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Those without sin... Where/When should slaves follow commands

Those without sin...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well... shall we get started with this weeks forum ???

Rollo the Ax~~~ Welcome everybody to this weeks GS forum… same rules as always, PM Me if you have a topic you think needs talked about, NO serves during the forum, slaves need not beg to enter or leave, keep the cross talk and greetings in whispers so that the scribes don’t have to work so damn hard, in fact, lets try to keep ALL the talking that does not bear directly to the topics being discussed in whispers.

jojo{GS}~~~ *listening intently as the meeting begins..*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay folks, today I am going to start the forum off in a different way.
If everybody would care to look beside them, you will see that I had a big ole bucket of rocks placed next to every chair, bench, fur, or anything else y’all could be sitting or standing next to. It seems that the only thing that will please some folks is blood, so I guess that today we will have an old fashioned stoning. Y’all know how it works, right ?? A mob gets together, and decides that this guy did something they didn’t like, or this woman did or said something wrong… and wham bam, * Lets kill them *, but we want EVERYBODY in on it, so nobody can say later “ well, I guess it wasn’t really ALL that bad…maybe WE shouldn’t have killed them.” Or “ I never had anything against that person, it was the rest of you, but I didn’t want to say anything..”

Kayla~~~ ~puzzeling look to the Senior Captain~

kanda{HoS}~~~ *looks to the rocks in question then to Master Rollo puzzled*

jojo{GS}~~~ *eyes wide as she hears Master Rollo, looking around the room for some hole she can hide in*

Rollo the Ax~~~ So… If we are going to stone us a sinner or two to death, lets list the sins that should be used to decide who lives, and who dies, okay ?? I guess that the old standby’s from the Bible should be good enough for most everybody, right ??? So lets list them …
Sounds about right to Me.. So, how about it?? Lets GO… reach down, pick up a big ole rock, and stone the person YOU think deserves it the MOST !!! Oh, but wait just a minute.. if we are going to use the list from the Bible, maybe we should also cover our butts by using the escape clause that Jesus gave them. So I guess that y’all can take your rocks, and start hucking them IF you can look deep within YOURSELF, and honestly say that YOU are without ANY of these sins Yourself ??? Sitting back, to watch, and see how many rocks start flying ???

Asellus~~~ *Sets Her mouth firmly, grim expression evident as She listens to the Captain's words*

Errand Knight~~~ *looks at the rocks*

Lady Karmania~~~ Oh Dear

Lemuel~~~ ~looking down and seeing the pail of smooth, flat rocks beside My chair...picking one up and hefting it then taking aim at an urt scurrying along the wall and letting the stone fly...grinning at the satisfying *CRUNCH*~

gretchen~~~ *quirks her lips, looking up to Master Kyoto in utter confusion and thinking this was NOT the best night to visit, getting REALLY nervous already*

Gornt~~~ ~looking for a rock marked pain in the ass~

Mandi~~~ **hearing the Captain's words, and anticipating a context**

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ That's the only stone I'm gonna throw, Captain.

kanda{HoS}~~~ *kanda kneels ..forehead furrowed..knowing she thinks she is no angel and she has no bad feelings about A/any and never could*

Rollo the Ax~~~ By now, you are all most likely wondering just what the HELL Rollo is up to?? Or doing… right ??? Well, to tell the truth, I am getting sick of people taking a * holier than thou * attitude … Or fighting when it is nothing more than flogging a dead horse… It seems that at times, no matter how hard people try to keep the peace, or settle personal differences or problems between folks, there is always something new to deal with. MORE trouble, or new skirmishes between those involved. And the longer such infighting goes on, the more polarized the situation gets, and the more other people become involved and decide to * pick sides * or * gang up * on one side or the other. But when it comes to a HOME, there should always be only ONE SIDE… * what is BEST for the Home * Not just for this person or that person, or even this group or that group, but what is best for the WHOLE. I hate to sound like Mr Spock here, but there ARE times that “ The needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one..” ( yes, I know that the original quote came from * A Tale of Two Cities * but how many of y’all have really READ the book…LOL.. but I’ll bet that all of you have seen the Star Trek movie, right ?? )

