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Capture/Kill zones/begging to enter
The Slave Kennels
Concerning the Free Women
Assigning slaves to rooms
Staying Open-the old tavern
First Girl=mistress
Pledging to Gorean Shores
Capture/Kill zones/begging to enter

Lemuel~~~ ~taking another swig of paga~
Okay...let's get this ball rolling...
I know I said we'd hold the forum in the new room last week, but I plumb forgot. ~grins~ So we might as well hold it here.
Slaves don't have to beg entrance or exit, keep off-topic talk to whispers, etc. etc.,br> Send the first topic to Me in a whisper please.

jasma{LB}~~~ ~listening.. waiting for the first topic of the evening.. nuzzling cheek against Master's thigh.. feeling the material of His breeches as she continues to listen~

Lemuel~~~ Alright, I've got one question:

"Which rooms at the new site slaves have to beg to enter and which are capture/kill rooms."

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ as shirin understands, the slave will have to beg to enter all rooms, except the forum room and the slave kennels...there was talk of maybe, possibly, dropping the begging to enter the Piazza...Master? ~*~waits and listens to others~*~

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ topaz believes all the rooms one must beg entry other than the courtyard which she believes to be a "safe zone"...the same applies to kill/capture zones no?

summerbreeze{Sabre}~~~ ~listens quietly to hear the answer~

Kyoto~~~ I can answer at least part of that, slaves do not have to beg to enter the kennels or forum. In tregard to the kennels, they need to beg to leave if any free are present.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ grins as she sees shirin post the same as topaz, winks at her*

SabreWolf~~~ Tavern=k/c zone slaves beg as much as possible for everything,,laugh
Piazza=n/k n/c no begging allowed
training=n/cn/k no begging
bath=k/c begging
kennel=n/k n/c no begging
forum=no roleplay

akeria{GS}~~~ ~nodding as she hears Master Kyoto's words~

Lemuel~~~ That sounds about right shirin...

summerbreeze{Sabre}~~~ courtyard is like the gatehouse here isn't it? not really a room but the room list page?

Jake~~~ simply listens

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling~ The courtyard is technically outside Gorean Shores and I'm not sure how a girl would beg entrance or leave from that room anyway since you can't post there.

akeria{GS}~~~ is the courtyard the same as the Piazza?

SabreWolf~~~ no akeria,,grins the courtyard is for courtin
and the Piazza is where ya go for tarsk pizza covered in Gorean Shores grilin sauce,,laugh

Leo Varr~~~ *listens...*

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ so...~listens~ ths slaves only need beg to enter the tavern and bath house, Master Sabre?

akeria{GS}~~~ ~trying hard to keep a straight face as she hears the words from Master Sabre_Wolf~
aye..girl understands now

SabreWolf~~~ shirin,,We're discussing this right now,,smile,,nothing set in stone yet

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to shirin~ Yes, the Tavern, Bath House, and Training Yard will all require a girl to beg entrance if there are Free present.

akeria{GS}~~~ are slaves allowed in the Training area?

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ aye Master Sabre, she just trying to understand ~nods and drops eyes~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to akeria~ Yes, kajirae will be allowed in the Training Yard...how else will the Men get toweled off after sparring?

akeria{GS}~~~ Master Lemuel..~smile~..thank You for answering..akeria is not use to this, she came from a camp and slaves were not allowed to where weapons were being used...

SabreWolf~~~ I agree Lem,,grins,,and We might wanna train in the proper capture of wenches,,laughs,,We'll need um, there fer sure for that,,laugh

summerbreeze{Sabre}~~~ once the Council decides for sure will They posting on the message board so we slaves don't get shoved in a dung sac for not begging to enter when we shoulda?

akeria{GS}~~~ ~looking at tiny feet wondering if girl will need slave sneakers for the pratice of capturing wenches~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Exactly Sabre, it sure beats practicing capture knots on each other. ~grins~

kiki{GS}~~~ *wrinkels nose at the tough of being thrown in a dung sack*

SabreWolf~~~ yes summer,,smiles,,,,We try to keep up with such important stuff

Rollo the Ax~~~ Tal, all..... Rollo is still Rollo ....LOL...LOL... still kicking.... LOL... Lemuel, will the list of * what is required and NOT required in which rooms * be posted somewhere so there is no question about what goes where ???????

