfaced linen paper, or the sort milled in Ar, or perhaps on vellum and parchment, prepared in many cities and used commonly in scrolls, the process involving among other things the washing and liming of the skins, their scraping and stretching, dusting them with sifted chalk, rubbing them down with pumice.
Nomads of Gor, page 49

Lemuel~~~ How about foods...what kinds of food would be common in Port Kar that one might not see frequently elsewhere?

Errand Knight~~~ Mandi: I would think to be displeasing would be enough ...I mean if We are prepared to use pleasing slaves as urt-bait in Port Kar what do We do with the displeasing ones? not that there are any in this tavern of course

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ In the instance that it was spoken of, Mistress Mandi it was when Tarl once more owned Vella, (Elizabeth) and she had betrayed Priest Kings.. and she had mentioned that she could be tortured and impaled and Tarl said that she wasn't worth an honorable death.. but the death of a slave girl.. of one whom has not been pleasing.

Lemuel~~~ ~listening to the sudden silence~ What, no one cares to hazard a guess? ~S~

Lemuel~~~ ~wondering what kind of foods might be in abundance in a sea port...~

Kayla~~~ well of course seafood would be abundant

Errand Knight~~~ Lemuel: I would hassard a guess that to be as healthy as we are and as the city doesnt grow its own food..there must be a lot of seafood and reliance on that the fleets bring in. Just about everyone in the city has a boat. For the rest we must get the common foods offered in the tavern from the delta.

Paedur of Culai~~~ Learning and listening here Lemuel.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling and nodding to Kayla~ Yes, a large variety of seafoods - fish, clams, oysters, marsh shark, wing-fish livers, etc. and river denizens such as eels. ~S~

"It is perhaps a small thing to see on the belt of an artisan a silver buckle of the style worn in mountainous Thentis or to note the delicacy of dried eels from Port Kar in the marketplace, but these things, small though they are, speak to me of a new Tharna." Outlaw of Gor - page 248

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to her Master~
well.. hmmm.. a girl would hazard a guess at since we've already mentioned rence paper as being from the Port Kar area.. then that would also mean that since all parts of the rence plant can be used for something.. that it would also be a means of food supply..
Marsh Shark would also be a food of Port Kar, as well as cosian wingfish.. dried eels..

Lemuel~~~ The poorer folk might even eat what the Rencers do, the pith of the rence plant.

"The plant has many uses besides serving as a raw product in the manufacture of rence paper. The root, which is woody and heavy, is used for certain wooden tools and utensils, which can be carved from it; also, when dried, it makes a good fuel; from the stem the rence growers can make reed boats, sails, mats, cords and a kind of fibrous cloth; further, its pith is edible, and for the rence growers is, with fish, a staple in their diet; the pith is edible both raw and cooked; some men, lost in the delta, not knowing the pith edible, have died of starvation in the midst of what was, had they known it, an almost endless abundance of food."

Errand Knight~~~ gone right off eels ..I know that the canals are lousy with them but then theyre are not only used for our sewerage but the urts poo in them

Errand Knight~~~ sits back sucking on a rence stalk.

Errand Knight~~~ and you'd imagine notwithstanding the crowding their would be plenty of vulo


Travelling *online*

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Since we seem to have exhausted the Port Kar topic, here's another:
"What protocols should those pledged to GS or its slaves follow when travelling to other Gorean sites?"

Mandi~~~ Lemuel, I would strongly advise A/all Free or slaves to follow the protocols in the other Homes.

Rok CG-GA~~~ *nods in agreement with Mandi*

Mandi~~~ And if those protocols are in conflict with restrictions, to not travel to those places.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ Aye, as the saying goes......"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Mandi~~~ Do not mistake the welcome of an Ubar for the acceptance of the Residents. Read all materials available as far as the protocols are concerned for that Home, and do not travel unescorted if You are a FW or slave.

Errand Knight~~~ listening
when travelling elsewhere on gor I tag Myself as Errand Knight(GS) and explain My Home..is that expected?

Mandi~~~ **chuckling softly behind veils and looking to Rok**
Or when in Ar do as the Aryans do.

Kayla~~~ As the saying goes "while in Rome..." I imagine that other sites could give a urts but for what Our rules are her as We feel about the rules of other sites while in GS... Best follow the rules if if disagreed with when visiting or the visit may not be very fun ~grin~

Mandi~~~ That is one way to do that. I do not use GS by My handle, and I just travel as Mandi.

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ I don't do much traveling anymore, E.K. but I think it would be helpful for others to know where you are from.

Rok CG-GA~~~ *laughs* aye Mandi

Errand Knight~~~ ...and always walk on the left side of the road

Mandi~~~ While discussions on comparative culture are scintillating, sometimes being too verbal about the differences between One's Home at GS and another Home is not wise. Telling P/people where O/one is from can be helpful to T/them, though.