jojo{GS}~~~ *mouth dropping open in disbelief..*

Lady Karmania~~~ turning my bucket of rocks upside down

vika{M}~~~ ~vika pushes her rocks aside........~

kanda{HoS}~~~ *listening to Master Rollo with great attention*

Gornt~~~ ~listening to the Sr. Captain~

kanda{HoS}~~~ *kanda pushes her rocks aside..as well*

penny{Kyo}~~~ ((*grinning and waving her hand cheerfully*
penny has read nearly every one of Dicken's novels, Master Rollo... she's a goody goody book nerd....))

Kyoto~~~ *Plucking penny's ear*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Folks, LIFE is too short to be fussing and fighting EVERY day… Agree to disagree…. ignore little things so they do NOT become BIG things…Worry MORE about what YOU are doing, and less about old * what’s his name *.. Be the BEST person YOU can be, but don’t fault others if they are different, or not as smart, or quick, or good looking, or rich, or loved, or ANYTHING !!! No person in the history of the world has gotten along with everybody… there will always be people that bug you or rub you the wrong way.. But until they actually get in YOUR face, and try to kick your butt, they are but words… spoken and then gone… “ To ere is human, but to forgive is Devine “ …..

Kayla~~~ And those in Your face????

kanda{HoS}~~~ *nods in agreement*

Errand Knight~~~ *decides against headbutting a rock*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Rollo~

Lady Karmania~~~ nods to Rollo

Asellus~~~ Absolutely, Rollo. 100%. *nodding as She listens most attentively to His sage advice*

kanda{HoS}~~~ Master Rollo? might kanda say something?

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Therein lies the problem Kayla, everyone has there own definition of crossing the line and getting in someone's face. People are more likely to get upset at someone they don't like for one reason or another over something petty.

kasandra{GS}~~~ *moves quietly to the slave furs silently observing*

penny{Kyo}~~~ penny agrees, Master Rollo... this is meant to be a home of adults, yet penny's three daughters have better behavior than what she sees happen online in any given day.

jojo{GS}~~~ *starting to understand the point Master Rollo is trying to make, she smiles softly*

Kayla~~~ Who decides petty?

Gornt~~~ ~listening with interest~

Rollo the Ax~~~ I’ll say this the only way I can… when you ASSUME that people are doing something WRONG without a shred of proof, you only prove the old saying that goes * when you assume something, you ONLY make an * ASS- of -U-and - ME * make sure that there REALLY is a problem BEFORE you start jumping up and down screaming and yelling….

Kyoto~~~ *Wondering if I should be shielding penny from a hail of pebbles*

jojo{GS}~~~ jojo agrees with You Master Ceredigawn, but W/who decides what is petty and what is not? there again it goes back to each O/ones perception...

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ When it becomes a problem that we have to address it at the forum because of the increasing disturbances it causes.

Rollo the Ax~~~ OKAY,, that ends Rollo's sermon for today, NOW y'all can throw in your two tarsk's worth...

Kayla~~~ What if You have the proof?... What if it is against what You personally feel is right and honorable... What if the Mast majority of P/people feel the same?

penny{Kyo}~~~ *chirping cheerfully*
Master Rollo, the saying about ASSUMING things was the only thing that penny learned from her driving instructor... what a wonderful phrase to remember!

Gornt~~~ aye jojo, and in life whether VT or RT, perception is everything

Asellus~~~ I think Rollo's point is valid. Why are we denying the problems when any other time the Captain is NOT around the problems are aired out so publicly?

Kayla~~~ But then the Forums endup being a stoning in themselves....

kanda{HoS}~~~ Master Rollo..kanda agrees with penny ..she has seen different behavior at times..and truly all kanda has ever wanted was a home that was united..she tries to not pass judgement..because she thinks E/everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and views..and it takes a mature person to understand that.. and to let it go..

