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Potential slaves An Age Limit
Why some leave GS Roleplay during serves
Discipline BDSM/Gor
Opinions and Status

Potential slaves

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. Let Me welcome everybody here for the forum...LOL. and leave it at that blanket welcome, cause I'd be here all night just returning greetings if I said *Tal* to each person....LOL.. So saying, lets open up the forum ... same rules as always...

Rollo the Ax~~~ Looking to jasma... * Do we have any carry over topics ??? *...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *shaking head as Master Rollo speaks to her*
no Master.. a girl don't believe so..

topaz{Rast}~~~ *quickly lifting the rence paper and writing stick, scribing furiously now....wiggles back against her Master*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay then, we are open for new topics... PM Me with ideas, but not all it once, okay ??? LOL...LOL.. Only kidding, lets have em, folks...

Lemuel~~~ ~listening for the first topic~

topaz{Rast}~~~ *waiting for the first topic*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, the first topic in is as follows.. * Bringing new slaves to Our home... We have a bad reputuation for scaring them off... it just happened before the Forum... How can We build the slave ratio? and how can we appear to not be so * scary * or whatever?

Stavros~~~ ~looks to heavenscent.. grinning~ you might be able to answer that one my sweets..

Markos~~~ quietly listening

shirin{MDK}~~~ yea! ~*~pipes up hearing Master Rollo's first topic, shocked too at her outburst, she lowers eyes to be quiet again~*~

Kyoto~~~ Hmmm, well, I could be the recruiter...
*Flashing a winning, non-threatening smile*

galah{RA}~~~ Master Sabre, the caging, gagging and bagging slave Master? heheheheheheheeee

Rast Dulan~~~ Looking at Rollo's icon and chuckling...

SabreWolf~~~ well Rollo,,You could always shave,,laughs,,,

Rollo the Ax~~~ galah, you can speak up just as much as anybody else..LOL.. just no box to stand on this time... LOL.. and if I wanted you gagged, you would be so already... LOL..LOL.. Now follow the rules of the forum and only speak openly about forum matters... as should EVERYONE... Okay ???

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~looking to Master Stavros,smiling softly~

Kayla~~~ ~Laughing~ Where was that winning smile with the teen slut Kyoto?

shirin{MDK}~~~ shirin TIRED to offer the new girl advice and THOUGHT forum night would be safe, BUT she was very mistaken ~*~shakes her dark locks~*~

SabreWolf~~~ I wasn't mean to her,,I even granted her entrance

Kayla~~~ Aye Gornt there girl only wished to observe... she didn't last long though most of what was being said was a joke...

Mandi~~~ **not sure whether or not to comment upon this topic, as I am likely to hold the Minority View**

Kyoto~~~ Well, I never saw her until it was too late, Kayla, but most of the time, if I am able, I greet uncollared girls and then speak to them in whispers to not break the flow of the room... ask them of their experience, what they are seeking ... offer advice and direct them to proper resourse material

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ Speak up Mandi.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika feels that after reading the banner and an understanding of Gor and slaves....realizing that Gor is a harsh place...should enter and serve not being afraid. For in fact, if the slave follows the pleasing rule and/or the rules in general...she will have no problem.....if she is a whiner...there will always be a problem...teach, their good points first...then speak of the problems in their training.....~

Kyoto~~~ Please share Mandi, we need dissenting views to establish a base line.

Gornt~~~ aww go ahead Mandi, never stopped One before

Stavros~~~ Well Rollo.. Honestly.. maybe newcomers slaves in particular need to see the tavern with more open arms.. just an idea

destiny{GS}~~~ this one would pm whoever the *new girl* is and take it from there... explain what GS is etc...

Mandi~~~ I have mixed feelings on the topic. It seems that entering a Gorean room with a comic name is not a good idea, Free or slave, but We do live near other realms here, and Our level of roleplay and Our demeanor can make a very good or a very bad impression on T/those W/who visit heres ou(?)

Molly~~~ Or Might I suggest when someone makes an error it be handle somewhat nicer especially if they're learning or if a post was missed~ rt does play a factor~

Gornt~~~ well I think that the girl should have been made aware the rules of the room were promenently displayed under the banner at the bottom of the page

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with Mandi~

Rast Dulan~~~ In my short time visiting here..I have not seen many unkolared girls enter...so is the problem what to do with them when they get here, or as I have observed, why do they not come in the first place?


Gornt~~~ We certainly do not need to scare off more possible slaves

Mandi~~~ I have seen slaves decide to not return here because We do not police Ourselves very well and allow HNG's to pledge and remain pledged long after establishing an unwillingness to even pretend to have anything resembling honor or any desire to learn of Gor more than Tal, greetings, paga, and fur.

shirin{MDK}~~~ when shirin first came to GS she was "kinkywife" and was kindly told her name was not appropriate in a nice way...what is this one was so judged, she may not be here two+ years later

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding and agreeing with Mandi*
The trouble is, how do we prevent them from coming in and attempting to Lord over some new girl, one who doesn't know how to handle herself or the pressures yet?
We can't be a "Boy's" club, allowing only certain people to come in...

SabreWolf~~~ that's the way i catch um Stavos,,grins,,with open arms(and tight knots,,grin)

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~* a growing smile,listening to Mistress Mandi's wisdom~*

Kayla~~~ Actually this girl was invited and told the Forum a great place to get an idea of Our Home... came a few minutes early though and paid for it

Mandi~~~ **chuckling at Gornt** Just because One Could do something such as collaring a visiting freeneck wench does not necessarily mean One should.
A slam dunked collar on a girl who is looking about Gor for a place to serve is acceptable under the rules, but not wise management and recruitment.

Stavros~~~ ~chuckling at Sabre...~ yeah you do that quite well grinning.. I think you're a better thief than I... LOL!!

SabreWolf~~~ I would have changed her name after i kolared her,,if she wanted to "observe",,then that's what she should have done,,not begged entrance,,that's roleplay,,and by roleplaying here you,,accept the rules

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay.. *MY* ideas or thoughts are that above all else, HONESTY is the best policy... if new, a slave or possible slave, should be warned to just WATCH and ask questions to see if GS is to her liking... she should be allowed several chances to do so, and come to learn enough about Gor and GS to see if it is what she wants... My biggest complaint is with Masters that think EVERY VT slave without a collar is some prize to grab ... more possible slaves have been run off by such Masters than can be counted.. THAT kind of action pisses THIS old dog off.....

Kayla~~~ Actually the rules state to beg entry of a Captain to remain protected for an observence period

Slave Rules, Advice

6. Although Gorean Shores is a capture zone, all collared slaves are protected by the collar they wear. All uncollared slaves may beg a Captain for protection while they observe and learn as to not be forced-collared for a specific time limit set by the Captain.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Perhaps let them know that there are trainers and then that trainer take her under the wing so to speak....

Mandi~~~ I suppose the only means available is some form of peer pressure to learn and become a part of it or to leave, Kyoto.

SabreWolf~~~ she didn't do that either,,,

shirin{MDK}~~~ all shirin is trying to say is....if you can clearly see the name is not-gorean or new, why not let them observe and not "pounce" on them within the first fewe ehn's of entering...maybe,just maybe they are already in whispers with someone ~raises her eyebrows~ who is TRYING to explain and help them learn

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Listening to Master Sabre.....accept the rules...aye, that should be a must.~

Kayla~~~ Once a slave knows the rules of the Tavern then they decide to go that is their choice... the point is to get the new blood in then those with the fire will stay

shirin{MDK}~~~ and how is it possible for a new person to know allllll the rules upfront??

SabreWolf~~~ who else names their tarn "larry"?,,grin

Mandi~~~ shirin, a girl has good points there, and I do not believe I have seen an instance she has not been willing to help A/any within these walls to the best of her ability.
Becoming fully accepted in a Gorean room is not going to happen for A/any in two posts, no matter W/who T/they are, though.

Stavros~~~ Looks to shirin's posts.. I think this slave knows what she's is talking about since she is one..

SabreWolf~~~ all i can say is someone invited her here,,she could have begged to be allowed to observe,that someone could have helped her a lil if they know the rules of this sight,,i would have to her to whisper to Me if she had questions or needed help.

Kayla~~~ Agreed shirin... also some of those that enter in GS are not slaves by birth and are just curious... a blanket statement at pointing to the banner of rules does not ignite the fire to learn more about US.... Can't We be nice to the newbie slaves and give then alittle time???

vika{Marius}~~~ ~When she enters, she should read...when vika visits another site...she reads the rules and acts accordingly...Then if one does not understand...answer her questions...but it is not an easy lot for a slave...one has to study and work...that is how vika started and most of us...why would it be different for another slave now????~

Molly~~~ I undserstand all of Your reasons but How is someone supposed to learn without getting the info first and okay kinkywife may not have been a "GS" name but how was it handled? was she explained in private nicely or just nicely or was it confrontational?

Rollo the Ax~~~ Several good points... the term * slut * IS Gorean, but offensive to some... and also, just because a rule says that something MIGHT be done (to keep role play within Gorean ideals...) that does NOT mean it MUST be done in every case.... if a new girl does NOT feel welcome or at ease, she will just leave... and never return... so EVERYBODY loses...

Gornt~~~ depends on Who explained it to her Molly

kisSmet{Kaelan}~~~ This one is new to your home. She visited and Mistress Kayla and topaz were here and very helpful and tolerated all her many questions. The html venue was still new to her. But girl is not a new slave to Gor she came from irc. But girl was so impressed by the warmth she found her she begged her Master Kaelan to come and visit. He is here this night. And his sword brother Master Draco is also here. Girl thinks it is a matter of perspective. If one enters and behaves like what on irc we call "subbie brats" they soon find Gorean Masters will not tolerate such nonsense. So if they are new to Gor perhaps just to ask questions of a sister in whisper would be helpful. For there are many Free and each has his or her own temperament. This is Gor and to be expected.

