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slaves - the usage of third person speech
You can't punish me - attitudes

slaves - the usage of first and third person speech

Sabre Wolf ~~~ looks round,,Seems I'm in charge!,,grins,,this could be intesting,,Anyone have any topic they'd like to suggest?

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~hearing Master SabreWolf's words.. anxiously awaiting.. then looking to sis zoya.. smiling thankfully~

Sabre Wolf~~~ I have 2 topics I'd like to discuss,,
slaves speakin in 3rd person,,,
as well as punishment of slaves,,who can?when should they?what do the books say?ect?ect?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding as the Captain brings forth the first topics~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to the topics brought forth.. wondering which will be spoke of first~

Kayla~~~ ok... let's take the third person thing?... why do We do it anyway?.... Is it BDSM???

Lemuel~~~ In the books a slave would sometimes speak in third person to show formal deference to a free.

Gornt~~~ ~nodding to lara as the topic is offered~

Sabre Wolf~~~ it's always been that way since I've been around, I feel it's a matter of control Kayla,,We're limited to what we can do in this medium and that's just one way,,besides,,I kinda like it(personally,,grin)

Sabre Wolf~~~ thanks Lem,,grins,,

Gornt~~~ It is My understanding that the slaves owned nothing including personal pronouns as a sign of their status

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~hearing Mistress Kayla's words~
nae, Mistress.. with respect.. it's not a BDSM thing.. it was in the books to reinforce a girl's thinking to her being a slave.. many instances a Free would tell a girl to speak as a slave.. the reason she believes that online many places still want a girl to speak in third person is for that reason.. a girl knows that many chat sites don't require a girl to speak in third person.. but there are just as many that still do.. if a home don't require it.. that's fine.. jaz will adhere to the rules.. but if it does.. like GS.. then she will speak in third person.. as that's the rules for here..

Kayla~~~ Well Sabre thats all good in Your World but for the rest of Us?.... Just joking... ~winking at the brute~
I agree that is a good part of training for the slaves... they have a harder time of mouthing off in third person ~grin~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to the Captain~ It's kind of self-effacing speech. Like the slave is less important then the Free so they can't use "I" or "me"

Sabre Wolf~~~ seems the books even back Me,,laughs,,I've just noticed it slippin more than it should,,sometimes,,,

Gornt~~~ I agree, with both of You, although I don't notice it here very much

Sabre Wolf~~~ I agree with it,,,so far the slaves ain't commented,,first person or 3rd,,laugh,,,ect jas

Errand Knight~~~ there are fewer instances of lilones speaking in third person in bdsm than in gor sites ...I enjoy it greatly ..to Me the difference between a slave girl and a bdsm subbie

calia{GS}~~~ wondering....~ her eyes low upon Master Sabres' boots...
does One hear it more regularly from slaves , who have not been so devoted to GS? .....~ this girl believes her chain sisters dont "slip" *eg*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Master SabreWolf.. whispering~.. a girl offered her opinion on it Master.. respectfully

Sabre Wolf~~~ I agree Gornt,it's one of the things what makes them "kariji",,not some subbie

Sabre Wolf~~~ I know jas,,my spellins a lil off tonight,,smile

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ en feels a submissive rush upon her when using third person ~s~ aye ~s~ she likes it ~s

zoya{GS}~~~ zoya perfers third person, keeps her in character and constantly reminding her of what and who she is.... a slave
~*~offering quietly~*~

Lemuel~~~ ~scratching head~ I'm not sure, but I think it mentions third person speach as part of the training Vella receives in "Assassin"

a girl found a few quotes after the discussion and thought she could place them here.

