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displeasing slaves.. what to do Ways to make GS better/plan a festival
The evaluation of new slaves collared to GS

displeasing slaves.. what to do

Kayla~~~ lets keep the greetings and chitchat to a minimum to help jaz keeps the notes *ss*

Lemuel~~~ ~releasing My hold somewhat that the girl in My arms may take the notes~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~hearing that the forum is ready to begin.. the pressure from Master Lemuel easing slightly.. pressing to Him still.. she picks up the rence paper and gets ready~

Kayla~~~ Topics anyone???

Kayla~~~ ~drumming My fingers against the arm of the chair waiting quietly~

Kayla~~~ First topic:
When a slave is displeasing what is the correct course for the slave to take?

Gornt~~~ ~listening as the first topic is presented~

Lemuel~~~ ~perking up at the first topic~
Appologize to the One offended and beg punishment.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening as the first topic is brought forth~

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ this one was taught that when a slave is displeasing she is to immediately(sp) beg the Free she displeased to punish her and to also beg for forgiveness

Gornt~~~ beg punishment and then if the offended Party was not her Master, c&p the offending act on the board

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Lemuel's words.. nodding head in agreement~..

zoya{GS}~~~ beg forgiveness and punishment and tell her Owner if it happens to not be Him ~*~answers softly~*~

calia{G}~~~ ...~*intently listening.....as her calming pools of blue roam about......

daaria{GS}~~~ *speaking softly in reference to the first topic..*
daaria agrees with Master Lemueal on that one...the displeasing slave should appologize and beg forgiveness...and perhaps should offer to correct whatever mistake she made in being displeasing...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at all the very similar answers~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ this one has begged forgiveness. punishment of the One that she has been displeasing to.. as well as sent email to the Slave Master for His punishment as well..

Kayla~~~ Let Me interject here... not to the boards necessarily... a posting on the boards to speak with the owner sure but the offense?.. I see no need to tell all of Gor ~grins~ and what would happen is that somebody would see it and say Now why is so and so beings so touchy??? that is not a big deal....
But aye besg for forgivness and for punishment.... no matter who the Free is and who the Owner is the proper response is I am sorry please punish this girl for being displeasing

calia{G}~~~ slaves know Free is always right ,no matter what she believes in her mind..after replying yes Master/Mistress......one swiftly begs forgivness and drowns the Free *s* ,with her pleasing behaviour....
making certain to save the conversation to forward to her Owner.....

Gornt~~~ ~nodding to the Advisor~

jacia{GS}~~~ ~smiles in agreement w/ Mistress~

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~smiles at the Mistress's words~

Kayla~~~ but calia don't forget the begging of punishment... if a slave even suspects that her actions or words are displeasing the best thing she can do is ask for the punishment... Most Free will not take them up on it and will let it go with a warning but the act of begging for punishment shows the total respect the slave has for the Free

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Advisor's words~

Gornt~~~ and what of the fact the girl may not be the offended Free's slave, punishment of My one is reserved to Me

daaria{GS}~~~ *listening to the replies, nodding in agreement will all..*

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~smiles and nods as she listens to the wise words of Mistress Kayla~*~

calia{G}~~~ nodding...~* ringlets bounce around her arms ,smiling as she hears Her words..
yes Mistress.....

Gornt~~~ My property is too valuable to be abused by Any that take offense

Kayla~~~ Well Gornt We have been there before a cuffing or caging is punishment... but no whipping or maiming of another's property *S*

Lemuel~~~ There are several ways to punish a slave, Gornt. The offended Free could order the girl to run home naked and tell her Master/Mistress.

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling~ I like that one

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~.. a girl thought that it was said that being cuffed or chained to the post was still considered punishment without actually having to whip a slave to punish them by One that didn't Own the girl?

daaria{GS}~~~ *listening to Master Gornt, then to Mistress Kaylas response...whispers softly*
Mistress Kayla, daaria agrees that caging is an appropriate punishment to be given to a slave that Has displeased Another, not being her Master...but cuffing? can't that be more harmful, and damaging to the girl? specially if the One cuffing the girl has a good swing, and is strong? *soft smiles* girl is just curious...

