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The FM Forums have begun
Being respectful when posting on the board

The FM Forums have begun

Kayla~~~ Lets get it going folks *S* ... jasma have We got any carry over topics... and if you have topic please PM Me with it *S*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking through last week's notes.. not seeing anything that was to be carried-over.. voice lifts~
nae, Mistress.. a girl don't see anything that was needing to be covered more..
~eyes lowered once more~

Gornt~~~ before We start M'Lady, I would like to say that the first meeting of the FM of GS was a resounding success, and Lemuel deserves much of the credit

Lemuel~~~ ~blushing~ I don't know about a *resounding* success, Gornt, but I thank you for the compliment. ~G~

Kayla~~~ I agree that Lem deserves the praise for I know just how hard it is to start a new Forum ~smiles~ I am glad to hear it was a success

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Gornt speak of the FM forum.. then looking up at Master Lemuel.. a smile curling on the corners of sensual lips.. liquid gems dancing.. she lowers them swiftly.. happy that the forum went well.. ~

Gornt~~~ well it was a very good discussion, and I only regret I could not be there earlier. It was Your persistance that made it happen, and I wanted to thank You in front of the Forum this night

Mandi~~~ ~~glad to hear that the Men's Forum is progressing~~
Lemuel, it sounds like a good beginning. These new meetings always take time to become part of the routine. Just keep up the good work.

Lemuel~~~ ~sheepinsh grin~ Well, I am happy that you enjoyed the informal; discussion We had and hope that you will join us again this coming Thursday.

marissa{HoS}~~~ may one ask what time it is Master Lemuel?

Gornt~~~ I fully intend to be there Builder

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to marissa~ Aye, We will be holding it somewhat later - from 8:00 PM tavern time till 10:00 PM.

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling~ that is 9 EST marissa

marissa{HoS}~~~ ::winks to Master Gornt::


Being respectful when posting on the board

Kayla~~~ Ok New topics? ~looking around the Tavern~

Kayla~~~ First Topic... as usual very appropriate to GS and Our Boards....
Maintaining respect in posts to the board
especially by slaves....
any comments

Lemuel~~~ ~perking up as I hear the first topic~

Gornt~~~ can we expand that to anonymous posts as well M'Lady?

Asellus~~~ *Pine-green eyes turn soberly towards Kayla as She brings up the first topic. She muses contemplatively over Her gloved fingertips.*

marissa{HoS}~~~ in what manner Mistress?? :;asking softly:: respect is shown in many different ways Mistress and it is not always in words but in actions

Mandi~~~ Kayla, it is My assumption that the main board is for Gorean matters and We stay in character and context there, and that We are free to post on any topic on the auxiliary board. I see Few use the aux board, though.

jillian{GS}~~~ ~glancing over towards Mistress Kayla, listening as she speaks, scooting on her knees a bit closer to Master Quicksilver..~

Kayla~~~ Please feel free Gornt...*S*...

Lemuel~~~ ~looking to marissa~ Should a slave be allowed to post insulting words to the board, even with her Master's permission?

marissa{HoS}~~~ one thinks that anon's should just be removed as soon as they are noticed Master Gornt and they are just people trying to cause trouble within O/our Home out of jealousy or similar motives.

Gornt~~~ ariel the she-urt was mentioning the attacks upon Dak on the Boards, the anonymous attacks, I might add, and I have to agree with her that they should not be allowed
it shows no Honour

Kayla~~~ agreed marissa... and it is by no means only slaves that the have posted with little honor or respect...
what should be done about it?... Who should do it and then through in the anon's posting.. do We ignore if if valid?

marissa{HoS}~~~ nay Master Lemuel this is not what she meant but she does understand that there are times that a slave is considered as without respect simply because they write something that is not in third person which in creativity can not be guaranteed as well as some consider asking questions to also be disrespectful. it is all a matter of opinion of the individuals.

Gornt~~~ but Who is to say if valid? without C&P evidence

Asellus~~~ *Having a few thoughts, She speaks up*
First of all, it is My understanding that Rollo is the only one (aside from Gary) who can remove posts. I think a lot of the council members are having to face a lot of the heat just because Rollo is, and rightfully so, attending to r/t and whatnot. So He can't check the boards 24/7 like many others are able to. We shouldn't attack Him for not being able to delete posts. What do We really know of all the difficulties He is having when it comes to the deletion of them anyway? I, for one, know nothing concerning that.