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to summer~ Aye, We're working on it...there should be some basic information on the board soon.

summerbreeze{Sabre}~~~ that's good Master cuz summer no look so good covered in dung

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling~ Yep, We'll post it on the board first, then on the home pages eventually.

Leo Varr~~~ *chuckles at summer's comments...listening to the friendly chatter..*

Lemuel~~~ Alright...enough on the grillin sauce already...
Let's at least *try* to stay on topic here lest some posts get lost in the note taking...
Anything more on the new rooms?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well..... that is the way the new place will run, so.... Lemuel, is there another topic ????

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ aye Master Lemuel, do You have a grand opening date yet?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to shirin~
Yes, we have a grand opening/festival date. It's March 19-21...the spring equinox or Gorean New Year. ~S~

akeria{GS}~~~ ~smiling as she hears the dates~

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~smiles~*~ thank You Master Lemuel
~*~looks about to her sisters~*~ that gives us 18 days to prepare, girls, three classes

kiki{GS}~~~ *nodding to sister shirin*

akeria{GS}~~~ the fire begins to stir deep within her belly as she hears shirin's words, knowing girl has a lot to learn~

summerbreeze{Sabre}~~~ ~nods softly to shirin~


The Slave Kennels


Just a question other than yourself are Free allowed in the kennels Kyoto?

Lemuel~~~ The Slave Kennels are a place for kajirae to train. All slaves are welcome to enter this area to learn about Gor and their slavery. To make it easier for the kajirae to concentrate on their instruction, Free Patrons are prohibited from entering this area unless invited and accompanied by a Member of the Gorean Shores Council.

Kayla~~~ ~smiles as Lemuel answers My question~ Thanks Captain


Concerning the Free Women

Kyoto~~~ Was it decided that the Free Women style room for now would be the piazza?

Lemuel~~~ Another question relating to the new rooms:

Are FW allowed in the tavern or has that been decided yet?

I can answer that...the answer is "YES"
Free Women will be allowed in the Tavern, though it is highly recommended that FW have a *real* protector and be on Their very best behavior...the Tavern is a Kill/Capture room after all...

Leo Varr~~~ *listens with interest at the Council's decision on Free Women and the tavern*

summerbreeze{Sabre}~~~ ~nods softly listening to Master Lemuel's words about FW and the Tavern~

Jake~~~ letting His eyes focus about the room taking it all in

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Kyoto~
Yes, Free Women are welcome and *safe* in the Piazza...it's a no kill/ no capture room.

SabreWolf~~~ ofcourse Free Wenches are allowed in the tavern,,how else We gonna get new,,,,,,,,,,,,ok,,new topic before I offend someone,,grin

Leo Varr~~~ Capt Lemuel, I hope I am not overstepping My boundries, but may I make a suggestion...

Dak~~~ *laughs* @ Sabre

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Go ahead Leo.

akeria{GS}~~~ ~her bright eyes focused on Master Varr as He speaks~

kiki{GS}~~~ *giggle softly hearing Master Saber then looks to Mistress Kayla kinda expecting to see a shoe fly or something*

Leo Varr~~~ *looks at Capt Sabre and agrees in Silence*

jasma{LB}~~~ ~listening quietly to all that's being said.. softly asking with respect.. ~.. if the Tavern is supposed to be more.. more.. ~thinking~.. in tune with what a tavern would be like.. would a FW come in knowing that she could see a Master use a slave publicly?.. just a question.. something that has a time or two been brought up before for *here*.. ~lowering eyes once again~

Leo Varr~~~ Might I suggest that Free Women, indeed have a Protector..but also..under advisment..don't enter without that Protector...I know of Many Homestones who do not allow a Free Woman to enter without her Protector

Rollo the Ax~~~ a small point on the * real * protector issue ??????? If the FW is a pledged Patron, does this real protector have to be with the FW EVERY time she enters the tavern, or just avalible to * stand up * for her if there is a problem ?????

