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Food to eat.. meat Honor

Food to eat.. meat

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. Well, it is good th see so many here for the forum... so with no further ado, shall we begin ?? Same rules as always.. anybody have a topic ?? I don't remember any carry over ones from last week ?? Am I wrong ??

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening as the Torvlandslander speaks.. shaking head~
nae, Master.. no carry over topics from last hand..

Shadowglade~~~ *nods his greetings to all, and then glances to the senior Captain awaiting the forum to begin*

Seafire~~~ Looks toward the senior Captian....

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. well SOMEBODY better come up with a topic, or we are all in for a LONG forum....LOL..

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Well, we could explore the question Mandi posted on the aux board...

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. Why is the sky blue ?? Is there a * here after * FREE only, ( cause all the kajira know what the Masters are here after...LOL. ) LOL...LOL..

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~giggles listening to Master Rollo~*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL. Okay, our first topic...What are the most popular animals to eat on Gor?

Lemuel~~~ Bosk, tarsk, verr...

Shadowglade~~~ kajirae! oh erm...Bosk is My choice Brother

Mandi~~~ Vulo (fowl), parsit (fish)

Kayla~~~ ~grinning thinking about food~...

Kayla~~~ bosk bosk and more bosk *S*

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ ~*giggles*~ having not eaten a Gorean animal in soooo long fa cannot even remember the taste, however many times she has been asked to serve Bosk & vulo and so that is what she would think......

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ vulo wings would be great marinated....

Kayla~~~ I am real partials to oysters as well *S*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ marsh shark, vosk carp, grunt

Mandi~~~ I have heard of bosk, tarsk, vulo, verr, parsit
I was wondering if there were others.

Lemuel~~~ ~licking My lips~
Marsh shark, vosk carp, wingfish livers. Nummy.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling as My slave and I come up with almost the same answer~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~winking at her Owner hearing His response as well~

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ also Thassa fish?

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL. well, I think that Goreans are no different than Earth folks when it comes to food, and so, if it tastes good we will eat it... and when it comes down to survival, a Gorean would eat ANYTHING that didn't move..too fast to catch... LOL.

Saevus Draco~~~ Pemmican, Tabuk, Tumits, Cosian Wingfish, Eel, Sorp

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Rollo's words~
Aye, grilled urt or boiled eel ain't bad if there's nothing else to eat. ~G~

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ ~*screws up her dainty lil nose*~
fa would not recommend gruel to any ..... quite nasty

Gornt~~~ ~chuckles at fa's comment~

Rollo the Ax~~~ I seem to remember something like * turpa *... fungus that grows on a tree trunk, that is used in a soup ??? LOL..LOL.. YUM, yum...LOL.. but hey, I trained to eat stuff that many here would gladly starve before eating...LOL.. SURVIVAL, folks... not nice some times, but better than croaking....LOL...

Mandi~~~ **thinking that market prices on fungi are rather high these days**

Kayla~~~ Yeeeewwwww

Saevus Draco~~~ Tur-pah... A vine-like edible tree parasite with curly, red, ovate leaves... a main ingredient in sullage, a Gorean soup

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ Well mushrooms are really a fungus...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to Master Rollo.. ~ aye Master, turpah is a vine-like tree parasite with curled, scarlet, ovate leaves which are edible and an ingredient of sullage.

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Worms, grubs, crickets, ants...all good sources of protein in a pinch.

Kayla~~~ ~shuddering~ I think I will stick to Oysters and Bosk

serena{Briggand}~~~ mmm oysters...

MsTemptMe~~~ *thinking quietly to myself ... I am glad I am not hungry tonight*

Lemuel~~~ ~scrunching up My face as Kayla mentions oysters again~
Yuck! Slimy, nasty things to eat. ~chuckles~

Rok~~~ hey, ants are not half bad if toasted in a hot pan!!

Mandi~~~ Speaking of crudite, what veggies need cooking and which can be eaten raw?

