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Advising Free on behavior
What brings a *poolie* to Gor
The History of GS
Timeframe..before the Home Stone
Slaves.. feeling burnt out?
Honor, the GS board

Advising Free on behavior

Rollo the Ax~~~ Well folks, shall we get this show going ??? Welcome one and all to the GS forum... same rules as always... everybody is welcome to speak their minds...respectively... keep the cross talk to PMs to make it easier for the scribe... PM me with topics to be brung up... and lets begin.... Any topics ??????

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening as Master Rollo announces that forum has begun.. waiting for the first topic~

Lemuel~~~ ~sipping My paga, waiting for the first topic~

Kredo~~~ aye Captain, a few well chosen comments then *standing*

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okie Dokey.... it looks like our first topic is ... What are the correct avenues or methods to inform a Free of inappropriate or misroled behaviors?

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at the first topic~
I think that informing the person politely in a whisper is the best method.

galah{RA}~~~ sic the urts on them Master? heheheheheeee

Mandi~~~ The first line would be a friendly PM, especially if it is a New Free and it is merely Newbie error. That is easier for another Free.
Situations that cannot be chalked up to Newbie Error are more problemmatical.

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles at galah~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening carefully to the first topic offered.. then hearing her Owner's response.. nodding head in agreement~..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ for a slave, she either risks to tactfully talk to the offender or email the Council with a c+p and let Them handle it

Molly~~~ Do you mean if some ones needs to be corrected?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Mandi's words~
Aye, offering links to the Home page and sites that have general information on Gor is another way to help them.

Rollo the Ax~~~ I agree, Lemuel.... a polite word, in whispers, should always be the first way to brouch such a matter... and to be constructive with any criticism instead of confrontive... try to HELP before trying to belittle is always the best course.... what the person does after that is up to THEM...

Molly~~~ ~listens~

galah{RA}~~~ and a slave Master, how are they to deal with this problem? we are not to whisper to ppl without permission and to correct a free openly is not acceptable either

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at the Captain's words~
Aye, you can lead a kailla to water but you can't make them drink...and if you try to push them to water you're likely to get kicked. ~G~

Mandi~~~ If the polite whisper and offering of information fail? Is it either take it to the pits or get out of the room?

galah{RA}~~~ it's not so hard if its just someone that is new, for they wish to be helped, but if it's a troublemaker, then its very difficult Master

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye galah, but a slave might ask to whisper first. And really, Free are supposed to ask permission first as well.

Kredo~~~ actually, You can make them drink: a matter of persuasion

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~offering as she hears galah speak~
but giving the link to the homepage can be done sis.. as well as a slave can ask to pm the Free in question.. and just hope..
this one has before..

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ Then it's best not to get upset about it IMO, Mandi. That only makes matters worse.

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to Kredo~ Aye, if you'r a big strapping lad you can hold their head under, but then they'll just fight that much harder the next time.

Kredo~~~ or not Lemuel, it always depends on the beast. But no matter

galah{RA}~~~ if there is a free in the room, or at least the fg, then all can be instructed to put the troublemaker on ignore....for if one is ignored then he gives up and will go away

Rollo the Ax~~~ Okay...what would any of US rather ??? being told... * excuse me, but I think you made a mistake, THIS is the right way...* or * HEY dumb shit, you screwed up, BOY are you stupid !!! * ????? tact and calm should be the watchwords...

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at galah's words~ Yes, that is usually the best solution for people causing trouble. Put them on ignore and post it. If enough people do it they get the message.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye Rollo, as another cliché says, "You catch more flys with honey"

Rassitter~~~ I think putting people on ignore could be its own topic. Their is a big difference between trying to help people out that are new or misinformed and people that are jerks.
Still, a decision would need to be made how big a jerk, Gor is a tough place, and anyone that walks in with an attitude, should not just be put on ignore, especially if they are at least having a Gorean attitude.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Mandi... like in everything else, there are degrees of how things need to be dealt with... if the person is just a little wrong, then deal with it so... if the person is a real schmuck, and disrupting the room, then the ignore button is the best option...