Kayla~~~ EK ... Personally as a FreeWoman I would not tag My name thusly for it may be interpeted wrong... I have seen Men harassed for tagging thier name wrongly by some...

Mandi~~~ *laughing* You know that You will probably run into P/people W/who know You, just about anywhere You go.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at Mandi's words~ Just because one is accustomed to doing things a certain way doesn't mean they are the best way or the only way.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to the words being spoken as she scribes the notes.. ~

Mandi~~~ I would recommend using the same handle wherever O/one travels in Gor, lest One be mistaken for a Gamer, Dualer, or other unsavory Personality.

Errand Knight~~~ Kayla: I had not thought of that ...I know that I have seen Some from here travel with a reference to here visible and Others not..I can see the problem of ownership being confused with location..thank You

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~softly offering as well although there aren't any other slave types in the Tavern right now~
also a girl has heard of many a slave travelling to other Gorean homes without their collar.. if a girl is owned by One or a camp, room, home, tavern in one place.. the girl is Owned.. no matter if she's in her Master's home.. or travelling to another Gor room.. she doesn't become uncollared, just because she's no longer in her Master's home at the time.

Mandi~~~ uncollared slaves, or "freenecks" face some special risks, jas. And some sites fail to honor even valid collars. And a slave forgetting her collar can be mistaken for a runaway and treated badly in some places.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~nodding as Mistress Mandi speaks~.. which is why it's a good thing for a slave to be aware of other site rules.. ~

Mandi~~~ Back on topic in the travel, it is possible to be the same Person in another Home as One is here, just conforming to the standards and practices prevailing there.
And it is amazing how many places keep records of ip's and so forth in a much more organized manner than is done here. I was amazed at some of the things other places do.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ Yes, it amazed Me that ip's are tracked so closely by some. It never occured to Me to even notice.
On the different practices, sometimes one runs into something that seems strange to them. There are sites that expect people to use the online/kassar language and others that have menu items that might not be found in the books, but that is *their* way.

Errand Knight~~~ *chuckles at Mandi*

Rok CG-GA~~~ *grins* I found one of the best ways to learn was to ask questions.

Mandi~~~ The Kassar language is kind of strange when taken to extremes. Best learn the most commonly used terms if You will be somewhere often.
Actually, Most Gorean Homes will extend a great deal of hospitality, even if One is under the "microscope" so to speak. Just be honest.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at Mandi~ Aye, honesty is the best policy. Just let everyone know you are new and would like to learn and most are willing to help.

Mandi~~~ Lemuel, asking questions can actually be fun, too.
And the comparative cultural studies is always interesting.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening~
the Kassar language is not of the books, and jas don't feel she should be required to go to another *home* and have to say jashi.. etc.. however.. Kailla and Dust Leg, among other languages were used.. but a girl has a hard enough time speaking one language, than having to learn others..

Errand Knight~~~ Mandi: that is true ...have visited a few nomad sites ...luved learning about thier customs, dress etc ..andthe wagons make fur as comfortable a furring place as some of our alcoves! *lol*

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles~ Yes, asking questions can be a lot of fun and I always enjoy learning about different cultures.

Kayla~~~ ~Nods at jas's words~

Errand Knight~~~

"How can one know the answer to a question which one fears to ask?" (Explorers of Gor, p.11)

Mandi~~~ EK, perhaps if One fears the question, One has a pretty good idea what the answer is.



Mandi~~~ Occasionally P/people travelling in cognito under another Name get into some PR problems.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Mandi~ Aye, I would use My name wherever I went. I probably wouldn't use My title though. Just because I'm a Captain here doesn't mean squat elswhere.

Mandi~~~ Honesty is the best policy. There are only a Few sites that will not give One a chance to leave before things get really bad.

Lemuel~~~ ....though I do use My title and the name of the Tavern when posting on other boards. Kind of an advertisement for the Tavern. ~S~

Errand Knight~~~ I always have some problem with different tags, though I can see why some do so when moving beyond gor. I think it would be totally unaceptable to use more than one gorean name

Rok CG-GA~~~aye Lemuel...I am the same way..I use My name regardless of where I am, but I also wear My title, escpecially when at the homes of allies of the Gates, but also to those that are not.

Kayla~~~ No Biggie EK.. was a lesson I leaned by hard knocks...LOL

Errand Knight~~~ gawd I have enough trouble with multiple tags just in Poolside!

Mandi~~~ Aye, EK. You have consistently used ONE online handle in Your entire online existence. M/many need to have "alter egos" for whatever reasons. I think that would be confusing, but S/some find it more convenient.
M/many have a Poolie handle, a DM handle, and even a couple of icons under other handles, in addition to the Gorean handle.
I guess it would not be problemmatical unless One was going around with multiple Gorean identities.