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ if a slave's punishment is reserved only for her Master then the displeased Free could always tie the girl to a post to wait for her Master to come fetch her, or the Free could stick the girl in a dung sac and leave her in it until her Master came for her. there are many ways to punish a slave and get Your point across without pyshically punishing her.

calia{G}~~~ giggling as she hears Master Lemuel's words...~ not noting any punishment in His words *wiggling some on Masters thighs* *playful wink*

Kayla~~~ you have it right jasma... it is extreme punishment that Free get up in arms about

jacia{GS}~~~ ~smiles at her heart's words~

Lemuel~~~ ~grinning thinking that running home naked on a cold night like this one would definitely be punishment~

Kayla~~~ daaria... cuffing by definition is a strick to the head or body... one strike... and eye if Rollo cuffs Me I am going head over heels but I am sure that I would survive... I think it is in how the girl roleplays the strike...

jacia{GS}~~~ *giggling @ Master Lemuel*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~..
aye, daaria.. perhaps.. yet a Master should as well know the strength that He wields over a girl.. a cut lip from being backhanded across the mouth or something is nothing compared to welt marks upon one's back.. or of the sort.. and the punishment then is swift.. and although she may as well have to wait for her Owner's punishment too.. she as well learns fast and well her slavery instead of thinking.. "You can't punish me, i don't belong to You"..

daaria{GS}~~~ *looks to the coldroom, then down to her nakedness, grinning at the sweet torture of coldness agaist her flesh, nods in agreement with Master Lemuel..*

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~giggles at Master Lemuel thinking He is very right~

daaria{GS}~~~ *nods to jasma and Mistress Kayla..* aye, on sees B/both Y/your points on that...*smiles*


Ways to make GS better/plan a festival

Kayla~~~ Moving On to second topic...:
Ways that the Patrons and slaves can take an active role in making GS better?

jacia{GS}~~~ jaci has one Mistress!! *S* maybe teaching each other new things...like Gorean language or sharing of knowledge *S* introducing them to other Frees and slaves of the Tavern......maybe teach one a musical instrument..put on a play??? :)

Gornt~~~ attending

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Yes, just showing up as much as possible is a good start, Gornt.
Also, submitting articles to the "Tattler" recruiting new Patrons and slaves...

Gornt~~~ being here is the most important single thing O/one can do for the Tavern

calia{G}~~~ calia recruits ,per Master Marius *gigling and winking at mistress jaz* ...~* ...
helping with TavernTattler....

hhh good ideas love ~hugging her heartling~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at jaci's words~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Master Lemuel as He speaks of the Tattler.. smiling warmly.. ~

Gornt~~~ aye lass, one recruited Me
~patting her firm ass~

Advisor~~~ smiling all great ideas *S*

daaria{GS}~~~ *laughs at Master Gornts comment..*
aye, attendance is a vital role...but not just that..interaction is also needed...*grins* and one doesn't just mean sitting there like a stump on a log...many slaves work very hard, being detailed and descriptive in their posting..and Some Masters post very little, if anything at all...other than, "that was a good serve, and it pleasing..."
and on the same hand, some slaves only come in wishing to get attention of the Masters/Mistress' and may serve once or twice...but never do any cleaning, or chores...it seems that the same ones do the same stuff all the time...
*eyes lowering..* forgive daaria is she rambles on...

jacia{GS}~~~ or cooking perhaps....or have a feast planned just for no reason other than to celebrate O/ourselves and O/our home :)

Kayla~~~ Oh by the way today is the deadline for articles for the Tattler ~laughing lightly~

Gornt~~~ aye a feast would be special

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at daaria's comments~

jacia{GS}~~~ ~beams broadly at Master Gornt~

Kayla~~~ Ohhh a feast.. that would be cool..

calia{G}~~~ her lips brushing along Masters bristly jaw as she thinks...~*
always creating warmth and inviting space when one is in here...calia always tends the fire first and moves about chores if she is here alone...~ hoping to lure Some in *eg* ~* with her charms *giggling smiling to sev*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to the suggestions.. hearing the comment of a feast.. ~

Lemuel~~~ We Men could practice sparring here in the tavern so the O/other may watch or a Sailor could perform a *Ship Dance*...

jacia{GS}~~~ maybe w/ a theme too like "Foods of Gor" .. kinda like an sampling of foods from all areas of Gor *S*

Lemuel~~~ ~licking My lips at the thought of a feast~

Gornt~~~ well daaria, if One takes the trouble to be here One should interact, otherwise what is the point

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~smiles as jacia's brain just keeps turning~