Kyoto~~~ *Nodding to the Builder*
Mind if I ask, what the actual topic is?

galah{RA}~~~ many new ones are just not informed and need a gentle nudge to find their feet on gor....galah has seen some that haven't the patience to help new ones, forgetting that they too was new once upon a time

Lemuel~~~ It is/was, "What is the best way to correct someone that is acting/roleplaying inapprpriately?" or something like that.

Kyoto~~~ Well, I personally address the misguided individual in a pm and explain why the action was not becoming of a warrior/free woman/slave/Gorean and then offer to answer any questions by way of whispers.

Rassitter~~~ *nods* Speaking as someone who has needed help, that is always the way I preferred it.

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Kyoto~ Yes, that was the general consensus. That and to be polite about it — give them a gentle nudge rather than a shove.

Rollo the Ax~~~ the ignore feature should be used to make REAL trouble makers know that they are not welcome... not done lightly... but it is our only way to make ppl leave due to the fact that Gary M is the only one able to boot or ban ppl..

Kyoto~~~ When I first came to GS, I found the help of the patrons to be very welcome. I had a slight advantage in having been a reader of the books for about 15 years and had a background in role-playing games. It was simply a matter for me to sit back, watch, learn and develop my "character".

galah{RA}~~~ but slaves need to know if its someone new and a troublemaker that only thinks he will have his way with a slave sitting alone in gs, the slave needs to know to c&p the postings and then get out of there before anything happens?

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ My experience was similar. Everyone was very helpful and I know I made more than a few goofs here and there.

galah{RA}~~~ in galah's experience, if there are any Free in the room, they will protect the slave or slaves, this leaving without permission would only be if a slave is alone with a troublemaker

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening to all that's being discussed.. keeping up with the scribing.. ~

Kyoto~~~ Agreed galah, every slave needs to know that there are limits to what a stranger can do... they should always c&p anything new or unusual, if for no other reason than a training tool.

Rollo the Ax~~~ yes, galah... it is a bit different for slaves... they are never quite sure of new Masters... or if said guys are Masters at all.. or just HNGs....

Mandi~~~ If it gets too bad to remain in character, I opt to leave. I have been criticized for retreating, but if it's not interesting, I choose to not remain.

galah{RA}~~~ it's much easier for those that have a knowledge of the books before coming here, but they are few....the majority of those that come here are either total newbies or poolies, it takes alot of patience and teaching for those

Mandi~~~ M/many of U/us were Poolies first. *chuckles**

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~listening, her lil head nodding in aggreance to all being said~*~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding~ Aye, having read the books does make things easier.

Kyoto~~~ I was a poolie, for a couple of years before I decided to venture in...

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~nodding at Master Kyoto's words.. softly~.. aye Master.. it can also show the girls what to look for..

Rassitter~~~ that is why it is so much more difficult for the slaves, I might PM someone, maybe they get offended, I deal with it, safe bet I won't be strapped to a whipping post for making the wrong call. slaves, have a lot more riding on it.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~chuckling at galah's words.. knowing this one was a poolie prior.. whispering~.. alot of patience..


What brings a *poolie* to Gor

galah{RA}~~~ a girl would like to ask a question while on this, for she knows there are a few here that would of been poolies first....what brings a poolie to gor?

kisa{K_FG}~~~ nods thoughtfully

Lemuel~~~ ~EG~ The ships of aquisition?