Kayla~~~ glaring

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ hears jasma, and nods, wondering the same

Leo Varr~~~ therefore, if the FW opens her mouth..and is out of line, it is up to her Protector to deal with it..and it saves a lot of screaming "un fair"...although Gor is not about being fair *grins*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to jasma~ Good point. The slaves will be serving Men in the Tavern...and that means they may be used on a table-top if the Man chooses...any Free Woman not comfortable with that shouldn't enter.

Leo Varr~~~ that's My 2 tarsks worth...

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ LOL...no ONE ever said Gor was fair!!...*grinning at Master Varr...still happy to see He has joined here this eve*

Leo Varr~~~ Personally...I don't think Free Women belong in a Tavern...but, that is My opinion..each to Their own.

SabreWolf~~~ Free Wenches will have choices not avabialbe before,,smile,,like the Piazza while they can come into the taverm,,they'll be at risk,,if not from Patrons cause All know I'd never do nuthin to offend One,grin,,from other Raiders even,,

Kayla~~~ ~just listening~

Lemuel~~~ It's something We can certainly consider Leo, though as Rollo points out, it is not without its problems...though with the new rooms and the Piazza being a *safe* area there shouldn't be a lot of reason for a FW to enter the Tavern without a protector...

Leo Varr~~~ *nods to Capt Lemuel* Aye, I agree with all statements being made...but a Question...how can a FW Pledge to a Place, when a Man Pledges, He Pledges to Protect it with His Sword, Honour and His Life (if need be), what does a Free Woman bring?

Kyoto~~~ If a Free Woman chooses to not have a protector, then it is her business. It just means that if she raises trouble, she loses the option of having someone defend her. Sort of like the Free Women in the books who went bankrupt and were unable to afford guards.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Leo's comments~ I personally agree with You. It would be highly unusual for a Free Woman to enter a paga Tavern...especially one in Port Kar. This is one of the resons for having the Piazza, an open air café where the Free Women can get a drink and a bite to eat in relative safety.

SabreWolf~~~ We have to have Someone to protect Leo,,grins,,but then with sword rights and all really the point is mute,her fate remains the same,,grin

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ listens to Master Varr...and the Others..stays quiet as a slave should....

Leo Varr~~~ *wonders...if the FW have the Piazza...why the Tavern as well...but remains silent on that matter, that is up to the Captians to decide*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Leo.... while most Gorean rooms TRY to stay as close to the books as possible ( well some do ) the fact remains that this is still the VT.... what does a FW bring ??? whatever her personna allows and her SUPPORT.... there have been times that there was more FW around than MEN....

Leo Varr~~~ Yes that is true, Rollo, however when things like a Festivial and things are about, I have seen Homestones open all rooms (minus the kennel) to All, FM/FW/and slaves. A FW can be committed to a Homestone...but I rarely see a Homestone that has FW Pledge

Lemuel~~~ Well Leo, a Free Woman is *free* after all...if She wants to court a collar by entering a room full of rough and roudy, drunk Men...that's Her business...

Leo Varr~~~ *smiles and nods to Lemuel* Yes, that I do agree with Capt Lemuel...I was merely asking.

Dak~~~ I personally feel if a FW is here, Her "Protector" should be here and be responsible for contoling her behavior , and control of Her

Leo Varr~~~ I thank the Council for Their answers.

Leo Varr~~~ *nods in agreement with Dak*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... Well, Leo..... in the OLD DAYS, GS had many FW as pledged Patrons....... but I guess that was then, and this is now..... I, myself never had any problem with FW that acted like FW.... but as I have said SOO many times..... that is MY opinion, and opinions are like assholes.... EVERYBODY has one......LOL..

SabreWolf~~~ some are bigger than others Captain,,laughs

Kayla~~~ ~Just shaking My head~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Like I said, Dak.... everybody has different ways of seeing things..... some see Gor as a life style or ideal, and some just as a cyber screw place....... some slaves are slaves, some are playing at it..... some Masters are men, and some are piss weak kids.... I guess we have to take the bad along with the good ........

