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An appropriate time for slaves to dance?

A little information

Kayla~~~ Ok Lets quiet down some *G*... Same rules as always... Greetings and chit chat to a minimum to help jasma keep the notes ~smiling at the first girl~ Any topics Yall want discussed???

Kayla~~~ Hmmmmm A topic????? AnyOne????

Kayla~~~ Oh By the way if you were suppose to turn in an article for the Tattler now is a good time... The dead line is the 25th *S*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Mistress Kayla.. smiling softly~
thank You Mistress

Lemuel~~~ ~snuggling up to the lovely first girl, careful not to jostle her writing hand~

An appropriate time for slaves to dance?

Kayla~~~ Topics.... Topics anyone???? ~grinning~ Somebody must have some burning question... remember that the dumb question is the one not asked....

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ en listens to Mistress Merica listening quietly too ~s~

Kayla~~~ We have a live One out there ~grinning~ 1st Topic is:
On what occasions is a dance appropriate and Who should request it? A girl's Owner, a Patron. This may be timely since the girls are taking Dance Classes.

Gornt~~~ a Patron of course

Kayla~~~ Comments from the floor?.....

jacia{GS}~~~ ~emerald eyes alight with pleasure as she slithers in place at the 1st topic~
ohh Mistress since jaci loves to dance..no time is ever inappropriate within certain respects *giggling* a dance is a perfect way to enliven an otherwise dull or quiet mood within the Tavern and it is a way to get All involved :)

Kayla~~~ Good answer Gornt ~smiling~

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~perks up listening to the first topic~*~

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling as I hear the first topic~
O.K. I think any Free person should be able to order a dance from one of the tavern slaves. Personal slaves...that's a different story...

Kayla~~~ Lets delve alittle deeper and talk of the protocals durning a dance by the other slaves and Free....

Gornt~~~ well if a personal slave is serving One and her Master is not here, the Patron wants a dance He or She should get it

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Advisor~

Mandi~~~ I have seen dances performed around celebrations of events. How do Patrons know which girls know how to dance. I suppose that all the red silks have mastered quite a few dances to earn their red silk status.

jacia{GS}~~~ most personal slaves jaci has seen are not restricted to dance for others but that is her experience

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~.. with respect.. this one feels that it's appropriate at any time..
a girl's Owner.. a Patron can command one to dance.. as well a girl can beg a Patron or her Owner to dance..
this is a paga tavern and we're to have the most sensual dancers in Port Kar.. so she don't see anything wrong with one begging to dance for her Owners or the Patrons in the Tavern

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ softly sharing:
Any Free at anytime may have a slave dance ~ unless she is thereby restricted ~ en would dance in the coldroom if that was a Free's statement to her ...
nodding and feeling that is correct and now listening carefully to A/all ..

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Gornt~ I would normally agree, but the girl might not be trained in dance.

Gornt~~~ ~listening~

Gornt~~~ true, but if she says she is not trained, then no dance

Errand Knight~~~ a GS slave should dance as requested by a Patron...a personal slave according to her Masters instructions...One would hope that slaves would be willing to offer to dance whenever it is possible for the dance is a wonderful part of Gor

zoya{GS}~~~ aye, Mistress Mandi, a red silk must know all forms of pleasing the Free, including dance ~*~smiles~*~

Kayla~~~ a white silk of course is not going to have much training yet in the art but a yellow or red... they better know ~winking at en'tarna~... there are times when it is not appropriate though... like during a Forum ~grin~

Lemuel~~~ O.K. How about Free Patrons participating in the dance? There were several dances in the books that required a Man to crack a whip or hold a chain, etc.

Gornt~~~ and maybe the Patron would settle for a horizomtal dance

jacia{GS}~~~ ~giggles softly in agreeement with Mistress~

Gornt~~~ ~nodding~

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling at the Lady's comment~ Aye, during a forum would be inappropriate.

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ en nods affirmatively to the comments heard as understood ...

