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The New Proposed Piazza Membership Drive
Complaints about rules The Karta
Various Questions

The New Proposed Piazza

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well, lets get this show on the road, aye ??? LOL.. I don't remember any carry over topic, if I am wrong we can pick them up later... so lets begin with the topic of the proposed Piazza ??? Lets have it folks... YEAH ??? BOO ??? rules? no rules?( NOT BLOODY LIKELY )...Any ideas comments or suggestions ?????

Mandi~~~ It has been on the boards to build for some time, but it was not built as anticipated. Why not try it to get some variety of things that can be done?

Kyoto~~~ I like it, Captain, a great deal, I think it adds a lot of potential role playing to our lives... imagine if a girl needs to come inside to get a specialty item not available in the piazza? It might have people going back and forth to keep up.

SabreWolf~~~ there are many questions I'd like to settle,,is it gonna be a kill capture zone?,,comes to mind first,,or a training area,,more or less,,

Stavros~~~ Well Rollo.. I haven't been there yet.. but I'm sure I could rummage up some purty good business in there.. LOL!! ~then remembering Sabre's comment about the tavern's cut.. snapping my fingers~

SabreWolf~~~ and We're not cutting down My favorite tree to to this,,grins,,were would We go pee then??

Mandi~~~ I think it should be a kill and capture zone.

Kyoto~~~ Oh, and penny is excited by the potential to climb the tree outside.
*Rolling my eyes as I picture my girl in the rafters, too*

Molly~~~ ~shakes head~ laughing

Mandi~~~ **whispering to Kyoto** but only if the tree is dry.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Brother Sabre, THAT is what this forum is all about.. to get ideas about what folks want... ( not that everybody is going to GET what they want, but we can get input from the masses before the Council decides ... okay ???

Kyoto~~~ *Whispering back to Mandi*
penny just wrinkled her nose as she remembered where Sabre pees...

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,grin,,so far We got a kill capture zone built with a pissing tree in the middle,,that otta be fun,,laughs

SabreWolf~~~ I agree Captain,,,just gettin the obivous ones out the way,,grins

Kyoto~~~ ... and a tiny little canal to carry the piss away...

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~*wondering how it is to be ~painted~ in the mind..
open air ~type marketplace? .....or more like patio,outdoorsish ~curious larl kitten smile~

Stavros~~~ Hmmmm.. a capture and kill zone.. how about a capture only.. maybe this Piazza will be a stepping stone for potential tavern slaves... where it becomes a bit more stringent.. so if it a capture only... no potential slaves will be afraid of coming into the the GOR

Kyoto~~~ *Looking around*
You know, the one time we need a builder and Lemuel isn't here.

Asellus~~~ *listening intently*

Errand Knight~~~ sounds just like My laboratory...except for the piss canal ... I have enough empty viles and useful slaves not to require use of the pee tree

Emerald Forest~~~ *but I thought that the piazza was going to be a starting point for ones that want to start in Gor but not have to worry about the harshness,if We make it a kill and capture zone then You are making it a harsh zone*

Mandi~~~ I think it will be open-air, with a large rencecloth covering over the top, or most areas, providing shade and some shelter. Perhaps even walls that can be rolled down when additional shade and wind protection is needed. And walls on perhaps a couple or three sides where there are existing buildings. ??? I have not yet seen the drawings.

topaz{Rast}~~~ topaz thinks it's main focus should be a place where it is not so stringent as GS, where slaves and Masters alike are able to learn without the same fears and pressures applied as they are here...more of a training area....

Stavros~~~ Rollo.. wasn't there mention that the Piazza would be a lighter version of GOR when it was originally brought up a year or so ago?

Rollo the Ax~~~ I did draw a picture of how * I * invisioned the layout, Sabre... of a total map of all of GS.. Piazza, tavern, training area, bath house, kennels, etc.. I just don't know how to get it from My paint foremat to show Y'all... assesed..

SabreWolf~~~ with that tree in the middle of it you'd want plenty of fresh air,,laughs,,,,

Stavros~~~ I think a fresh water spring should be in the middle of the marketplace...

Stavros~~~ kinda like a fountian or something like that

Errand Knight~~~ agrees that there is a greater need for a "soft" than a "kill and capture" zone

Mandi~~~ I'm not sure if terms "less" Gorean or "lighter" should apply. Just different but with consistent enough rules to not "ruin" P/people to behave in the Tavern. That would be the point of any learning area, to not teach bad habits, wouldn't it?

Rollo the Ax~~~ In * MY * opinion, the Piazza should be LESS strict. NO kill/Capture.. NO begging for slave to enter, but still beg to leave, a * light hearted * envroment...

galah{RA}~~~ before GS, here galah goes again hehehehee at fantasycastle there was steel dawn for beginners and the more laid back goreans, they even played nude ice hockey once heheheheheee not going there though....and then there was Port Kar for those slaves that are trained and for hard core or harsh gor, galah would like to see the piazza as a safe zone, no capture, no kill zone, a training area and more relaxed place to be for all...what good does it do to have two rooms the same?

