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A past decision.. the final say
Pledging.. what's it mean?
When is it a good time?...
Witness of Gor

A past decision.. the final say

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well folks, let us begin the forum... same rules as always...okay ??? any topics ???

Rollo the Ax~~~ .. Okay, I will say this ONE time, and then we will move on to a REAL topic for the forum... If this is about the past decision of the council to ban Dak from GS, it has already been done.. long ago, and NOT only because of what one person said ... it was voted on by the Captains, it ended an on-going problem, and it is DONE... if dak doesn't like it, I am sorry but TOUGH... no * end run * by his RT wife will change things... Dak continues to show his lack of control and willingness to abide by the decisions of the GS Council... the subject is DONE...

Rollo the Ax~~~ dove, aatira.... GS has no problem with either of you... at this point... and while you both may, and should support your Master, he is NOT a Master in GS... the case is closed... how many slaves he owns ??? who knows or cares ?? but his actions STILL show his true colors... just recently, I had to have words with him about trying to entice slaves IN GS out of the tavern.... trying to play the part of a Gorean Master, and order them to come to private rooms... Sorry, but that does NOT show his honor or ant trate that we of GS wish to deal with... Dak. is DEAD to GS... end of story.... next topic .....


When is it a good time?...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Now, a couple of possible topics were sent to Me during that landslide of postings about Dak and his slaves... one from kanda, and another from somebody else, but I have lost them... if you will repost them, we will move on...

kanda{HoS}~~~ *smiles*
kanda was wanting to bring the subject up of songs and dances and poetry.. is there a good time..or better time to do these as opposed toother times? and is there any restrictions on songs or dances or poetry?

kanda{HoS}~~~ sometimes she feels her timing is off...

Mandi~~~ kanda, I think a girl already knows My position on whether good creative writing and other art are always welcome in My presence.

kanda{HoS}~~~ and wonders how her dance or song or poem could be properly displayed..

Mandi~~~ kanda, a girl did a very good song at the festival, and it was posted in much the same style as a serve.....with actions and words........
some post poetry straight up in but a single post.
There are as many ways to post it, and I do not think a standard has been established.

Mandi~~~ Even the serve is something of an art form depicting movement and certain elements in a freeform prose.
Sometimes the Free will request a dance and sometimes a girl might offer up the gift of a poem on an occasion to the Free.
Sometimes a girl might choose to post the work directly on the main board, aux board, or slaveboard.

kanda{HoS}~~~ kanda loves creating songs and poems..and loves to share them...sometimes she admits ..her sense of humour is reflected.. and she hopes her subject matters has never been offensive

Mandi~~~ *chuckling at kanda* Then a girl should perhaps clear the item with her Owner or a trusted Free, or just post it on the aux board.

kanda{HoS}~~~ and may a girl create a free form dance? or is she to follow guidelines?

kanda{HoS}~~~ *wonders if Any of the Masters have anything to add*

Mandi~~~ kanda, there are many dances, and the best advice on that would be to talk to the first girl, to myst, topaz, shirin, penny, any number of girls who are great dancers and perhaps get a different opinion from each.
And a girl's Owners may have preferences.
In the books, dances took many forms and sometimes even told of battles or other events.

Emerald Forest~~~ *well poetry is not My sort of art,I would rather see a kajira dance then tell poetry,but thats just Me LOL,and I am sure that any sort of dance that you can make up would be fine for the Free kanda S*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening~
there are many forms of slave dance, sis kanda.. not just pole, tile, submission, whip, etc.. dances that have no guidelines.. no set rules..

kanda{HoS}~~~ *smiles at Master Forest*
well then kanda will make up more dances but will okay it with Master Shadowglade and Mistress Kayla..before she dances for the tavern*looks up and smiles at the Mistress*

Mandi~~~ vika has the talent of being able to tell a story in such a way that is nearly a dance and still stay on the plot line and you also get her reactions to the story....simultaneously.