"Does Phyllis remember the lash?" asked Flaminius.
The girl's eyes widened with fear. "Yes," she said
"Then say so," said Flaminius.
I whispered in Gorean to Ho-Tu, as though I could not understand what was transpiring. "What is he doing with them?"
Ho-Tu shrugged. "He is teaching them they are slaves," he said
"I remember the lash," said Phyllis
"Phyllis remembers the lash," corrected Flaminius.
"I am not a child!" she cried.
"You are a slave," said Flaminius.
"No," she said. "No!"
"I see," said Flaminius, sadly, "it will be necessary to beat you."
"Phyllis remembers the lash," said the girl numbly.
"Excellent," said Flaminius. "Phyllis will be good. Phyllis will eat her gruel. Phyllis will drink her water."
She looked at him with hatred.
His eyes met hers and they conquered. She dropped her head, turning it to one side. "Phyllis will be good," she said. "Phyllis will eat her gruel. Phyllis will drink her water."
"Excellent," commended Flaminius.
Assassin of Gor, page 131

Sabre Wolf~~~ anyone here have a different opinion on this subject?

Shadowglade~~~ there are also instances of it throughout "Hunters", "Tribesman", and "Slave Girl".....

"Buy me!" she begged. "Buy me! You are rich! You can buy me!"
"Is that how a slave begs?" I asked.
"Buy Tana!" she wept. "Buy Tana!"
Hunters of Gor, page 61

"My thanks," she whispered, "Master."
"You are in the first group, twenty-third girl," I said. "I hear among the men that you are quite good."
"A girl is grateful," she said, "if men should find her pleasing."
Tribesmen of Gor, page 345

en~tarna {HoS}~~~ nods in agreement with her sisters ~ aye ~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ there are many instances where third person speech isn't a *must* here.. like in slave discussion classes, unless a Free is there and They want the girls to speak in third person.. or on the Auxiliary Board.
also.. if a girl is white silk in training.. while in slave discussions it's required that they continue to speak in third person until they have advanced to yellows..
one new has a harder time being able to switch between first and third person speech where as one that isn't *new* the switching part on that isn't as hard for them..

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Advisor's words~ Yes, though the slaves in the books don't always use it.

Gornt~~~ We could wind up with the Post looking like a slave tree

Sabre Wolf~~~ Gornt..I should think if I was to tie a slave to the post and whip her,,Someone will tell her Master,,no doubt,,laugh

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding at the Builder in return* Aye, it would seem that it mainly occurred when the slaves in question would resort to it, in order to placate, or otherwise sway their Master's...usually while begging for something or other...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Yes, a slave begging use or trying to drum up business for her Master's tavern, etc. always seemed to use third person speech.

"It has been long since I have owned you," he said.
I looked up at him, boldly. "Own me again at the Chatka and Curla," I whispered.
"You are a curvacious, tempting little slut," said he, "- Yata."
"Does Yata dare to suspect," I asked, "that Master once cared for her a little?"
"Does a slave girl wish to be whipped?" he asked.
"No, Master," I said, head down.
"I have other matters to attend to," he said.
I looked up, frightened. "Please, Master," I begged. "Come with Yata to the Chatka and Curla."
Slave Girl of Gor, page 349

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ with respect.. this one has noticed many not adhering to the standard of the rules set forth by Gorean Shores.. it's been said that in GS.. slaves will use third person speech.. even on the GS board itself.. but some seem to feel that it don't matter, since their Owners don't mind them speaking in first person.. jaz feels that's fine and dandy.. but also follow the rules of that site.. if it says third person.. then speak in third person.. she truly don't understand how hard it is to follow the rules set forth.. ~confused.. sighing~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the first girl's words~ Yes, it is only simple respect for the patrons of the room to follow the rules.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Master Lemuel.. burying face against His arm.. mouth shut.. listening~


You can't punish me - attitudes

Kayla~~~ so what should be done about it and by Whom?... Second half of the question *S*

Sabre Wolf~~~ well yea Homie,,punishment in general,,but that's a good example to use,,smile

Gornt~~~ but what will be the punishment, and Who reports the deed?

Kayla~~~ reports?

