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Assassins of Gor

Assassins of Gor

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Alright..lets get this thing rolling...Tonight W/we will be discussing "Assassains of Gor" Gornt..the floor is Yours...I ask that everyone keep their conversations and greetings in quiet from now on...makes things much easier on Our lil scribe...Thanks

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Trying this for the second time *He stands and whistles* Attention! the forum will now begin...Gornt...proceed..

Gornt~~~ ~rising from My furs~
Tonight is the first Book Forum
like a fool I volunteered for the first one
I am going to lead a discussion on the Assasin of Gor

Asellus~~~ *sitting silently, still awaiting Gornt to begin*

Gornt~~~ first of all how many have read this scroll, #5 in the series?

Lemuel~~~ ~listening~

Dak~~~ I have !

Lemuel~~~ ~raising My hand at Gornt's question~

SholGar~~~ I have good intentions. ~s~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~raising hand to the Master's question as the rence paper slides off silken thigh~

Markos~~~ aye, I have as well

SabreWolf's heartling~~~ ~raises a hand~

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Keeping His hands where they are, not having read that one yet.*

Asellus~~~ *She chuckles* Well, I have it....just haven't gotten around to it....

Gornt~~~ good
I am glad to see so many have read it it ill make discussing it a lot easier if there are more than to talk

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~lift her right arm, wiggling lil fingers~*~ shirin has read Assassin

Gornt~~~ The story briefly is that Tarl Cabot under the gize of Kuurus ~nodding to Him~ is requested to go to Ar to find out what information is being sent to the "Others" and who is leading this treason

SholGar~~~ ~listening~

Seafire~~~ listening

Gornt~~~ The priest Kings have already sent a spy in the form of vella, the Earth Girl, Elizabeth Cardwell

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~

Gornt~~~ Misk informed Tarl Cabot that she was in training at the foremost Slave House in Ar, there fore the most powerful Slave House in All Gor

Gornt~~~ I was impressed that none interferred with the Assasin as He strode about the City of Ar, neither City Officials nor Warriors tried to get in His way or stop Him on His appointed mission. This fact really brought home to ME that Gor was totally different from the Earth, and that the society was organized along much different values

Gornt~~~ What was the name of the Owner of the Slave House ?

Dak~~~ Cernus

SabreWolf's heartling~~~ Cernus

Gornt~~~ Thank you, I drew a blank

Gornt~~~ Kuurus ingratiates Himself wit hCernus and is invited to stay and work within the House while carries out His search

Gornt~~~ He meets vella there and Cernus convenietly enough lets Him have her in His quarters as she goes through slave training

Gornt~~~ Now is it arrogance on he part of Tarl Cabot that leads him to believe He has fooled Cernus?

Gornt~~~ anyone?

Lemuel~~~ No, naivette maybe, but not arrogance.

Gornt~~~ ~nodding at the Builder~

Gornt~~~ I would agree, Cabot at times seems to forget He is on Gor and lets His Earthen belief in the general goodwill ofHis fellow Man cloud His judgement

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ one feels that it's not arrogance on Kuurus's (Tarl Cabot's) part.. perhaps more a hopefullness? as well as a girl feels that there was things there He just could never put His finger on.. a *gut* feeling perhaps? till it was too late..

Gornt~~~ While in the House of Cernus, there is somewhat of a Palace coup, with the kidnapping of the High ???'s daughter

Asellus~~~ *musing* Hmmm...well, You've got to think....that since this is only book #5....I'm sure Tarl hasn't quite reached that level of arrogance just yet. Or will I be soon proven wrong?

Gornt~~~ What was His name and her's

Asellus~~~ *Nodding with understanding at Lemuel*

Gornt~~~ aye Lemuel, I do too, and not always is there room for idealism on this planet

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ The kidnapping of Claudia Tentia Hinrabia, daughter of the Administrator (of the Builders, BTW).

Gornt~~~ Thanks Builder
~smiling as He gets in a plug for His caste~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ Claudia Tentia Hinrabia
and her father was the Administrator of Ar prior

Cernus~~~ looks was she not the Ubar's daughter...later made a slave by Tarl

Gornt~~~ Cernus engineered the kidnapping to look like it was accomplished by His only real competitor Por?????