Asellus~~~ Shall we then throw our hands up in the air? What should be done, I wonder?

jojo{GS}~~~ Mistress Kayla, the key phrase You mentioned is "personally feel" just because You may "feel" it to be right and honorable, does that make it so...please, do not be angry with jojo, she's not singling You out, but the statement, as A/all or M/most of U/us have said the same thing before..

Kyoto~~~ *Looking at Asellus and then my hand*
Well... I've got a rock.

Errand Knight~~~ Kayla: proof can be seen by many in different ways ..you should see the fuckup that those humans back on earth are presently making of "interpreting" proof. Glad Im on gor!

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Kayla..if there is proof in a situation then present it to the Captains, and We will look over the situation in detail.

Rollo the Ax~~~ WHO indeed ??? The basic premise of ANY society is that those in charge, set the rules and laws.. But in a democratic society, it is also a given that those in charge are there to protect EVERYBODY, and NOT just * special interest groups *...

Kayla~~~ That was why I added that Others P/people felt the same *S* Personal feelings aside... Right is right and wrong is wrong

Asellus~~~ *Her veils conceal an enigmatic smile*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Rollo again~
Life is too short to waste Our free time arguing about little things and trading insults. I don't know about O/others, but I come here to have *FUN*.

Gornt~~~ I do not remember there being this divisiveness before the arrival of a certain FW

galah{RA}~~~ galah thinks there is a BIG difference between a troublemaker like Vampire Asshole and someone that is trying their darndest to fit in....everyone was new here and we all have different personalities, why can't those that wish to be here, be here? are they really hurting anyone? since when did GS get so cliquish that the Free decide who can be here and who can't?

Gornt~~~ since when is GS a democracy?

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to galah~ The important thing is that newcomers *TRY*. Not all do, galah. Or at least not as hard as they might.

penny{Kyo}~~~ *listening carefully*
When did this become a democracy, anyway? The premise of the room (and the planet Gor) is laid out in 26 novels, by which we try somewhat to adhere to in a realistic portrayal... If personalities clash, so what? No one loves everyone, end of story. Move on, and have fun being here. If debate is your thing, find a place online where you can argue to your heart's content, or else generate a debate on Gorean philosophies, rather than all of the silly personal attacks that occur.

Gornt~~~ well this One newcomer has been mighty trying

Laroona~~~ If I may comment,, I may be repeating others words here... Life Is short, and what can be percieved by one may not be percieved by another,.. if it comes to the Rules of this tavern then I believe those rules be adhered to and respected. If proof is provided on inappropriate action then there is the Wisdom of the Council to turn to *S*

jojo{GS}~~~ jojo agrees with galah on that...*nodding*

kanda{HoS}~~~ kanda feels what W/we all should do is exactly what Master Rollo said...W/we should think of the tavern first ..W/we need to protect it from any animosity...this is Our home...W/we should respect the sanctity of Our home..most of U/us see Gor as a retreat... kanda thinks it would be nice if W/we all kept it that way
kanda also wonders why does Some people necessarily think They are right and others wrong.. why can't there be just different personalities with different views..sometimes W/we can learn from listening to other opinions..

galah{RA}~~~ galah thought GS was for ANYONE that is interested in the gorean lifestyle, the roleplay(hate using that word) and as others have said, to have some fun doing so....this stuff going on is ruining the "fun" and everything else that goes with it

Asellus~~~ I'm sure it's also hard for Newcomers who face slander for every minute mistake that's made. *sighs gently, wishing She could help everyone* Whatever happened to helping others learn here? And were not Goreans also patient? More patient than eartheners, in any case.

Kayla~~~ Well Gor is a click all in itself... Aye totally agree that Newbies should be given chances to learn... what is the length of time though 1 month 3 months a year?.... to get the basics down?... Even a vampire can learn to be Gorean and forget His bloodletting ways... I believe totally... But where is the line drawn?