Gornt~~~ Taste of Gorean Shores, and invite other sites

Gornt~~~ ~licking My lips at the thought of My one being inviting~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~softly offering~..
According to Gorean Chronology a Carnival occurs in Port Kar usually between the Earthen Date of March 11-15..
other than that.. the 25th of Se'Kara celebration which is in October is another Port Kar holiday..

daaria{GS}~~~ Master Gornt, You are right, what is the point of being here and not interacting? but M/many do attend without interacting...sad, but true....*soft smiles*
daaria just does the best she can, and only hopes that O/others will see her devotion, and perhaps get something from it...

jacia{GS}~~~ that sounds great Master Gornt! *VBS*
~grins at her heart~

Lemuel~~~ If there are any that have a talent for drawing, perhaps they could share pictures of gorean animals, cities, whatever. We could post them to the aux board for A/all to see.

jacia{GS}~~~ ~grinz @ jaz~ timing ;-)

Gornt~~~ stretch it to the 17th, and we could have St. Patrick's Day or some parallel feast

jacia{GS}~~~ ~smiles @ Master Lemuel's idea~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the first girl's words~
Aye, there is a Carnival mentioned in "Players" that occurs at that time.

jacia{GS}~~~ ~grins cuz Master Gornt's mind is cranking those ideas too~

jacia{GS}~~~ like a specialty dish akin to for example say Turia Treve or Torvaldsland...*stops herself be4 any more T's cross her lips hehe*

Kayla~~~ smiling as I listen... a festival... always brings many in *S*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ with much respect St. Patrick's Day is an Earthen holiday and isn't something that is mentioned in the books of being celebrated.. ~dark pools lowering~

jacia{GS}~~~ ~slithering in place to Mistress Kayla's words...her excitement becoming too much for a lil kajira body hehe~

Gornt~~~ I understand but is there a parallel to it?

Dak~~~ a Festival, does sound fun

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ A *Feast-ival* sounds great to Me!

jacia{GS}~~~ maybe each of the girls could draw to see who gets what City/Camp/whatever to make the dish from that way all of the girls can get involved *S* just a thought

jacia{GS}~~~ *giggles* Master Lemuel

Lemuel~~~ About the closest parallel would be the Carnival during the last passage hand or the fair of En'kara.

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ we gonna draw straws? hehehe

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ for the area of Port Kar, Master Gornt, a girl doesn't believe so.. all she's ever come across being celebrated in Port Kar is the Canival and the Festival of the 24th of Se'Kara
other Gorean cities, do have different festivals and celebrations.. yet those festivals have never been celebrated in Port Kar and her belief on it, is they never will.. considering the location of the Tavern..

jacia{GS}~~~ *G* @ her heart

Gornt~~~ oh yea Lemuel, right after. . .
food is number two

jacia{GS}~~~ well jaci would like to add that whoever get whichever locale would be responsible for researching the appropriate recipe...*hoping to the PK's that made sense**L*

daaria{GS}~~~ daaria would love to help in any way she can...*soft purrs*
perhaps the Council might consider having a slave auction just for new Patrons that swear allegiance during the Festival time... *thoughtful smiles*

Gornt~~~ very well jasma, I bow to one's superior knowledge, it was just a thought that some might be able to relate to
~smiling at the FG~

Kayla~~~ well Lets do it... I can procure the permission from the Captains.. I am sure they will agree if We don't put any of the work on them *S*... A committee first... who volunteers to head it up?

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~softly~.. a girl apologizes Master Gornt if she spoke in a way to make it seem she was superior to Any.. it wasn't a girl's intention to do so.. she begs punishment if she's been found displeasing Master..

Gornt~~~ I vote for jacia, since the feast idea was hers to start with

jacia{Gs}~~~ great idea daaria *S*
~raises her hand frantically in the air to Mistress~

calia{G}~~~ ~*smiling to daaria...~* of even to current Patrons...
a slave auction is always fun ......
perhaps even an auction of services of something....~* thinking some as she toys with long curls.......

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling at the sudden quiet following the request for volunteers~

Kayla~~~ LOL... ~looking at jacia...~

jacia{GS}~~~ ~blushing~from head to toe at Master Gornt

Gornt~~~ nay jas, not taken that way at all, in some arenas one is more knowledgable than I, I was just acknowledging that fact
~soft smile~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening quietly..~

daaria{GS}~~~ *smiles to calia* aye auctions are always fun..

jacia{GS}~~~ ~slithers in place~ Mistress :)

Kayla~~~ what a about a covered basket auction... slaves and FW can cook foods and the baskets be auctioned off to the Men... No extras from the FW though *S*

jacia{GS}~~~ *G* great idea Mistress :)

Kayla~~~ aye jacia... you want the job????