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at Gornt's comment~

Markos~~~ any slave should be commanded to dance unless it is private stock and restricted from doing so, tho I could not understand why,*L*

Errand Knight~~~ *laffs at Gornt's comment*

Kayla~~~ or if a kolaring or pledging is going on it is best to wait to ask for the dance after the event.... ~smiles~

zoya{GS}~~~ in zoya's expereince, she was once asked to dance and had to inform the Master she had never danced before, so He then expected a dance in one hand, performed only for Him....it was a *great* incentive for one to dive in and learn immediatly and now a girl loves to dance

Kayla~~~ ~Seeing the Senior Captain and smiling as I hand over the reins eagerly~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Tal, and greetings all.... sorry I am late... I'll just try to * jump in * and catch up.....LOL...

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ catching the smile and wink from pretty Mistress Kayla that caress this one ~ warmth fills a returning smile, en's toes tapping in rhythm to the echoes within the tavern walls ~s~

Mandi~~~ zoya, then that was a positive experience, being given a hand in which to learn something about dance?

Kayla~~~ There are many examples of Men helping in a dance eg... the whip dance... ~smiles~ Now anyOne remember a FW participating in one????

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. taking the lead from Lady Kayla.... So, might I ask just what the full topic was started as ??? It has to do with just dancing, or more ????

Kayla~~~ posted as follows Captain ~smiling at Him warmly~
On what occasions is a dance appropriate and Who should request it? A girl's Owner, a Patron. This may be timely since the girls are taking Dance Classes.

Kayla~~~ Well why did yall get so quiet??? ~lol~... He won't bite Ya!... well too hard anyway ~grinning~

Mandi~~~ Are there special occasions especially appropriate for dancing?

Lemuel~~~ To answer your question Lady Advisor, I don't recall ever hearing of a FW helping in a dance.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. Okay, thank You, Kayla.... On what occasion ??? ANY !!!! ( except when in good taste it disturbs an important event, such as a collaring, forum, death match, etc. ...) Who ???? Any Free !!!!! ( restrictions aside, although I can't see or understand why ANY slave would or should be restricted from dancing...) And FW dancing ??? LOL..LOL... only those that were in the process of having their FW status * changed * ....LOL...LOL..

Kayla~~~ Most definitely Mandi *S* anytime there are Men present and wanting entertainment ....LOL>>>>

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ The required demeanor of a FW would not be very condusive to dancing in a tavern ...
en ponders this question on the floor

Gornt~~~ aye M'Lady Advisor

zoya{GS}~~~ Mistress Kayla, zoya doesn't know of any occation of a FW helping in a dance, do You know of one?

Mandi~~~ ~~scrolling down and realizing a question was misunderstood~~ ~~laughs cautiously~~

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye Captain, though there are dances that require the assistance of a Free Man. A whip dance, some chain dances, etc

Kayla~~~ LOL... ME neither Lemuel ~grinning~ just thought I would throw it in... I have heard of some doing it at other sites though... find that fact a bit disturbing... But since I have 2 left feet it lets Me out anyway....

Merica~~~ *thinking and ginning to Myself at the mention of FW dancing*

Gornt~~~ ~laughing at Rollo's answer about the FW~

jacia{GS}~~~ sis zoya jaci has seen Mistress Asellus lend Her beautiful music making to some of the girl's dances :)

Rollo the Ax~~~ Mandi.... Port Kar is known all over Gor as having the BEST dancers.... kajira dance to intertain men... and to display their desire, need, and sexuality.... so ANY time is the right time for a kajira to dance.....

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ ~s~ nods ~s~

Mandi~~~ Aye, Captain, we have some lovely and elegant dancers here.

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~smiling at jac knowing her sis is a beautiful dancer~

jacia{GS}~~~ ~blushes at her love and nudges her gently in appreciation..but nudging her cuz she is beautiful too~

Rollo the Ax~~~ If You look closely, You might likely find that EVERY dance involves a man.... for what other reason does a kajira have to dance, if not to please a Master.... often in the books, slaves were even trained with men watching to give them the proper motivation and desire.....