Gornt~~~ as to the disrespectful posts, take away their right to post for a period of time.

Lemuel~~~ ~shaking My head~ I'm not talking about third person speech, marissa. I am talking about criticism and accusations against the Tavern, Council and the Captains.

Asellus~~~ ......Still always feel the need to speak on the Council's behalf....I grow weary of the accusation that the tavern is becoming "stagnant". To those who claim such I ask "what have y/You contributed to the tavern anyway?"

Kayla~~~ the posts of penny were not a problem.... until what ever happened with the boards and they were wiped out... then the girl lost it with or without her Master's permission she stepped over the line in My opinion. I understand being upset but she posted to the Council and on the boards almost at the same time... Gave Rollo no chance to respond and attacked Our whole site in her anger... she went too far and Kyoto with her but that is My opinion

jillian{GS}~~~ ~listening to the conversation at hand, she whispers softly towards Master Quicksilver~
please, Master, if it is Your wish, jillian would like to add some of her thoughts to the discussion...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with the Lady Advisor~

Gornt~~~ I haven't noticed stagnation

marissa{HOS} 19:49:21

marissa{HoS}~~~ one knows that the slaves are starting to do as they can to try and gather and make the tavern a place that is growing as they can do. and this is our contributions

Kayla~~~ amen Asellus *S* ~smiling at the FW~...

zoya~~~ *~hearing the forum in the heat of discussion, she crawls to the slave furs and settles on her feet tucked underneath, small hands laying atop spread thighs, quietly offering a smile of greetings to all~*~

Dak~~~ I thought Senior Captain pretty well explained the problem at last meeting, didn't understand the criticism of His handling of the boards

Mandi~~~ I believe We are seeing the conflict between Some as a bad thing. Tension between different personalities, between Free and Slave, between Men and Women, it's all part of the mix and should be celebrated rather than feared.

Asellus~~~ Furthermore, I believe a wise Master would speak on behalf of His slave to avoid her causing disrespect, even if it is not disrespect to Him, poor attitudes reflect on a slave's Owner.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ with respect.. if a girl may offer her thoughts..
the changing of the password, etc that Master GaryM had to do.. Master Rollo never received the email from Him about it.. jaz emailed Master GaryM twice asking to send the new password to Master Rollo.. as asked of her to do.. she's also been asked about the board.. jaz don't have nothing to do with it..
disrespectful posts.. even with a Master's permission is still disrespectful and a girl feels that perhaps there should be some ruling about that.. no matter whom it is..
the anon posts.. even if they have some validity to them.. the council email is still the best way to go.. with proof.. with no proof.. no matter how valid it is.. to jaz it seems more like an attack by someone that just wants to join in on a band wagon..
her opinion only.

Kayla~~~ I personally am sick of the whining of folks who are never here to make a difference anyway....

Gornt~~~ I don't either, and it would seem that the Council or GaryM could deny access to the boards by IP

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Asellus~ True...

Asellus~~~ Perhaps Another reliable person besides Rollo could have the authority to delete posts as is fit.

Gornt~~~ A Master that uses His slave to post His sentiments has no Honour

Mandi~~~ I think that blocking access to the boards would get very complicated and We might miss out on announcements from other parts of online Gor, but that would certainly be the Council's decision.
I prefer to see people willing to put their cards on the table, on the boards, under their own names, regardless of my level of agreement or disagreement with Their statements.

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~listening along trying to play catch up~*~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the words of the girl beside Me~
Exactly, problems should be brought to the attention of the Council and the Captains privately in email - not aired publicly like dirty laundry. All this does is stir things up and cause further bad feelings.

marissa{HoS}~~~ one agrees with Mistress Asellus if there were more people say one or two more Masters or Mistress's then it would better able the boards to be kept clear of anon and disrespectful postings on the board.