Rollo the Ax~~~ Listen folks... just like it has always been here in on-line Gor..... you either like a site or you don't....... you agree or at least abide by the rules of a site, or you find another one.....more to your liking.....


Assigning slaves to rooms

summerbreeze{Sabre}~~~ will the Council be asigning certain slaves on the GS chain to serve in certain rooms when Free are around to ensure Everyone in every room gets taken care of?

Kyoto~~~ I don't think so, summer, because it's never a sure thing who is going to be on at a given time.

SabreWolf~~~ I don't forsee that being a problem summer,,grins,,I know slaves,,laughs,,

summerbreeze{Sabre}~~~ ~smiles at Master Kyoto then winks at her Master~
yes You do Sexy

galah{GSFG}~~~ Master Lemuel, galah has something to say reguarding an earlier subject, may she suggest something please?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to galah~ Go ahead, galah.

galah{GSFG}~~~ thank you Master Lemuel....this be in reguards to slaves being assigned somewhere to serve, galah thinks it would be good for white silk slaves to be assigned to the Piazza anytime there are free to serve there, that way the FW could help them learn, the white silk could get much practice without being found displeasing to Men, it would give the white silk something to work towards even more toward her yellow silks

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~nods~*~ excellent idea mistress galah...~*~turns to hear what the Captains thinks and allow~*~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to galah~ That sounds like a plan and reminds Me of something I had suggested previously. I had thought that since the Piazza will be open to the street and frequented by Free Women that slaves serving in this area should kneel in tower only...and slaves serving in the Tavern should kneel in nadu only...
What do you all think?

galah{GSFG}~~~ that way a white silk kindda has to earn the priveldge of serving men...gives them something to work towards, they would also be serving new Masters? its galahs understanding that new Masters would be encouraged to learn at the Piazza before entering the tavern? the original idea was that it was to be an easy room and a hard core room? is this still right?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding again~ Yes, We will be encouraging new Masters to visit the Piazza to get Their feet wet. ~S~ They can come back to the Tavern when They're ready to get other bits wet. ~grins~

galah{GSFG}~~~ galah thinks its a good idea Master Lemuel....but does this also mean that slaves would wear more garb in the Piazza, in other words, a full silk instead of one that ties at the waist with the top nudies, or fully nude?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ We'd have to work that out, but yes...My own opinion is that the silks worn in the Piazza would be opaque and cover more than what a girl would wear in the Tavern...

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ yet should the white silks be left alone, without an older sister to help her, in the Piazza? at least not all the time, we don't need the new girls being feed wrong information

Kyoto~~~ The tavern slaves silks don't cover anything, Lem, they are worn tied about their hips...

galah{GSFG}~~~ that kind of covering would be goooooooood practice Master Lemuel, for its much harder for a covered up girl to sound sensual than it is for a nude one heheheheheheheeee even the trained slaves would find it more difficult to feel purdy, it would be goood for all the slaves to experience

Lemuel~~~ ~agreeing with shirin's point~ Yes, there should be a more experienced girl to help out any white-silkers in the Piazza...even if it's only in whispers...

Kyoto~~~ Opaque silks, perhaps even a camisk, worn by the white silks in the piazza.

galah{GSFG}~~~ shirin, galah thinks we would have to look at the whos where and if a training sister was in the piazza, a trainer should go there instead of the tavern, at least for alil bit to make sure the new girl don't need help, but also training slaves would have to know they could whisper to any trainers for help if they need it

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~listening and nodding to Master Lemuel and mistress galah~*~
even shirin might enjoy the challange of covering her nakedness, hehehe, once, hehehe

Kyoto~~~ I agree with that galah, the newer slaves need to know that they can always have help.

galah{GSFG}~~~ oooooohh sis shirin, when galah had been a red silk for quite sometime, the Slave Master at that time, decided to put galah in white silk for awhile heheheheheheheeee it was hard sis...real hard but fun at the same time cause it was different