Kayla~~~ correction there and then by a Free Person... Any Free Person and if a repeat offender.... ~shruggs

Gornt~~~ but is that permissable, I thought the guideline was if it isn't Your slave, You tie her to the post and then notify the Owner

Sabre Wolf~~~ maybe sworn members only?

Sabre Wolf~~~ it is Gornt,,We're just discussin,,smile,,

Gornt~~~ all right, ~not wanting to offend a kajira Owner~

Gornt~~~ ~smiling~ I am still new at this

Sabre Wolf~~~ I don't either,,but I ain't wantin to let some slave talk to Me the way I've seen slaves talk to others,,not and not punish the wench,,

calia{GS}~~~ eyes widen at the thought of Master Sabrewolf's punishment ~ eyeing the switch by His foot....one nuzzles her face into Master Gornts bicep....

Kayla~~~ Well We all know that sometimes when a girl has gotten trouble she wiggles free from it with her Owner... How I do not know but it happens... others may be beat sensless.. but if all slaves were punished then why do the same same slaves do the same things over and over again????

calia{GS}~~~ speaking faintly , only for herself of course...

calia aches for the praises just as much as she needs the punishment when one messes up ....~ ...true slaves will learn and keep growing....learning the "first" time after punishment ...~ ....hopeful smile to her lips....

Kayla~~~ a girl that mouths off should be cuffed... then... not later then... if a slave is not using third speech maybe a kick in the backside will help them remember the next time *S*

Gornt~~~ Then there would have to be standard punishments for each offense so the non Owner wouldn't be beating them senseless

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at the Lady Advisor~ Aye, I thought that an occasional cuff was allowed.

Shadowglade~~~ I agree....We should establish a rule where any slave not following Our protocols can be punished..but only by a Captain.....it may cut down on slaves being out of line in Our home, when the word get's out that We don't coddle the slaves

Gornt~~~ some of Us have biiger cuffs M'Lady

Sabre Wolf~~~ that's why I like you calia,,smile,,that and that butt!!grin
I agree Kayla,and why not nip it in the bud then?,,it's done.it's over..quick,,,lesson learned,,le'ts get on with life,,grin

Errand Knight~~~ Would be really pissed if a slave He owned was punished by another .....without His knowledge or permission

Gornt~~~ then We come back to the slaves being tied to the post til a Captain comes in

Kayla~~~ AS long as there is no permanent damage I have no problem with it... I would prefer for Shadowglade to whip Our slaves for Some are heavy handed but a cuff or pop or chores or caging or an essay... ~shrugg~ I can't be here all the time but the slave better be pleasing all the time... If they know that they can get away with it because I am not here then they will only push harder at the line ~winking at lara and en'tarna~

Sabre Wolf~~~ that's what We want ain't it SG?,,grins,,I agree,,

Gornt~~~ caging works, punishment by embarassment

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ sweeping emeralds searching Master Gornt for His bigger cuff ~ wondering what a cuff might be ~ hummm?

lara{HoS}~~~ she smiles to her Mistress...wigglin on her ass, knowin she better behave or a Master may get her...but happy her Mistress doesn't let her get by with anything..

Sabre Wolf~~~ even a sworn Patron Errand?,,not some visitor or hng,,but folks We all know,,

Gornt~~~ ~chuckling at en~ one doesn't wish to find out girl,
ask calia

Kayla~~~ ~looking to the Advisor~ A Captain???? so We are waiting for that.. almost as bad as waiting for an Owner to do something... No offense Sabre but there are times a Captain can't be around... Why shouldn't I or Gornt or any Free feel free to punish?

Lemuel~~~ In the books any Free could punish a slave for misbehaving, though they wouldn't normally whip them, just cuff them or command them to run to their Master and beg punishment.

Gornt~~~ I like the cage M'Lady, You or I or Any could do that and not damage the property of Another

Sabre Wolf~~~ I agree Kayla,,Sworn Patrons could do as fine a job,,smiles,,I'd even loan them the dung sack or whip,,laugh

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Master SabreWolf.. ~

SabreWolf~~~ nods to jas,,

Errand Knight~~~ SabreWolf: I have no problem with a Captain ...I have absolute trust in All who are ...but I would not want some who are pledged here to punish My property ....I would be happy for them to advise a Captain or Myself

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ Master.. a girl won't post them all at once.. since it would take up much room.. but will post 1 or 2 at a time..