Kayla~~~ ~nodding to kanda~ of course littleone ~speaking softly~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika nods in respect to the Mistress...aii, that is the way vika believes it should be...*softly*~

kanda{HoS}~~~ thanks sis jas... kanda had danced one free form once but danced it for one Master..maybe she will attept it again

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay... the idea of a slave offering a poem or dance or song seems outstanding to Me... also another person askes about the possibilty of a night when the warriors and pirates of the tavern could regale the patrons with stories of their travels and adventures.????? I say, * GO FOR IT * !!!!! how many times have anyone here seen a slave punished for dancing ??? or singing ?? Or a man told to shut the hell up when telling his stories of deeds and adventers ??? LOL...LOL... ANY time ( except forums ..LOL.. ) or during collarings maybe....LOL..

Kyoto~~~ *chuckling*
Right after the collaring sounds like a great time to me.

Mandi~~~ **looking to Asellus** and I would like to hear the Musician in the Tavern or the Piazza one of these days, Lady.

kanda{HoS}~~~ *grins at Master Rollo..holding head upright and clasping her hands together...eyes brightly twinkling*
ooohh that sounds good... story telling ...*smiles when she thinks of the tavern with stories of Their travel*

Asellus~~~ *Pine-green eyes sparkle warmly above the lines of Her veils at Mandi's words*

kanda{HoS}~~~ with stories being told she meant..

kanda{HoS}~~~ Master Rollo ...with story telling and poems and dances and song...it would be wonderful....

kanda{HoS}~~~ kanda wants nothing more than to see the tavern vibrant and alive...


Pledging.. what's it mean?

Kyoto~~~ *Noticing that Rollo has been urted*
Does anyone have a topic they wish to bring up? I accept whispers.

Kyoto~~~ Topic... What does a pledge at GS mean? To a FM? To a FW?

Mandi~~~ Does the pledge go only one way from that Free to the Home? Or is there some duty the Pledged Free owe Each Other?

Kayla~~~ I would venture that a pledge of any sort is a highly personal thing....

Kyoto~~~ To me, a pledge is an oath to support the tavern, to uphold the decisions of the council, to know that you may disagree if you do not agree, but not to place your own interest above that of the tavern.

Rollo the Ax~~~ A pledge, like many other things, means different things to different people....


Witness of Gor

Rollo the Ax~~~ another topic offered...** what the thoughts are of John Norman's latest book. Did T/they feel His views had changed regarding Master/slave/Free or pretty much the same. What quotes were found profound and thought provoking. How can W/we implement some of our actions towards His thoughts on being Gorean?

Kyoto~~~ What latest book is that?

Kayla~~~ I haven't read it yet

Rollo the Ax~~~ Perhaps, we should carry over both of these topics for next week ??? the pledge issue is one that many may wish to speak to... and the 26th book ??? I'll have to let others discuss, I have not read it yet .....

Kyoto~~~ I've not either, but I'd be interested in hearing a little about it.

Emerald Forest~~~ *witness of gor is the book Kyoto*

Kyoto~~~ Thank you, where is it available?

Emerald Forest~~~ *at the moment that I know of is online in the john norman site*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well, folks... I think we should call it a night... this forum is done... I hope to see everybody again next week... and we will start off with the two topics...

Kyoto~~~ Sounds good to me, Rollo, thank you for your patience tonight.

Emerald Forest~~~ *good forum,started off a bit dodgy but ended up fine LOL*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well... I will take Me leave... I have a huge pile of RT matters to go and deal with... Be Well, all...

Kayla~~~ Thanks Rollo... and I apologize to the Forum that once again I seem to head up too many of the topics ~sigh~

Emerald Forest~~~ *well just think of it this way Kayla,if it wasn't for You what would there be to be discussed LOL*

Kayla~~~ I would like to find out Emerald

Emerald Forest~~~ *that day will come Kayla,do not worry S*