Emerald Forest~~~ *a few people that wants to learn gor won't go there if they know that they are going to be either killed or captured,if after they have learnt more of gor then they could come into the tavern and get a kolar then*

SabreWolf~~~ lets see,,,what about a lifestyle discussion/training room?,,with liberal rules,,

Mandi~~~ galah, I would anticipate a great deal of back and forth in the roleplay environments and that very different rules would make it confusing.

Emerald Forest~~~ *but wouldn't there have to be someone in there that knows a bit about gor to train them or show them the right scrolls to read?*

Stavros~~~ Yes you are right Mandi... but you need to start somewhere, and things should probably be observed with more lienency in the Piazza.. I mean it's market place... it's busy and crowded.. yes rules should apply.. like capturing potential slaves that are ready for their step into the tavern.. Ohhhh but if we want to make Public executions.. that's a whole different story... LOL!!

heavenscent{S}~~~ agreeing with galah ~ smiling...
a peaceful place ~ open air ...a place to bath Masters ~meow~ ....slaves learning , where respect of course would be shown at all times ~ but errors of new girls might be more understood,as they learn...along with new Masters... ~speaking softly~....

Molly~~~ I think a piazza would be great~

liquid dreams~~~ ~nods in agreement with galah and heaven~

Errand Knight~~~ open bathing? sounds less strict already

SabreWolf~~~ well,,i'd expect a training/discussion program on various night have different things happing in there,,slave training/open forum/Warrior training,,different things different nights,,maybe

Emerald Forest~~~ *not really Mandi as We are talking about new people here and people that have nothing ever to do with gor before,it would just mean that they would have to learn more rules then the people that are in the tavern*

Stavros~~~ I agree with you Rollo.. we need a stepping stone into the Gorean Lifestyle and the piazza should do just that..

Kyoto~~~ I certainly would hope so, EF. otherwise the HNG's would take it over completely. There needs to be some leeway, but not tons, it still needs to be Gor.

Mandi~~~ So far, what We have available is a "pilot project" to see how it goes over before getting GaryM to write all that darned code to build it as a public room. We have some time for trial and error and additional input before it gets constructed.

Kyoto~~~ *Listening over my shoulder*
penny suggests to let it take shape through those that visit it initially and role play there, that as others come in, they will learn the mental layout of where things are

Molly~~~ Smiles & giggles~Ek

Stavros~~~ yeah open bathing does sound great... except I don't want to see your hairy butt EK... ~chuckling~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay folks, the idea for the Piazza was to have another GS room where folks could learn and have a relaxed time, but NOT some place so screwed up that folks think that will get away with playing squat tag in the flower garden...

Stavros~~~ now open bathing with several kajira's that would be heaven.. ~then looking down at me feet.. nope there's my lil piece of heaven~

SabreWolf~~~ no flowers??,,damn,,snaps his fingers,,,so much for the local grown hemp rope idea,,laughs

Mandi~~~ and would slaves be required to do the same karta to beg entry, either version, as on the Home Pages, or would there be a somewhat modified policy on that?

Stavros~~~ Ummm Rollo.. how do you play squat tag in a flower garden?? ~quizical grin~

va`lain{A}~~~ ~thinking~ Master Stavros should visit the Isle and the bathing slaves there sometime ~giggles quietly~ as she continues to listen.

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~purrring to Captain Sabre~* flowers, yes Master ~pleading~ ...just no tag *full pretty lips pout*

Molly~~~ I feel a new atmosphere will do good for a lot of people a place to get away & relax have a lil fun~

Stavros~~~ I don't think there would be a begging policy in the piazza.. begging to come into a marketplace.. naaa.. I can't see that.. but begging to come into the tavern.. most definately..

Kyoto~~~ Agreed Rollo, a slave still needs to be a slave, a Free Woman would still need to be a Free Woman... it would just help them establish what their roles will be in the long term.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, once again, in the map I am TRYING to get posted, y'all will see 4 basic areas...the tavern, the Piazza, and 2-3 others... a * bath house*, outside training area for warriors, and a slave kennel... but the last 3 would be in private rooms as needed, not rooms for Gary to build....

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~listening~*

Molly~~~ would rt discussion be permitted?

Stavros~~~ Is that an invite va'lain??? *WEG* show me the way!!!! ~chuckling~

SabreWolf~~~ don't worry Captain,,grins,,i've been teaching u'm how to aim,,,and seems most hit the tree damn near every time,,laughs

Kyoto~~~ I think so, Molly, it would be a more relaxed environment...

Stavros~~~ rt discussion in a GOR market.. I think that should stay in whispers.. just a thought

Emerald Forest~~~ *I would say no to that Molly as We are still on gor even in the piazza*

SabreWolf~~~ We could wager on who We could trip on the side walk,,laughs

Molly~~~ Nods to Kyoto~
It sounds great to Me~

Mandi~~~ **agreeing with Stavros and EF** There are plenty of general chat areas for r/t discussion, and frankly, it is hard to maintain a roleplay environment, and W/we already talk about r/t in here, just have to Goreanize the references.

Rollo the Ax~~~ An OLD military saying... like a cluster fuck.. when ppl are doing things they KNOW are wrong...

Stavros~~~ yeah.. rt discussion is fine if you put the ole Gor slang on it.. LOL!!

Molly~~~ giggles@ cluster reference

Stavros~~~ ~laughing loudly at Rollo..~ Ohhh haven't I heard that a many time!!