Gornt~~~ ~listens to the Senior Captain~

Kyoto~~~ I agree with you Kayla... maybe a log page to show when a girl first comes in... she can make a note with her name and date of first appearance, she then has a blanket freedom to observe and decide what she wants to do before she is collared by anyone...?

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~smiles~*~ thank You Mistress Mandi...thank You Master Stavros...all shirin begs is give a new girl some "chance"...as it was she was seeking shirin because Master SholGar had talked to her and she "was" interested...but now teen slut dissapeared

Gornt~~~ wisely spoken kisSmet

vika{Marius}~~~ ~That was not actually a blanket statement....there are a series of things a slave should do when she enters GS, new or not...vika has not seen all that many run from here....not for unkindness....esa entered yesterday...vika hugged her and explained it all...her response was....no one has ever hugged her or stopped to explain a thing...Masters and Mastery ignite vika's fire....and to serve.....~

Gornt~~~ we all want to see GS grow, maybe the best way to do this is to allow the ~o~ tag for a number of visits before asking the newbie for a commitment

Kyoto~~~ It goes back to the person doing the correcting, Molly, in my opinion, he or she should just whisper a quiet greetings with an offfer to help... then explain to them that their name might not be best for the circumstances... all with respect and good tact.

Mandi~~~ shirin, that need not be a permanent condition, as M/many learn something and return later to develop into something else.

Deirdre~~~ I think it is bad form to be rude to anyone.......Gorean or otherwise.......

Stavros~~~ See vika has the "Open Arms" Rule down pat.. Hey look back at the books on how they stole slaves from earth.. that would kinda give you a hint on how to persuade new slaves and get a true sence of their slavebelly..

Gornt~~~ Goreans / tact? that is almost an oxymoron

Kayla~~~ I agree Kyoto... Some kinda protection for new girls at least for the first couple of times of entering would be a good thing

Mandi~~~ This same idea was rejected in Forum back in August and September, Kayla. **shrugs** I had thought it to be a good idea instead of some hit or miss observation period with no formal tag or sign.

Gornt~~~ must be an echo in here
I just said that

destiny {GS}

destiny{GS}~~~ this one came here after being kolarred by Master Belial... she immediately felt it was home... fellow slaves friendly... any help destiny needed was given... she might have been away for a long time, but this place is her home and always be... (even when she wasn't here)

Rast Dulan~~~ This site goes right from the entry page to the Tavern...most other sites go from the entry page to a rules page...then the tavern...am i missing something? How would the girl have known the rules...or where would you post a girl can use an observation kolar?

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding*
Perhaps an ~o~ tag... and someone could note on the subs board when it was first seen to give the girl a time frame.
Such as...
"Today, the girl smoke was seen entering the tavern, she took the ~o~ tag and was advised to use it for two weeks at which time she must decide to leave or take a collar"

Gornt~~~ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

SabreWolf~~~ she knew enough to beg entrance

Gornt~~~ great idea Kyoto

topaz{Rast}~~~ *looks up from scribing, hand aching as she furiously tries to keep up.....whispers*
Master, a few months back it was said no "O" kolars, this was a kill/capture site...and would not be changed...

shirin{MDK}~~~ yes Master Sabre, shirin was coaching her, but apparently not well enough to have covered all the the what if's this one has learned in her two years

SabreWolf~~~ thank you topaz,,smiles,,you do Rast honor,,grins

Stavros~~~ I don't know about the ~o~ tag.. it kinda looks sexual.. like the person is "open" to anything.. LOL!! and we don't want to bring any HNG's in here.. ~laughing~

Kyoto~~~ Nothing is forever though... it can still be a KCZ and allow girls the time to learn... nothing is more off puting for a girl then to wander in and get gang jumped.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~slaves do not get breaks......they observe and read, study....each of us trainers are here to help....kindness? Polite????? To an animal????~

SabreWolf~~~ she could have begged for help,,We would have know,,jeez,,as far as I knew she was an hng,,

Rast Dulan~~~ So wasn't the question how do we get more slaves to GS...not how the girl was slammmed. Let's face it the occurence that happened was a rarity...

Molly~~~ But the point shirin is you tried right? its not an over night thing~ I'm still learning and truth? its not fun when those who are more educated take digs or use someones lack of knowledge to slam or make O/one look bad~

Kayla~~~ the girl was in whispers with another...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~John Lange said it best...when He said A/all should consider all the aspects of Gor.....then decide before entering....Thinking carefully....for it is not right for E/everyone...it is harsh...but it is.~

Deirdre~~~ *nodding to vika in affirmation* WELL said, dearling.....VERY well said!

SabreWolf~~~ ok,,no ~o~ kolar,,but i'll go for a girl begging help ,,instead of entrance,,

Molly~~~ No vika Im saying in trying to learn~ intead of being arrogant be kind~ I'm sorry but in high school the buthole teachers didnt get a lot of passing students but the teachers who were stern yet understanding and took the time to help got better results~ its a proven fact.

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** Well, sitting in a paga tavern complaining about the demographics, i.e., not enough slaves or not enough Men, doesn't make Gor look like a very fun place to be. (I do not mean this should not be discussed in forum meetings, but when it becomes THE topic of convo in the Tavern other times, it is just plain tiresome.)

Kovak~~~ what ever the case is it was done,,there nothing said she couldn't came back,,under another name

Kyoto~~~ Why not an observer's collar? It would give a girl a level of protection that would let her become comfortable enough to stay.

Lemuel~~~ Even if there is no observation or protection collar for GS, there's nothing that says individual Masters or Mistresses can't give personal collars of protection, right?

SabreWolf~~~ begging help would to Bro,,give Me some idea about how she's gonna be,,,I've seen the ~o~ kolar abused too much before,,

Gornt~~~ I think if We look at ten sites we will most have ~o~ observer collars

Karmania~~~ speaking up,, in TEI/GC we use the ~)~ kolar in two ways either a room ~O or Homestone ~O, its good for two weeks,, give the slave and the homestone time to see if this one should be kolared and if a FM wants her there is a 30day waiting period as she weres a room kolar

SabreWolf~~~ if they wanna give their personal kolar,,then sell the girl,,i'm all for that,,but i gotta tell ya,,,the first time any slave says to Me I can't kolar them they got an ~o~,,I'm gonna show them how i feel about it,,

Kayla~~~ ~looking to Lemuel~ I have been told that an Advisor can't give a protective kolar... ~shrugging~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika is not often liked by the tactics she uses to train...however, it is not arrogance Mistress...vika teaches Gor.....period....she edifies if needed but will correct a slave when needed....if she is going to live in Gor....she better learn how to survive. There are protocols, there are the Books.....no reason to not to understand that Gor is hard...but once a slave perfects her fire.....she realizes that she has grown into a beautiful slut, free in her sexuality and as a female......there is no better gratification than that. It is like the protocols for FW....they are there for a reason...*respectfully*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ The * o * collar idea was voted down.. the majority of Captains didn't want it.. felt it didn't go along with a Port Kar setting... as for the example of this girl today ??? I didn't see it, so can't say... I do know that often all it takes is a minor mistake from such a girl to get her upset and leave... also, sometimes the * pack * mentality kicks in all too often, and the * oldies * that KNOW what is right and wrong get a case of the ass for a * newbie *, and make a game out of harrassing them...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Sabre. Just thinking that Those that think portection collars are a good idea can give a girl one with Their tag on it.

Lemuel~~~ ~shaking My head~ Not for GS, Kayla. A "personal collar...like slave{LB}p

topaz{Rast}~~~ topaz has found ALL the trainers here at GS to be most kind and very helpful...very patient Mistress Molly

Molly~~~ Well topaz I guess you were fortunate ~S~ but the fact remains the GS slaves are leaving??? and a few Free & regulars so somethings not right~

topaz{Rast}~~~ aye Mistress Molly...perhaps topaz was fortunate, as she learned all on her own...but she has seen interaction with the trainers here at GS, and attended slave meetings...and found all trainers to be very helpfull to ALL the slaves

Molly~~~ topaz~ I didnt say they weren't helpful I said how they address it when others make mistakes big difference

topaz{Rast}~~~ *knowing W/we are way off topic...sighs and responds anyways*
Mistress Molly, again, when topaz has seen slaves make mistakes, she has found the trainers to be most encouraging of showing them how and what they did wrong

kisSmet{Kaelan}~~~ Girl has been on Gor now for 6 months. She was brought to Gor by a Master she met in another channel. She knew nothing about being a submissive or slave. But something struck a cord in her. She tried to leave many times but kept coming back for another look. But this one feels strongly the new should at least have a rudimentary understand of what it means to be slave before a collar is place. A collar touches your soul. To quote the books.
'The collar is put on from without, but what it encircles comes from within. Slavery, true slavery, comes from within.'
Said in all respect to the Free. A collar can not be forced on someone it must be embraced with passion and a desire to lean to be slave. If not it is just a silly game. For when a girl wears a collar she will bring honor or disrespect to the one who holds the key to her collar.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~kisSmet...very well said...*smiles*~

Molly~~~ looking to topaz~ again thats great for "you" but obviously it hasnt been for others Free or slave hats My point Im not saying they werent nice to you but O/thers feel its like being bullied or pushed around its obviously a problem here~

Kaelan~~~ *smiles* at his lilone

shirin{MDK}~~~ very well said sis kisSmet ~smiles~

Deirdre~~~ *speaking to Molly's comment to topaz* Perhaps the problem is that those slaves weren't Gorean........they didn't agree with or share the vision of what being a Gorean slave entails.....

