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Some announcements
The New Rooms
Training Programs
Whom's who?
The Festival?

Some announcements

Lemuel~~~ ~looking around at those assembled~
Alright, let's get this ball rolling...
The Gorean Shores Forum is now open. Keep greetings and off topic conversations to whispers please, slaves do not need to beg entrance or exit, etc. etc.
Send any topics to Me in a whisper please...

Sabre Wolf~~~ good job as usual Lem,,grins

Lemuel~~~ ~grins back at Sabre~
O.K. Let's start with a couple of announcements...

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *amber eyes bright, tilting her head...listening intently*

Lemuel~~~~ ...First, the Council has decided to listen to petitions from individuals who were banned, killed, enslaved, etc. that would like another chance. Each of these petitions is being decided on a case-by-case basis. Two such petitions have been heard and decided on.

Dak's petition to return to Gorean Shores has been granted. He should be accorded the same notice and respect as any other Gorean Man.
The slave gia's request to return to Gorean Shores has also been granted, though We have suggested her name be changed...

tassa{GS}~~~ hearing the announcement, her face goes pale as she bites her bottom lip

Lemuel~~~ On to another announcement...

...Our beloved Captain Emeritus, Rollo the Ax, has kindly agreed to lease His wench galah to the Tavern for a bit so that she may take the position of first girl.

jasma{LB}~~~ ~smiling softly as she hears the announcements being made.. stopping to look to Master Dak and His girl.. then to Master Rollo and His luscious beauty~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Excuse Me, Lemuel ... about these * amnesties * ??? I can except the Council giving folks another chance, but I also hope that anybody that IS given such a chance would know that they should be aware that they could be banned again at the drop of a hat if they start the same old shit that got them kicked out in the first place ?????? RIGHT ???

Sabre Wolf~~~ more than right Captain,,grins,,any shit and I'm personally sworn to kill um,,grin,,any of them,,

Kyoto~~~ Damn right, Rollo...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Rollo~
Yes, exactly...any shit and it's back to being banned, dead, whatever...I too have sworn to handle such matters harshly if it becomes necessary.


Training Programs

Lemuel~~~ ~alright, that takes care of the announcements...on to our first topic.

I have a suggestion for training programs...for Warriors, FW, whatever...and possible times they might happen...maybe also some volunteers to lead them?

Sabre Wolf~~~ for Warriors,,I'd like to maybe make an announcement on the board asking for the best time,,smiles,,but I'm open for all options

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Also, as part of the training topic...all GS slaves are expected to attend slave classes on wed nights. If they don't they can expect to hear from Our SLave Master, Captain Kyoto. ~EG~

kiki{GS}~~~ um.. Master Lemuel, Master Kyoto a girl will try her hardest to come to class but she has started a second job that will begin Monday so this MIGHT be the last class and forum she can attend for a while, she will come when time permits but she believes unfortunately she will be extreamly busy

Kyoto~~~ Grinning
If they cannot attend, I want a good reason for it.

Lemuel~~~ ...also, privately owned slaves are invited and encouraged to attend as well...

gia{Qz}~~~ gia is having computer problems, but she will attend if possible

Kyoto~~~ As long as it is a valid reason, kiki. But I expect you to try your hardest to attend when you can.

kiki{GS}~~~ yes Master this girl always tries to come she learns something new and loves to please Master Kyoto by attending so she can be a better slave

Lemuel~~~ O.K. where were we anyway...~scratching head~
Oh yeah, we had asked about training, times, programs...volunteers?

Sabre Wolf~~~ Yall wanna try and hold a training class?,,would it help?,,would it be any fun?

akeria~~~ a training class would be great

Sabre Wolf~~~ akeria,,wednesday night for you,,smile

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ Master Sabre, topaz thinks any training class benefits A/all....no matter what the class....it also gives an excuse to bring more in...posting for example on other sites that "sparring classes at GS on Monday nights for example...

akeria~~~ wednesday night would work...

galah{GSFG}~~~ training class for Free People Master Sabre? akeria, please feel free to join the slave class on wed night

Rast Dulan~~~ I think a sparring night would be a good thing...

akeria~~~ akeria will be there

Sabre Wolf~~~ Kyoto,,grins,,at his Bro,,I think akeria just volunteered to enter Yer training program..laugh

akeria~~~ eyes beaming at the words of sparring

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *nods*..aye Master..not necessarily even a class...simply a night!...might be even better to draw people

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with topaz~

Yes, I think if it's going to be successful the classes should be advertized on and open to all sites..