Lemuel~~~ ~shaking head at Cernus~ No, that's Talena.

Gornt~~~ that was in Scroll One, Cernus

Lemuel~~~ ~scratching head~ Publius, I think.

Cernus~~~ aye then I shall just listen and learn

Cernus~~~ holds head up to listen

Gornt~~~ with almost no competion in the field of Slave Trader in Ar Cernus' posiition and power were cemented to the point where He had Himself raised to the Warrior class and became Ubar, in the meantime Kuurus or Cabot has met with Cernus chief accountant, although He wasn't called that, and let Hime know thePKs had sent Him to help discover how the "Others" knew of the PK's power and technology

Lemuel~~~ ~shaking head~ Nope, just checked, it was Portus.

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling~ I wanted to say Portia I knew that wasn't right

Gornt~~~ Cernus also fancied Himself a player of the Great Game and throughout the story the Game takes on a more and more important role

Gornt~~~ what is the game likened to

Dak~~~ chess !

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ It's similar to chess.

Asellus~~~ I assume You are referring to Kaissa?

Gornt~~~ ~nodding~ right Dak
but with lots moresquares and men and much more seriously followed

Gornt~~~ Yes M'lady

Gornt~~~ On earth the Grand Game is also what is referred to as the intelligence business, and what is Tarl Cabot in Ar for if not for the clandestine gathering of intelligence

Asellus~~~ Right. *Nodding and listening to Gornt speak of the book*

Dak~~~ the restoration of Marlenus to Ubar !

Gornt~~~ so we have only a few characters to introduce, there is the blind player, who refuses Kuurus gold calling it black gold because kuurus is an Assasin
and hup the rolly polly fool that Cabot meets in a paga bar where he killed four Men in combat

Gornt~~~ I don't think that was the ultimate objective of the Priest Kings

Gornt~~~ I think the PKs were more concerned with covering their own asses if they have them, with the "Others"

Dak~~~ it was to find out if Cernus was working for the others

SholGar~~~ ~smiles at Gornt for the Earthen phrase...good analogy~

Gornt~~~ hup and the blind player were introduced fairly early in the book and then for the most part forgotten, A clever trick on the part of Norman to throw the reader off the scent that htese are pivotal characters who will have big impact on the outcome of the story

Gornt~~~ HE also introduced a large Man a Warrior at the killing games or tarn races, and then let Him slip away unnoticed

Cernus~~~ but this blind man is also older then the usual elders of Gor no??

Gornt~~~ younger but HE looked older than sin, and we all know how old sin is

Dak~~~ no, that was Marlenus !

Cernus~~~ aye and Norman mentions somthing about a serum develped by the caste of Phyisicins

SabreWolf's heartling~~~ ~listening~

Gornt~~~ yes it was Dak but No one seemed to recognize the "Ubar of Ubars"

Lemuel~~~ "The Player was a rather old man, extremely unusual on Gor, where the stabilization serums were developed centuries ago by the Caste of Physicians in Ko-ro-ba and Ar, and transmitted to the Physicians of other cities at several of the Sardar Fairs. Age, on Gor, interestingly, was regarded, and still is, by the Castes of Physicians as a disease, not an inevitable natural phenomenon." page 29 - Assassin

Dak~~~ he was well disguised !

Gornt~~~ the stability serums and he also mentions the work on the Disease that sounds like leprosy on earthm that was destoryed by the Initiates

Cernus~~~ aye Lemuel..I thank you

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye, Marlenua of Ar had been osted and was hinding off somewhere, Kuurus/Cabot thought He saw Him once in town, but thought that would be foolish of Marlenus....but aye, the mysterious Warrior in the games was Marlenus in disguise...Who ended up fighting alongside and saving Cabot's life

Cernus~~~ scroll 5 has always been my favorite

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~catching up on the notes as she listens~

aandra{Cernus}~~~ *smiles at the lovely shirin's knowledge*

Gornt~~~ well is it decided? shall We spoil the end of the book for those who have not read it?