Kayla~~~ I like oysters *S* ...LOL ~watching some of the Men screw up their faces~

Mandi~~~ Is Gor free from the nasty microbes on raw seafood, Kayla?

Kayla~~~ Of course Mandi... with as healthy as the people are so is the animal and plant life on Gor

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, how about another topic ???

Lemuel~~~ ~trying to contain My laughter as I listen to the next topic~



Rollo the Ax~~~ There seems to be a great deal of confusion as to what "Honor" means on the boards. Perhaps some discussion and clarification.

Shadowglade~~~ *glancing to Rollo* Honor is one of those things people seldom agree upon, Brother...and I can't for the life of me remember the riddle from the Codes about that subject, but I'd say that says it all as far as Im concerned...

Kyoto~~~ Well, I looked honor up in the dictionary and I think that the definition, "adherance to principles considered right, integrity" most closely sums up my personal interpretation of honor.


“What is the 97th Aphorism in the Codes?” inquired Labienus.
“My scrolls may not be those of Ar,’” I said. To be sure, the scrolls should be, at least among the high cities, in virtue of conventions held at the Sardar Fairs, particularly the Fair of En’Kara, much in agreement.
“Will you speak?” asked Labienus.
“Remove the female,” I said.
“He is a Warrior,” said one of the men.
One of the men lifted the bound Ina in his arms, one hand behind the back of her knees, and the other behind her back, and carried her from where we were gathered. In a few moments he returned.
“The female is now out of earshot?” inquired Labienus, staring ahead.
“Yes,” said the fellow, “and she will stay where I left her, on her back, as I tied her hair about the base of a stout shrub.”
“The 97th Aphorism in the Codes I was taught,” I said, “is in the form of a riddle: “What is invisible but more beautiful than diamonds?”
“And the answer?” inquired Labienus.
“That which is silent but deafens thunder.”
The men regarded one another.
“And what is that?” asked Labienus.
“The same,” said I, “as that which depresses no scale but is weightier than gold.”
“And what is that?” asked Labienus.
“Honor,” I said.
Pages 305-306, Vagabonds of Gor

Rok~~~ Honor is a lot of things to differnt people. EVERYBODY should have a sense of Honor, from the field slave to an Ubar. It is not a word, but a trait! It is dignity, reliability, respect, the list goes on and on.

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding to the Captain of the Archives* I knew you would know it Brother...


"Honor is important to Goreans, in a way that those of Earth might find it hard to understand; for example, those of Earth find it natural that men should go to war over matters of gold and riches, but not honor; the Gorean, contrariwise, is more willing to submit matters of honor to the adjudication of steel than he is matters of riches and gold; there is a simple explanation for this; honor is more important to him."

A last observation having to do with the tendency of some Goreans to accept illusions and such as reality is that the Gorean tends to take such things as honor and truth very seriously. Given his culture and background, his values, he is often easier to impose upon than would be many others. For example, he is likely, at least upon occasion, to be an easier mark for the fraud and charletan than a more suspicious, cynical fellow. On the other hand, I do not encourage lying to Goreans. They do not like it."

Mandi~~~ How similar to the Eastern concept of "face" is Honor on Gor? Of maintaining the appearance of right and of dignity?

Lemuel~~~ I'd say it is very similar, Mandi.

desiree{Algernon}~~~ a girl reads the boards and ponders the many post.......
it seems that Some find the boards as "open season" to post frustrations...and anger....without the realization that the boards are an extension of the Tavern....
shouldn't the same level of honor be expected on the boards as is expected to be shown here in the Tavern?

Kyoto~~~ I think that they are both very similar, Mandi. For to lose face is a grave misdeed indeed...

Shadowglade~~~ I think that would be something more personally described Mandi..