SabreWolf~~~ so,,it's shaping up to be a no kill no capture zone where We can lure unsuspecting wenches into the tavern and slap steel round their necks???right?,,grins

Emerald Forest~~~ *don't We do that now even without the piazza Sabre LOL*

Rast Dulan~~~ Coming in just in time to agree with Sabre's comment...grins

Stavros~~~ YEAH Sabre.. that's it!!!,/p>

Rollo the Ax~~~ I agree on the idea of NOT allowing RT openly discussed... We come here to get AWAY from RT.. enough info get trough the cracks away... Y'all want to talk about the car breaking down, or Aunt Martha's hemroids, do it ELSEWHERE...in My opinion..

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** And We may even get bonus rooms if A/all cannot spell piazza the same way.

Errand Knight~~~ will keep talk of piles to His consulting rooms...whether they belong to the Fw martha or a wearied Warrior

penny{Kyo}~~~ ((Master was referring to r/t discussion of lifestyle issues, if they came up, not really day to day non Gorean stuff))

Rollo the Ax~~~ People, think about how things work in RT... a street side cafe is OPEN, bright, relaxed.... a hard core bar or tavern is dark, forboading, and demands a certain amount of care or will to enter.... good enough analogy ???

Rollo the Ax~~~ OKAY.. lets knock off so much cross talk and playing around in the open... it makes it HARD on those keeping the records...

Mandi~~~ We have had this pilot up and running a couple of days and it has been good to see the difference there, Rollo.

Stavros~~~ okay Rollo.. now you got everyone to shut their yapps.. LOL!!

Rollo the Ax~~~ People... with TWO rooms, GS could display a way of life consistant with a balanced world... the light AND the dark... the hard and soft... the Yin and Yang of the WAY...

galah{RA}~~~ Piazza

Errand Knight~~~ it will have to be a sunlit and warm area ..elsewhilse the urts will scurry off with the food before it reaches the table ...wonders what the servery would be like...high shelves I hope

Molly~~~ Rollo~ are veils required?

Rast Dulan~~~ Rollo...any thought that you might just split the attendance. Instead of having one moderately populated room...you might have two sparse rooms?

SabreWolf~~~ Ya gotta add the tree,,grins,,but other than that looks good,,i can see where i set,,

Asellus~~~ I would hope so, being as We would be immediately next to the tavern. *smiling, glad to see a Musician's area included in the plan*

Stavros~~~ Rollo.. I like your drawing.. but could I re-do it a bit... I have a cool graphics program that.. ummmmm.. I can elaborate the drawing a bit.. ~grinning~

Kyoto~~~ Of course Molly, it's still a public area in Port Kar.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Maybe a list of possible options needs posted on the message board... run a poll of sorts, and have ppl voice opinions... SIMPLY, about rules ??? Beg to enter, yes or no... kill/capture, yes or no.. etc. etc. ????

Molly~~~ I'm sure there will be trees Capt. ~s~

heavenscent{S}~~~ *~envisioning the place~* a smile grows.....

Errand Knight~~~ surely Wwe should give the specifications to Our Builders

SabreWolf~~~ I agree Rollo,,grin

Stavros~~~ beg to enter... nay..
kill capture... nay.. except for capturing... and public killing.. LOL!!

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL... ALWAYS on Gor for FW, Molly... LOL...LOL.. veils are required for all high caste FW, and many low caste ones to....

Mandi~~~ **looking a little surprised** Yes, veils are required, with perhaps an exception for FW with noserings.

Kyoto~~~ I like the look of it... except I always envisioned the kennels below ground, sort of a root cellar area...

Kyoto~~~ *Bursting out laughing at Mandi*

Molly~~~ ~laughs~ Well Rollo it never hurts to ask~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Rast... that may well be true... but then also, if an alternet, but linked, room is offered maybe even MORE ppl will come, learn, grow, and STAY ???? LIFE is a gamble..when played safe, little is gained...

galah{RA}~~~ was always down below when galah was a tavern slave, all dank and dark, the new slaves are getting cool quarters to sleep in hehehehehehee

SabreWolf~~~ I prefer nose rings,grins

Kyoto~~~ Is the exercise yard and training area going to be a roofed over structure? Or will it be walled with sky access? I can't tell by the diagram.

mischief{WH}~~~ ~slipping in to the meeting, mischief curls up quietly listening to the topic~

Molly~~~ Hmmmmmmmm nose rings no veils??? LOLOL

Molly~~~ smiles~ We're on the same page Sabre~

Stavros~~~ Ohhh wait.. I got a great idea.. how about a place to bet and wager.. like a cock ring... ya know where cock's fight or would that be tarns??? ~laughing~

Stavros~~~ kinda like how we do fight in the pit.. but we would post the actions of the animal and whoever's animal won... won the bet...

galah{RA}~~~ gggggrrrrrrrrrr should be showing in here instead of having to go to the link, but has everyone seen it now?

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. kill kinda goes along with capture zone... besides, any Master here don't think He is silver tongued devil enough to talk some un-suspecting uncollared girl into the tavern ???? LOL..LOL.. You guys are either slipping or losing your nerve....LOL..LOL..LMAO...