Sabre Wolf~~~ something like that Rast,,more to ask questions,,set a standard accepted way to spar and raid,,even hold practice spars and raids,,and bring in more new folks

Kyoto~~~ I think you might be right, Sabre.
Grinning at akeria.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the various comments~
We did that once before and had some success with it for a while, but we didn't advertize it on other sites, so it kind of dwindled quickly when the same few people kept showing up...

akeria~~~ giving Master Kyoto a nervous smile

Sabre Wolf~~~ Ya might have to get her one them"reserved" seats Bro,,laughs

Lemuel~~~ Did You have a particular night and time in mind for this Sparring Class, Sabre?

Sabre Wolf~~~ the weekend seems to be the best time for Me,,Sunday afternoons,best of the best,,maybe an announcement on the message board with 3 alternate times could be arranged,,see who signs up for what

Jondalar~~~ Tal Sabre, I remember several times in the pit with You! You where a fair Fighter! ~LMAO~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Sabre~ Aye, I'll leave that to You then. ~S~ I might sign up for a spar or two Myself...You'll have to post it on the main board though, or at least the sign-up sheet part of it....the "Announcment" section isn'y open for posting to anyone below Captain...


The New Rooms

Kayla~~~ Lemuel?... I noticed How fast a room was added for the Forum... was the FW Garden or room considered?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Yes, and it's still being considered. We're also trying to decide if there are too few rooms, enough rooms, or too many rooms...~chuckles~
And speaking of the new Fourm room...I was thinking that we could hold the forum there next week...that way I won't have to announce the rules every time. ~GRINS~

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ personally, topaz thinks too many rooms not a good idea as it spreads the people out thinly....loves the Tavern, and bath house or course...rubbing against her Master's back, thinking of the pleasure she gets from washing Him

Lemuel~~~ We could also use some opinions on room colors...Personally, there's a couple of the rooms I find the current paint is too bright...

Rollo the Ax~~~ as for the number of rooms in the NEW place ???????? ** in MY opinion *.... having a few rooms for special things is understandable.......piazza, bath house, slave kennel for training, etc.,..... but there is also the risk of spreading things out toooooooo thin, I think....... Maybe it is better to start small and GROW rather than start of in a castle when all y'all need is a cottage ?????

Sabre Wolf~~~ I was feeling 4 rooms would be a good start,,maybe even 3,,smiles,just My opnion

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Sabre's comment~ Yes, and We can ask Gary if it is possible to add them in a drop down, or just list them at the top of the page...though that would mean more work for Him...

galah{GSFG}~~~ Mistress Kayla spoke of a FW room, galah kindda thought that was what the Piazza was for, a coffee shop kindda atmosphere that FW could share and be able to help new ppl and still be served by slaves?

Kayla~~~ I would just like a place that was definitely a kolar free zone fror FW and slaves

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at galah's comment~
Yes, and if the Free Women really fell They need a separate room for Themselves They can always enter a private room...

galah{GSFG}~~~ again, galah thought the Piazza would be no capture, no collar zone?

akeria~~~ akeria is confused..the camp she came from there was no such thing as a ko~lar free zone

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to galah~ Yes, that is the plan...though I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a kill or capture if a Person was consistently misbehaving...

Kayla~~~ LOL.. you see any tents in Port Kar akeria?... LOL... there could be place FW could hide I am sure....

Kyoto~~~ Every site is different, akeria. Personally, I think a collar free zone is a cop out, but we have to make some concession, I suppose.

akeria~~~ Mistress Kayla..akeria is just trying to understand...

akeria~~~ Master Kyoto...thank You

Sabre Wolf~~~ the Piazza "the First room",,n/c n/k
tavern,,well,,it's the tavern
forum is for non roleplay and lifestyle
training is for that,,training,,

Rollo the Ax~~~ Has the idea of the new Piazza being a * collar free zone * been scrubbed ????

Kayla~~~ nods to Sabre's words...

Sabre Wolf~~~ no Captain,,We took care of the Free Wenches,,grin

akeria~~~ akeria is going to spend lots of time in the training room...*sigh*

Kyoto~~~ No, it's still the way it was originally designed, Rollo.

Kayla~~~ ~Breathing a slight breath of fresh air and an evil grin spreading under the veil~

akeria~~~ so are free women allowed in the tavern?

Lemuel~~~ ~shaking My head~ No Rollo, the Piazza will still be a no kill / no capture area where collar-less slaves, FW, newbies can come and be *safe*...

Lemuel~~~ Alright...any other topics?

akeria~~~ who will be training slaves?

Kayla~~~ well the question about FW in the Tavern would be nice... are They allowed still?

Sabre Wolf~~~ yes,,Kayla,,smiles,,they will be allowed in,,

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Kayla~ Yes Free Women will be allowed in the Tavern, but They are expected to be on Their *BEST* behavior or risk collaring...