Perhaps it should only be added that the Gorean master, though often strict, is seldom cruel. The girl knows, if she pleases him, her lot will be an easy one. She will almost never encounter sadism or wanton cruelty, for the psychological environment that tends to breed these diseases is largely absent from Gor. This does not mean that she will not expect to be beaten if she disobeys, or fails to please her master."
Outlaw of Gor, page 53

I knew that my body was a slave body, and that it was owned, and that it stood in constant jeopardy of fierce, swift punishment by a strong master, whether it might deserve that punishment or not.
Captive of Gor, page 319

Sabre Wolf~~~ thanks Errand,,smile,,

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding to the Lady* Of course My Lady, I can see the need, but let's face it, even within Our own home there are cliques, and it would be an easy thing for one underhanded slave to bring the entire place to the ground with infighting by claiming clique favoritsm, or some vendetta as the reason for her punishment.....thus...the Captains being more impartial than the rest of Us, I thought perhaps it better to keep it left to Them....*shrugs*

Kayla~~~ I would rather pop em a good on and not have to get My own kalana Gornt...LOL I can see the cages filled and all the Patrons going away thirsty...LOL caging one till a Captain or Owner can be located for a serious offense but We are talking about a slip of using first person or mouthing off to a Free... a good backhand will stop that right in the tracks

calia{GS}~~~ calming blue eyes roam as she listens ~ inhaling the wise words of Free......

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ "Does your master know you are begging in the streets?" I asked.
"No," she said, frightened.
"Then," said I, perhaps I should have your hands tied and write that upon your body."
"Oh, no!" she cried.
"Is this girl bothering you?" asked a merchant, one whose head bore the talmit of the fairs staff. Behind him were two guardsmen, with whips.
"No," I said. Then I said, "Where are the tables for the gambling on Kaissa?"
"They have been arranged but this morning," he said.
"They may be found in the vicinity of the public tents near the amphitheater."
"My thanks Officer," said I.
"The lines are long," he said.
"I wish you well," I said.
"I wish you well, He said. They left.
"Thank you, Master, said the girl. At a word from me, she would have been lashed.
"Kneel and kiss my feet," I said.
Beasts of Gor page 49

Gornt~~~ I surrender to Your more infinite wisdom, and My never ending thirst

Errand Knight~~~ to clarify I do not regard cuffing, or chaining to the post or caging as punishment ..rather as restraint ...I would not wish Another to whip mine

Kayla~~~ ~rolling My eyes~... Love if You say so... I just don't think it is wise to wait on some things... nip it... nip it in the BUD

Sabre Wolf~~~ honestly,,I feel it'd make Us have better kariji,,especially if they know that just about Anyone can punish them if they ain't,,

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ "But, even given the uniqueness of each bondage relation," I said, "there are still certain common denominators in all such relations, which must not be lost sight of, such as the legal status of the slave, that she is, ultimately, only an article of property, that she is liable to discipline and punishment, and that she is totally subject to the will of the master."
Savages of Gor, pages 199-200

Insubordination in any form, of any sort, in even the tiniest, least significant degree, is not accepted from slave girls by their Gorean masters.
Players of Gor, page 227

Gornt~~~ ~bowing to Kayla~

calia{GS}~~~ calia believes ,should she be punished by Any known Master or Free , she will learn a swift lesson ...~
devoted slaves , punished by Dedicated Free ...