Quicksilver~~~ *He nods, permitting jillian to speak her mind*

Kayla~~~ Well I understand the hurt the girl felt but it was not the Gorean way of handling it and if We were in Gor the girl would have died uttering such nonsense..
now realistically what can We do?... I think ban is a good suggestion... and removal of posts of the anons... but I think some would be very suprised at who might post as anon's.... ~smiling~

Mandi~~~ The boards, even when there are inappropriate posts, give Us the chance to get to know One Another, for better or worse **shrugs** It's all communication.

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling~ I believe One is right M'Lady

Asellus~~~ But, Mandi...*turning to Her Friend*....do You honestly wish to see the cowardly posts by nameless people slinging dirty, unprovable accusations towards another Pledged Patron? That is something the Council needs to handle....words like that only taint Patrons' images of what could be an guiltless person....*shrugs*

Dak~~~ I think so as well, Advisor, *smiles*

Asellus~~~ *quizzical gaze at Kayla*

Gornt~~~ I agree Asellus
those posts have to go

Mandi~~~ I have a modest proposal, which is to encourage the venting to take place on the aux board. We can All encourage its use by visiting there more often. That would keep the main board for strictly Gorean matters.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Mandi~ That is true, but I believe that A/all should go through email first with T/their problems and give the Council and Captains time to respond before badmouthing them openly.

Gornt~~~ I agree with Mandi, and thought that is what the aux Board was for

Mandi~~~ Asellus, I don't have to READ those posts. Even the slaves are free to not READ them. I suppose I would err in favour of Freedom of Speech, though no mention of it is made in the books.

Asellus~~~ I agree with You on that, Mandi. I really don't like to post much about r/t on any of the boards, but for sure, the Auxiliary Board is being used far less than it should be. As for the Main Board....all posts should be in character.
And if one wishes to speak of lifestyles and whatnot, then those posts can go on the Aux. Board....or even Gorean Chat's Lifestyle Board.

Mandi~~~ Aye, Lemuel, but Goreans share many traits with humans, including being hotheaded and flying off the handle occasionally. *smile lines appear above veils*

Kayla~~~ Asellus sometime a person will post a truth that they do not what known that they are the one telling it... because the truth is good for their Home but they are betraying a confidence.... or there are time when FW need to fear just how disrespectful they may be and post anon... also a Person's position may make them have to be neutral when they are anything but and they posts anon...LOL... I can see many reasons.... is it cowardly... aye... but living to fight another day has it merits

Mandi~~~ It will not occur by force. (Perhaps the Masters and Mistresses Who own slaves have some control.) It will occur if more of Us use and read the auxiliary board. Then it will be a meaningful forum to vent in.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ Master GaryM designed the message board.. it's on the poolside chat server, even with it being under *goreanshores.com*.. He did it to where any could post, because of the posts that are Gorean in nature.. forum notices.. etc.. by those that aren't members of poolsidechat.. He didn't want to create a board like the pool sub where only members were able to post on it..

Asellus~~~ Honestly, it wouldn't matter if I did read the posts or not. Slander has a way of rearing its ugly head at any given time. Word spreads. *sighs softly*

Gornt~~~ Then they should fly off the handle at the object of their anger, that is the Honourable thing, isn't that what Gor is about above all else?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ True, Mandi. It is sad though. Especially when with the board a person has the opportunity to carefully consider their post before sending it.

zoya{GS}~~~ in zoya's opinion, she sees the boards as just that public, F/folks from all over the gorean community read and post on the GS boards, how could any or some be banned? aye, agreed the post that are directed at another with no proof should be removed by the Council only...zoya believes what all need, is to step back and take a deep breath and move past hurtful posts, if you yourself knows it's not true, then let is go and not stoop to the level of anons...no one can control what people will say, except for us slaves, we can and will be controlled by our Masters in the way *They* see fit

Mandi~~~ Aye, it does, Asellus. Tis the nature of the beast. But One with something to live down will work that much harder to improve His or Her lot. Gor is not Fair.

