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Feminine Hygiene
The new server for Gorean Shores
New People coming to GS
Kajirae Dance Contest

Feminine Hygiene

Master Lemuel~~~ ~looking about~
Seems like the gang is all here, so let's get the ball rolling. ~S~
Please whisper any new topics to Me.
jasma, were there any hold-over topics?

akeria{GS}~~~ kneeling quietly and listening

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *quiets and turns to Master Lemuel..listening*

Lemuel~~~ O.K. - I *do* have one topic...let's see if I can word this *delicately*...

It is in regards to feminine hygene...

Deirdre~~~ *looking at Lemuel in puzzlement......waiting for what this is all about*

jasma{LB}~~~ ~listening to Master as He brings up the first topic~

Rast Dulan~~~ feminine hygene...another sort of battle altogether...

Lemuel~~~ ...the question is if anyone knows what the women of Gor do about a woman's cyclic requirements...

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ are You speaking of that time of the month, Master Lemuel?

Deirdre~~~ *rolling My eyes*
Okay.......I don't do this much.....but I'm just gonna go for it here.
I don't like seeing crap about fem hygiene on TV......I don't like talking about it even out of mixed company..........Why in the hell are WE talking about this in a Gorean setting?
It doesn't belong.....It's gross........and how many of Uus hear really care about discussing it.
Okay.....I'll get off the soapbox now.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ found this....
Menstruation was mentioned within the books. There was a passage describing a custom concerning Red Savage women. They commonly wore their hair knotted in a bun on the top of their head. But, during their menstrual period, they would wear their hair loose

Rast Dulan~~~ Not sure if I am in the right book...but was not there an out building for the slave's to be in while they were in their period???

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to shirin~ Yes, exactly. I know it is not mentioned in the books with any great frequency...

Rollo~~~ LOL...LOL... Scratching my bald head and wondering not only about this question, but also just who would worry about it ????? LOL.. I mean, the books don't go into detail about toilet paper or stuff like that, so why would or should Mr Norman go into details about this subject either ???????

akeria{GS}~~~ trying really hard to stuff a giggle that is creeping up from her throat

Rast Dulan~~~ Chuckling...watching all the sluts tying up their hair...watching the FW closely...

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ slaves don't get it, that awful sip root just *wipes* it right out, hehehehe

SabreWolf~~~ I always figured they used their finger or something Captain,,laugh,,just washed it afterwrds,,

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles and grins at Dei~
Hey, I only post what I get...when that's all I get, that's what I post. ~G~

akeria{GS}~~~ whincing at the words of Master Sabre_Wolf

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *grins...also wondering why this was brought up...simply shrugs*

Paedur~~~ Chuckles seeing Lemuel turn a bit red. LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~LOL @ Sabre's comment and waggin a finger at Him~
Now Sabre...
~looks to shirin~ Actually, the sip root and slave wine do not stop menstuation...at least not according to a comment Tarl makes to Marcus in one of the later books...

SabreWolf~~~ the true Gorean Master would say"They bleed when I tell Um to,,or I make Um!",,laughs,,slappin his thigh

Rast Dulan~~~ So the correct answer to the question seems to be...Who cares?...shrugging...

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~grins and winks to Master Lemuel~*~ a girl can wish, can't she....truthfully, shirin doesn't know

Lemuel~~~ From "Magicians of Gor" page 163:

“You are just in a bad mood,” I said. Such moods were not uncommon with Marcus.
“Perhaps,” he said.
“Does Phoebe have her period?” I asked.
“No,” he said.

Paedur~~~ Well some O/one cared enough to ask Lemuel. *S*
and so I think perhaps W/we should at least try to answer the question if We can.
Just knowing I did not ask. LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~G~ Yes Rast, the general consensus does seem to be that. ~S~
Next topic?

Rollo~~~ LOL...LOL... So what now ??? Will there be a * schedule * posted listing the * cycles * of the kajira so Masters will know when to give them a pass ????? Or even for the FW, so they will have an excuse for being even more * FW'ish * when THEY are at that time ???????? LOL...LOL... Come on folks, I can except a lot of VT role play, but when it comes to * THAT time of the month, I think things are getting just a bit out of hand.........

galah{GSFG}~~~ all galah knows of this is that she don't wanna roleplay that one, just don't sound very good to say that **a girl walks along the tile floor with blood trickling down her thigh**

Lemuel~~~ ~laughing at Rollo's suggestion~

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *stifles her giggles ash she hears Master Rollo*

jasma{LB}~~~ ~just listening~

Lemuel~~~ O.K. folks...someone *please* whisper another topic to Me. ~S~

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~giggles at galah~*~ shirin either!

Rollo the Ax~~~ I know, lets just chalk this topic up to * out of the realm of control of the GS Council * and leave it at that...........Okay ????????