Rok~~~ As far as I am concerned, and this is just Me, there are people, regardless of on Gor, or otherwise that SAY in words that they have honor, BUT they are deceitful, undependable, and selfserving. That is not honor..that is not a person, but an animal, and not a very good animal at that!

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with des~
Aye, and some people obviously didn't have a clue as to what they were talking about.

Mandi~~~ That is a good question, desiree. **looking to the Captains and Advisors** Is a post on Our Boards "conduct" within Our Home? Is O/one accountable for what O/one chooses to post?

fallen~angel~~~ honour is something all should have but many lack.....

kisSmet~~~ These are all strong words of John Norman. But how do the Free Men of Port Kar define "honor". Is honor different from a say pirate or initiate or sea captain as compared to a warrior. Is honor different to Free Women compared to Free Men? Just wondering here.

Rok~~~ I agree. Leaving a message on the board is still an extension of Oneself. Because it is left in message form and not spoken in a real time situation does not make the impact of such words any less.


My father had risen to his feet and had begun to pace the room, and his eyes seemed strangely alive. In time I would come to understand more of what he felt. Indeed, there is a saying on Gor, a saying whose origin is lost in the past of this strange planet, that one who speaks of Home Stones should stand, for matters of honor are here involved, and honor is respected in the barbaric codes of Gor.
Tarnsman page 26

Seafire~~~ listening to the change in tone

Gornt~~~ If One utters the words in public whether in conversation in the room or on the boards as a post, then one should be prepared to defend them

Lemuel~~~ I'd say yes to that Mandi. The kajirae are expected to use third person speech on the board, just like in the Tavern. The board is part of the Tavern.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL. hey, I only post the questions I didn't come up with this one Myself... In MY opinion, honor is perhaps THE most difficult concept to get a handle on for many ppl, because it can mean so many different things to EACH person... a quick, from the hip, idea about Honor ??? " ANY person that contantly trying to PROVE that they are * Honorable * most likely is NOT... Honor is shown, by word and deed, both LARGE and small... CONSTANTLY... not a hit and miss affair... an honorable person is ALWAYS so... even when it hurts, or would be easier to turn a blind eye...

Shadowglade~~~ I think, kisSmet that One can only be accountable for His own honor. FW, because they are FREE have honor, honor which can be bruised, but because Gor is a Man's world especially online Gor, they have no way of effecting how they are treated besides how they act. Generally, I have found that most FW on Gor that I have known have been women of strong character...

Seafire~~~ The words spoken or written have no meaning unless they are spoken in truth.


Guardsman of Gor page: 257
But, why? I asked myself. Should not, rather, one be more ashamed by deceit than the truth? Can there truly be a greater honor in hypocrisy than in honor? It does not seem so.

Vagabonds of Gor page: 63
"There are no mere points of honor."

galah{RA}~~~ Port Kar recognizes a caste of thieves, do they also have honor? they steal from others, so is that honorable?

Gornt~~~ ~chuckles~ Shadowglade in order for a Woman on Gor to remain Free She has to have strong character

kisSmet~~~ *smiles and nods in agreement with Master Shadowglade and galah in their statement*

Shadowglade~~~ Port Kar in the books also executed, enslaved, or deported thieves that were captured, so I think the caste of thieves was not well respected by most Goreans in Port Kar...

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at galah's question~
Aye, I think thieves *can* have Honor, but like any other group not all will. Perhaps by not infringing on another thiefs territory they might show honor to Others of their caste.

Rok~~~ *nods at Rollo's words*

Kayla~~~ There is that old saying there is "honor amoung thieves"... But seems to Me that is an oxy moron... A thief has no honor nor can recongize them in others I would think... only an opinion though...

Rollo the Ax~~~ and yes, kismet... although the BASIC concept should be close to the same, I think that many ppl in on-line Gor only think of HONOR in the way of the Warrior Caste... and everybody knows that we warriors are crazy lot... Hell, who else goes where they are told, fights who they are told, and die far from home for no other reason than * It is my DUTY * !!!!! go find Me some kids on the street corners now adays that will do that .......