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ aye, completely agree mistress, you and shirin and the trainers should have to watch for white silk girls and offer help...of course when we are not otherwise serving in the tavern

galah{GSFG}~~~ perhaps when this gets all ironed out, a page could be put on the homepage or the manual about new slaves, where they serve, what they wear etc...and a list of those a new girl could whipser to if needing help....also what kind of garb even trained slaves would wear in the piazza?

fina{HoK}~~~ *quietly whispers to her Owner*
fina would be more than happy to help any new slaves when she can

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~nods, having that same experience of being put in white for two hands~*~ makes a girl know her slavery even more ~reflecting~

Kyoto~~~ I appreciate that, fina.
Smiling at my girl and ruffling her hair.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to galah~ Yes, We'll get all that onto the Home pages eventually. ~S~ And We'll try to get it up in the "Announcements" section of the board soon.


Staying Open-the old tavern

galah{GSFG}~~~ galah has alil question, will this room still be kept open after the festival when our new home is open?

Kyoto~~~ That's a good question, galah, I think for a time at least, to redirect people to the new site... or GaryM might just have the link

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I *think* it will be open for a little while galah...you'd have to ask Gary what the plans were for a definite answer on that...

Rollo the Ax~~~ That IS a good question ......... can Gary make some kind of link or trasfer ??????? or will this room just go ** POOF **

galah{GSFG}~~~ galahs concern would be that when we all move that a bunch of poolies could take over the room here and start there own lil version of gor

galah{GSFG}~~~ and that could give us a very bad reputation heheheheee heheheheheee

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ aye, not good mistress galah

Lemuel~~~ Again, I *think* that Gary had planned to close the Gorean Shores room at Poolside, but He was going to post a link on the Gate House page...I *think*. ~S~

Kyoto~~~ Ugh, I don't think so, galah. But I can't see a reason to keep them from doing it in their own room.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Now that should NEVER be allowed to happen....... GS has to stay GS..... not become some misbegotton sham.....

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Something else to work out with Gary then...


First Girl=mistress

galah{GSFG}~~~ Slave Master, have you given more thought to that "mistress" thingy?

Kyoto~~~ Chuckling
A bit, I think it should stand as is, galah.

galah{GSFG}~~~ yes Slave Master **soft sigh** would a short lil miss galah suffice Master? kindda a short version of the same thing hehehehehehehehee


Pledging to Gorean Shores

Lemuel~~~ O.K. I've got another topic that touches on the point Leo brought up.

"What does it mean to pledge to Gorean Shores?"

Jake~~~ listens with interest

fina{HoK}~~~ **her eyes fluttered open once more as her gaze scanned the Tavern, taking in the group gathered this night as she listens to the conversation in silence**

Kyoto~~~ It means that you may travel about Gor, but when it comes down to it, GS is your homestone. It is the place you treasure most and will guard with your life if necessary.

SabreWolf~~~ You also represent GS when You travel,,

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Kyoto~

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~listens quietly~*~

SabreWolf~~~ as a sworn represanavtive of GS We should adopt a code of conduct becoming to Pirtaes and such of Port Kar,,grins

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ ~*~shivers with heated lust and excitment hearing Master Sabre~*~

Rok_GA-SS~~~ When a person pledges a Home stone, they pledge to something bigger than themselves. They vow to uphold the values and ideals of that Home, to defend it, to nurture it. It is not something that should be taken lightly, for to Me, it is a very serious and personal thing.

Kayla~~~ So are FW still Pledged to GS?

SabreWolf~~~ of course They are Homie,,smile,,We gotta have some,espically the Healer(s)

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Kayla~ Yes, Free Women can still pledge to Gorean Shores. For Them it means that Gorean Shores is Their Home and that They will follow the guidelines set forth by the Council...

Kayla~~~ ~nods~ Just seems to Me that we are listening to many who are not pledged on what they think Gor is and How GS should be run??? Maybe they should pledge here if they want so many changes?

Kayla~~~ I think most Free Women would think it means alittle more than that Lemuel ~smiles~ We may not fight but We are fierce in Our loyality to a Home

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... I never really drew the parallel before.... And please pardon the comparision, Kayla.... but it seems some think of FW much like faithful dogs, that will let you kick and tease them,pull their ears, and keep coming back for more... and when they get a gut full and run away, the same person scratches their head and says * what got into her ?????* shaking my bald head.......