Stavros~~~ Yea or Nay to the cock ring idea? ~chuckling~

Molly~~~ ROTFL~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kyoto, My intent was for it to be open.. but nothing is etched in granite....

Emerald Forest~~~ *I say open,that way We can land Our tarns right in the middle Kyoto LOL*

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding*
I like the idea of it being open, makes the warriors have to adjust for shifting light conditions and weather.

Asellus~~~ Doesn't that depend, too, on the attitudes of the participants on both parts?

Rollo the Ax~~~ And anybody that can do a better job than My attempt is welcome to spend the time, and offer it for consideration... the final decision will as always rest with the Council... Okay ???

Rollo the Ax~~~ EF, a small tarn cot would still be kept on the roof of the tavern or bath house area... y'all can keep them gaint birds and their dropings up there and out of the training area...LOL..LOL.. who wants to be fighting and slip on bird shit ???? LOL..

Mandi~~~ One of the things about having the extended area is that there is some opportunity for exchange and moving back and forth. I hope it will be a bridge rather than a wall.

Emerald Forest~~~ *It would be a challenge though Rollo LOL*

SabreWolf~~~ I suggest We make a post on the boards like the Captain said,,leaving room for ideas and suggestions from everyone,,then next week We trim it up a bit for a council vote,,

Kyoto~~~ Shifting terrain, Captain...
You can't be sure that one of those birds won't drop a load on the battlefield.

Stavros~~~ Ohhh I agree most definately on that Mandi..

Rollo the Ax~~~ Folks, the possiblities COULD be endless... that is the idea... to offer something for EVERYBODY... newbie, old-timers... Masters, Mistreses, slaves... SOME things can never change and still be called by the same name... but others can change...slightly, and grow with the times... that is what all this is about....

Rollo the Ax~~~ I will do that Sabre... maybe not today, but SOON... okay ???

SabreWolf~~~ ok Captain,,grins,


Membership Drive

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay... the only topic offerd in whispers so far is a membership drive... but looking around, it seems that MOST folks are members already...LOL..

Stavros~~~ yepp we got quite a few members tonight.. LOL


Complaints about rules

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay... any other topics ???? PM Me with them...

mischief{WH}~~~ aye, aye, mischief has a topic, would You like her to whisper it to You Master Rollo ~impish grin~

Rast Dulan~~~ Chuckling...mischief...you are just too much ...lol...where would Gor be without ya...grins...

Rollo the Ax~~~ And here I thought that you couldn't whisper, mischief ??? LOL...LOL..

mischief{WH}~~~ ~looking at Master Dulan~ quieter? Less controversial???

mischief{WH}~~~ ~giggling~ Nay Master Rollo girl can't, unless You would, out of the kindess and generosity of Your deliciously big heart, grant mischief one of the memberships that GS holds *wiggling brows*.....mischief's topic has to do with slaves (shockingly). Seems mischief has heard lots of unrest and finds slaves (that she has spoken to) do not wish to come into the tavern often and feel unwelcome in their own home, and she believes that a little refinement of the rules concerning slaves (following the books, no onlineisms) might be something that could benefit Gs???

Rast Dulan~~~ I would suspect both mischief...but then you could come back as a FW...lol...seems we have some controversial FW in Gor also..looking around the room....winks

mischief{WH}~~~ ~laughing hard~ Master Dulan, could You imagine a Mistress Mischief with all the bitchiness THAT would entail?? AS IF that were even something gor could handle, Your brother as far as mischief knows has no desire to rid Himself of His girl JUST yet anyway...*grin

galah{RA}~~~ good subject mm, now go pound your head against a brick wall heheheheheheheeee heheheheheheee galah has tried so many times, now she only has bumps all over her head

mischief{WH}~~~ Come on girls, won't SOMEONE else speak up besides mischief? (although there is something somewhat delicious about the idea of her being the sacrifical lamb *lickin lips*)

mischief{WH}~~~ ~giggling at galah~ so if we read the bumps on your head could we devine the future of GS? *playful winks*

Stavros~~~ ~wags some kanda leaves in the air at galah..~ this will help some of those bumps.. LOL!!

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well, it is out there, so lets deal with it, aye folks.... Lets here it... some slaves have complained about things... as have FW and Masters... so just who has the magic wand this week ??? WHAT do y'all think or feel needs done to make things * ALL BETTER * ????

SabreWolf~~~ new people,,could be brought here it seems,,if We all wanted to,,lets face it,Someone Brought most of Us here,,

mischief{WH}~~~ IF You do say You wish this to be gor and role play, do You not understand no matter now "no essential" you see slaves, there won't be a whole lotta role play without um?

Molly~~~ ~oy vay~

Mandi~~~ What is the deal? Of course there are going to be onlineisms, this is online, but which ones to discard and which to keep? The Caps and lower case makes it easier to follow a room without a program. The karta and begging to enter and requesting to leave, those are onlineisms to a degree.

Stavros~~~ actually mischief.. do you know any reasons why they left in the first place? cause if we know what the problem is maybe we can try and fix it..

galah{RA}~~~ galah has heard many say that gs preaches that it follows the books as close as possible, yet we still require slaves to beg entrance to the tavern that they are already inside of most the time...is there even one place in the books that makes a slave beg to enter? no, its an online thing but seems slaves and free alike want it done

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Rollo..mischief was not looking for a magic wand, if she had one she would have zapped away her ex husband YEARS earler then she left Him *grinning*....perhaps she is just under some misconceptions....perhaps some more careful defintions need to be noted as in "how gorean (bookwise)" is this room suppose to be???