Seafire~~~ Depends if the thief is doing so on good conscience.
In order to help some more unfortunate or fight injustice

kisSmet~~~ exactly galah, and that can be extended out further to say, slave do not have honor. But do they not reflect their Master's honor in all that they say and do. So if rude or misbehaving she becomes and embarassment to him? ... so they must be conscious of what they say and how they say it.

galah{RA}~~~ but if honor is only shown in a way of a thief to another thief but not to others, is he truly honorable? is honor a part time thing? one can have honor today but not tomorrow?

Rok~~~ honor is not something that can be turned on and off...either one has it, or they do not..there is no middle ground.

Shadowglade~~~ I rather liken many Gorean castes to Earthen "guilds" in that they were for the most part self governing, and being that on Gor honor was SUCH a point, that to suffer the disfavor of One's caste was the same as say...in the Eastern Earthen cultures when a man would dishonor Himself...it was a major big deal...in Port Kar however, we have a slightly different set of ideals, since it is a city of Thieves, Pirates, and other "less legitimate" types....Therefore, in My opinion, I would say that the caste of thieves as an example would be tolerated, but far from venerated....

Lemuel~~~ Well, stealing is what thieves do, so you can't look at that. Let's say one thief steals from anyone, even people that can't afford the loss. Another thief only steals from people that can afford to lose a few coins. Is one more honorable than the other?

Kayla~~~ ~Nodding in agreement with Rok~.. It is or it is not...

galah{RA}~~~ a father might say to his son that he has tarnished and dishonored the family name, wouldn't much be the same with a slave? she could dishonor her Masters name, so to do something dishonorable, one would be expected to be honorable to start with?

Mandi~~~ I would suggest the Thief stealing directly is more honest than a so-called "legitimate" Caste cheating Another or lying. If You are going to steal, at least be honest about it.

Rollo the Ax~~~ EACH caste or group would have its own version of honor... farmers between farmers, theives between theives, etc. ...

Gornt~~~ Like Don Hennely says a Man with briefcase can steal more money than a guy with a gun

Kayla~~~ Sounds like big sin little sin.. all are the same in the Divine's eyes...
Or "a little pregnate"... either you are or your not *S*

Lemuel~~~ ~shaking My head~ I don't think a slave (or a child) can affect her Master's (or father's) honor in that way, galah. It reflects more on the discipline under which the slave is held.

galah{RA}~~~ in galahs humble opinion, she thinks the slaves have many times shown more honor than some free....but then more is expected of slaves....but many times goes back to that old arguement, how can an animal(slave) have honor?

Rok~~~ even an animal galah, such as a bosk, has honor in a sense. It is true to what it is.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ a girl cannot find any quotes regarding the thief caste and honour....*wonders if there are any*

Saevus Draco~~~ "Being honorable" is hard to judge. It is much like the difference between "attitude" and "behavior"... one cannot truly tell what another's attitude is, they can only extrapolate it by visible behavior. I see honor as similar -- One cannot truly call a person an "Honorable Man"... they could actually only say "He is a Man who acts with honor".

galah{RA}~~~ and would the high caste be considered to be more honorable than a low caste? would a physician have more honor than a peasant?

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye Kayla, maybe...but doesn't it show that one thief has respect and consideration for the needy while the other is only concerned with himself?

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ a girl doesn't think honour is something that can be higher in one caste that another, if one has honour He has honour....honour cannot be measured

galah{RA}~~~ heheheheheeee thank you Master Rok, galah never thought of a bosk having honor....would this include sleen and such also?

Kayla~~~ It shows the thief has a heart not honor *S*

kisSmet~~~ Looks up and smiles at Master Draco.. thinking what his old friend had to say.
A Man is only as good as his honor.
His honor is only as good as his word.
His word is only as good as his actions.
So don't just talk, walk it and prove it to me.