Gornt~~~ Deirdre, or they never got a chance to find out

Stavros~~~ let's get to the question that Rollo stated at the begining of forum. How are you going to get more slaves into the paga tavern. You need to lure the slaves into the tavern, you need to show them how Gorean Life is, and not Force it down their thoat.. Go read the one of the books.. "Slave Girl of GOR" That's how you do it..

Molly~~~ No Deidre they were Gorean VERY Gorean~ but I wish not to speak on this issue anymore because it never gets properly addressed and If O/others can't speak out or up its T/their fault~ and Im so tired of hearing Gor is hard yes it is but the people in it Are making it hell & the outside influences~

Rast Dulan~~~ Ok..to Stavro's reiteration of the question...Goreans as Humans are social creatures...get more people in the Tavern..others will follow..like freaking sheep.
I mean look around, how many came tonight because of forum...and how many because of...shit, look at all the people in GS....

Deirdre~~~ *speaking to Molly in a soft, calm voice* Gor is a r/p. It does take effort and education to understand it. Perhaps some are very.....well.........agressive when rules are broken....but.......it has everything to do with the attitude of the person who wishes/chooses to be of Gor. There are rules and protocols that must be followed. Those should not be altered simply on the whim of some that aren't willing to conform.

Molly~~~ Rast~ if this many people frequent the Tavern on a regular~ Would this topic exsist?

Rast Dulan~~~ To my point Molly...

Kayla~~~ Then Molly You just don't get it... It is not a tea party for FW or for slaves as much as Some believe Us FW try to make it ~winking at Kyoto~
Gor is harsh a damn rough place and most slaves want more harshness... the harshness of the books not of BDSM... Real Men showing real Mastery over them...
That is what brings slaves to GS and to Gor


An Age Limit

Gornt~~~ ummmmmmmm was that teen slut that scared off?

shirin{MDK}~~~ yes Master Gornt, she was judged buy her name and not her desire to learn

Gornt~~~ maybe if she had come with a more appropriate name she would have been taken more seriously

Deirdre~~~ I personally think that if she was a teen slut indeed........that it was better than she was scared and left.........

shirin{MDK}~~~ maybe she was nineTEEN, not a baby, is this legal age??

Deirdre~~~ *looking at shirin.......smiling softly.........and as the Mother of a nineTEEN year old remaining silent*

Gornt~~~ ~nodding sympathetically to Deirdre~

Kovak~~~ then it would have been wise to have her change names,,if she wants to learn in this day in age it hard to tell,,,if you feel my action are too rough then I'll shall remove myself ,,not many thing i look at but if the name looks funny just better to change it blend in

Molly~~~ Well aren't most slaves address here as "sluts?" maybe she was trying to address that she's younger or maybe she was under the impression you grow as you go??r home

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~growls, so frustrated~*~
remember the slave whispers?? she was nineteen...

Molly~~~ Why change her name?

Kayla~~~ 18 and above is accepted shirin page.

Rast Dulan~~~ Kovak, the girl did not belong here with the name she used. It is easy for us to second guess, but the site rules are clear...adults only...

Kayla~~~ hey when I see teen I think of 13 15... and then I think of My daughters... I think it is fine to ask the question of how old and another name should be recommended

destiny{GS}~~~ ~smiles at Mistress Molly~ Mistress, one's Master has the ability to also change a slaves name... this one was named by a Master long ago - she had no say in it...

Molly~~~ No offense but when was it a GS requirement that O/one find a suitable name to "belong?"


On Gor there are Free Persons and there are slaves. There is no middle ground. The name you give yourself will immediately establish the type of treatment you receive in the Tavern. If you take a Free Person's name, but act like a slave, you will soon find yourself treated like a Gorean slave. If you are a slave but act like a Free Person, you will be punished as a Gorean slave would be for such insolence. A common punishment in the city of Port Kar would be death. The use of Earth names, or overtly sexual names, is not encouraged.

Deirdre~~~ *nodding in agreement with Rast*

Rast Dulan~~~ Molly, one does not have to find a suitable name...but one might well expect consequences then..
Like a man going into the prison shower with thrall boy tattoed on his butt...he could be in trouble...

Kyoto~~~ Molly, some names are better suited for a role than another... personally, I would not choose the name "Myron" for a Warrior... maybe a scribe.... nor should a Free Woman choose a name like "kinkywife" *grinning at shirin* It portrays the wrong image.

Mandi~~~ Molly, not every rule can be written down on a webpage. It seems that if One of Us decided to come in here as BettyBoop or KickMyAss, Some would greet Us as Free, and Some would ignore Us as Flakes.

Kayla~~~ LOL... Liking Rast comments on consequences

Molly~~~~ Yes but to say~ "she did not belong here isn't a consequence it's a prejudice~

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~mirroring shirins frustration,as heaven looks to her*~....

Kyoto~~~ Ahhh, but there is the gist of it Molly, by her very name, she made a statement that she might not belong here. This site is for those of 18 or older.

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~grins to Master Kyoto~*~ exactly Master, tis why a girl changed her name to lower case letter in the form of zoya, back then ~s~ she knew she was no FW, hehehehe

Deirdre~~~ No Molly.......not a prejudice......an OPINION. I, for One, speaking just for Myself, do not consider 19 to be an appropriate age to be in Gor.

Kovak~~~ then that should have been one of the fist things said about the name ,,change it that way she could have learn,,when i see the name teen it to open to the eye better to act then not to act ,,I would hate to see anyone child being in a place where they didn't belong

Mandi~~~ eighteen and nineteen are still teens and yet adults, so as to be eligible. I just take P/people's word for it that T/they told the truth on the entry gate. It is but a thin illusion that A/all are adults here, and sometimes that illusion is thin even with proper ID.

Rast Dulan~~~ Hmmm, prejudice would imply I formed an adverse opinion before hand without facts...but I think the name she used was fact enough to come to an opinion...at least a Gorean one. But never the less...that is not the question at hand.

Rast Dulan~~~ Chuckling at Mandi as the words flow off the silver tongue...

Molly~~~ Deidre~ Well the age limit for the pool is 18yrs and truly how do W/we know the ages of the people around U/us let alone the Gender You don't??? I know 12yrs who know computers inside out and can type & speak above average???

Deirdre~~~ *looking at Molly and shrugging* .....And Your point is????

Kayla~~~ And those 12 year olds that come here are the reason that a handle like teen slut should be questioned and questioned fast... I would not like My 12 year old daughter here

galah{RA}~~~ galah remembers back to when she first came to gor, there was a ubar at fantasycastle, it was later found out that he was only 16....he did not seem to be that young at all and he was a leader of men....anyway, that slave came in calling herself that name that lead any to think she was to young to be here, but do we really know how old any of the ppl here are? we could already have teens right under our noses

Rollo the Ax~~~ as for age ??? the REAL, earth law says 18 and over is legal.. THAT is what ALL of us need to watch for to protect Gary M and Poolside... if anybody has a question about the RT age of a person, let it be addressed to protect Gary and Poolside.... About if a person that age can handle Master/slave role play ???? THAT is harder to say... and must be a case by case issue...I've know ppl younger that COULD handle it... and many much older that CAN'T !!! So it boils down to a case by case issue, but staying within the legal limits....

SabreWolf~~~ I agree galah,,grins,,lets give up our ages right now,,I'm a 21 y.o. body builder male model for california,,grins,,

Molly~~~ My point is if someone is trying to learn who is unfamiliar with these surroundings give them a break!!!
Is there a GS age limit? and who controls where people can & can not chat? so if this girl had purchased a membership and on the pool it says you must be 18yrs shes 19 to say because her "name" was not GS or she was 21yrs No one would acknowledge her? what if she had 10 friends who thought hey it might be fun to go to GS lets do it "they" would be turned away??? gimmie a break~ its called KINDNESS it's called being polite~

Stavros~~~ Laughing at Sabre..yeah.. and I'm Bill Gates.. but prettier...LMAO!!!

Mandi~~~ It's also called Gor, Molly, and We don't do a/s/l checks like the teen romance rooms on AOL.

Rast Dulan~~~ Looking at Sabre..and I am his twin...grins

Kovak~~~ what so hard about changing name if she wanted to learn that bad come back with another name that simple,,I did see her state here age so i did what i felt was right

Kayla~~~ I personally will chat with Whom I wish and ignore those I don't wish and if they don't like it then that is thier problems... Gor is not fair... Gor is gor

shirin{MDK}~~~ when did she have a chance Master Kovak, dang, shirin couldn't keep up, the tavern was filling up so fast!

Mandi~~~ shirin, a girl does her fair share of helping, to the point that I greet and speak in the open with new slaves coming in, and only will speak in pm to them if I do not see one such as yourself or one of the trainers or other good hands whom I know to be in a much better position to coach. And if I speak a while in private with a new one, I am sure to drop some useful names.


Why some leave GS

Stavros~~~ Instead of lookin at how to bring new slaves into the Paga Tavern, how about looking into how to keep them.. ~chuckling~

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~(* offering softly...~* a girl knows her circumstances for leaving were not highly looked upon,however.....while the conversation revolves around recruiting newslaves (which GS needs) what of the exsisting ones that have fallen to the side? ~* since heaven resides in DM ....2GS slaves join her now in the past 8weeks....~*puzzled gaze~* this is very very sad to me.....~

Gornt~~~ ~listening to heaven~
aye girl it is sad

Kyoto~~~ I agree heaven... and when I am on, I try to speak to any girls who are on...

Stavros~~~ I think for once.. that the Free sit down and listen to the slaves tell us how to keep slaves here and bring in more.. They are slaves and they know what they are looking for when they come here... Looking to shirin, heavenscen, topaz, galah, vika, jasma, and liquid... ~winking at her~
Why don't we listen to a slave for once..