Molly~~~ ~bites Her veils.....

Molly~~~ ~counts the holes in the ceilling~

mischief{WH}~~~ Ok, lets start at number one...a "karta" entrance....NOT in the books people...no such thing even existed, not only that but it is said there are over 100 ways to enter a room, why should only one (and the one that wasn't even written in the books for goodness sake) be the one recognized in GS?

mischief{WH}~~~ Why should ANY WOMAN no matter what her rank, no matter what her "job or status" ever be greeted before a FM? ever ever??

galah{RA}~~~ galah will join in with ya mm, whats a few more bumps on the head, Master Stavros carries plenty of kanda leaf to ease the pain hehehehehehehehee drinks in a gorean tavern was not served up as they are here, not in the books

Stavros~~~ Zipping my damn lips.. as this subject has been the thorn in my side for a long time.. Now I'm just plain fed up with it.. and as galah has said to me.. that I've been to hell and back regarding this very issue... Plus everyone knows how I feel about it anyway.. ~laughing~

Rast Dulan~~~ mischief...do you really think the onlineisms is the reason people do not come to Gor?

mischief{WH}~~~ Why do most Men think that slavery = waitressing?? Why is it looked "down" upon if You fuck (and yes mischief said the f word) pubically in the room? AS far as m's understood from reading the completely repetative poorly written books a Man may take His pleasure where He chooses (regardless of if a FW is present or not)

Kyoto~~~ *Listening to mischief with interest*

SabreWolf~~~ this "room" is set up by the Council of Captains,,as We see in,,perfect?,,no..evolving?,,yes,,and has stood the test of time,hng's,,slave stricks,,whatever,,and will contiue to do so long as My sword swings,,

galah{RA}~~~ gor is after all, a mans world....FW are only free cause the Men choose to let it be soo and can change that at any given time

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika does agree with greeting Women before Man. It should not be done...in vika's opinion.~

Mandi~~~ **looking to mischief** All I have ever asked is a post's notice before My drink is knocked over and it is My responsibility to determine where I am in the room, where I am looking or how I respond. I think this is pretty much the consensus among the Free Women.
It is an onlineism, too, that the majority of F/females are slaves

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Dulan, No, mischief thinks there is a breakdown of the basic gorean ideals in this room. she thinks it's convenient for Masters to be Masters on Monday night but somehow they can't find the way to the tavern on many OTHER nights and do not understand what the real concepts of Mastery is...AND she believes much as she dearly loves some of the FW in this room that for the most part the FW do not remember that there is no such thing as "protection" in a room, that they are exactly one thing away from slavery, and that is a Man's will...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Again, regarding fucking...vika agrees.

Molly~~~ ~Well said Captain~

SabreWolf~~~ just with the one word vika?laughs,,

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Well said mischief...well said.~

Molly~~~ ~ROARS~! vika.......

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Sabre..m's has no idea where you're coming from there...but you go dude ~nodding~...m's does not wish this room to STOP evolving...she has been around GS and gor so long and she very much likes the people in here to the point that she WANTS to see it evolve, grow and thrive...she sinserely wishes only the best for GS, she enjoyes her time here when she arrives.

galah{RA}~~~ but Master Sabre, couldn't some of these things be looked at closely and deemed if changes could be beneficial? rules are rules and we continue to follow them for that is the way it is, but such stringent rules stifle the imagination, just how many different ways can a girl prostrate or karta to beg entrance? how many ways can a girl change a serve when its taught step by step what need be done? it maybe easy for new slaves, but one going on 5 plus years, it becomes impossible

Rast Dulan~~~ Just my opinion mischief...because although I agree with you...I think it is simpler. Before a slave is curious about what kind of Master (Man) is in the tavern...she needs to see MEN IN the Tavern...In other words people draw people...If Masters are in the room...slaves will follow...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Well...ok...vika was in the Tavern the other day...and because she displayed her ass and tits, it was said that no wonder vika was punished....and she left a stench....vika 'thought' that slaves were to be sluts....*gazes to Master Sabre....*~

mischief{WH}~~~ ~listening to galah and nodding~ not only impossible but damn boring....can You imagine if all the Masters were REQUIRED to enter, hang their coat and sit down, the same way EVERY WAY for the 7 years m's been online or the 5 galah has???

Stavros~~~ ~looks to mischief and vika.. raising my eyebrows..~ well I'm glad someone like's to F_CK... ~chuckling~

Deirdre~~~ Well said, mischief.....

SabreWolf~~~ You act like the F/W run the joint,,thats as bas as last week's "subbies running a room"
whether a F/W messing up protocol or not,,and is it worth face stripping or just a good switching is up to Us,,the council,,if folks have a problem with these other folks,,ya know,,they could write Us and let Us see their view,,i ain't that hard to reach,,

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Dulan, m's with you....the Men definately need to be IN this room, that is IF you wish it to survive. This isn't mischief's home, none of the slaves here have a homestone it will be the free that make GS grow (and thrive)...but it hasn't happened up till now...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~slaves draw in Master's....no slaves no Mastery...it is truly that simple....Master's do not enter to sit and chit chat with FW.....FW have Their place......And if Master's enter...more slaves...it is a cycle...*LOL*~

Molly~~~ This FW has no plan or wishes to place or make any rules for this Tavern~ Things that some want changed seems only to benefit them~

Asellus~~~ A FW coming into a paga tavern should know better regardless....to watch what she says...of course she's going to see slaves displayed in a tavern...deal with it.

