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Players of Gor

Players of Gor

Lemuel~~~ ~looking again to the water clock~
Well, it appears that none of our council will be showing tonight, so let's go ahead and get started. No new serves during the discussion and please keep greetings to a minimum as usual.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~nods smiling to Master Lemuel~*~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~lifting eyes thankfully to Master Lemuel as He reminds all of forum protocol.. anxious to hear His discussion on the book.. Players of Gor~

Kayla~~~ Tal and Greetings *S*... I am so sorry I was late but go ahead Lemuel please begin *S*

Lemuel~~~ “Players of Gor” - the twentieth book in the chronicles of Counter-Earth - begins two days before the carnival of the twelfth passage hand in the holdings of Samos, first captain and slaver of Port Kar. Samos and Bosk (a.k.a. Tarl Cabot) are speaking quietly while they play kaissa. Samos’ game is off and he seems distracted, but when Tarl asks him about it Samos changes the subject.

jacia{GS}~~~ ~listening eagerly to Master Lemuel~

Lemuel~~~ A few days later, during the carnival in the great piazza, Tarl meets one of my favorite characters - Boots Tarsk-Bit. Boots leads a troupe of actors and it seems he has forgotten to obtain a license to perform. Tarl helps Boots out of his current financial difficulties then eventually makes his way to the purple booths to find out who wishes to meet with him.

jacia{GS}~~~ *giggles at the cool name..Master Boots :)*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening intently as He begins.. slave scribbling on the rence paper as fast as fingers can move~

calia{GS}~~~ she winds around His feet...*~ calia's attention to Master Lemuel...~ listening.......attentively.....

Lemuel~~~ After entering the specified booth, Tarl is attacked from behind. Tarl easily dispatches his assailant then searches him finding a wallet full of gold staters from Brundisium. Samos finds Tarl at the booth and informs him that the Priest-Kings have ordered Tarl arrested as a traitor. Tarl resolves to follow Samos’ advice and leave Port Kar, but before he can he is take captive by the Lady Yanina of Brundisium.

Gornt~~~ ~listening to the Builder I stroke her rich raven hair~

jacia{GS}~~~ *listening very intently*

Lemuel~~~ Lady Yanina, not realizing Tarl’s identity, takes him and her other prisoners to the vicinity of the Sardar in order to rendezvous with her colleague Flaminius for the purpose of exchanging certain important materials. Tarl begins to think that he has fallen into the hands of an agent of the Priest-Kings.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~taking in His words as she scribes the notes.. ~

Lemuel~~~ Tarl soon turns the tables on Lady Yanina, tricking her into setting a trap for Bosk of Port Kar. When all is ready, Tarl springs the trap on his lovely captor, leaving her naked and in chains for Flaminius to find while he frees the other men from Port Kar and makes off with the documents.

jacia{GS}~~~ *listening enthralled*

Gornt~~~ yeaa Tarl

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~fingers gripping her thighs with intent interest as she listens to the adventures of Master Tarl~*~

Lemuel~~~ Tarl proceeds to the Sardar where the fair of En’Kara is in full swing. While there, Tarl renews his acquaintance with the redoubtable Boots Tarsk-Bit. After helping Boots to find a replacement for his “golden courtesan” Tarl asks to accompany the troupe to Brundisium, even offering to work for free. Boots replies that “it is out of the question.”

daaria{GS}~~~ *listening to the story, her eyes bright and sparkling, totally excited..*

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *grins and winks at her sister shirin, then turns her gaze to the One who speaks so well*

calia{GS}~~~ she leans some , into His thigh...~ as the girl listens....a smile breaking her lips....

Gornt~~~ ~nuzzling the slave's satiny neck with My lips and beard as I listen to Lemuel~

Cernus~~~ ummmm

Lemuel~~~ Because of a complaint by a free woman, the Lady Telitsia, Boots is fined, flogged, and ejected from the fair. Tarl decides to follow Boots’ band of players west along the road of Clearchus. While Tarl is dallying with one of Boot’s tent girls brigands attack the camp. Tarl slips out the back of the tent unnoticed. He returns with his weapons and rescues the troupe.

jacia{GS}~~~ *a quiet "whoooohoooooo" escapes rose colored lips*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~giggling softly as Master speaks of Tarl Cabot's *dallying*.. ~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at the first girl and winks~

jacia{GS}~~~ *thinking that Master Cabot's red hair gets him into more trouble than he knows what to do with ... kinda like her lol*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~a heated blush dances across features from His grin and wink.. slave listens to Him once more..~

Lemuel~~~ After showing Boots and the others what he found in the woods (the former Lady Telitsia now branded and a scantily clad but still free Lady Yanina), Tarl again asks to join the company. At first Boots is reluctant, but between Tarl idly flipping a quiva and Andronicus threatening to quit Boots is finally persuaded to change his mind.