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~winking at her Master as He speaks of the Acquisition Ships~

galah{RA}~~~ hehehehehehheeee **laughs at Master Lemuel as she pictures a long ship adrift in the swimming pool** hehehehehehheee

galah{RA}~~~ is it curiosity that brings poolies here? is it being bored with the normal rt chit chat in other chat sites?

shirin{SholGar}~~~ in a sense shirin was a poolie first, tho it only for a few ehn ~chuckles~ she had known nothing of gor....but in her experience, it was just something she thinks she was searching for, tho she was unaware of this need...so as in Master Kyoto's experience...timing was right

Lemuel~~~ ~chuckles~ Just couldn't resist. ~G~

Kyoto~~~ A swift sand kailla?
I have always been a fan of Gor, since that first day I picked up one of his books on a bookstore rack. I was curious about the room, but wasn't wanting to get involved with it until I met a poolie who happened to be a slave... we talked and she convinced me to come in.

galah{RA}~~~ or better yet, a spaceship landing on the poolside and loading ppl aboard....all abroad!!!!

shirin{SholGar}~~~ curiosity, shirin thinks ~nods~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. well galah and Rollo only came to Poolside with GS.. kind of poured us in with the foundations of the tavern...LOL...LOL... some poolies still are not * comfortable * around Rollo, cause I am the same here or there.... LOL... some are nice and friends, but most keep their distance... LOL..

Lemuel~~~ ~nods at galah~ Aye, that's the picture I had in My mind. ~G~

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding to Rollo~ Aye, and I had no chat experience at all before I came to GS, though I had read all the books long before that.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~softly offering~.. for jaz it was a cumulation of things.. one being people in the pool always speaking of this *weird* room.. a girl ventured in one time to get the addy for the homepage and read it.. although she really didn't understand it.. ~blush~.. it made her begin to ask questions.. Master Shadowglade spoke to her and volunteered to protect her if she came in..
perhaps a girl should say she was a FW at the time.. ~chuckling~
then there was another that was involved in the room.. but told a girl NOT to visit.. that it wasn't for this one..
one chose to visit anyway.. and well.. she kept saying she wasn't coming back.. but.. GS kept drawing her here.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~giggles listening to Master Rollo and Master Lemuel and galah, picturing the scene in her mind~*~

Mandi~~~ I had read a few books long before coming to Gor, and did not connect GS with the books until I actually came here. *laughing*

Mandi~~~ I always liked the Goreans when T/they would venture into the Pool.

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles at Mandi~ See, now I don't think I've even visited any of the other rooms. Just shy I guess. ~G~

galah{RA}~~~ galah thinks its interesting to find out how we all came about being a family here, all from different backgrounds, not only in rt but in vt also

Rollo the Ax~~~ Perhaps due to the fact that Gor and GS are My only real on-line chat sites, I never would have even found Poolside... who knows ???? I do have friends both in Gor and just in Poolside that I speak with... about RT stuff not just Gor... but not that many...

Kyoto~~~ So, if you didn't chat, Lem, how'd you find GS?

galah{RA}~~~ galah has gone to the pool a few times....finds it to be quite exasperating though, it's a pool but no one swims in it hehehehehehehehheeeee ya never know if they is sitting on the edge of the pool having a drink or sitting in a lounge chaise reading a book or something hehehehehehehehee

galah{RA}~~~ galah goes to the pool and jumps in the water, they all look at her like shes nuts or somethin hehehehehehehehee

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. aye, jasma... you came back... and was * shown the light * ....LOL...LOL... it is said that no TRUE kajira can hide under the robes of a FW....LOL... jasma got told that, didn't you girl.....LOL...

Lemuel~~~ ~grins at Kyoto then glances at My slave~ I was invited by a lovely lil' wench that saw some posts I made over at the WoG board. ~G~

Kyoto~~~ You think that's something, galah, my old icon was of a puppy, so I would always run into the pool and crash into the petunias or the deck chairs... after hitting a wet spot on the pool deck... Got a lot of odd looks.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~giggles~*~ shirin did that too and got the same strange looks, galah

Lemuel~~~ ~looks at galah~ I wonder why they don't swim...I'd do a cannon ball and get everybody wet if I visited there. Hmm...maybe somebody peed in the pool.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~chuckling softly as Master Rollo speaks and burying head against her Masters' thigh.. feeling cheeks turn red.. lifting head~
aye Master Rollo.. one got told that.. by a very wise Master.. ~winking at the handsome Torvaldslander~.. and she thanks You so much for speaking to her..
~winking at galah~.. one almost got drowned in the pool one time.. she don't get in the water anymore.. LOL

galah{RA}~~~ well, galah's glad she wasn't the only one to look silly to the poolies, you try to get alil life out of um and they think you need a shrink heheheheheheheheeee hehehehehehehee