Kayla~~~ these girls that choose to leave GS mostly do it over petty and really stupid reasons... it is not like that someone does not try to talk to them about it... but I suggest if a girl has been in GS or Gor for 6 months or a year then gets her silks in a ruffle so bad that she kills herself or leaves then she was not meant to be here...
BY goodness I have had plenty of reasons to leave over crap and down and out attacks but I am here still taking the crap because I love My Home

Gornt~~~ ~agreeing with Stavros~
in business if you don't listen to the experts you might as well fold up the shop

liquid dreams~~~ ~winks back at Stavros~

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~ nodding*~ aye Master Kyoto,You have always been kind to heaven ...as her sisters have told the same...~*thank You,for not just listening,but hearing us...~bowed head~ ....

Stavros~~~ And destiny and kisSmet.. sorry lil one's I missed ya.. ~grinning~

Kyoto~~~ *smiling at heaven*
I wish I could have done more

Kayla~~~ and if We tire of letting slaves run GS We can turn it over to FreeWomen next?...Sure WE listen that is what the Forums are for... but there is a line that has to stay firm....

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~sighs listening, not sure what more she can offer, props her chin in palms atop knees, eyes moving back and forth~*~

Gornt~~~ if we just listen and do not learn anything Kayla, then why listen in the first place?

Stavros~~~ Wow.. Kayla.. your opinion does show quite well with that comment.. so who's stupid or who has stupid reasons to leave are most definately NOT stupid to the one's that left...That's your opinion. and it seems like you have your arms crossed already to any newcomers.

liquid dreams~~~ did Someone wish to know why a girl sometimes leaves her Home....*green eyes lifting, a shuddering wave coursing thru her flesh*

Gornt~~~ ~smiles at lq~

Mandi~~~ Kayla, W/we all come into v/t for different reasons, and even to Gor for different reasons. W/who is to say a reason is justified and valid or stupid and petty?
And if the same stupid and petty stuff keeps coming up, it can have a cumulative effect, even on those devoted to serve, and for some of those, the dampening of that fire to serve is profound and hurtful, regardless of the cause.
Is it too Few Men, a particular Free, other girls, simple discouragement from r/t sources, a lack of Mastery and guidance, or some other boskdung or huge obstacle?
Some of these issues can be addressed. Some cannot, but finding out well enough to discern that might help in retaining both Free and slave alike in Our Home and in online Gor in general.

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~* stunned gaze ~* slaves would never ever run GS, we simply ask to be helped,be guided ,be molded....~ yes,invisible conveniences that run the taverns dailyness,You call home.... - all of which would have loved to stay....but truly,is there even a need for more? had so many simply leave

Stavros~~~ Yes liquid..the patrons of GS are trying to figue out how to get new slaves into the tavern and to figure out how to keep them..

Kyoto~~~ Kayla, I listen to slaves, but that does not mean I have ever let them rule me. Gorean men look for slaves that are not only beautiful but intelligent. he will often spend many ahns simply speaking to her, learning about her and how her mind works. Yes, the girl is an animal, but she is often times a beautiful, intelligent animal who is often, even if he doesn't say so, treasured by her Master.

Rast Dulan~~~ Smiles at heavenscent..perhaps you have hot the nail on the head...as to why slaves come...and why they go...

Stavros~~~ ~looks to Rast Dulan~ that she has.. ~grinning~

Kyoto~~~ liq, I'd like to hear what you have to say.

liquid dreams~~~ S/some here may remember a sub named safora...who disappeared over a year ago...that sub was liq...and why did she leave...maybe to some it may seem silly....but she left after a slave rape...and the words of another kajira who walked in after it had happened and chewed saf out for not being pleasing

shirin {MDK}

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~admiring eyes smile to Master Kyoto, knowing it to be true~*~

Kayla~~~ treasure them.. adore them... pet and pamper them but to allow the simpering whining slaves that don't get their way or have enough attention make all of GS sit up and take notice.. I don't think so...
There is not but one slave in this room that can say that I have not busted My robed ass for them... I do not treat slaves as animals but I am not gonna be over ran by them either...

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~snuggling hugs,with liquid~* ...knowing smile....

Mandi~~~ One of the things I believe is not right is that We seem to have "lowered" the bar in many instances, perhaps out of good intentions. Even on a good night in here, it takes a couple of ahns online to get even one or two short roleplay sequences going, and that ratio drops to about four hours online to get in a good six to eight post roleplay, exclusive of the proforma greetings.
It's like playing rummy with one or two People insisting the game is Uno.
Sorry, it does not work.

Karmania~~~ looking over at liquid,, I remember

Stavros~~~ LMFAO!!! So Kayla.. how are you going to keep slaves in the tavern with that attitude????

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~surprises looks to liq, whispers~*~ shirin didn't know, she's very sorry that happened to you sis ~warm smiles~

liquid dreams~~~ the sad thing was that when saf entered...all the other kajira had bolted...as there were no Patrons of the Tavern here...and since saf had already begged to enter and was to to enter and bring paga...she did

Kayla~~~ seems to have worked for GS for over 4 years here in poolside

Stavros~~~ ~grins~....

Rollo the Ax~~~ If the question is * WHY * it has as many answers as ppl TO answer... WHY come to on-line?? WHY be a slave ?? WHY a Free ?? WHY submit ?? Why stay ?? WHY leave ?? ask 5,50.500 ppl these questions and you will get as many answers... ppl learn and grow... some stay, some go.. ALL we can do is offer * OUR * way, and allow those that agree to stay and take part... and to keep our doors OPEN for new ppl to * check us out *...

Kyoto~~~ Kayla, have you ever seen me not correct a slave for an error... to slap her across the mouth for a simple thing if I thought the situation warrented it? I do not take kindly to "princess" subbies... but that doesn't mean that if a girl thinks she has a legitimate gripe, I won't listen. If it's important enough to drive her from her home, then it's important enough to at least see if there is a solution.

Stavros~~~ Seems like you made some of your best slaves leave GS in the last 4 years..

Gornt~~~ ~listening to liq's story~
there is no honor in that type of thing

Deirdre~~~ *looking at Stavros incredulously* That isn't an attitude......that is GOREAN

SabreWolf~~~ that why I like you Captain,grins,,,agreeing

topaz{Rast}~~~ well said Master Rollo!!!
*smiles and scribes furiously*

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~looks to Mistress Karmania~ a similar thing happened to this girl a very long time ago too, she cried very hard, You remember...but sis galah was a hugs help to shirin back then ~*~knowing EXACTLY how saf must have felt~*~

Rast Dulan~~~ Just showing an example Kayla of how a girl's efforts to please can be broken down...more to heavenscent's point on who the slave of GS are...

Kayla~~~ ~Looking to liqs~... AS I tried for a long time with safora... and no this is not an example of a small or stupid thing... but there was nothing I could do personally then or now to get her to change her mind

galah{RA}~~~ but isn't slaverape a real part of gor? it may of not been a nice thing to happen but it happened in the books all the time....and even then a girl would be trained and taught that she couldn't get enough and even a rape would excite her?

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~warmly smiling to the Master of heaven's heart topaz~ ~*headful of dark spirals bows,respectfully to Master Dulan's words...

SabreWolf~~~ kolar 5,,kill 2, sell one,,the other 2 will behave,,grins,,

Karmania~~~ aye shirin,, its a shame,, since you girls are so willing to serve,, that does not need to be a part of gor,, but I am sure someone can come up with a quote that it's gor"LOL

SabreWolf~~~ and this is a paga tavern galah,,smiles,,,she comes with the paga,,

liquid dreams~~~ yes Mistress You did try...but sometimes when let down by our peers, to be insulted and degraded by a sister who had no clue what happened...well a girl can only take so much

Errand Knight~~~ Rollo ..as always You go to the core of it and for what little it may be worth I agree with just about all You say. My only reservation is what You mean by OUR way. My observation is that OUR way is open to a significant interpretation and therefore variation and may run into difficult when OUR becomes MY

galah{RA}~~~ and if one was sooooooo opposed to role playing a slaverape, why did you not just push the leave button sis? being whipped for leaving without permission would of been better than the trama that slaverape caused you sis?

Rast Dulan~~~ Chuckling at Lady Karmania...enjoying the dry humour...

Rollo the Ax~~~ safora/liquid... THAT is how it MUST be.. in * MY * opinion... If something or some action that IS accepted as Gorean bothers the RT person too much, then it is up to THAT person to decide if they wil stay or go... rape is a touchy subject... to some, to even pretend about it is WRONG... and that is their choice, I do NOT fault ANY for it....

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening quietly*

Stavros~~~ Deirdre.. yes it's gorean...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~The problem is inconsistency...whether it be in slaves, Master's or the Mistress....Gor is a place where slaves were not only pushed around, but cuffed, kicked, raped, killed.....a slave needs to learn her place or not enter the servery, so to speak.....a slave is property....and may be treated how a Free desires.....IF there is problem, Master Rollo is always available to listen....but even vika has seen inconsistency and it has bothered her...but she is slave and just enters and tries her very best....for if she did not? Master Marius would be far from "NICE"~

topaz{Rast}~~~ *winks at heavenscent, having missed her so much....then looks up to topaz's Master, smiling in joy...*

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~whimpering*~ wanting to be slave raped ~winking at galah~

Rast Dulan~~~ Watching the girl's..sliding my arm around my topaz..

Kyoto~~~ Then that was the fault of a stupid slave, liq... not yours or the tavern... the thing is, as Sabre said, the girl comes with the price of the paga. The girl who came in was stupid for not being caring enough.