Rok~~~ galah. let Me answer that with a question. Have you ever seen a sleen try to act like a tarn, or is it once and always a sleen?

Lemuel~~~ ~grins~ I guess that depends on Your definition of Honor...

Shadowglade~~~ Honor is something I feel cannot truly be defined. What matters in My opinion is if One feels Him/Her/him/herself honorable in what they do. If I point to One and say "He is not honorable" I am merely sharing My opinion of that person...only the person in question knows whether He truly was or was not honorable. However, there is a basic sense of what is honorable that I'd say we can all agree on. If a person says "I believe this is so" or "I will do this or that" and they then say "that is not so" or don't DO whatever it was they said they would do, then in My opinion, they are not showing Honor...

Rok~~~ aye Shadow..well spoken!

galah{RA}~~~ a sleen is a sleen is a sleen....but to only be a sleen shows honor Master Rok?
that is a great one kismet....galah likes that one alot!!!

Saevus Draco~~~ *smiles and nods to kisSmet*

Shadowglade~~~ If someone tells me they will do something, I accept their word on it. I have no reason to question their honor...however, if they do not know for certain that it will be done, or if they aren't sure they WISH to do it, then they should never tell anyone that they intend to...

kisSmet~~~ Would there not be some things that transends all groups.. like commitment and keeping you word when it is no longer convient to you becasue you gave someone on ppl your words. Putting the good of the group (ie. Home Stone, family, where you are pledge) above your own ego or vanity... defering to others to maintain peace.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay... I may be speaking heresay here, but I have ALWAYS had a * problem * with the idea that slaves do NOT have honor or many other traits.... a slave may only have the LEGAL stance of an animal, on Gor, or anywhere esle, but that does NOT pull some kind of * presto-chango * loss of their HUMANITY... they have dreams, and minds, and hearts, AND Honor... in their OWN ways...

Rok~~~ galah, to be what one truely is..no more, no less. It does not worry if other approve of what it is, it mearly is. It does not do what it does to please others, but for itself.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Rollo~

Rok~~~ *nods at Rollo's words*

Kayla~~~ I agree totally Rollo... Have always thought slaves have honor... may not be the same as a Warrior's but honor none the less....~smiling at the girls around~

kisSmet~~~ ***perks and grins and *blows Master Rollo a kiss****

galah{RA}~~~ **sighs softly and some confused** but does not a slave do what she does to please others Master Rok?

Rok~~~ *grins* aye galah, indeed she does, and very well, but what is the purpose of a slave? What IS a slave?

Lemuel~~~ There is a passage in "Witness" where a slave is supposed to torment a chained prisoner with her beauty and she obeys, but does not do so to the best of her ability because she feels it is worng.

Rollo the Ax~~~ EACH person is only what THEY are...No more, no less.... Yeah, you can TRY to pretend that you are tough, or strong, or smart, or cold hearted...but if you are NOT really any of these things, or others, then you will not only never fool YOURSELF, but you will never fool OTHERS...and in the process, make yourself look even more follish than you really are....

Shadowglade~~~ kisSmet, I say do not give your word if you can't keep it...for instance. When I pledged here I agreed to defend My home, do all I could to bring Honor to my home, and to respect the Council of Captains, and their rulings, and to put NO other place ahead of GS in my loyalties. When I first came here, there was an almost entirely different Council...and I will admit to you here, and now that I didn't always agree with what that Councils decisions were...and when I no longer felt that I could bring honor to GS because of my feelings about the direction of its Council, I chose to respectfully withdraw my pledge, and move on...*looking to galah and Rollo* Im sure you both remember that time. But I also told Rollo at that time that My disagreement with his Council did not reflect upon My feelings of his Home, and that I would steadfastly be an ally of GS....well, the wheel turns, as they say, and Eventually I returned...because I found that no where else that I went, was any better in my opinion than the place that I left...and that included the home that I MYSELF tried to build...I may not have agreed with the Council, but I could not then, and cannot now besmirch their Honor...