Kayla~~~ Bad Rollo very Bad... LOL... Remember this Bitch has sharp teeth ~grinning at Him~

Kyoto~~~ And a bitch just might get her teeth pulled if she tries to bite the wrong man.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Hey.... this is just Rollo.... I have trouble shifting my loyalty and friendship with the changing of the breeze... I never have liked folks that pick on those they think can't or should not defend themselves.... Free, slave, on-line, off-line,.....

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. remember, Kyoto.....it is not always the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog......... LOL...LOL....

Kayla~~~ The way of things change even for Us old ones Captain ~sad smile to Rollo~

Lemuel~~~ ~listening to Rollo's comments~
Aye, all that's true Captain, but One has to learn to roll with the punches...otherwise One gets K.O.'ed pretty damn quick...

Kyoto~~~ Grinning at Rollo
I suppose I've just gotten tired of tough talk from people who shouldn't be talking tough. I have no problem with Free women in the tavern or anywhere in Gor. After all, only 2% of the population of Gor was slave. And in an average human population, there are likey going to be more females than males, so that would mean that Free Women would probably outnumber Free Men.
They just need to realize that life is about change and ride the currents.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Budda teaches us that Life is change, Kayla....... the WAY is not always easy, but each must strive to find and follow it as they can.......

Kayla~~~ I thought the Forums were not to slam people?

Lemuel~~~ And I haven't heard a specific name...just generalities...

Mariposa~~~ Tal Tavern.. looking to listen attentively, scrolling through the forum notes...

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... both points are true, gentlemen..... Kyoto... EVERY civilization is ruled by a small number of the overall population... that also is Life... it is and always shall be a judgement of each such civilization on how well AND justly they ruled ....... and Lem.....LOL...LOL.. almost every martial art teaches you to use the momentum of those attacting you against themselves.... LOL...LOL..

Kyoto~~~ They aren't, is someone being slammed?

Kayla~~~ LOL... Until two secs ago I was the only FW in here so it is hard be general... covered words generalities still hit where they are aimed...

Kyoto~~~ Aye Rollo, let them wear themselves out. It is better to bend like a willow than be stiff and snap like an oak.

Lemuel~~~ ~grins and nods~ Aye, they do Rollo. But then there's a Japanese proverb about nails that stick out getting hammered too. ~chuckles~ Point is, sometimes we all have to go along to get along...you can only spit into the wind for so long before it comes back to hit you in the face. ~grinning~
My we're full of clichés tonight. ~S~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... oh YEAH..... watched pots boiling, rolling stones and moss, stiches in time, honey and vinager.......LOL...LOL.. want any more ????????

Kayla~~~ I was beginning to think I was the only FW left on Gor tonight ~grins and winks at the Ladies over the veil~

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at Rollo, laughing too~ I think I'm all clichéd out...

Mariposa~~~ some of us grow very old Kayla, and are not as quick to reach the tavern as you.. but are best interests are always held in your hands.. trustworthy and wiley!!!

Lemuel~~~ O.K. — Anything more on the pledge topic? Or any other topics?

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to the water clock~
I hereby call this forum to a close...all normal rules now apply. ~S~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well, Lemuel....... thanks again for another well run Forum..... LOL..LOL.. assuming that it is all but over now.........LOL..

jasma{LB}~~~ ~looking at the scattered pieces of rence.. the girl begins to gather them together.. hoping to find some semblence.. muttering to herself as one slides over the side of the dais.. she scoots to the edge and lays across the platform.. stretching to reach it.. moaning softly as orbs are crushed beneath her.. then taking it in fingertips.. she quietly and quickly moves back near His side once more.. continuing to straighten the scrolls of this evening~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to T/those still here~
Thanks to A/all that came and participated...it would be mighty boring with out you all...just Me sitting here talking to Myself. ~grins~

jasma{LB}~~~ ~softly~.. thank You, Master for allowing Yours to learn and take part