SholGar~~~ I'm for it..~S~

Cernus~~~ I vote no..to good of a scroll not to be read

SabreWolf's heartling~~~ agrees with Master Cernus

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, You could leave out the last little bit. The book is pretty easy to get a hold of and is one of the best IMO.

Gornt~~~ The pieces are all in place, Norman has spun a magnifcent web, just when it seems that Cabot/Kuurus will win the day Cernus snatches victory from His grasp, but wait there are some surprises still in store

Cernus~~~ winces at the possible give away

SholGar~~~ ~thinking I'm going to have to do some reading..or perhaps find a hazel eyed, dark haired slut to fill Me in..looks at the lil one in My kolar...EG~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to the others speak.. not responding as her opinion don't mean anything.. ~

Cernus~~~ laughs at Sholgar

SabreWolf~~~ the end's My favorite part,,grin,,Yall makin Me wanna read it again,,

Gornt~~~ Norman's technique in the book seems to be along the lines of the old serial movies, the hero is winning through most of the reel then at the end there is a cliff hanger, then He brings in some surprise scene that changes the course of things in the nick of time

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles up to Him~*~ the slut would love to be in discussion with her wonderful Master ~*~licking lush ruby lips~*~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ I always felt that JN's first few books were very much like ERB's and I heard somewhere that JN too the last name from one of ERB's pen-names.

Gornt~~~ then there is another cliffhanger, this is a feature I noticed in all four of the books i have read so far, but i never felt cheated, becasue the solutions all were logical and in keeping with the characters He created

Gornt~~~ EdgarRice Burroughs?

Cernus~~~ the martian chronicals

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling and nodding to Gornt~ Aye, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Gornt~~~ Captain I shall not give away the finish except to say that the between the Tarn race and the Battle Dome
it was most exciting

Cernus~~~ smiles bravo Gornt I am glad you did not give it away.......

Gornt~~~ I throughly enjoyed Assasin, as I enjoyed scrolls 1, 3 & 4
I hope to be able to get My hands on some more they are fast reads with lots of action and much knowledge for Us in Our Gorean Worlds

SabreWolf~~~ the way John decribed the slaves in that book,,He knew a slaves belly,,grins,,ok,,i'll gladly read it again,,laughs,,puttin it in the bathroom tonight,,

SabreWolf's heartling~~~ ~giggles at her Master~

Gornt~~~ yes He did, and He knew that while Gor is not Fair, somehow it seems the Right always triumphs

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling at the Captain's comments~

Gornt~~~ hopefully We who inhabit these little sites can emmulate the finest in Norman's books and put aside the pettiness of Earth to survive and prosper

Gornt~~~ and now I must conclude, I hope that all have enjoyed the Book Forum and I did not set the reading of the scrolls too far

Gornt~~~ Thank You for attention and participation

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Gornt, One does hope that. ~S~

SabreWolf~~~ I agree Gornt,,smiles,,We should be Gorean,let our r/t influences affect Us as little as possible,,while in here anyway,,We're from Gor and shouldn't know any difference,,

Asellus~~~ Thanks, Gornt, for volunteering to discuss Assassins of Gor tonight. The forum was informative. *smiling softly*

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Thanks Gornt for a great forum.

Dak~~~ it was interesting, Gornt, thanks !

Cernus~~~ have any of you heard or read Captive of Gor??

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ thank You, Master Gornt for leading the discussion.

SholGar~~~ Thanks Gornt..well done.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ thank You Master Gornt ~*~bright smiles~*~ shirin enjoyed the discussion

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, I've read "Captive"

Cernus~~~ John Talbot is not in this book,

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin has read Captive ~*~blushes~*~ twice, it was that good, hehehe

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Tarl Cabot doesn't write it, but He is in it towards the end. There are a few more books like that, seven to be exact.

Dak~~~ yes, a good book as well !

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~eyes twinkling~*~ aaaa but He was, but shirin didn't know this till she went back and read books 1 thru 6, He's briefly mentioned in the very begining and the very end