Paedur~~~ Rollo, doesn't Your nose work well enough to tell? LOL
I know I need no schedule posted.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ ewwwwww....sis galah!!...LOL

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Rollo~ Norman doesn't give the subject much ink and neither should we.

galah{GSFG}~~~ i'd rather talk about toilet paper or whatever they use on gor for that purpose....maybe like in Demolition Man, they use three shells, still don't know how they use them heheheheeee

Paedur~~~ Simply settles back and laughs hard.
Must have been all the blood from the spars yesterday.
Which reminds Me Lady Kayla, I am sorry that You lost the bet on Sabre bleeding the most.
Unless internal bleeding counts. LOL

Deirdre~~~ *looking out the window........shaking My head..........*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Paedur, I think that the fact would not matter to many if not most Gorean men anyway.....they care only about their OWN needs and not those of the female, so if he wants a piece, he takes it WHEN he wants it.... bleeding be damned .........


The new server for Gorean Shores

akeria{GS}~~~ akeria has a question

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Alright akeria, go ahead and ask your question.

akeria{GS}~~~ akeria has noticed that the new home is not getting used much..she was wondering why...

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ personally akeria...topaz thinks tis easier and habit to go to the old home...also, topaz does feel as long as it is open and none are here..then she stays in the old home, hoping to darw in new people, and make others feel welcome

akeria{GS}~~~ nodding to her sister..

SabreWolf~~~ it's not linked to the pool yet,,smile,,mainly habit

galah{GSFG}~~~ good question akeria, galah noticed that toooo

akeria{GS}~~~ girl did not see many here even for Festival

Rollo the Ax~~~ My opinion on that, akeria, is that humans, by nature, are creatures of habit.... folks will keep going to and using the old GS room at Poolside as long as it is there.....out of habit if nothing else.....

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the comments~ I think as long as the "old" tavern is open that people will still use it...We'll have to get Gary to put up a link in the Gate House to the new site and close the "old" Tavern room if We want people to use the new rooms.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ akeria..eventually and soon...the old Tavern will be no more..there will only be a link to this tavern sis...then that will no longer be an issue...*smiles*

Paedur~~~ Do Any know will Gary add a link to bring Everyone here from poolside, or will this site stand alone?

Rast Dulan~~~ I think that's a good idea Lemuel...

akeria{GS}~~~ girl knows alot of work went into this new home and she just feels its a pity that it is going unused..

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ shirin will be in the new home from now on ~shrugs~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Lem, I don't know how this stuff works, but if Gary M could make the old room itself the link.......so anybody going there came here automatically, it would combine the old and the new in ONE, and be easy for everybody ???????

galah{GSFG}~~~ galah thinks it feels strange to look at the pull down list and have all goreans on it, how cool is that?

akeria{GS}~~~ Mistress galah..akeria thinks that is the most wonderful part of the new home..it is of Gor and only of Gor..~bright smile~

Lemuel~~~ Paedur, My understanding is that Gary just copied the member list from Poolside when He created this domain, so anyone that had a poolside membership would have access to this site, but now that they are sepreate Gary could offer tiered memberships or memberships for only a specific chat site, etc.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ chuckles..the last Gary told topaz was that there would be a direct link when one entered the Tavern to this new home...
but not sure when He was going to have it up and running

Rast Dulan~~~ I would suggest of the slaves were restricted from the old site...well if I was a bettin man I think it would be empty there and pretty full here...

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ aye...but akeria...a girl must remember
we got alot of walk ins when in Poolside..that we may not get here as a stand alone site *S*

galah{GSFG}~~~ wasn't the idea that the old gorean shores would be a page with rules or room details and a link there to come here?

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ I don't know what exactly is possible either Rollo. We'll have to check with Gary.

Paedur~~~ Thank You Lemuel.
I figured He would do something along those lines.
I know I have to renew My new membership in about 3 monthes time. *VBS*

akeria{GS}~~~ topaz..akeria understands that and from time to time one may go there and direct others here..but this place just seems so empty all the time..even during Festival..the most that were here was during the Sparrings

Kyoto~~~ I'd like to see somewhere on the page basic room rules, even if it is nothing more than this is a Kill/Capture Zone.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Sabre, in MY house, we have a saying.... * DON'T piss off the Wookie *.... yours truly being the said Wookie.... so maybe it may not be a real good idea to piss off the MAN with the POWER too much ??????? he does get kinda busy at times, ..... but he will fix things up when he can, I am sure........

galah{GSFG}~~~ agreed topaz, it will be much much harder to get new ppl now that we are over here....and the new ppl is what has kept GS afloat where others have fallen

SabreWolf~~~ enter poolside gatehouse,,enter Gorean shores"Pizzia' gatehouse,,pick a room,,IMO,,,

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ aye hearing both Master Rollo and galah...that was the plan...to have a direct link from the old room to this one when one entered it

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ agrees with galah...hoping we do not lose newbies at the expense of the new site being side by side with Poolside..
but thinks if there is a direct link to here form there...it may work...she hopes!!!

