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New Advisors/New Title Protocol concerning pledges and slaves

Serving in Tower/Nadu

New Advisors/New Title

Rollo the Ax~~~ Standing back up, I raise my hands to get everybodys' attention... "
Before we start the forum, I have some announcements that I want to make... ( as promised last week )... So if everybody will listen....

Lemuel~~~ ~sitting up in My chair to listen to the Captain~

Shadowglade~~~ *leans back in his curule chair, tossing his feet upon the table, and crossing them, as he lounges, listening to the hulking Torvaldslander standing not far from him on the dais.*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. The Council of Captains has been BUSY, folks.. voting our asses off...LOL.. so first, Kyoto.. if You would come here for a moment, I'll cover some other business while You get up here....

Kyoto~~~ *Blinking and rising to my feet... taking a step and then turning to grab the bottle for a fortifying drink... setting it down, I stride quickly across the room*

Rollo the Ax~~~ It has been decided that a * different * title and job list be given to FW on the Council... so from this day on THIS is how it will be done...*** That FW on the Council of GS be called * Assistants and Consultants to the Council * ... The idea and reason being that Women on the Council be given a different title than * Advisor *... limiting their powers, to be seen not as equals to men, but still valued Council members... making them LESS likely to be harassed or attacked. They would be seen to * Assist, Inform, and Help * but NOT enforce rules or policy any more than any other FW.. To have the ear of the Captains, but not * stand in * for them if push came to shove...( Although They could still run a forum or such..) But if trouble starts in GS, they could inform ppl of the rules and protocol, order slaves to do things to protect themselves as GS property, but if confronted by a man, to leave men's business to MEN and bow out gracefully ***

Lemuel~~~ ~grinning as I watch the Warrior rise and cross the tiles to stand before the Senior Captain~

SabreWolf~~~ sets,,pullin the girl to him and listens as he medicates the burn,,

Kyoto~~~ *Slowly walking to the top of the dais as I listen to the Senior Captain*

Rollo the Ax~~~ So.. in keeping with this new order, Lady Kayla is no longer an * Advisor *... But the Council of Captains have made Lady Kayla, AND another FW, Lady Asellus, * Assistants/Consultants to the Council... So welcome Kayla.. and Asellus to the Council of GS

Shadowglade~~~ *nods sagely to the senior Captain's words, and casts a glance at Kayla quirking a grin*

Kayla~~~ ~smiling up to the Senior Captain~ Thank You Rollo...

Lemuel~~~ ~clapping My right palm repeatedly to the braided red rope adorning My left shoulder~

Kyoto~~~ *Striking my fist to my shoulder in applause of the new postings*

SabreWolf~~~ smiles as he listens,,

Gornt~~~ ~striking My left shoulder with My right fist~
Congratulations Kayla

Kayla~~~ ~nodding with a smile to all with in the Tavern~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Turning to look at Kyoto... * Well.. now with Lemuel being made a Captain, and Kayla and Asellus given new and different jobs... It seems that the council has a few holes.. No Advisors...LOL... Placing my hand on Kyoto's shoulder... It has been voted on and passed that You, Kyoto, and Emerald Forest be invited to take positions as * Advisors *... Do you accept this job ??? and all the work it will involve ???

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiles bright watching the Masters at the dias, belly so warm as the tavern grows and strengthens~*~

kanda{GS}~~~ *turns slightly..smiling as she hears the words being said..thinking this is a good night for Many*

Kyoto~~~ *Smiling broadly as I hear the Captain, awed that I have been offered this chance...*
Of course, I can't speak for Emerald Forest, but I, willingly accept this offer Captain.
*Lifting my hand to place it upon his shoulder*
I pledged my steel and life to protect this place, Captain, and I would be more than willing to serve Gorean Shores in any capacity the council sees fit to ask me.

SabreWolf~~~ grins at his long time Bro,,then slaps his hand to his shoulder,,hai Kyoto!!Hai Gorean Shores!!!,,grins again

galah{RA}~~~ **clapping lil hands softly together as she agrees with shirin**

Lemuel~~~ ~applauding once more at the Warrior's induction to the Council as an Advisor~
Welcome to the club, Kyoto! Congratulations!