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~*purrring to vika~* a delicious circle....

Stavros~~~ I will agree with that vika.. ~winks at the slut~

Molly~~~ vika~ yes but also a good looking FW does too~ winks

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Sabre, m's dares You to remember one FW that has been face stripped in GS?.....and she does think there are some that feel they are protected by the room and perhaps by the position or the FC they have...and it is just not so (IF you wish to go anywhere by the ideas of gor and the books that were written).

Mandi~~~ **listening to Rast** That is true. When certain of the Men arrive in the Tavern, the slaves just "appear" as though there is some form of telepathy. **chuckling**
And if there are No Men about the Tavern, there is a whole different tone in here, even if the slaves are behaving perfectly.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~FW should NOT run the Tavern....Men rule Gor...like it or not.....

Molly~~~ Nods and agree with Asellus

SabreWolf~~~ m...they've all submitted in one way or the other,,some are just without kolar right now,,the Metal smith has been a lil buy lately,,laughs


The Karta

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay.. one issue here is the * karta *... and on the GS homepage there is even a discrepancy.. the Slave rules say kneel head to the floor, and beg... the slave manual says kneel, head to floor, fingers splayed.. and beg... so WHICH way is * THE * correct way ??? and as for it not being in the books, what may be true, but MANY things done on-line are NOT in the books, or have been changed to accomodate the difference of REAL verses VT... the simple fact of the RIGHT NOW, is that GS REQUIRES, slaves to beg to enter... it is a RULE... if a crystal clear definition of just WHAT to do is needed, then YES, we need to get it cleared up...

Mandi~~~ I came to GS long after things had already been set up. And I suppose I have come to accept onlineisms because this is ONLINE, and things are difficult enough for most to come up with enough logic to post movement or a chore or whatever is being done, and the "checklist" serve is a necessary evil, or is it?

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Rollo...m's has no problem with begging entrance, none at all.but why would there be only ONE way to do so? As she said there is over 100 ways to enter a room, please let us girls be creative...if you feel we are lazy you can always not allow us to enter, but damn, let us help make gor more interesting and exciting???

I have belabored the point mischief...at the last few forums. Gor is run by Free men...so let's not talk about what is wrong with the slaves..or what they need to do...karta being given the respect it deserves...the question must be..What are the Free men going to do?

Kyoto~~~ mischief, you say "over a hundred ways" how about an example or two?

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Dulan, there is NO such thing as a karta..none, never existed, completely made up and not even by the mind of John Nomran.....m's thinks you're wrong...she thinks gor is suppopse to be run by FM but they've dropped the ball..it's run by the people that are here, and for the most part that is FW and slaves...not Masters....

galah{RA}~~~ Mistress Mandi, a girl thinks the slave manual is wonderful and a great guide for new girls to learn by, but some latitude need be given once fully trained, that a girl can break away from that mold once trained well enough and not get in trouble for breaking some rule...would like to see some slaves going about the tavern with flagons full of drink and filling vessels

Molly~~~ I truly loved the idea of Men running things~

mischief{WH}~~~ aye Master Ri... ~sauntering to the doorway, the mischevious slut, pulls up the white wool clinging to her form and kneels in the doorway. Lifting her head proudly, the black iron bolted around her neck cool in the cold of the night. Laying her hands on her thighs, her palms facing the three gorean moons, the girl lowers her lashes in respect and begs entrance~

SabreWolf~~~ and slaves are gonna beg entrance round Me ,,smile,,period,,

Kayla~~~ ~shaking My head sadly~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika loves to make each serve, each entrance different. Beg at the front door, beg at the back door, beg to 'approach' from kennel, if up stairs in a Captains chambers...slide down the stairs and bump ya ass and beg to approach....~

Rast Dulan~~~ mischief...root cause established...I rest my case.

Kyoto~~~ *Ticking it off on my list*
Ok, mischief, that's one....
*winking at her*
99 more to go...
Laughs hearing His final word on "karta"

mischief{WH}~~~ Another Master Ri...
~skipping down the path the girl giggling with delight at the beauty of the day and the prospects the day holds. Looking in the doorway, she smiles brilliantly as she sees her Master within. Dropping to her hands and knees, crawling the last few feet to the entrance, the girl presses her cheek to the ground, her hair pooling on the floor, wiggling her bottom playfully she calls out her plea to enter~

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Sabre, m's definately has the potential to like You, but sometimes wonders what color is the sky in the world You live in....no one is asking for the slaves NOT to have to beg entrance, we are asking for the ability to have more then ONE way to beg...

Asellus~~~ Show me one example of me trying to run the place. *chuckling* I do not care for generalizations, girl. *shaking Her head, knowing Her place amongst the Men and it's certainly not above them*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika does feel that begging entrance and exit...as well speaking in third person...really reminds the slave......but it is not in books...true enough.~

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Ri..~humblingly throwing herself to the floor at your feet~ she begs You not to make her do all 100 but if You like she will try to do a new one for each entrance You are in the tavern FOR?