Kayla~~~ The case of calia was totally different Rast ~smiling at Him warmly~... The Council has no control over the intrest that an auction may or may not have but the girl chose to leave over it... and her ~pointing at the Theif~ whatever had since had a pole up His butt against GS since and Me personally... though why I don't know for I had nothing to do with the auction... or the response...
kanda is hurt but the girl will not turn away from GS... what others do I personally am not responsible for though there are some that seem to think I am a PK will more power than God around here... if so They would be dead by a horrible tortuous death

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *offering*
slave rape
the sexual use of a slave girl; may be either tender or brutal, casual, deliberate or disciplinary.
Book 10: Tribesman of Gor, page 34
Book 16: Guardsman of Gor, page 184
slave rape position
This is a disciplinary position wherein the slave is ordered to lie supine and motionless in preparation for usage.
Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 202

Deirdre~~~I absolutely agree with that, Stavros........100%.......but that's not what You said.....and that's not what I was referring to.

Gornt~~~ and EK One has hit the nail on the Head while being true to the spirit of Port Kar by leaving the interpretation of the rules to All, we now find ourselves with few paga slaves at all in the GS kolar

shirin{MDK}~~~ hey, shirin will beg for slave rape every day and sometimes ten times a day, but you just had to be in her "shoes" to know that that particulare rape was hurting to her soul..something a girl just can't explain ~shrugs~ and many will never understand til it happens to them

SabreWolf~~~ calia,,your slave belly die??,,or did your feeling get hurt?.

Stavros~~~ ~looks to Sabre~ Both.. her efforts were severly overlooked.. just like jasma's work and shirn's work.. and yes this is GOR but there are real people at the end of this silly computer line that want to come to a place they can call home...

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~ looking toward Captain Sabre ~*
hurt feelings,peaked after finding None here for a long time, in need of a mere tavern girls services.....a girl craves to be molded,trained,whipped,praised...by her Owners....None here having use for this wench

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Case and point...liq....she expressed her feelings, and received answers, some sweet, some kind and some harsh..NOW, upon that basis she felt she was done wrong...and left without further discussion....when in fact slave rape is a part of Gor....and that is how and why the slaves leave GS....and Master's and the Mistress...T/they get pissed off....but running is NOT the answer here.....sticking it out is..vika believes it did hurt her, but that is why one must consider slavery in Gor...all of it...not just pick and choose.~

Stavros~~~ LMAO!!! Typical Kayla.. well everybody.. you can see for yourself on the actions of that fine piece of work.. and you wonder why slaves aren't here.. LOL!!~grinning~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~If truth be known......and vika is going to be very open here...she is owned by a Captain...and she does NOT get used either...sooooo the buck does not stop at Tavern slaves *grins*~

SabreWolf~~~ Stavos,,I've been around a good while now and i've seen them come and go and come back again,,there's a difference in loosing one's belly and hurt feelings,,and if the girl(s) would talk to their Master(in person,icq,email,whatever)before jumping ship,,maybe,just maybe We could work something out,,

Kayla~~~ Stavros ask the slaves ... they are here... only one would speak out against Me and that is yours though I have spent time holding her hand as well... Shut Up for You know not what You speak of...

Molly~~~ Just sits back and shakes Her head~ please.

SabreWolf~~~ what?? you were My favorite dancer,,grins,

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~gently smiling to vika~* but personally owned slaves have FAR more purpose that a tavern wench .......- guidance,direction,purpose and devotion ...to One Who molds and teaches you...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at vika's words~
Very true girl. Many of Us Masters only have a little time for online and Our slaves go wanting for attention just as much as the tavern girls at times.

galah{RA}~~~ this one couldn't agree with you more heaven, and thats why most of our slaves have gone, and why others take long breaks away...but it's hard for the free to understand sis, for they have never and never will walk in our shoes, or our bare feet

Mandi~~~ heavenscent, is that really the case? I would not know directly. I had assumed that the purpose was the same, and that the tavern girls had chosen the relative security of a Tavern collar for reasons, perhaps as a vantage point to be available for the best Master and perhaps out of a genuine desire to be serving in that capacity.

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ it truly is the case,for heaven...Mistress Mandi ~*eyes respectfully lowered to Her~*

topaz{Rast}~~~ aye...topaz went wanting for over three months in a personal kolar...*grinning*

Stavros~~~ Sabre... she did consult mistress Kayla.. and she delicately told her that she was a bad slave and that and that her and her Master are not worth having around GS.. I'd like to tell you verbatim, it on the GS boards.. as to how she felt about calia/heavenscent and I.. An you should most definately cover your ass in these issues.. LOL!!

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~*flattening to the floor, her head on shirins thigh...~* exhausted silent smile....

Kayla~~~ ~smiling as I sit back~

Stavros~~~ speaking to Kayla on that last part of my post.. LOL!!

galah{RA}~~~ did we not speak of this much in slave classes heaven? but as slaves, there is nothing we can do but to leave or take a break? is there someway to really fix this problem so that slaves will stay, for they are real ppl behind that name they use on the keyboard

vika{Marius}~~~ ~But, heaven....persn. or not....without touch, with withdraw, no intimacy or communication...is vika that better off...? Nay....*whispers*~

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~pets heaven's head, smiling down at her heart, exhasuted too just from sitting here~*~

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~*nodding~* aye we did galah...often and seriously it was spoken of....~* guess heaven just broke.....~smiling gently~....

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~smiles to vika~*~ no, never good sis, shirin knows too from silences in her slave life....

vika{Marius}~~~ ~It is a lack of Mastery which causes the slave fire to deminish.....for whatever reason.....~

kisSmet{Kaelan}~~~ *nods big time in agreement with vika* A Free does not need a slave to be Master or Mistress. But a slave needs a Master or Mistress to feel the fire in her belly. Just a smiple fact of Gorean life.


Roleplay during serves

Stavros~~~ Hey.. here's a good one.. look at what the slaves do then look what the Free Men do.. You get a 4 paragraph serve and the you get a post from the Free person.. "Thanks slut"
I've heard a many time that the slaves work hard to come up with these wonderful serves and all they get is a thanks.. I mean cumon.. Roleplay for Preist King's sake.

vika{Marius}~~~ Regarding the serves/dances.....it is very hard for a slave to do either and receive 'no' acknowledgement....Agree with Master Stavros here....role play...*softly*~

Rollo the Ax~~~ serves ARE a lot of work, and many Free just grunt or say little or nothing...

Stavros~~~ WOW.. Rollo... you and I think alike on this subject.. grinning

Kayla~~~ Well I don't know if anyone noticed but one of our own left because her serve was not acknowledged right before the Forum... ~following up on Rollo's words~ but the Tavern was so full and all the greetings and cross talk was hard to follow for Us season vetrans much less some of the visiting and newer ones...
Should We be more viligent I for one says yes... at the expense of being Gorean ... Nawwwww

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~curiously following Mistress Kayla's words~* listening...

Mandi~~~ Kayla, I see that happen more and more, and have on occasion been guilty of being snagged by r/t and screwing up receiving a serve by getting lost **looking at shirin and chuckling as I have had to ask her to help Me cover one or two of thsoe**, but the Free can explain to the slaves and the slaves will usually play along and repair a missed post situation if We just 'fess up and keep the ball rolling.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I think that has happened to us all at one time or another, Kayla and Mandi. I know there have been times I've been distracted with r/t or other thoughts and missed parts of a serve.

Gornt~~~ ~settling back In My furs and listening~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Even if the Free do not acknowledge the dance or serve...vika finishes and happy that she was able to serve. It does not discourage her, it causes her to strive to be better, hoping that next time...They will acknowledge her. *respectfully* As a slave works on her slavery, vika thinks it should be the same for Mastery....It is a growing process.....If a Master acknowledges the girls...or Mistress...the girls will try harder and ache in their belly to serve again....it is the Master that causes the heat to increase.....for a slave to burn to learn.~

well said, vika. The Free Women have a role, though a different one, and the best of the slaves serve Us quite well for the most part, but it is the Men for whom the girls truly burn.

Rast Dulan~~~ Looking at Kayla...why did kanda leave earlier. I was as guilt as any in the bustle of people entering...but she offered to dance...and she did...but was not acknowledged...and I am sorry for that. So it does not necessarily need pampering...but some consideration.

Kayla~~~ Rast I tried My best to get her back... her feelings were hurt... she knew how busy the Tavern was and took it personally anyway...

SabreWolf~~~ she didn't give Me time,,laughs,,

Stavros~~~ ~looking to Sabre....grinning~ well you better quicken up on your skills.. can't let those fine potential slaves slip away like that.. *WEG*

Kovak~~~ let me ask this does Port Kar allow slave to act like Free & Free to be slave for one day

Kayla~~~ Nay Kovak... Kajuralia (sp) is not done in Port Kar

Mandi~~~ One of the things I hear from some of the slaves is that serving the Free Women is an unwanted chore, as they crave the attention from the Men. I agree that the girls should burn for the attention of the Men. And I hear complaints that serves are boring and redundant. So, where are the alternatives being presented? Arent' there other significant ways to "serve" other than bringing v/t drinks?

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~smiling to Mistress Mandi~* oooh a zillion ways slaves can serve,instead of merely serving v/t drinks....takes a tiny bit of creativity for Both....*s*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~If it is said that a serve is redundant....then O/one should check the motives.....Two things here: The Master is not causing the belly to burn, the slave is not trying hard to change her serves and attract...or she is just boring...oh...that is three...*LOL* vika tries to change each serve...even if there are 5 back to back.....but the Master brings the FIRE...........omg....Some vika would dry up like a prune...well not really...*laughs* But others...WHEW.....Strength is what a slave likes, her hair yanked, control, to see lust in the Master's eyes....*fans self* toss her ass over a table and bong her...with or without grillin' sauce...*winks*~

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** vika I have never heard a Man say the serves are redundant, especially yours, it has been the slaves stating that serving the same old kalana, paga, and so forth is redundant.