Rollo the Ax~~~ I think that what MOST of Y'all fail to see or understand is that the Council, and so the Captains, are JUST people also... We have weaknesses and faults, and yes, even prejudices at times... ppl keep looking to Rollo like they think I am Solomon or something... Hey, I don't ALWAYS have ALL the answers... and what happens when you DO pull a Solomon and say " well, we will cut the baby in half and give EACH mother a part, and NEITHER blinks ??? when folks are so wrapped up in vengence, and not truth or fair play ????

jojo{GS}~~~ W/who cares if S/some act differently? really? does it matter that much? Damn, if the Priest Kings had intended for U/us A/all to be exactly the same, W/we would A/all be clones...O/our differences makes U/us the individuals W/we are..

jasma{LB}GSF~~~ *listening to galah's wise words.. nodding*

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Hearing His Woman speak and smiling* Exactly...what ever happened to just giving people a chance, and helping them instead of bashing them for every little mistake they make. Weren't We all new at one point in time?

Gornt~~~ I do not want vengence Captain, I want conformance with the guidelines that allllllllllllllllll the other FW seem to be willing to comply with

Kayla~~~ The problem is when only ONE or a FEW are causing all the discourse in a site.... then the Roleplay and atmosphere of the Tavern is ruined for All that are attempting to enjoy their time...

galah{RA}~~~ **nods in agreement with kanda** galah thinks this crap going on is childish and rediculous....when galah had a huge personality clash with another slave years ago, we was ordered to not speak to one another, end of problem!!!

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ It is for anyone that honestly wishes to learn about Gor, galah. And you are right that petty bickering diminishes the fun for E/everyone, but Kayla is also correct that there has to be some limit to the tolerance...Jesus may have said to turn the other cheek, but we've only got two (well, maybe four ~G~).

Asellus~~~ It's only ruined if you *let* it ruin you. *offering with a smile*

Kyoto~~~ The trouble, Lem, is when you get slapped in one cheek, do you really want to offer a fresh one?

vika{M}~~~ ~That is a valid point. Either grasp it or not....*smiles*~

Errand Knight~~~ Hopes the Captains dont get a collective haircut ..oops ..that's Samson not Solomon. Half a column, half a child..wot the heck!

Gornt~~~ CD when I was new I did not try to be the center of attention everytime I entered the Tavern

jojo{GS}~~~ Master Lemuel, that is a good point, however, what happens when that point of tolerance becomes narrow because a certain individual, or individuals are not like for Who or What they are...what then?

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Kyoto~ Yes, because then everyone will see that you tried to show tolerance.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *offering respectfully*.. at times though it seems as if a person screws up once.. then everyone wishes to always feel that they're going to continue to do so without giving them a chance.. that's like telling a child that they're not a good student or something.. why should a child try to learn then if they're already labeled.. why would one coming to GS continue to try to learn if they've already been labeled otherwise?..

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles to jojo~ That's why there's a Council here, lil' one. None of Us are perfect, but between the Members a reasonable solution can generally be reached.

kanda{HoS}~~~ aye galah... and that makes sense...
kanda only wants a happy home..that is all she has ever wanted..she tries her best to get along with A/all...and even though she knows this is not a perfect world.. why can't GS be the very next best thing to it..

jojo{GS}~~~ an excellent point jasma..*smiling*

Asellus~~~ Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mandi~~~ We are all just people. But We are expected to behave in accordance with Our roles and at least pretend We are on Gor. I enjoy New People coming in to learn, and like the roleplay environment. I do not like seeing it turn into something else.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Gornt...once again that is Yours or someone else's opinion of what a certain person is trying to do. Maybe that person is eager to learn. Did you ever offer any help to this person?

Gornt~~~ Yes as a matter of fact I did. well before she ever came to grace GS after wearing out her welcome in every other room on Poolside

jojo{GS}~~~ Master Rollo, may jojo ask You a question?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Folks, I agree that sooner or later, even a SAINT will run out of patience... ( And I sure as hell don't see any saints hanging their hats HERE...LOL.. ) My point is that IF somebody...anybody, does stuff wrong, or messes up time and time again, TRY to be tolerant enough to find out if it is because they are NOT trying, or just not LEARNING, BEFORE it turns into a MAJOR SHIT STORM...