Gornt~~~ Congratualtions Kyoto

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Then SO BE IT... Kyoto, You are now an ADVISOR to the Council of Captains... as will be Emerald Forest if he also accepts... LOL...LOL. May You never regret Your decision...LOL..LOL...cause we will work Your butt of....LOL..

Kayla~~~ ~smiling as the New Advisor accepts the posts and slapping My fist on My shoulder in applause~

Kyoto~~~ *Returning Sabre's grin, then lifting my voice*
Hail Gorean Shores!

Shadowglade~~~ *nods again at the new Advisor silently, offering his quiet congratulations, then reaches down, dragging kanda to my lap quietly*

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~*purrrrs~* congratulations Master Kyoto.....

Errand Knight~~~ congratulations to All

Kyoto~~~ *Unable to supress my grin as I hear Rollo*
I have no doubt of that...
*Moving to offer him my arm*

shiri{FBI}~~~ ~smiles~ congratulations Master Kyoto

Rollo the Ax~~~ Looking around... there will be a few more bits of information about other things, but I will post them and those announced here on the message board later.... For now, let us move on to the forum....

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~feeling her li heart just beating so loud at all the applause and shouts, giggling so happy, turns to smile shyly to her Master, licking her lips~*~

SholGar~~~ Congratulations Everyone. ~S~

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding to each of the members of the council in turn*
Thank you all for this honor... *then looking about the room* Ok, now where do I sit and more importantly, where will penny stash all of her treats and things?

Lady Larl~~~ ~tapping My shoulder with gloved hand at all the announcements~

Mandi~~~ ~~Striking left shoulder in applause of Kyoto's appointment as Advisor, then stepping to kneel in the furs at a low table.~~

Rollo the Ax~~~ taking the offered arm, I grasp Kyoto, firmly... LOL.. well now You can sit up here on the dais...LOL. so You don't have that far to go to sit down...LOL..

desiree{Algernon}~~~ *a girl smiles as she watches the excitement within the tavern*

SabreWolf~~~ pull up a furBro,,chuckles,,Ya know them chairs are for binding wenches to,,laughs

Kyoto~~~ *Sounds good to me, Sabre...*
Hops off the dais and moves to gather my furs, dragging the lot of them up to a nice spot on the dais... leaving behind a trail of candies and assorted knickknacks on the way... settling in next to Sabre, I look at him a moment*
Since I'm the new man up here, I wouldn't mind holding that wench for you if you have business to attend to.
*looking at him innocently*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Greetings Lady Asellus... The Council has decided to offer You a postion on the Council... a new position, that Lady Kayla has been changed to... * Assistant/Consultant* to the Council... if you accept You will become a Council member... Do You wish to do so ???

*Slightly bewildered, having just entered for the forum, She looks towards Rollo as He speaks and contemplates His words before nodding assuredly*
Yes, Captain, I will assist the tavern in any way I am able and I am honored that I was asked. I will do my best to do what I can.
*smiling brightly beneath Her veils, still a bit surprised at the spontaneity of this announcement*


Protocol concerning pledges and slaves

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay... so on to the forum... same rules as always... anybody have a topic ???

Lemuel~~~ ~taking out some rence paper and a marking stick, looking about~
Hmmm...where's topaz when I need her. ~chuckles~
Any kajirae care to keep the notes for My jasma?

Kayla~~~ I will take them Lemuel *S*

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles and nods at the newly dubbed Consultant~
I'm sure Your writing will be more legible to My girl than My own. ~G~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Our first topic...Who is authorized to accept a Pledge? Who may collar slaves to the Tavern? What protocol should the Patrons follow if One indicates a desire to pledge or a slave wishes to take a Tavern collar?

Kayla~~~ ~Smiles~... No problem Captain *S*

lexi{Entreri}fg~~~ ~~listens to the question~

Kyoto~~~ And further Captain, as to the naming of the new slave... who has that right?