Blade~~~ There is a link in the old room. All Gary has to do is remove the HTML codes to chat. Plus put Gorean Shores has moved click on the link. Plus the rules if that is what the Captains want.

akeria{GS}~~~ girl agrees with Master Kyoto that there should be a link as to the room rules, so anyone who is new, will know just what they are walking into..

SabreWolf~~~ I was kidding Captain,,grins,,i know Gary's busy,,and Gor is slow,,so,,I'm patient,,grins,,matters no to Me where We have paga and wagers,,log as We all doin it together,,Bro's,&,Friends,,thats what counts,,smile


New People coming to GS

Lemuel~~~ O.K. - I think that answers akeria's question...

Next topic, what is our responsibility to new people entering Gorean Shores?

akeria{GS}~~~ first and foremost the responsibility is to educate them..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to akeria~ What about how we treat them?

Kyoto~~~ To educate and get the women into collars as quickly as possible.
Chuckling softly

akeria{GS}~~~ should One not be treated with respect until they act in a way that takes that respect away

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ a girl is to treat All with respect and patience...to help..to teach if asked..... even those deetermined HNG's one must have some patience with...as many of those have even turned out to be awesoem Goreans...*chuckles*
a girl is to be beautiful always
a girl is to be pleasing always..
simple rules to follow...grins

SabreWolf~~~ to give them the best Gorean experence possible,,smile,,

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at akeria~
Yes, I would think so too...the new person should be greeted, and made welcome.

Deirdre~~~ *rolling My eyes at Kyoto's response........*

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~nods, agreeing with her sisters~*~ exactly sis akeria and topaz

galah{GSFG}~~~ **nodding agreement with topaz and adding** and to offer whispers, for some new ones feel awkward at speaking publically at first

Rast Dulan~~~ I do have conflicting views on newcomers...I weclcome them...thinking myself to be a friendly person...but perhaps not with "wide" open arms...since newcomers are strangers...and strangers are for the most part enemies until they prove themselves otherwise...

Rollo the Ax~~~ " To welcome those new to the on-line Gorean experience, to help educate them in any way needed to teach by EXAMPLE, and to except that those learning will make some mistakes....within reason...... The * respect * issue is layered, again, in MY opinion.... a modacum of respct should be shown to those trying to learn.... but real RESPECT is a thing that is EARNED, not owed.......

SabreWolf~~~ if thing I'm gonna do is wager with them and make Um buy Me a paga,,that usually breaks the ice pretty good,,grin,,also gives a way and time finds out why their in GS,,

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ chuckles...aye sis galah...topaz wears her lil fingers off in whispers some days it seems trying to help Newbies

akeria{GS}~~~ nodding as she hears the words

Blade~~~ akeria that is what the home page is for.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ LOL @ Master SabreWolf....and His betting...!!

akeria{GS}~~~ Master Blade...aye..girl agrees..but the homepage does need some updating..~smile~

galah{GSFG}~~~ and it can be purdy hard tooo topaz, hey? for it makes it look as your not doing anything in the tavern at times, but it serves such an important service, another way a slave can show her servitude

Lemuel~~~ Alright...this topic seems to have been talked out and everyone seems to agree that newbies should be treated with respect, made to feel welcome, and educated gentyl by pointing to the home page and offering whispers...

Blade~~~ I am rather new to GS and I try and help best I can. I will send them to someone who has been there long or to the home page. Or I will try and find an anwser for them. I too am still learning myself.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ ohhhh....aye sis galah!!...8grins*...luckily topaz remembers now and then to post publically...something like....smiles and leans back in to whisper to...Master SO and So...
thus she is covered..her lil kajira ass don't like to be whipped by none but her Master...8winks*

Rollo the Ax~~~ I agree, galah....... many times those who are new are very self conscious about what they are doing and don't want to look silly or dumb, so reasonable teaching, in whispers, is often the best way.......


Kajirae Dance Contest

Lemuel~~~ Next question. Was there going to be a dance contest for the kajirae?

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ a dance contest??
*looks up as she hears Master Lemuel, chuckling*

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ topaz dances for the pleasure of the patrons...not sure what a contest would do...or be for?...

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ there was to be Master Lemuel, but who danced? shirin decided to sing instead this time, did anyone else?

Kyoto~~~ Sighing as I run my fingers through my hair.
I could have sworn one was scheduled.

akeria{GS}~~~ quietly listening

galah{GSFG}~~~there was to be a dance contest during the festival, but the festival is over, isn't it Master Captains?