Mandi~~~ ~~quietly stepping over to some furs to kneel and listen~~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *stifles a giggle at jacia's words, and winks at her*

jacia{GS}~~~ *cheshire grin over rosy lips and winks back at aandra*

daaria{GS}~~~ *nodding softly toward Mistress Mandi, the turning her attention once more to the story...*

Lemuel~~~ Putting on plays and performing magic tricks in various towns along the way, the group makes its way toward Brundisium. Tarl spends his time with the troupe performing a knife-throwing act with the Lady Yanina as his “assistant.” In his spare time Tarl plays kaissa with the company’s player, “the monster” - a hooded, masked, black-robed man that walks with a limp.

jacia{GS}~~~ *giggling thinking the Gorean version of Quasimodo maybe? as she continues to listen*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~sensual lips curl to a smile as Master speaks of the *Monster*.. fingers pressing against thighs.. intently the wench listens~

Gornt~~~ ~listening as Lemuel weaves the tale~

daaria{GS}~~~ *listening to Master Lemuel's words, liking the choice of words He uses and the descriptive phrasing..she smiles brightly*

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~enthralled with the story~*~

Lemuel~~~ Tarl shows “the monster” the papers he took from Lady Yanina, which appear to be notations on kaissa games and positions. The player informs Tarl that they are actually encoded communications utilizing kaissa ciphers. They documents will be impossible to decode without the keys. Tarl now suspects that Brundisium is in league with the Kurii.

jacia{GS}~~~ *sparkling green eyes not blinking as Master continues his story*

aandra{GS}~~~ *amber eyes watch the One who has arrived, and His condition, then quickly turns back to the story so as not to give offense*

Gornt~~~ ~seeing motion out of the corner of My eye, shiting on My furs, hapy the little one has left, moving the hilt of My short sword to My right, as I listen to the story~

Lemuel~~~ When the company reaches the vicinity of Brundisium the Lady Yanina is recognized and Flaminius takes Tarl into custody. From his cell window Tarl is able to see one of the entertainments of Brundisium. A Kur is chained to a post in a sandpit as bait for sleen. While the Kur is victorious, Tarl begins to think that he will not be so fortunate. Also, it seems that the Kurii hold no power in Brundisium.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~shifting on heels as she listens carefully to the words spoken by Master Lemuel.. to not miss anything~

jacia{GS}~~~ *listening intently*

Morthius~~~ Glances over to the one telling the story. A nod is given to the man. Showing no offense is to be had. With his new found appearance. Then a glance is given to that of daaria. With a pat of the furs he is at. Right besides him. "I ran into a band of assasins." He says flatly. There must be more to this tale. But till things calm in the room, and the one who holds the floor is through. He will keep things to a minimum.

shiri{EK}~~~ **listening**

Kayla~~~ Greetings New commers...
you are welcome to stay but We are in the middle of a Forum.. Please keep chit chat down

Lemuel~~~ Tarl’s cellmate Nim Nim, a member of the urt people, suggests a means of escape. Trusting fellow that he is, Tarl follows Nim Nim to find a choice of fates even worse than the bait pit - be torn apart by sleen or by a pack of urts. Miraculously Tarl escapes, but not for long.

daaria{GS}~~~ *scooting closer to His side, she only nods and turns her attention back to the story as well, to do nothing more until it is finished..*

lucidity~~~ *nods in respect & sits quietly to listen*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Mistress Kayla.. smiling as a girl tries to keep the scribe work in order.. slave lowers dark gems and listens again to the gorgeous One speaking..~

Morthius~~~ Reaches over and begins to absently stroke the hair of the slave besides him. While listening to the goings on in the story.

daaria{GS}~~~ *smiles, listening*

Lemuel~~~ After returning to Boots’ camp, Tarl is once again taken prisoner by Lady Yanina. Boots volunteers some manacles and a trunk to hold Tarl. Boots also suggests that Yanina hold a banquet to celebrate her capture of Bosk of Port Kar with entertainment provided by Boots’ company. The Lady Yanina agrees.

jacia{GS}~~~ hmm *thinking she knows the real villian of this story now*G*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~watching the goings on in the room.. shifting and moving a bit closer to Master Lemuel.. she looks to jacia.. and winks at her as she continues to listen to Him speak~

jacia{GS}~~~ *her attention briefly lapses and sees jazzy winking at her...she smiles warmly to her and winks back* then turns her attention back to Master's tale

Morthius~~~ Leans over and says quietly to daaria. "See to my cut slave." He says this while those eyes of his do not move from the storyteller. Indeed very intreagued by what he is hearing.