Shadowglade~~~ *glances to the Senior Captain, and clears his throat to speak* Well, Brother, as it has been stated Members of Our council may accept pledges, and kolar slaves, and patrons wishing to reserve a slave for the Tavern are to put them in a {GS}p kolar, as I understood it, unless that's changed while I was away...

Mandi~~~ **listening to Shadowglade** It is still ambiguous as to whether the Consultants are Members of the Council so as to be able to "stand in" for the purpose of accepting pledges. It would seem that is a fair question with the changes.
~~listening for Advisor Kyoto's question to be answered~~

galah{RA}~~~ **listens to Master Shadowglade and tilts her head slightly confused** would members of the council include Advisors and Assisstants also Master?

Kayla~~~ ~Sitting back to listen wondering if that too will change with the Titles~

Shadowglade~~~ *turning to Kyoto* Advisors, and Assistant/consultants can kolar, and name slaves...but the names are subject to be changed at a Captains whim...*chuckle* though usually we trust y'all to do what needs doing on such matters...*he turns then to Mandi* I can't see any reason that the new office for the Council would be considered any less members of the Council than Advisors would be...their lessened Authority only effects their ability to ENFORCE Council protocols more than any pledged FW...but as I understand it, they are still valued members of the Council, as Advisors have always been....*winking to galah* as I understand it...

Mandi~~~ Thank You, Shadowglade for clearing that question up. It seemed somewhat ambiguous before.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. Aye, Brother Shadowglade, that is how it was and still is described... but none the less, I let us get caught with our pants around our ankles...LOL.. because these specifics were not spelled out for the NEW positions... LOL.. so for now, I think we will allow the Assistants to still do so as Council members, and we can vote on it ASAP... as for a protocol ???? If anybody wishes to pledge ?? send them to a Council member.. a slave ??? collar them for the tavern... and names ??? LOL...LOL.. I leave that to the Slave Master...LOL.. we'll let Sabre earn some of the paga He drinks....LOL....LOL..LMAO...

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding as I listen to Shadowglade, motioning for the stuff cheeked slave to come to my furs...*
So, for my edification as well as those in the room, an Advisor can collar a slave, name her, brand and whip her... also take the pledge of a new patron, and enforce the rulings of the council to the best of my ability...?
*Trailing off as I try to think if there was anything else I may have missed*

Shadowglade~~~ *grins and nods at the Senior Captain* Aye Brother, sounds good to me...*chuckles*

Shadowglade~~~ Aye Advisor, as it has always been to my recollection...*chuckle*

SabreWolf~~~ returns from the tree as he listens,,i named that one "jojo(GS)",,chuckles,,till it pleases Me to do other wise,,

penny{Kyo}~~~ *squirming cheerfully as she turns her attention to Master Rollo and the discussion*

Mandi~~~ Will the newly defined offices' duties be posted soon?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Does that answer the question?? anybody have another topic ??

Mandi~~~ **thinking, then speaking** It would still appear that calling the Assistants and Consultants "Members" of the Council creates an ambiguity in the minds of S/some if T/their duties and responsibilities are not soon posted for U/us all to understand.

Shadowglade~~~ All in good time Mandi...*chuckle* Rollo will post them as soon as everything is ironed out..

Shadowglade~~~ For now Mandi, Assistants/Consultants ARE members of the Council...as far as Im concerned.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL... Mandi, it is a sad but TRUE fact of life that Rollo can't multi-task for SHIT !!!LOL...LOL.. So it will just have to wait until a bit later for Me to post the results, changes, and new rules... okay ???

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Shadowglade~
Aye, Assistants/Consultants ARE Council Members in My book too.

Mandi~~~ **softly chuckling** Why, of course, it will take a little time; it is that important to do well.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kayla and Asellus ARE Council members... they are just not MALE council members... so they will HELP and GUIDE, but NOT get kicked in the teeth for doing so.. the MEN will do the fighting... the Ladies ??? will use their charm and wit....