Molly~~~ Eyes Glare~

Kyoto~~~ In each of those, mischief, you still showed obeisance before you spoke... that to me is the proper thing, the reminder to the girl that her ability to come in to the room is controlled by men, that her place is at their feet.

mischief{WH}~~~ Mistress Asellus...m's never said you (nor did she say not you)....it was a generality...for there is not time nor need to name names...the problem is that there are no Men around most times...which leaves for the most part FW and slaves....

SabreWolf~~~ so,,you jusst wish for a lil clearer definition of the word"beg"?,,,like"all slaves must be nude,legs splayed on their knees with their breast hanging between the cracks of the tiles"type of thing?,,grin

Asellus~~~ Just because FW may frequent the room more often than the Men does not imply that We are running the place.

mischief{WH}~~~ Tis true, for the most part girls did speak in 1'st person in the books...only on rare occasion were forced to speak 3rd person...

Kyoto~~~ *Trying to picture what Sabre said*
Must be some helacious cracks in those tiles...

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Ri....mischief agrees with You TOTALLY, COMPLETELY and 100% and fruther more she believes if You took a poll of the slaves here theere would not be ONE that would disagree with You.....Master Sabre...NO, mischief would like LESS definations and more creativity as long as the humbleness that is a slaves lot is always remembered...

mischief{WH}~~~ Mistress Asellus, ~confused look~ how could it not be? The tavern honestly dosen't just run itself and if there is no Man to make judgement calls and corrections of slaves, it WILL be done by women (as it should be)...however when it's ONLY done by women since there are no men around...there becomes a problem....

Asellus~~~ Well, then....the problem is not our fault for being here. *shrugs*

Mandi~~~ mischief, is the issue being corrected by Free Women from time to time, the absence of Men, or the desire to have more creative license and less rote training?

mischief{WH}~~~ Is it possible that as far as the rules concerning slaves, that they could be say...updated and reformed??? can there be a meeting between the council and say the FG to maybe make the rules more (for want of a better word) gorean?

mischief{WH}~~~ Mistress Mandi...tis not one problem...is more then one...seems FW lately have been a bit less consistant with the inforcement of the rules...Men haven't been here to BE the Men in charge and slaves would like the creativity to be what the free want us to be....that being lush, creative, thinking, expirementing, vibrant sluts..

Kyoto~~~ But, mischief, the point is that the slaves must still karta as that is what the rules state. Many a time, I have seen slaves that have known what the expectations are still forget to even karta, how can the ruling body of this site be assured that there is going to be a consistant level of appropriate behavior if more freedoms are given when there is still failure with this level?

SabreWolf~~~ I got it,,send Us an email with your concerns,,contrary to popular belief We love gettin emails and We all read it regularlary,,and if 50 or so slaves got tother with the same idea,,We might consider changing a word or 2 on the home page,,chuckles

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Ri, m's for one hates the concept of "karta" for it is completely ungorean and she has a real problem respecting it for the same reason. Bottom line honestly would be the Free of the room would still decide if entrance is allowed or not...so it would be up to You if the slaves are held to a higher standard or not...

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Sabre, with all due respect, she believes #1 it would probably be best for a face to face meeting (so to speak) so the items can be discuseed and #2 tis not her place to do so...she can only speak up here, for it is an open forum....although she would be happy to help in anyway that the council will allow...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Listening to Master Kyoto.....Well, Mastery needs to be done to keep the slut in line. And just not pick and choose at random...to punish or not punish.....play the game, same rules all the way around...inconsistency is the problem.~

Kyoto~~~ mischief, I can't recall there ever being a toilet in one of the books, does that make going to piss or crap ungorean because it isn't mentioned? This site sets the rules for what it expects the behaviors to be, the only way they can change is by going through the ruling body and requesting a change... and to me if the backbreaker for a slave is that she must type a three line request to enter a room, then what the hell is she doing being a slave?

SabreWolf~~~ this is just talk,,the works gonna happen in that email
GS Council
so,,if Yall got ideas,suggestions,bitches,,whatever,,I suggest your quickest and best respose is to use this system

Lady Larl~~~ very well said Kyoto *nods*

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Ri...there may not be a toliet but m's would be happy to site when they went to the bushes (both male and female)...Master, the karta is not the backbraker, it is just one thing that mischief (personally, she speaks for no other slaves on that matter) has no respect for.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Nay, no toilet...just a pot to piss in...facing the back wall in some places........*LOL*~

Kayla~~~ ~nodding~

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Sabre, mischief has no faith in the e-mails..she herself has e-mailed the Captains with no response at all...not even a "no fucking way" response...

Kyoto~~~ I personally try to be consistent with my punishments, you on-line only slaves have it easy, you get punished here... penny has to live with me and if you think that excuses her...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Consistent with punishments...good one.~

mischief{WH}~~~ Master Ri ~nodding big~ lot different when a slut feels the lash r/t isn't it...