Gornt~~~ and the winning bid gets the girl for the day as well as eat her lunch

Lemuel~~~ Maybe an explanation of what would be involved in heading up the festival might help...

jacia{GS}~~~ hmm interesting tho Mistress but how does the slave get into the basket? :)

Dak~~~ *chuckles* at the Advisor !

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ that could be fun Mistress

jacia{GS}~~~ jaci would love and be honored to Mistress *S* but she is thinking she will need some help if she may ask for it? :)

daaria{GS}~~~ *grins* sounds nice Master Gornt...
one thinks there should be both the covered auction, as well as a slave auction...

Kayla~~~ head the committee... be the go between between the Council and Committee...

jacia{GS}~~~ ~nodding~ aye Mistress *S* but jaci isn't very good at organization tho :( she wishes she was

dove{Dak}~~~ sisters this one will do anything possible to help
maybe decorate baskets so one does not know who they belong to
planning anything

jacia{GS}~~~ maybe also some contests and jaci don't mean the usual dance or serve contest but something different unique that has never been done before lol

Kayla~~~ jacia... get a comitte together... use tonight's notes for the ideas and throw in some more... then present to the Council for approval... I will work on them ~grins~

jacia{GS}~~~ ~smiles @ dove..appreciative of her help~

jacia{GS}~~~ *grins and nods .. flaming red tresses splashing upon her face* Yes Mistress!!!

Kayla~~~ well if We try to have it around the 17th We have to get a move on... I will help in anyway I can *S*... as will Shadowglade... just let Us know ~smiles~

daaria{GS}~~~ *smiles, watching the room..*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I am willing to help in researching foods from the books...

dove{Dak}~~~ Mistress Kayla maybe this would be a good topic for the slave meetin Wednesday night
may come up with more ideas

jacia{GS}~~~ *G* maybe we could play "Catch the kajira if you can" contest" hehe.. and blindfold the lucky Master to find the girls running about hte Tavern as they come up to Him and pinch His butt or touch Him or something and then run off again? :)

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling at the idea of playing *girl catch*~

daaria{GS}~~~ *giggling at jacia..* oh yes jacia, daaria likes that idea for a contest..*

Gornt~~~ calia would My girl like to help her sister?

jacia{GS}~~~ *smiles at Master Lemuel* grateful for Your help Master :)
ooh if A/any wish to be on the committee jaci will throw these out as way to contact her *S*
ICQ: 19422652
MSN: forever_lambachs@hotmail.com

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ they have a game close to that in Slave Girl of Gor

jacia{GS}~~~ ~Grinning like a cheshire cat~

jacia{GS}~~~ really heart? :)

calia{G}~~~ *giggling as she smiles to jaci*
name that kajira.....as blindfolded Masters,feel Their way to a familiar slave *L*

Dak~~~ maybe a little kajuralia , *grins*

Kayla~~~ Good idea dove ~smiling~ I am sure jasma will cover it on Wednesday *S*

calia{G}~~~ *~excite eyes twinkle~* ...ooohhh yes Master,can she?
*ass wiggling on His thighs* ....

Kayla~~~ Nope sorry Dak never in Port Kar *S*

jacia{GS}~~~ OHHH cali!!!!! jaci love that idea!! hehe

Gornt~~~ yes girl one can help

Dak~~~ ah, but it does sound like fun, *grins*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~voice lifting.. softly with respect~
no kajuralia in Port Kar Master Dak..
aye Mistress Kayla.. a girl will do.. as commanded..

jacia{GS}~~~ jaci will make a list of those who wish to help and what they will be doing to contribute *grins* lol only way slave could keep track LOL

calia{G}~~~ ....~* blowing kissses to jaci ...~* ......calia can help too *her ass squirming on Masters thighs..~*
yeahhhh ~* .....anything sis , anything..
hoping we can all talk more at slave class.....