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at Rollo's words~
Well said Captain.

Shadowglade~~~ Ok, Rollo, Im going to make a statement here, and will openly admit that what Im about to say is subject to change by Council vote, but in My opinion, Assistant/Consultants are essentially, FW Advisors...the only thing that will change as far as their authority goes is that they will not have the authority to act in place of Captains, as the Advisors will. They will not be greeted before the Men of the tavern, They WILL be able to accept pledges, kolar slaves, and will have a voice on the Council. As Rollo says, they will not be kicked in the teeth for acting in the Tavern's best interests...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Perhaps another item that was voted on but not yet announced should be posted HERE, first... Greeting order..In conjunction with the vote to make Kayla and Asellus * Assistants/Consultants*, the greeting order of the GS tavern( and Piazza I assume ) With the change of the FW Council titles, they would no longer be * Advisors *, so would not be greeted before Male Patrons.. BUT as * Assistants/Consultants, they SHOULD be greeted before ANY other FW...

Kyoto~~~ And in the event of a confrontation with a free man, they would back down graciously and refer the matter to the council...

Shadowglade~~~ exactly, Advisor, that is exactly my thoughts on the matter...*nodding to the Warrior as I squeeze kanda gently against me.*

kanda{GS}~~~ *listens to Master Rollos words*

Molly~~~ Im still confused~ if Assistants are still on the Councial doesnt that still separate them from the other FW~

Mandi~~~ Given the paramount significance of the Pledge to a Home, is the duty of accepting Pledges, potentially from Men, really something that can appropriately be delegated to mere Women?

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. Couldn't say it better Myself, Shadowglade... and BTW, * NO * Captain, Advisor, or Assistant has the power to unilateraly change or do ANYTHING ... Hell, We make mistakes too... but the decision of ANY Captains action can be overturned by a majority vote of the other Captains... and Assistants ARE Council members... just FW members...

Kyoto~~~ Aye Molly, Kayla and Assellus are both members of the council, consider them to be female liasons to the council, they are here to assist anyone who needs help.

Gornt~~~ ~looking sideways at Mandi~

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ If the Man doesn't have a problem pledging to a FW, then why should Anyone else Mandi?

Shadowglade~~~ As I see it, Mandi if the Lady in question doesn't feel comfortable accepting the Pledge, she has the option of referring the individual who wishes to pledge to one of the Men...*shrugs* but I see no reason they should not...that is a matter we will likely vote upon...

Kayla~~~ Aye Molly it does ~grin~

Gornt~~~ They have equal standing on the Council don't They?

Molly~~~ Maybe I misread I thought it was said No FW would outrank another~ ~shrugs~ oh well~ sits and listens~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Aye Molly, You must have misread. It was said that the Assistants/Consultants wouldn't have more power to enforce the rules than other FW, but that they would have the ear of the Captains.

jojo{GS}~~~ *listening*

Mandi~~~ If the Free Men have no problem with a Pledge being administered by a FW Assistant/Consultant rather than an Advisor or a Captain, then it is no problem with Me.

Shadowglade~~~ *continues Lemuel's statements* Which essentially means, that those FW "outrank" if you will, other FW of the Tavern...the difference between a pledge, and a Council member...

Kayla~~~ ~thinking about how Men's pledges I have taken in the past 18 months with a smile some of them now Advisors~

Molly~~~ Smiles I got~ Crystal Klear Nods with smiles~

Kyoto~~~ Correct me if I am wrong, Shadowglade, but they will not also "outrank" a pledged male patron to the tavern...? Other than having the ear of the council that is.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ My point is that if a Man (or Woman) wants to plaedge to a Male member of the Council, that is His (or Her) option, but there is no reason in My mind that an Assistant/Consultant shouldn't be able to accept the pledges of Those willing to pledge to Them.