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ *s*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ "You do not own me!" she said. "Neither of you own me!"
"Any free man may discipline an insolent or errant slave," I said, "even one who is the least bit displeasing, even one he might merely feel like disciplining. If she is killed, or injured, he need only pay compensation to her master, and that only if the master can be located within a specific amount of time and requests such compensation." In virtue of such customs and statutes the perfect discipline under which Gorean slaves are kept is maintained and guaranteed even when they are not within the direct purview of their masters or their appointed agents. She turned white.
Players of Gor, page 235

Kayla~~~ Agreed Sabre.... so many slaves run around with this idea that they can't be touched.... it is not book based

lara{HoS}~~~ she wiggles a lil closer to her Master as she listens to her Mistress...turnin toward Her, lara understands what Her Mistress is sayin

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ "The discipline of a slave may be attended to by any free person, otherwise she might do much what she wished, provided only her Master did not learn of it. The legal principle is clear, and has been upheld in several courts, in several cities, including Ar."
Magicians of Gor, page 122

"You cannot punish me!" she cried. "You are not my masters!"
"Any free person can punish an errant slave girl," I said. "Surely you do not think that her behavior fails to be subject to supervision and correction as soon as she is out of her Master's sight?"
Magicians of Gor, page 225

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ Master.. ~looking to Master SabreWolf~.. that was the last one a girl could find..
might she say something???

Sabre Wolf~~~ sure jas,,

Sabre Wolf~~~ slaves,,feel free to post on this topic,,grins,,ya won't get beat for it,,

lara{HoS}~~~ giggles at Master Sabre Wolfs words...got Witness's that heard Him..giggles..
lara thinks if a slave is disrespectful the Free should beable to punish, not BEAT...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ thank You Master..
perhaps this can also be thought of in such a way as Parents raising their children.. wouldn't it be the same if one continually said.. "just wait to your *mother/father* got home"?
why wait.. do it then.. get it done with.. the child later may not even remember why they're being punished..
in a slave's case.. what if she don't see her Owner for days.. weeks.. months???
then is a lesson there?
oh she did something that she was to report to her Owner.. but He's/She's not around.. so what would it matter for her to report it..
when jaz was in Master Tyrik's collar and He wasn't here.. a girl would beg punishment from the Free that were here.. if she had been displeasing.. why should she had waited.. and yes.. she knows her restrictions stated Him.. or Master Xern, or Master Rollo or You, Master.. yet.. if punishment was deserved.. then let the Free punish the girl for her displeasing or insolence.. she wasn't looking for a *way out*

Sabre Wolf~~~ maybe "beat" was a strong word,,switches would work as well,,

Kayla~~~ ~grins~ as I said no permenant damage... but it lets them know then and there what the problem is and that it won't be tolerated

calia{GS}~~~ one feels that slave should be punished and guided of the "right" way , immediately by Any Free upon her display of misbehaviour...
slaves who wish this journey with all of her heart..
truly ache to be praised....punished......
one is not looking for a way out , one it looking to serve with her whole heart....body and spirit...~
please punish calia *grinning* she wants to be pleasing , alllll the time ......

Gornt~~~ ~smiling at the girl's speech, and pleased with her devotion~

Kayla~~~ nodding at the words of jasma and calia... I think most girls would want this... it is those that wish to escape punishment who would worry about it *S*

Gornt~~~ and they aren't one's We would want here, maybe they are the kajira equivalent of hng

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ she as well is aware that many may think.. *well it's only a VT whipping.. it's not hurting really*.. but for alot of others.. the feeling.. although it's not a whip being felt on one's flesh.. the pain inside as well is very detrimental..
yes.. this is VT.. this is roleplay.. but a girl can't even count how many times she's felt the displeasure of One where it wasn't felt in RT.. *sighing*.. it's deep within her.. so it's not something that's just vt if she's been punished..

Lemuel~~~ ~listening to the discussion~
What about those Masters that will take offense that another has disciplined their slave?