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~adoring eyes look to her Master as He speaks of when she invited Him to visit GS~

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. call it FATE, Karma, Kismit, or just plain ole shit house luck, the best factor is that we ALL did find Gor and GS... LOL...LOL... alls well that ends well.... LOL.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~smiling bright as Master Rollo sums it up perfectly~*~


The History of GS

galah{RA}~~~ all of us that love our home owe Master GaryM a big thank you, he took us in when we was stranded, our old home had been burnt to the ground....and it was alil difficult for Master GaryM, for the site we use to live at, already did not like poolside over some previous problems hehehehehehehehehe

Kyoto~~~ Where was that, galah?

galah{RA}~~~ Port Kar over at FantasyCastle Master Kyoto....we was a shoot off room from Steel Dawn....had been decided that Steel Dawn was for newbies and Port Kar was for those that knew of gor already....it was good for quite along time

galah{RA}~~~ we didn't retain our old name of Port Kar though cause Master GaryM thought it could be something that FantasyCastle could give him shit about...besides, he wished a name that might fit in with poolside better

Kyoto~~~ Reminds me of the Piazza... *chuckling*
So, it was Rollo, galah, Xern, Belial and who else? I know that Moonglow was among the first to join after it got here.

galah{RA}~~~ galah thinks its good for everyone to know the roots behind GS and how it came about some 4+ years ago

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kyoto... the roots of GS were founded in Port Kar, in Fantasy castle... back in the days of Sir Test... unstable guy that closed the site several times over little shit.. but those that ran PK became just as unstable, and Xern, Kli, and Rollo decided that a new home was needed...

galah{RA}~~~ Master Kli Kodesh also moved here with us from there

Kyoto~~~ Kli was there as well?

kisa{K_FG}~~~ smiles listening

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~sits listening well, wanting to know of GS's past history~*~

galah{RA}~~~ Sir Test would close down the whole site so when you tried to go home, all you got was a clown picture laughing at you....it was scary cause we didn't have an alternate place to go

galah{RA}~~~ the only captain that did not come with us to GS was Master Jason Marshall, he was the one that burned down Port Kar

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. yup... Xern, Rollo, Kli... galah, and nerea were about the only ppl here at first.... Beliel and Moonglow came after setting up shop here....

galah{RA}~~~ Master GaryM has NEVER pulled that kind of crap on us, just the occational poolbot problems that he usually fixes asap

kisa{K_FG}~~~ listens solemnly thinking of the past

Kyoto~~~ Why would he do that? Seems like an idiot to me.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL.. you forget Byron, galah... the old Pk had 5 captains... Jason and Byron stayed in FC for a time... along with Facinerous, Byrons RT friend... so 3 of the 5 came to Poolside to start GS...

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~warm inside as she smiles, wishing she were around in those first days of GS~*~

Kyoto~~~ Byron... that name sounds familiar. Has he visited here before?

Lemuel~~~ ~listening to the history of the Tavern~

galah{RA}~~~ Sir Test was more angry with Enchanted Forest but when he decided to give them the boot, he would close the whole place for a few days hehehehehehehehheee many from Enchanted Forest moved to the Pool btw

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~listening~
Master Byron on occasion has stopped by.. one hasn't seen Him in awhile though.. He's usually looking for Master Xern..

kisa{K_FG}~~~ shakes her head finding out just how many from the past have come from here amused and amazed both

galah{RA}~~~ in the early days, Master Byron walked into GS and slit nereas throat....he wasn't much welcome after that
do any here remember a slave named snow coming to visit at times? she was also from our old home and belonged to Master Byron

shirin{SholGar}~~~ didn't Master Byron own a slave named snow?
~*~thinking that's where she's heard His name~*~

Kyoto~~~ Wow... I've been here about, what, three years or so... lots of changes over that time.