Asellus~~~ That may be so, Kayla, but I do not know of any ulterior motives that could be worth any bit of good in the long run. *shaking Her head* Opinions will be tainted. Not everyone believes the same thing about Another, of course. And if the problem was so serious then wouldn't the Anonymous person post with more maturity? *blinks a few times*

jillian{GS}~~~ ~listening to the various comments, she waits for a slight break in words, then softly, sweetly, speaks~
this one thinks that having more than One (besides Gary), reliable, or not, to be able to delete posts will cause more harm than good. if only One person has that responsibility, hard as it may be, only One will have to answer to what gets deleted or not...think of it this way...jilly has read somewhere before, that there are too many chiefs and not enough indians...~pauses~ jillian thinks that if Master Rollo says "the buck stops here" then so be it. Free and slave alike need to just choke up T/their thoughts on it and carry on...it has been said many times now that the board is for Gorean issues only, many forget that and post other things not pertinent...jilly is guilty of this as well...one feels that if less whinning is done and more actions are made things will eventually get better....~smiles softly~ Y/you reep what Y/you sow...~falls into silence, her eyes lowered to Master Quicksilvers boots...~

Mandi~~~ I have seen a situation or two where the Council could have been more forthcoming with a response to the individual, but instead chose cryptic posts on the board to respond, if at all. This practice places the battles on the boards if Those involved are bent that way. **shrugs** I suppose there are Inquiring Minds on Gor as well.

Gornt~~~ ~laughing out loud at Asellus' "maturity"~
Asellus when this One is angry, a two-year old looks mature

Asellus~~~ Yes, Mandi. So true. *Nods*
It all comes down to a question of honour, then, I think, in both the person being spoken of slanderously and the person posting the slanderous messages.

Quicksilver~~~ *Proudly he runs his fingers through her hair, happy to have found such a sagic girl*

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I can only speak to what I have observed, and obviously there are as many sides to a story as there are people involved.

Mandi~~~ ~~broad smile lines appear above veils~~ Kayla, Some of Us speak at length in the Tavern in a most unanomymous manner and live through it. I would rather see the confrontations, clashes, and battles fought with wit and style and in character within the Tavern, and C&P'd if necessary. But Noone asks My opinion before posting.

jillian{GS}~~~ ~her eyes lift, softly smiling, enjoying His tenderness..~

Gornt~~~ ~settling back on the furs to listen~

Kayla~~~ Well I know I have Made My views most clear here and on the boards... and if it hurts GS... truth or not I get My back up... I am the first to say that it has been hard with the Captains all busy and away at the same time but the actions of the children around here needs to be curtailed... I don't understand why they would want to look so bad to all of Gor like that

Asellus~~~ jillian, I agree completely, and I hate to use names, but I feel an example needs to be used to illustrate the point.
Rollo cannot be pinned down with the singular responsibility. Not with the talk I have heard of His health and GS is likely to raise His blood pressure significantly. *ss* So many times (for example, and I know b/c of r/t) Ceredigawn feels powerless to do anything because, of course, He defers to Rollo, even if Ceredigawn is an Advisor. And Ceredigawn has been around more lately. I only see Rollo on Forum nights.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Advisor's words~ Yes, especially when they claim to want the best for GS.

Mandi~~~ Are We Free Women really one angry remark away from a collar? I think that, generally, We are not. We have our veils. We need no Anonymous posts to express Ourselves. Nor are We in a position to demand censorship.

Asellus~~~ Mandi, I agree, but then again I know some have opted to devalue the creativity of this tavern...roleplay and all....*sighs*

Kayla~~~ smiling at Asellus~ If then Lady ~grin~

Asellus~~~ *smiles encouragingly at Mandi* I don't, anyway.

Kayla~~~ LOL... Mandi We are free at the whim of the Men around Us as always *S*

Kayla~~~ New Topics anyone...LOL... this one is a hot one....

Mandi~~~ When there is an objectionable post on the Board, what is One to do? I prefer to see it for what it is, possibly something spoken in a moment of anger or hurt, then leave it for something more informative or entertaining, and in character and Gorean style. But I can see how some of the comments can hurt GS if they are taken too seriously.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ But shouldn't the person posting *try* to stay in character?

Mandi~~~ ~~smiles at the Healer~~ I suspect Some of Us are better appreciated with robes and veils.