zoya{GS}~~~ aye, sis jacia ~*~smiles remembering Her beautiful music~*~

Gornt~~~ Or Mistress, Rollo, We must be PC

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles~ True Captain...true

jacia{GS}~~~ ~listens attentively to Master Rollo's infinite wisdom~

zoya{GS}~~~ oh how true Master Rollo ~*~hanging on His every word~*~

Kayla~~~ PC on Gor???? ~laughing softly~ what a novel idea *S*

Gornt~~~ ~laughing~

Claire~~~ smiling at Kayla's words

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ admiration in whispers lifted to Him
Master Rollo ~ en so vividly recalls the best dance she was ever allowed to observe and it happened to be performed by sis galah ~ her passion inspired and exhibited in the most dramatic dance en has seen ~ aye ~ Please give her en's best wishes ~s~

Rollo the Ax~~~ But in all fairness, as for the FW dancing question...I seem to remember in perhaps ONE book... Mercenaries, or Vagabounds, or one of the last 4-5.... I seem to remember some FW that were being held at an inn for monies they owed the owner for room and food, being required to serve much like slaves...and even dancing.... but in the end, there were collared and enslaved anyway, so the timing point still came into force .....LOL

Merica~~~ do male slaves dance as well as the female?

jacia{GS}~~~ ~grins at Mistress Merica~ some do Mistress *purr*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~
also in Raiders.. the women of the rence islands they were free and as well danced.. but.. also they ended up slaves too.. ~s~

Markos~~~ watching and listening with interest

jacia{GS}~~~ giggles.. Panther girls danced but in most of the boox jaci has read they were turned into slaves as well *grin*

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~listening quietly~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, the rence girls were dancing for the young men of the village. I think that was a normal thing in their gatherings.

Merica~~~ *smiling* at jacia...You have seen a male slave dance? I have not :(

Gornt~~~ I am beginning to notice a pattern in this FW dancing thing, and I tink it is safe to assume that One would dance at Her own risk

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ aye Master Lemuel..
the three moons of Gor drove them to a state of frenzy jacia.. needing to dance their need.. ~g~

jacia{GS}~~~ ~slithers in place hearing Mistresses question~ jaci has been on Gor some 4 years now Mistress she has seen some *grins*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.... Politically Correct ???? On Gor ????? LOL...LOL... * Roaring with laghter* .....LOL... Ain't NEVER gonna happen.....LOL... But seriously, Gornt.... women, on Gor, DON'T dance for women..... there may be FW or other slaves present, but a kajira dances to please and excite a MAN.... not for any other reason....

Merica~~~ *lol* Sounds interesting to Me Gornt, but I also would not wish to become a slave just to have the experience

jacia{GS}~~~ ahh follow *G* thanks jazzy :)

Gornt~~~ ~nodding to the Captain~

Kayla~~~ best not to dance if a FW Gornt ~grinning~

Markos~~~ *L* at Gornt's comment, looking to see if any FW wish to dance for Me *LOL*
come on, take it off *LOL*

en~tarna{Hos}~~~ *s* smiles to lovely Mistress Merica *s* and Master Gornt *s*

jacia{GS}~~~ ~giggling at Master Markos~

Merica~~~ I'm betting only in private Markos *lol*

Kayla~~~ Not on a wager My Friend ~smiling at Markos~

Errand Knight~~~ thinks FW dancing other than privately might be taking a risk

Merica~~~ *grinning at the conversation*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..you are right, jasma.... the rence girls did dance.... perhaps a re-definition of just what we are taking about when we say * DANCE * ?????? To * MY * thinking, when we are taking about kajira's dancing, to entertain.... we are speaking about a totally different subject than group dances or such that might happen when everybody is daning around.... ???? what about that idea ??

jacia{GS}~~~ ~agrees with the common consensus FW dancing in private~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Captain~ And then there are dances that were done by Free Men, such as a "ship dance" and the dances that were done by the red hunters and red savages...

jasma{GS}~~~ aye Master Rollo.. ~looking to Him.. then lowering eyes respectfully~..

Markos~~~ wondering why a Master would want a FW to dance unseen through Her Robes and veils, when if He collared and stripped her, He would have the choice of having her do the horizontal bop or the pots and pans shuffle *LOL*

Lemuel~~~ LOL..Aye, Lemuel.... semantics....LOL.. what one person calls a dance, another might not.... LOL...much like Myself... * I * might think or feel that I am dancing, while to everyone else it must look more like a trained bear hobbling around on its hind legs...LOL...LOL...