Kayla~~~ Are They the Ones that We should really worry about Lemuel? As with anything there would be those that would go overboard and try to maim a slave or even kill them... but those sort would do that anyway... If I can not trust those of My Home who can I trust... Now that is not saying I can not think of a few that I wouldn't want to touch a slave of Ours... but the bad comes with the good

calia{GS}~~~ nodding and agreeing completely with mistress~
aye jasma ....
within one can feel the happiness of a serve she is praised for ~ and the deep hearted sinking ache of when slave just cant get it right , or has displeased One with her actions...~ .....v/t words , to calia's r/t heart...

Sabre Wolf~~~ Lem,,I'd pay for any damages I do,,but then that ain't likely to happen,,harms the slaves more to let them get away with things time after time,,no learning there

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ I'm just thinking of Some that will take the slave's side when she has been displeasing to Another.

Gornt~~~ ~stroking her satiny shoulders as I hear her heartfelt words~

Shadowglade~~~ Then They need to read the homepage again...in the protocols it is stated that "The Free Persons and slaves you encounter here take Gor very seriously, and do not tolerate those who come to play games".....*shrugs*

calia{GS}~~~ melting back into His chest ~ purrring soft thank You's for His touches of this mere girl ...~ ....

sevda{Sabre_Wolf}~~~ ~listens quietly as she snuggles against her Master's leg~

Kayla~~~ They will Lemuel.... but They do now *ss* without names I have a situation now going on... involves a Free and a Captain and words spoken in punishment... the Free thought it was too harsh and came to Me...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding again~ I agree that they should "play by the rules" It just seems that with some girls it may cause more friction to discipline them. ~shrugs~ Just My two tarsk bits.

Kayla~~~ The Captain was within His right as it was a Tavern slave and the slave was in the wrong but Another felt too harsh... it will always be that way ~smiles~... We can only hope for a compromise and the betterment of Our Home being formost in everyones mind *S*

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about Lady.

Gornt~~~ but discipline has to given fairly and quickly, the Free should realize that or there will chaos

Shadowglade~~~ *nodding to Lemuel* Aye, but are those the kind of slaves We really want here? One thing leads to another, and before You know it, We've gone Disney.....in My opinion anyway....

Gornt~~~ You mean there are liberal do-gooders on Gor too?

Sabre Wolf~~~ Kayla,,if he owns her,,best for folks to keep their opinion to themselves,,grin,,,I do with My property what I please,,

Kayla~~~ what One sees as a cuffing will be seen as Another as a beating... but that is what the Council is for and in the mean time the slaves will watch their p's and q's more and all the other letters as well *S*

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ attentively listening ~ nestling more deeply into the serving furs ~ casting radiant smiles to sis sevda and the beautiful Mistress Kayla ~ settling her eyes upon the big black boots of handsome Master Shadowglade ~

Lemuel~~~ I agree completely, Shadowglade. It gets back to the protocols. If it says in the protocols that any Free may cuff any slave for misbehaving then the Free and slave visiting the room must respect that or leave.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~looking to Master SabreWolf as He speaks.. nodding head.. then snuggling against Master Lemuel.. listening~

Sabre Wolf~~~ I like to call it "@soi" Gor SG,,laughs,,,

sevda{Sabre_Wolf}~~~ ~giggling at her Master's remark about SOI~

Kayla~~~ See... Sabre You just did what any Owner would do ~grins~ defend Your right to do as You please... LOL... so if a Man says None will touch her then should He be able to do so?... Even if the slave is running amuck in the Tavern?
it is fine line and the answer elusive *ss* but I still say disipline should be met out when it happens, not later

Shadowglade~~~ indeed, Lem, and I believe perhaps the Protocols should perhaps be updated....for the most part, the One's We follow now, which are good in My opinion, are the same one's that have been in place since I first entered GS nearly two and a half years ago...some of them could use an overhaul though I think...or at least a bit of clarification...

calia{GS}~~~ a smile paints her lips,hearing Slave Master words...~ ...twisting her body in Master Gornt's arms...~ ...nodding and smiling more.....