Paedur of Culai~~~ Smiles, well I use the handle of Paedur as I learn of Gor, and I use Canis lupus with other BDSM sites.
A separation and to remind Me what Mind set, and what rules apply.

Rok CG-GA~~~ I too had different names, but once I made the trasition to Gor, Rok is what I went with when I made the commitment and decision to follow this lifestyle.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Paedur~ I can understand that. And I have mixed feelings about people using other "Gorean" names. I can understand how someone may wish to reinvent themselves after making mistakes, but I mostly feel that a person should stick with the identity they create.

Errand Knight~~~ no I mean no criticism of multiple handles ..the point is that multiple gorean handles should be out ..personally I always am EK but have no problem (other than an easily confused aging mind) with more than one handle beyond gor ..so long as it is not to deceive, which sadly it often is
It is why I am EK here ..a particularly dumb gorean name

Paedur of Culai~~~ Well Canis lupus is who I am, and how I am, completely.
A true real BDSM Master of many moons.
When I speak as Canis, I know what I am speaking of.
Paedur is more a role play handle.
One to remind Me that I don't know much of anything here, and so best to sit back, listen and learn, until I do know enough.
But I won't hide the fact I am both. All O/one has to do is ask, or be close enough for Me to let T/them know. *S*

Mandi~~~ Lemuel, it might not be a can of worms W/we would wish to open, as it could affect U/us here at GS if W/we looked too closely, even to S/some of O/our "Own."
We have "Dualers" in here.
I would assume that a "No Harm, No Foul" principle would apply.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ I agree E.K. and I am "Lemuel" wherever I go, mostly out of laziness and the difficulty of keeping multiple names straight in My own head. ~grins~

Errand Knight<~~~ it is interesting ....some some here who I meet in non gorean chat are still same tagged and others change their tag ...as I say intetresting and never a problem unless deception is involved..then they're dead to to me

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Mandi~ Aye, and I'm not condemning anyone that does use a different name in a Gorean room. As I said, I can see and understand reasons for doing so.

Paedur of Culai~~~ Lemuel, I do not wish to reinvent Myself as You say.
I am not ashamed of the mistake I have made and I own up to Them, each and every one.
But Canis lupus is viewed by S/some as knowing what He is talking about, and should be listened to to learn.
Here in Gor, I do not, and I do not wish to ever give the impression that I know when I do not.
So not a reinvention. I am who I am regardless of the handle.

Rok CG-GA~~~ *nods* as it should be. If One chooses a name, that should be it. Dueling can be dangerous to say the least...and frowned upon at best.

Mandi~~~ Dead, to You, EK?
At what point do You consider it "deception?"

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~looking around the room as she scribes.. listening to all~
this one has another handle, but it's for the pool if she visits there, and not as a way to hide from Gor... but just as a way to feel a bit more relaxed without *pressures*..
~shutting up.. unsure if any would understand that.. hiding her head~

Kayla~~~ Well outside GS it is nobodies business what someone does with their name or anything else... but to dual in Gor is a mistake that a slave can be killed over and a Free banned

Errand Knight~~~ Mandi: I am confused,,I don't have a problem with duel per se in and out of gor or even a reinvention if a past identy is dead ..but do you mean there are some here who are someone else on gor. perhaps best for me not to know.

Mandi~~~ Lemuel, I mean multiple GOREAN identities is sometimes "done." I do not approve of the practice, especially when the identities are operating concurrently in the same venue or venues as different People.
But it would be a real pain to monitor.

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles at Paedur~ As I said, I can understand how having a different name for a different environment could be helpful to You and I see nothing wrong with it. I think where people have a problem is when a person goes around using several different names in the same setting, using the different "characters" to "tag team" on someone, etc.

Kayla~~~ ~Laughing with a smile to EK's words~ Me to Caste Bro... I for one will tell all...LOL...

Mandi~~~ jas, that is understandable to not want to be overwhelmed with PM's just by logging in as jas when visiting elsewhere. That is not maintaining multiple Gorean characters.

Errand Knight~~~ Mandi: You know that I first came to vt as Errand knight and joined a brotherhood of chivelrous Knights (the order to the Rose of Dragonsbane0 to spread chivelrous values in vt and to work against the spread of deception and the pain it causes many. It is beyond My personal moral code to maintain friendship with any who "seek to deceive"

Rok CG-GA~~~ Paedur, I would have to agree with Lemuel. When I was still learning of Gor, I am sure that several here remember that I kept other names...it helped to keep Me focused on what I was doing at the moment, but that was just Me..*shrugs*

Paedur of Culai~~~ Ok I understand Lemuel.
Shadowglade and I spoke on the same idea.
Choose one handle and stick to it, here in Gor.
No changes, live up to Yor responsibilities, and tkae it like a Warrior. *S*
But I do agree with Mandi, about having mutliple handles Here in Gor.
For if O/one wears a ko'lar with one handle (or a MAster of one), and then "plays" with the other.
then it not only disgraces them, but alos this place, adn the Master. (or the submissive of the Master that "plays).