Lemeul~~~ ~chuckling at Mandi's words~

marissa{HoS}~~~ one just refrains from posting unless she has two things in line. #1 is that she has something to seriously contribute and #2 is that she has permission.this is what she thinks most slaves should be but that is her choice and not theirs. she did like seeing pennys questions as she felt they were worthwhile but she did think that her reaction was overboard and not quite accurate as she did not have all the information but she thinks that most of the anons are just people who wait for only one part of the story before going off or someone with an agenda and this does not belong on either board and should be erased. and if there are postings placed on the main board that belong on the aux board they should be moved with cautions to the writer to place their postings in the proper place

Kayla~~~ Always Lem on the GS boards.... that is a clear rule

dove{DD}~~~ this one has been taught there is no excuse for rudness and if a problem occurs to go to Master if the "Masters" have problems let them work it out over an ale.

Mandi~~~ Aye, marissa, I appreciate the honesty with which some of the little ones will respond to questions about the slaveheart and other matters. It puts some of the philosophy into perspective. And I seldom find anything at which to take offense.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding complete agreement with marissa's words~ Yes, I too thought her initial posts were interesting and I thought it was a shame that she went off on the Tavern, Council, and Captains the way she did. And the anon's I just ignore.

Mandi~~~ If it simply became a matter of honour to not read any Anon post or respond to it, they would just fall by the wayside. But Goreans share too much curiousity with humans to do that. We have those damned inquiring minds.

Gornt~~~ Maybe if all who see the anon's postings, were to challenge the posts, there would be less of them
Demand proof

Kayla~~~ Agreed Lem.... ~nodding~...

marissa{HoS}~~~ one also thinks that if a slave posts disrespectful notes then their Owner should be broached about punishment and if it is a Master or Mistress then the Council should approach Them with a warning in this instance what is good for the goose is just as good for the Gander taking control will stop some of this and the ones that refuse to follow the rule can be removed when ever T/their postings are noticed.

Mandi~~~ ~~chuckling lightly behind veils at Gornt~~ Talk about a point and counterpoint. We are most likely both correct.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckling~ Yes, it is sometimes tempting to post when One is in agreement with an anon post, but I think it better not to.

jillian{GS}~~~ jillian feels that T/those that would post anonymously are cowards, hiding behind anonimity...to the slaves that post as anon's, why do they do such? is it because they are fearful of punishment? one doesn't think so, this girl feels that many come here presenting themselves in one way, but having thoughts in a completely different manner...~grins~ as the urthen writer states in His play.."To Thine Own Self, be true..."

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling~ yes I agree Mandi

Lemuel~~~ Too often a Master will support the slave's actions, even when she has *clearly* been disrespectful.
~shaking head~

marissa{HoS}~~~ while true Master Lemuel You will at least bring it to Their attention and They will look like They are a weak Master if They don't get the slave to stop

Kayla~~~ But then do We take that Man to task as fellow Patrons?.... Or is that Council domain?... and How much time do they have to do that?

Gornt~~~ then the Master should be chastized

marissa{HoS}~~~ one thinks that if it happens more then twice then restrictions should start being inforced by the Council, Mistress

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugging~ I cannot say, Kayla. I'm not sure what should be done in such a case.

Mandi~~~ I thought that One was responsible to some extent for His or Her slave's conduct. And the Council should not be asked for micromanagement and intervention for every petty squabble.

jillian{GS}~~~ Master Lemuel, jillian sees this as well, along with M/many others, and though it aggrivates jillian to no end, until Those Masters decide to do something about it, it will continue to occur...

marissa{HoS}~~~ and the more pressure placed on the P/persons concerned by T/those around T/them the less likely T/they are to make the same mistake Mistress

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I would hate to see it come to that Mandi.

Mandi~~~ Whether it is the boards or the roleplay within the Tavern, I suppose the bottom line on why I am even on Gor in the first place is to be with creative people in an environment with some ambience and to make Friends. Every post is a creative act. Some simply are more creative with their characters than others.

Kayla~~~ ok guys... I am going to call it to an end this night *S*... thank you all for your opinions and time tonight *S* free drinks for the next hour ~grins~

Lemuel~~~ ~grinning at the prospect of free paga for an ahn~