Dak~~~ *laughing* at Markos !

Gornt~~~ ~rolling on My furs at Markos comment~

Lemuel~~~ ~laughs at the Senior Captain's wit~

Merica~~~ *lol* now I would like an explanation for a couple of those expressions Markos *giggling*

Dak~~~ *chuckles* @ Senior Captain

Errand Knight~~~ grins at Markos

Markos~~~ *LOL* @ the Captains remarks

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~laughing at her Owner's words.. biting down on bottom lip gently~

jacia{GS}~~~ *giggles @ Master Rollo*

jacia{GS}~~~ *laughing* Master Markos

Merica~~~ *laughing*

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ The thunderous laughter of the handsome Masters present echoing playfully within the tavern walls ~ en listening with great pleasure ~
her sparkling emeralds dancing the upon big black boots about the tavern, meeting sis sev's gaze while on one pair, giving her a hug and then moving on *s*

Rollo the Ax~~~ at the risk of flogging a dead horse, ( or kialla, or tharlarion...LOL. ) it should also be said that a * dance * to one person, may not be seen as such to another... more better said, what is a GREAT dance for one Master, may well be seen as not * pleasing * to another.... all a kajira can do is to try her best, and hope that her effort if found pleasing.....

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~giggling against her heartling's shoulder as the Masters make funnies~

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~thinking a great bear hobbling about on His hind legs, growling and all, just might get a girl all hot and bothered - blushing as she looks down~*~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Rollo.. nodding her head at His words.. ~

Kayla~~~ LOL.... any more comments on this topic?

Rollo the Ax~~~ I know it may seem like I am just talking to hear Myself speak, but another point should be made as far as I am concerned, also..... no matter how or why a kajira dances, she has performed her duty or tried to do so... the Free present should acknowledge her attempt... if they enjoyed it, fine....but there have been times I have also seen Masters express anger or displeasure.... such is the lot of a Gorean kajira .... BUT for a Master to fault a kajira out of spite or anger over * other * reasons is NOT honorable and is below contempt..... In My opinion....

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with the Captain's words~

Merica~~~ *nodding in agreement with Rollo*

Mandi~~~ Rollo, what sort of acknowledgement do You suggest? Telling the kajira her dance was good, enjoyed, etc., and watching the dance while it is performed?

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~nods hearing the tasty One's words~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~feeling His arm move around her as she listens to the mighty Torvaldslander speak.. trying to move ankles out of the way as Master gets rid of the urts.. ~

Kayla~~~ Good point Rollo... also the chatter of the Tavern should quieten some to give the respect to the dance... It is hard for a girl to feel she is dancing to closed and unseeing eyes....

jacia{GS}~~~ ~smiles at Master Rollo's words~

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~smiles as she listens to her Master's words~*~

Markos~~~ nodding at the Captains words, agreeing with Him

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ *s* smiles and listens *s* too ...

Markos~~~ looking to Lady Kayla, true the dance should be acknowledged, but Free do not stop their business just to watch a slave dance, she is there to serve Free, Free are not there to serve her desires

Rollo the Ax~~~ Mandi.... the extent of response is entirely up to each person.... everything from a smile to pounding the shoulder in the Gorean form of applause....to having the Master get so excited that He sweeps the girl up, and rushs to an alcove with her.....LOL... when all else fails, us common courtesy.... the girls work HARD to do their dances... and to be ignored is as much as a slap in the face..... and NOBODY likes that....( well, almost nobody....LOL.. )

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Master Lemuel.. nudging head against Him tenderly.. remembering when He has taken part of one of her dances.. ~

Kayla~~~ Of Course not Markos but it is common courtesy to let the light shine on the dance and not on a more common paga serve is it not... dances are still pretty rare... maybe after the dance classes that won't be so ~smiling at zoya~ but now they are rare and precious... and to tone it down some would hurt no Free I think ~smiles~

Merica~~~ *raising an eyebrow, and wondering W/who would want a slap in the face*

Merica~~~ so Master's take part in a girls dances, but a FW can not?