Kyoto~~~ That's right, that's why it's familiar.

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL..LOL.. looking like the forum has become a history lesson... LOL.. the old PK was a council, like here... Jason the senior captain... one day, due to some fighting between captains, Jason kind of declared himself Ubar of sorts, and the other 4 as under HIS command... the 3 that came here did NOT agree ... and so, Jason burnt PK ... and he wanted to start Victoria station.. a new room in FC... we moved on, and came here...the rest is history.... LOL.

Mandi~~~ **hearing the history** very interesting.

galah{RA}~~~ not many of the originals around anymore, guess thats why it seemed so sad to galah that she had left, us oldies gotta hang in there for past history memoirs heheheheheheheheee

Lemuel~~~ ~S~ It's good to hear the history of Our Home, Captain.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ didn't jeti as well come at that time?

Kyoto~~~ Was it just the council and their slaves that went there or were there patrons as well?

kisa{K_FG}~~~ snow belongs to someone named Master Steel now

Kyoto~~~ Be nice if someone wrote the history down, for the future generations.

kisa{K_FG}~~~ nods agreeing with Master Kyoto thinking that GS, along with GC and SD have some very interesting history

galah{RA}~~~ just like here Master Kyoto, many patrons, and troublemakers just like here and even a kurr that use to come in, scared this one to death hehehehehehehee

Lemuel~~~ ~nodding at Kyoto's suggestion~ I like that idea, preserve for future Patrons and slaves.

shirin{SholGar}~~~ thank You so much for sharing GS's history, shirin now understands the reasons behind the Captains being so firmly set in all agreeing, all being equals...shirin can appreshiate and respect all the more

Rollo the Ax~~~ Yes... Jason, Xern, and Byron were great freinds... and still are I guess... but Xern signed on to the PK council as an equal captain...not an underling... Rollo and Kli were the * new guys *... LOL.. and yes, jeti was around the old PK, but she and nerea didn't get along...LOL.. it was not till GS that I collared jeti...

galah{RA}~~~ you been around forever also kisa? heheheheheheee hehehehehehee

shirin{SholGar}~~~ oh that is a wonderful idea Master Kyoto! ~claps lil hands~

galah{RA}~~~ yes shirin, that be the reason...the end of Port Kar in FC was a most sad time....feeling lost and not knowing where to take our homeless...some thought about opening a site of our own, but others said we needed traffic from an existing site, so here we are, and we would not have survived without the poolies, galah has seen many a site try to survive on its own and it just don't work without having newbies coming through

Rollo the Ax~~~ LOL...LOL.. now I'm a part of HISTORY ??? y'all know how to make a guy really feel OLD....LOL...LOL...

galah{RA}~~~ that proof about the poolies is shown here this day, how many of you just admitted to being poolies before being goreans hehehehehehehee

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ Aye galah, a little fresh meat is a good thing. ~G~ But then the seasoned flesh is tasty too. ~EG~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ aye, that would have been a hard time galah...shirin is so glad your Master and Others were so wise to choose this place to build a new life, it's been a wonderful place for shirin to find her true self...Thank You, Master Rollo ~eyes fall to His feet~

kisa{K_FG}~~~ chuckles to galah....sometimes it sure feels that way yes

Kyoto~~~ *Grinning at Rollo*
As far as I am concerned, Captain, you are our past, present and future. My sword is yours.

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~looking up from the scribe work..~

Lemuel~~~ ~thinking~ The history of Gorean Shores would make a great story for the Tavern Tattler....

Rollo the Ax~~~ if y'all want the whole truth, when we went looking for a new home, galah is the one that found Poolside, spoke to Gary M first, and then brought Xern and I to meet Gary... LOL...LOL... so galah has the * first, first girl,* in more ways than one.....LOL...LOL...LMAO...