Gornt~~~ I used to feel sorry for her and think she was picked on
no longer

Errand Knight~~~ sure there is a line in the sand that is for the Council of Captains to enforce ..and the wonder of this place is that Wwe have a Council...that the captains have different perceptions and will think a matter thru and if in Their collective wisdom/predjudice they see moral offence as with the ghost who was once here, then action is taken. I dont always agree but will die to defend the process. Think if Wwe had some of the Ubars about...now theres predjudice

Kayla~~~ ~respectfully spoken and looking to Rollo~
I think after 6 months the telling is in the actions from then to now...

penny{Kyo}~~~ *grinning to jasma*
penny agrees... correction is important for growth, but it can be done without denegrating the individual personally... penny likes the "sandwich" technique... praise a positive action, then note the behavior needing correction, then follow up with another positive summary, and at no time say anything negative about the person, only the behaviors... that way, growth can occur without negative self esteem.
*nodding cheerfully*

galah{RA}~~~ good comment jaz, galah agrees.....the FW in question is trying to fit in her own way, for most of the other FW won't even offer her help anymore....yes, she does step out of line and am sure that her FC will see to it when it does become a problem and not just some lil discretion....galah remembers way back when most all the FW acted much like the one in question, and for sure, we have a better quality of FW now than we ever did, but those FW must have more tolerance and be able to help instead of showing such anger and vengence

Gornt~~~ I agree with EK, I am pleased with the Council concept, and I see that the Forums draw a great many and that is good. but sometimes it seems to take an extremely long time for the line to get drawn

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *asking quizzically*.. wearing out one's welcome in another part of poolside, although may be hard to push aside.. it also has should have nothing to do with Gorean Shores.. we use the poolside chat server.. but we are still a different area of the chat.. what people do in the pool.. in fem to fem.. in DM.. shouldn't come to play in GS.. this one's opinion..

Molly~~~ Okay Im going to address somesones comment and then I will remain silent
As far as what happened to Me in ONE room has proven that I was not that person and if it wasnt I would not be here with 27 icons~ So if that is still of any concern I suggest they write to GaryM and settle that for once and for all.
And Im liked very much by people inside and outside of GS~

vika{M}~~~ ~Agreed one hundred per cent jasma...*smiles* Totally different area of chat.~

jojo{GS}~~~ *looking to You sincerely, warmly as she softly speaks*
Mistress Kayla are You liked by A/all or M/most here?

Kayla~~~ galah it is not a FreeWoman against FreeWoman issue or the Men here would not be saying what they are

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with My girl~
Aye, what any person does outside the Tavern should have no bearing on how they are treated in this room.

Kayla~~~ jojo I would say Most...at least I hope... why?...

kanda{HoS}~~~ *kanda rises and sadly she leaves...feet padding softly to the door...thinking so many people talking and yet how many are really listening*

Errand Knight~~~ does not wish to be party to a public discussion about the FW being referred to and will leave this Forum if continuing references are made ...that is not a statement of personal position rather a matter of honour and honour rules over steel or wind..for Council to deal with..enough said *stamps His Pysicians staff on the floor wishing at times He had come to gor as a boy and been schooled as a Warrior*

Laroona~~~ with respect... I recall first entering GS, the lot of a FW in those times was harsh, those who stayed made huges sacrafices and growth to become the strong and respected FW they are now *nodding*

Asellus~~~ *Nodding in support of Errand Knight* Well said.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Yes, Kayla... that IS a valid point... and SOME people can't or never WILL learn completely... but also consider... even if somebody learns SLOWLY, if they do improve, even if it takes months instead of days or weeks, have they not then TRIED ??? Hey, like I said, I don't have ALL the answers... But I also always try to follow a basic tenent of law that states " better for 10 guilty to go free, than to hang 1 innocent "...

Gornt~~~ ~nodding to EK~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Kayla~
Aye galah, this is not *just* about a spat between two FW. It is also about the behavior expected of FW and that some of them need to start acting as a Gorean FW should.