Paedur of Culai~~~ I understand Rok.
and I will keep this name her in Gor at the Tavern.
I will eventually learn of a place to be from and change the "Culai" to reflect the books. LOL

Mandi~~~ Aye, EK, I read Your Homepage and We discussed that at length. I did not realize quite the extent of that principle in Your code, though.

Paedur of Culai~~~ If it is Gorean Lady Mandi, then why is there a need to change handles.
Chuckles as I look over to Lady Kayla, unless One has died a number of tiimes.

Mandi~~~ Rok, and You spelled Your name with a "c" at one point, but the use of a "k" was not a substantive change. I sometimes get a little razzing about "Mandi" not being a very "Gorean" handle, and perhaps I should have chosen better, but it's an old Friend now.

Mandi~~~ Paedur, I do not know. I never felt the urge to Dual. I can barely muster up One Personality, even on a good day.

Rok CG-GA~~~ aye Mandi, when I came to Gor as Rocclmbr...it was shortened to Roc, and changed to Rok..*grins* but A/all knew Me as one and the same.

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at Paedur with a nod~

Paedur of Culai~~~ I uderstand Mandi.
Even using the Handle of Paedur, I am still Me.
Just keeps the Ummmm vocalness of Me down to a low grumble.

Mandi~~~ *light laughter under veils* I understand, Paedur.

Paedur of Culai~~~ Though Lady Mandi, I don't think M/many here would say I am very quiet. Laughs


Pledging to one place

Errand Knight~~~ Am I correct in assuming that One cannot be pledged to more than One Home on gor?

Kayla~~~ Would be in direct conflict... One can not split a pledge EK...

Mandi~~~ I believe that is correct, Errand Knight, though Some are "affiliated" with several sites through some "Clan" relationships, but only Pledged to one Home.
Lemuel, You might know more about that..

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye, a pledge is kind of like a marriage - there are very few that can successfully manage more than one spouse. ~grins~ Especially if one of those spouses should find out about the other. ~G~

Paedur of Culai~~~ Hmmmm A Mormon Warrior of Gor. LOL
Nope not for Me. LOL

Mandi~~~ Paedur, a Man only gets one Free Companion but can have all the slaves He has time to manage. Polyamory works for Some.

Errand Knight~~~ gawd I cant manage a slave let alone a FW Companion!

Paedur of Culai~~~ see and understand Lady Mandi
Makes perfect sense but for Me, I would prefer a one on one relationship, which I know is somewhat acceptable here, but not a very ummmmm pronounced idea.
See the Alpha-Male Wolf mates only once in His life, and they are forever together. If One dies, the other usually goes soon after.
I tend to see the BDSM world very much like a Wolf pack, and though yes I have had a few more than one sexual partner, I have and will have only one Mate.
I see it very much like having one submissive, collared to Me. I do not want mor, becasue all I want I will draw from one.
Probably why at times so M/many see Me as distant when really, I simply do give Myself in that manner to one at a time, even here in v/t.
and MOST definitely in r/t. **S

Lemuel~~~ ~hearing the soft sound of the ahn bar striking out near the arsenal I look to the water clock~ Well, if there's nothing else...

Lemuel~~~ ~stifling a yawn~ Should we carry this topic over to next week's forum or do you all think we covered it?

Paedur of Culai~~~ Smiles seeing I have diverged from the conversation and the topic.
Forgive Me, at times I do forget where I am, and I revert. *S*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~beginning to gather the rence paper together.. then looking up at the One that owns the girl as He speaks.. nuzzling head to His thigh with tenderness~

Mandi~~~ Lemuel, We will have new topics next week, I would imagine. Perhaps jaz could post the link to the board for placing potential topics.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Mandi~ Aye, sounds like a good suggestion.
O.K. - this forum is closed. If anyone has suggestions for future topics please post them either to the forum board or to the main board.
Thanks to E/everyone for participating in the forum. ~S~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ Forum Board

Kayla~~~ Thanks Lemuel for moderating *S* A good forum indeed *S*

Errand Knight~~~ thanks for running a wonderful forum Lemuel
and to your cute lil assistant

Paedur of Culai~~~ Thank You Lemuel for the forum. I learned a great deal tonight.