Lemuel~~~ At the banquet the Ubar of Brundisium, Belnar, has an unusual guest at the high table - Temenides, a player from Cos. When the entertainment is concluded and a game has been played the trunk is brought forth and opened, but instead of Bosk it contains the Lady Yanina - naked, gagged, and in slave bracelets. At this point Tarl reveals himself to Belnar and Flaminius. Chaos ensues and the palace guards enter into “hot” pursuit, right on Tarl’s heels, but when the guards follow him out into the hall he is nowhere to be seen.

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *listening still intently, but having been so long with Cernus, knowing His every twitch, is aware of Him as if there be no one else in the room and quietly but alertly focuses*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~trying not to smile as she hears Master speak of Lady Yanina in slave bracelets.. lowering dark pools..~

Kayla~~~ Please allow the interuption but I need to speak ~smiling at Lemuel~
Let Me speak quickly of the Forum rules...

Cernus~~~ listens to the healer Kayla

Kayla~~~ No serving durning the Forums of any kind.... all serves in the progress when We begin are to be harta completed so that slaves and Free alike can enjoy the Forums

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::listening to Her as she tries to figure out what is going on and why she was told about spilling of blood::

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *eyes looking intently at Kayla, a smile upon one's lips, watching Her presence and beauty*

Kayla~~~ All chit chat should be the bearest of minumiums... for several reasons... one so that the scribe of the Forum has less work and also so that a person speaking is given respect of Our quiet and attention..

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Mistress Kayla speak.. dark pools look around the room~

daaria{GS}~~~ *looking to the Mistress, listening, she nods, looking to marissa, she smiles, then looks back to Master Morthius and His already dressed wound..*

jacia{GS}~~~ *listens and understands Mistress*

Morthius~~~ Continues to listen to the story unfolding. The Freelady is given a nod as he understands and has kept quiet so far.

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::nodding her head as she settles confortably at Her feet - the kit in her lap::

Kayla~~~ Please everyone... give respect to Lemuel and let Him finsh ~nodding to the builder as I take My seat again

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to the Mistress's words and settling once more with the rence paper and ink to do the scribe work.. waiting for Master Lemuel to begin again.. smiling devotedly to Him~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Lady Advisor, smiling~
Let's see...Tarl has just up and disappeared right out from under the noses of the palace guards...

jacia{GS}~~~ *listens again to Master Lemuel*

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *eyes and attention focus once again on Master Lemuel, lips slightly parted, anxious for the story to continue*

Lemuel~~~ ...which brings us to the end of the book. I can reveal a part of the ending without giving away too many details, or we can leave it there. Which shall it be? ~looking around~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Him.. not speaking as she's read the book and either way would be fine with this one~

Mandi~~~ ~~wondering how far Lemuel can take the tale without a "spoiler"~~

jacia{GS}~~~ *wants to know the end *giggles*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~grinning at jacia.. ~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins to Mandi~ Well, there have already been a couple of *spoilers* but I have left out quite a few significant details.

jacia{GS}~~~ *winks at jazzy*

daaria{GS}~~~ *remaining silent, determined not to say a word 'til it is all over..*

Lemuel~~~ ~looking about at those present~ Is there any objection to telling the ending in a general or vague way?

Cernus~~~ aye do it Lemuel

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~eyes look up to Him.. listening~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *eyes dancing, hoping Master Lemuel will continue in the telling*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Cernus then turning to smile at jacia~
Alright then...
...After his dramatic disappearance Tarl goes looking for the keys to the coded documents. After finding the keys and decoding the letters, Tarl learns that there is a traitor in Ar at the highest level conspiring with Cos. He also learns that it was the Ubar of Cos, Lurius of Jad, who ordered the attempt on Tarl's life. Unfortunately, it is too late to do anything about the conspiracy - as Tarl and Boots’ players look out to sea, the sails of the Cosian fleet can be seen in the distance.

jacia{GS}~~~ *slithering in place excitedly towards Master Lemuel..her radiant smile dances with glee*

Morthius~~~ Just nods as if to say what ever the scribe wishes will be alright with him.