Rok~~~ *nods again at Rollo's words*

galah{RA}~~~ a slave is whatever her Master wishes her to be, and her purpose is to serve him his every wish and desire

Kayla~~~ ~smiling up to Captain Shadowglade~

Rok~~~ *grins at galah again* perhaps...a slave is a slave! The nature of a slave is to serve, and obey. That is what a slave does, regardless if it is as a kajira or a field slave, still the nature to serve, and obey.

Shadowglade~~~ *noting that I didn't finish My thought, and shaking my head chuckling* What Im trying to say is that, as Rollo says, every human being has the capacity for honor, slave and Free alike...But I try not to judge a person until I've watched and listened to them for a while...til I've truly measured their mettle so to speak.

galah{RA}~~~ the grass is always greener on the other side until that side suffers a drought also? heheheheheheee

Rok~~~ galah, I belive Rollo has said best what I have been trying to get across..*grins*

Rok~~~ *nods at Shadow* aye, it is not a word, but a trait that actions define!

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ fa does not find honour in those who belittle others.....which happens quite often in the boards.

Saevus Draco~~~ *Never judge a Man until you have walked a pasang in his shoes... and by then, you will have his shoes and be a pasang away from him.*

Rok~~~ *chuckles at Saevus*

galah{RA}~~~ **smiles to Master Rok** galah has a most wise Master

Rok~~~ galah, indeed you do..*grins* He found words that I was stuggling with.

Kayla~~~ I agree fa and those that post so are judged for those actions... We all are everytime We post anything...

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *nods in agreement* aiii Mistress that is correct *smile*

galah{RA}~~~ he answers all galahs questions, but she just keeps thinking of more heheheheheheee heheheheheheheeee

Shadowglade~~~ LOL@Draco's comment and nods

Rollo the Ax~~~ To find The Way, one must be willing to not only admit that they have faults, as do others, but to accept those faults in BOTH... Anger is the killer of Reason... Hate is the killer of Love...when we allow our anger or hate towards ANY other person to cloud our judgement, we become not only as bad as they, but less...

Kayla~~~ would an Assassin have honour?

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ and what of Those who hire an assassin?

Rok~~~ *nods at Rollo*

Kayla~~~ Good question fa *ss*... digging deeper is good

Shadowglade~~~ *grins at the FW and winks* You know My thoughts on that Lady...however, as it's been argued that Assassins have their own honor...*shrugs* I wouldn't know, I never felt honorable killing for gold....

Saevus Draco~~~ An Assassin could not exist without honor. Although they are much disdained and disparaged, the Black Caste has a high Code of Honor and ethics to which they must answer.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ where is the honour in killing for gold?

Saevus Draco~~~ That once again calls for a definition of "honor"...

party 7~~~ dont now ,but i hear some people kill for a portion of chips.

Saevus Draco~~~ If an Assassin takes a contract to kill for one gold piece, but is offered 50 by the target to not do it, it is his honor that controls his decision. THAT act is representative of his honor, not the killing for gold.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *listening* but to kill a person who has not wronged You.....*shrugs*

Saevus Draco~~~ Honor is not always what it appears on the surface...

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. fa, there will always be those that must hire others to do things they can't themselves...either because of lack of abilty, or due to StateCraft... in other words, either you can't do the killing yourself cause you ain't good enough, or you have some Machivallain reason for needing it done by others...

Rok~~~ has a common soldier that faces another on the battlefield, one kills the other, but neither has done anything directly to the other...are they not fighting with honor?