Asellus~~~ Besides, if people want to start using names...that is why the stones are there, after all.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ EK...You are right, but its almost a little too late for that, because some people think its funny to bring everyone's business out into the open.

Gornt~~~ Thank You Lemuel

Gornt~~~ ~turning to look at CD~

Elektra~~~ *Elektra gathers her robes and adjusts her veils, stands up*
I am going as well. It seems like every time I come here, FW are fighting. Our lot in life is hard enough. Should we not be more supportive of each other? *Sigh* I wish you all well.
Peace and joy to you.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Rollo's words~

jojo{GS}~~~ *smiling softly* if jojo may say, You are a very nice Mistress, from what jojo has seen, and You do appear to have many friends..but what of T/those that don't like You, for whatever reasons...do You really think T/they would be willing to come forward and say so, especially with the position You hold here at GS? jojo's point is this, if One is well liked, usually nothing is said, however, when One is not well liked anything and everything that Someone may do is criticized...

Kyoto~~~ I'm not sure I agree with that 100%, Lem.. a lot of people here spend little or no time in other rooms in the pool, so when we do, our actions have a huge impact on how others, all potential patrons or slaves, perceive GS... and when someone who does spend time in other parts of the site acts in ways that are detrimental to their image and they come back here, that perception follows them like a black cat

Kayla~~~ Well when the situation is so bad that People stop coming to visit here and Pledged leave because of the actions then it is time to do something....

galah{RA}~~~ it was long ago, but still galah remembers what high school was like....you had groups of friends, and this group didn't like that group and really for hardy any reason at all, or perhaps one person from one group did or said something that wasn't liked by one person from another group...and because one person in that group didn't like one person in the other group, the group as a whole hated each other, really no reason, just because they weren't in your group....galah thinks that is what could be happening here, except we suppose to be adults and not act that way

jojo{GS}~~~ *nodding* jojo agrees with you galah...

Kayla~~~ jojo.. I have taken too many licks to believe anyone would hold back because I am on the Council....
AS I said right is right and wrong is wrong... I would like to see the line drawn in conrete and not moved... No matter where My lines are I mean for the site

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding agreement to galah*
Exactly. That is supposedly one of the advantages of adulthood, being past cliques.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Maybe I am attacking this idea wrong ??? Maybe it would be easier or more clear if I tried to make the point in another way ??? WHO is NEVER WRONG ??? Me ?? Other Captains ?? FW ?? and if it is so, that even high up muckity mucks can be wrong about things, why do so many always just assume that we are NEVER wrong ??? NEVER give up your right to question authority !!!!!! Once you have, you are a SLAVE... but also be prepared to accept that just maybe YOUR point of view will still be voted down or not accepted....

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Aye, you have a point Kyoto. I may not agree with it 100% either, but you do bring up a valid point.

Mandi~~~ I wish not to fight. But I also wish to come into Gorean Shores and feel I am in a Gorean environment. The learning curve is steep, and Gor is harsh, unfair, but does it have to seem stupid? It is not a "spat" but a culture clash.

Kayla~~~ I don't know what anybody elses reasons are for their feelings but Mine are based on fact of actions not on any thing else...
Most people I have spoken with have tried in one way or another to extend a hand only to have that hand slapped away and told that The offender will do it their own way... GS rules and Gorean ways be damed!

jojo{GS}~~~ Mistress Kayla, forgive jojo, she must have worded something wrong, she wasn't referring to You being on the Council...but just that You are well respected amongst the Patrons here at GS...*soft smiles* jojo agrees, right is right and wrong is wrong...but Who decides that? and for heavens sake, once it is decided, the same rule/law applies to A/all, not just S/some...

Molly~~~ Okay just one more thing~ As far as people leaving GS because of Me? maybe its possible but I do not stand alone. A few patrons have left because of some other Free people and I do believe caused quite a scene trying to let that Free person know how they felt so its not just Molly if it be told who has drove people away.