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ akeria, Master Kyoto, mistress galah, shirin, vika, myst and penny would be your trainers

akeria~~~ shirin...thank you

Lemuel~~~ No new topics????
Any more comments on the new rooms then? Too many, too few? Colors too bright, too dark?

jasma{LB}~~~ ~listening quietly~

akeria~~~ akeria has not been to the new home yet

Deirdre~~~ Lemuel.....Did the Captains come to a decision about whether the Protector of a FW must be present before She can enter the tavern?

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to Dei~ I *think* that Free Women will be allowed in the Tavern w/o a Protector, but They should be on Their Very *BEST* behavior in the Tavern, even with a Protector, or risk being collared...

Deirdre~~~ *nodding to Lemuel in understanding*
That is how the rule was before.....nothing has changed. Okay.

Sabre Wolf~~~ I have an idea for You Free Weches,,if You want to develop it and We can incorprate it into Our raid rules,,smile

Kayla~~~ what is that? ~looking to Sabre warily~

Sabre Wolf~~~ well..I was gonna submit that raids be liminted to seven post,,on My Free Wenches page on the homestone I have quotes for 5 veils names,,so,,if we limit veil removal to 1 veil(named) per post,,then in a 7 post raid,,You would be their only prize and that'd be if they could pull it off

Kayla~~~ But we have always only had to wear one veil.... so that has changed?

Deirdre~~~ *squinting at Sabre*
I don't much like that rule, Bubba........

Sabre Wolf~~~ ok,,leave the Free Womens page the way it is,,shrugs,,then smiles,,I was only offering some kinda protection,,smile

Kayla~~~ It is called leave.... that way We don't have to worry

Sabre Wolf~~~ shrugs,,then grins,,I'm sure it'll work out somehow,,chuckles,,one or two good raids and We'll all be broke into it,,laugh


Whom's who?

Rast Dulan~~~ Was interested in hearing some thoughts on a topic...Some sights have a drop down box indicating who the Captains are...FG...SG...pledgers etc...would that make things easier for newcomers and visitors?

Kayla~~~ sounds good to Me Rast... need something of late

Sabre Wolf~~~ Well Rast,,We have "Captain" on a tag line,,as well as "Lieutenant" and such,,I'm sure others will develop,,and We could move it up on the link for the homepage if Folks feel it that important,,

Dak~~~ has greeting order for Captains been dropped ?

Kayla~~~ Lieutenant?

Kyoto~~~ Lieutenant...

Sabre Wolf~~~ yes Dak,,but it's still Captains first,,then F/M,then F/W,,then enbonded

akeria~~~ ~listening and taking in all information~

Dak~~~ aye, *smiles*, I meant for the Captains, thank You Captain

Dak~~~ I thought 4 was the limit, *grins*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Lieutenants ????? Who are they ?? what are their jobs or powers ??? and how does anybody become one ?????

Kayla~~~ Yeah what Rollo asked...LOL

Lemuel~~~ Lieutenants are Free Men that are asked to join the Council in an advisory capacity....just like the old "Advisor" position...

Kyoto~~~ Fielding the question
Lieutenants are what the old advisor position was, with the exception that there will be a first lieutenant.

Paedur~~~ Chuckles, knowing I won't even make third private. LOL
Goes back to listening.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Kyoto's addition~
Aye, the First Lieutenant will be have the duty of casting a vote in the event of a tie among the Captains as well as other increased reponsibilities...

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... a new name for Advisors..... and a ranking within them ??? FIRST Louie ??? and then second, third ??? or just one top dog and then the rest of the pack ???

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Just one "top dog" and then the rest of the pack, Rollo. And We were thinking that the first Lieutenant would have to spar for the honor...

Kyoto~~~ One at the top and then the rest equal.

Sabre Wolf~~~ We're gonna hold a tournament for the position of First sword,,grin,,winner get a spot on the Council as First Lieutenant,,still working out the details,,so We don't know who is first sword right now,,grin

shirin{GS-sg}~*~listens, taking it all in~*~

Rok-GA-SS~~~ chuckles...

Rast Dulan~~~ Sooo...First Lieutenant is a position and First sword is a Function?

Sabre Wolf~~~ winner take all Rast,,grin

Rast Dulan~~~ Shit Sabre...is there any other way...LOL...

Rast Dulan~~~ Just wondering..I understand the position First sword...but is it appropriate for Port Kar to have a FS...I mean is there a term more appropriate...like First Cut throat...lol...