Kayla~~~ Tal Lady *S*... ~pssst~ jacia... get Her onboard while your hot *S*

jacia{GS}~~~ ~laughing at Mistress and nods ~
Mistress Asellus..jaci is now heading a committee of Patrons and slaves to plan a HUGE feast *G* would Mistress be interested in helping? :)

Asellus~~~ Sure. *Nodding at the slave, envisioning Her assortment of instruments back at Her establishment* That is, I would like to, if RT allows.

jacia{GS}~~~ ~smiles warmly~ aye Mistress jaci would be very honored to have Your help if You are able to :)

jacia{GS}~~~ maybe a bobbing for larmas contest LOL

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ you planning on giving prizes of any kind? if so sev will donate a copy of Captive of Gor to be given as a prize.

jacia{GS}~~~ mistress jas?? can you please do jaci a huge favor and email her the Forum notes after you are done editing them please?? she wants to be able to grab the ideas so she can do her thing lol

Asellus~~~ *Smiling to jacia* I suppose I will see a posting of sorts on the message board regarding more information. For now, I really have to depart~~~((laundry night)). *chuckling beneath Her veils*

jacia{GS}~~~ jaci wishes You well Mistress Asellus and thank you :)

dove{Dak}~~~ Mistress Kayla this one believes the Masters and slaves should be sure to encourage the slaves to come to the meetings and especially careful to enclude our new slave be them owned or tavern slaves
this is a perfect opportunity

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ they're put up on a webpage afterwards jacia with the link placed on the GS board.. it may be simpler to just get them that way.. but if not.. jaz can email them

jacia{GS}~~~ ooo maybe someone could talk Master Kasba into donating some slave trinkets like jewelry or bracelets or bells ... and maybe some weapons for the Men or some soft furs or new robes for the Mistresses?

jacia{GS}~~~ *smiling* either or mistress *S* thank you :)

jacia{GS}~~~ would any mind if jaci sent out a mass email to her sisters regarding a selection of the City/Locale for them to research to find a dish? just an idea

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ sev don't mind you emailing her heart

dove{Dak}~~~ this slave does leather work and would be happy to make kolars and whips for prizes if anyone wants her to

zoya{GS}~~~ that would be a good idea sis jacia, zoya has a fairly current list of slaves and addys, she will send them to you

jacia{GS}~~~ ~feeling the flooding of all the brilliant ideas flowing...girl gets drowned in the tidal wave hehe~

Kayla~~~ what a wonderful thing to offer dove ~smiles~ that is very sweet... ~you writing this down jacia ~grins~

jacia{GS}~~~ ohh jaci's mind is running out of Hard drive space Mistress!! LOL


The evaluation of new slaves collared to GS

Kayla~~~ Ok We have time for one more topic...:
With these new girls that have been collared to the Tavern, by Patrons of the Tavern and not the Captains.. it seems that They have been giving assessments of the girls prior to the girl being actually evaluated by the Slave Master or First Girl
Any new girl.. unless prior collared to the Tavern is to be placed in white silks till a time of their evaluation by the Slave Master or the first girl.. it don't matter if the girl has been slave elsewhere before.. if she's new to GS.. she has to be evaluated. unless of course it's one of the other Captains that has made that determination..
Any questions or comments on this?

daaria{GS}~~~ *hearing the Mistress, lowering her eyes, feeling that this topic is somewhat related to her kolaring...she shifts uneasily, biting into her lower lip..*

Kayla~~~ nay daaria... no slave in mind just a friendly reminder... We have loosened up the rules to allow all to kolar for the Tavern but it is the FG and Captains who decide the status of all girls... even Advisors should not do it ~smiles~

daaria{GS}~~~ *nodding softly, hearing Mistress Kayla, her eyes still remained lowered..* yes Mistress...

Gornt~~~ just when I was getting good at this

Kayla~~~ ~smiling~ Well lets call the Forum to a close and We will get started on the Feast~ival... *S* I wish you all well and hope to see you all next week and maybe We will have an update on it by then *S*

Dak~~~ Thanks Advisor for a fun forum , *grins*

dove{Dak}~~~ thank you Mistress Kayla for a well organized meeting
this one is looking to the Fest~ival
eyes sparkle at the excitement of helping

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Thank You Lady for leading such a wonderful forum. ~S~

Gornt~~~ Thank you Advisor

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ was a nice forum

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ a girl is most thankful to You Mistress Kayla for moderating the forum this night..

jacia{GS}~~~ thank You sweetest Mistress for a Forum well done! :)

Kayla~~~ You are all very welcome but without your support I would be here speaking to Myself ~grins~... You make Our Home the Great site it is