Molly~~~ ~hee hee~ Grillin Sauce

Rollo the Ax~~~ slaves serves ??? On one hand, slaves are here TO serve, that is their lot in vt life.. but does that mean that the ONLY thing they are good for is VT drinks ??? Good God, does GS need a chapter of VT AA ??? Don't ask a slave to do ANYTHING, if you are NOT ready AND willing to WATCH, appresiate, enjoy, and interact.... How many times can ANYBODY here say they have seen Rollo ask for a drink ???

shirin{MDK}~~~ hoping she don't disrespect her new Master, but if any know Him, He only likes kalda, that's it, kalda...so shirin has two choices...one, serve it the same always and grow bored or two, strive to please Him with all she is and be creative, make it new each and every time, in turn please Him and He will stir her fires hotter...she just know it ~*~grins and blushes, touching His ko~lar~*~

Mandi~~~ **chuckling softly at shirin** a girl does realize that We have the best online kalda in all of Gor here, none of that premixed crap fermenting too long in the kettle and losing its nutrition and flavors

Rast Dulan~~~ Remembering shirin's furring comment..but surely he likes more than kalda...grins...

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ personally knowing what those ~stingy~ spices of kalda do to a Man ~*meowing softly to shirin,gigglin*~

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~giggles hearing Mistress and nods hard at being corrected by Master Dulan~*~ ooooo yes, Master, there is *one* other thing He likes, hehehehe ~*~wiggles in the furs, knockin heaven off her lap and hugs her quick~*~
opps sorry sis, hehehehe

topaz{Rast}~~~ *laughing hearing shirin*



Kaelan~~~ Not all slaves need to be torched to learn their place.

Kaelan~~~ sometimes a kind word works better then the whip

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~*gentle eyes,find Master Kaelan~* a kind word, a whipping.,punishment physically..anything but ignoring a slave - it makes them die inside......~lowering her head~*

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Aye, sometimes the lack of whip does make a better slave. *smiles* Each Master would know that in knowing His kajira.......and the effectiveness there of..

topaz{Rast}~~~ ayeeeee....*looks up at heavenscent..in total agreement...*
being ignored is the absolute worst punishment!!that and knowing in her heart if she has disappointed....no amount of beatings, whippings, can compare to that

kisSmet{Kaelan}~~~ *smiles at vika and noda in agreement* if a girl survives on Gor she must stay fluid like water and alert. To be able to adjust to the situtation or the Free she serves. This one learned she must serve each Free as though her very life depended upon being found pleasing, for it might just come to that. It is the slave who adjusts to the circumstances not the Free.

galah{RA}~~~ **agreeing with heaven** yes, that is like punishment, want to punish a slave, then ignore her....its almost like plunging a knife into her slavebelly.....and far to many slaves are ignored, there serves are not acknowledged although since galahs return, she thinks that has improved muchly....so many Masters, near all of them have their own slaves so tavern slaves are not often used, just ignored

vika{Marius}~~~ ~kisSmet...that is so true...so true. *winks*~

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~* nearly in tears,looking to galah~* yes, serve painful punishment....



Kaelan~~~ BDSM is subbies topping thier Masters

Rast Dulan~~~ Chuckling...good one Kaelan

Errand Knight~~~ Kaelan: and that is Your personal experience?

Kaelan~~~ *ERRAND* no that my opinion

Kaelan~~~ I have met too many from BDSM rooms on IRC to think differently

SabreWolf~~~ just curious,,but how is that bdsm room different?,,more Men?,,better Masters?,,more sex?/

Deirdre~~~ *looking at Sabre* BDSM rooms have less protocol.....more freedom.....less rules......

Saevus Draco~~~ ~snorts at the use of "Masters" and "bdsm" in the same sentence.

Errand Knight~~~ Kaelan: I respect Your right to have an opinion even if different from Mine ...your wording suggested not an opinion but a dogmatic statement ..perhaps You may have a different opinion if You mixed with rt D/s rt based it on vt Player opinion ...sort of like relying on formulating an informed opinion on gor by watching the behaviour of HNG

SabreWolf~~~ I meant the bdsm room our slaves in particular are goin to,they fight there more than here from what I read,,chuckle

SabreWolf~~~ Saevus,,You know what I meant,,grins,,

Molly~~~ Sabre~ in the bdsm rooms its more freedom at times the subs run the rooms, but there are no consequences~

Kayla~~~ ~Nodding at the opinion of Saevus~

Kaelan~~~ *ERRAND* if i had more time i could talk your ear off with my encounter with people from BDSM rooms

Kaelan~~~ and none of them good

Saevus Draco~~~ Ai, I am aware of what you refer to... bdsm rooms are just a pet peeve of mine

galah{RA}~~~ in a bdsm room, a girl doesn't have to do what she is told...a subbie rules their doms....it seems to this one that those just off the street become better goreans than those that come from bdsm rooms, just this ones humble opinion

SabreWolf~~~ so they leave so they can run the rooms??
Captain,I have no suggestions to get more GS slaves other than raid and capture,,cause I ain't lettin them run the room,,grins other than that i'll get My own mead,,

Mandi~~~ galah, I have heard both sides of that argument, and Some prefer to find subbies and test them for slaveheart **looking to topaz** and Some prefer to find them on Gor.
Both communities will have some overlap, and that is just a fact. And the fact that slaves go to the other realm for a respite or to get away from Gor will always be as well.
Is the problem a lack of slaves or a lack of Masters?

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~*looking seriously to Master Sabre,upon hearing His words.... ~* please Master,do heavens words to You,seem like she asks for much? to run the room? ~*softness to a wenches face*~ truly wanting to know what He thinks.....

SabreWolf~~~ no calia,,smiles,,I think you just needed a lil break from Gor and I'm sorry you didn't come talk to Me first,,I don't think you lost your belly,,not even for a ehn


Opinions and Status

Stavros~~~ This is forum Kayla.. we should be listening to all.. regardless of stature!!

Kayla~~~ ~holding a hand up~ Don't start Stavros... I am not in the mood... I can state My opinion as well as anyOne else...

Stavros~~~ ~chuckling at Kayla... ~ yep.. everyone has opinions.. Right Rollo.. LOL!!

Stavros~~~ LMAO!! at Kayla.. yeah and you wonder why I left.. I think that woman needs a collar around her neck.. and Rollo.. being the Captain of this tavern better advise your Advisor to do so.. If she want's to bring up dirt we can do that.. but personally I'd rather not and try and help the tavern instead.. It may not be my home anymore, but that Free Woman needs to know her place.

Karmania~~~ Oh Dear

Kayla~~~ FU Stavros... this is a Forum and I will speak as I wish...

Molly~~~ Well I tell You what~ I Myself for One does not like being yelled at or called stupid or the disgrace of Sabre when Im trying to learn OK?? so maybe its a lil personal for Me Yeah it is but if it wasnt for a great few I would not have continued to learn more and if someone else approches Me and states the same opinion well Yeah I think theres a problem~

Kyoto~~~ Ok, people, this forum does not need todissolve into personal attacks, we all pretty much know who doesn't like who... so let's stick to the subject at hand

Kayla~~~ This is not a place for personal attacks and I agree with that but I did not start this attack.... and if not a Forum I would not speak out but this is crazy that a Man who throws away His pledge is always disrupting the Tavern all the time...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika looks at Master Rollo...and risks the post here.....but decides to open up and let it fly....she will say it....Some slaves want to be pampered and not serve, some the opposite. Some slaves want kindness...more than Gor offers...so they travel into BDSM. Some Master's do not get Their way so They toss a fit...and leave because They feel it is Their way or the highway....and They do not Master the sluts in here..whip them, fuck them, touch them...hell, keep in touch with them and wonder why none stay???..much less pay attention when they bust their ass to serve and dance...then you have the FW...some obey rules, some do not, some wear veils, some do not, some abide by protocols and some do not....it is the hypocricy that W/we all feel and see....and change does not want to be faced...because it hurts.....vika does get tired of the game being played and not all the rules applying the same to each player....but this is her Home....this is her family...and she will be killed before running away instead of fighting....gazes back to Master Rollo and crosses her tiny wrists...she mean't no disrespect....*softly* But vika will just blurt it out...~

Rollo the Ax~~~ And just WHAT is the * place * of pledged FW or non pledged Men ??? and WHY is it * MY * place ??? Y'all want to fight about ** he said/ she said * or * I * don't think that is right, and so EVERYBODY should think the same way ** ???? THIS is the weekly forum.. and If ANYBODY wants to voice opinions, THIS is the place to do it... NOT the place to pick fights over differences of opinions... but the overall idea is to offer solutions NOT just complain...

Deirdre~~~ *looking at vika.........so proud of her bravery and honesty........knowing that she honors Gor in her words and actions*

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening silently to the words being shared back and forth between everyone.. taking a deep breath.. then looking up to her Owner.. before lowering them to speak*..
with much respect to all here.. perhaps if everyone takes a look around and instead of pointing fingers at someone else.. they should point that finger to themselves as to why slaves aren't here.. or Free for that matter..Yes, Mistress Kayla is an Advisor of the Tavern..yes, Master Stavros was a Patron of the Tavern, but listen to yourselves..
one blaming the other for things.. the other telling the first *FU or shut up*.. and yet.. instead of doing the little bosk dung thing.. put your heads together and come up with a solution.. take your own responsibility in this..
This one has been here 4 years.. and she's seen good times and bad times hit GS.. and yet.. the same thing continues to exist by blaming another instead of blaming ourselves.. yes.. this one even blames herself for not being here as often as she once was, due to RT..
But please, we're supposed to be adults here and this sure in the hell isn't showing an adult attitude on many of our parts..