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ did not see a schedule at all for anything...grins..other than the Tournies of a sort

Rast Dulan~~~ Perhaps just a dance gala instead of a contest...just a thought..each girl assigned a theme

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ oh...well said Master...*grins at You*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I think the dance contest got lost in the shuffle, so to speak. ~S~ Perhap the girls can organize one to be held in the next few weeks?

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~cringes at free form dance~*~

Kyoto~~~ A dance galah?
Looks at the first girl curiously.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ chuckles softly...
topaz has danced near every day the last couple of hands....it appears master Marius thinks it a fine form of entertainment for Patrons....thinks she is pretty tired....

Deirdre~~~ *listening to the conversation about the dance contest.......realizing Tthey aren't talking about the Two-Step*

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ winks at shirin
but sis...free form gives a girl a chance to really express herself spur of the moment no??!!

Blade~~~ I heard talk of it in DM why some girls and I didn't know anything about it, but I just thought I would find out and get back to them abd say yes or no.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ in the DM Master Blade?...*curious indeed now*

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ and trip over her feet and fall flat on her face too ~*~nods and giggles to topaz~*~

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *grins and winks at Lady Deirdre*
actually, topaz has seen some Free Women do some wonderful dances
they do not show "heat" the way a slave does...they are more refined, and beautiful in there own way actually...*grins*

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *laughs softly, blows a kiss to shirin*
nay sis...topaz knows shirin is an awesome dancer!!!!

galah{GSFG}~~~ galah likes Master Dulans idea, just a dance off of sorts? to say contest indicates someone dances better than someone else, and all the slaves are sooooooooooo beautiful, no sense in hurt feelings?

Paedur~~~ Agrees with Marius, the slaves dancing is a fine form of entertainment. *WEG*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay.... again, just this old mans opinion..... but why should it take a * special * occasion, to see kajira dance ????? During the festivales there is always so much going on that many times the * mood * is broken ........ seeing a girl dance IS and should be a JOY..... and Wodin knows that a little joy in everyday life would go a LONG way........ and compatition ???? WHY ??????? each girl dances in her own way, each differently, but still lovely..... WHY make them COMPETE ??????? does not every Maste feel that HIS girl is more lovely than the others ?????

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ A point...dance contests, etc. need not be confined to *official* festivals. The girls could organize one any time and post it on the boards. Seems to Me to be a good way to get people into the Tavern and new rooms....

Deirdre~~~ *smiling at topaz*
Really? I've never seen a FW dance. Interesting.

Blade~~~ Well it was started by black lotus.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at Rollo as He and I had the same thought~

galah{GSFG}~~~ galah was thinkin of doing the 'slave dance with two left feet' herself heheheheheheheee

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ well said galah!!
topaz also does not like the idea of one girl feeling less than..or another feeling better than...tis not the way of Gor, so in that sense, she does not like the word./....."contest"....tis not the way topaz want sot feel...and does not feel!!! but to do a dance each based on a different "theme"...that would be fun and exciting to see what the girls come up with!!!!!...nods...nods

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~smiles back to topaz, the kiss landing on her cheek~*~ thanks sis...still spooks a girl to dance free form and spur of the moment...but...she will try to do it some time and see how it goes

Rast Dulan~~~ Smiles thinking of galah at the gaga...

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ whispers to shirin....
topaz would love to dance a twosome with her beautiful sis....shirin...would be fun...following the other..taking up from where the other stops....*grins*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the ideas~ Sounds like a godd plan to Me, topaz and galah.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ aye Mistress Deirdre.!!!....she has seen it at some sites where they speak of FW dances....*grins*

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ aye, shirin likes the idea of a "dance fest" rather than a contest....no one wishes to inflat heads or hurt feelings, we just want to have fun and enjoy each others company

Kyoto~~~ That would be beautiful topaz, sort of like two men sparring, except, hopefully, with a lot less blood.

galah{GSFG}~~~ and perhaps those dishes(recipes) the girls came up with could still be served in the tavern when there are many to serve? don't think much of them got used for the festival?

Paedur~~~ I would definitely enjoy watching topaz and shirin dance. *VBS*
Licking My lips at just the thought.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to galah~ Aye, serving the recipes from the board sounds like a good idea too. The girls could offer it as the day's special to any Free entering.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *winks at Master Kyoto...eyes bright*
topaz would love to try that..as it owuld be something totally new and different
*looks at shirin*
what does her sis say?...(grins*...
she and topaz could get together and hash out some ideas..then go with it one night!!

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *LOL*...Master Paedur...the girls would be sure to let You know when we would do it!!.....

akeria{GS}~~~ listening

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ the fun would be..that each girl has her own style...topaz knows she does..and knows so does shirin..neither of us are the type. to say...copy..anothers dance...each style would be a compliment for the others...*grins, knowing shirin is shaking right now...winks to her*

Blade~~~ topaz just make sure you post it on the board so We will know when and can come and watch. I would love to come and watch it from the start and not come in at the end. ~S~