Gornt~~~ They did when They were Advisors
I mean Kayla did

Kyoto~~~ *Winking at Kayla*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Lets just say that for NOW, Assistants CAN accept pledges, but the Council MAY or MAY NOT change it some time soon ??? And YES Molly.. Kayla and Asellus are Council members, so they will have a bit higher position than other FW... but they will not be fighting with people over tavern business, they will leave THAT to the men... they will get greeted before other FW... that about covers it I think....

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckles* Nay, Kyoto, no Woman in this Tavern will "outrank" a man, pledged or Council member in any other way than knowledge...*chuckles* and if there is a woman who's knowledge outranks My own, I have only Myself to blame for that...*chuckles*

Errand Knight~~~ is sure that Some Men would pledge to a FW, but knows that He would not

galah{RA}~~~ so would this be correct for greeting order Master?
Captains first by chair order
Pledged Male Patrons
other guest males
other FW patrons
guest FW

Gornt~~~ One would think the Assistants would come before the Advisors

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding to galah* As I understand it little one...Aye..

Mandi~~~ Aye, EK. I suppose having the option available is one thing, and Noone willing to wait for a Captain or Advisor is forced to do anything.

Rollo the Ax~~~ I think that the term * RANK * may be being used in the wrong context here, folks... NO FW * out ranks * a male... at least not in Port Kar... maybe a Tatrix somewhere ?? but NOT here... but lets face facts folks.. some people are just more likely to be listened to, believed, or considered * reliably * than others.. it don't matter what sex they are ... RIGHT ???

Gornt~~~ ~nods in agreement with the Sr. Captain~

Kyoto~~~ And why would you think that, Gornt?
*looking at him curiously*

Shadowglade~~~ It never has to Me Brother....*shrugs* Hell, in the books Warriors treated FW with deference whenever they met...at least until they kolared them...*chuckles* Something I rarely if ever see online...

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** Do the slaves get a "grace period" to learn the new greeting order?

Shadowglade~~~ It'll be posted on the boards, Mandi, til then, we'll be patient I believe...

Mandi~~~ Gornt, the Consultant/Assistant office is of less authority than the Advisor, and it is occupied by FW, t'boot, so it would come after Advisors in greeting order.

Gornt~~~ cause Kayla told ME She outranked the regular Pledged Patrons and should be greeted before Them Male or not

Gornt~~~ oh i misunderstood

Asellus~~~ A lot of FW were awfully mouthy......but I haven't seen any FW as bad as some of the Women in the books...of course that's just me. *shrugs, listening*

Kayla~~~ That was before Gornt.. this new change *S*

Errand Knight~~~ agrees that credibility and valued assistance are personal qualitites which have nothing to do with gender and are available irrespective of rank

Kyoto~~~ Shadowglade, I always thought that the Warriors looked at the FW with almost amusement... deferential to their faces, but inside always sizing them up for a collar...

Rollo the Ax~~~ tousling galah's hair... Yes, girl.. that is the EXACT, proper order that ppl SHOULD be greeted in... guess I'll have to post THAT to...LOL.. My fingers will be sore tonight...LOL.. I'll just have to use that old home remedy in * soak them in cider * ( or was that soak them inside her ) ?? LOL...LOL..

kanda{GS}~~~ *remembering the order for future reference*

Asellus~~~ I just think that if a Man decides to be more lenient towards the FW then that's his decision as a Free Man. Likewise if a Man opts to be firmer with a mouthy Woman, then, too, that is his choice. The thing is...we are all coming from different perspectives....whether we were actually on Gor or not...our perspectives and personalities would differ.

jojo{GS}~~~ *watching the forum, just taking in what is being said..*

Shadowglade~~~ *nods to the Assistant's words, and winks at her, he slowly removes the steel kolar on kanda's neck before speaking* Aye Asellus, as it is, and should be...*chuckles* Our own personalities make Gor what it will be.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at the new Consultant's words~
Aye Asellus, there were Men in the books that treated FW with great deference and respect and there were other Men that didn't. It depended on Their station, whether they shared a Home Stone, etc.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay folks... I think that the new positions and everything involved will work themselves out in time... LOL.. Rome was not built in a day, so how can GS be any better ?? We will pound out any * kinks * soon enough.... how about on to a new topic ???