His heart lexi{Entreri}fg~~~ ~~listening~~lol~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~eyes twinkling as her Master says the history would be a good story for the Tavern Tattler.. nodding in agreement~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ galah is such a wise girl ~*~smiles to her~*~

galah{RA}~~~ **blushes slightly** and a girl was chained in the middle of the tavern while it was built around her, she saw each and every brick set in place, even had a say in the colors and such

Rollo the Ax~~~ well, lexi, I don't know for sure... we are about done with the history lesson for tonight unless anybody has any specific questions ??? if not, any new topics for the forum ??? any questions from anybody ?????


Timeframe..before the Home Stone

Lemuel~~~ ~nods~ I do have a question I've been meaning to ask...
Why do We still keep the Shores at a time before Port Kar found its Home Stone?

galah{RA}~~~ that's a good question Master Lemuel

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~peeking up to her Master.. liquid gems sparkle in the lighting.. listening~

Lemuel~~~ ~smiles at galah~ I'm just curious, don't necessarily want to change it or anything......

Rollo the Ax~~~ ?????? LOL..LOL.. Good question Lemuel... it was decided when we opened the place... LOL...LOL... Xern had a reason for wanting it that way, and home is home to Me, so I agreed.... LOL...LOL.. that is about it, Lemuel....okay ????

Lemuel~~~ ~shrugs~ O.K. — I was just wondering if there was some specific reason for having Gorean Shores in that setting.


Slaves.. feeling burnt out?

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~may she ask a question?~

Lemuel~~~ Aye lexi, forums are for questions. What is it?

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~Master~it's not about GS~it's something weighing on lexi's mind~

Lemuel~~~ ~nods to lexi~ Well, anything about Gor is pretty much fair game...

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~looking at leeah and lina~~

Kyoto~~~ Ask lexi

His pride leeah{Entreri}~~~ *nodding encouragement to her sister*

Kyoto~~~ *Looking at the three girls curiously*

lina{THM}~~~ girl lifts emerald eyes to peer at her sister lexi as she listens to her question

Rollo the Ax~~~ go ahead, lexi...

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ yes Master~it might be one for another slave to answer~unless Master has that insight we just don't have~lol~~shifts~~Master~as a new slave to this land~her heart was hungry~had this spark that shone so bright~what causes that spark to faulter~where or how deep does one look within~when she herself can't find the reasoning~

His pride leeah{Entreri}~~~ *girl worries at her lush lower lip as her sister poses her question*

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~looks to her sis~nods~~

Kyoto~~~ Mmmm, good question, lexi... is it the same for all three of you?

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~shakes her head~~no Master~not that she is aware of~unless they speak up~

kisa{K_FG}~~~ hearing the question knowing the quandry yet having no answer she rises and slips silently out into the night

lina{THM}~~~ a girl whispers to lexi...sis a girl can offer her opinion on that for a girl has been in that same situation many times....we at times grow stagnant things get to comfy and we stand still...or perhaps we feel the fire fizzle due to Masters absence...when these things happen you need to revitalize that fire seek out new and different information serve with all your heart try to change somthing to surrender more deeply more purely we all fizzle and are flat at times we hit peaks and valleys wait and keep trying and you will get out of that valley eventually and again you will feel that hungry way again to seek knowledge and to please like never before

His pride leeah{Entreri}~~~ *girl clears her throat nervously*
leeah feels the same as her sister, Master.

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~raises her brow at the newest of her family~~thank lina~smiles~

Rollo the Ax~~~ well girl... all I can tell you is that such a condition is not only to be found in slaves... each of us are real people also...with minds and hearts... that many lose some of the enthusiasm after time is nothing new.... perhaps we expact too much at first.... perhaps we grow in ways that change our thoughts... most often we are hurt by others... and that makes us question ALL things... each chooses the path they walk, some times it is smooth and level... other times it is steep and full of stones... it is LIFE girl... no guarentees, and no refunds.....