Kyoto~~~ Rollo, I wish I could say I am never wrong... I can say that I am almost always right at the moment I speak... it is when others chime in that I learn my errors. *grinning*

Asellus~~~ Sure, but don't slap away our helpful hands either. I have spoken with you, Kayla, and tried to rationalize with you before, you may recall, amongst several other FW. I only hope to encourage you, but you seem bent on dissention. At that point, what can anyone do when you have made up your mind? But I refuse to accept that...anyone's opinion can change. I believe that.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Is that a direct quote Kayla or the way that it was perceived?

penny{Kyo}~~~ *chiming in cheerfully*
A Free person is never wrong, even if they aren't right.
*thinking of the several months where her name was changed to "yes, Master" to impress this point upon her*
The trouble comes when two Free are "right" with opposing viewpoints... *g*

Kayla~~~ ~Nodding to Rollo's words~... And If I were alone in My feelings about certain things then I would assume that it is just My personal personality conflict... But We are speaking of most All of the people in some way have had a run in with the problem.... when does the ONE become more important than the Whole?

galah{RA}~~~ my Master was trying to clear the air on this issue once and for all, and obviously it has backfired and only made the situation worse....can't we start today as a whole? a new start where everyone is tolerant of everyone and then see what happens from there? can't the Free do as the slaves are instructed to do, to c&p any discretion and let the council handle it from there?

jojo{GS}~~~ since when did this meeting become a Mistress Molly bash session??? mostly all the comments have been about Her actions...W/who are W/we to decide what kind of person She is? It is wrong..it would be just the same if S/some others told You, Mistress Kayla, that You are too stuck up, or a snow queen...that would be wrong too...It's just not right, plain and simple, anyway Y/you want to look at it...

Kyoto~~~ Ok, if this were a sports team and one individual was causing this much trouble they would be cut or traded... so why don't we just trade her for a third round draft choice in Cos and be done with it?

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ Kayla, when did you become speaker for the whole? I haven't had any problems, and know of others that haven't had any problems as well.

Kayla~~~ Direct quote CD...
~Looking at Asellus in disbelief~

galah{RA}~~~ Mistress Kayla, the one is not more important than the whole, can't arms be spread to let the one into the whole? if there is someone you don't like, or someone else don't like, then simply don't speak with them, theres plenty of other ppl to speak tooo

Lady Karmania~~~ smiling at Gornt

jojo{GS}~~~ agreeing with Master Durst, having not heard M/many others mention problems...*nodding*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. Well, I guess that even OLD dogs are not always smart enough ....LOL.. I have TRIED to calm things down, and find REASONABLE solutions for BOTH sides.... So ??? enough is enough... flogging a dead horse only gets your arm tired.... Let the chips fall where they may... On to The next topic ????

Gornt~~~ not when the conversation is dominated to the point of distraction, with inanities

Kayla~~~ CD... I said Most... I have not said ALL... Or Never Or Only... I have not called a name and I am not alone in My complaints...

Asellus~~~ All I'm saying, Lady, is that the frustration goes both ways. *softening Her gaze*

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ What does the "whole" consist of Kayla? Just curious?

Kayla~~~ Move on... Agreed

penny{Kyo}~~~ *nodding agreement with Master Rollo and galah, picking up her knitting needles and waiting eagerly for a fresh topic*


Where/When should slaves follow commands

Rollo the Ax~~~ The issue of when and where slaves MUST answer or follow orders from Free persons ????

Gornt~~~ Always unless RTI interupts

Rollo the Ax~~~ This topic deals diredtly with slaves in OTHER rooms.. private rooms or other rooms in Poolside. Do Masters and FW have the * Gorean * right to order slaves from private rooms into GS to serve ???? HELL NO !!!! only if they are your PERSONALLY owned slave....

Kyoto~~~ I suppose it depends on the extent of their mental slavery... I've seen some girls that can't get it together to follow orders in the tavern and others that go out of their way to be pleasing no matter where they might be.

Kyoto~~~ Ok, sounds final to me... next topic?