Serving in Tower/Nadu

Rollo the Ax~~~ * slaves serving in nadu/tower position ?? when a slave serves a Master, it should be in nadu...when she serves a FW, it should be in tower... but when a Master AND a FW are both being served, should the slave serve in tower OR nadu ??? Our present rules say one thing, but some/many think it should be different.. So ??? any comment ???

MDKnight~~~ *Just sits there silently, listening, watching*

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at the new topic~
I think it should continue the way I've seen it done in the past. The kajira kneels in tower when offering the item to the FW and then switches to nadu when serving the Man.

topaz{Rast}~~~ topaz personally thinks that should a slave be serving a Master and a FW is at His side...she will try to angle to that not to offend the FW out of respect to her...but still remembering that Gor is a Man's world, and the Master will wish the "eye candy" so to speak...*laughing*...that was is topaz was allowed to serve in nadu...*giggles, leaning in closer to her Master*

Kyoto~~~ I think that since the slave's primary responsibilty is to be pleasing to the men, then they should act accordingly.

Ceredigawn Durst~~~ *Nodding and agreeing with Lemuel* Aye, that is the way I think it should be as well.

Shadowglade~~~ *shrugs* I believe a slave should serve in Tower out of respect to the FW, and I think any Man sitting with that FW should also respect that...*shrugs* otherwise, why have the FW sitting with him? I don't see the point Myself in making one's guest uncomfortable merely for One's own pleasure...I see it as just a matter of common courtesy. When I am sitting with ANY FW I will have the slave serve in Tower, just out of courtesy to the FW....*he absently snaps {HOS}steel on kanda's neck, glancing around to hear any other comments*

Kayla~~~ what is the GS rule on it now?

Rast Dulan~~~ Agreeing with topaz...nadu for the men...tower for the Women...

MDKnight~~~ I would have to agree, Shadowglade. It is rude, and to Me, dishonourable to offend any guest, be it Man or FreeWoman.

Asellus~~~ Well, the way I figure it....is I'm the one out of place here since I'm a FW...seeing as how this IS a paga tavern in Port Kar, and all. I know how to avert my eyes.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. well.. three of the six Captains have given their opinions here... so if it comes to a vote, it looks like it just might stay JUST the way it is ...LOL..LOL..

galah{RA}~~~ galah thinks that gor is a mans world and slaves are here to please the Masters....the FW have seen much worse in the tavern than parted thighs after all....although when serving a FW, galah thinks the thighs should be respectfully closed....but if that FW is right beside a Man, then its to be for the Masters pleasure

jojo{GS}~~~ jojo is new here to this home, but in her opinion, as O/others have stated, Gor is a Man's world, slaves should serve in a pleasing manner to A/all, Masters and Mistress' both, but ultimately, it is the Master Who gets the final say...serves should be nadu for Masters and tower for Mistress', and in instances where They are side by side, slaves should angle themselves to be pleasing to Both, in the aspect of serving...*smiling softly as she repeats in her mind what she just spoke, praying it came

penny{Kyo}~~~ In the past, when serving FW who are seated with men, pen tends to be less descriptive of how she is sitting and spend more time describing other aspects of the serve, in deference to the FW, thereby making it a non issue...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Asellus~
Exactly, it's a Man's world, especially in Port Kar, and if a Man wants the kajirae in nadu, they damn well better be in nadu. If the Man wishes to consider the feelings of the FW with Him that is HIS option.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika is in agreement with her sister galah. And it is as Master Marius would have His do.~ *respectfully*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well... the matter will be addressed to the Council.. and maybe I misunderstood just how the other Captains voiced their positions...LOL.. I'll make it nice CLEAR vote, and we will go from there...LOL.. Well folks... it looks like the time has come to call this forum to a close... Thanks to everybody that showed up... same time next week...

Kayla~~~ Good Forum?

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Good Forum Captain.