Sabre Wolf~~~ hell,,We got a lotta those Rast,,grins,,best one gets the title,,laughs


The Festival?

galah{GSFG}~~~ not to change the subject Captain Masters, but is there a date set yet for this festival that is to be the grand opening for our new home?

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ festivaL????....*eyes brighten*

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ No galah, no date has been set yet...though We'd better set one soon and start making plans....

akeria~~~ ~smiling over at topaz~

Sabre Wolf~~~ galah,,We hope to firm things up next wek for the tournament,,then have the last round of sparrring at the festivale/grand opening in 2 weeks to a month(depending on how many sign up to fight)

jasma{LB}~~~ ~listening and scribing quickly.. trying to catch up with all that's being spoke of~

gia{Qz}~~~ gia smiles at the thought of a festival

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ *winks back to akeria*

akeria~~~ akeria has not witnessed a fight in a long long time

Rok_GA-SS~~~ Sabre, is the spar to be open only to those that are pledged patrons?

Sabre Wolf~~~ as I said ,,We're still developing the idea,,soo,,open to suggestions,,grin

Paedur~~~ Smiles tossing My copper tarsk to Sabre Wolf.
Just in case I am not about for a while, put My name into that hat for that tournament. *S*

Sabre Wolf~~~ no Rok,,grins,,Anyone can sign up,,

akeria~~~ ~soft brown eyes gleaming~

Rok_GA-SS~~~ Smiles..that is good I think.

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ that means that then One perhaps not pledged to GS would become First Sword/Lieutenant?

Lemuel~~~ Anyone wishing to help with the festival, training programs, etc. don't be shy about speaking up. Best way is probably to send an email to the Council offering your services...

Rollo the Ax~~~ ???????? ANYBODY comes in and wins a FULL place on the Council ???? the First sword job ??? or are the first sword and first louie one in the same ????? I am lost here, guys ........

Sabre Wolf~~~ aye topaz,,is would be possible,,smiles,,We only want the best Sword for first Sword eh?grin

Paedur~~~ Smiles, looking over to topaz.
I am sure One who is pledged to this house will hold that position. *VBS*

akeria~~~ akeria will help if needed

Rok_GA-SS~~~ *leans back smiling, and chuckling to Himself*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Rollo~ Yes, I think...First Sword and First Lieutenant are the same position...

Kyoto~~~ I'm thinking that this issue still needs to be settled in discussion in the council, Rollo.

Lemuel~~~ Oh, and they won't have voting rights except if the Captains are tied...

shirin{GS~sg}~~~ shirin don't think she has much choice in the matter ~*~smiles~*~ she's always here to help with anything concerning the tavern

topaz{Rast's girl}~~~ thanks Master SabreWolf for clearing that up...and Master Paedur....One never knows....*grins at Master Rok....*

Sabre Wolf~~~ it's still developing,,got a few voting rounds left,,We'll have it worked out in a week or so,,grins,,hopefully

akeria~~~ ~grinning over at shirin~..akeria certainly needs your help..*wink*

Lemuel~~~ ...so not exactly a *FULL* place on the Council...

Kayla~~~ Makes no sense to Me but that is par for the course lately....

Rollo the Ax~~~ " Leadership is a matter of Intelligence, Trustworthiness, Humaneness, Courage, and Sternness " .. so says Master Sun Tzu... and it is STILL the Way.... but now, by right of combat, ANY man.... even a plegde to another site, will be able to win a place in the Council of GS ??????? To be blunt, My friends and brothers, I question such an act .........

Sabre Wolf~~~ just enjoy the ride Kayla,,grins,,We have the helm...grins again

Kayla~~~ I think you might get more people to be intrested in this tourney with a known prize if it is posted... Some do not like to spar for just bragging rights.. though some will spar just because ~grinning at Sabre~

Kayla~~~ That is the scariest part Sabre....LOL

Sabre Wolf~~~ yea,,I know!!,,laughs,,ain't it great?,,thrill a minute,,laugh

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Rollo, but Like Kyoto said, We're still working out the details...and the *Prize* of being on the Council ain't exactly without its *cost* in responsibilities and duties...~G~ Not everyone is gonna *want* to win.

Sabre Wolf~~~ now,,anything We ain't stirred up yet?,,laugh

Lemuel~~~ ~coughing Ahem~
Are there any other topics tonight?

Lemuel~~~ ~looking about the room~
Is there anything else for the forum???
If not...

Sabre Wolf~~~ I think You've done well Lem,,grins,,We've covered a lotta ground

Lemuel~~~ ~looking about one more time~
...Looks like that's about it...
I hereby call this forum to a close. All normal Tavern rules now apply. And remember, next week's forum will be in the new room! I'll post a reminder to the message board.