galah{RA}~~~ galah thinks you might find an answer in the traveling forums discussion notes from yesterday, much was spoken of this, how Masters do not challenge a girl to bring all that she is to surface

lina{THM}~~~ Master Rollo the Axe...a girl has recently returned to gor from a break she is trying to build a fire that totaly fizzled right now....*she smiles* softly...she knows it will come back one day and she keeps trying daily to feel some flicker

shirin{SholGar}~~~ ~*~nods smilng as she listens to lina speak~*~ very true sis, shirin too has been in many peaks and valleys during her slavery...many times it's a Master that reignites shirin's sparks to burn hot in her belly, making her serve with all her being

Kyoto~~~ Well, let's put it into an Urthen perspective... you get a new job, one that fits you perfectly, you have thisa burning desire to succeed when you walk into the office. Your head is held high, you smile to everyone because at that moment, the world is your oyster. But time passes, you've shuffled the same piece of paper for what seems like the hundredth time that day, you look outside and dream of running in a meadow or sitting on a beach... of being anywhere buit at that damned job. It's burnout, plain and simple, you need something new, perhaps a change of scenery, even a vacation... anything to get you out of the rut.

His pride leeah{Entreri}~~~ *leeah inclines her head as she listens to the wise words of the Ubar*

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~nods~she understands that Master~
~if a girl feels this way~coming on vt~should she not be here at all?~take a breather~step away~ or should she push thru what's happening inside of her~and continue on

lina{THM}~~~ a girl smiles and winks to shirin ..whispers aye she belives that to be true as well

galah{RA}~~~ online Masters wish not to rock the boat and become comfortable with the way things are, a slave feels there is more to serving than bringing a fake drink to him, the fire is not challenged and grows dim, there is nothing a slave can do...it happens to us all at some time or the other, galah has just recently returned from a very long absence away

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~listens~~

Kyoto~~~ lexi, that is up to you to decide. What might work for me, might not work for you. We are two different people with different needs and desires.

Kyoto~~~ *Grinning as I listen to galah, glad to see that the beauty has come home again*

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~yes Master~
~lexi feels that it's recent events that have caused this~she saw too much hurt and rt anger come across the vt lines~ left her looking inside of herself more~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~offering softly~.. this one feels lexie that it's not something another can say *step away*.. our individual natures itself will guide us.. some may need time away to renew/rejuvenate that feeling within.. some may have to continue pushing/trodding along till it's back in focus..
all this one can say is.. you have to do it for you though.. not anyone else..

Rollo the Ax~~~ I can offer no quick fixes, girls... no *magic wand * or such... all I can offer is my belief that for each person there is a way in life... so each one of us must decide what is right... for ourself... not others, not everybody... but do what is RIGHT for lexi...or lina, or tom, dick or harry... but let noy only your heart lead the way but also your mind and soul... shrugs... okay, sermon is over... LOL.

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~listening to jasma~~ok~

shirin{SholGar}~~~ shirin thinks continue on, but only you can answer what's best for lexi ~smiles to the beautiful girl~

Mandi~~~ I think that W/we A/all go through swings and sometimes need to get away long enough to be glad to be back, though it would seem that would be more intense for slaves than for Free.

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~thank you shirin~smiles~

galah{RA}~~~ know sis lexi, if you do take a break or think its time to leave gor, don't say you will never come back, for gor is in your blood and you just gotta come back again, just take the necessary break and then try to return when you are better healed from those things that hurt you

Rollo the Ax~~~ lexi... on-line is perhaps even worse than RT... we get to know ppl that we will never meet in person, and form ideas or opinons of them... TOO offten they forget that when words are all we have, they too can cut as deep as knives... and words in anger, printed before our eyes burn as deep as real ones spoken ..... it hurts... but it happens....

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ Rollo the Ax: ~yes it does Master~cuts deep to the heart~nods~lexi has seen some terrible words recently~and as she is rt~she is here too~takes it hard~and sometimes the words aren't meant to hurt~but her frame of mind at the time accepts it as that~shrugs~

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ galah:~she can never say she will never be back~it is in her blood~nods~but she's not ready to step away either~not just yet

Kyoto~~~ Does this have to do with the death of Kronos, lexi?