Errand Knight~~~ *listening to the new topic*
am really interested in the protocol or view of Oothers about whether a slave who wears the collar of Gs or a GS patron is required to answer/obey when in another place other than the tavern

Gornt~~~ I misunderstood Rollo

Molly~~~ smiles hearing Rollo words~

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ I thought that was already known by most, if a slave wants to come into the tavern and serve that is fine, but there are many reasons one might not be in the tavern. Who are We to tell them to get in here and serve?

heavenscent{S}~~~ heaven speaks simply....always..~*
it is not for a slave to choose which commands and which Master she obeys...~* complete obedience should be expected,regardless of her training skills...working hard to be ultimatly pleasing,in all the girl does ~ heavens opinion,only...

Gornt~~~ ~smiling at the former calia~

Lemuel~~~ ~G~ I agree completely with Rollo. Unless she's your property (and you're paying for the membership) no Free can order a slave from another room. They can certainly ask, but it's up to the slave whether she comes in or not.

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~listening,as heaven too twisted the question~* - blushes....smiling toward Master Gornt

galah{RA}~~~ slave rules say if your not willing to be pleasing and serve then don't enter GS....so if a slave is elsewhere, then most probably she is not of the mental ability to serve BUT a FP could whisper and ASK....galah thinks its not right for a Free to make demands of a girl when she is not in GS

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *looking to her Owner as He speaks.. smiling warmly knowing He's spoke of this with her before*

Errand Knight~~~ well that was a quick topic and answer *laffing* damn faster than a harta furring

Lemuel~~~ ~grins agreeing with galah~

Kayla~~~ Most of the girls I know will whisper and ask Me if they are needed if they are elsewhere... But I agree No One has the right to dictate a slaves actions when not in GS

Gornt~~~ That was one thing I learned early can't order em out of DM if they don't want to come

galah{RA}~~~ as heaven said, while in GS, the slave better damn well serve like her life depends on it, for it may as well be sooo

Rollo the Ax~~~ Smacking My bald forehead.... LOL..LOL.. I started this wrong I guess.... when INSIDE a Gorean room, then YES, slaves are subject to EVERY order or whim of the Free ( within proper Gorean context ) ... but to think that a slave, ANY slave, in another room, or private room, should be required to STOP their own PRIVATE time/lifeactions... to come play * serve the fake drink * is BULLSHIT !!! They agree to be slave and act so when they ENTER a Gorean room, but the rest of the time, when NOT in GS, or any other Gorean site, they have the right of ANY RT person to tell a Free to * stick it where the sun don't shine * ( but I'll bet THEY use better language than Rool would...LOL )

jojo{GS}~~~ Master Rollo, does that also include replying to Free when They whisper one while she is in another room?

galah{RA}~~~ Master Rollo, is a slave obligated to answer if one from GS messages one in a whisper?

Errand Knight~~~ Gornt: well I guess some slaves go to DM seeking something they cant have here just as GS provides them with something that they cant find in bdsm. Of course many slaves rightly are not bdsm

galah{RA}~~~ but Master Rollo, a girl could not be whipped for telling a free in a whisper outside of GS "to stick it where the sun don't shine"?

Mandi~~~ We A/all ahve a right to interactions in whatever part of cyberspace We choose to be, Free or slave.

galah{RA}~~~ been there and tried that Master Knight....bdsm is not for galah...her roots are surely gorean, and her rootings heheheheheheeee

Rollo the Ax~~~ Scratching My ole bald head ???? Well, lets see ..... on one hand, it would be the respectful thing to do.. IF you have the time, but on the other hand, if you are NOT playing Gorean slave at the time, then you should not be required to ... I'll hang My ass out here and say that to cover the slaves OWN ass, they should reply, ( if able ) and simply tell the free that they are not able to come to the Gor room... and the FREE should accept that, and let it drop.... in MY opinion, but not legally binding on GS or the Council, unless voted on.... Okay ?????

Errand Knight~~~ galah: thats great hon ..and I respect that about you and others. Just as those like Me for whom bdsm is real should be respected and ..I should add...are by most

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening to Master Rollo*.. also.. if a girl may say..
if a girl's in an alcove with a Master.. and another pm's her.. the girl's attention is to be on the one she's with and may not be able to respond..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~