Stavros~~~ DAMN.. That kijara vika hit the nail on the head.. couldn't be more clear..~nodding at vika.. grinning~

topaz{Rast}~~~ *bites her lip, staying quiet, scribing...*

Stavros~~~ ~looking to Rollo's post..~ You said it best..

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ ~*warmest smiles to both vika and jasma~* ....very intelligent,beloved kajirae

Molly~~~ jas it's still favoritism, I know if Id told someone FU~ Sabre & the Councial would have got 20 letters of why Molly doesnt resoect Gor~ shakes head I'm sorry the way people get treated should go both ways~ I'm not taking sides but it's a fact~

Mandi~~~ I suppose that W/we sometimes suffer a credibility gap in here, even with E/each O/other.

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~claps lil hands hearing jaz and winks to her~*~ well said mistress!

Stavros~~~ ~looking to jasma..~ Hon.. that's what I'm doing. I have made several attempts to help remedy this slave situation and I'm not even a patron of this tavern.. what does that say about me.. I haven't seen one positive comment from Kayla on how to bring in tavern slaves but to only argue with me.. ~laughing and shaking my head~

galah{RA}~~~ **claps small hands in support of vika and jasma, knowing they are saying what must be said, then looking up to her ever so wise Master**

Rast Dulan~~~ Thinking if a slave came in today during forum...she would high tail it to the hills...Kovak would not even have to throw her in the canal...winks...

Kayla~~~ That is crap Molly...The Man attacked Me and has been here in the Tavern and on the boards.... Don't even get Me started with along this vein...I am and have acted appropriately in the Tavern

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *pushing lips against Master's thigh.. and listening more.. *

Mandi~~~ Boskdung, Molly, You receive Your fair share of favoritism, so why not pick some cheese to go with that whine?

Deirdre~~~ *looking at Molly incredulously* Dear Lady......You need to be real careful when You start talking about double standards. Double standards have been effecting FW here in GS for weeks and weeks.

Stavros~~~ See Kayla.. slaves do have a mind and are very truthful, I wonder why you feel like you will be over runed by them.. I don't feel that way.. I think the slaves are worth every copper tarsk..

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling at Mandi's comment as I return to My furs~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *softly*.. a Free Woman remains Free because it is the desire of the Men, or the Protector to have Her remain that way.. whereas.. jaz's Protector was the One that pointed out that jaz was no longer acting like a Free.. hence.. a girl submitted.. because He was right..

vika{Marius}~~~ ~O/our Home should be in unity...able to discuss without fury.....and W/we should A/all display O/our Home as a strong Home......Council is here for a reason...to govern...the protocols are not set just to be set....and about HONOR......Honor above All....how about, for slaves...absolute obedience and exquisite beauty, and for FW...integrity....proud of Who They are.....vika wanted to leave many times.....because of the fighting, leaving because O/one does get His way.....W/we have an awesome Council of Captains, W/we have the best FW...and slaves...beyond compare......but W/we need to be here....support O/our home....and respect Council....may not agree with Their decisions...but respect Them....*softly* And for goodness sakes....it is always Master/Woman/slave.....~

topaz{Rast}~~~ *looking up*
it is so very hard when a busy night here at forum, and topaz has to scribe and cannot speak freely as she is too busy
topaz has been in here almost every day for the last 3 months or more...and at all times has she found Mistress Kayla and Lady Mandi to be so supportive, kind and helpfull!!....she serves Them with joy, pride and honor every time!!
*eyes flashing*

Mandi~~~ Perhaps, Rast, or perhaps a very intelligent one would see a place in which People care enough to air differences and sort through to find solutions, instead of a place where Noone bothers even to show up.

Stavros~~~ Well jas.. I think you need to talk to a Free Woman on that.. Because that Woman has no rules when it comes to Man.. ~grinning~

galah{RA}~~~ Master Stavos, in all respect a girl has a question....why did you take back your pledge then try to make changes to gs, for now everyone says this isn't your home so you have no rights to say and do the things you do...if there was things you did not like, couldn't you have stayed and contacted the council? we have lost far to many good Masters along with so many good slaves, and the two go together...if there are no Masters, slaves won't come and vice versa

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~offers~ in the past few days, Mistress Kayla has been a very strong sounding board for this girl and ~thinking back~ always has, not once can a girl think of that She's not been either kind or strong with a girl to correct her ~*~smiles up to the lovely Mistress Kayla~*~ She would never be a reason for this one's leaving

Molly~~~ WHAT????? GIMME A BREAK! The ONLY reason why I even exist is because of HIM!!!! pointing~ You tell Me how its fair that I can get accused of being a slave and have people outside of Gor try to seal My fate~ You tell Me how is it another Woman twist lies and start more crap then i care to say! You tell Me how is it because I didnt answer someones question they threaten to go to he councial ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Ive been through HELL!!!! and if it wasn't for Sabre I wouldnt have My freedom so yes Im gonna speak My mind for sure NOW!!! and When does OUR relationship revole around what OTHERS think~

Deirdre~~~ *smiling at topaz for stating things so eloquently.........then grinning*
And.......she is actually a REAL slave......no less.....

Rast Dulan~~~ Sure Mandi...but much of the conversation has nothing to do with the topic...just lobbing grenades and ducking...

Kayla~~~ nodding to the words of the FW...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding agreement with galah's words~

Mandi~~~ topaz, that is kind of a girl to say, but the simple fact of the matter is that any Gorean setting requires the Men to run it, to make it work, and no W/woman--Free or slave--can make or break a Gorean Home.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ *listening*.. but Master Stavros for jaz to even suggest something like that to a Free isn't proper.. if a slave told jaz that back then.. jaz would had been horrified.. and then would had sought punishment for the girl that suggested it..
this one don't wish to be punished..

topaz{Rast}~~~ aye Lady Deirdre, a REAL slave, deep in her heart and soul...*smiles softly at the beautiful Lady, then up to her RT/VT Master*

Deirdre~~~ *smiling at Molly* That is exactly right. Any other Woman would be wearing a kolar right now. The only reason You exist is because of Him.

Molly~~~ I'm very REAL!!! I'm very very REAL!!! I'm sorry but I dont kiss ass to get by in rt and I damn sure won't do it vt! please! Every since I been with Sabre all it's been shes not GS she this OH SABRE that Molly Molly~ Her icons her attitude OH SHE WAS KOLARD~ lets get her lets get her! So I'm very REAL!

Rast Dulan~~~ Smiling down into my girl's eyes...leaning her back a bit...my heart beating against her...

galah{RA}~~~ galah has always found the FW, Mistress Kayla and Mistress Mandi to be the utmost prime examples of a strong FW....for if galah had the problems thrown at her like Mistress Kayla, this one would of left long long ago....and was it not for those two FW, GS would sit empty much of the time and there would be no one here to help the new ppl that do come in

Kovak~~~ chuckling hard,,at all the others getting pissed over lil things

Kayla~~~ ~~smiling softly~ I agree Molly no relationships revolve around what others think here in GS, On Gor or on Earth...
GS only sees to GS... as it should be everything else is personal

Rollo the Ax~~~ I agree vika... on many of your points...as do I with some things said by others here... Do * I * have all the answers ??? can I wave a magic wand and fix EVERY friggen thing wrong with GS or on-line Gor ??? HELL NO !!! but I CAN keep plugging along and keep TRYING to do as much as * I * can... Maybe folks here think that GS runs just the way Rollo wants it ??? Do Y'all ??? Anybody think that I have the POWER to FIX everything ??? You know, even I only have one vote on rules and policy.. there has always been 2,3,4,5... other Captains in GS and it runs the way that the MAJORITY wants... I have had changes or rules that I wanted that did NOT happen... So WHY is it so hard for SO MANY other ppl to accept that maybe YOU are NOT going to get things YOUR way either ???? GROW the HELL up, and learn to act like ADULTS, before I start asking for proof that some of Y'all are old enough to be here... Like I have said before, and will say again... ** Be part of the solution, NOT part of the problem... **

Mandi~~~ **listening to Molly's tantrum, then turning My attention to the real topic at hand**

Advice For Free Women

Just a few notes for any who wish to be a Free Woman:
Make your choice wisely after watching, observing and learning….never make quick snap judgments... but do remember a Free Woman can become a slave, either by choice or at the hand of a Gorean Male and once a slave there is no turning back.
Become the best that you can as a Free Woman, enjoy the position of Free Woman, learn the limits of playfulness and enjoy those limits…dress appropriately in gown, and robes; a head covering with attached veils; the number of robes and veils can vary.
Learn to accept your position as Free Woman, for the slaves come first in the Gorean males eyes and there are days you will feel quite alone, but the rewards are many…a Free Woman can be looked up to by others and respected in her own right.
The slaves can be your friend, they will serve you loyally, never go a time without praising them for their care and serves, and learn to pay with coins or something special that you alone will use to bond with them…..remember, at a moment's notice you could become a slave.
Always ask questions, form a bond with other Free Women, and keep observing, learning and above all else…have fun.
Finally and above all, Respect the Gorean male as He rules Gor!