SabreWolf~~~ "no fucking way",,,grins,,was prolly the answer,,but if 6 or 7 write about the same subject,,then "no fucking way" suddenly becomes a council vote,,or alteast it keeps it in the front of Our minds,,

Kyoto~~~ vika, what are you saying to me, perhaps I need to have it spelled out.

mischief{WH}~~~ ~Looking and half closing her eyes, a long sigh comes out as she curls, drawing her knees to her chest and setting her chin on her knees~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika turns towards Master Kyoto. First of all, Master...vika was agreeing with You on being constant. Within the Tavern walls, there need be more consistancy...had vika felt there was a problem...she would have spoken directly to You....*softly*~

mischief{WH}~~~ ~writing softly~ mischief had hoped to bring up some concerens she had heard from others and some of her own feelings...somehow that has not gone well. she humbly begs the forgivness of those of GS and will leave GS in peace...she is terribly sorry for any conflicts she has created, it was not, nor never was her intent....she is sorry ...

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding to vika*
Sorry girl, tension in the room and all, misunderstood what you meant.

Mandi~~~ m's created no conflicts, girl. None at all.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~And that is why nothing gets accomplished. Because of opinions..and E/everybody has them....P/people get pissed and walk out. Not solving a thing. Effective communication is what is needed.....P/people can agree to disagree without such hostility....~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Of course, Master Kyoto. vika understands.....and she thanks You for the latitude of clarification. *smiles*~

Mandi~~~ m's has expressed some very valid points. The micromanagement of the serves to the very destruction of the creativitiy that makes online a place to explore this world.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Discussion does not mean O/one is right or O/one necessarily wrong...GS has some problems...Master's exit...slaves won't return.~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~There was no need for A/any to leave. How can W/we solve problems without listening...*sighs* mischief was just discussing....~

Lady Larl~~~ I sat here quietly taking in all the words..views and opinions given here this evening.. some were very valid points to be thought about.. and some were soooo inendated with pointed inuendo that it completely lost it's validity to this FW...

Kyoto~~~ I personally didn't intend to drive mischief away, I simply stated my thoughts. She showed some good ideas but until there are actual written down changes, none of them hold any validity.


Various Questions

Molly~~~ Okay its seems E/everyone is diddle daddling around this question~ Plain and Simple here it is~
Do The Men Of Gor Run this Room! Is this a Man's World! Should all FW wear veils seeing that Rollo Has stated at least one layer. Why are the slaves leaving~ Come on Captains answer these people~

Mandi~~~ **looking as the floor apparently belongs to Molly**

Kayla~~~ ~sitting silently listening~

Molly~~~ Im sorry I was just told I didnt ask that Lady Like Im sorry~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika thinks that Mistress Molly has some valid points....*listening* Glad that She did, in fact, take the floor. *laughs*~

heavenscent{S}~~~ ~*listening intently to Mistress Molly~* agreeing with vika *s*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Molly ??? all FW DO wear veils... Do YOU mean even on their icons ???? THAT has never been required...as long as they describe themselves as wearing them ... does that answer part of your question ????

Kyoto~~~ Molly, if I had it my way, the free women would all be wearing the full seven veils... or a collar.

Asellus~~~ *Chuckling, the sound immensely stifled, however, by the thick layers of fabric* Ummm....I always wore the 7.

SabreWolf~~~ or a kolar underneath 7 viels even,,laughs

Asellus~~~ Hmmmm....*listening intently*

Rollo the Ax~~~ WHEN are ppl going to learn that even whispers get seen by many ???? Can't Y'all get it into your heads that if you SAY IT. even in a whisper, it will be out there for EVERYBODY ?????

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika laughs...when you say in another room, evidentally is OUT there for E/everybody....*shakes head*~

Kayla~~~ ~snorts under the veil~

Lady Larl~~~ * just rolling My eyes.. as My head shakes *

Rollo the Ax~~~ Molly... if Mandi has asked you to NOT PM her, then DON'T... okay ??? Nobody can expect to call another names without getting a reaction... TALK, yes... insult ??? NO...

Molly~~~ Rollo Mandi never told Me not To Pm Her she apparently mus have told Someone as she said but it was not Me~ But the point remains is Ive not said one insulting thing about any FW in Here and look they Openly say stuff to me and about Me~

About PM's Permission to PM

Permission to PM another individual should be sought in the open before initiating any private conversations. First, this allows all in the tavern to know that certain individuals are busy in private discussions. Secondly, some slaves are not permitted to PM, even to tell another than they cannot respond. Slaves should never PM a Free Person without seeking permission first. The only exception to these rules are the Captains of Gorean Shores and the first girl GSFG of the tavern. Typically, they will PM others to ensure compliance with the protocols and rules.

Rollo the Ax~~~ ... ENOUGH !!!!!!! The forum is over, thanks for coming everybody... same time next week.... okay ????

topaz{Rast}~~~ *delighted to hear Forum is over, carefully rolls the papers, tucks the writing stick away, rises quietly, amber eyes bright* thank You Master Rollo for moderating another interesting Forum..*chuckles softly*

Stavros~~~ Thank You Rollo... Great Forum.. Now I need to get tanked... my head hurts.. LOL!!

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ a girl thanks You, Master Rollo for holding the forum and for allowing a mere girl to learn..
thank you also topaz for taking the notes tonight.. *smiling to the beauty*