Sabre Wolf~~~ I suppose any descrepencies in the serverity or type of punishment,,,could be handled by the council,,and if found excess,,then they'd have to pay the owner,,maybe?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Exactly, then if One cuffs, chains, cages, etc. a slave for being displeasing They have a leg to stand on if the Owner takes offense.

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~sits quietly listening, peeking in jaz's direction, just making sure she's still with us~*~

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ even if it's a cuffing.. Many feel that that as well may be too *harsh* for Another to do to Their property.. whereas.. jaz don't see it that way at all.. it reminds a slave swiftly where her place is..

Sabre Wolf~~~ I'd wager 9 outta 10 times would go well,,,We're always gonna have a exception,,but hopefully not too often,,and this is still just talk,,but I like it,,grin

Kayla~~~ ~nodding at jasma's words~

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~nods hearing jaz speak~*~ zoya agrees completely

Gornt~~~ I think a Master worth the title would not object to Any correcting His slave, as long as there was no damage to the property

calia{GS}~~~ should Their property not be physically damaged ...~ or degraded in price....calia thinks it should not matter...
keep slave in her place...

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~snuggling in tighter against Master Lemuel.. grinning as she hears the Slave Master say He'd make a wager.. a betting Man.. ~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Gornt~ That's how it was in the books anyway. And you wouldn't see a Master taking the slave's side against a Free either.

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ en thinking that restrained by Any and only beaten by the Owners of the tavern or slave sounded fair ~ smiling and knowing that Gor is not necessarily fair ~s~ en hopes never to be the center of a punishment topic ~

Gornt~~~ ~kissing her neck at her wisdom to think like Me~

Shadowglade~~~ Well, here's My two tarsks bit's worth....if a slave is out of line...forget's her place, is in any way displeasing to any Free Person she should be reminded, in no uncertain terms...I Myself would hope that if My own slaves were out of line, and I DO mean notably out of line, they would be punished swiftly, and without confusion as to why they were being punished...*shrugs*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Lemuel.. nodding head in agreement to His words~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Shadowglade~ And if One does discipline a slave be sure to c&p the entire encounter in case the Owner does question it

Kayla~~~ always C&P *S*

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening to Master Lemuel and Mistress Kayla.. knowing those words from Both are very wise.. ~

Gornt~~~ well when I get a slave ~hugging calia~ I would expect My fellow Free to make sure of her behavior when I wasn't there and then report it to ME when I did arrive

Shadowglade~~~ I would think that would go without saying Lem...*shrugs* As I have in the past instructed My slaves to C&P anything when they feel they are either in danger of having displeased the Free they were serving, or were in some way mis-treated...thus I have proof to present to Any I take issue with, or proof enough to punish My slave Myself once she has been duly punished by the Free in question....

Sabre Wolf~~~ Y'all still have 30 ihn,grins,,I'm open for ideas and will read the copy soon as it's posted..

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ C&P is such an obvious thing, yet there are S/some that forget to do so.

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ ~listening~
aye Master Lemuel.. for this one.. one time she didn't do a c&p of something and that turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes she made.. for even if jaz don't lie.. One made it seem as if she did and she didn't have the *proof* to back it up.. ~sighing~

en~tarna{HoS}~~~ listening to sis jas and taking more notes ~s~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to the girl by My side~ Aye jaz. Better safe than sorry, eh?

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ aye Master.. always better being safe in those instances.. always

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ is the discussion officially over now? ~looking to Master Shadowglade.. ready to close off the notes for the evening~

Shadowglade~~~ *chuckle* Oh...Im in charge now aren't I? *chuckle* Well, if no one has any more comments on this topic, I'll call this forum to a close.........going once....

Shadowglade~~~ going twice?......

zoya{GS}~~~ ~*~grins impishly towards Master Shadowglade and awaits His word of three~*~

Shadowglade~~~ Going thrice....SOLD! this forum is officially closed...thanks for coming folks, stay and enjoy....I know I will

jasma{GS~FG}~~~ thank You Master Shadowglade.. ~laying the writing implement down.. shaking fingers~