Mandi~~~ I do not know if lexi was in here last night, but there is an element that comes in with an axe to grind and a desire to blame Others for Their Own lot, and to disrespect this Home.
There is an ignore button and a leave button when that happens.
It is hard to roleplay with People Who refuse to roleplay and just wish to whine or argue.

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ Kyoto:~nods~yes Master~its' turned things so nasty there now~it was her Master that was involved~

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ Mandi:~lexi peeked in last night~but had to leave~

Kyot~~~ *Nodding*
I know, lexi, it doesn't help that he is an assassin. Things are going to be bad for awhile. Kronos had a lot of friends.

His heart lexi {Entreri}fg~~~ ~sighs~yes Master~the rp of it is ok~but so many rt is involved~she gets scared at times~the words are mean~


Honor, the GS board

Kredo~~~ You have a good Home here; what baffles Me is the Boards. One that says He is gone posts, and GS buys into a response, thus feeding Him? Why? Where are Your swords??

His pride leeah{Entreri}~~~ *girl arches a sable brow at the Ubar's question and shudders visibly*

Kyoto~~~ Swords only work if the person is honorable enough to say it in person, in the tavern...

Kredo~~~ no Kyoto, Swords are first on Gor; Honor speaks; those that do not acknowledge are dead

Mandi~~~ Kredo, We live by an honor system, and it is a damned shame that Some Who come in do not, and spoil the ambience of Our Home and the dignity of Our Boards with Their dung.

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kredo... the GS message board is there for ppl to use... that some ABUSE it is nothing new nor will it ever end... and where nobody but Gary M can boot or ban folks, we have learned to TRY and deal with them in other ways... USUALLY, even the bigest pain in the butt will get tired of being ignored, and leave.... it takes time though.... and patience...

Kredo~~~ yes it is Mandi, but MEN rule Gor; where are the Swords??

Kyoto~~~ *Scratching my chin*
Honor is the ultimate, driving goal for Goreans, at least it should be. Where as men of Earth will fight over gold or money, these things mean little to a Gorean, challenge his honor though, and you will find your life is at risk.
In the posts on the board, the honor that has been insulted needs to be called by the one insulted, or in the case of a woman, her protector.

Kredo~~~ then brace Him Rollo, brace Him, unto Death

Mandi~~~ **chuckling** I had wondered the same thing last night when an alleged Warrior was whining and blaming Others for His predicament of not being respected well enough.

Kredo~~~ or let Me, a third party, not even with GS. And be done with Him; 3 judges call that

Rollo the Ax~~~ Kredo... swords are fine, but the one You go to use the sword on must honor any such action... when they don't/won't, what is the use ???? I have many in RT... I collect them, used to use them.... 20-30 swords... a dozen axes, and trunks full of knives... but here ???? when the other guy won't role play, what go are any of them ??????

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~fingers flying as she tries to keep up with the scribing of the notes.. looking around the room.. blowing loose strands of sable away from sensual lips.. ~

Mandi~~~ Kyoto, what can be done with Those Who flatly refuse to learn or roleplay and tell Us not to take Gor so seriously?

Kredo~~~ no Rollo, You miss the point; You brace Him, and fight (pick Me if You must)...He dies, now He is expunged....Where are Your swords??

Kyoto~~~ Mandi, you tell them that you want to live your life this way and let them know theyy are free to live theirs how they wish, then remind them that our country's laws allow us the freedom to do so. And that it also allows us the freedom to put them on ignore.

Rollo the Ax~~~ well folks... it looks like the forum is over for tonight... I wish to thank all for coming and taking part.... same time, same place next week....LOL..

shirin{SholGar}~~~ thank You Master Rollo for another wonderful forum here in our home ~*~smiles bright~*~

jasma{LB}GSFG~~~ ~making sure she's got everything.. softly~
one thanks You Master Rollo for the interesting forum tonight.. she learned much as always..