Gornt~~~ I agree with the Captain, courtesy requires a response, and more than just "that was nice"

Gornt~~~ Aye M'Lady ~nodding to Merica~

Lemuel~~~ ~smiling down at the slave by My side~
Aye, Lady Kayla. It does not hurt to comment on the girl's dance, letting her know You are watching.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Merica.... there are those that are * into * pain....LOL... but also, a good slap in the face tells a guy that He at least TRIED...even if He didn't meet with approval....LOL..

daaria{GS}~~~ *nodding in agreement with Master Gornt as well as Master Rollo the Ax...*

Gornt~~~ even during the dance

Kayla~~~ ~nodding at Lemuel's words~... I agree

Merica~~~ Ahhhh *l* I got the understanding now! Thank You Rollo

Markos20:51:04 CST

Markos~~~ nodding agreement that the dance should be acknowledged and personally I would do so, but it does not mean the dance should be a central point for A/all and A/alls business be conducted around the girl and her dance

Gornt 20:52:13 CST

Gornt~~~ true Markos, but the One the dance is being performed for should be paying attention

Merica~~~ *listening quietly*

Kayla~~~ I don't know Markos... it is My opinion and I strongly say MY opinion that it should be central and given the same respect a kolaring or a pledging is given... not that ALL business should cease but it is the central focus of the room...

Markos~~~ aye, nodding a definite agreement with that Gornt

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Markos~ No, it doesn't have to consume Your attention, just a post here and there to let the girl know that You are watching, and perhaps a "Well done" at the end.

Gornt~~~ ~listening to Kayla~ I disagree, for example, if zoya is dancing for Sholgar, and calia is serving Me, I am going to be giving My attention to Mine

Markos~~~ Lady, I can understand that, especially if the tavern is slow and not many here, but if it was busy, *S*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..Well, folks....???? any other matters that need covered ?? Our time for tonight is all but gone, anyway... so how about we call this forum to a close, and save any other topics for next week ?????

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... Folks, the age old question .... * how much is enough, and how much is NOT enough ?? * is, and always will be a personal matter for each and everyone to decide..... I try to live by the idea that I show others the same respect I would want them to show Me, and hope that everything works out.... but not every person sees things tge same, or every situation the same either..... So ????? Do your best, and hope for best seems the correct action here....agreed ?????

jacia{GS}~~~ ayeeeee Master Rollo! :)

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~smiles agreeing with the tasty Master Rollo~

Merica~~~ Hear, Hear Rollo!!! *S*

Markos~~~ nodding to the Captain, agreed

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. well then, I call this forum to a close....Thanks to all for coming and taking part.... I hope to see everyone again next week.... same time, same channel...LOL... May Wodin watch over My home, and all those that enter it..... Be Well, all..... and farewell........

Kayla~~~ Agreed Captain... Good talk tonight ~smiles~..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the Captain~

Dak~~~ aye Captain, interesting forum again , lot to learn from !

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ softly lifting whispers to the beautiful Mistress Kayla
Thank You, Mistress for another most entertaining and spirited forum ~ aye ~ s ~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ thank You Master Rollo and Mistress Kayla for an informative discussion..
before any leave.. a girl wished to say that she received email from Master Xern and He wished her to send His greetings to all and to let all knows He's well.

Gornt~~~ Good Forum, most illuminating

Errand Knight~~~ good discussion F/folks..as always learn as much about the P/people as about Gor ..both being of interest

jacia{GS}~~~ thank You Master Rollo and Mistress Kayla for a very fun and informative Forum! *slithering in place beside sevvie*

jacia{GS}~~~ *VBFS as she hears jas speak of Master Xern* please give Him jaci's warmest regards and wishes sis! :)

SabreWolf's sevda~~~ ~nodding in agreement with her heartling about the forum~

Dak~~~ aaye, Thanks Advisor Kayla for getting the meeting started tonight

Merica~~~ What a wonderful time, Thank Y/you All for the fine learning experience *s*

Markos~~~ seeing the forum ending, I thank the Captain and Lady, and wish A/all well as they leave

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Thank you Captain Rollo and Lady Kayla for another wonderful forum.

zoya{GS}~~~ zoya thanks her Master and Mistress Kayla and All that were able to attend ~*~smiles~*~ it's it wonderful to have a full tavern