Saevus Draco~~~ Ai, fa, but this is where "honor" and defining the term definitively take different paths. Anyone... in any situation... can choose to act with honor... or not.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ they are fighting for what they believe in.....being paid to kill is a different matter

Saevus Draco~~~ Does a Warrior truly fight for what he believes? Or does he do as he's told? If he does not believe in what he is doing but fights anyway, is that dishonorable?

kisSmet~~~ *wrinkles her nose trying to remember a quote.* A man is like a tree standing in the sun his reputation (honor) is the shadow the tree cast....... or something like that

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ If he is fighting for something He does not believe in i dont see honour in it.

Saevus Draco~~~ All on Gor have their own place. Does a Peasant's honor count less than a Ubar's? I say that it is a person who holds true to HIMSELF that determines whether he acts honorably.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ that is a valid point...if a person holds true to themself they have honour......

Saevus Draco~~~ A Warrior's job is to kill when he is told to, and whomever he is told to kill. TO do less would not be fulfilling his position as a Warrior. Very few Warriors are independent contractors.

Kayla~~~ I think it is the same thing as the thieves thing though fa... there may be honor amoung Assassins but most Goreans would not see it

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ fa didn't realise that Warriors could be independent contractors or Assassins....she thought they were of different castes. Can one be in more than one caste then? (not trying to be a wiseass or anything, honestly asking this questions).

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ thank You Mistrss Kayla ~*smile*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Assassins and soldiers are DIFFERENT... soldiers should Hopefully be fighting for their country for its Ideals... an Honorable thing... an assassin ??? He May be an Honorable man, but if he will kill ANYBODY for gold ?? it may not be honorable... No reserve on who he kills ?? women, children, GOOD people ??? I can see BOTH sides of the coin... so it is hard to judge ....

Saevus Draco~~~ It is not permitted to be in more than one caste. That would cause a division of loyalty, split between the two castes.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ *nodding in agrgeement with Master Rollo* very hard to judge

Shadowglade~~~ it could be fa that the soldier in question may be fighting for honor itself...He may not agree with his Ubar, or his Captain or any other reason, but if he's given His word that he will do as commanded, then it is for Honor that he fights....however, as in Beasts of Gor when Bosk fights the guards of that FW He kolars. Her guards fight until the Lady commands them to kill him. They refused at that point because in My opinion, they had never given their word that they would kill for the Lady, merely that they would protect her..and since He was not attacking her, her wish to have him killed killed any loyalty they might have had....

Saevus Draco~~~ "soldiers should Hopefully be fighting for their country for its Ideals"... If this were Utopia, perhaps... but a Warrior has no say-so in choosing his battles. His loyalty is to his Home Stone, whether he believes in it or not.

Rok~~~ aye. I have pledged My life and My sword. If I do not agree with My Ubar, that does not release Me from My word, duty, and obligation.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. WHAT in life is so simple as to have only ONE reason or cause ??? Wars are fought over land, money, Religious beliefs, misunderstandings... Hell, anything...

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ Thank You Master Saevus Draco ~*smile*~

Saevus Draco~~~ *winks at fa* and mouths a silent "You're welcome"

kisSmet~~~ Nods at Master Rollo.. the books say wars were fought over the possession of just one slave.

Lemuel~~~ ~Thinking of a legendary war on earth fought because one man took another man's wife away~

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ no good ever comes from fighting over a woman.....where did fa read that *thinking and grinning*

Saevus Draco~~~ I was not always a Physician... I was a Warrior for many more years than I care to remember, at times. But one thing I always held in highest regard... I would go where my Home Stone said to go, do what it said to do, and not question it. Such is the life and responsibility of a Warrior.

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ then You show great honour to Your Homestone Master Saevue Draco ~*soft smile*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. well folks, it seems that our time is up for tonight.... I want to thank everyone for coming to the forum... same time, same place, next week... Y'all can stay and keep discussing things if you wish...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ one thanks You, Master Rollo for holding a most informative forum..

fallen~angel{Stan}~~~ fa wishes You well Master Rollo, was lovely to see You

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Thank You for Hosting another fine forum, Captain.

Rok~~~ A great forum Rollo..*grins*