Karmania~~~ whispering "Oh Dear"

Molly~~~ No Deidre because HE BELIEVES ME!!!!!! And THAT'S why I exsists! People need to mind their own damn business~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika gazes towards Mistress Kayla and smiles....Mistress, vika is honored that You are Advisor here. And frankly....You are pretty much always here.....which speaks for itself. There have been times that You have advised vika.....now, sometimes it pissed her off...*respectfully* But that is Your place here...to advise...You have helped many slaves.....vika has seen it...it is not just O/one of U/us that is failing here...it is A/all of U/us...*softly* It is so easy to point that ole Gorean finger the other way...but remember the other fingers are in Y/your direction...accept fault and move on....As Master Marius would say...GET OVER IT!!!!!! But vika has to say....the Gorean way is Man above Woman......period. Each of U/us has a function, a place....let U/us stay in it.~

Stavros~~~ galah.. I posted it on the board so many times... and I put calia's words in it as well.. I'm sorry if I don't re-type the whole issue.. but lets say it was lack of Roleplaying from the elite's and the hard work of a kijara was severly overlooked.. she came prepared with alot of serving and dancing written up for the auction and agian.. she was pretty much ignored.. Ask Lemuel he was there and so was jasma... the feelings were felt thoughout the room that night..

SabreWolf~~~ pulls out some coppers for wagering,,then grins,,looking round

Gornt~~~ unable to stand any more of Her whining~
Molly I agree You are Real, a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS of everyone in every room One has ever been in. Unfortunately it is now GS' turn in the barrel

Lemuel~~~ ~clapping at Rollo's words~ Well said Captain!

Kayla~~~ ~smiling at the girls tears gathering at their words~
I only try to help...

Molly~~~ Oh wait~ When Molly expresses Her opinion it's a tantrum, but when Others tell another to Fuck off it's Gorean???? Just laffs whatever~

Mandi~~~ Molly, then act like an adult Free Woman and not some prima dona subbie princess. You write Your own script in here, Noone else does.

topaz{Rast}~~~ *giggling, head down, hand cramping from scribing*

Deirdre~~~ Molly......Because I am a FW of Gor.....and because what One FW does really and truly does effect All FW.....it IS My business. My opinion......yes.......and My business.

SabreWolf~~~ topaz,,I think you can edit some of the entires,,unless it's a close fight,,laughs,,i wouldn't wanna lose any coppers,,laughs

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling at Sabre's comment~

Kayla~~~ I agree vika... it is a Man's world and in some ways I have failed but will I quit... No I hope to learn from those mistakes and try harder... for all of GS

shirin{MDK}~~~ ~*~listens to Master Rollo~*~ yes Master, shirin will do her part and serve and be pleasing to the Free

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika slaps her thigh with glee at Master Rollo's words......be a solution...aye...And Mistress Molly? Your words ring true as well on issues at times....*grins* FW need to remember Their position...so to speak....that is all. You have changed a lot....there are standards for FW....like the rest.~

Molly~~~ ~files Her nails~ waits for next topic~

Deirdre~~~ *grinnin at Sabre* It all depends on who You are bettin on, Bubba......

Molly~~~ Thank you vika~ Thank "YOU"~

vika{Marius}~~~ ~There are no need for tantrums...this is the exact thing that tears GS apart.....it is a Forum for A/all to speak....W/we all fall short...E/everyone wondered why...well, it is all out now.~

SabreWolf~~~ if Yall are finished,,i could use a paga,,grins,,

Gornt~~~ read all vika's post Molly, there are standards, learn them

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Aye Stavros, I was here and I was disappointed with the turn out as much as anyone. BUT, I didn't have a puplic outburst over it either. I stayed and tryed to work toward making things better by HONORING My pledge

galah{RA}~~~ one night in the tavern made the end it all for you and your girl Master Stavros? you know how long it takes to make changes just as Master Rollo said, votes to be counted and such....one of the most important things on all of gor is honor and it seems you so quickly pulled your pledge....and yet you still wish to slam ppl...galah only wishes you would of kept your honor and helped try to solve the problems instead of only making more problems....not everyone here is going to like everyone else, galah dares say that there are some she won't even come into gs to serve....but can't we at least get along when everyone is here? just think what a great party this could of been with this many Masters, FW and slaves....instead its turned ugly

Stavros~~~ I know what your saying Lemuel.. but maybe the tables would have been turned if you had a walk in the same shoes that I walked in or calia for that matter... Ohhh forgot.. slaves don't have shoes.. LOL!!!

SabreWolf~~~ Stavos,,I gotta be honest,,last year,at the festivale,not one spar,,all weekend,,yea,,it hurt,,but i got over it and went own,,sparring,r/p'ing,cause it's a part of Me,,not something i can just walk away from.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika thinks A/all just need to abide by Council rules, act the part Y/you portray.....if Master...Master..but do it the best You can. If slave, slave....work hard, study, remember you are dirt and live by the grace of Master. Mistress....act accordingly....Robes, veil, integrity....it is said that a Mistress is a slave in waiting *ducks* but only a step above slave...so FW are answerable to WHO???? Man.....and can be face stripped....~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Maybe so, but We are different people, so Maybe not.

Kayla~~~ ~Turning to Sabre~
Aye I am through Captain

Kovak~~~ chuckles,,give me a sleen over a slave any day,,granted I'm happy with the one i have but i still like my sleens better

Molly~~~ ~mutters to Herself~ Molly had fun during festival~ loved "meat catch" and guess that slave and watching topaz dance was a very big highlight~

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay, if nothing else get said or understood, lets TRY and get this point made.... ** EVERY person.. Master, FW, slave, or trained urt, is ONLY responsible for their OWN action IN GS... ** That means if somebody else fucks up, it is THEIR problem, not yours...you might need to point it out to try and help them LEARN, but for Gods sake, DON'T make a career out of it.... and it is ONLY in GS.. any person here can be a Nazi Nun Klan member transvestite from Jerry Springer in RT for all I give a damn... but when Y'all enter GS, ACT the part of the GOREAN role you have chosen, or don't bother entering... can everybody at LEAST agree to THAT ?????

Stavros~~~ galah.. trust me when I say I know exactly what your saying.. ~grinning~ Hmmm.. alot of typing to answer this concern.. lets just say.. I was questioning the rules of GS.. regardless of retribution... and I have always been trying to explain that.. my views are not necessarily the same as everyone elses and I'm not trying to changes them to mine.. I'm only questioning them. Anyway.. I'm here now trying to help.. that all..

mischief{WH}~~~ ~laughing well at the sleen comment~

Molly~~~ Aii~ Captain Rollo I do

SabreWolf~~~ "Nazi Nun Klan member transvestite from Jerry Springer in RT",,I seen that episode!!!grins,,,and I've always stood by that protcall,Be Gorean or Be gone(atleasst try)

Deirdre~~~ Captain Rollo......AMEN and AMEN!!!!

mischief{WH}~~~ ~chuckling again to herself, being a good girl~

galah{RA}~~~ galah thinks you was a good Master Master Stavros...not that her opinion means a pile of beans to you hehehehehheee it just seems to galah that your help to make some great changes would of been better accepted if you had not taken away your pledge, for many free won't respect you now, they might have before....galah would be one of the first to say that changes need to be made, for she just returned from an extended time away for some of the same reasons that heaven says...and galah KNOWS she is in no way a subbie princess, never has been, never will even though some may say that a slave leaves just because she don't get attention or don't get her own way

Kayla~~~ ~Nodding to Rollo words~ Aye

Kovak~~~ i agree with you Rollo
that was stated to me with i took my pledge here at GS I i try hard as Hell to stay within that role ,,it just a role nothing more can't take personal it just Gor,,if I acted work & got the Role killed i just go on with life lol

Rast Dulan~~~ Looking at the Man...agreed Rollo...

vika{Marius}~~~ ~Agreed, Master Rollo.....*softly*~

heavenscent{HellBent}~~~ *~melting as heaven reads galah's words~* thank you deeply...

Stavros~~~ Thank You galah... I'm working on that very issue.. give your Master a nudge for me.. LOL!!

vika~~~ ~vika smiles...looking at all the Patrons...slaves....and the banter....this how GS use to be.....love it!!~

Kayla~~~ I thought some did a pretty god job of it tonight... Look forward to round 2 though *S*

topaz{Rast}~~~ *wonders if Forum is over as she peaks up from the papers*

Rast Dulan~~~ Ok...so is this over..I need a drink...bad.

Mandi~~~ Nay, topaz, it has been extended for another six ahn, and this is just the intermission. **chuckling**

mischief{WH}~~~ ~giggling at Mistress Mandi~

topaz{Rast}~~~ *groans as she hears Mistress Mandi...her cramped fingers wrapped around the writing stick...instead of around her Master.....giggles*

RastDulan~~~ Pointing into the corner...saying ..look at that...as topaz looks over I grasp the writing stick...flinging it into the other corner...whistling again...looking to the rafters...

topaz{Rast}~~~ *laughing...looks up and leans in to kiss Him*

galah{RA}~~~ vika, galah agrees with all you had to say, not that galahs thoughts are a pile of beans to you either heheheheheheheee hehehehehehehehehee a girl wishes to thank you for words that needed to be said, now it will be up to the Masters to see that something is done

Rollo the Ax~~~ Gornt... dirty or not, things such as this need spoken of openly... it happens in every site...LOL.. today was GS's turn....LOL..LOL.

vika{Marius}~~~ ~vika hopes that maybe there will be thought....and galah, vika has learned so much from you. So much...and having you as her sister means the world to her..
Thank You Master Rollo for the latitude to speak openly......*softly*

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. Well.. time to call it a night for the forum ???? LOL.. I thank everybody for coming and taking part... same time next week... maybe I'll have a topic that won't start a fight ...???? LOL...LOL.. and then again, maybe we will ....LOL.. be well, all...

Mandi~~~ Best to come up with a topic Noone cares about then, Captain. **chuckling**

Kayla~~~ Be well Captain *S* and thank You...

topaz{Rast}~~~ *carefully rolling the papers and placing the writing stick aside, smiles* topaz thanks You Master Rollo for moderating a most interesting forum