Gornt~~~ Nay Lemuel

jacia{GS}~~~ *breath taken away* *G*G

jacia{GS}~~~ Thank you very much Master Lemuel *VBS*

Gornt~~~ ~Smiling~
Well done Builder, much better than My poor atempt

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~smiling softly as she has already begun to reread the book.. ~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Too late to take it back now, Gornt.
And so ends "Players of Gor"...there are a great many more *secrets* that weren't revealed in My telling and I think this particular scroll is one of Norman's best, so I urge you all to find the book and read it if you can. ~S~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *smiles, cheeks rosy in the warmth of the tavern, lips wet from having licked them, small tongue playing along the side, as one hears Master Lemuel's words, thinking what a wonderful plot and twists indeed that story had*

Gornt~~~ I will seek it out

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Gornt at the compliment~ Well, I did have more time to prepare. ~S~

Gornt~~~ Aye
and I didn't take advantage of the time I had

jacia{GS}~~~ *claps hands softly in applause to Master Lemuel's excellent story-telling abilities*

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *looks to her Master, anxious to get the books from Him, so that this one may read them, smiles*

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at jacia and inclining My head briefly at her praise~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles softly hearing Master Lemuel end the tale, knowing she will have to read the entire book soon~*~
~*~whispers~*~ thank You Master for a wonderful forum

Kayla~~~ any questions for Lemuel???

Cernus~~~ well done builder..well done

jacia{GS}~~~ *smiling back warmly to Master Lemuel* aye Master indeed thank you for the great forum *S*

aandra{Cernus}~~~ Aye master Lemuel, twas a wonderful telling indeed....*smiling at Him, blushing slightly*

Morthius~~~ Gives a nod to the story teller as he has finished his story. Even to the point of lifting a hand which holds a few coins. These are placed on the table. Not in a manor that shows this scribe can not pay. But to show his patrionage to the words which have been spoken this day.

jacia{GS}~~~ jaci has one *giggling*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking up from the notes.. softly~.. that was wonderful Master Lemuel.. thank You..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Cernus~ My thanks. ~S~

Logan~~~ It seems I have missed a story

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at both shirin and jasma~ Thank you girls.

shiri{EK}~~~ Thank You Master Lemuel **smiles**

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Well Logan, You can always read it once the forum notes are done.

daaria{GS}~~~ *whispering* it was indeed a great telling of the story Master Lemuel, and daaria looks forward to hearing more stories told by You...*soft smiles*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to shiri~ you are welcome, lil' one.

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles at daaria~ Thank you girl. Hopefully O/others will take a turn as well.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Lemuel speak of the forum notes.. glancing at Master Logan.. then looking again to Master Lemuel~
aye, Master.. the wench will hurry with editing them and getting them up for all to enjoy.

Kayla~~~ speaking of which... I am looking for a volunteer for two weeks from now *S*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~eyes glance to jacia as she had said she had a question.. ~

Gornt~~~ ~smiling as I had My turn in the barrel~

Morthius~~~ Having not been mentioned he says the thanks. "Thank you Lemuel for your redition tonight. It was greatly enjoyable." He winces at the pain in his side. "Even if I had to miss a bit of it in the work."

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding belatedly to Morthius~ I am glad You enjoyed it.

marissa{HoS}~~~ one can try Mistress but she is not sure if she will be in the process of moving just before she moves or just after

jacia{GS}~~~ *whispers* will ask Him later jazzy..lol one's time is runnin down to a crawl now :( *hug*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~nodding as she listens to jacia~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling as the Lady Advisor goes fishing for volunteers~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~wiggling fingers.. listening.. placing down the writing implement.. she brushes lips against Master Lemuel's arm.. then settles atop heels once more.. listening to see if any has questions for Him~

Lemuel~~~ ~looking about to see if A/any has a question on the scroll~

Kayla~~~ Well be aware I will find another to fill the spot *S*... I have two whole weeks...LOL

Kayla~~~ Thank You Lemuel...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Master Lemuel.. softly~.. Master.. may one close off the scribe work now?

Lemuel~~~ ~grinning at the Advisor~ It will take Me at least that long to re-read the next book in the series.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Advisor~ It was My Pleasure, Lady Kayla.

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the Tavern wench by My side~
Aye jasma, the forum is done I think.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ thank You, Master Lemuel..